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If you were in charge of a console variant, any console, What would you make?
I would make a Gurumin Edition PSP by putting her bubble butt on the back of the thing, where the psp logo is. Cunny and all.
It would come with a wallpaper that would show her stuck in a wall, looking at your embarrased because of her exposed butt.
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When the PSP and I went out with my parents to buy me one they were all out in all of the two (2) places we went to but the second one still had this in stock so they told me I either got that or nothing. Being a stubborn kid and not wanting to go home empty handed, for the sake of having one and playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with my friends, I begrudgingly accepted. I hated the colour, and I was ashamed to bring it out anywhere in public but surprisingly not many people actually gave me shit for it so I kind of learned to accept it. Come my late teens and maturity, I actually grew fond of it. I still have it to this day and I like the color very much.
>>152533 (OP) 
When I was a kid I so wanted one of those colour alts of the PS2. I recall one of my dad's wealthier friends had a silver one and I was so jealous.
*When the PSP launched
I had a Gamecube with a flame skin on it that was pretty rad
That's actually hilarious
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I remember the pink DS was comfy
never had it myself but I think maybe one male friend did
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Replies: >>152690
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>pink DS
Different shade. The DS was more of a light pastel colour. A male acquaintance of mine had one because of reasons similar to my own story, minus the parent ultimatum, he went to the shop, they were all out except for the pink version and so that's what he got. The PSP on the other hand, is a very bright hot pink, the pics I posted don't actually do it justice.
That's the kind of reaction one would expect but, in reality, most people were just sort of curious about it since in a sea of standard black it was certainly the odd one out. They'd just ask me stuff like "How come you got a pink one?" I'd explain, and that'd be the end of it, if anything I upset myself by brooding over it than other people gave me shit.
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I'm still not sure what's worse. This one or the Hannah Montana one.
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but that one looks pretty
Both colors are fine, but I would say P!nk is worse because her music is not for children in any way, so it makes no sense to use her for marketing a console targeted at children.
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If i were in charge of a console i would make it pure white, fuck nigger black consoles and their nigger features i want an aryan mans console for whites.
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This one's sick.
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What about MH purple?
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What? The PSP was always targeted at all ages, with a special emphasis on the dudebros that bought six gorillion copies of SOCOM and God of War for the PS2. As far as Pink not being appropriate for children I would agree, but 1) Pink isn't appropriate for anything other than meat toilet duty and 2) I remember Pink doing a live concert on niggerlodeon in the mid 2000s, about the same time as the PSP was active. Shit's fucked.
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>>152533 (OP) 
You haven't even uploaded the best console variant.
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get over it, it's just a color, purple was the color of royalty, neon pink together with turquoise was that of the 80s
now that's a super nice color
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royalty and closeted homosexuals
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>Fur on a controller.
Fucking why. How would you even clean that when your hands get sweaty?
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imagine the smell of sonic's cheeto-caked sweaty fur
I once had a white PC mouse. It turned brown after some time of extensive use.
>neon pink and turquoise were the 80s!
Zoomer detected, the 80s were not fucking neon bright colors everywhere you degenerate scumbag
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What about the 70s?
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this meme is extremely inaccurate. millenials were born starting in 1982. this meme was clearly made by a zoomer and therefore is what zoomers think the 80s were like because it is zoomers that have gone all in on the pink and purple meme. i don't know a single millenial that has such lighting or uses such colors, or that believes those colors are linked to the 80s.
no one cares about the 70s kek, if you really cared about the 70s you'd be listening to some negro soul music whilst doing cocaine and watching legal cp because DAILY REMINDER CP was legal in the 70s for many countries, god i was born in the wrong generation
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I really want this.
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what is that weird symbol in the bootleg kriegsmarine flag?
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It's the Zeon emblem from the Gundam animu
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