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Journalist Jason Schrier has confirmed a recent leak about GTA VI. One of the playable characters for the first time in the series will be a woman. And she will be latina.
He also confirmed the information from the leak that the game will have a "Miami equivalent" (Vice City). There will be fewer jokes about "minorities", all because of the screaming SJW cancer. The release is at least 2 years away, which was also reported in a recent leak.

Press F.
Dude just make your own GTA with blackjack and hookers and shut up about these pozzed as fuck companies making shit games

I don't doubt something close to this will happen but I don't trust a word that kike writes.
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>>151598 (OP) 
>There will be fewer jokes about "minorities"
So fewer jokes about heterosexual white men?
Replies: >>151603 >>151646
Shut the fuck up chud, whiteoids are NOT going extinct you paranoid schitzo
Replies: >>151604 >>151646
>ooga booga ooga booga ooga booga ooh ooh aaah aah bix nood
What did he mean by this?
Replies: >>151605 >>151646
I meant that your mom is made for BBC and sucks eggs
Replies: >>151646
You should, this game is made for people like him. The funniest thing is that he will never play it.
Replies: >>151611
any other cuckcore games out there that my wifes son would like to play?
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>>151598 (OP) 
>One of the playable characters for the first time in the series will be a woman. And she will be latina.

Replies: >>151621
Nu-rockstar devs have probably never played a GTA game except for (maybe) V so they would know nothing about the history of the series.
Replies: >>151622
>history of the series
heres a brief history lesson for ya, games were shit, then got worse in 3D became even shittier in HD and now we have shark cards
Replies: >>151646 >>151668
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Considering most the leads that made the series what it is left after Red Dead Redemption 2 I'm pretty sure it probably gonna be some Mafia 3 tier shit.

You can kinda feel the what the new current devs are like with removal of tranny npcs in the Nogames 5 version of GTA V, & the new radio stations in GTA online not having any humorous dialog & just being some artist's playlist with "I'm Dj /mu/cus & here is song name by musician" & nothing else. Though i will say the CIA missions dialog they added recently felt pretty "GTAesque" so there's at least one hold out of old talent. I'm not holding out any hope for GTA VI
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Not like 4 and 5 were any good, not a big loss.
Replies: >>151633
Making fun of lefties was like the soul of the series, I'm sure the new radio will all be 100% pozz telling reddit jokes and condemning Dup.
>not great
Go back and kill yourself you unwashed subhuman nigger
Replies: >>151637
4 sucked ass
>dude physics lmao
yeah yeah, the online was ballin but the storymode fucking blew chunks
Replies: >>151641 >>151646
4 is literally best in the series.
Go back and kill yourself you unwashed subhuman nigger
Replies: >>151642
>best in the series 
yeah, being the best pile of shit still means its a pile of shit
Replies: >>151646
>>151598 (OP) 
They already did this with red dead redemption 2 and they removed some tranny joke from gta 5 a few months ago.
Replies: >>151644
>using kiketube
Yikes, when will you chuds learn to use invidio.us?
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I don't like to accuse people of crossposting or copying threads, but this one is extremely low effort and reeks of copy-paste.  I looked on kikechan and found a similar thread with similarly thin details, but at least that OP had the common decency to link to an article instead of just posting a Twitter screenshot.

I personally don't care about GTA and am not surprised that the studio who made a game as cucked as RDR2 would continue to cuck out; I would like to believe most anons feel the same way, aside from the usual outrage porn addicts.  Unless there is something more substantial to say or there is some concrete proof instead of rumormongering, what is the point of this thread?
Replies: >>151655 >>151659
>whats the point of this thread
Anger and soy
>multiple people are posting about same news
>threads nothing alike

Also what other details do you want? Literally everything that is known is in the OP. God I fucking hate random drama faggots like you.
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>>151598 (OP) 
Who cares? Everyone important at Rockstar North that made GTA good are long gone, the writing on the wall was already there.
GTA 2 was the shit.
Replies: >>163243
>literally all that we know is in the OP
<except for the article it comes from
Ignoring your illiteracy, rumors aren't worth making threads over.  The OP of this thread mentions "a recent leak" which I hadn't heard about since I don't pay attention to Rockstar news.  It's really not hard not to be a faggot.
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>all this shitflinging
>giving a damn what some spergy anon has to say 
San Andreas was best, 4 was second best.
Replies: >>151681 >>151817
SA > VC > 4 > 3
prove me wrong
Replies: >>151737
>>151598 (OP) 
GTA sucks.
GTA is overrated,
Replies: >>152161
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>giving a single fuck about GTA
Post birds
Replies: >>151715
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>>151598 (OP) 
>One of the playable characters for the first time in the series will be a woman. And she will be latina.
Are you going to play Catalina's game, anons?
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>Video games
>birds instead
nigger faggot
Replies: >>151739
You realize this board uses IDs right?  Do you realize everyone knows all these retarded posts are being made by the same retard?
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Don’t care about the “playable woman” too much as I’m betting it’ll be practically a dude anyway. Don’t know what they can make GTA about if not race. I’m willing to bet it won’t be funny at all or take itself too seriously. Miami/vice city is a good choice though as all foreigners seem to suddenly want to move to miami once they move to America. I know this cause I’ve seen 90 day fiance and it is literally at least half that come to america with their sweetheart before either convincing them to move or straight up ditching them for miami
Replies: >>151848
>>151598 (OP) 
I honestly can't imagine even current Rockstar fucking this up if they do the bare minimum and copypaste V's minigames and basic shit to do and just change the map for VI. It'll sell even with a shitty story. It'll be like every COD release where people buy it just to play with the crowd and/or play new maps.
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it's over, rockstar is finished
Replies: >>189264
>>151598 (OP) 
>One of the playable characters for the first time in the series will be a woman. And she will be latina.
How many times do you think she will humiliate, emasculate, and utterly dominate a white man and have her actions portrayed as totally justified and morally pure? Bonus points if her reaction is totally out of proportion with the provocation and it's still portrayed as entirely virtuous.
Replies: >>151760 >>189264
I cant
I only played the first two games, they were fun, wish they stuck with 2D.
Where the fuck else am I gonna post birds? There's no /bird/ board
The main antagonist will be a Dup fugure
I don't want a playable woman, at least not out of modern Rockstar.
What I want out of a playable woman is either
>Absolute sex-bomb, nothing but fan service and both making fun of and celebrating elements of fanservice which will never happen both because of the type of dev at Rockstar nowadays(in the sense that I doubt any of them have touched a woman outside of their immediate family and in the sense that they think it's icky and gross to have arousal towards a woman)
I just don't see it being compelling or enjoyable in any way. I could be wrong but I also did not enjoy the characters of V at all.
Plus it feeds into my gripe with a lot of modern open world games where the open world seems less and less focused on packing the large map with actually interesting shit to do and more with making the large map even larger so that they can release promotional material going LOOK SAN FAGLO HERE IS 69420*46420 CUBIC MILES WHILE HOMO-ERECTUS FROM UBISOFT'S GAY NIGGERS FROM OUTER SPACE IS ONLY 50000*50000 PUBIC MILES WE'RE BETTER™.
Whoops, forgot my second point. I might also want out of a female character an interesting perspective on a woman's life that being a man I might not even be aware of. Maybe an exaggerated scenario where women are constantly dealing with either nice guy orbiters or stalkers meaning the majority of their conversations with other men is constantly tainted with this idea of "please fuck me I'm always nice to you" or with other woman is constantly tainted with this idea of "you're more/less attractive than me". Or maybe something on mother/wife hood going absolutely wrong since that's arguably Michael's story in V was that as a perspective. Or maybe go completely off the rails and try to have a "girlboss" character unironically join a gang(as depicted in San-Andreas and not the faggy Saints Row reboot "we're all inclusive sensitive college kids bro" kind) and just write shit about that. That would be fucking funny. What I don't want is just a male character with breasts and then doing absolutely nothing with it beyond parroting out generic social media talking points because that's just not fun.
Replies: >>151795
>>151598 (OP) 
So how is it going to work with having sex with prostitutes to restore your health? Is the Latina a dyke or something?
Replies: >>151792 >>151795
>he thinks there will be prostitutes
Replies: >>151793 >>151795
I thought libs were all about empowered sex workers, of course, I have trouble keeping up with their mental gymnastics.
Replies: >>151795
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First idea (bombshell caricature) would be perfect for a GTA game if executed properly, and the second idea (deep dive into female brain) while more interesting would fit better in a more "serious" game with deeper psychological elements. It could be done in a humorous way too I guess, but probably very difficult to pull off.

There will be trans prostitutes and the player will find out they're trans after the sex, being completely shocked to hear it because the sex was so good and not at all different from sex with a normal woman birthing body.
Replies: >>151798 >>151804
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>There will be trans prostitutes and the player will find out they're trans after the sex, being completely shocked to hear it because the sex was so good and not at all different from sex with a normal woman birthing body.
Replies: >>151801 >>151804
full thread should be
check out the kikechan one too, it reads like 4um posters, absolute low effort posts with nothing to add, like mine
Replies: >>151800
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>bullshit claim with no proof
>instant reply and redirection to blacked.gov just like it was done a couple posts earlier in the thread

>both (1)
you are so transparent and naive, you actually think anyone is falling for something so obvious?
Replies: >>151805
Part of me thinks that would be an interesting sidestory if it's actually meant to be entertaining in any way which again I doubt is possible for any number of reasons.
Reminds me of that poem that was submitted to pillars of eternity as part of kickstarter backer content.
>Here lies Firedorn, a hero in bed. He once was alive, but now he's dead. The last woman he bedded turned out a man. And crying in shame, off a cliff he ran.
Replies: >>152428
Spoiler File
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most of the thread is 4chan-tier
"gta is shit"
"sa is the best one, prove me wrong"
gay thread is gay
GTA4 > GTA2 > Mafia 2 > GTAVC > GTASA > GTA3 > GTA1 > GTA5 > Mario 64
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>>151598 (OP) 
Did ANYONE expected otherwise? Red dead redemption 2 is full of woke shit. I remember someone hog- tying the feminist character in a youtube video as a joke so Rockstarofdavid patched the character to be invulnerable.
Replies: >>151887
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I prefer Vice City, but recognize San Andreas to be superior.
Replies: >>151834 >>151855
Hope this is bait
Replies: >>151853 >>151869
Why'd they turn her into TsimFuckis of all people?
>imblying GTA seggs won't be set in Vancouver
Replies: >>152037
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it's 11 years old
Replies: >>151869
Vice City is a close third for me. It's older and didn't quite have the graphics and technology but was more charming and still alot of fun.
Replies: >>151876
>doesn't know what a tumblr gif is
filenames were a mistake like ids
Go back to reddit
It was shit 11 years ago too, the gross little 0.6s loop live action gifs that got spammed everywhere on tumblr are shit ugly
Replies: >>151874
Are you a retard? Nowhere in my post did I ask what the fucking image was. The fact that I have to spoonfeed to you that I was hoping he renamed the filename as bait makes me think so.
Vice City is the weakest one of the original tetralogy
Replies: >>151881
I think he meant the sixth gen "trilogy" and was just being retarded.
Replies: >>151942
Trillogy: A series with three installments
Tetralogy: A series with four installments
In this case it's GTA 3, 4, San Andres, and Vice City.
GTA 1 and 2 don't count because they are an entirely different genre from what came after.
Replies: >>151885
>putting 4 with 3 VC and SA
But thats fucking wrong.
Replies: >>151889 >>151943
Didn't jewtube take down that video too?
>>151598 (OP) 
Just Cause was always the better series anyway.
Up until 3 at least.
Right, so, where's the info?
Or is the Bonnitta & Clyde thing all we have at this moment?
Replies: >>151958
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>doesn't know what tetralogy is
go back to reddit and kill yourself
Replies: >>151983
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>putting all 4 original 3D GTA games made by same people before the series went to shit is wrong
>lumping the worst gta with the worst controls, janky animations, boring world and different engine with the golden age trilogy
It went to shit with 4
>Bonnie & Dyke
Replies: >>151984
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>newniggers don't know the renderware games is officially the 3d universe trilogy
>GTA 4 somehow being closer to the previous 3D games than 5
There's a reason why even rockstar themselves claimed that 4 is set in a completely different universe from the previous 3D games.
No one whos ever said this was not from reddit themselves. This is law.
Replies: >>151985
>literally the best game in the series should  be excluded because of some retarded faggot on /v/ 
Lol no
>reddit cope
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>4 isn't shit
I fucking hate 360 shitters
>>151598 (OP) 
Please participate in the newest outrage to boost visibility.
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>tfw no one remembers the spin-offs
they were ok
>stop, this is the policia!
>stop, this is the policia!
>stop, this is the policia!
>walks around for 3 hours
>in forest, nobody for 10 KM
>hear faint sound coming from bush in distance
>stop, this is the policia!
Replies: >>152007
I never played it, is this a recommendation?
Replies: >>189264
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I never played those but I do remember becoming a drug baron
You could make a game based off that, it’s a nice enough location and BOY is it nothing but trash people. As a leaf, when I ask a foreigner who just came to my small town wondering why there is no CLUBS and sHIIEEET where he moved from it is always Vancouver or Toronto, not the country they came from.
[Hide] (825.1KB, 805x579) Reverse
VCS is objectively the best one in terms of gameplay and content.  It's everything SA did right on the VC map.
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[Hide] (106.4KB, 2222x1242) Reverse
Speaking of, these are from the recent Saint's Row reboot. It's going to be as cringe as you expect.
Replies: >>152064 >>152626
I just started playing VC Stories earlier this week
FYI, it almost works on RasPi4 PPSSPP, but only in native resolution and even that hitches sometimes. Overclocking might help, but I don't want to risk it at all, I don't have a good track record with trying to push hardware to its limitations.
That was fun, glad I played it on PSP, those minigames seemed like a chore to do with a stylus.
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>using the words postcapitalist and carbon footprint unironically

I just wann go do crime as naked russian accent lady. Why must they complicate it?
Replies: >>152066
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maek video gaem without propaganda? surely you jest
[Hide] (30.8MB, 426x240, 19:54)
[Hide] (285.5KB, 2372x1024) Reverse
whoever made this crap had to do the hardest mental gymnastics to make 4 sound better than SA and still failed the arguments are literally
>muh graphics
>muh story
>muh nigger
and other assorted non arguments, what a joke
Replies: >>152144
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Replies: >>152150
Whiter than amerimutts
[Hide] (584.3KB, 740x740) Reverse
Replies: >>152152
[Hide] (135.5KB, 266x369) Reverse
>sage is always butthurt
Replies: >>152160
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>GTA Chinktown wars
Excellent taste. Has the best story out of all the GTA's.
[Hide] (961.3KB, 744x875) Reverse
>compelling dramatic story
The IV story is the biggest piece of shit in the series because it tries to be 'dramatic' and keep the light-heartedness of GTA at the same time. You hang out with a sheboon and a literal crossdressing faggot an a minute later hear the main character whine about war and his friends being dead. He's a balkanoid immigrant mass murderer that kills people for money, but he makes fun of Americans complaining about foreigners because whitey bad.
Replies: >>159504
I like this perturbed Potemkin.
Definitely. It's just something everyone has played at some point, just like most people have watched Dragon Ball as a kid. I played Vice City and V and they were pretty fun games. But do I really need to play another one? No. Even if we were living in a world where there was any possibility of it being a good game it would be very low on my priority list.
Replies: >>153055
>>151598 (OP) 
F uck off nurockstar GTKRWN
>>151598 (OP) 
Why are there only adult peds on the streets in these games? It seems minors are oppressed and they still haven't fixed this in 2022.
Replies: >>152388
I was actually thinking a couple of weeks back if anyone had done a game similar to the top down GTA games and couldn't think of any aside from maybe Hotline Miami, though it's not exactly the same kind of game.
There could be a decent market for that shit if r* fucks up big style like it looks like they're going to. It's clear that the normalfag is starting to get tired of far left pandering/preaching, so by the time this pile of wank is released it will most likely be to a general public that is hostile to the shit it's trying to push.
>the normalfag is starting to get tired of far left pandering/preaching
>general public that is hostile to the shit it's trying to push.
You said the same shit in 2014/CY and every year ever since... The normalfag is oblivious to agenda pushing or is at best apathetic towards it, he just wants to play games. If the game is playable (and I'm using that term loosely) in any way then he'll gobble it up.
If you want the normalfag to care then take away his toys; give him a buggy unplayable mess or gameplay so boring not even kids will like it. See: CP77, GTA Remastered...etc.
Replies: >>152424
They don't want to give players the option to perpetrate violence against children.
Replies: >>152424 >>152607
>no one has made a GTA 2D clone yet
Real shame, GTA with modern controls and some multiplayer/coop could be a blast to play through, I was thinking about making a clone myself But I did not know where to start or how to implement features as basic as getting in and out of cars. if someone here made a GTA clone of either the 2D or 3D variety it could sell millions if done right, normalfags are sick of GTAO and the kiddies on hoverbikes blowing shit up or the coop missions that fail over the smallest of things, and the load times/install size is fucking terrible even for PISS5/Xboner hardware that should be able to load this shit faster than an old PC from 2013

>You said the same shit in 2014/CY and every year ever since..
Problem is people are recognizing that there is a problem but are not actually doing anything about it, yes modern games are shit and bad and their devs suck eggs but at the end of the day if there are no alternatives then the normalfags will still eat that shit up no matter what, maybe if gamer gate inspired people to become indie devs instead of whiners over twitter screencaps then the world would be a better place by now

And thats why we need to get our own storefront, something that allows any game no matter the shocking content as long as it is not an asset flip. if a GTA like game came out where you could kill kids or hire them as prostitutes a la the weimar republic then it would send shock waves across the entire world, Steam would not allow it, probably get banned whilst the latest groomer game gets promoted by valve
Replies: >>152470
[Hide] (1.2MB, 800x2265) Reverse
Replies: >>152430 >>152470
The real crime is that fucking font
Gta sa was the worse of the franchise. The gun play was fucking horrible, the gun sound is real fart noise, and the driving is like controlling with touch screen on my iphone. Just bad game in general .
Have you tried Rustler? I turned it on for two minutes but it seems to be a top-down gta clone
>maybe if gamer gate inspired people to become indie devs instead of whiners over twitter screencaps then the world would be a better place by now
I just remembered the "Learn to Code" meme. Fun times.
>it would send shock waves across the entire world
The public doesn't care about real children getting killed in the real world, why should they care about virtual children getting killed in a video game?... And what is the purpose of making such a game to begin with? Being edgy? Sticking it to the moralfags? Just because? You're losing the plot.
>inb4 I want to abuse virtual children!!!

Informative, and nice tombstones too. What's with the colon at the end of the last sentence though?
[Hide] (30.1KB, 474x494) Reverse
>you want to abuse virtual children!!!?
Replies: >>152513
>Being edgy? Sticking it to the moralfags? Just because? You're losing the plot.
I don't think "you're losing the plot" means what you think it means.
GTA has a plot?
>Click and rage bait the thread
OP, you're a faggot and this is nothingburger. Rockstar has been kiked since SA and as a whole they been less lenient on making jokes about American immigrants since GTA IV. If you've seen American Krogan's or played RDR2 yourself, then nothing GTA VI is claimed to be is neither surprising nor new.
Replies: >>152504
>using nothingburger unironically
Replies: >>152516
Back to cuckchan faggot
>Implying I was using it unironically
Double Nigger.
>>151598 (OP) 
>Jason Schrier
Famous for two things. Leaking info about upcoming games. Kicking and screeching about fictional breasts. 
What a waste of space.
[Hide] (103.3KB, 800x574) Reverse
[Hide] (213.2KB, 800x1200) Reverse
[Hide] (200.7KB, 800x1200) Reverse
There have been a few top down style games.
How badly would Kikestar of David screw up a GTA set in the 1923 Weimar Republic?
Replies: >>152566 >>152571
that's actually a good question and an interesting setting for a game
>game with notsees
yeah they'd fuck it up by making you a sparticus member or something while "parodying" le evil nazis as if child prostitution, trannies and other degeneracy is much superior.
>GTA in the weimar republic
this could be a huge game that sells gangbusters, think about it, the most degenerate place on earth in history as a sandbox game, freikorps and other goons shooting eachother in the streets, untold numbers of serial killers, requiring trillions of marks just to buy a loaf of bread, etc.
Although you cant really satirize literally hitler and friends because that would make you a cuck, but you cant also be a le evil natsee because then you couldnt fuck child prostitutes then beat them up and steal their currency. last time i heard a dollar could get you almost any luxury in germany even a dominatrix mother daughter team!
Replies: >>152579 >>152608
>the most degenerate place on earth in history as a sandbox game
But that's current day SF/LA.
>You can shoot kids for no reason now instead of just adults
I don't see how this is a big deal.
At this point in time what would become the NSDAP was pretty much just another freikorps.
If they're *not* characters you stomp the guts out of then into the trash it goes.
[Hide] (167.9KB, 543x260) Reverse
How do we take video games back from these "people", anons...
Replies: >>152783 >>152827
Why bother? The evil can only destroy that which good has created, and they will never thrive.
How long until someone adds a nude mod and/or turns the female protagonist into AOC?
Replies: >>152844
>make our own game
[Hide] (2MB, 540x960, 00:09)
I'm so used to stuff I like dying that I'm not even bothered anymore.
Isn't nudity just "body positivity"? Watch Dogs 2 is a good indicator for how GTA 6 will turn out, and it had plenty of nudity in the game. GTA 6 can just keep male nudity as a statemnent of how women feel walking around or some shit.
Replies: >>152847 >>152878
2077 had full on explicit sex scenes and not only was that okay with the usual suspects but it was even fine to stream it to kids.
>Watch Dogs 2
There's a fucking Watch Dogs 2? Who wanted that?
Replies: >>152884
>here's a fucking Watch Dogs 2?
There is a Watch Dogs 3, called Legion. I suppose each game made just enough to justify in Ubishit's mind a sequel. Just that much of a market for inferior GTA clones. Though with how quickly they killed Legion's season pass shit I doubt they sold as many games as they wanted.
[Hide] (122.1KB, 1080x1080) Reverse
>There is a Watch Dogs 3
[Hide] (175.5KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Isn't the only reason Ubisoft is even afloat today because the government literally gives them free money to make video games? I remember reading many years ago that they classify their games as 'artistic and cultural works', which allows them to sign up for free gibs from the frog government. It wouldn't surprise me if they skewed their financial numbers to make it seem like their games have been successful. From what I've seen, even normalniggers have are sick of Asscreed, and other games like Watch Dogs might as well not exist in the public consciousness, other than occasionally showing up in PC benchmark videos because they cannot code for shit, which makes all their games a mess of 'demanding', unoptimized spaghetti code. Evem Far Cry 6 was pretty much forgotten a couple days after it came out.
>tfw no need to make an elaborate tax evasion scheme when the government funds it for you.
Replies: >>152894
[Hide] (98.9KB, 656x480) Reverse
>There is a Watch Dogs 3
The only things I remember about Legion is the E3 presentation where you could play as a grandma.
Yes. Canada has tax breaks and gibs, I assume france does too, and signapore gave them so much that now the make work mess project of the pirate game has to come out of the government will demand the money back. They are so fucking horrendously bad. It’s a miracle the very few decent games to come out of ubi ever did.
Replies: >>152894 >>152895
Meant for>>152887
Ubishart has sucked ever since they released Ass Creed and went the Actiblizz route milking one franchise for years.
Replies: >>152896
Do you even realise how many games they publish? How many studios they own? Not much has changed, Asscreed even started as a Prince of Persia project. If anything it's just general post-2007 shit.
That's why you should always have a backlog and that backlog should be big.
Replies: >>153040
[Hide] (22.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
Ditto, although replace "like" with "dislike", and "stuff" with "humans".
Replies: >>157784
[Hide] (114.4KB, 398x384) Reverse
Imagine playing or even wanting to play anything newer than 2010.
I was gonna tell him myself that playing past gen 6 is faggoty but then I realized it's a normalnigger game thread and refrained. It's pretty pointless to care about x date when it's grand normalNIGGER auto. That and I don't get it Why 2010? I assume he's young because way before 2010 gta peaked. I might play the 2d one some day myself but not beyond that. The gba/gbc version, but not beyond that because fuck wasting storage space on niggershit. 

Why did I reply to you?
I refrained from posting a parrot. You're welcome.
[Hide] (67.2KB, 393x529) Reverse
no not everyone is a normalfaggot younglilng
Replies: >>153080
You dont need to be a normalfag to have played something uniquitous, what a retarded concept
Its statistically very likely that if you're a western gamer, you have likely played some of those games at least
Replies: >>153081
I like games due to how many are escapism tier. If I wanted to be a ganster I'd be a gangster. If I wanted to be a soldier I'd be... well, a gangster. That's why I play shit like Mario/Kirby/Zelda/FF#/Megaman/etc even when it IS popular. I don't go full normalfag and play normalfag of duty or nothin'.
Replies: >>153083
[Hide] (1.8MB, 492x492) Reverse
>I play kirby because I like to blow people
Replies: >>153085
I posted like. 

<No it's because I'm fat and want to fly!
Replies: >>153086
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1024x762) Reverse
I like to play Freedom Fighters because I like to kill commies.
Replies: >>153087 >>153089
>almost 20 years later
>still no sequel
Replies: >>153196
Have you killed someone though? 

I find it interesting they'd name an anti-equality game freedom fighter though. Really activates my almonds.
Careful what you wish for
Replies: >>153264
>not wanting a sequel
I just wanna kill commies, IOI has proven that they can do 3rd person shooters right as we seen with the nu-Shitman games, hell they could even make a bunch of levels were you play as gaygent 47 killing some soviets who knows
Was IV and V not like that already?
Replies: >>157681
IV was trying so hard to be serious and "realistic" that it ended up not even being a GTA game anymore. I feel that any lack of jokes was more of a byproduct of that rather than intentional PC design. 
5, however, was maybe kind of like that from the beginning but then they removed the confederate flag and trannies in later updates. It wasn't completely sanitized like that from the beginning, which is what it seems like 6 is going to be, unsurprisingly.
Is that rule 63 shadow?
Replies: >>157808
[Hide] (28.8KB, 680x450) Reverse
No, this is.
[Hide] (69.8KB, 953x467) Reverse
[Hide] (79.8KB, 963x507) Reverse
It would be really dumb for C* to even let out that they're working on a new GTA.
SteamDB's charts say GTA 5 has more players now than it did soon after it came out. And it's also on Epic now which it wasn't when it originally came out, so there are even more players that weren't there previously. 
The moment they release their next cinematic garbage nongame the player count in their cash cow is going to plummet and their shark card profits will be gone.
Imagine being so lonely and unimaginative and desperate for authority figures that you can't enjoy an open world sandbox game unless the NPCs you pretend are your friends tell you compelling enough nonsense to get you to do the bullshit tasks they've been programmed to give you.

I remember when GTA was about running around making your own adventure and trying not to die before the tanks showed up.
Replies: >>163053
This is so fucking sad to see. One of my most favourite games ever, why does it have to be like this? I just want to have fun man.
[Hide] (67KB, 800x492) Reverse
Here's your GTA6, sis
[Hide] (92.9KB, 524x518) Reverse
>video games are just dumb time wasters haha lol xD
[Hide] (549.8KB, 786x745) Reverse
Replies: >>163068 >>163108
what's this?
Replies: >>163069 >>163071
GTA 6 leak.
[Hide] (14.2MB, 640x360, 03:08)
[Hide] (14.2MB, 1280x720, 01:21)
Gta 6 leak. There is tons of other videos. I think it was leaked on gtaforums so you can find it there
this looks just like gta 5, surely it's just a mod
Replies: >>163099
[Hide] (25.4KB, 334x393) Reverse
I refuse to believe this is going to be GTA VI.
Replies: >>163118 >>163122
>bonnie and clyde
nice of them to do something thats been done to death already.
It's real but an early alpha build. The reason it looks like gta 5 is because they're reusing a lot of assets. There's about 90+ videos and any that get uploaded to youtube are taken down by Take Two
[Hide] (11.6KB, 192x259) Reverse
El atrocidad....
Why not?
It's not like GTA 4 and V were any better.
Did you expect anything better than just a copy of a copy?
The prompts from red dead are a nice addition, but that's really all I can praise them for. Looks like they're going all in on slow cinematic gameplay and given the current state of the company it won't even be a GTA in spirit.
Does anyone know if they're bring back the hand-holding bullshit from RDR2?
GTA 2 didn't have motorcycles. I miss GTA 1 & 2 though. They were fun and didn't try to take themselves too seriously.
It was nice to drive around Liberty City on a bike.
[Hide] (127.9KB, 226x516) Reverse
This is it.
Replies: >>163324 >>163337
Please tell me that's not the main protagonist
Replies: >>163331
She's one of two. The other is her white boyfriend.
The face of america.
[Hide] (527.6KB, 594x649) Reverse
Guys, how does he keep doing it?
How does he keep getting away with it?
The absolute madman!
[Hide] (272.7KB, 1222x733) Reverse
Counterpoint to the main character being ugly: 
It's a GTA game. People WILL mod it.
You can simply replace her model with any vidya waifu of your choice and have her actually voiced by a woman. As opposed to how if you did that on previous entries, your waifu would be voiced by a negro man.
Replies: >>163354 >>163368
>being voice-acted by a likely awful woman with a shit voice
I can't wait for Ashley Burch to voice the next GTA protag :^)
Replies: >>163730
>It doesn't matter if it's shit! Just mod it! Don't expect good things form devs, do their job for them!
How does he keep getting away with it?
Replies: >>163386
[Hide] (46KB, 514x560) Reverse
>How does he keep getting away with it?
How does he keep getting away with it?
[Hide] (215.5KB, 200x200) Reverse
someone should make a remix of the song with klezmer
The only thing wrong with Ashley Burch is her brother
my sister met her once
Replies: >>163741
Tell us more
Replies: >>163743
They met in a bar, my sister recognized her, and they talked. Said she was cool and fun. That's about it. she also has several other connections across the hollyjewniverse but I won't waste them on a kazakh book printing teletext network
Replies: >>163746
Ask her to get you a minor acting role for some female director in Hollyjew so hopefully you can get raped and lose your virginity
Replies: >>163751
[Hide] (74.1KB, 640x360, 00:01)
but i don't want to go to pedowood
Replies: >>163752
You have to
Replies: >>163754
make me
[Hide] (60.5KB, 700x572) Reverse
This leak proves it has been in development hell for 7-8 years.
Do we have the next Cyberpunk 2077 in our hands or will plebs eat it up?
>Do we have the next Cyberpunk 2077 in our hands or will plebs eat it up?
Replies: >>167604
Having the next Cyberpunk 2077 on our hands means the plebs will eat it up. Look at how a fucking anime has made that mediocre game regain relevance.
Replies: >>167604
>or will plebs eat it up?
My bet is Rockstar shuts down or cripples GTA5 Online. Then the normalfags will have no choice but to spend their money on the new game which even if it is the same thing it won't matter.
Replies: >>163813
Do you remember that movie about that free guy?
The entire plot is what they're going to do.
Push out the new version shark money won't transfer over.
If the kikes pour millions of dollars in commercials, the normalfags will eat it up like good goys.
Replies: >>163817
Yep. Just look at Rings of Power and She-Hulk. Both successful and anyone who dislokes them are ostracized as "alt-right chuds"
[Hide] (10.7KB, 782x137) Reverse
Cool $1b bet lol
[Hide] (47.5KB, 619x748) Reverse
[Hide] (65.6KB, 537x510) Reverse
[Hide] (646.2KB, 2970x2818) Reverse
To be fair, the trailer tells you what's its about without giving anything away
It's an Ode to joy
>"alt-right chuds"
the left and women truly has 0 creativity, I'm more insulted by the sheer concept of them thinking that's a good insult than the word itself. truly mind boggling.
Replies: >>167616
Unironically Touch grass nazi!
"Chud" as an insult doesn't even work, as according to H.G. Welles /The Time Machine/ the subterranean morlocks were a monstrous, but predatory and therefore arguably superior subrace compared to the surface dwellers who, while pretty and idyllic, were ignorant and could not protect themselves.
Replies: >>168722
Both of those have been complete failures. Even MSM admits they are failures. It is obvious you are trying to make American culture seem like it has failed beyond repair, when in fact it is in the process of recovering from wokism and will likely continue to move further right over the coming years.

GTA was always a shit game series
>dude your a criminal lmao
If they made a game where you had to be the cop it would be so much better than reddit tier writing and being the spunkgargleweewee of TPS genre
It's even worse than that, H.G. Wells was a raving socialist lunatic who wrote that whole section as a Marxist revenge fantasy. The upper classes lived in such unchallenged ease and luxury that they became subhuman but pretty idiots while their working class servants dwelt in squalor and were subjected to constant toil and became hideous but cunning and brutal, eventually enslaving their former masters to be raised as free range cattle.
GTA5 was less advanced in almost every way compared to 4.
Replies: >>168729
What I don't understand is a lot of the dynamic aspects of 4 are locked away in 5. Such as the AI for pit maneuvers is in but they only do it on buses and use the auto jank mechanic on everything else when they tap you.
Replies: >>168735
>ever bothering to rob a place
>no one reacts to gunfire or someone being killed
I get it's not done but this looks like shit on a mechanical level, as usual, everyone is playing pinball bouncing off the walls and each other, they need a new/better engine to deal with on foot shit.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 640x360, 00:23)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 640x360, 00:25)
[Hide] (7.9MB, 640x360, 01:34)
[Hide] (980.2KB, 640x360, 00:14)
Most of the things that could be fixed are probably just changing some number values in the AI probabilities. or making it so the camera doesnt auto stop when you die so you can watch the mayhem. Really basic shit.
The fact that they never fixed cops just opening fire on you is insane to me.
The stuff like how grenades work and how damage works is terrible too. like how its a radius of damage with a flat damage amount. if it hits you, you die, if it doesnt, you take 0 damage. Nothing in between. 
Like how did they fuck it up. maybe the damage wouldnt work online?
The first Resistance game for the PS3 modeled individual shrapnel trajectories from grenades, even in 40 player online FFA matches.
>>151598 (OP) 
GTA is LA irl. If I wanted that, I'll look out a window.
Replies: >>169156
[Hide] (979.8KB, 852x485) Reverse
consider yourself doxxed, kiddo
>The fact that they never fixed cops just opening fire on you is insane to me.
You mean they broke the cops. On 1 star cops would try to push you down and arrest you since GTA 3.
>>151598 (OP) 
>Twitter thread
Tiara Street, home...
That game that made me fall im love with trading mechanics in videogaymes.
[Hide] (57.2KB, 680x523) Reverse
[Hide] (102KB, 680x383) Reverse
Where's my GTA VI(ce)?
Is it that hard to make a new GTA?
Replies: >>182851
>>151598 (OP) 
lol not even close
GTA VI(CE) city ~ here we go!
Replies: >>182835
[Hide] (1.3MB, 918x648) Reverse
Alright let me try
[Hide] (7.9MB, 1280x720, 02:43)
GTA IV and V both had dev teams approaching 1000 people, with IV's development budget clocking in at 100 million 2008 dollars and V's somewhere in the 250-300 million ballpark.
Mind you that these games were developed by competent White Males in a time when Rockstar hadn't yet adjusted the political views of its opponents to modern sensibilities, so factoring in the drastically decreased skill by modern soy-based diversity hires and worse direction+writing combined with seemingly infinite GTAO shekels to spend on protecting migrant minorities, child sex change advocacy or donating to the Demoncratic Party making a new GTA in the post-Gamergoob age will likely require 1 billion in ESG funding and end up worse than V in all relevant aspects with a quarter of the majority female dev team committing suicide after getting harassed by Jews in management/raped in gender-neutral bathrooms, which will be pinned on evil sexist nazi incel Republidup gamers in fact of course.
>there will never be a GTA W set in 1923 Berlin incorporating the gang terroritory system from SA but instead of making Grove Street great again the player can choose to work for or join literally Hitler, Government loyalists, the KPD, SPD, IWW, monarchist Freikorps and the Jews during the story similar to an RPG like Morrowind
GTA6 leak torrents BTW
Replies: >>183345 >>183346
How much did you get paid for this?
My dolphin porn stash gets bigger.
Replies: >>185127
dolphin dic or vag?
I hope you understand why they did this.
Profit driven companies purposely place features behind paywalls.
In the case of GTA, those features will be reintroduced in the next version, ideally over the course of a few years in "free updates" as marketing stunts.
>Wow! look at that DYNAMIC behavior
>Those fishes look so real!
>When GTA V released i was still on fucking highschool.
Fuck, because i was poor i remember buying it digitally with a friend and sharing the account.
There better be a mission where Jason gets drugged and then dumped in the Everglades, and then starts hallucinating he’s in Vietnam circa 1968. An entire mission where you fight your way through the jungle killing Charlie, surrounded by napalm fire and CCR plays on the soundtrack
Replies: >>188927
Replies: >>189265
New mode should be Clops and Cucks where ponyfags and soygoys see who cam blow each other the hardest.
If it turns out to be Catalina all we've seen of her is she's angry as fuck all the time and is a total sociopath so her demeanour would be annoying in short order (bitch mouth latina who never shuts up? Fucking kill me) and she'd be soul/heartless with it so totally unsympathetic to boot.
That map dick size thing is a creeping problem, the lack of density is the true issue in most open world games. My last DF fort had like 5 floors on my last run and it had me occupied for months cos it has (had) such a wealth of shit going on within it.

My abiding one from when I was a kid is make buildings more functional or have a purpose outside of just being a space occupier, even an empty husk interior is better than a monolith rectangle with a Wiley Coyote door painted on the side.
Just Cause 2 had some marvellous action and locations, you'd grapple out of an exploding silo steal a nearby plane, fly it to the top of the sky, hang from the wing and hurtle to the ground while chlled out ambient music played then pop your parachute and sail past a gang of paramilitaries and revolutionaries fighting and then hit a gorgeous placid green/blue lagoon bathed in sunlight with shanty huts and fishermen whiling away their time while the world around goes to shit. I'd have moved in if I could.
High minded answer: would be a fun and memorable level
Low minded answer: I’ve been watching Vietnam war movies recently and it’s put me on a Vietnam war kick
CJs house would be worth a fortune to some obsessive nutbag, it on the market?
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