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(61.5KB, 934x704)
Egregor ransomware group hacked Ubisoft and Crytek and told them pay up or they'd leak what they stole (https://archive.is/I5HKF). They've finally decided to release what they stole to the public. GET IN HERE FAGGOTS

"ubisoft.7z" - 558 GB, contains the source, engine and maintenance tools to Watch Dogs: Legion
archive password is !I60j=3$"dC2c3,bFv5k

"crytek.zip" - 264 GB, they were a little vague about what exactly was in here so i'll just directly quote them: 'What did we find there? Passwords in free access,

security at the cavemen level, unencrypted chats, files with contracts, researches, engine source code and new developments.

We have also find development plans, bookkeeping and a lot more.

Some parts of that info will be published soon. Some parts will be sold to one of those who are very interested.' 
(396.3KB, 400x320)
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(13KB, 514x1326)
What's your patience like, anon?
Also, I forgot to mention that there is a clearnet mirror of this site, but it can go down often. The link should be within the onion site.
>>15762 (OP) 
Does Watch Dogs Legion come with denuvo? Would be the only worthwhile thing if there were related files from that shitpile.
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(57.6KB, 512x512)
hopefully their share price plummets.
Hacking is awesome.
Selling the information you got by hacking is gay.
(239.8KB, 1125x1125)
>game about hacking gets leaked
i am laffin
(571.7KB, 600x580)
I'm not downloading anything from Ubifags. That said, post updates about this soon-to-be-amusing trash fire bls MUST KNOW AND HAVE A GOOD LAFF
Yes Legion is expected to have denuvo (as well as battle-eye anticheat). There should be enough in this leak to just compile the game ourselves, without denuvo included.
Replies: >>15776
(44.1KB, 475x524)
Too bad watch dogs is shit. There's also nothing very interesting about Crytek, UE4 is better than Cryengine and I'm pretty sure you can get a license for the source of UE4. Maybe having the source will help mod Cryengine games or something? Are there any good cryengine games?
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(187.7KB, 670x473)
>>15762 (OP) 
Wew lad now this is funny.
(212.3KB, 2400x1350)
Imagine if the Denuvo source code is in there.
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(185.8KB, 1280x960)
Why would the denuvo source code be in there? Isn't denuvo a third party program?
Replies: >>15778
Since Denuvo embeds itself in the game's executable and dll files, I assume game devs might need access to the source code. Maybe not all of them but a company such as Ubisoft might.

Even if there isn't source code, it's a good chance there might be some Denuvo material useful to crackers in there.
>Are there any good cryengine games
Not anymore since the turkroaches suffered a collective brainrot in the last decade or so.
Now I've actually clicked the OP archive link and noticed this isn't exactly fresh news. It happened almost 2 weeks ago.

Funny how there appears to be a media blackout about this. None of the tech news sites I follow have covered this story. Maybe I should add ZDnet to my tech news sites.
Replies: >>15783 >>15981
Ubisoft and crytek was hit with ransomware 2 weeks ago, the press-release (and I assume the point at which the hacker decided they weren't getting the money) happened on the 21st, and the files were released yesterday.
Replies: >>15784 >>15792
Did the article say how the data got stolen. I imagine some intern left his laptop or thumbdrive in a public area and fucked them over.
Replies: >>15786
It mentions that prior to the hack Ubisoft had been warned by researchers that they're employees had fallen victim to phishing attacks (warnings that they ignored).
(35.9KB, 680x582)
The executives probably thought phishing attacks meant their employees boat had been capsized by a sturgeon or something.
Replies: >>15793 >>15808
But the date on the article (which also tells about the files being released) says October 15th, and apparently it wasn't edited later.
Replies: >>15798
All those diversity hires clicking free ipod ads will do that.
Replies: >>15797
>558gb download from an onion address at 300kb/s
No one will even be able to download this shit.
(25.5KB, 468x454)
I used to make fun of those spot/report phishing scam training sessions I had at my last job. Now I learn theres people out there that still fall for that shit.
Replies: >>15811
(149.4KB, 828x801)
Now that I think about it. I'm also curious to see what kinds of spaghetti code all the Ubisoft diversity hires must have shat out.
(10.4KB, 631x112)
The files were not released when that article came out. pic related about a press release tomorrow was bullshit, they didn't deliver on time because they were essentially waiting for talks between ubisoft, crytek and them to break down.
Replies: >>15800
Also, in the pic in the OP, you can see the date in the top right. October 21 2020.
Replies: >>15804
I see, thanks. Well, the ransomware thing alone was already big enough news that it shouldn't have been ignored. I want to see how the media's going to react now.
>The executives probably thought phishing attacks meant their employees boat had been capsized by a sturgeon or something.
zzzchan hacked ubisoft: us 1 - everyone else 0
Replies: >>15810
>zzzchan hacked ubisoft: us 1 - everyone else 0
But we didn't hack Ubisoft
Replies: >>15812
that's how shillary got fucked, podesta fell for a fake jewgle password reset email
thats the joke
Replies: >>15814
I give your joke a 3/10.
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(48.4KB, 1024x665)
>>15762 (OP) 
Nice! But I have a question: why are they using an onion link rather than a torrent to share such large files? I'm sure there are basic ways to mask your identity as the original uploader, especially as more people seed the torrent.
(381KB, 221x196)
They probably intend the download to be slow to give ubishaft time to sweat.
Replies: >>15817
I have no idea. This is just the site where they post and leak all their ransoms.
Watch Dogs Legion comes out today doesn't it? I doubt Ubisoft is sweating. I don't even think the average pirate knows this happened, if this download could go faster one could probably crack the denuvo protection by just sharing the unprotected files.
Replies: >>15823
Shut the fuck up moralfag.
Well it wasn't mine but thanks.
>>15762 (OP) 
Never liked any of the Crytek games, but I would kill for open source Raven Shield, Silent Hunter, and AssCreed. 

>you're a moralfag if you think it's gay to give a company the opportunity to decrypt their data
Replies: >>16146 >>16185
Then why not download it from the onion site and then put on torrent? Sorry, I'm not a too much of /tech/ guy.
Replies: >>15824 >>15866
That's what a lot of people are trying to do, but this is 700+ GB of data to download. With everyone trying to do it at once, it makes a slow download an erroneous download.
Replies: >>15826
That information should be freely distributed and you know it.
Replies: >>16022
Tor has slower download speed anyway, it usually takes like 1 hour to download my 150 mb pirated doujin games, when it'd take 1 minute at most over clearnet.
>>15762 (OP) 
Does this mean we're going to see more bootleg PC ports like with bing bing wahoo 64?
Replies: >>15830
(316.2KB, 1280x1879)
Ubisoft and Crytek were made for each other, I haven't seen such incompetent janky shit devs in my life, they're Gearbox tier.

Yeah, we're getting the full unedited version of Star Fox Adventures next
(6.5MB, 640x360, 02:23)
What is it with this year and source code leaks?
Replies: >>15886 >>16040
So we now have the entire source code of Disrupt engine?
Think it contains the source code for that 2D art engine?
Replies: >>15883
Torrent would share your IP, or your VPN's or Tor exit node's IP. Either way, distributing over Tor directly is the safest bet here to avoid getting caught and raped by niggers in prison. Once downloaded, other people can redistribute the files elsewhere and the original leakers can fuck off safely provided they used proper opsec everywhere else. Whether people redistributing will get fucked with, only time will tell. I would definitely not touch torrents without masking your IP. VPN would still be way faster than Tor for sure.
The Ubi-art engine?  No reason for it to, unless there's some kind of Ubi-art easter egg hidden in the new Watch Dogs game.
Replies: >>15892
weak security & practices when sharing files between coworkers
>There's also nothing very interesting about Crytek, UE4 is better than Cryengine and I'm pretty sure you can get a license for the source of UE4.
Wrong, CryEngine had potential. Remember FarCry. The code to make these things is probably still there.
Recently CryEngine even got Raytracing for non-RTX and AMD GPUs. That's all useful technology and I hope it will be looted rewritten by freetard engine builders.
SSAO was invented at Crytek! Don't fucking tell me Crytek code is worthless.
CryEngine also has vastly superior lighting to Unreal. And the SMAA implementation in CE is the best. It completely rapes the "superior" TAA/TXAA.
Replies: >>15894
Honestly, the games that were developed on UbiArt (Rayman Origins/Legends) were probably the last good things that came out from Ubisoft. Shame that Rayman 4 never happened, but considering the absolute state of the current year and that mini-kusoge about rabbits, I don't want it to happen anymore.
Agreed. Even indieshit games made in CE by minimally competent devs look much better than anything indie in Unity or UE4, and have much better performance optimization too.
Using it to extort a shitty company is based though.


(345.5KB, 1200x1237)
Might as well sell it when they'll put you in jail if they find you either way.
There was this hacker who hacked the Windows Update servers and told them Billy should fix Windows.
I can't even find how it's called anymore because Microdrones on the Wikipedias and everywhere else try to sweep it under the rug.
Replies: >>15934
>558 GB
No way I'm installing that shit, it would take at least seven days to get this installed. Hopefully some anon will willing show its contents from via screenshot?
This word has no meaning, go back to where you came from.
I have no idea, I've never asked. Always assumed it meant "based in reality" or something along those lines.
The best way to encourage this in future is a profit motive.
MS Blaster harebrain
Replies: >>15951
>had potential at some point
>remember this game from 2004?
>they were the first to do X technique that's now common place
These aren't reasons to care about 2020 Cryengine.
Replies: >>15937 >>15953
The mere fact that they have fairly convincing raytracing tech that runs sort of well on Kepler /  GCN1 is reason enough to care, they're basically turning the meme-tier shit Nvidia has been trying  to shove down your throat with $1k cards into something that's actually real usable.
(59.2KB, 420x251)
Thanks, that's what I meant.
Well, I still see colourbanding sometimes in Unity and Unreal games.
I've never seen that once in anything based on CryEngine.
They have modern high bit depth rendering. Can you stop repeating that nonsense from your favourite Jewtuber?
Replies: >>16094
Getting back to >>15782, now I'm pretty sure there's a deliberate media blackout on this.
The tech sites I visit STILL haven't published anything about it, and soon after witnessing the thread yesterday, I have tipped off most sites I visit about this story (not something I do often but wanted to see how they'd react). I also mentioned it in comments sections and attracted quite a bit of attention from other visitors. They must be pretty scared of pissing off Ubi and advertisers who place ads for them if they cover this.
Replies: >>15984 >>15988
(369.4KB, 661x721)
Only 300kbs? Thats almost as slow as my normal fucking internet speed. But yeah, hopefully something good will come of this. I’d love to see if the game has microtransactions and always online and if this source hack could just bypass all that. I don’t think I have the intention to even pirate a ubisoft game though. 
Replies: >>15987
Mark already delete a thread in his board that was copied from this one. There are probably high stakes from advertisers involved in this.
Replies: >>15986 >>15997
(45.1KB, 231x229)
>mark deleted the thread
too extreme even for 8cuck
To add salt to the wound the download fails and has to be resumed at random, sometimes at even slower speeds. From what has been downloaded so far, it looks like just a shit ton of development notes, databases, contracts, personal info and stuff related to a game called WarFace. Not as exciting as what could be in "ubisoft.7z" so i'm focusing efforts on that instead (which, by the way, is 1114 gb uncompressed)
>there's a deliberate media blackout on this.
Of course there is, both of these companies actively subside the companies behind these bloggers unlike companies like Valve, and Japanese publishers/developers.
(6.2KB, 170x240)
Too bad they're .zip files that forcefully need to be fully downloaded. I only want to check their development plans and Cryengine's source code.

And stop derailing the thread with shitposts about the word based and Mark's cuckoldry. I'm waiting for somebody with the balls and bandwidth to download 800GB of mysterious meat from a ransomware group and share their findings.
OP was a TORfaggot that posted the exact same post over multiple threads, he didn't even change the picture.
Why the fuck should I care about the foss idiot? If you held in your hand some juicy piece of shit, of course you would try to make a profit out of it and you know it. Shut the fuck up moralfag.
Replies: >>16023 >>16028
(23.5KB, 400x400)
can you go be assblasted somewhere else please
Replies: >>16025
No you need to stop being such a sack of whiny shit. Those hackers did a good job and they deserve the money.
Replies: >>16027 >>16104
i'm not that fag you're arguing with, retard, i'm telling you to stop being a fucking bitch and shitting up the thread with your assburgers
(1.1MB, 640x360, 00:18)
>Why the fuck should I care about the foss idiot?
I didn't even bring him up.
>If you held in your hand some juicy piece of shit, of course you would try to make a profit out of it and you know it.
No, I would not. I would freely distribute it as widely as possible.
>Shut the fuck up moralfag.
I am the opposite of a moralfag.
Replies: >>16031
>No, I would not. I would freely distribute it as widely as possible
Easy to be morally superior when you don't have to deal with the situation. Everyone likes money, and you aren't different.
>I am the opposite of a moralfag.
Ok retard.
Replies: >>16033
>Ok retard
Go back to cuckchan
Did ids break again or is a1a173 extra retarded?
Replies: >>16039
It's the tor ID
Replies: >>16041
(424.3KB, 480x270)
People doing home office while having the computer full of ransomware.
Tor usually changes id per post, did they fix that finally?
Replies: >>16043
It's the ID for people posting from the onion website.
Replies: >>16045
Onion test. ID needs to be 00000 or something, not look like a regular one.
Yes, all tor posters will have the same id per thread. I'm looking into getting it set to 000000 asap
>>15762 (OP) 
>Watch Dogs: Legion
I would have preferred if some other company like Sony got hacked, maybe some information on the Piss5, now that would be a shitstorm worth seeing.
The only interesting thing, other than possible Denuvo information or source code like other anons say, is taking a look at how actually competent these niggers are. I wonder if it would contain YandereDev-tier code knowing how fucking bugged previous Ubishit releases have been. I want some anon that knows programming to look at it and tell me what's in there that's worth bullying Ubisoft devs for.
Replies: >>16077
Let's get back on topic, shall we? Here is a link to the full file listing of "ubisoft.7z". I'd put it in a pastebin but it's 840 MB uncompressed and crashes my browser. Just to be clear, no one has managed to download the whole thing yet. The 7z format stores this info in the header. https://anonfiles.com/feQ1N3k5p2/ubisoft-filelog_7z
Replies: >>16069
There are a handful of terminally assblasted anons who pipe up in every thread. 

I wonder if someone is going to chunk it up. This also poses the question now if vidya publishers will start being more interesting targets for hacker groups.
I am surprised Sony hasn't been hacked like it was some few years ago. 2020 is many things, but it is also the year of leaks and Nintendo and Microsoft have already lost a lot of source code among other things.
Replies: >>16079 >>16080
Oh yeah, didn't the XP code get leaked? Is anyone doing anything with it?
Replies: >>16083 >>16143
I thought the Nintendo leak was a case of a furfag stockpiling his shit in his clique for years before deciding to leak shit.
Replies: >>16143
He might also be referring to the 472 GB leak of xbox related shit that happened during the summer.
(8.8KB, 915x139)
Egregor ransomware group has released a torrent for "ubisoft.7z"
It can now be found in place of the direct download on their page. I'm assuming a torrent for "crytek.zip" is on the way too. A Watch Dogs modding group called "nomad" setup a lot of infrastructure just to download this leak and probably would have had it all in a reasonable amount of time, but they were gonna hoard it, and were essentially ddosing the site with the amount of connections they were making, slowing down the downloads of people who actually want to share this. This torrent forces you to seed so nomad is BTFO. You can help too by torrenting it anons.
Replies: >>16182
>I saw something in a game maybe
A very convincing argument, you got me there.
>deserve the money
No. I want everything to be always free, forever, made by slave labor.
(24.3KB, 345x202)
I don't know what worse here: the fact that these retarded beggars upload it as a single file, the fact that half of all content is LOSSLESS AUDIO (see pic from the ubi log analysis I ran), or the fact you faggots derail everything into pointless drama about attentionwhoring kikes and bickering about someone's choice of words.

Anyway, it's a shit show as usual, just what you and this gay industry deserve.
Replies: >>16123
isn't that par for the course in game development? Fucking RDR2 had mostly audio for file size because lossless donkey farts are apparently a critical component to gaming.
Replies: >>16127
I was surprised recently when someone broke down what some modern 200Gb game was by file type. It was mostly uncompressed textures, if I remember right. I had thought that the traditional bloat bugbear for games was voice acting, but I guess huge textures are fast becoming a comparable problem.
Replies: >>16141
Look at games that have optional high-res texture packs like Fallout 4. They're bigger then the game itself [spoiler]and look a tiny bit better at best[/spoiler]
Replies: >>16142
(12KB, 573x434)
>newfags still can't spoiler
it's been months since any site on the webring has used any format besides the double asteriks, why is this still an issue?
Replies: >>16144
He gave everything to his faggot clique friends before getting caught. They are hoarding it for the most part, but it is slowly getting released little by little.
>entire rom archives including unreleased games
>source code of some games, a lot incomplete but some appears to be working
>hardware docs and tools and shit
No legal projects can even look at it, so wine and ReactOS will get nothing from it. It will make it harder for them to get more clean room RE contributors, making the projects even slower. Not that ReactOS could get much slower. I checked moe/t/, moe/tech/, and kun/tech/, almost nobody seemed interested in the leak since it is mostly leftist faggots and the types of Linux users that are too autistic to want a functional desktop operating system. I checked a cuckchan archive and a small handful of people on /g/ appear to be trying to get Server 2003 in an easy to build state. They have an onion and matrix, no dicksword from the look of things. If you're interested, the archive to use is wakarimasen, running the experimental torako scraper. Search is enabled with up-to-date archives so you don't ever have to visit cuckchan directly. Won't save you from having to scroll through the cancer, but it's something.
fucking lainchan
(540.2KB, 498x278)
I at least hope that Crysis is finally fucking playable on modern hardware. Apparently even the remaster absolutely shits the bed if your CPU is anything more modern than dual core.
The problem isn't that it shits the bed, it's just heavily single threaded making it so even modern high-end CPUs can't run it well.
Replies: >>16149 >>16960
Yeah, that's what I mean. Hopefully we'll actually see more mods out there that optimize the game for multi-core processors.
Replies: >>16181
>>15762 (OP) 
Now the copy post in 8-kun about the leaks was deleted too.
There is definitely a effort to bury those leaks.
I would've been more interested in seeing the source code for Beyond Good and Evil, source code for the old dev versions they were working on, or just source for BG&E2
Making an entire singlethreaded engine multithreaded is far, far more difficult than it sounds, primarily or especially if the source code is shit.
Is the torrent working for anyone? I can't find any peers to download from.
Replies: >>16184
It's been working for a lot of people, some are even past 50-70% and some have completed it.
Replies: >>16186
What made Crytek games so great was compensating for sway while isolating your targets and taking them down one by one.
The ubisoft zip? I can't manage to connect to anyone. I'm downloading directly through my IP unmasked, should I connect doing anything special?
(178.7KB, 450x350)
So does this thing have the source code for Soy Dogs Legion or not?
Does anyone have a copy of the Crysis Next design documents from the Crytek leak?
Replies: >>16678
>Crysis Next
Holy shit. Never heard of that.
Now I'm curious.
Replies: >>16682 >>16684
A crysis BR game and a crysis VR game design docs are in the leak. Which one of them is Next I don't know. The fact the news about whats in the ubisoft leak has been real quiet so far is bothering me and I wish niggers would hurry up already.
Replies: >>16684
>Crysis Next
It's the battle royale game of all things. Curb your enthusiasm.
Replies: >>16685 >>16702
The only real enthusiasm is finding out the shitshow hidden within this dumpster fire.
Don't see the problem. Crytek are planning on remastering Crysis 1-3, and making a separate MP title. They're not making a new SP Crysis game anytime soon.
Crytek were/are planning on remastering Crysis 1, 2, and 3. Original planned release dates:

Crysis 1 Remaster - 2/20
Crysis 2 Remaster - 8/20
Crysis 3 Remaster - 2/21
Crysis Collection - 5/21
Replies: >>16713
They couldn't even improve Crysis 1's graphics and they seriously think they can even TOUCH Crysis 3? Only Crysis 2 could be remastered because everything is glass and concrete in that game. Replacing textures is piss easy, though I doubt they would make a better job than Maldo's HD texture pack.
Replies: >>16716 >>16905
>They couldn't even improve Crysis 1's graphics
Yes they did. Quite extensively.
Turning up color saturation then slapping unecessary amounts of fog and some 4K textures on everything isn't necessarily an improvement.
They added SVOGI lighting, atmospheric scattering, increased vegetation density, and upgraded texture quality and shader quality across the entire game.
>vegetation density
Replies: >>16736
>they added (blah blah blah)
And yet it looks like indieshit dogshit made by indian amateurs. The original has infinitely superior atmosphere and lighting. The water looks better in the original too. Kill yourself, faggot.
Replies: >>16741 >>16742
That's the launch version.
>And yet it looks like indieshit dogshit made by indian amateurs.
I know the Switch version is by Saber Sweden. Dunno who made the PC, and PS4/XBO versions. I don't think Saber has any offices in India.
Replies: >>16744
(2.2MB, 1280x720, 00:14)
>The water looks better in the original too.
Are you referring to the water deformation? That's because they forgot to turn on water tessellation effects for some reason. We'll have to see how patch 1.03 pans out. It is unbelievably late.
Replies: >>16743
Nope, even the animations are weird.
Replies: >>16747
(586.5KB, 2186x908)
>That's the launch version.
And? Anon, this is a remaster of a 13 year old game. They had 13 years to iron out the rough edges, I don't see how "b-but it's an early release!" is a valid argument at this point. The cows already came home and most have died of old age, this is a failure of a remaster.
I don't really have much investment or even nostalgia (can you imagine? Nostalgia for Crysis) for this game, it (remaster) is an objectively bad product.
Replies: >>16747 >>16947
What do you mean by that?
>They had 13 years to iron out the rough edges, I don't see how "b-but it's an early release!" is a valid argument at this point.
The remaster wasn't ready. It borderline doesn't function on PS4. But just because multiple versions of the game are essentially unplayable right now (Switch version got completely fucked by Patch 1.4 over a month ago) doesn't mean much in the long term, since they're working on fixing it.
Replies: >>16781
They used the original animations but the originals weren't very good.
(597.4KB, 791x630)
The media finally broke the silence. You can see that they are very afraid to report on this.
Replies: >>16790 >>16854
>Crysis BR
Just when I thought that Crytek couldn't possibly get any more pathetic, they go ahead and do this.
>couldn't possibly get any more pathetic
All companies do this, inevitably. That is why I never support any.
Replies: >>16861
Don't know why you're surprised by this every company nowadays is going to look for anything they can create and milk their best or favorite series to make millions of dollars.
Replies: >>16815
>to make millions of dollars.
That is the part were they always get wrong. They are going broke one after the other.
Replies: >>16817 >>16818
You wish. Normalniggers eat this shit up.
Replies: >>16857 >>16867
>That is the part were they always get wrong. They are going broke one after the other.
Not necessarily true, normalfags and normalniggers will both play anything that is multiplayer no matter how mediocre the game. COD:Warzone  made a billion shekels despite being not much different from other BRs.
Replies: >>16867 >>16875
It's normally considered a bit touchy to report on stuff stolen by literal terrorists. There is all sorts of stuff in those documents.
Can someone explain why the phrase "battle royale" causes so much autism in the gaming community?
>literal terrorists
How many people have they killed?
Replies: >>16859
Yes and no. The last two fads was a party battle royale and a murder mystery game. Another shooter battle royale doesn't mean instant money, especially since there are already a million others to choose from.
Replies: >>16885
(15.7KB, 344x417)
Oyyyy veyyyy, sixty billion jews were obviously massacred in the most henious genocide in all of humanity's history during the vilest hacking of these sensitive files. You wouldn't want to be associated with that neo-nazi-commie-facist-terrorist hacking group that kills puppies and eats children for a living, now would you?
(8.8KB, 255x143)
>gaming community
We have a retard proudly boasting that he buys games regularly and multiple retards cluttered in a steam sale thread. Stop lying you disingenuous piece of garbage.
You are aware that not every anon is the same person, right?
There was one dude who was going to dumpster dive and it was one guy who was interested. I also was somewhat interested to see what bottom of the barrel stuff was around on steam. 

Every thread a sperg like you shows up to bitch. Yet this board can go hours with 0pph and then you have nothing to actually talk about. Just fuck off you sperg.
Frenchie, ubisoft blows ass and you need to find a new career.
Replies: >>16885
You wish. Normalfags majorly play free games and don't even spend money on the microtransactions.
Those game's earn money solely from whales.

All made from whales. One single whale out, and the company risks bankruptcy. Normalfags play mostly free games, and refrain from spending money on them. Only a very small number of whales do so.

>literal terrorists
Hacking companies and the government is always a good thing.
Digital is never property.

>Can someone explain why the phrase "battle royale" causes so much autism in the gaming community?
Because, as with all shitty fads, it is shit.

>Being this delusional about what people say and actually do.
On person buys. Ten pirate or ignore. Ten people buy. One hundred people pirate or ignore. And so on.
It is no use trying to spin around facts, shill. Companies are losing money and customers at an increasingly large scale.
Replies: >>16869
>It is no use trying to spin around facts, shill. Companies are losing money and customers at an increasingly large scale.
I want to share in this optimism you have, any hard data to back this up?
Replies: >>16870
(7.6KB, 462x106)
(18.5KB, 856x212)
(14.9KB, 751x219)
(10.1KB, 542x118)
(31.6KB, 577x496)
It's Luciano, dude.  The only reply you'll get is more autism.
Replies: >>16880 >>16949
Learn to flip a burger, scum. Your labor has no value.
Replies: >>16925
(65.4KB, 658x507)
Ah, so he was the retard defending himself on never buying games on Antares.oss.
How many dossiers do you get paid an hour? I know sleepchan was built on fed money, but I need to know how much you get paid here.
Replies: >>16883
(199.2KB, 650x638)
>I know sleepchan was built on fed money, but I need to know how much you get paid here.
We're not talking about Ubisoft. We're talking about Crytek.
I'm sorry, but are you seriously calling Mafia Games like Among Us a "fad"? They've been a thing since like 1987. You can't just point at random things and call them fads. It's like how people pretend that PUBG isn't popular anymore, or that Fortnite is definitely declining in popularity. It feels like there's this delusion where people want to believe that certain kinds of games are a fad. When they're not.
Replies: >>16890 >>16947
>doesn't know that imageboards are the perfect confession booths
Imageboards make people talk more than they ever would under any condition because they believe it's anonymous with people they don't know. In reality, feds have a direct line to everyone's post history. They may even make contact with specific posters and ask them innocuous questions to bait out more words, confessions, or just try to bait them into saying something that looks bad.
As for sleepychan being built on fed money, I wasn't around for that so I can't tell you. Feds can still check post history through your ISP though, even if you're using HTTPS.
I use tor +linhx retard.
Replies: >>16889
Do you have a single fact to back that up?
Replies: >>16889
If you don't already know this you're beyond saving. I hope you weren't an immigrant that went to 8ch in 2016.
At least you aren't using TOR alone.
Replies: >>16907
Yes he is seriously saying that the current hot shit is "braindead social voting games" and specifically I'm sure he's referring to Among Us. You're an absolute baboon for asserting that because something existed in the past means it can't be a fad now. Go eat some bananas and play your normalfag games.
Replies: >>16891
Town of Salem has been hugely popular since 2014. When exactly do you propose this "fad" is going to end?
(79.3KB, 813x404)
I don't think you understand how the police or the internet work you retarded mutt
what does this mean...
Replies: >>16908
(389.1KB, 461x716)
I actually wouldn't mind a Crysis BR if it had the mechanics and aesthetics/lighting of Crysis 1/Warhead instead of the garbage that came after.
I just tried the Crysis Remaster yesterday. It looks much worse and runs much worse than my original and Warhead copies with visual enhancement + performance optimization mods that have been around since 2009 or so.

It's also hard to believe Crytek are using a different engine and that sounds like bs. The file / directory structure is exactly the same and the game performance is still heavily CPU bound, though it does seem to take better advantage of multiple cores than the original. I could only max out my RTX 2070 S on "Can It Run Crysis?" settings, but even on Low settings with GPU usage in the 20/30%s (and the game looking like some Unity indieshit because Low), I was still experiencing lots of fps drops and stuttering. I tried the CPU core disabling trick that's been passing around (set an uneven amount of cores in affinity), and that only made it worse.

And Crysis 2 + 3 remasters would be pure jewry. They don't need remasters at all, even well made ones.
>its not my job to educate you, bigot
(448.2KB, 1920x1080)
Something that ruffled seagull apparently:

Seems more posts were deleted, server side, so they don't show up in the logs at all.
But it's nice getting triple confirmation in one day.
Replies: >>16910
It was a post spamming numbers without any context
The guy who made the video is a shithead
>more accurate shadow
>muh looks pixelated now
That's aliasing, you dumb nigger.
>the water seems to use some type of screen space reflection
>shows things that aren't visible on the screen

>the volumetric lighting used to simulate that underwater look
It's just some fucking god rays, not volumetric lighting.

The main concern and valid criticism is that it's a port of the console version.
Replies: >>16915 >>16923
>That's aliasing, you dumb nigger.
Crysis 1 has AA too, retard. Yet the shadows weren't trash like in the remaster.
>shows things that aren't visible on the screen
But it does. Look again. Doesn't matter though, because SSR are fucking trash and old games had raytracing-quality reflections that ran better. I forgot what they were called though. 
>It's just some fucking god rays, not volumetric lighting
The end result is the same: A horrible mess
>But it does. Look again.
That's what I'm saying. The guy in the video didn't even notice that the old one had reflections and called the reflections of the new game "screen space" reflections which is wrong.
>The end result is the same: A horrible mess
No. It's not worse.
>Crysis 1 has AA too, retard. Yet the shadows weren't trash like in the remaster.
The shadows aren't worse retard. You can now notice the palm trees weird waving animation which was not taken into consideration when the animation was made originally.
The problem here is in fact that the shadow is a little too sharp and perfect. I can't spot anything wrong with the shadow itself in the video.
Replies: >>16917
>The end result is the same: A horrible mess
Agreed. Regardless of effects, the water looks much more natural in the original, a mess in the remaster.

Please stop, you're beginning to sound like a paid shill.
Replies: >>16919
>Please stop, you're beginning to sound like a paid shill.
While I'm "downloading" the game right now to look at it myself. Sure anon.
You know how broke Crytek is? They can't afford paid shills. They had a hard time paying their employees the last years.
Sounds like there's something wrong with your PC, TBH. The stuttering and hitching issues were fixed in patch 1.1.
>The main concern and valid criticism is that it's a port of the console version.
It's the CryEngine 3 version. Literally anything that didn't work in Crysis 2 (aka CryEngine 3), automatically didn't work in the remaster. They have to be manually added. If they'd gone back to the PC OG codebase, they'd still have to wreck everything manually by porting it over to Crysis 2's codebase. Because that's the only path to remastering it.

I've always found that a lot of Crysis fans are weirdly technically illiterate. They have no idea how the engine works, how the engine changed over the years. One of the Digital Foundry guys was complaining a few days ago that to this day people still spread lies about Crysis 2's performance and visuals because asshurt over C2 being multiplatform made people into complete autists.
The fuck are you talking about retard?
Replies: >>17020
I'm done installing and downloading. I just started the game.
I can run medium settings at 1440p.
Just make sure to set Hz to 60 and tick Vsync, so it doesn't max out your GPU.
The moon casts godrays underwater. They look kind of like rainbows. Pretty sweet.
I can't figure out how to screenshot it though. Anyone knows how to take a screenshot in Crysis Remastered?
The water looks very realistic. No reason to complain about it. Under certain weather conditions and with shallow sea it can be very flat.
Replies: >>16937 >>16956
>pacific sea
>having tiny fast waves/ripples instead of slower, bigger waves like in the original
<The water looks very realistic.
Peak contrarian
Replies: >>16942
I've never been to Korea. You're probably right about the wave height.
(342.6KB, 2559x1439)
Windows + Shift + S in Borderless Fullscreen worked but it cut off 1px in width and height.
(1.1MB, 2559x1439)
I know what you mean with the shadows now btw but setting them to high fixes it a little.
Afterwards they only look stripey. Don't know if that is intended.
what do you mean, anon, it's not even out! ebin is just the new early access at this point. Jokes aside, it really is a shitshow, the fact that there isn't that much graphical improvement would be forgivable if the game actually ran better, and it's missing levels from the pc release, isn't it?

>an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object's qualities; a craze.
Yes, it's a fad, the explosive interest will die down soon™
(906.7KB, 2559x1439)
Everything has a crystal clear dynamic shadow. I can carry flares around everything looks perfect.
Can't complain about the lighting.
The dynamic shadows look perfect too.
Replies: >>16952 >>16955
Figures, didn't recognize him without the 000000 id from 8kunt to evade banning.
(1.2MB, 2559x1439)
Shimmering here changes depending on the angle.
Textures look glorious at "Normal"
I remember the heli texture being broken in one comparison video.
It was fixed when I played.
(31.9KB, 564x428)
>those dogshit potato textures
Replies: >>16953
(1.1MB, 2559x1439)
(1.2MB, 2559x1439)
WTF they look fine in game.
The blood pools look like ass however. I guess they forgot to replace them.
I noticed I had raytracing off. I set it to very high and have 0 difference in performance.
The only thing I notice changing is the water now having reflections.
(146.6KB, 1000x1000)
>the game performance is still heavily CPU bound
The game sits at 12% CPU usage for most of the time. I got an 8 core CPU.
Replies: >>16966
>try to look into config files
>open in text editor
>fucking unreadable
Is this because of denuvo?
Game runs fluidly. I can see that while walking forwards or sidewards but the mouse has some fucking "smooth" or whatever that can't be turned off.
It really fucking annoys me. The main issue this remaster has in my opinion.
The game runs fine. My GPU sits at 90% most of the time.
It's a good remaster but a shit denuvo and mouse lag. I don't know how performance is with denuvo since I got the "beach version" from the seven seas.
Replies: >>16968
Sounds like it's using 12.5% of your CPU. AKA 100% of one core. Wouldn't surprise me if they fucked the multithreading somehow.
Replies: >>16969
Correction. It was a performance issue. Turning the shadow quality down to medium helped immensely.
No it's spread evenly over for logical cores. You can see in task manager if you change the graph to logical cores.
Replies: >>16970
VRAM seems to be the biggest issue because I'm kinda hitting my 4GB.
(1.3MB, 2559x1439)
(1.2MB, 2559x1439)
I've been playing for a while and it's fine. The biggest issue is VRAM. If you don't have enough VRAM it will lag like shit. Turn the settings down and see whether it lags less.
I turned everything to medium.
If you got less than me (4GB) don't even try. It will probably run like shit on your machine.
Other than that and denuvo it's a good remaster.
Man, and here my card was "high end" 5 years ago.
Shows how fast PC shit gets obsolet and how it makes no sense to buy expensive PC stuff because it will be pleb tier in five years anyway.
Replies: >>16984 >>17175
the game doesn't really look much better over the original, poor performance considering the age of the game. They cut ascension, and you can no longer use speed mode momentum for power  jumps. It's SHIT.
Replies: >>16985 >>17027
>They cut ascension
Wait what?
Replies: >>16986
ascension was never available for the console ports, this is based on the console port and I'm guessing they considered it'd be effort to add it back.
Replies: >>16987 >>17028
>console ports
fucking typical
(767.2KB, 1053x1500)
>Watch Dogs: Legion is scripted in fucking SCRATCH
(32KB, 480x447)
Now this is something
Replies: >>16992
(1.1MB, 720x540, 00:22)
(1.3MB, 640x272, 00:21)
(124.5KB, 750x642)
I'm not even surprised, considering how shit their dev team are when it comes to coding. I don't even think they're the first ones to do this type of shit.
Yeah. Really reminds me of Scratch.
If it is an editor for real code, it could be useful to teach people scripting tbh.
No wonder none of the agdg devs are multimillionaires, they didn't use the fulll power of help files and children programming code to do all the work for them.
Btw, completely off topic but does anyone know where /pol/ ended up? Or are they still spread like ashes?
There's a kind of active election thread on 8moe /pol/. Other than that I don't think "/pol/" went anywhere, I think most anons just outgrew caring about the board.
Replies: >>17004 >>17372
Any time someone made a /pol/ on the webring it got reported and the site wound up getting deleted, so people probably gave up on it. There's /fascist/ but it's not quite the same.
Replies: >>17372
Spread like ashes, but less so ashes and more like a viral disease. The worst thing they could have done is rip out the board, sending them all into the wild.
Replies: >>17372
Coders and programmers complaining about being hacked. Typing 0s and 1s into a computer is not a valuable labor. All the fruits of said labor can be copied and spread infinitely. And they should.
Replies: >>17025
Information should be free and all software should be shared. That being said "Typing 0s and 1s into a computer" is obviously valued labor. As an art it is as valuable as all languages, as valuable as writing books. For braindead utilitarians it's as valuable as the machines it breathes life into. The question isn't value. The question is its status as "property". Due to the copying and infinite spread potential they can be successfully argued against as property.
>and you can no longer use speed mode momentum for power  jumps
Yes you can.
Replies: >>17089
>I'm guessing they considered it'd be effort to add it back.
More importantly they seem to actively dislike the mission and have badmouthed at every single opportunity over the past several years, citing it as a massive drop in the game's quality in the latter half.
Replies: >>17088
It's retarded, Ascension is probably the least offensive of the latter missions
It's literally the one level I never had any particular issue with, whereas the prophet escort mission is fucking cancer, the fake exoskelton chase is extra fucking cancer, and the stupid carrier mission breaks in half all the fucking time for no good reason on every single version the first time I played it I got cucked out of getting the tactical launcher for one reason or another so I got to the boss and couldn't do shit.
Can you still break the ai by quick swapping speed and cloak?
(2.6MB, 540x300)
>mfw agdg dev still using scratch
does that make me a retard
Replies: >>17101 >>17102
Well, it is a kiddie game, anon.
Key difference is these are people who have been hired and paid under contract to program for a living, you're doing this as a hobbyist.
>does that make me a retard
Yes, but you're not paid for your retardation so you're alowed to be
Replies: >>17104
(21.9KB, 472x482)
ok thank you anon for ur support
(803KB, 480x480, 00:06)
>I forgot what they were called though. 
Viewport render-to-texture?
>Yandev writes better code than AAA studios
Replies: >>17127
(155.6KB, 516x476)
As someone who knows only that programming has something to do with linguistics, can anybody explain to me what kind of Italian pasta dish I'm looking at here?
Is it unoptimized and redundant? Is it babbys first tier of programming style?
Do you not see the 560 GB tag on the bottom and the babbies first coding software picture?
Replies: >>17124
I don't know how Source code is different from a fully released product. I don't know if it includes uncompressed textures and sound files or JUST the code.
It was strange to see code that used english language instead of the usual computer gobbledygook.
Replies: >>17125
You're looking at an AAA game code being written in a visual block-based system that's usually used to teach coding to beginners and children.

>It was strange to see code that used english language instead of the usual computer gobbledygook
You mean giving the variables actual names instead of a, b, c, dy, dx, ctx, bbq like what retarded linux programmers do? You can do that in any language. And if you want to use "set" instead of "=" to set variables, there's real programming languages for that queer nigger shit too.

Also the 558BG doesn't necessarily mean anything, it's probably a bunch of uncompressed audio and textures.
Replies: >>17128
Here's the script roughly in code form. I noticed there's a branch that just divides a value by 1, which of course doesn't do anything because any number /1 equals the original number.

language: js
Combat.Damage.AI.GetAIDamageMultiplierLogic = function (target, attacker, damageType, weaponPerkType) {
	var levelDelta;
	var difficultyMultiplier;
	var baseValue;
	var controllingEntity;
	levelDelta = Combat.Damage.Helper.GetLevelDifference(target, attacker);
	difficultyMultiplier = Combat.Damage.Helper.GetAIDifficultyDamageMultiplier();
	baseValue = Combat.Damage.AI.GetGunDamageBandingValue(levelDelta);
	if ( damageType == Melee ) {
		baseValue = Combat.Damage.AI.getMeleeDamageBandingValue(levelDelta);
		// Override for bareknuckle
		if ( Melee.IsInBareKnuckle(attacker) ) {
			baseValue = baseValue / WorldActivities.BareKnuckle.AiDivisor;
			if ( BareKnuckle.GetBareKnuckleCurrentCompletedFight() == 3 ) {
				if ( ! BareKnuckle.GetIsBareknuckleFighterBoss(attacker) ) {
					baseValue = baseValue / 1;
	controllingEntity = Entity.GetRCControllingEntity(target);
	if ( Entity.IsAPlayer(controllingEntity) ) {
		// IsDrone returns FALSE for Turrets.
		if ( Entity.IsDrone(target) ) {
			return Progression.Traits.GetReductionTrait(drone_health, controllingEntity, baseValue) * difficultyMultiplier * Combat.Dam...
Replies: >>17343
>>Yandev writes better code than AAA studios
Actually I think YanDev's code would improve from using that editor.
>And if you want to use "set" instead of "=" to set variables, there's real programming languages for that queer nigger shit too.
Actually you could use C or C++ for that.
Preprocessor: #define set =
C++ inline templates might also work but then it would have parenthesis.
No. It's a scripting language. A lot of people are too dumb to understand that the source code for the game was left out of the leak intentionally. It's very normal for games to use different languages for coding and scripting. You ideally want non-coding game designers to be able to handle scripting tasks, hence why CryEngine added flowgraphs and Unreal added blueprints and stuff like that.
Replies: >>17153
>You ideally want non-coding game designers to be able to handle scripting tasks, hence why CryEngine added flowgraphs and Unreal added blueprints and stuff like that.
Or you just add Lua support like Valve did ages ago. If you're too dumb to understand Lua, then there is something wrong with your head.
Replies: >>17160
Unfortunately a lot of people really are too dumb for Lua-kino, and that's why Crytek has largely phased it out of CryEngine in favor of C#, I think? Lua is really nice, and it was adopted in the first place because it's really good for scripting.

I'm currently working on 'remastering' a certain cult classic Russian Far Cry 1 mod, and it's amazing how much of FC1 is written in Lua. For example, I wanted to fix the way subtitles rendered. I wanted them to render in a narrower (horizontally) box with a larger font. Because all the voice acting is in Russian, and the mod released with subtitles that often overlap half the HUD, and they're in extremely broken English. I was able to change how subtitles render by changing some Lua scripts. In modern CryEngine, all that's written in C++ and you need to get the source code and build it. Lua is still pretty common in custom engines. But the big middleware has largely phased it out in favor of visual scripting systems. And to be fair, Lua scripts are not super friendly for complex interconnected scripting. There is some value in flowgraphs. But at the same time, you can just write a GUI wrapper that translates raw Lua into flowgraphs. You don't necessarily need XML.
What's your opinion on Pawn? I read that it's both easy to learn and insanely fast, but that was from the official page, so their examples might be cherry-picked.
Replies: >>17163
Never used Pawn. Can't comment, I'm afraid.
As an aside, CryEngine ended up transitioning to Flash with CryEngine 2 in order to render the GUI, and it is STILL using Flash. It's bolted onto the underlying C++ code, but you don't see a lot of modern engines still using Flash.
Replies: >>17165 >>17175
Bethesda uses Flash for the GUI. A lot of other companies do too iirc.
Is newest CryEngine still using Flash?
Lua still seems to be supported by CryEngine.
Whether or not it is being made use of is another question.
Replies: >>17168
You know about FarCry Reloaded?
Might be fun once it comes out.
>Is newest CryEngine still using Flash?
>Lua still seems to be supported by CryEngine.
It's used for entities and stuff, but they pulled most of the scripting out of Lua and into C++ (and xml flowgraphs) starting with Crysis 2.

On the plus side, you can still mod flowgraphs even without an SDK. It's just tricky.
>it will be pleb tier in five years anyway
If you want to play ugly, unoptimized AAA vidya in CY+5, maybe.  I built my PC 5 years ago and the graphics card performs extremely well on almost any graphically intensive game I play.

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

mlpol.net, if you can stand their particular breed of autism.  /fascist/ is a good board for alternative political discussion, but be aware that it is monitored by feds and should only be accessed through a VPN.

As in Adobe Flash?  How the fuck does that even work?  I've never created a Flash file.

Scaleform GFx
Replies: >>17296
Wasn't that deprecated a while ago?
I don't even know a lick of coding and that's painful to look at.
Replies: >>17343
(3.4MB, 960x720, 00:30)
The intention of languages like Scratch, I think, is to make bracketed expressions and code blocks very visually distinct so that children can intuitively understand how parts of the code relate to one another. In and of itself the use of color and the careful management of space is widely accepted in modern programming--it's just not done in the extravagant way that the Scratch code there does it. See how >>17126 for instance gives a comment (the line starting with //) a different color so that it's immediately obvious that it's a comment, which represents something that isn't actually code but is instead effectively a free-text note. However, rather than using text color Scratch colorizes much more broadly and uses colorization and abstract shapes as substitutes for the mathematical operators that other languages use to separate code on a line. Individual variables, for instance, are given a colored box to show what variable they are--and the variable name already does that. I think that might get users of Scratch reliant on their own special sets of shapes rather than learning the standards in the field, which might be a bad habit for them to have.

I do feel confident saying that most programmers would agree that managing whitespace (the indentation of a given line to show what other code it is associated with, for instance) is important to the readability of the code. Now, there are many different opinions as to how exactly to do that. A weak argument in favor of Scratch here is that it COULD be less wasteful of screen space than indenting with a full tab. In theory that could mean less left-to-right scrolling than with the example in >>17126 for instance. However, Scratch is so wasteful of that screen space in other ways that I wouldn't really buy it. Also very few languages strictly require wide indents but instead leave that as a decision to the programmer, which increases the flexibility of the language. There are arguments about whether forcing certain types of indentation is helpful to standardizing code, which makes it more widely readable at the expense of flexibility, but that's beyond the scope of this post.
Perhaps the divide-by-one thing was done that way so that someone could tweak that number from one to 0.9 or something. I'm not at all saying that's the right way to do it, just trying to think of why someone would bother to do it at all. Or perhaps the language automatically rounds numbers when they're not being edited--I don't know if the shape or color surrounding that 1 indicates its type, or if the language being used even supports more than one numerical data type.
Replies: >>17387
Thanks anons. I just like to take a peek around bigger political habbenings.
Otherwise I'm glad /v/&/pol/ doesn't share a site anymore, I feel for them tho, recent imageboard developments aren't looking good.
They really started hammering down on /pol/ in the last year huh? Don't want to come across as a foil hat but someone finally understood that they possessed some massive cultural capital.
This is interesting. Tell me more. Are they trannies disguising as anons or just anons with highly autistic tendencies?
Replies: >>17388
(55.9KB, 1143x606)
Adding onto this, the typical tab length is 3-4 spaces, 8 as used by browsers (including zzzchan code blocks) by default is way too big. Most editors also show tab lines to help distinguish indentation levels. Syntax highlighting is also usually more colorful and helps with making the code more readable, I don't have it configured to make sense for OOP shittery like this, but pic is closer to standard.

The biggest difference between that block cancer and actual code is that real code is significantly faster to both write and modify, you'd have to be some kind of Korean Starcraft pro to match it. Most IDEs and some text editors have auto-complete, which is very powerful when a) your codebase is object oriented like this since you can see a list of all the valid options after you type "Combat.", and b) when there's 100 people programming since you have no idea what most of the shit they write are called.
It's about what you'd expect, really: a mix of pony autism combined with /pol/ autism and schizos.  There are definitely many posts that are too bad to be worth reading, but there are also a large number of genuine people who just want to discuss politics and name the Jew without being instantly censored by social media/big tech or trying to wade through an ocean of wojak-riddled sludge on cuckchan/pol/.  It's far from perfect, and slow enough that it misses some major political happenings like the brass tacks of the jogger riots earlier this year, but for a dedicated /pol/ website in CY+5 I can't think of a better alternative (except /fascist/).  I wouldn't want to spend every day there, due in part to the schizos and due in part to the pony porn, but spending every day on any /pol/ is a great way to go totally fucking insane.

Are you joking?  Even before all the gamergate/Trump shit, ponyfags fucking hated trannies and faggots because they had some of the most prolonged and direct exposure to them.  That's part of the reason /mlp/ and /pol/ got along together in the first place.  They even have a self-improvement board with mildly less pony porn.
I have never seen a pony anon that is not a nigger faggot before, this is interesting.
Replies: >>17392
>not saging
For shame.  You can always visit the site yourself if you're curious.  One way or another, I doubt it'll disappoint.
(26.3KB, 328x466)
Anons just like to use trannies as their go-to scapegoat no matter the situation.
Replies: >>17417
I hope we get some good shit out of this source code
(2.6MB, 1616x1248)
sauce plox I can't find it
Replies: >>17410
Replies: >>17429
(2.8MB, 1280x720, 00:12)
I do believe you mean "authoritarian retards and normalfag foreigners". Actual users don't think much about queers at all.
How do these retards consistently have such shit opsec?
So they'd probably have their unreleased games, potentially. That'd be bad for them. I want to see what internal communications were like related to Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite.
>find it
>it's not porn
lame and gay
(613.4KB, 1581x1027)
Seems the #MonkeyPill is going on nicely.
Too bad TPP is back on the menu, so this will be seen as failing upwards.
Replies: >>17433
What the fuck is #monkeypill, Twatter?
Replies: >>17436
(41KB, 600x443)
(32.5KB, 480x360)
(41KB, 480x360)
When you know your are a codemonkey for corporations, so instead of slaving away punching 1&0s, you throw poo at the problem and leak the code.
That's the #MonkeyPill
It's trending because it's wokist.
(166.8KB, 540x383)
This is great, I like that place. I have been trying to find tolerable communities of anons outside the webring for a while now but without much success. Can you give me some other places with good content and populated by anons instead of normalniggers?
Replies: >>17558 >>17668
This may be a controversial opinion, but /dup/ is also a great place to occassionally find good political discussion. Actually, I’ll go a step further and say /tv/ is also a good place on occassion for television/movie discussion. The only thing hampering these two occurrences from happening are /cow/niggers and tripfags who either spout memes in a poor attempt to be funny, or spam in a poor attempt to gain attention. As a long time lurker, it’s obvious there are a lot of high quality posters there who will just lurk 90% of the time until a non-shitpost thread comes along, wherein they will engage fruitfully.
(60.8KB, 325x548)
This pretty much. I was reluctant to browse tvch at all but it was the only decently active place on the webring during election night so I figured I'd give it a shot.
I have to admit it got more than a few hearty chuckles out of me and I had a good time lurking the threads. As long as you ignore the blatant /cow/ crossposters that post unfunny regurgitated cuckchan crap over and over and over, which indeed are a thing and stick out like sore thumbs, it's actually a pretty decent /pol/ funposting place.
Replies: >>17646 >>17668
(961.2KB, 960x544, 00:15)
I hope everyone here takes the monkeypill.

Any more news or leaks?
(19.8MB, 640x368, 04:32)
/tv/ is great, even more now taht all the waifufags are gone, you just need to go with the right mindset
Replies: >>17649
>cloudjew site who's admin was raided by the feds
Yeah I'll pass on that one.
How'd the CP allegations play out for gayhoole?
Replies: >>17710
>tvch is actually okay
Any site where you have to pick through huge piles of cuckchan shit to find a decent thread isn't okay, get some standards tvch is awful. It's literally just a hang out spot for cuckchanners to wait out their bans at this point, fucking go there and just look at /tv/ /dunk/ or /dup/'s catalogs.
Replies: >>17770
(202.9KB, 728x924)
Replies: >>17691
I'm glad you like it.  As for other image boards not on the webring, I can't say that I really know too many.  The closest thing I have is this giant list of image boards and sites like them that I found in a long-lived thread in an obscure webring board.  I think it may have been something on anon.cafe, but I can't truly remember: there were half a dozen old millennials who were filling out the name fields and using the thread as a glorified group chat.  It was odd, but it seemed to work for them.

>/tv/ is good
Literally kill yourself.  I'm not joking.
>the only things preventing these boards from being good are the types of users they attract
Really gets your noggin joggin', doesn't it?
Very organic post, fellow channer.
Replies: >>17696
What the fuck is this image trying to say?

Where did you find this place if you think you're really supposed to fill in the Name field?
>Very organic post, fellow channer.
I've been on this site longer than you
Replies: >>17697 >>17702
Very organic post, fellow channer.
(442.9KB, 1644x1738)
>I've been on this site longer than you
Oh, sorry, you really are a long time user!
as far as i can tell he's doing fine. he mentioned on stream that they took his PC and PS4 but not his Switch for some reason
Replies: >>17768
>CP allegations.
>Not taking the literal "hardware for children".
It's /b/ with less porn spam and that's what makes it so good.
Replies: >>17771
If you just want /b/ you may as well go to cuckchan. A bunch of retards being retarded isn't something the quality can drop on. It's already shit
Is there any other way to get the Crytek files? It's downloading at 30kb/s (ETA 140 days). 

I just want to see the design documents and the production plans ffs.
Replies: >>19820


Unfortunately the download quota for this file has been exceeded, but I'll keep trying.
Is this the entire archive or just the design docs? There's no point sharing a 300+ GB file link if the former. People just wanna see the design documents, which are probably like 100MB at most. The OG archive is full of irrelevant bullshit like entire copies of Windows Server 2012.
(1MB, 6612x2339)
(204.4KB, 1700x2200)
(239KB, 1700x2200)
(17.3KB, 1156x662)
(13KB, 1674x244)
Replies: >>20353
(267.7KB, 1700x2200)
(227.1KB, 1700x2200)
(273.6KB, 1700x2200)
Replies: >>20373 >>20412
>Avni Yerli
Oh shit. The Turkroach ruined it again.
Replies: >>20460
>selling away your rights for $60k
Dignity is cheap these days.
Avni and the other one took over because they didn't flunk out of business school. (Cevat flunked the course because his mad god programming skills earned him a failing grade in the mandatory programming unit.)
(113.1KB, 500x500)
Anything in Crytek's dump about more Timesplitters?
Replies: >>20476
Crytek sold TS to Deep Silver/THQ Nordic in 2018. Steve Ellis is in charge of the IP again and they're doing something with it.
/dup/ isn't good for discussion, it's where people post interesting/funny screenshots that tend to be political and that's all
it is better than /tv/ or /cow/ though, both are pretty degraded at this point and not worth going to at all imo
That file is locked since days, any torrent/magnet links?
Replies: >>20530
There is no magnet link or torrent. What I find strange is that the leakers released a torrent for the ubisoft leak but not the crytek leak, likely only in response to the fact that it was nigh impossible to download 500+ GB due to so many simultaneous connections raping the bandwidth. If they ever added a torrent I wouldn't even know because their site is down.
Replies: >>22850
(84.3KB, 1654x2339)
(66.9KB, 1801x727)
These documents from late 2018 strongly imply that Crytek are working on Crysis 4 currently. But I think it's safe to assume that Crysis 4 will be MP-only or MP-focused.
(605.6KB, 723x880)
(319.6KB, 967x843)
(152.3KB, 1271x874)
>The Crysis franchise has all the features to make a Battle Royale stand out
Thats the issue when you surround yourself with yes men and every bad idea seems good. Nothing about this is unique. At least they target only 20% of Apex Legend's launch numbers, even if that seems too high still. Also 
>Only 10% decline in players in the next two months
If they are still doing this, can't wait to see +50% drop for another boring BR game.
Replies: >>20931
(9.8KB, 200x290)
These fucking read like reddit-tier ideas man posts. And yet this is how actual game studios come up with shit. We need to fucking KILL those people if we want to put a stop to cancerous game design.
That's just how it's been for video games in general for the longest time. None of the writers or directors are any better at their jobs than we could be, they just have better connections.
I don't quite understand why so many people are convinced that BR games are unpopular when they're consistently hugely successful. PUGB is still crazy popular. Fortnite is still crazy popular. Apex Legends is still crazy popular. Crytek's own Hunt: Showdown is BR-like, and is the most successful game they've ever made in terms of long-term player numbers.
Replies: >>20932 >>20964
I'm still struggling to find the appeal of a large scale FFA deathmatch.
Replies: >>20934
RNG game play loops that give people dopamine hits based on how lucky they are, coupled with the stress of progression and "rogue-like" resets each match. Every new match you might end up at a building with good gear, and the death zones may or may not end up in your favor. Modern multiplayer games essentially operate on the same psychological addiction principles that casino's do, but implemented on a much more subtle level.

Normalfags are physically incapable of playing games with deterministic outcomes based on raw skill. And deterministic games aren't typically very entertaining to watch, as they have very predictable outcomes. Not that that should have any value to players, but people play games based on (((twitch))) popularity these days.
Can someone share magnet to the crytek1.zip file ?
Replies: >>20947
There is no magnet
So can you share another link? Google drive download doesn't work and the second link from this thread is not working too.
Replies: >>20959
Yeah the mirrors are dropping like flies, I suspect Crytek has crawlers or something going around and finding the mirrors as I post them. 
drive dot google dot com slash drive slash folders slash 17_MtQU7eLiBM5DUozsEll6w9leCii-EC
Replies: >>21270
Thanks. Downloading now. If I can ask how you managed to download whole zip from egregor site with so slow download speed?
Replies: >>20961
It wasn't done alone. A group of people collectively split the download into more manageable chunks for everyone to do. It was still slow as fuck but not as bad.
>We need to fucking KILL those people if we want to put a stop to cancerous game design.
>A shill and his lies and delusions.
>oh shit new crysis
>Battle royale
Genuinely fuck off, Crytek.

I don't know why but when I'm trying to unpack archive I get message about corruption of these zips. How to unpack it ?
Replies: >>21271
Try updating 7zip
Replies: >>22824
What is the password for /g/home/CRYSIS.rar ?
Replies: >>22850
100% a lot of zips from your folder are corrupted. Please check it.
Replies: >>22850
Funnily enough I was just about to post a mirror of that 
drive (dot) google (dot) com (slash) file (slash) d (slash) 1Cc909J-0jf6ZvQOTW6fh1BC5Hzjkbi1k (slash) view?usp=sharing

I don't have the space to check if the zips are corrupted, I checked the other two mirrors I posted a while ago (>>20530 >>19820) and it seems the anti-piracy quota is gone (for now)

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