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As it is now the middle of August, I think it's safe to say that there will not be an anniversary stream unless someone surprises us. Even so, that isn't a reason to not celebrate and denigrate what I consider to be a treasure of the now-gone Tumblr era of Internet as well as catch up on the latest progress of the projects being worked on by anons.
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If absolutely nobody steps up I can try to do the winter stream at the very end of the year. I will suck at it since I've barely streamed before, but I care too much to let this tradition die.
I miss tumbler. Twitter is way worse.
I kinda like Aubrey
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>>156592 (OP) 
after the ICUP I am going to try and set up a test stream to see if I can do it, but my connection is pretty terrible and I am not confident it will work out. I'll try at least.
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What? Then why are you there?
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Tumblr had some good porn artists outside of the insane-o-sphere.
Tumblr created the worst, most insane women on the planet, I don't miss it for a second
Replies: >>156603 >>156605
That was feminism. Tumblr is just the place many of them set up shop.
Spoiler File
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Tumblr didn't do that, the jewish educational and court systems did that, tumblr was just the front-row seating for it.
>>156592 (OP) 
Is there an exact date? It would take a bit for someone who has never done that to do the setup and set aside the time.
Replies: >>156610
There's never been an exact date, it's always been some time in August (to honor the original streamfag's sacrifice) and some time in winter.
Man I should make aubreys hentai quest
All the Tumblrniggers went to Twitter
Replies: >>156625
Funny how the leftoids always keep migrating because of how they turn wherever they are into a shithole
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Please don't respond to the faggot trying to derail the thread.
Replies: >>156628 >>156629
Unless you start streaming it yourself this thread is completely pointless
Replies: >>156630
Ok anon
Someone on 8moe already agreed to stream it, this thread on this dead website is indeed unnecessary.
fuck off eden
Crossposter here, moe doesn't even have a thread.
Replies: >>156639
No thread. I saw rumblings in the gg thread but that was as far as it went.
Replies: >>156639
I saw a thread earlier today but I think it was deleted or something, wasn't there when I checked later
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>I kinda like Aubrey
I've grown to like a lot of the characters, even Alto and her arc. A lot of the issues are because FP writes like a horny teen and most of the character qualities are superficial because they're supposed to cause conflict. Having a self-assured character be subject to a protagonist who doesn't even know herself and has been subconsciously sabotaging her duty by allying with individuals as lost as she is could be an interesting outline in the hands of a more competent writer. From best written to worst written, I'd say Teagan > Herald >  power gap > Aubrey > Saki > Chantal > Meirin >  larger power gap > Alto > massive power gap > Arietta > Altair.

Arietta's story is literally autism, and Altair is an even bigger faggot for just being a footman in utter awe of her autistic sensibilities.
Replies: >>156654 >>156669
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>Having a self-assured character be subject to a protagonist who doesn't even know herself and has been subconsciously sabotaging her duty by allying with individuals as lost as she is could be an interesting outline in the hands of a more competent writer.
This is why I'm really looking forward to the day Predecessors is content complete, even if it's not quite what you're talking about. I'm not very far in but from what I've seen so far and in previous streams Tactics dev has done a really good job of making Alto an interesting kind of broken inside. My only complaint is the ice theming for her gimmicks. Everyone here has already seen it multiple times by now, but it would be cool if someone was genuinely surprised she's not just crazy but already gone full Herald of Winter when the reveal actually happens.
Replies: >>156655 >>158463
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I think the more likely reveal will be when events play out differently but ultimately lead to the same conclusion. THEN she goes full burn it all down, wipe the slate clean. I don't want to go to deep into what I think might happen because I'm afraid that might influence tactics dev's writing. I'm really enjoying it so far.
Replies: >>158463
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God I want to bury my face in altos fat milkers. 

It took me a while to appreciate them outside of Teagan. Like you said Alto is in fact, whether she knows it or not, trying to end the world. I think that makes the party she chose much more interesting because they do have these problems. Teagan isn't wrong, she literally is not wrong. She can see that Alto is picking these people who clearly are not the best choice and she snaps. Rightfully so and gets shit on for it. I think this is what makes duet all the sweeter is that it takes this into account. I could go on but you get it, and I have Alto milkers to post.
Replies: >>156694
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>>156592 (OP) 
>I think it's safe to say that there will not be an anniversary stream unless someone surprises us.
It had to end at some point. It's been 6 years. I only pop in for the streams, so I got no idea what you dedicated people are doing with the other stuff. It's not like I can find any of you once the threads are dead.
Replies: >>156676
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No, I believe. UT stream will go on this year.
>>156592 (OP) 
>I think it's safe to say that there will not be an anniversary stream unless someone surprises us.
Playing vanilla UT is a special kind of torture that no normal human can endure, which explains the lack of volunteers for streaming this year... I heard that Duet is playable though, so maybe ask someone to play that? Or just create another mod that quarters the amount of text and auto-skips battles.
Replies: >>156680 >>156681
>>156592 (OP) 
Unless I am mistaken this isn't even the first time we missed a summer stream
But you cant play duet without playing through like 80% of the base game so if you are going to show off duet then you might as well do the wbole thing. 
Or perhaps you were thinking of CODA? That can be done in an afternoon even if the streamfag is a shitter.
Replies: >>156681
If someone else comes through at the last 
minute to stream UT, I'll stream Coda/Retuned/Predecessors in the winter.
>But you cant play duet without playing through like 80% of the base game so if you are going to show off duet then you might as well do the wbole thing.
I think he was possibly referring to how the Duet mod also mods the experience curve to the most generous RPG Maker allows. Something a lot of people seem to have forgotten is that the original stream took multiple 12-hour days playing with no mods and no Cheat Engine.
Replies: >>156745
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Do you have the one with Alto naked showing her cut wrists? It's the one in this background at the bottom left, I can't find it for the life of me.
Replies: >>156698
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Here ya go, and some bonus ones. I have a ton of UT pics.
Replies: >>156700
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Thanks, I'm still hoping the larger versions of those last two.
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What's that?
Replies: >>156746
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Predecessors is the tactics game. There is a demo of what the dev has made so far in the one of the AVGD threads.
Fuck it, if no one else is going to stream I'll suffer stream. It's probably going to take longer than usual as I don't have that much time. 
Unless anons have a strong preference for another streaming site I'll stream though 8ch I know >cakechan using this https://archive.org/details/uncommon-time-duet version unless someone has a more recent one.
Cytube and other preparations tomorrow (wed 24th), hopefully a test stream too. If nothing fucks up massively UT will start Thursday 25th, sometime after 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST. Will post exact time and cytube room tomorrow.

Teagan is a nigger
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>Teagan is a nigger
It's just a fucking tan!
Replies: >>156951
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YOU TAKE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW YOU DOUBLE CANTABILE! Thanks for stepping up anon, make sure to record it or have someone else do it.
Replies: >>156951
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Try AngelThump, people keep bringing it up as an unmoderated streaming service but nobody's actually tried it. Also ICUP managed to literally run out of bandwidth and kill the kikechan server last weekend so it's probably not the best choice so soon after that.
Thanks for stepping up anon, your sacrifice will be remembered. Now we just need motc to share his fucking stream layout.
Want my CSS?
Replies: >>156951
>make sure to record it or have someone else do it.
If I can figure out how to do it.
I'll look into it, thanks.
Please post it.
Replies: >>156960
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The one on archive.org is called "typo fix", which is the latest version.
Although I will once again say FP updated the game after typo fix was made. :^)

<v2.00 released in English & Japanese July 7, 2022
<Full Version Planned Release Date: 2022
FP is alive!
Dear g-d.
[Hide] (130.1KB, 314x365) Reverse
>FP is still making content after the "Remember the six gorrillion fairies" update
It crashed because of the one anon streaming videos for weeks now. 
>if I can figure out how
Just like use OBS.
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I also meant to say you could stream through watch.blacked.moe and have that output to the cytube. The problem with the moe streaming service is no custom emotes.
Replies: >>156968 >>157145
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>mfw more fuel for the UT stream dumpster fire
>mfw that entire image
Also how in the name of Ammit is this bitch mentally strong? At least there isn't anything listed under religion. Is there one for teagan?
Replies: >>156969
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Here you go.
Replies: >>156970
[Hide] (427.9KB, 800x800) Reverse
Where's the template so we can fix these?
Replies: >>156971
It's already been fixed. The original Alto sheet listed Teagan as an acquaintance
Replies: >>156972
[Hide] (530KB, 1026x1250) Reverse
No, there's too much that's just blatantly wrong here, though I find it hilarious that Alto apparently needs braces. Shouldn't her parents have a really good dental plan?**** While I've got the 'tism going I think I want to do one for CODA Teagan and maybe another for Tactics Alto.
>Worst fear? already happened, next question

You'll want to add Codexx and polishproxy, case sensitive, as administrators (level 3). I vouch for them, but I have no idea if they'll show up.

If you want music suggestions from the audience, I have another channel for that and I'll give you full control.
Replies: >>157145
>Full Version Planned Release Date: 2022

Oh shit boys, we get to go on another ride soon.
New streamfag, remember to get Cheat Engine. It’d be a mistake not to unless you’re playing the patched game (still a good idea for Arietta).
Replies: >>157039 >>157145
Didn't the last streamfag get humiliated by Teagan and have to turn on god mode? And then got instawiped by Arietta due to leaked damage anyway?
Replies: >>157043 >>157054
[Hide] (2.7MB, 600x1000, 01:46)
Yes Teagan has killed through god mode before.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 320x240) Reverse
just b urself, it'll be all the sperg we need :^)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x488) Reverse
rent free I heard the phrase "living rent-free in your head" in a radio commercial last week, every day we stray further from god's light
Streaming Heartbeat seems like a good point to branch out, actually.
I was severely underleveled due to avoiding almost all random encounters and didn't put money into better armor since I had a health cheat on, but since health regenerates only after an attack, Teagan ended up being strong enough oneshot everyone in the party. I had to backtrack to get the best armor available and the fight took probably at least 20 minutes to defeat her. Arietta, on the other hand, is straight up bullshit and can perform her strongest attack twice in one turn. I was unable to defeat her even when I played cheatless the year before. I don't think I lost with cheat, but a few party members got knocked out regardless.
this poster pretends to be a whorb to get beta males to draw porn of his totally not self insert OC getting railed by pokemon
Replies: >>157154
>FP updated the game after typo fix was made. :^)
And the new art is worse than the old so no thanks.
That was basically what I was planning to do in the beginning.
Already have it installed.
Update on AngelThump; it requires an account to exist for a week or payment to stream, so unless someone can share an account or UT takes more than 6 days, I won't be streaming there.

Replies: >>157154
>sturgeon pulled an eden on me
Good to know you're also afraid of the straightest game ever made. Just play AI The Somnium Files, I promise you will become heterosexual.
Reminder that Iris also refuses to play Somnium Files, thus proving its ability to cure homosexuality, via pure cuteness and sexiness all concentrated into the most red-blooded game of all time.
I can't overstate that it can cure trannies of their lack of masculinity. It's only avoided by closet trannies, so you know what must be done.
In addition to the fact that you should play Somnium Files instead of a tranny game, I'll repost the list of people to mod in order to make your stream interesting:

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>forgot my reaction image
Replies: >>157191
This is a decent enough explanation as to how to add transparency to chat. When he opens up the window at around the 2:30 mark, you can see a custom CSS section. From there, I changed the background color of the chat to a color that isn’t used much by the by the emotes. I think it was a shade of blue since because I found that worked the best. Just having the transparent chat overlay the game and make the game full-screen would be a decent setup with minimal configuration and give you a lot of flexibility for resizing.
Replies: >>157189
Why do you do this to me.
>women socially shaming you
oh wow truly this is a good game, thanks Uchikoshi
Replies: >>158667
Spoiler File
(197.8KB, 721x1126) Reverse
Thursday the 25th, starting 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST
I will start streaming Uncommon Time

Replies: >>157284
Spoiler File
(3.6MB, 7200x4800) Reverse
Spoiler File
(172.4KB, 900x1000) Reverse
Spoiler File
(258.7KB, 1280x1810) Reverse
Spoiler File
(694.5KB, 1088x1600) Reverse
Spoiler File
(1.7MB, 1240x1754) Reverse
I'm glad you're going to man up and stream it for everyone but I hope you know a lot of people here boogeyman the fuck out of 8ch's streaming website and would ironically prefer using twitch or youtube lmao. For that alone you may get less viewers than normal. I'll still watch your stream, though, even if the schizophrenic fag brigade won't. 

metadrama autists literally don't matter
Last year streamfag used kikechan, people bitched but they still joined because possible glownigger exposure beats the shit out of guaranteed glownigger exposure from streaming on jewtube. I still suspect the server will crap out during Nuclear or something so I would pick a few peertube instances that support streaming and make accounts, just in case.
Replies: >>157205
Just for the record, I tried a whole bunch of alternatives to placate the complainers before going back to 8moe, and more than a few of those were peertube instances each with their own problems and caveats. I even had a few people pushing me to use some sketchy service that’s used almost exclusively by loli artists. AngelThump was the only reasonable alternative to 8moe and the guy who streamed Tactics used it, but the waiting a week wasn’t in the timeframe. Codexx was also there for technical support, so that was a bonus.
Replies: >>157218
Bah Gawd, those are some real purdy tomboys you posted. Luz Noceda especially, she's a cute.
[Hide] (527.2KB, 850x478) Reverse
>pomf being more sketchy than blacked.gov
Replies: >>157219
Nobody cares
At some point, we're going to need to come up with a proper schedule for UT streams since there's more content each year between the two fan games being developed. Should Duet be reserved for the final day or should it be immediately after the vanilla game is finished?

>It's probably going to take longer than usual as I don't have that much time. 
Just to let you know, the vanilla game alone will probably be at least four days assuming you stream 6-7 hours per day.  I don't know what constraint you have, but it will be a while. You'll also have to at least stream Duet (CODA too if you want but that adds a full day for that) The latest official version of the game adds some bullshit side quest that isn't worth the time, so just play the CORRECT version of Duet mod. One of them is fucked.
Replies: >>157237
>2 fan games
Replies: >>157238 >>157240
Because we found a diamond in a pile of rotting dogshit that nobody else wanted to touch
Post it on cuckchan so we can stop being the only ones :^)
Replies: >>157242
Someone did last stream, it never even got a post.
Replies: >>157243
Thank goodness
Spoiler File
(1.1MB, 4200x4500) Reverse
Spoiler File
(728.5KB, 3900x4000) Reverse
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[Hide] (316KB, 634x571) Reverse
I would have sworn I had a lewd Arreta somewhere
Replies: >>157266 >>157611
Who the fuck cares. Post best fairy.
Replies: >>157272
[Hide] (730.9KB, 2000x2400) Reverse
>endless captcha block
Fucking hell
[Hide] (500.1KB, 1087x1616) Reverse
Replies: >>157349
If someone has the walkthrough please post
I checked, that's an older version where you'll run into the softlock when trying to do ending 4. This is the updated version that doesn't have that bug:


Saves are probably compatible even between duet and the official version so you could work around if you ran into that, but it'll be easier to just pick up using this one next session. "E4 fix" is the most recent version of duet and "ice maze is less terrible" is the updated version of CODA if you need that.
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[Hide] (70.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (37.9KB, 378x447) Reverse
Thanks for hosting. Same time tomorrow?
That's all for today, ended just after recruiting worms. Next stream will be the same time tomorrow 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST.
Save file for today https://files.catbox.moe/dpbaa9.rvdata2 https://files.catbox.moe/dd04oe.rvdata2
The waybackmachine link to the UT Guide is not complete, a lot of sub-pages were not archived.
Replies: >>157491
Full archive
Posting this to both 8moe and Sleepychan; here's the link to that fanfic that turned Alto into an abuser and FP lost her shit over.
Replies: >>157512
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Replies: >>157519 >>162380
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[Hide] (469.9KB, 2000x3401) Reverse
Cross-posting new art.
Thanks, anonkun.
[Hide] (50.4KB, 720x900) Reverse
Replies: >>157552
Replies: >>157554
[Hide] (36.2KB, 112x112) Reverse
Nice stream, even if you had to restart nuclear.
[Hide] (36.5KB, 112x112) Reverse
Very nice, even if you fumbled the nuclear a bit at the end.
I always forget how much fucking wordswordswordswords is in this game and I keep trying to read it while also reading chat.
[Hide] (35.8KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (8.6KB, 75x64) Reverse
That's all for today. Next stream tomorrow starting same time as usual 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST and will be for longer than usual.
Save files: nuclear https://files.catbox.moe/fn5wzc.rvdata2 post nuclearhttps://files.catbox.moe/1r3fkg.rvdata2
Panicked and forgot how to do nuclear at the last second, hopefully no more big fuckups from now on.
Replies: >>157568 >>157579
Thanks for the stream, fag.
[Hide] (117.6KB, 577x682) Reverse
I'll finally get to watch because I won't be working. Hooray.
Replies: >>157584
It's going to be a wild ride.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 3816x5328) Reverse
Plagarism work in progress.
Replies: >>157589 >>157591
Jesus Christ, Krita.
Replies: >>157615
is that supposed to be based on casca?
Replies: >>157652
Spoiler File
(1.1MB, 1308x1502) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1308x1502) Reverse
Spoiler File
(755.7KB, 1950x2000) Reverse
I always miss the first streams, even if I'm looking for them.

Color version.
Replies: >>158717
Bigger is always better
Female references I’m using are Nastasha Romanenko, Fortune, and Raiden.
Replies: >>157653
[Hide] (55.8KB, 200x300) Reverse
[Hide] (46.2KB, 541x120) Reverse
[Hide] (42.8KB, 302x314) Reverse
[Hide] (65.1KB, 00:08)
As requested.
Replies: >>157729
[Hide] (45.1KB, 148x140) Reverse
New emote?
What is this?
Replies: >>157731
[Hide] (30.1MB, 960x540, 05:12)
Apparently streamer fucked up nuclear again so for your viewing pleasure here it is from last stream. assuming the site doesn't eat my fucking video
Voice acting tryouts for fully voiced Uncommon Time.
[Hide] (10KB, 67x120) Reverse
Join for magical        girls
[Hide] (414.6KB, 474x732) Reverse
[Hide] (676.9KB, 1920x843) Reverse
[Hide] (143.1KB, 310x376) Reverse
[Hide] (2MB, 3696x4248) Reverse
Replies: >>157769
[Hide] (8.8KB, 327x302) Reverse
I should really clean this up, but I don't have the time or energy.
That's all for today. Next stream tomorrow starting one hour early 19:00 UTC / 15:00 EST / 12:00 PST
Saves: Duet https://files.catbox.moe/j7yssy.7z most recent https://files.catbox.moe/4cekpn.rvdata2
Ended after ending 4, herald of winter is still left.
Here is the walkthrough fully archived.
What did I miss in the last two hours? Wribs I assume? I left after getting the first key.
Replies: >>157806 >>157807
[Hide] (1.1MB, 300x372) Reverse
I think Uncommon Time finished, but I'm not quite sure since I fell asleep somewhere after Teagan got roped back into the party, and briefly woke up while both entering and inside Uncommon Time. I went to bed at around 10 EDT, I couldn't stay awake.

I definately saw wribs before I slumbered.
The stream ended after the 'Alto destroys the world' ending.
Replies: >>157834
I see so wribs and herald of winter, a shame but there is only so much I can watch.
Replies: >>157863 >>157956
[Hide] (1.1MB, 2048x1536) Reverse
Never post again.
[Hide] (101.4KB, 282x206) Reverse
Cute girl.
Replies: >>157880 >>157892
I'd fuck her deep in her cloaca.
[Hide] (8KB, 283x60) Reverse
Another sucessful streaming day, thanks Cowboy
Ending 1 tomorrow
Replies: >>157922 >>157926
[Hide] (221.8KB, 876x495) Reverse
That song came on just at the right time. It was perfect.
That's all for today. Next stream tomorrow starting same time as usual 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST
Save files: https://files.catbox.moe/an772i.rvdata2 https://files.catbox.moe/1rfwcs.rvdata2
Finished endings 2 and 3, ending 1 will be tomorrow.
>Ending 1 tomorrow
I’ll eat my hat if you get that far.
Replies: >>157929 >>158129
[Hide] (5.6MB, 480x360, 02:44)
I don't think he's aware of just how long the WORMS and Arietta arcs are.
Replies: >>157943
At least worms told a tranny to fuck off, but is there anything good in Arietta arc? And I thought Alto was bad.
Replies: >>157944
[Hide] (156.8KB, 400x400) Reverse
There's nothing good at all in the Arietta arc.
>And I thought Alto was bad
She is bad, pure evil even.
Replies: >>157991
[Hide] (19.5KB, 77x103) Reverse
Replies: >>157988
Conceptualize the flavor.
>There's nothing good at all in the Australia arc.
Replies: >>157994
[Hide] (268.9KB, 500x558) Reverse
Enlighten me then, I don't remember anything good about it. It just FP getting herself off through her self insert the entire time.
>australia arc
Now that you mention that I vaguely remember something about that. Didn't it have something to do with one of the kid's accent?
[Hide] (31.7KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (31.7KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (31.7KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (31.7KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (31.7KB, 112x112) Reverse
Replies: >>158095
That's all the suffering for today. Next stream tomorrow starting same time as usual 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST
Save file: https://files.catbox.moe/3qdg2f.rvdata2
The flashbacks never end.
[Hide] (48.4KB, 230x200) Reverse
You wont eat your hat anon. Not by a long shot.
Man this was a slog, good thing we had garfield and some good music.
Replies: >>158133
[Hide] (670.6KB, 2000x1440) Reverse
God, Arietta's shit is so boring.
We suffer together, though.
Replies: >>158154 >>158235
If I'm honest I stopped paying attention to the game and just enjoyed the chat and music.
>Altair got to pump load after load into her rape baby womb 
Lucky faggot.
Replies: >>158213
And he never got her pregnant, so did he really did pumped loads into her?
Replies: >>158235
[Hide] (506.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I hurt my back on Sunday so I wasn't able to watch then or yesterday. I posted a bunch of music on Sunday but my back couldn't take sitting so I had to lie down. I hope you guys enjoyed the 80s music.
What a shame. I wished I didn't have to work so I would have time to catch the Summer stream, and look what happened. Stupid Monkey's Paw.
Replies: >>158230
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720) Reverse
Arietta is by far the least interesting character and her hamfisted inclusion in the story in for form of a hologram is only to ensure that Alto isn’t only justified, but has divine justification for doing what she does. She has no reason to exist as she does nor does she even fulfill the role as  overseer and counselor to future Cantabile’s since she only ever talks with Alto.

Altair canonically shoots blanks.
[Hide] (106.4KB, 302x347) Reverse
>is only to ensure that Alto isn’t only justified, but has divine justification for doing what she does.
Very well put. Arietta is word of GOD and Alto is her prophet.
>Altair canonically shoots blanks.
>can fix global warming cooling, but can't cure sterilisation
>in a magical world
Bravo FP!
[Hide] (133.7KB, 373x576) Reverse
Replies: >>158463
Here's the most recent version of CODA: https://mega.nz/file/lm4lwA7I#odptZfI0kFz9hu_wYJPScQT0guajerC0IDoTZlJtges
[Hide] (449.6KB, 500x738) Reverse
>champ neglects his buffs and proceeds to eat shit
Replies: >>158410
[Hide] (17.5KB, 400x400) Reverse
>missed chump shitting the bed due to having to think about tactics again after 5 days of UT induced brain damage
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x973) Reverse
Replies: >>158414
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1849x625) Reverse
This came together nicely.
Who is Thassil, why does he wear the mask?
>She has no reason to exist as she does nor does she even fulfill the role as  overseer and counselor to future Cantabile’s since she only ever talks with Alto.

The most annoying part of this to me is that, like a lot of Uncommon Time, there's actually some glimmers of a good story in the Arietta arc hidden underneath all the WORDSWORDSWORDS and fetishization of mental illness. Arietta herself basically approaches the world like she's the protagonist of a shonen battle manga. Her big trump card for dealing with personal and interpersonal issues is to tell people to stop being little bitches and then drag them out into the woods and throw them into a life or death boss fight against a giant monster, then wrap it all up with an inspiring speech if one is needed. She even specifically created Uncommon Time itself so that she could beat her own psychological issues into submission.

This is an accident brought about mostly by FP crudely aping storytelling from various anime she's seen in order to justify why about half the boss fights in Uncommon Time exist, but in a game with actually good writing, you could lean into it deliberately and do all sorts of interesting things with it. Like showing times where Arietta's usual approach blows up in her face, or having her grow as a person from having to deal with problems that she can't just solve with a long walk and a boss fight.

But instead we get lazy filler with way too much dialogue and a flat, uninteresting character whose only purpose is to once again reiterate that Alto is blameless and perfect.
Replies: >>158431
We did it, another UT playthrough beat, now onto the actual good stuff.
Thanks for streaming Cowboy
[Hide] (2MB, 2500x1407) Reverse
[Hide] (66.6KB, 500x500) Reverse
[Hide] (4.8MB, 2500x1407) Reverse
That's the end of the stream for today. 
Ending 1 completed, tomorrow will be CODA and Duet starting same time as usual 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PS. Background image for the stream + rori
Replies: >>158430
[Hide] (427.6KB, 1200x716) Reverse
Got a lot of good things on sale, stranger!
Oh, man. That transparency needs some love.
Replies: >>158432 >>158433
Her failure is briefly touched on with the destruction of the first Metronome Tower, but they hardly mention it at all, nor do they bring up any guilt she may feel when the whole thing is covered up and blamed on the fairies. In fact, there’s not much reason given as to why she’s so distraught other than that she has autism and is misunderstood for being a quarter-fairy (which is another thing that makes no sense because she’s the only person that seems to have fairy blood when fairy rape was supposedly widespread) and being so much smarter than everyone else.
Replies: >>158447 >>158448
[Hide] (64.3KB, 500x500) Reverse
Today I learned how to click the magic wand.
Replies: >>158436
I made it mid stream to put in the background so quality was not exactly an option
[Hide] (211.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
Does anyone have the link to all the UT resources. I thought I had it, but apparently I don't. I am especially looking for all the different portraits of the characters.
Replies: >>158460
Is that loli alto? Because I want to kidnapp her and feed her cookies.
Replies: >>158437
[Hide] (220.9KB, 713x713) Reverse
It is Piano the Daughter Arietta "Bring me more animal Blood" Cantabile. This is loli Alto.
Replies: >>158439
Still very kidnap/cookie feedable
True. We get shown Arietta having one nightmare and are then told that she's having a lot of them, but that's basically it as far as her feeling guilty goes. Aside from that, all the loss of life is basically swept under the rug, and the most we get about her issues after that is 'I spent a few days in Uncommon Time and learned to not hate myself for having been born in the first place'. We don't even get any visuals or anything, just a lazy two-line summary over a black screen.

For that matter, this makes it pretty weird that the tension between her and loliAubrey is so one-sided, too. You'd think there'd be some guilt or at least awkwardness on Arietta's part due to her being the one responsible for killing Aubrey's parents, but no, by then the story's forgotten about that little detail entirely. Arietta is pure warmth and kindness, while Aubrey is the one who's being cold and distant out of jealousy. That's another missed opportunity right there.
Replies: >>158448 >>158449
[Hide] (80.8KB, 231x313) Reverse
>You'd think there'd be some guilt or at least awkwardness on Arietta's part due to her being the one responsible for killing Aubrey's parents
Silly anon, guilt is for goys.
>responsible for killing Aubrey's parents
They were already dead, goyim.
[Hide] (808.5KB, 591x1167) Reverse
[Hide] (298.1KB, 591x582) Reverse
[Hide] (462.8KB, 591x582) Reverse
[Hide] (417KB, 591x582) Reverse
[Hide] (445.2KB, 591x582) Reverse
You mean the in game portraits?
Replies: >>158474 >>161010
[Hide] (121KB, 800x600) Reverse
>Thread has been up for more than a week
>Never noticed because I only looked at the /agdg/ thread
At least I'll be able to watch CODA.

Tell me, anon, how do these two expressions make you feel?

Thank you both for your interest in the story. I honestly don't get much feedback on it, so I am quite happy to see anons that are interested in it.
Replies: >>158544 >>167379
>Teagan has less portraits.
More crimes against best girl.
Replies: >>158543
[Hide] (121.3KB, 544x416) Reverse
It's very important that the villains get good characterization to really flesh them out. That explains why Teagan has so few portraits compared to the others.
[Hide] (248.3KB, 2048x1152) Reverse
>mfw going to miss CODA because of wageslaving
Replies: >>158545
[Hide] (70.2KB, 500x500) Reverse
That's if he can get past CODA quickly, he may job hard for hours. I just hope he'll have time for Predecessors.
[Hide] (572.3KB, 700x850) Reverse
Teagan art based on a suggestion one of our lads gave us in the chat, enjoy.
Great work.
she's holding the fiddly wrong
Replies: >>158583 >>158588
Oh shit, I was mostly using top down reference and didn't even notice, I'll check it and try to fix it later. My sense of perspective is not very great.
[Hide] (31.7KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (71KB, 847x768) Reverse
>she's holding the fiddly wrong
>t. Alto
Teagan can't do nothing wrong.
Replies: >>158589
[Hide] (242.5KB, 370x440) Reverse
Isn't that a double negative.
[Hide] (260KB, 370x440) Reverse
Shut your whore mouth.
Very nice, I think the fucked pose adds to it.
Replies: >>158607
[Hide] (734.1KB, 1041x586) Reverse
>Cucked out of Stream
Replies: >>158619
Stream site worked in Ungoogled Chromium. Cytube w/ embed works in Firefox.
I don't know what else to tell you.
Holy shit even the new site just keeps buffering at the worst moments
Replies: >>158633 >>158636
[Hide] (4.5KB, 104x55) Reverse
Works fine for me™
>Site works fine for tewnty minutes than gives out on the two last panels.
The only thing going nuclear here will be me
[Hide] (9.9KB, 480x358) Reverse
>waging while this is happening
[Hide] (160.3KB, 822x894) Reverse
As requested. teagans self-insert boyfriend
[Hide] (103.3KB, 1080x538) Reverse
Could someone edit out the elden ring bitch and put Alto in her place instead?
Replies: >>158651
>calling ranni a bitch
Replies: >>158653
He's a cuckchan crossposter, I just checked his post history. You can ignore him safely.
Replies: >>158656
[Hide] (205KB, 508x385) Reverse
>Just checked his post history
>source: dude trust me
[Hide] (35.8KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (35.8KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (35.8KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (216KB, 896x521) Reverse
what the fuck is this shit
Replies: >>158660 >>158661
Do you not have a script blocking extension?
Replies: >>158662 >>158664
[Hide] (254KB, 764x430) Reverse
>he doesn't have ad blocker
Replies: >>158662
Some of us had to switch to a browser we don't use to get that shitty site to work, he may not have bothered getting a blocker.
[Hide] (36.9KB, 112x112) Reverse
It's been great as always, even with todays hickups. Thanks anons and I hope Cowboy does tactics tomorrow.
Replies: >>158665
[Hide] (31.7KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (33.3KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (36.2KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (36.9KB, 112x112) Reverse
[Hide] (33.5KB, 112x112) Reverse
I didn't install it in this folder because I only use chromium to watch cytube streams, pls no bully
It was more embedding the entire goddamn webpage as an iframe instead of https://player.angelthump.com/?channel=spacecowboyz which "only" has the obnoxious patreon ad in the corner.

Good shit as always, I may have missed 90% of the stream but I was in time for the most important part. Don't forget to say your rabbits tomorrow, anons.
[Hide] (128.4KB, 298x432) Reverse
He said he might do Tactics aka Predecessors, but didn't say when he'd do it.
Replies: >>158671
Good shit, thanks for the stream.
[Hide] (143.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Alright no. We had an entire fucking series of streams, and nobody - not one person - decided to poke AL_Hyde, AKA Wagon, AKA finish heartbeat, AKA play somnium files? I'm genuinely fucking disgusted with you all for letting this shit slide.

We have a personal lolcow and nobody thought to get him sperging? This shitty game is just for emasculated fruits, you think anyone wants to watch for any reason other than to make the local ezman sperg? I'm actually fucking amazed at how weak this board has gotten.

The worst part is that my suggestion to play AI The Somnium Files wasn't just ignored, but got responded to by Hyde himself: >>157191
You will never be a woman, you closet tranny piece of shit. Finish Heartbeat, fill that sperg tank, and give me an episode already.
Replies: >>158668
[Hide] (45.5KB, 180x180) Reverse
cry about it
Thank you all for joining me on this ride. It was more fun than I expected I'll stream tactics this friday, same time as usual 20:00 UTC / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST
I have very little experience playing those kinds of games so jobbing is likely. 
Hopefully moe will allow me stream then.
[Hide] (123.7KB, 373x576) Reverse
Tactics is really easy you should be fine with the exception of the dragon fight.
Fair enough, frankly I've been going on 4-5 hour nights since friday now because of these streams so I wouldn't be too mad but tactics was really fun last winter so I hope he at least does it this weekend if not tomorrow.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 960x540) Reverse
Actually, it's not EST / PST, but EDT / PDT. We're in daylight saving time right now.
Replies: >>158673 >>158676
[Hide] (31.6KB, 370x440) Reverse
GOD NO SAY IT ISN'T SO! Daylight's savings is the one thing I can't stand at all.
Replies: >>158679
Good job man, you did better than the other streamers I've watched.
Nice, so we'll be able to nicely conclude a full week of UT.
Replies: >>158680
>video archive totals 56.7 GB's 
Daylight savings are not real thank you
Make a torrent of the raw thing. I'll get it and seed it
[Hide] (949.4KB, 247x353) Reverse
Accept this doomed world, and all it entails.
I can't believe you recorded it all. You can try to upload it to the Internet Archive. I know that my 2020 stream was uploaded there.

>you did better than the other streamers I've watched.
I guess you didn't watch mine :^) I can't believe the fucker beat Arietta on his second try.
Replies: >>158735
I was going through all the CGs to prove that Alto's tits aren't that big, and I noticed that Teagan has two variants for her Steel Dragon Breaker art. I wonder what it means.

Lower your bitrate by a factor of five, maybe more.
Replies: >>158682 >>158685
[Hide] (98.7KB, 544x304) Reverse
[Hide] (98.6KB, 544x304) Reverse
>Something broke
well fuck you too
Replies: >>158683 >>158686
One is for when she is in your party and the other is for her boss fight at the docks.
[Hide] (251.8KB, 591x456) Reverse
[Hide] (414.1KB, 1200x911) Reverse
Here's two pieces of art by FP the author that prove Alto is fucking stacked which also means the Herald of Winter is also has huge titties
Replies: >>158717
[Hide] (18.8KB, 635x425) Reverse
>Teagan has whiter skin when not in your party.
For anyone who hasn't given this a read, this is what initially broke Feral. It was published a few months after the first stream, so it's very possible it's an anon, but it's most likely an non-associated player.
Replies: >>158706
[Hide] (145.4KB, 500x752) Reverse
I know that there's a text document that has all the archive info, but I never downloaded it. It was posted in the winter thread and I haven't seen it since then. I also found my message to her when I tried to reach out.
Replies: >>158696
[Hide] (250.9KB, 600x900) Reverse
New official Alto art circa June 22 of this year.
>that face
>those hands
At least the outfit itself is nice, it's pretty cute.
She just keeps getting fatter. Why is she wearing that retarded tiny hat?
Replies: >>158703
Because she knows Teagan's into hats.
This is what broke her? Seems perfectly tame to me, am I missing something?
Replies: >>158727
[Hide] (133.4KB, 544x416) Reverse
[Hide] (111.1KB, 544x416) Reverse
Her arm in the first picture is pushing her tit up and forwards, making them look bigger. Here's a better angle, and a fully clothed Meirin for scale. Nothing even remotely on the level of >>157611.
Replies: >>158752
[Hide] (29.6KB, 200x300) Reverse
[Hide] (515.5KB, 1200x1162) Reverse
[Hide] (762KB, 940x747) Reverse
[Hide] (42.6KB, 200x300) Reverse
[Hide] (221.7KB, 1800x768) Reverse
Its amazing how she progresses and regresses at the same time.
Replies: >>158725
[Hide] (6MB, 2894x4093) Reverse
[Hide] (178.7KB, 800x800) Reverse
[Hide] (397.1KB, 1000x738) Reverse
[Hide] (297.6KB, 800x800) Reverse
[Hide] (2MB, 3140x6448) Reverse
gunna dump more
[Hide] (171.8KB, 1205x821) Reverse
We don't actually know how it affected FP, but it certainly triggered the fuck out of one of her friends.
Now I had that beatles song stuck in my head the whole night.
On another note since we had trouble finding the guide at first I think I will port it to a latex document.

Uploading it there but also making Torrents would be nice for redundancies sake.

>Those fucking hands
We are nearing Team Fortress 2 levels of hands
Have you nigs thought about writing a piece on UT in the MagaZZZine?
Something as simple as an ad for the upcoming games like Tactics could be fun.
[Hide] (526.9KB, 640x480, 00:07)
How horrifying.
Go to bed Meirin.
That hand is very manly.
Replies: >>158772
[Hide] (189.9KB, 500x500) Reverse
Are we sure it's not Teagan in an Alto cosplay because those strong hands could crush a skull like a soup cracker.
Replies: >>158821
I present the (mostly) complete list of tracks played this year, including YTPs, sound clips, videos of obscene length, and videos that never got to play in the first place:

You can save it as a text file and plug it into youtube-dl with -a to download it all.
Some tracks will be missing because I was not present before they were played, they were added after I copied the playlist from cytube, or they got hit with a copyright strike in the last few days.
Isn't yt-dlp better?
Replies: >>158798
It is, use whichever works for you.
[Hide] (41.5KB, 106x138) Reverse
What songs would be in a Teagan playlist besides Nuclear? Don't say nigger rap.
Teagan rap.
Classical music and prog rock, since both are genres for white men.
Replies: >>158836
[Hide] (4.4MB, 360x360, 04:30)
I'm being completely serious here. Don't let this turn into some shitty debate over what music is the more white than the other.Obviously Classical European music is the whitest of all, but that's not the point.
Replies: >>158849
>Classical music and prog rock
I would have picked the same selection, the first being principled and appealing on a technical as well as personal level to someone who plays a fitting instrument and the latter being sorta emotional while not being weak.
Replies: >>158849
>Claiming anything was invented by blacks
Looks like you've already been subverted, pal.
[Hide] (74.9KB, 201x260) Reverse
>black people
First of all they're NIGGERS second of all niggers have never invented anything.
Maybe some Berserk OST (old or new, both are good) or yeah some prog rush cause one little victory. Maybe Killer Instinct OST. 

If someone does suggest rap I’d say something from the anarchy reigns soundtrack like Venom or Kill Em All.
I was just making a joke. FP's bio claims Teagan doesn't like post-Classical forms of music (this is supposed to make her look bad somehow) and prog rock is allegedly the subgenre of rock that borrows the most from classical music. Also CODA. Don't try to read more into it than that.
Get subverted by deez nuts, faggot.
Replies: >>158855
>I was just making a joke.
I wasn't, I think it would fit reasonably well with her character and I don't see FP's anything as set in stone but of course it's not a really serious question or answer.

>Randomly brining up niggers and claiming that what is being talked about is very related to niggers. Let's argue about niggers fellow anonymouse posters!
Fuck off faggot
[Hide] (109.2KB, 1200x675) Reverse
Wow, it's a good thing the god of rock is here to give ad hominem and strawman responses to us plebs.
[Hide] (134.4KB, 476x750) Reverse
This is what happens when it's not a stream day.
Did you find this or just make it now?
Replies: >>158861
Been in my UT folder for a while.
Replies: >>158895
Next stream when?
Replies: >>158867
Tomorrow >>158669

Thanks anon, I pulled it and when Cowboy uploads the archive I will make a torrent for this summer stream.
[Hide] (43.7KB, 109x158) Reverse
Well what am I supposed to do besides shitpost? Certainly not something productive.
aw damn, was really hoping it was some more epic zzzchan OC
Replies: >>158896
[Hide] (164.3KB, 789x296) Reverse
It's one I've never seen before to. I can't believe anons have been holding out on me. You niggers better start posting your shit right now. Hiding rare Meirins from me my foot.
[Hide] (376.4KB, 788x591) Reverse
[Hide] (56.7KB, 791x591) Reverse
I have a newer version of Tactics.

There is no addition to the story, it only adds a post-combat screen, a pre-battle objective screen, Joseph's gimmick explanation now contains pictures, and a short timer has been added for after a dialogue box completes to help prevent people from accidentally skipping dialogue by trying to skip to the end of the dialogue box.

Ben Garrison stated he wanted to get another piece of art in, but I do not know if he will be able to finish it in time. If he does, I will post a new version. Otherwise, please use this version for tomorrow's stream.
Replies: >>158914
>Defet all enemies
Replies: >>158917
I got feedback from a colleague that one of the fights confused him and he would have appreciated an objective for each fight to make it easier. I don't know if it was the Ghost fight or the Dragon fight, but I didn't think it would have been a big deal just to add this at the start of each fight.

Though I understand it's a bit silly telling the player that they need to kill all of the enemies almost every fight.
Replies: >>158918 >>158926
[Hide] (144.4KB, 547x416) Reverse
Never mind, I was intentionally misspelling the words to make you go back and check.
Replies: >>158919
Apologies, anon. I'm too illiterate to even notice that you misspelled those words.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1329x845) Reverse
So I just picked up Stella Glow because of the mention in Duet and hot toast it really does give me everything that I wanted to get from Uncommon time:
-Party members have passive buffs for adjacent teammates to encourage working in tandem 
-Combo moves between protag and mages to really drive home the theme of a conductor leading the musicians 
-Hot antag that you get to bone redeem apparently 
-decent OST
-more than four party members at a time 
-cute girls
the only thing that I could ask for is a tanned tomboy witch but so far I've only seen the water, air, and fire mages, so it could happen, but there isn't anything like that on the cover art so I wont be holding my breath 
Also Popo is a shit
Replies: >>158940 >>158959
Welcome to focus testing.
Replies: >>158961
>Also Popo is a shit
Just mad her song invalidates all the other witches' songs with how strong it is. You're gonna hear rusty key and volt shower a lot.
Replies: >>159238
>Also Popo is a shit
You have clearly played the game wrong to shit on best girl.
Replies: >>159138 >>159238
[Hide] (233.4KB, 771x168) Reverse
>welcome to focus testing.
I do caution you against removing stuff or making it easier because of retards having trouble with simple things. I don't want this to end up like the focus testing for Dishonored.
Replies: >>158962
>focus testing for Dishonored
I haven't about that, what happened?
Replies: >>158964
[Hide] (130.1KB, 314x365) Reverse
A lot happened but the situation that stood out was this. Many of their focus testers were unable to figure out where to go during the "Party Mission" where you go after the dutchess or whatever having an affair with the grand regent. The reason they couldn't figure out where to go was because a guard told them IN THEIR INFILTRATION GAME "You can't come in here" so they didn't understand how to get inside.
Replies: >>159025 >>159081
>even in vidya normies are unthinking sheep who just do as they're told
I hate it.
Replies: >>159039
I choose to blame walking simulators and cawadoody clones. If it was an AssCreed game and you ignored the guy saying "you can't come in here" you'd get "sync lost" immediately because they're too lazy to come up with a scenario where you ignored the guy. Or just an invisible wall.
Focus testing is also usually subcontracted to third-rate shekelgrubbers who deliberately select for stupidity in test audiences.
Replies: >>159081
Replies: >>159069
Replies: >>159076
HL2 had the same problem, they had to edit the sewer part because some retard kept running in circles without realizing it.
Get in here anons
Replies: >>159099
I'm waging, I can't. :(
oh fuck don't tell me that.
I was hoping that I could just permanently bench her and not have to hear her stupid baby voice in battle again
Replies: >>159238
[Hide] (133.1KB, 750x650) Reverse
Replies: >>159176
[Hide] (66.7KB, 250x250) Reverse
Was great seeing someone other than me have difficulty with the CPR minigame. And thanks for posting all these headpatting emotes. See you all at the Christmas Stream.
[Hide] (4.3KB, 385x42) Reverse
>there's going to be even MORE
Replies: >>159258
Fantastic stream!
And that's a wrap. Video archive will go up sometime tomorrow, final size is 66.3 gigs.
See you all for the winter stream.
[Hide] (324.7KB, 857x704) Reverse
Thanks for the stream fags, it was a blast.
See y'all in Winter.
Replies: >>172935
Thank you all for the steam.

People in the chat said they were interested in helping with writing and editing.
If you are interested in helping, feel free to contact me:
[email protected]
Replies: >>161587
Does anyone have the "I'm retarded" Meirin image?
Replies: >>159211
[Hide] (39.6KB, 121x153) Reverse
Here you go. I enjoy seeing it get posted
Until Winter rolls in, I hope I can watch it all again with you.
Thought I'd make a drawing for this year.
Replies: >>159227
[Hide] (825.9KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
Don't know why this didn't upload but I'll try this.
[Hide] (58KB, 449x609) Reverse
Das pretty fackin' good m8
was meant for >>158940

Popo's retarded voice and baby talk is absolute trash tier and so are you for liking her
Replies: >>159320
afraid to say nigger, schlomo?
[Hide] (100.5KB, 793x451) Reverse
This summer stream was ONE WEEK with a not yet finished tactics and an AWOL retuned anon, a streamer who made few mistakes and you are telling me there might be more by winter?
Dear god UT will be a two week event if this keeps up.

motc you said you would provide this streams emotes, will you get to that?
Replies: >>159356
[Hide] (768.6KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
She is a baby, you nigger.
But to be fair my brother didn't really like her either and he's the biggest twintailfag I know.
'aving a fockin' giggle m8
Torrent of the streams including the cytube CSS, the current list of emotes, list of songs played >>158773 and the updated links to the walkthrough including the complete archive.org of the walkthrough.
A bit over 43 hours of streaming spread over 8 days.
Why do the devs larp as anons here?
Replies: >>159388
God, I wish.
But seriously, that's bullshit, one anon tried interviewing UT's devs themselves and they didn't respond to him.
Not getting any seeders for it.
[Hide] (1MB, 1600x1200) Reverse
Finished this.
Replies: >>159579
>UT if it was a eurotrash shit post game.
Would play.
Torrent is still dead for me
Hey, I'm working on something.

Anyone want to compile FP's art and make a comprehensive artbook? This would be very valuable for the production of future content. I'm having a hard time working on things without official references.
Replies: >>160843 >>160863
Can we mod Uncommon Time?
Replies: >>160847 >>160854
Its RPG maker, you can do what you want.
What do you think Duet is?
Doing god's work there anon. usually I just go down and bookmark everything in the muzak box so I can actually listen to everything without being distracted. Honestly listening to everybodies taste in music is one of my favorite parts of these streams. Though it is kinda shit when one guy just adds an entire OST to the list
[Hide] (311.5KB, 1280x851) Reverse
Do you want just official reference material, the art assets from the game, or every Uncommon Time art piece drawn by Feral you can get your hands on?
Replies: >>160886 >>160970
All three, even unused characters. It’s extremely important that we do this. We could also do non-anon fan art for archival purposes, but that’s not as crucial.
Replies: >>160991
never played Uncommon Time. What is it about?
Replies: >>160983 >>160991
Local retard goes on adventure to save(end) the world. She is joined by a trap, a whore, a colony of worms, and the only sane girl on the cast who literally does nothing wrong but is the bad guy anyway?? Also happens to be best girl. Hilarity ensues.
Replies: >>160987
>but is the bad guy anyway
Cause she's a negro and FP is super raciss n sheeeit.
[Hide] (242.5KB, 370x440) Reverse
Here's my unsorted UT folder, /v/ OC and other fanart included. "Graphics" should have all the original assets from the base game as well as CODA and Duet.

To make a long story short, it's a western jrpg rpgmaker game the author made to be about overcoming abuse and becoming your own person. Anons saw it as a cruel and infuriating tragedy about the only character with sense being defeated and defamed.
>tumblr pronouns
>long and wordy slice of life sequences 
>long and wordy dialogue through the rest of the game
>excessively excessive grinding 
>stock assets for most of the game
It's also supposed to be about musical instruments that do magic.
Thank you for hydrating my fertile period fellow human poster.
[Hide] (741.6KB, 1936x2592) Reverse
Oh wow man, this is pretty comprehensive. Anyone remember what pic related was about?

Also, I'm looking for the transcript of the game for the voice acting project. It's the reason why >>158460 was made so that the VAs would be able to have the right tone each scene.
[Hide] (52.8KB, 371x427) Reverse
Anon pls, the torrent is still dead
Replies: >>161029 >>161054
[Hide] (54.6KB, 371x427) Reverse
[Hide] (23.4KB, 1556x156) Reverse
[Hide] (98.6KB, 544x304) Reverse
For some reason this image was corrupted in the archive for me.
Replies: >>161061
[Hide] (4.1MB, 3071x2306) Reverse
Don't mind if I do!
I can't take too much credit, an anon was gracious enough to share a file decrypter for RPG Maker one year after the streams, so game assets were a breeze to scrape. I think it's still available on github.
The image I'm 94% sure is an anon, likely from one of the first threads right after the original streams. It was pre-Duet, so the fervor for Teagan and disdain for everyone else was on a different level then.
For the transcript, you could try getting in contact with 8chanmania since that was his project to begin with. All else I remember is it's somewhere on pastebin and some of the streamers contributed their voices.
>I'm looking for the transcript of the game
Here you go, anon.
Replies: >>161380
[Hide] (64.4KB, 326x395) Reverse
>775 pages
I'm surprised it didn't break a thousand. The Arietta quest arc feels like the longest most tedious thing ever written.
Replies: >>161394
[Hide] (202.4KB, 1242x2034) Reverse
[Hide] (198.8KB, 1242x1819) Reverse
[Hide] (273.5KB, 1242x2058) Reverse
[Hide] (279.3KB, 1242x2052) Reverse
[Hide] (354.4KB, 2208x1242) Reverse
There were some creative detours taken that increased the length.
Replies: >>161400
[Hide] (350.7KB, 447x475) Reverse
>2nd pic
>...Metal Gear...
Metal... Gear...?
So, I'm trying to rewrite things so Teagan and Alto are more in line with the original games and CODA/Duet.

DuetAnon had mentioned before that he didn't agree with Teagan just standing there while the pirate lady was being tortured, but never mentioned what exactly Teagan would do in that situation. Doot, if you are still here (or if someone else has an idea), what should Teagan do at that moment?

I can't just have her let the pirate go. Beyond the fact that it would destroy the timeline, it would also be Teagan helping a thief and a murderer get away.
I could have her just run up and kill Baeida to prevent her suffering, but this would mean Teagan is abandoning keeping the timeline correct(-ish). I don't think this fits because I don't think Teagan would put the suffering of a criminal stranger over the lives of her family.
I could have her just walk away and try not to hear, but that doesn't feel like something Teagan would do.

Unfortunately, these are the only three actions I can think of that Teagan would do, but as stated, none of them really fit. If someone can help me figure out what to replace the torture scene with or at least figure out how change it, I would appreciate it.
[Hide] (599.9KB, 766x586) Reverse
I'm the anon that said that, don't feel that you have to rewrite anything. I would prefer you keep going forward. I've seen too many projects fail because they kept redoing things they already did as they got better at writing/graphics/gameplay. If you really really want to you can, but don't feel obligated out of something I said.
Replies: >>161590
It was more than just you, anon, I assure you, but you do make a good point that instead of just rewriting again, I should be making progress. I'll just write as if I had made my intended changes already and will come back to smooth it all out on a second pass of the script.
[Hide] (485.4KB, 477x493) Reverse
You're right. There is no way Teagan gets out of that situation without compromising her morals in some way. Either she lets sadistic cruelty stand or she throws away everything to fulfill her short-term desires. The way I see it, you can either rewrite the story so this conflict doesn't happen or you can lean in and turn it into character development for Teagan. My impression of Teagan is that her self-image is built around control - control of herself and control of her circumstances. She can't control living in tumblr world, she can't control her degenerate brother, so she laser focuses on the things she can control. She's accustomed to being the most "put together" person in the room at all times. The best point of comparison in other fiction is probably post-TAS Batman: Batman doesn't hope, he doesn't wish, he just does what needs to be done in that moment. He doesn't wonder if there's a way, because in his world there's always a way.

Now consider the situation Teagan is in. There isn't a way for her to get what she wants. She can't muscle or bull through this situation. She can't talk or think her way out of it. She is completely powerless and there is nothing hiding that fact. Now, why wouldn't she crack under that pressure just a little bit? I can imagine it now, her unconsciously moving to act, only to stop herself when she realizes how utterly screwed she is if she tries to intervene. This is a good opportunity to show Teagan being truly shaken for what I think is the first time. What can she do? My guesses are either flip out and do something stupid just to do something (pic related) and then try to rationalize what she just did, or else hide in the corner trying to block out the pirate's screams and telling herself it's what needs to be done. Obviously you want to follow up on this in future chapters, even if it's just Teagan being a little less sure of herself.
Thank you for writing this, anon, this has honestly given me a lot to think about and have given me a good idea for what I want to happen.
According to my memory, Teagan's character was inspired by a character from the manga Altair. If I remember right the character was Zehir, but with the little I've read, the only connection so far is they're both the "antagonistic good guys"  who clash with the protag. Someone might still have an archive or screencap of Feral mentioning this somewhere, been years since I saw it.
Replies: >>161771
That is to say, I can see the basic outline of Teagan in Zehir; cold, has good intentions, skeptical of the protagonist's convictions and intuition, will force their way, rational, ect. If I'm not off my rocker chasing goblins then I'm seeing similar plot strokes too, particularly during worms'  Arietta flashback (hmmm). Again, if I'm not barking up the wrong tree and Zehir Zaganos is the archetype Teagan Almace is from, she's more coldly Machiavellian then we normally discuss her as. Maybe post more after sleep.
Replies: >>161756
I don't really see her cracking at this, her personal strengths give her very clear goal priorities and some random pirate would fall in way down in the list of shit she cares about at that point in time. You say yourself that Teagan seeks comfort and strength from being self reliant due to her past so why would someone who already went through this mental scuttling of family and friends now suddenly not be way over being invested with some corsair?

I don't have the dialog at the top of my head because
>8th day of marathon
but if you want to change the scene you can go two ways in my opinion:
The first would be to write her more stoic/machiavellian like >>161624 suggests and make it clear that she has moral issues with this but the pirate is incidental.
The second option would be to have the execution happen on the next day as preperations need to be made beforehand or some such blabla and then you conceptually have time to let Teagan do all sorts of things like sabotaging the ceremony, freeing and smuggeling them off board outright or mercy kill them. I favor the last option because in my mind this would make for a good way to have frosty Alto and Teagan align in a way they haven't thus far in the story and it would be both fittingly ruthless and consistent with Teagans morals and goals under the constraints she is under
I think putting Fortissimo in the opportunity to start torturing and murdering damages what appears to be the main plotline around him regarding whether he's a torturing murderer or just  kind of an asshole but not that bad really. It makes for confusing reading when he gets to Bravi and we start getting comedy beats with him.

I did miss some of the start so there might be more context to it, but it's a little hard to believe that "the whole world can freeze over for all I care" Teagan would care that much about creating a time paradox in the first place.

But you really shouldn't listen to me, like anon mentioned it's probably best to get to the end and then come back.
As far as I remember Teagan was based on someone Feral hated IRL, and any positive qualities we see in her are purely because of how antagonistic Feral is to reality.
Replies: >>161833
[Hide] (7MB, 480x270, 06:30)
[Hide] (121.6KB, 586x815) Reverse
[Hide] (194KB, 500x417) Reverse
>transcript doesn't cover the afterparty
That would have been convenient. Which vod has fullest coverage of that part?
Also, forgot scriptanon was an independant guy from TNA/8chanmania, Props to you for the work.

It's been said before, but inspirations can come from more than one source, either way Teagan being based off of a real person isn't off the table if what I've said is true. Feral describes Teagan generally as "that one friend" or sometimes her "terrible, problematic daughter that she love so much" (paraphrasing from a quote I should have fucking archived by now). She never says anywhere Teagan is a force of evil or that she dislikes Teagan as a character, and she still puts Teagan into her drawings like any other of her OCs. FP treats Teagan's story arc is less like a strawman effigy to burn, and more like a stern dressing down on how not to be a friend (disregard how Alto acts toward Teagan tho, think of what Alto went through!).  Alto self-righteously destroying Teagan would frankly be far less painful to watch than what we got and less compelling to review. Though I know where you're coming from: The treatment Teags gets at the pier scene is dreadful to watch, every angle you look at it, and what she receives for the rest of the game sinks lower than what you even think possible, even after your first viewing.

Oh yeah, if want to find even more new art, you can just look at her tumblr/pillowfort/other sites she lists.
This has her games, links to her art blogs, and an faq.

Vid mostly unrelated.
Keep going on what you're doing. Contrary to what people have lead you to believe, neither Duet or CODA are authorities on the characters they depict or even particularly well-written. However they are contextually important projects and the best representatives of the passion people have for this game. 

If you're unsure of yourself, there is still enough to go on that would justify Teagan's inaction. She is canonically a hardass that would rather punch a hole through her best friend than talk with her. 
>I could have her just walk away and try not to hear, but that doesn't feel like something Teagan would do.
That is literally what she does.
Replies: >>161887
[Hide] (30.4KB, 207x220) Reverse
>Contrary to what people have lead you to believe, neither Duet or CODA are authorities on the characters they depict or even particularly well-written.
Fake and gay.
>She is canonically a hardass that would rather punch a hole through her best friend than talk with her. 
She tried talking, it didn't work. The whole sequence on the pier in UT doesn't make much sense anyway, even Duet has trouble cleaning up after it. I'm comfortable with ignoring that when trying to build a coherent character for Teagan.
Replies: >>161894
Teagan did nothing wrong.
That stubbornness she exhibits at the dock is still an important character trait that can be interpreted. For example, in the pirate scenario, rather than have her be conflicted about her noninterference, she could just as easily be so stubborn about noninterference that she can't perceive her situation in any other fashion other than being a witness to a historical atrocity as unchangeable as if she were reading about it in a history book within her true time period. This would provide a perfectly acceptable reason as to why she just watches without seeming out of character.
[Hide] (567.2KB, 900x900) Reverse
[Hide] (189.4KB, 900x643) Reverse
[Hide] (204.6KB, 650x450) Reverse
Bumping this thread with some Freesia Laplace. You do remember Freesia Laplace right?
[Hide] (38.2KB, 112x112) Reverse
>You do remember Freesia Laplace right?
No I do not.
Literally who?
> Freesia Laplace
If I remember correctly, that's the protagonist of the theoretical sequel to Uncommon Time. I believe she's supposed to be a dancer. I'm not sure if Feral went into any more detail than that.
Replies: >>162049 >>162103
<the dancer part is a red herring and you actually have to re-step Laplace's mathematical achievments
Come on Feral, do it!
Replies: >>162054
[Hide] (72.5KB, 209x166) Reverse
Wait a minute.
>Laplace is a dancer>Lap lace dancer>Lap dancer. 
I broke the code, she's going to be a actual prostitute instead of related to one like how Teagan and Aubrey are.
Literally never heard of her in the 7 years I’ve been following this game. How deep does the UT iceberg go, loremaster?
It appears I am wrong. This is an actual character from the original UT, though she is referred to as "MISS MENTIONED-ANECDOTALLY-WITHOUT-A-NAMEDROP" on Feral's tumblr.

She also referred to Piano as "MISS APPEARING-IN-NAME-ONLY" so this makes me think that Freesia Laplace is a character that was "totally there the whole time", but is never seen nor mentioned by name.
Replies: >>162107
Looking around the game files, I can't find a sprite set for this character. Looking back at the tumblr it appears this character is a lesbian. Though I don't have enough lore to state it, I'm going to go out on a limb and say this character is the girl Alto danced with at the ball. Mostly because I can't think of any other character the would fit the criterial that would also make Feral want to make art for them.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 376x592, 01:09)
[Hide] (676.6KB, 376x592) Reverse
Replies: >>162287 >>170375
[Hide] (34.7KB, 500x442) Reverse
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1407x6183) Reverse
[Hide] (906.5KB, 1048x6134) Reverse
>they don't remember Freesia Laplace
Were all those jokes in the chat just flying over everyone's heads? What the fuck.
Also I made a thing.
Replies: >>162372
Do you have the English version of that character chart? 

>unofficial cast members who look best in glasses list
I'm actually kinda surprised I've never seen her drawn with glasses here.
Replies: >>162380
>I've never seen her drawn with glasses here.
The only picture I know of is the one that Feral drew, as seen here:

Maybe one day an artfag can draw more.
Replies: >>162382
[Hide] (352.3KB, 644x528) Reverse
>teagan with glasses
This is the only other one I'm aware of.
Replies: >>162383
[Hide] (887.7KB, 900x900) Reverse
[Hide] (5.7MB, 480x360, 02:44)
I used yandex translate. 21d2df played himself.
Replies: >>162999
[Hide] (293.6KB, 700x420) Reverse
>the uncommon time expanded universe grows
[Hide] (264.7KB, 540x408) Reverse
>Tell me, anon, how do these two expressions make you feel?
I don't know how to feel, but it reminded me of this.
When is the winter stream? I can never remember.
Replies: >>169569 >>169834
Fuck /cattle/, this thread doesn't deserve to die to them.
Who's doing the winter stream?
Replies: >>170187
It's around Christmas usually isn't it?
Replies: >>170187
I think the last one was between christmas and new years
Replies: >>170187
If no one else will do it, I will do it. I'll need to figure out how cheat engine works, though.

I'll just check in every day in December till the thread is posted.
Since archivefag sucks at encoding, here's a less bloated copy of the winter 2020 stream:
>this thread in a single post.
>Join the many AANNNOOONNN
I am porting the guide to a latex document and I want to include a nice graphic at the start, any particular one I should pick? I am considering >>159180
bump for resources
Link Fuckin DED
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