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What is Master Duel
Konami's first online card game with the tradition rules found in TCG/OCG. Only difference is it's own banlist and best of one. The grind isn't nearly as bad compared to Duel Links and is fairly f2p friendly.

Uncensored Patch
Not Nexus Version with Latest Version as of 07/29

Top Meta Decks, Card Usage, Deck Profiles, and News

Deck Profiles that include the TCG

Please mods don't force us into the gatcha general.
Replies: >>152897 >>152924
>>152891 (OP) 
>Please mods don't force us into the gatcha general.
but it is gachashit ;^)
Replies: >>152903
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I want to fuck the Dark Magician Girl.
Replies: >>152905
this, someone did the numbers and the game is stingier than hearthstone
imagine her braps
Replies: >>152914
Uhhhhh please don't. I can only be so erect.
I used to play a lot of YuGiOh but the game is really really fast and unfun now. There's so much denying and board setup that you can't really play many decks. Don't waste your money on cards in real life but at least stuff like YGOPRO exists which has all the cards and you can do whatever you want. 

>>152891 (OP) 
>Remove Auroradon Edition
My favourite archetype is Mecha Phantom Beast. They were always a B tier deck and then they got some support in the name of O-Lion and Auroradon. Then every other deck abused those cards to the extent they both got banned. So now Mecha Phantom Beast, some shitty niche deck, is completely unusable. The worst thing of all is that there's like 5 cards that are banned because of Halqifibrax which isn't banned. One of which is O-Lion.
Replies: >>152934 >>153034
I don’t think mecha phantom were ever intended to be played as a pure deck but as support engine instead similar to all duel terminal decks that are garbage on their own pure but have great cards that work well in other decks. They always sucked on their own because they couldn’t even fill the field with tokens for their gimmick. Shame too because Mecha phantom always had nice cards one that used to be used a lot back then as a wall and finisher was dracossack. Coltwing and o-lion were other cards that were popular in decks as well that everyone knows as you obviously know. You can always use dracossack in your decks to fill the mecha phantom void 

In all honesty i think it’s weird that pure decks found it difficult to get to auroradon, in many cases not even using it, meaning auroradon really didnt do anything for mecha phantom similar to how halq doesn’t do much for crystron pure or verte did much for predaplant to miss these cards 

Could be worse, ice barrier have all their cards available and they’re still lackluster
The best card game is Android:Netrunner and it's not even close.
Replies: >>152940
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take the digipill
Replies: >>152945
how come ygo is censored but digimon isn't?
Replies: >>152960
gives mind. blowing. head
>Do the solo missions
>they are just tutorials to teach you have to use different cards
>no autistic yelling from your opponents
>keep using the starter deck
I think I will make a harpy/amazone deck when I can fucking get them.
Replies: >>153010 >>153031
Just a tip, do not clear the goal post(you know the last window after beating solo duels)  to save the secret pack you get after completing the mode. in case you ever decide to make a deck or get cards from those packs
Replies: >>153019
Well, I fucked up.
Amazoness is kinda shit, but Harpies is solid, but extremely fragile. Almost any interruptions or negates is going to hurt quite a bit. With the new casual duels comming out soon, you might be able to run them fine. I personally run Harpies and do OK with them.
Auroradon is a great example of a card that does too much. I think by allowing it to have such an effect while making the cost generic was the biggest mistake. Should of only been tied to the archtype at worse.
Either no one gives a shit enough to do so or jewnami is actually keeping this possible Tuesday update a well kept secret 

So long as it means we’re getting a better deck limit
Replies: >>153119
Sorry, but dataminers have revealed a new deck limit upgrade option which is purchasable from the shop. No clues on how much it will cost, though.

Casual mode has dropped and I don't think I'm actually going to touch it until I hit a rank I'm comfortable with.
Replies: >>153123
Fucking assholes no way they’re actually charging people… I saw the data mined stuff regarding shitty mascots and solo modes but i was referring to the banlist. they’ve been really quiet about this supposed upcoming banlist and no one knows what’s coming 

I’m assuming they’ll continue the trend of only limiting cards instead of banning them
Replies: >>153129
If they do drop a banlist it'll be after the KC tourney, like how they do it in Duel Links. For that reason, I'm pretty blackpilled about the tourney, though I suppose seeing the top 16 be all Adventure Pile / Eldlich decks will be funny.
Replies: >>153139
Auroradon halq will win these events 

That combo is so fucking disgusting and difficult to stop now that they’re all hard drawing crossout
Jesus the amount of faggots sweating in the casual  que. Had quite a few strong but non-meta decks, and one with:
>Imperial Order
>Lord of Heavenly Prison
All in the same deck. That guy was a faggot.
Some other notable ones where Zefra with the Halq/Auroadon combo and Infernity. The latter of which spent fucking 10+ minutes doing their constant loop.
Replies: >>153221 >>153327
>10 minute combos 
You only have yourself to blame. Why in the fuck do people sit and watch their opponents jerk off on the field for 20 minutes is beyond me
Replies: >>153320
I once watched a Danger/Darkworld player jerk off onto the board until he only had 4 cards left in his deck and 400 LP.

Dropped a Kaiju, chained a Droplet onto his LP Masq and when I summoned something to beat over it he surrendered. 

Sometime's it's worth waiting.
Replies: >>153327
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Also, I scored this boy from the legacy packs. Give me some sick strats I can use him in.
[Hide] (351.2KB, 1240x2271)
>Jesus the amount of faggots sweating in the casual  que.
Did people really expect anything different? 
Danger Darkworld is the exception to the rule because it's a terrible strategy that has to draw and discard its entire deck to accomplish nothing. Its only win condition is hoping that the opponent surrenders before realizing the deck sucks. Not to mention the players who run the deck are some of the most braindead I've ever seen.
Replies: >>153356
Mai is best girl.
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>dinomorphia without rexturm or their best/good trap 
>still no branded fusion
Why do they continue to do this
Replies: >>153557
Gee i wonder why these real life set based sets follow what actually went down.
Dinomorphia is perfectly playable in their first wave anyway, yes they get significantly better; but they aren't really a low tier deck.

I hope you realize Branded will probably be stuck in UR hell or something, its not going to be a deck you can get for low cost realistically.
Plus Branded meta is on the verge of leaving the TCG, much less the OCG.
Replies: >>153572
Wish I never crafted some of them since people are claiming they release branded as a structure deck 

That’s just stupid.Do they really need to release these cards in sets every four months? Interest will fall and these cards become powercrept
Replies: >>154082
What are you guys using for the duelist cup? Not sure if to use eldlich floodgate or swallow my pride and build a flundereeze deck
Replies: >>154082 >>154090
Yeah structure decks don't really translate here. Its realistically going to be "as cheap" as adventurer.
Pretty sure they just don't want to catch up totally and keep master duel as a "unique format" beyond just being singles.

I'm reminded that Duel Links had exclusive cards, really they probably could make filler sets or something. It is a tad bit slow in its current state.
I wouldn't say pack speed is particularly a high up there issue for master duel though. Mostly cause it has much worse issues.

Flunders are cheap so i made them, i don't even have Eldlich. Plus its the most powerful grind deck in the game if you go double mega-raiza.
I'm not sure, but what I am sure is that I'm going to grind whatever gems I can and then get the fuck out. Ranked may actually be easier if the super tryhards are duking it out in the cup instead, and I also suspect a new rank will come next season so I'll get back into Diamond this time.
[Hide] (43.3KB, 1068x235)
Got free deck slots claimable from missions. Solo mode wins don't count, FYI.

KC Cup is basically just ranked, get your rewards and fuck off because this shit isn't exactly fun.

The new pack is in too, Dinomorphia is retardly UR heavy for no reason. If you're interested in Beetroopers, I'd suggest trying out the solo mode first. Maybe I was just lucky, but when I played my decks against the AI they did nothing except set pass.


Dinos might be the most expensive deck in the game ahead of heroes dragon link and magician pends at this point
>have to grind 40 matches just to make FIVE extra decks 
Fuck you jap kikes
[Hide] (478.1KB, 581x603)
[Hide] (379.9KB, 573x535)
Yeah it's fucking stupid that Dinomorphia has 3 damn URs. This grind is really going to fucking suck. I spent roughly 7000 gems and I am still missing some of the URs. Meanwhile, I'll be able to play the Beetrooper one at least, could of used another of the link UR. Sad part is that this is slightly in my favor overall.
Also, Beetrooper and Digital Bug go together fairly well last time I checked. I can probably make a decent deck now using Digital Bugs. Have to test it a bit more.
The new solo mode gives Beetrooper SRs, btw.
I may have worse luck than you but I think I’m going to wait on Dino for rexturm to release I’ve been stuck with a worthless albaz deck since not all cards are available yet and I’m sure dinomorphia will be the same
Replies: >>154260
>worthless albaz deck

I find it actually really upsetting how far behind the game is in terms of released cards. I could understand why they did not have them all at launch but at this point its just either stupidity or laziness. Deliberately lagging behind the actual game only makes it more boring because you are just moving from one "figure out" format to another. Maybe if they used that lag to fine tune the balance and banned/limited some of the most egregious stuff but so far that has not happened and I doubt it will.
Replies: >>154295 >>154305
Prices for IRL cards are expensive because Jewnami refuses to reprint, so many people are switching to MD instead. If they released cards at the same rate or even faster than the TCG, they'd be cutting off their other source of cardboard whale money even more than they already are, so they won't do it.
Replies: >>154297 >>154324
>they refuse to reprint *to their TCG audience.
Fixed that for you. From what I hear they reprint for OCG alot and it's much cheaper over there compared to everywhere else in the world.
Replies: >>154305
[Hide] (966KB, 541x822)
>Look up on MasterDuelMeta what decks for Beetrooper have been made
>just another DPE/Adventurer with some troopers slapped on
Why do people like doing this? I get it's overall the best strat since Adventure/DPE engine is strong, but wouldn't that get boring?
Replies: >>154305 >>154312
I guess it got hit by waifu tax like Traptrix since thats what wave 1 Dinomorphia may as well be.
I really don't get what logic they're going with most decks balance wise.

They also shifted some cards ahead at some point, putting Chimera during the initial waves would have made Branded fun atleast.
There's a few decks that really suffer from this, while i don't think every deck needs this kinda shift; it'd be nice to do somewhat regularly.

Yeah its a reflection of the stupid shit that went on with Magic; its not an idea the OCG has.
Good cards can't be reprinted cause muh aftermarket. Yugioh somewhat ignores this in the TCG still but its very controlled.

Well they're talking about meta, it ain't about fun. Which yes this happened in real life too, all not top tier decks and the top tiers were just adventurer.
What a fun and great format, they could have shot adventurer on sight but nope, relive this old meta.
Replies: >>154312
I don’t know if you guys play this game irl but I’m considering doing this just to play with friends and maybe locals if they aren’t fags and allow proxy 

>call the deck fluffals
>only use four and the rest is eldlich and scythe lock
>sky striker deck
>only use six sky striker mixed with dpe adventure 
>tenyi deck or punk deck
>uses olion jet synchron halqifibrax auroradon cheese 

These type of people that play these decks are fucking fags and deserve the rope. Anyone that plays this type of shit and is ok with it is a nigger 
Why in the fuck ARE they releasing cards at random anyway? They released small world before releasing the weather field spell
[Hide] (437.7KB, 1473x1652)
What I hate most about this retarded practice is that it gives ((( investors ))) an incentive to do buyouts. It baffles me how Konami tolerates these faggots making large amount of money by making their game less accesible.
Replies: >>154336
Kinda wish I had the influence to manipulate card markets like these pieces of shit. Seems like a super easy way to make money
Replies: >>154338
>Seems like a super easy way to make money
It is
I remember telling a guy who was doing trading to buy all the "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon"s he could before Cyber Dragon Revolution came out (I was playing mechaphantom base antimeta at the time and used them, so I already knew they were going to be gold). They went up to 8-9x value, he hadn't bought that many though.
Replies: >>154427
If I were a seller I would’ve jumped on cyberse high rarity cards months ago before pote. Right now I have a feeling earth monsters are going to go up once people find out about vernusylph
Replies: >>154434
Yeah. If you're into reselling shit then you should probably go and buy as many Amorphage Goliaths as you can. It's going to be very expensive in a couple months.
I realized something as I put the Adventure engine into my deck, played a game, and then took it out. Consistency bores me, and going through the bog standard Adventure combo nearly put me to sleep even though I was the one playing it. 

Stupid combo lines that aren't obvious that you stumble upon when you're trying to make your dogshit deck spit out something resembling a board is the best way to play. I have no idea how meta sweats even tolerate the game play the same combo over and over in every game.
Trying to say Yugioh is meant be fun or something?
What an alien thought.
I advise you to try to post this on the steam forums for the game and watch how the same three autistic tryhards will turn that simple observation into a 32+ page thread about how much you suck and should just leave for the playground or something. 

The YGO scene is infested with this type of insufferable tryhards who cannot accept that fun is not the sole product of owning your opponent with a 20 card combo on turn -1. And until they are gone the game will continue to slide downwards to more engines and braindead combos.
>card game
>ban list
Replies: >>154696
This is why I don't play my meta decks often. Out of all the options, I like Prank-Kids the most. Doesn't completely lock you out of the game, but even of you wipe it they can recover pretty well if done right. But its the same combo over and over again, and with adventurer, its very consistent. But adventurer is also one reason it got so heavily destroyed in TCG, which pisses me off. I get it's two Reigekis but still, limiting meow to 1 hurts it quite a bit, flat out banned it's a bit on the weaker side.
Replies: >>154812 >>154839
Well Gacha is shamed by everyone but card games and yugioh gets a pass because alexander is fond of it, so get owned
Replies: >>154718
Prank Kids are hella annoying with or without the Adventure engine so banning the cat and removing them from the meta sounds excellent to me.
Replies: >>154839
Prank kids is such a good deck on its own with several handtraps, it’s fucked that people are ok with slapping dpe and adventure in it to win. Hate it when people slap a good engine onto everything and call it a day, yeah it wins but at what price. I understand that winning is everything but at least enjoy it
[Hide] (450KB, 836x624)
Finally managed the climb without having to resort to using a meta deck. A lot of people aren't playing meta, and that actually makes it even tougher because you can't just slap in 3 token collectors in your deck and call it a day.

The new D/D/D stuff also makes the deck insanely good. It's high rogue right now for sure.
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