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Thread for general gacha and other mobage news

Recently Granblue Fantasy started its summer festival, if you live in Japan you can win one million Yen! (roughly 10,000 dollarydoos I think) 

Fate/Grand Order JP started its 7th anniversary. They finally fucking did it and have Arcueid as the summonable anni servant. Her skills aren't that good
Some other huge gameplay improvements, including quick card bonuses and you can get 3 quartz just by ascending servants to the final stage. 
Crazy chink lesbian Xu Fu also got released, she's an alter ego. 

Any other interesting gacha news happening? What do you guys play? Is Priconne still alive?
>>152570 (OP) 
The last thread you made got around 10 replies and all of them were telling you to fuck off, then the thread died. Why did you make it again?
Replies: >>152574
Cause it's not against the rules...?
Bitch, what the fuck are you saying?
Gatcha girls are for fucking.
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Which gacha games are the most addictive and make you want to spend as much money as possible? Recommend me some on personal computers and some on smartphones anon.
stfu eden u mad you are a basement virgin if you don't like playing shit gambling games touch grass lmao
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You want gacha? Here's a gotcha; Go play a real game.
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Hearthstone latest expansion just dropped.
Azur Lane is the only fair gatcha game there is
Replies: >>152685
Your mom's vagina is a gacha 'cause you never know what std you'll get. It dosn't look fair though.
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Replies: >>152750
sage goes in all fields
I hate chinese games. I hate japs that contribute to them.
FGO is cucky crap, art is sameshit and japs are faggots and I'm tired of them worshiping this shitty series. Saber is not a virgin, nuff said. Haven't played anyway.
Granblue was sort of fun back on EN release six years ago due to shitposting and having early final fantasy gameplay plus fully voiced VN. Great art, SOIYA, nice 4koma etc making characters more interesting. Gradually went to shit after their most successful event was about gays. Not worth playing.
Don't know anything else. If you snap out of these browser shitty games and try something good you'll quickly forget about them unless you circlejerk somewhere. Most ""players"" from here probably some sort of 4chan faggots like mr. post 152575, I bet my 10-roll.
What game is that from?  The character looks neat.
Replies: >>152753
Spoiler File
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 AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES - nirvanA Initiative. It's got trannies and LGBTQultists, with explicit pro-fag dialogue even in Japanese so pirate it if you do play it. But that particular character's an AI that looks like pic related when not in blob form, it's at least got some merits.
Replies: >>152754 >>152758
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Forgot the more important pic
So how come gacha threads are a staple? I've never been in one because well isn't gacha just loot box games. To me that sounds like cancer. Do you who participate in the threads actually give money to these games?
Replies: >>152758
>distinct-looking blob turns into generic dominatrix

>So how come gacha threads are a staple?
They're made by gambling addicts.
Replies: >>152906
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Keep spending all your money on scams and making these garbage threads and I'll keep derailing them faggot.
Nobody is ever going to use your garbage board no matter how much you shit up everyone else's.
>implying I use money in mobage
Then you waste vast amounts of time playing the same garbage, I'd say that's even worse.
I hope you guys at least use CheatEngine or some shit to get infinite money when "playing" these games.
Replies: >>152824
Almost every single piece of gachashit communicates with a server for every aspect of the "game". Imagine an MMO but 10x worse.
Shut the fuck up and post hot gatcha girls.
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>look at how not mad I am
Fuck off fatenigger
||I just saved it from a deviantArt repost and didn't bother to rename it. But for the sake of not cucking those who manually rolled; d100 roll overrides your post number, though, due to the board speed. Makes it harder to snipe. But no rerolling if you didn't roll a d100 the first time, faggot.||
Don't use words you don't know the meaning of, newnigger.
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there's another one with a different design
Replies: >>152908
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is gacha more or less videogames than VNs?

Showdown added the gachashit avatars, so you shitting the bed is still on topic at least.
Replies: >>152948 >>186139
Spoiler File
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there's also a third design that goes unused and has no humanoid form
anyone ever tried a genshit private server like pic related
are they worth messing around with
Neither, they're both shit.
answer me op.
Replies: >>152985
The most addictive and the most expensive, huh? Thats probably going to be whichever is the least generous and has the lowest SSR rates, which points to games like Genshin Impact and Fate Grand Order; although I hear the idol gacha games are even more strict. Rarity/generosity/fame are not directly linked to the amount of fun you can have, though
Interesting how little actual gameplay discussion is going on here. It's either bitching or defending it. As for most gatcha, I don't get it. Card game ones, sure, it's a card game but digital, I get that. And at least with Korean MMOs there's ostensibly an MMO under all the cosmetics and frustrating RNG features. But gatcha games would probably be better off if they didn't involve spending money. Case in point would be entire genres that rely on RNG drops for progression. Granted, I could say the same thing for the other examples I listed, any card game simulator with all the cards is probably better, and I know from experience that Terraia is probably better than Maplestory (although I don't know how some of the harder bosses in the latter are so that might actually be fun).
Now, if we're talking making a gatcha game, I've got an idea for one that's fairly fair, potentially could be very popular, and would almost certainly make a ton of money, but it would involve significant netcoding when I don't even know how to code so fuck me then.
Replies: >>153112
there's not much to talk about in these threads since most either don't have gameplay, no one plays them, or no one wants to admit they play them
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Anti-slide bump, the cuckchanners really don't want us discussing this.
>>152570 (OP) 
Is there a way to play android gacha in linux?
Replies: >>153247
Yeah, though the android clients had some issues the last time I tried. I just use my phone now.
Replies: >>153259
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>mfw no phone
Replies: >>153261
Is that the heavy or Mr. Incredible?
Replies: >>153274
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Just a lonely lumberjack.
As someone nearing rank 200 in GBF without spending a dime, I still think gatcha shit is fucking awful. The absolute best I could say of it is that it's fully voiced shonen-shit tier manga. Has almost 0 value as an interactive game, even when you try and do the hard solo stuff like babel/proud fights etc. and not just try to theory craft and honors race japs for that extra 0.000000001% chance for a gold bar or whatever bullshit.
FGO players are actual cattle.
Replies: >>153283
So you don't play FGO, got it
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the only nigger here is you. you have the intelligence of a nigger if you think mobages aren't games. you faggots haven't even played arknights before and yet, you think all gachas are shit
Replies: >>153864
>tower defense
You realize you're the only one bumping your garbage thread right?
Not your personal mod force.
>he's still going
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Idolmaster gacha is dead
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This is pretty big news, Sega loved pimping out their whore Idolmaster gacha to nickle and dime the fanbase they know they have. What will they do now?
Replies: >>154296
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Guess it was no longer profitable since Miura stopped spending his BerzerkBucks on it. Good riddance.
gachads stay winning while antis seethe
(##1d100) Rolled 1 dice with 100 sides = 98
I just spent 100 dollar on genshin and it feels so good
Replies: >>155019
Me too bro, just sent my life savings to the chinese government.
If nobody is going to talk about actual games, I'll talk about Maplestory instead. At least the Master Duel thread talks about their fucking game. Maybe it would be better if the games you wanted to talk about had their own threads?
Also, all I think of when I think of Gatcha is some guy back on 8chan who was pissed the game his waifu was in was getting shut down. Given his waifu was drawn by Shuz I feel for him, but given >>154287 I guess this is the point where I recommend not paying for shit. I'm sure most of you don't, but this bears repeating.
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Anyone else enjoying Sumeru? It feels very good to explore compared to Inazuma, especially with the QOL stuff they introduced.
Replies: >>158467 >>164025
I only started the game a few weeks ago so I've only scratched the surface of liyue
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for me it's ui
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>selling your daytime wakefulness to the chinks overlords
Why, do you want to have a second job if you do have one?
Replies: >>166882 >>167882
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>he still hasn't taken the genshin pill
Replies: >>167375
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Spoiler File
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Don't worry about it.
>deleting bugspray
carp newfag confirmed
Replies: >>167381
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really liking the new expansion
[Hide] (262.9KB, 850x1208) Reverse
>one stocking shorter than the other
I'm so sick of this shit
He must be an asian carp.
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Not sure if i should get Nilou's weapon or just her when her banner comes out in two days.

Mihoyo games are the only thing worth playing since every other gacha is chibishit or JPEGs. Non-Gacha wise the only game i've been playing is Rune Factory 5 and there's nothing worth buying besides a game called Samurai Maiden which won't be out til December.
Replies: >>169656
>>152570 (OP) 
Praying to the RNG goddess (RNG is always female) for a character you desire is peak gameplay?
Gacha reminds me of the character creators where most people spend more time there than actually playing the game.
i like playing dissidia opera omnia
Don't bother with the weapon. Nothing in the game is hard enough to justify touching the weapon banner just to get 10k more HP. The Bloom damage with her is already retarded and she'll only get better as more dendro characters get released.
Replies: >>170540 >>171591
[Hide] (718.5KB, 1666x1168) Reverse
What about Nahida's weapon (assuming i'll have enough rolls by next week)? or should i use sac frag instead? i know there's the fruit of fulfillment but i don't think it would be that useful for her
Replies: >>171591
Spoiler File
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Getting a little bored of farming eosf, but thats like the best use of resin
[Hide] (536.7KB, 850x850) Reverse
I'm kinda new to the game but I can't see any reason to bother rolling for any weapons either
even 3 star weapons from chest like white tassel are actually really strong
a 5 star weapon costs over half the resources to get compared to a 5 star character
Replies: >>171686 >>171688
Harbinger of Dawn, Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, and Slingshot are are genuinely good. The rest of the 3-stars are fairly niche. The craftables are all highly underrated and event weapons a typically good. The bulk of power in this game comes from artifact substats and character level.

Character banners in this game are surprisingly fair. Each roll towards the next 5-star is saved between banners.
The weapon banner, however is a blatant exploitation of sunk-cost mindset. Not only does it not guarantee the desired weapon until the 270th roll, but those rolls until then do not carry over to the next banner. It's for this reason I only touch it when there's some really good 4-stars in the pool.
Also, don't be a retard and use your fragile resin until you've unlocked the highest level of each dungeon.
Replies: >>171688
Ackchyually weapon pity is at 80 so 240 .
Benett is coming to the starglitter shop next month be sure to get him you dont at least have him at c1. He is one of if not the best character , including the 5 stars.
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Scaramouche got a retarded palette change (might get him on his rerun) and the new girl looks like a Vtuber
>Took 80 rolls to get Nahida
>Used the rest to try and get her weapon 

Fuck it, just gonna top up probably 2-3 days before the banner ends.
Replies: >>173183
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I'm up to about 70 rolls now on the 50/50
if I don't get her I'll probably miss out
Replies: >>173482
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take the viagranikke pill
Replies: >>173905
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got her
funnily enough these two have the same seiyuu
>game about a retarded human man with an army of military retrofitted sexbots willing to die for him
Genshin 3.3 Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynKKSPQY6WY
I want a gacha where the heroes are ass-focused.
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Arknights because unlike most gachashit it plays like an actual game.
Replies: >>179975 >>180040
Yeah a game where you need to use the gacha to get a specific set of meta characters in order to win your low effort grindy tower defense kusoge
Replies: >>180001
Obligatory "you can use whoever you want" reply here. Since this game is purely PvE focused there are no stupid balance changes happening every few weeks so whatever worked at the beginning of the game still works. You can make whatever team composition that comes to your mind and make it work. Cramming your team with meta characters and steamrolling through every content is actually the coward's way of playing and a lot of players quit because the game becomes way too easy.
Buy a pixel phone and install CalyxOS..
Replies: >>190511
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Not only do you have shit taste you're also a literal fag
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I like cookie run
[Hide] (38.4KB, 412x201) Reverse
Got a new phone and installed this game, cleared a couple of maps and loved the animations of the chibis, can't say yet if gameplay is good enough.
Too bad the game is not generous at all. I am 170 pulls in and have only gotten one 3*, and that was a dupe.
Replies: >>186046 >>186058
Fuck really? How is Arknights? Tower defense games are my shit.
Replies: >>186047 >>186056
[Hide] (47.5KB, 701x701) Reverse
More generous I heard but not enough since pretty early on in your playthrough you will reach "The Wall" where you need to grind and also have specific characters to win specific battles. Like if you don't use a specific set up for 90% of the battles, you will not win. Really boring game if you ask me, I tried it for a month or so but got so sickened by that shit and deleted it right then and there. There is no "strategy" like you're playing some classic TD game, it's "gacha luck" and "meta dependence".
[Hide] (122.8KB, 341x441) Reverse
I tried it too, but uninstalled it the same way. The characters are cute but that's about it. There's no "gameplay" to be found at all, you only have control over your squad's skills. Also it's the same old shit as every other gacha with its mandatory rock-paper-scissors element system, mindlessly grinding equipments in auto,
A lot better than Blue Archive but a lot harder too. In theory you can clear everything with lower rarity units or even free characters, but doing so requires a lot of patience and planning. You must be a literal saint to not give up and bring one of the higher rarity units with braindead kits that can clear anything with ease (Surtr, Ch'en the Holungday, Ling etc.).
There's a limited meta girl alongside a double 3 star rate banner coming on the 31st. If you care about rerolling, that's the time to do it.

My experience was the opposite, I got several useful units. Guess you were really unlucky while I was lucky. Keep in mind that if you do 200 pulls on one banner you get to choose one of the currently bannered girls for free.
Rockman X DiVE will get a Devil May Cry collab around march/may iirc.
Depends, Medarots S stripped Medarots 2 from the exploration, being able to farm parts from random encounters and the pseudo VN aspect of choosing who the MC will end up with, so the only prominent part is that Medarots S remade Medarots 2 as a kinetic novel.
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Waiting for star rail
Replies: >>187387
[Hide] (462.6KB, 1575x860) Reverse
Parrying event is pretty good
Replies: >>187387
Stop bumping this shit thread you massive faggot
Replies: >>187388 >>187391
[Hide] (212.6KB, 400x400) Reverse
Honkai Star Rail was made available to preregister on google play store / iOS, it said the expected date was april 26th but it's obviously releasing next month since honkai impact 3rd's main story is concluding march 8th (atleast for CN)

Character Previews for some characters were released, can't summarize them all here so i'll just link them:

>he says while contributing to the bump and not staying in his shitendo direct wankthread
Replies: >>187398
Yeah go the fuck back to the numerous metaposting general circlejerks that seem to be the only threads anybody gives a shit about - basically anything but actually playing video games.
Replies: >>187398
You are the cancer of the entire industry, blow your brains out.
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Who else is hyped for Pope Joan in just a few days? Odd that they'd pick a POPE for a Valentines event. Hey if we're lucky we may get Gun Monk soon or as an added bonus 4* for the event.
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No, go fuck yourself.
Replies: >>190523
Its a nice phone OS not even maymaying.
What about segs with gatcha girls?
Replies: >>190528
There is a tower defense monstergirl game were a shota lewds them, but I can't remember the name.
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