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Splatoon 3 demo starts a minute ago it'll last 12 hours you get a free week of Nintendo online with it
>>157661 (OP) 
gud job :DD
ur dolar are in de bidgon walled :DDD
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I picked team rock because I'm a White supremacist.
The rock is a fist, the sign of black resistance. If anything, paper is the white man's choice since its a Roman salute/Natsoc salute.
Replies: >>157671
Yeah that's what the nigger chose that's the nigger team
Haven’t picked a team yet, a few normalfag friends are going rock but not sure if I can play with them anyway so may go paper. 

All three have justifications. 
Rock is the symbol of grug ideals and returning to throwing rocks at intellectual faggots. 
Paper looks like the friendly reich wave and is on top. 
Scissors are, actually I don’t know any good reasons for them.
Replies: >>157676
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Team rock is the mudslime team. Team paper is the loli team because it's flat, and team scissors is ow the edge.
Replies: >>157676
Meme mantis chose scissors so that's a good reason. Team paper is the overdesigned NIGGER team for SIX HEAD NIGGERS
The win screen sucks cock hard. 4/6 matches have dropped a player "early" thus booting seemingly everyone. The sticky arm thing is kinda cool but I think it uses ink(?) which sucks if true. Gonna try the soda machine to be a bro for the team. I like the concept of the spawn launcher but it takes too fucking long TOO LONG FIX IT NOW NINTENDO. Isn't there supposed to be a way to get up walls faster other than mashing jump? How do you do that? The lobby is a huge improvement.
Replies: >>157685
IIRC going up walls faster is a weapon skill
Replies: >>157694
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OP coincidentally forgot to mention that character creation is fully trannified. Anyone can wear anything and eyebrows and hair (which were the only differentiators between men and women in 2) are totally interchangeable. Also the brown thing is absolutely disgusting. I seriously hope none of you buy this but I know you will anyway.
Replies: >>157695
Spoiler File
(134.2KB, 635x480)
I picked team rock because the character associated with it is the cuter one, paper is the team of that shitskin (probably a pajeet) with the massive forehead.
That makes sense
Yeah that was confusing at first until I realized that the option wasn't fucking coming. Also saw that the only people with enough autism to do posts are mostly trannies or gays. May try to post some not gay shit and see if it gets banned. Maybe something simple like professor Oak saying are you a boy or a girl or if im real crazy maybe "its okay to be normal"
What's fucking stupid is that you need to log on ((( faceberg ))) or ((( twatter ))) for your posts to be shown at the plaza.
That's so fucking idiotic.
inb4 niggerpill shill shows up with his "b-but this one issue means jews win forever" bullshit
Crossdressing was probably inevitable given it's been a meme on both sides of the Pacific from day one (boys were added to the game at the last minute based on focus group testing done with "girls have cooties" aged kids) but having zero differences is just handing the game to sexual predators and the gameplay changes look mediocre enough I'm not willing to overlook it. The reason you're not seeing many "normal human" posts which is weird because I saw like 4 troonposts when I booted up the demo and everything else was normal splatfest banter is because almost everyone who isn't a child or latent pedophile barely remembers they bought a switch to begin with at this point, let alone following it closely enough to be ready for this testfire demo.
Replies: >>157702 >>157703
>boys were added to the game at the last minute based on focus group testing done with "girls have cooties" aged kids
Wait, so Splatoon was meant to have female characters only, or what?
Replies: >>157706
Nah I can seperate my opinions on dumb posts and not explicitly saying boy or girl from enjoyment of the game. As long as it doesn't go full officially gay like how psychonauts did. I still will complain about it a bit.

So far i've had 3 dropped matches and only one full match. But ITS A BETA so eh. I'll hold off getting it too soon when it comes out or pirate it if theres emulator multiplayer.

SW-0661-4443-9908 if anyone wants to play. I found the play with friends option finally
Replies: >>157706 >>157715
Eeltail Alley is a fun map. Finally getting more full matches without drops.
Yes, Splatoon 1 was originally going to have the Inkling girl as the only playable option. Side characters like Spike were still dudes of course.
Normalfag tier behavior but whatever. I'll fully admit to only playing one match but my guess is their plan is asymptotically approaching The Big Gay from every direction (for those Blackrock social credit score shekels and to pander to pedos in the west) without actually getting there and triggering the kinds of investigation into child grooming we're starting to see with smashfaggotry.
Replies: >>157718
Tried to join you earlier but it wouldn't let me, I guess because you were in a match. I don't know why it didn't let me wait until you were out of a match.
>Yes, Splatoon 1 was originally going to have the Inkling girl as the only playable option.
I would have been fine with it, honestly.
Tri color starts in a couple minutes.
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Meme mantis in the lead. Time for meme mode.
[Hide] (581.4KB, 800x450)
Tricolor mode isn't bad. Actually that's probably the best way to describe this game. It isn't bad, some of the improvements (like merging the lobby and the training area) are good, but they don't outweigh enabling child abuse or outsourcing splatposting to jewish social media. The square is also really fucking bloated and obnoxious to walk through because it's supposed to double as a Salmon Run map. The new special weapons are a big fat meh just like in 2, either boring or inferior knockoffs of the weapons in the first game. Spawn launcher is not an appreciable advantage since you'll be squad respawning on a teammate most of the time anyway. This is also still the only use for super jumping after it was nerfed into the ground in 2 by the way, no deep strikes for you.

I expected nothing and I was still disappointed. Wake me up when someone gets a fake online server for Splatoon working.
How to unlock child abusing?
Replies: >>157752
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Just join discord, cut your dick off and feed your soul to a demon. It's that easy!
Replies: >>157753 >>157755
being jewish helps too
>feature locked behind a third party
Jewtendo strikes again.
This tricolor gimmick is fun sometimes, I wonder how it is when you're on the winning team. It's hard to win when the other losing team has one or both players attacking all players regardless of if it's their allies in loss. Likewise winning isn't hard when the other losing team doesn't shoot at you. Take for instance the paper side got control of the center objective, so I stay nearby and start shooting any scissors I see. Some stupid paper fucker kills me, then he's killed by scissor, and scissor ultimately won largely because paper was playing like that. Some of these retards don't seem to understand that if I lose, they lose. It is due to this that I find it hard to believe rock or paper will end up on top, all said and done. Basically they waited until half the splatfest was done, announced the current rankings, then turned friendly fire on for only the losing side. That seems to be a recipe for even greater defeat for the losing side. It's like if two guys were running a mile race and halfway through you stopped it, gave the guy that's trailing a pep talk, kicked him in the knee, then start the race back off. I'll be surprised if the halftime winning side ever loses one of these splatfests. Anyway it's fun when both sides of the losers aren't bickering.
Replies: >>157771
>Basically they waited until half the splatfest was done, announced the current rankings, then turned friendly fire on for only the losing side. That seems to be a recipe for even greater defeat for the losing side. 
That sounds so shitty, but being current Nintendo, can't expect anything good from them.
Replies: >>157774 >>157779
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One can only hope they learn from thippffffffft hahahaha, it's all fucked.
>Wake me up when someone gets a fake online server for Splatoon working.
If only, would be fun playing with anons.
Replies: >>157780 >>157781
Yeah but I think the center objective can only be gotten by the losing teams, which I didn't realize when I made that post. That helps.
On another note i figured out the getting up walls faster thing, hold jump.
I played the first game last week, free server's still up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
There’s probably a way for at least fake local matches through emulator, but it would take some serious autism to figure out. 

Yeah I agree pretty hard with this. I don’t see why I would play this unless I was hard into shit like splatfests. The square is pretty horrible compared to both 1 and two, way too much going on. Neither of the two new weapons jump out at me, and I only enjoyed 1 new map. I may pirate it if the singleplayer is okay, but I don’t see why I wouldn’t just play 2 or even 1. I enjoy the Grizzco thing and want to try the new shit for that, but not enough for a full priced game.
A whole lot of reverse-shills here today. Did someone link zzzchan on cuckchan or something? Haven't seen this amount of blind Nintendo-anything hatred since the console war days.
Replies: >>157783
1/10 bait
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[Hide] (225.8KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (140.7KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (163KB, 1280x720)
All I'm all I had a lot of fun playing this splatfest. When I started to understand more about how the 2v1 tricolor I started having more fun fully realizing what I needed to do. I come away from this with a better opinion than I did from splat2. I like the soda machine special, but I like the booyah bomb the most of the specials. I liked the music from between neutral to a lot, particularly splatlantais. The 2D buddies hanging out with you in the lobby is cute.
The netcode or whatever it is still gives teleporters and shit, people spraying ink clear after dying, people eating more ink than they have any business eating, and i once saw a guy throw two suction bombs in under a second lel. On top of that I have to install a discord just to abuse kids like what the fuck that better be standard in the full sixty dollar game, not some shit third party application.
Ultimately I like the first one the most, easily. I think it's likely I'll like this one more than 2 though.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention this in the OP but you can't choose your sex. I hear they have sharp teeth down there though so watch out for that.
Replies: >>157788
I wonder if it's the same in the Japanese version because despite it being "style" the evident female option still wears a training bra under their shirt in character creation.
Replies: >>157810
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game is pozzed
Well haven't you seen the leaks?
Replies: >>157798
Are you telling me the perms are actually permanent???
From what I heard it's the same in Japan but the intro text when you start up the game and choose what would be race/sex just says "who are you?"
Yeah it was probably trannified at the last minute and it shows.
I played it, i had some fun with it, but i won't buy it anyway.
Fuck Nintendo.
Team Rock won, apparently.

and niggerpill is still a retard posting random twatter shit
Replies: >>157882
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[Hide] (76.7KB, 800x757)
Did someone say squid lewds?
Replies: >>160755 >>164319
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[Hide] (72.4KB, 540x762)
[Hide] (253.9KB, 680x680)
[Hide] (752.3KB, 1280x1454)
[Hide] (353.1KB, 800x1033)
Replies: >>160755 >>164319
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>team rock won
I guess my assessment of kneecapping the losing teams was wrong
The percentages are the popularity. 17% for the nigger. Meme mantis is more than twice as popular as the nigger and barely lost to the White. Easily the worst designed character in the series.
Replies: >>157916 >>157927
[Hide] (35.7KB, 636x464)
I picked Rock too for the same reason.
At first i had no idea which one to pick, then i remembered how the teams were represented by the new characters, and no way i was going to pick the team of that ugly shitskin with gigantic bulbous forehead.
>The percentages are the popularity. 17% for the nigger. Meme mantis is more than twice as popular as the nigger and barely lost to the White. Easily the worst designed character in the series.
Easily, who thought that character looked any good or would appeal to anybody?
That's ugly as shit.
Good ol' rock.  Nothin' beats rock.

Why did you write "manta" as "mantis?"
Replies: >>157932
Spoiler File
(297.7KB, 1000x1600)
>Why did you write "manta" as "mantis?"
Isn't it obvious?
Replies: >>157948 >>157981
>no art of Punished Man yet
Place your bets for when it happens I guess, drawfags have been slacking off.
hey that's a pretty good action figure
Replies: >>157983
[Hide] (107.8KB, 1000x733)
Yeah, the details are insane
Replies: >>158055
>Oh, so you want to go to Mordor?
[Hide] (2MB, 1637x2315)
>>157661 (OP) 
I had fun with the free trial, but i wish Splatoon offered some offline bot mode.
The fact that you can't do shit if you bring your Switch somewhere or your wi-fi stops working is off putting, not to mention that you'll never know for how long Nintendo will keep the servers on.
If Mario Kart and Mario Strikers have bots to play against, why can't Splatoon?
>what is singleplayer campaign
Replies: >>158079
Yeah but i heard is really short and more like a tutorial of sorts.
Replies: >>158080
They're making baby steps toward it with the Octoling stages in 2 but I suspect management knows their development team is too incompetent to make a bot AI that will hold up in an unrestricted Turf War match, let alone one of the Ranked modes.
That's true in 1, 2 has a little bit more meat to it but is also short. The DLC for 2 is a real campaign but it's all out-of-context challenges until it just throws a murder gauntlet at you in the end.
Replies: >>158081
Sure playing against bots will never be the same or as challenging as playing with actual people, but having some basic bot to fuck around against when you are not online or the servers go down i don't think it's too much to ask
Released today. Is fun. Gonna try Salmon Run when I get to level 4.
Salmon Run is good. I've only played one level, and it only sometimes expands for wave 3. You switch weapons to random out of the preset weapons list every wave. You have to press A to put the egg in the basket but you can throw the egg for the price of a splatbomb into the basket from a pretty good distance. You also explode a small amount of ink when you throw it which will kill small enemies that are very close to you. New bosses are alright, not bad additions, but I haven't played it enough to say they're good additions.
Replies: >>160761 >>160770
>>157661 (OP) 
UOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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>paying for troon shit
There's actually 3 tide levels instead of 2. Big boss fight is pretty fun, especially when the stage gets flooded with normal bosses.
No variant weapons in the game at launch is an incredibly bizarre decision that is fucking the ranked meta up badly.  Specials that are necessary to keep extreme range weapons in check, like the tenta missiles, are now tied exclusively to main weapons that can be charitably described as niche, like the goo tuber.  The new killer wail is supposed to also play that role, but it's terrible.  This game desperately needs a balance patch but having variant weapon kits would at least put a band-aid on the problems.
Replies: >>160784 >>160802
[Hide] (9.3KB, 176x200)
>wasted those trips on buyfagging
Just bring the Inkzooka back and these problems would solve themselves.
Yeah it's crazy that there isn't a single variant at all. I guess it'll be next week or the week after that they add some more? I'm not sure. I saw someone, maybe ITT, glean that they only intend to do updates, that used to be weekly, quarterly. I really hope that isn't the case, that sounds like killing the game at launch then hoping for it to get better when you make it better.
Replies: >>160851
After playing a little more it's not as bad as I initially thought, the most static modes (splat zones and tower control) are what I was playing first and they're hit far harder by the lack of decent long-range harassment specials.  Rainmaker still works well despite Nintendo trying to ruin it with checkpoints.
It's still needlessly crippling to have only one kit per weapon, and the devs really should start trickling out variants sooner rather than later.  Lots of interesting mechanics aren't getting used as much as they could because they're limited to just a few kits (like beakons, which are only on tenta and dapples).
By the way, this is one of those Switch games that actually has LAN mode. To quote the official Nintendo website
>After entering the Shoal, press and hold the ZL Button and ZR Button, and then at the same time, click in and hold the Left Stick. 
This means that it can be played by  anyone who can't/doesn't want to buy NSO. Hopefully it will reach Splatoon 2 levels of unmissable content (for the record, all the Splatfest maps and colors were added to the options in one of the last updates). But that's mostly just my preservationist brain acting up, whatever.
Replies: >>161741
I'm having fun. Some of the music in this game is pretty good too.
That sounds like it'd make emulated multiplayer a lot easier.
Lobby (9) is nice,  I wish it was longer.
[Hide] (27.9MB, 23:30)
The single player was pretty fun, also pretty easy the whole way through. Wish they'd have kept the mystery of the origins of the world and the creatures a mystery. The postgame is like those Mario ones where it's a lot more challenging and just a really long level. Whoever decided to implement rail shooter into this should be shot. Shame the translators are faggots with their faggoty plural pronouns to avoid saying "she". Probably the least inspired bosses in the series, though I don't remember the ones in 2. At least Marie was there to keep it fresh and Callie held up the be a retard position just fine. Whoever decided to implement spending ingame funbux to play levels is a piece of shit. It never hindered me but the shit pisses me off to no end. Let's say I want to be autistic as fuck about doing some retarded shit in a level in order to beat it, but being so retarded I have to restart the level fifteen time. Now let's say I run out of funbux in this procedure, now I have to go play another level in order to return to the level I'm being autistic about. It's bullshit. It's fucking stupid and I can't think of a single reason why something like that would ever be implemented. It makes no sense, at all. In fact I dropped 2's DLC early and hard because of this exact same shit, which is where it started if you are unaware. I have a very difficult time tolerating such garbage. Anyway once I beat this postgame stuff I'l probably just stick to Grizzco the evil fuck and the occasional Splatfest.
Replies: >>162070
[Hide] (996.6KB, 720x960)
You paid for poz, you forfeited the right to complain.
As long as people complain about the poz I don't see the issue.
Spoiler File
(97.9KB, 576x512)
I'd fuck the squid girl that officially has her tummy and half her chest exposed.
Replies: >>162119
Shes cute. The goblin can die though,  worse than pearl.
Replies: >>162121 >>162156
Pearl was second best squid idol though. First goes to Callie
>talking shit about pearl
Replies: >>162158
[Hide] (59.4KB, 900x900)
Pearl is a horrid little gremlin. Her purpose is to make a negroid look better by comparison. Her only virtue is as an onahole and she has a lot of competition in that department.
Replies: >>162161
Do you think Pearl and newGoblin have forehead beam fights?
[Hide] (1MB, 1728x885)
First real splatfest this weekend.  Anyone here still playing?
Replies: >>164297 >>164314
Gear here.
I hope all my fellow Himecut enjoyers have a very wonderful splatfest.
Replies: >>164349
>the white man's choice
>the nigger's choice
>the redditor's choice
I hope Shiver continues to have the best options so I never have to feel conflicted between choosing the best character or the best option.
Replies: >>164349
[Hide] (32.2KB, 482x549)
It's amazing how such a promising new frachise with cute lolis went to shit in just 3 games.
Replies: >>164362
Post FC (assuming I don't already know you), maybe we can do some matches together.
Replies: >>164362 >>164375
[Hide] (214.7KB, 1280x480)
>t. never played splatoon 3 let alone any splatoon game

FC is SW-3753-2826-5011
[Hide] (412.7KB, 1000x1000)
I was interested in the first game but it was on a dead system I never owned. Not going to buy any game that panders to trannies with ambiguous gender options and continuously worsening character design.
Replies: >>164375
Sent a request.  I think I might have played other stuff with you, do you use a similar name on other platforms?
Replies: >>164418
>I have never played the games, but I will shitpost about them

I don't have a Switch (yet), but I'll make sure to post mine when I get one soon.
I sent you a request
Replies: >>164418
Did anyone else disconnect? Splatfest seems fucked for me.
Who else on gear? We got 2 fags already
Replies: >>164404
Playing with a group of four on gear now.  Sent a friend request to >>164362
but hasn't been accepted yet.
Ink it up to the sun.
Ink it up to the moon.
Gear shall win inshallah.
Replies: >>164412
I had to do some errands, just got back home. I'll play with you niggers if you're still on. And yes, I do use a similar name for other platforms.
Replies: >>164420
Cool, I've got a room open now.
There are way too many retards who seems to think this is fucking Call Of Duty
>Gear is getting mirror matches
I don't think its going well.
[Hide] (565.5KB, 833x958)
Want food or fun?
With GEAR you can have BOTH
Gear and fun are neck and neck. Grub is behind.
Replies: >>164797
Man what pisses me off is that online is still full of retards that go straight to the enemy side to shoot them without caring about covering their side with ink first.
<duh let's go pew pew on the others!
<why did we lose!?
You can bet your ass those are COD tards
[Hide] (233.7KB, 620x640)
I've never played this game because I gave up on nintendo completely when the Wii was announced, but I find splatoon a really interesting game that does a hell of a lot more than most modern games do. Is it actually fun, or is just shitty multiplayer matches played ad infinium? If it is fun, is it available on PC at all?
[Hide] (2.6MB, 498x482)
how about you form your own opinions
Replies: >>164805
[Hide] (109.5KB, 581x458)
>I don't want to play the game since nintendo are a bunch of kikes, how is it?
>play the game
You have trouble reading?
Replies: >>164806
[Hide] (149.4KB, 500x474)
You have trouble graduating highschool? Don't ask others to spoonfeed you what opinions you should have - play the fucking game and make your own.
Replies: >>164807
[Hide] (524.6KB, 1600x960)
Kill yourself immediately newfag.
Replies: >>164824
[Hide] (24KB, 336x297)
>is it available on PC 
It's a game on a console whose emulation on PC ranges from tolerable to unplayable.  This isn't like Halo.
Replies: >>164810
Not really surprised. PC is my only option since I will never buy another console again. I'll wait, and if it never happens I have other games I can play.
i liek it. If you don't have the online you are only getting half the game so that should probably be the make or break for you.
Replies: >>164824
[Hide] (29.3KB, 395x382)

>liking playing as a xer/xem
Replies: >>164834 >>164878
[Hide] (87.9KB, 1000x1000)
It is fun, just overly online focused, that would be bad for any standard home console, and for a portable like the switch is even more so.
Like apart from the online team battles or online co-op missions, the game offers almost nothing outside of those.
I kinda wish there was at least a bot mode to be played when you bring the console outside or your WiFi is out for any reason.
KILLZONE: Mercenary on the Vita had something like that, but Nintendo are a bunch of lazy fucks and only do the bare minimum because "that requires work, and work is hard"
Replies: >>164841 >>164848
There is actually a local mode you can do. Thats the reason Salmon run was created in the first place but now you can do local regular battles.
<game focuses on delivering a particular experience
>WTF why doesnt it deliver an entirely different experience?!?
Do you also get mad when puzzle games dont have first person shooter segments?
[Hide] (11.7KB, 400x400)
It is pretty much multiplayer matches played ad infinitum, but they're good multiplayer matches.  You can probably emulate the single player campaigns, which are worth playing (especially the Octo Expansion from 2) but don't really capture what the game is about.
I'm playing as a loli squid just like in the two previous games, Nintendo scratching off the labels "boy" and "girl" from the body types at the behest of Treehouse retards doesn't change that.
[Hide] (63.3KB, 155x178)
>expecting a single player campaign from a shooter game is somehow unheard of
Replies: >>164882
[Hide] (35.4KB, 800x600)
Except that there is a singleplayer campaign??? 
Oh fuck, you were baiting weren't you. There's no way you couldn't be. I guess I lost then.
Replies: >>164885
[Hide] (21.4KB, 304x234)
Original person said online focused being a problem. Not that the single player mode didn't exist.
You sound like someone that considers call of duty mw2 to be a classic game. Are you little babby child? Because this isn't a thread fo--- ohwaitnevermind this is a nintendo splatoon thread lol. shitpost on little guy.
So how Splatoon 3, /v/? I liked the first two games but I am not really 100% that keen on the third game. Is it more of the same?
[Hide] (288.8KB, 2048x1773)
>Do you also get mad when puzzle games dont have first person shooter segments?
So you guys spent your conch shells before the splatfest ended right? Because when it ends they are gone. You DID spend them at the gatcha machine right?
Replies: >>164895 >>164901
I thought I had, but I still had one left and it was usable after splatfest.
Replies: >>164897
the police have been called and informed of your location.
[Hide] (486.9KB, 256x190)
>super snails are gacha now
Yet another reason to bully and/or ban anyone normalfag enough to buy this shit. They were already treading the line with the rotating rewards and useless points system in 2 but now they're blatantly conditioning their base to accept EA levels of microtransaction jewing. I'd bet an internet we get a leaked internal memo indicating they planned to do this in 3 but it was judged too risky with all the gambling lawsuits western publishers have been hit with in the last few years.
Replies: >>164904
There are no microtransactions, the gacha machine is entirely run with in-game money and the conch shells you get during splatfest.
Sea snails are a separate thing that haven't been distributed yet because the results haven't been announced yet.
Replies: >>164906
[Hide] (16.3KB, 400x400)
It would take maybe a week of dev for it to use real money instead.
Replies: >>164909
But it doesn't right now idiot
Replies: >>164910
[Hide] (68.7KB, 1008x720)
>I can't read
Replies: >>164916
Gear wins.  Total Aryan Victory.
[Hide] (5.3KB, 326x309)
There's no fucking point in saying that someone could or would be something when there's zero indication that it will become that thing
[Hide] (136.2KB, 1280x720)
Replies: >>164921 >>164928
That is an obscure meme
More tentacle hair cuties please. Yeah.
A LONG and EXTENSIVE single player mode that makes the game's price worth it by itself, especially when those kikes at Nintendo ask people to pay an additional fee for their shitty online, and not some short, half assed, glorified tutorial because "it's current year, don't you guys have phon-ehm Internet anyway?"
Also lots of shooters back in the day allowed you to play the game's maps by themselves after you were done with the main campaign.
Replies: >>164990
I'm not reading all of that. I want to fuck a qt octo.
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>2 sentences is too much to read
ADHD internet culture was a mistake
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