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What a nice board!
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Anyone else been playing this? It recently came out of early access. I'm not the only one who still waits until games are finished before playing them right? It's a "roguelite", but it's very different from other games supposedly in the same genre. It's very sandbox-style in comparison, and a single run can easily take many hours if you're not rushing.

I thought the game would have nothing beyond the pixel gimmick, but it's surprisingly big in scale and there's a lot of ways they used the pixel mechanic, there's tons of secrets to find and exploration to do. I've probably played for hundreds of hours but I still keep finding new ways to use some spell components and there's places I haven't gone to yet, there's even tons of spells I haven't discovered (there's an ingame database that gets filled when you use new spells). There's a lot of different ways to approach different situations due to the sandbox nature of the game, and you'll keep finding new ways to do/use different things for example it seems like you can only heal between levels, but there's actually several ways to manage healing with different variations on how to approach them.

It's a very technically impressive game, the main selling point is that every pixel has it's own properties and is simulated as liquids/solids/gases and they have different reactions with one another, and the game lives up to that. The game can simulate much more than a screen's worth of stuff at once and it never seems to struggle to do it on my computer, the only time it slows down is when I make certain kinds of broken wands with special effects that fill the room with particles. The game starts up and makes a new map in only a couple seconds and can completely save the state of the game and world so you can continue later. The world gen is also pretty impressive, there's a lot of detail in it unlike anything I've seen in a procedurally generated game, I assume it's because they can just take graphics and place/rotate/transform them arbitrarily without having to care about grid boundaries.

I highly recommend playing with as few spoilers as possible since it's very fun to find new things and discover how the game and world works. And then go "wtf" when you finally look at the wiki and realize the secrets go several layers deeper and there's still a ton of interactions you missed.
Replies: >>15609 >>15615
(11.1MB, 1280x720, 01:27)
(17.2KB, 642x222)
It's not perfect though, my main problem is how much luck is involved. For example certain perks (which you get after each level) are a million times better than others, so the difference between getting good perks vs getting shitty ones is game changing. There's almost 80 perks in the game and less than 10 of them that are great, everything else varies from ok to shit. You can mitigate it a little by grinding more money so you can reroll the perks more, but that's sometimes too tedious. Similarly sometimes you just don't get any good wands or spells, but other times all the right stuff for a god-like wand just fall onto your lap. There's ways to get around both problems but it still makes the early/mid game more frustrating especially if you're not that experienced and spend most/all of your runs there.

The worms are also complete BS if one happens to appear near you before you have great wands, they're too strong and too fast and too maneuverable and there's no way to know when one just suddenly flies out from the ground and catches you in an inescapable situation. I also encountered a bug once in the ice cave where I had a giant red worm SPAWN on top of me, and by spawn I mean it literally just materialized out of thin air at where I was.

Another problem is with the wand customization. There's a massive amount of things you can put into a wand, but most of the time 95% of them are useless, especially when half the wands have shuffle on so you can't use spell modifiers properly. The spells with short range aren't really any stronger than spells with long range, plus enemies shoot at you from so far away that you can't reach them with those spells, anything that's strong but slow has a usage limitation so you can only use it a few times per level and many of them you want to reserve for digging anyway. The only exception is the lightning spell which is probably my favorite to use for the short time before it's replaced by some broken machine gun wand, and even then it's a very dangerous spell for yourself. It seems like the only good way to make a wand is to increase casting speed, and the useful spells for that are all very similar (shoots a small projectile that flies fast).

It's kind of hard to understand the wand mechanics, even now I still don't really know what I'm doing half the time, how the spells connect and how they affect cast times and such. For example the cast delay and recharge time reduction from spells can carry over to other spells in the wand in weird ways so you can use spells with negative time to reduce the overall cast time of the wand. The spells can also wrap around somehow so the last spell affects the first one or something.

Spoiler territory in case you haven't played and want to experiment with the mechanics yourself:
A common tactic seems to be to stack chainsaws into the spell to make it faster because chainsaws have a negative recharge time, and the only actual recharge time modifier is very rare and mana cost heavy by comparison. Even better if the chainsaws are cast by a trigger spell or multicast since it will still apply the speed reduction and a trigger will cause the chainsaw to hit the enemy, webm related wand has DPS in the thousands due to having 4 damage boosted chainsaws in the trigger. I think it also prevents the chainsaw from wasting time due to casting by itself. I think you can also put useless modifiers like "heavy spread" somewhere like the end of the wand to reduce it's overall cast time without actually being affected by the spread modifier.
Also, webm related: I can't tell if it's intentional because it definitely seems like a bug, but I managed to make a wand that seems to completely ignore it's cast delay. I can only get it to work when the wand casts 2 spells at once. wtf.png also casts all of the spells at the same time even though it should require 3-4 casts to do them all. For some reason, in some contexts it just completely ignores the cast delay when there's a chainsaw in multicast, but I can't get it to work consistently enough to use it intentionally.
Replies: >>20074
it makes me think of cortex command but an actual game instead of just a scam
(49.1KB, 714x498)
I wait for games to come out of ea too, naturally. Though I am stupid enough to buy into hype and literally buy some games during ea, like Dead Cells, Grim Dawn and ULTRAKILL.and West of Dead
I played Noita during development last year and for about a week after it came out. I still don't like it. I want to, but I can't get over how much you depend on RNG in this game. No matter how good you are, you still depend on the spells provided to you. I've never beaten it, hell I've never even gone past the 5th stage (jungle/mushrooms).
The game itself is quite magical, if you would excuse the pun, I love experimenting with the elements and spells, but I just can't get into it. If after this many hours of playtime I still feel as if I've not made any significant progress, then it's not a game made for me.

Pic related, on the other hand...
it's released on GOG as well, just wait for the torrent to drop
Replies: >>15614 >>15673
>>15605 (OP) 
played a torrented ea version earlier in the year. really liked it, might even buy it since its out of ea honestly.
I agree that luck has too much effect, but I can have pretty consistent runs if I take my time. There's extra areas in the early zones that have higher tier wands, and there's ways to get spells out of more than the 4 wands you can carry per level. It just takes more time.

I can see how it's not for everyone though. It's a pretty lengthy and unforgiving game and your 4 hour run can just abruptly end because you touched some polymorphine and transformed into a frog when some random enemy was nearby. Or your bullet can hit a swap wizard off-screen and teleport you next to an acid explosive when you're in the middle of firing your machine gun wand, fuck those nigger faggots. Just an example, definitely no personal experiences involved.
Replies: >>15940
>>15605 (OP) 
This game looks fun. I think I saw a download in the share thread. I might check it out.
Played it early on and i gotta say it aint bad, plenty of secrets fun gameplay etc, most fun i had with it was burrowing into the walls with the drill and eating blood/corpses to regain health, the spider legs perk was neat though i wish they tweaked necromancy a little...
Replies: >>15656
(1.9MB, 1280x720, 00:14)
>burrowing into the walls with the drill
There's a bunch of spells besides the drills that make digging easy, for example energy sphere. I once had a wand that had matter eater spell bound to it, so it was able to easily dig through basically any substance without limitations. Matter eater normally has limited uses but it's unlimited when it's bound to a wand. I've never found another one of those.

I'm autistic so I recorded it, webm related. Also spoilers.
I tried Noita the interactions and physics of gases and liquids is cool, but the actual gameplay is rather boring. 

I'll check some videos of it it's already up
Replies: >>15743
(24KB, 1124x75)
(129.3KB, 500x375)
Replies: >>15985
Oh shit, that happened to me.
And it was the first run where I thought I had OP wands.
I pirated one of the early access copies a few months back. Fun for a little while but like most rogue-lite games gets kind of boring after a few runs.
It's pretty fun but I expected mirror's edge physics and momentum. I know it wouldn't fit the combat, and I'm really enjoying it, but still.
Does anyone have a download link? I checked the share thread and the vola and didn't find anything.
Replies: >>16188
it's on gog-games dot cock
(12MB, 1920x1080, 01:07)
Found a bunch of Draught of Midas in my map. Each map has a secret alchemy combination that can create it, and a bunch of it was created by chance in the vault. I think the recipe in this map is blood+oil+teleportatium or something like that.

Pretty interesting stuff, it turns anything it touches into gold and seems to never stop as long as you can grab the gold around it to let it spread more. Never seen it before myself.
Replies: >>16924
Where's the magnet, retard?
Replies: >>16842 >>16850
On your private tracker, of course.
Replies: >>19845
Spoiler File
(4.3MB, 1280x528, 01:10)
>doesn't look himself
>doesn't check the usual suspects
>doesn't even read the thread
Replies: >>19845
Those combinations are random each seed so you got lucky.
(14.6MB, 1280x720, 01:34)
I didn't think I'd ever bother going all the way to parallel worlds, but I had a nearly perfect setup for doing that kind of thing and needed a few more things so I figured why not.

The game becomes something else at endgame. You still have to look out for a few things though, if you get polymorphed then it's basically game over, there's at least 2 enemies that can do that to you on top of random pools of polymorphine. I think getting frozen can also easily get you killed (as I almost did to myself by accident in webm), I believe if anyone frozen gets hit by a certain type of attack (melee?) it just breaks and instant kills them, I heard there's a spell combination to accomplish that.

Most of the stuff I'm carrying serves no real purpose, I just hoard everything in case I need it and for experimenting.
If you're shilling for your game, post the magnet.
Replies: >>19848 >>19849
It was uploaded to the sharethread vola but its probably gone by now. Suck to be you nerd.
(38.2KB, 425x283)
>it's been 2 weeks and he still hasn't figured it out
Replies: >>19852
this is why faggots asking to be spoonfed should be mocked relentlessly
Very RNG heavy.  You have to roll good wands and the right spells, and usually the right perks.  The wand building system is very hit or miss, mostly miss with bugs and weird interactions like >>15606.  I think the game is just generally WAY too hard for the "average" run.

Basically the game is too hard.  Sometimes you can get lucky, but for the vast majority of runs it's nearly impossible.
Replies: >>20089
(7.5MB, 1280x720, 00:39)
Some spells have secret properties that aren't obvious from the description, for example 'ping pong path' changes the lifetime properties of the spell and causes even luminous drill to fly around, turning it into a laser beam that cuts through everything from a distance. Chainsaws seem to have special 0 delay property that causes it to immediately go to the next thing under certain conditions.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not. If you knew all the interactions from the start then the game would be a lot easier, I don't actually find it hard to make a decent wands on every run anymore, especially if you know about the 2 spells that can be used to collect all the wands in the level into holy mountain for tinkering, or manage to find one of the spells that can easily kill Stevari. But on the other hand some interactions seem unnecessarily obtuse, especially the chainsaw thing goes too far since it overrides wand stats, it's the only interaction I definitely don't like.

The most consistent way to make a good wand seems to be to use a spell with trigger -> multicast -> other spells, then just stack modifiers on the multicast. You can also put anything that increases casting speed after the trigger spell in order to speed up the wand without causing your main projectile to gain the effect, 'heavy spread' is one of the best for that and it's a fairly common modifier.

There's certain things you can do to get good/extra wands to make it more likely to get good stuff; fungal caverns have a lot more wands than other areas, magical temple has flying wand enemies (just hope they don't shoot a magic missile at your face), snow area has a secret (not many people seem to know about this one), jungle has a boss with a high tier wand, the surface has a boss with a mid-tier wand, hiisi base has a "secret" spell shop with an additional secret in it and that secret has a harder secret to it, there's a way to repair broken wands, and there's something people call "tower wands" towards the end though that's technically a harder path than the "final boss". There's also 2 or 3 areas that can take you back up to certain previous levels without requiring you to anger the gods.

I guess the most important discoveries you need to make for successful runs is ways to heal besides going to the next level. There's ways to make Healing Bolt heal you better, even easily fully heal you, and there's a couple things you can do to get the bolt to hit you even without other special spells. You can of course leave the holy mountain heart behind and go back to pick them up later, and there's an extra one in the dark cave on the first level. Perhaps the most important realization of all, and the one that changes the game most, is that the guys with green guns from Hiisi Base forward are healers.
Replies: >>20093
The chainsaw thing isn't something unique to chainsaws. Any spell that has "Cast delay - x.yy seconds", and/or "Recharge time - x.yy seconds", can be used to the exact same effect, it just so happens that chainsaws have a lot of the latter. So on certain wands, with certain setups, one or two chainsaws will easily remove any and all recharge time. Combine this with any spell with a negative cast delay modifier, and you easily get a wand that fires its entire clip in like a single frame or something insane like that.
Replies: >>20108
Oh, every time something unexpected happens to me regarding spell timings, there's been a chainsaw involved so I assumed there was something special about them.
Replies: >>20326
Most people's first foray into broken wands happens due to chainsaws, since they're probably the cheapest source of recharge time on a wand.
Once you find a couple of add mana modifiers though, chainsaws are one of the least efficient ways to speed up a wand, mainly due to the lack of cast delay on them, and the fact that you're bottlenecked by wand slots more than anything else lategame. Luminous drill is a direct upgrade to it, but takes 10 mana per cast, so it's almost as expensive as a full recharge time down modifier. In addition, since almost every wand has longer recharge time than cast delay, reduce recharge time is just outright better than luminous drill for those purposes.
Of course, luminous drill has its own uses as one of the only 3 or 4 spells in the entire game that can mine any material, and therefore allow you to return from the final boss room.
(15.8KB, 250x250)
Fuck these little niggers and their ability to gank you from a screen and a half away and how half the time you can't even see their gay little laser so that you now one is about to fuck you sideways no other enemy in this game pisses me off this much.
That is all.
Also never pick the homunculus perk, that little niggerfaggot picked up a wand that did nothing but lay down toxic gas clouds and turned what was a good run into a shitty holohoax story.
Replies: >>20967
(32KB, 500x456)
A lot of the perks seem good at first but they have ways of fucking you over. For example freeze field will get you stuck in your own blood and generally any liquid that spills/falls near you.
Replies: >>20967
>finally make it all the way down to the temple of the arts or whatever
>get stuck in a single pixel right outside of the holy mountain portal
>absolutely nothing I do sets me free
>ten minutes of wiggling and trying to levitate out
>some shithead flying skull thing slowly drifts by and takes me out
Neat game overall but I'm still glad I didn't pay for it, this is Binding of Isaac levels of horseshit right down to the gamebreaking bugs.
Replies: >>22082 >>22111
It is a neat game to play for a few hours but definitely no where near with the price tag. Maybe a $5 or $10 game at best. Kind of annoying when you want to support a game but they put an unjustified price on it so they get $0 and I just keep my pirated copy instead.
Replies: >>22111
>getting stuck on pixels
There's another area you're going to love.

This is one of the most annoying technical problems with the game, I think Black Hole is the only spell that can break pixels that are right on top of you, and even that isn't entirely reliable. Teleport is also useful for getting out of those situations. The game should just delete a pixel around your physics hitbox every time you kick or something. It's surprising how we seemingly still can't figure out a way to fix the problem of getting into a place without being able to get out in games, Terraria has the same problem though they refuse to fix it because it would break a collision exploit that's used to make elevators by nobody.

I think the price tag is justified, but I also think the difficulty and bullshit ways for an hours long run to end make it very niche.

There was an update to the game a couple days ago and my first run ended because they seem to have added polymorphing wizards into one of the more open levels, so now you can just be hit by an instant death projectile from off-screen. I've learned to avoid most easy death situations so you could say avoiding them just requires skill and knowledge and appropriate level of care, but I don't even know how you're supposed to deal with this one except being lucky and finding a shield spell/perk before you get there.
The torrent is a beta version 1 day before the official release though so maybe it was changed later, or maybe the wizard teleported there from somewhere by chance, but I doubt it.
Replies: >>22122
>There's another area you're going to love.
Oh I'm sure, Noita has been an unending gauntlet of things I love and "love".
>Terraria has the same problem though they refuse to fix it because it would break a collision exploit that's used to make elevators by nobody.
You talking about the "hoiks" or whatever the hell those things are that people use to make boss fights easy as shit?
>There was an update to the game a couple days ago and my first run ended because they seem to have added polymorphing wizards into one of the more open levels, so now you can just be hit by an instant death projectile from off-screen
>The torrent is a beta version 1 day before the official release though so maybe it was changed later, or maybe the wizard teleported there from somewhere by chance, but I doubt it
I have yet to be hit by any projectile that polymorphs me. Landed in plenty of barely noticeable two pixel tall puddles that wound up fucking me, but nothing like that. The version I got is from gog-games so maybe that wizard was patched out? It could easily have juts been a bullshit enemy from a nearby area wandering into an earlier spot though. I know I've gotten ganked by those purple octopus niggers in the coal pits on multiple occasions because I was too close to the fungal caverns.
Speaking of the coal pits I just tried a run ten minutes ago and when I dropped from the holy mountain there was a toxic sludge pool directly below the shaft and I didn't react fast enough to avoid it. I won't count that as a detriment to the game itself because I should have known better, but god damn that made me a little mad.
Replies: >>22131 >>22821
>You talking about the "hoiks" or whatever the hell those things are that people use to make boss fights easy as shit?
Yeah. I can't imagine that many people use it for anything, but I can imagine that almost everyone will get stuck behind a crevice at some point while mining.

>I have yet to be hit by any projectile that polymorphs me. Landed in plenty of barely noticeable two pixel tall puddles that wound up fucking me
I've fallen and been knocked into polymorphine and touched 2 pixel tall puddles of it enough times that I just completely avoid any area where I see any purple liquids around. The wizards are pretty uncommon and until now I've only seen them in one level where it's more manageable. It was the first and only one I saw there which makes me wonder if it's unintentional, it doesn't really suit the theme of the level either (acid and machines).

>purple octopus niggers
The same run where the wizard got me, there were like 4-5 teleport wizards on the right edge of the fungal cavern that kept bleeding teleportatium and teleporting all the enemies all over the place. Enemies literally teleporting behind and nothing personneling me constantly, just had to come back later with better spells.
(79.9KB, 700x732)
(918.7KB, 650x420, 00:10)
(10.7KB, 326x195)
Ah yes, just when I get freed from the binding of isaac i find my next addiction. Thanks you fucking finns.
(46.8KB, 720x720)
I wonder how many hundred hours I've played this game. In the current hour I learned that teleport wizards and presumably teleportatium can teleport you into the middle of a sea of lava. Like your screen is a solid rectangle of lava -kind of 'middle'.
Replies: >>22338
That is the very reason you should never ever pick the teleportitis perk unless you're on a shit run and you just want to get it for completion's sake.
Replies: >>22358
I forgot that perk even existed.

Teleportitis Dodge is pretty interesting though. Neither energy shield nor repulsion field nor the combination of both is able to block projectiles that move fast, but from what I recall the dodge seemed to always work except with the risk of teleporting into a hazard next to you. I'd like to experiment with it more but there's always something better when it appears.
Replies: >>22371
I just found it mostly disorienting, and well over half the time I was teleported directly into a group of enemies, or like what with happened to you into the middle of a lava lake. It gets especially frustrating when some tank or one of those sniper niggers shoots you from off screen, it usually just leads to more damage than it prevents from my experience. Maybe if it was tweaked so that you at least don't get drowned in hazardous materials because you were too slow to dodge one of those flying slime things or something it could be a fun tool.
>a wand was generated with the nuke spell
>some jetpack hiisi nigger picked it up and obliterated fucking everyone
Replies: >>22821
(189.3KB, 1921x1080)
Had a toxic sludge entrance like >>22122 a while ago.

I've seen nuke wands around a couple times but never seen anyone shoot it. Saw someone kill himself by shooting a bunch of giga sawblades though.

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