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Note, Xero is a new server with some changes from S4 Remnants/Max:
>Pretty decent starter inventory
>Remnants UI, but with most of the bugs and ugliness fixed
<Have to play games and acquire PENis points to actually buy clothes
and maybe other shit that I don't know because I haven't tried it yet.

Start time: 
I'll log on around 6:00PM EDIT 7PM today PST, but feel free to make a room ahead of time.
Otherwise, I will respond in this thread with a room name and password.

Saturday and Sunday we'll be running during the day, and I'll likely tag out intermittently.
The server is run by the community, so you guys should be fine without me.
There are usually a few people who are willing to manage the room, and it's not difficult.

How to set up:
Just run the executable and it'll do its thing. Once you're in you can choose a username and password and then you'll be set.
See pic related for a guide on what to equip. Play some tutorials, there's one general tutorial (on the lobby page), and a tutorial for each weapon class (in the shop).

How do I play it

S4 League is a weaboo arena third-person-shooter with gimmicks. Mechanics are fairly straightforward run, jump, and shoot. 
The only unusual mechanic is wall jumping. It's essential for moving quickly, and you'll get used to it with practice.
It is important to note that you can control the angle of your wall jump with the camera. It's strange but get used to it. 
There are three specific game modes that we'll be playing:

>Battle Royale: Just kill people.
>Deathmatch: Just kill people but ignore half of them.
>Touchdown: The real game. Sportsball with guns.
and a few other modes that aren't worth mentioning for now

The rules for touchdown aren't too complicated, it's just like an ordinary sport with a ball and a goal.
Here's a handy set of instructions for what you should be doing.

Guide to Offense:
>Step 1: Get the ball.
>Step 2: Run behind enemy lines.
>Step 3: Don't get killed. (Otherwise goto 1)
>Step 4: Score in the opponent's goal.

Guide to Defense:
>Step 1. Just kill people. 

But specifically kill the person who has the ball. 
They will have a giant beam of light over their head.
Use that to keep an eye on how much of a threat they are.
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Room: BIG ROOM Xero-Unlimited
Pass: 4you
I don't know if anyone else got around to installing it so I will just keep a lobby going for a little while tonight.
Replies: >>149119
I will likely not be able to get shit downloaded tonight, but I may play tomorrow. Have fun without me ;_;
Replies: >>149113
ganbatte and rip
U G H 
Be in shortly
Wait a sec, do you need to create a player account for this on their website?
Replies: >>149121
yes, might want to use a burner, but you just need to get a verification link
Replies: >>149122
alright, gimme a few and I'll be in.
i wish seyren wasn't a lazy fukken weaboo
>cockmail isn't valid
Neither is 10 minute mail. What burner service did you use?
Replies: >>149126
I said you might want to. Evidently you will keep wanting to. I used an ancient gmail account.
Looks like proton mail will work. Creating one now. Then I will have to play dressup for a few minutes.
Replies: >>149128
read op, gotta grind for cosmetics unfortunately
Replies: >>149129
and before anyway says it, if the grinding is too retarded we are going back to max because s4 with out dress up is pretty gay
Well we got two in now. Protonmail works, it doesn't run like ass and has some ok improvements. Might be kewl
YOu killed me so hard I crashed
The grind isn't awful. Its all just cosmetic stuff anyway, you get all weapons unlocked from the start. The game feels a lot better than the older version we've played so that nice.
Replies: >>149141
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[Hide] (163.6KB, 1280x1024)
[Hide] (199.8KB, 1920x1080)
Report: we have acquired enough PEN to satisfy some dress up faggotry. Reserves are low, but if (You) join we may be able to become stylish espers once more. Xero is kind of shit and buggy, but it's a decent change of pace. Has most of the good stuff from rem and max. Has realistic sewage textures. Missing a monorail. upsetting Might switch back to max if there are more issues but will continue with xero tomorrow.
Replies: >>149189
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>>149110 (OP) 
>4 AM gamenight
JUST like good old times
Replies: >>149237
>Someone invited blacked.gov
This is why we cant have nice things. Guess I wont be playing this, then.
Replies: >>149177
[Hide] (24.7KB, 280x280)
Then why did you invite blacked.gov????
I seriously hope Xero has my hoodie! I really missed that when I played the new version of Max and remnants.
Do we have a room up? If not I'll throw one up.
[Hide] (16MB, 1280x720, 01:32)
[Hide] (8.3MB, 404x512, 01:02)
I dont see one. Putting one up now. 


'Room: BIG ROOM6
Pass: 4you
Replies: >>149198
I'm sorry if I can't show up in a timely manner. It's still forcing me to download an update and its awfully slow...
Replies: >>149204
[Hide] (92KB, 360x360, 00:01)
You better hurry up.
Replies: >>149218
[Hide] (571.1KB, 800x800)
I'm trying my best here! I'm sorry that it's so slow... please don't bully me
Replies: >>149221
[Hide] (62.1KB, 240x219)
>The owner of this website (xero.gg) has banned the autonomous system number (ASN) your IP address is in from accessing this website.
Replies: >>149221 >>149227
We could go back to MAX, they didn't have this issue. But then this nerd
>>149218 will have to download everything again.
Replies: >>149226
I just dropped connection myself now. Your call OP on if we change back to remnants or max. I kinda like Remnants because of the more game modes and maps
Replies: >>149224
Xero has been really unstable. I'm going to encourage everyone to download max in the meantime. We'll see if this is tolerable today, but we might have to switch.
Replies: >>149225 >>149226
which can be found here https://s4max.com/
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>I have to redownload the max patches
nooooooooo and I was just at like 80% done with xerooo
Replies: >>149228
someone might be able to register a protonmail address for you if you post it here. If it's just the website, that might work, but I'm not sure if you'll be able to change your pw. Otherwise get a vpn I guess.
Keep downloading, we'll stick on xero for now.
[Hide] (173.1KB, 256x256)
Four player Battle Royal happening right now, get in
Replies: >>149247
Spoiler File
(691.3KB, 1150x1633)
5 now, need one more for td
6 in, time for TOUCHDOWN
[Hide] (21.9KB, 401x401)
>game crashed and is now forcing me to download updates again
[Hide] (594.2KB, 850x850)
are we playing xero or max? which one are you nigga be on? i dont want to waste time downloading shit i dont need ,internet slow, SUPER slow
Replies: >>149330
On xero for now.
If anyone wants to play, then it would be great if they can join our modest room. 3 fags in.
Looks like the room is down for now. Burned out fast today, but I'm glad we got a 4v4 and a few decent rounds of TD. I hope everyone managed to play during peak hours. Not sure how eager people are to play tomorrow, but I'll make a room and probably pop in and out. Low pop hours are good for learning jumps and experimenting with shit.
Replies: >>149370 >>149439
I hope we get some people tomorrow, was the most fun I've had playing vidya in years.
[Hide] (241.9KB, 369x389)
>doesn't work in wine
Fug. I know I had Max working in lunix the last time I played with you fags.
Didn't know this was happening, I'll tell some people from the previous games that didn't know either so there should be more peopel this time.

Still on xero for now.
Replies: >>149547 >>149559
>opens lobby then immediately AFKs
Did the server die or is it just me?
Replies: >>149561
Did the server just fail?
Replies: >>149561
Yes. I've been kicked out too. Is this a sign? Should we switch to max?
Replies: >>149562 >>149563
If it happens again then yes.
It was unstable as fuck yesterday morning, and then was fine the rest of the day. I imagine they reset it or something. If that's the case, give them 10-20m and if shits still fucked we switch.
Back up.
Replies: >>149659
2v3 right now get in losers
[Hide] (2.5MB, 640x360, 00:11)
installing now, is the tutorial necessary or is the gameplay simple enough?
Replies: >>149603 >>149605
Doesn't even have one.
You can probably just jump in. Controls are the second image in the OP. Wall jumping is pretty easy to do but requires some practice to get a hang of.
Replies: >>149606
No bother cheers, I'll just jump in later on.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1604x1604)
<You can't send a message because you have to be at least level 10
Replies: >>149626
u wot, I could send them at level 1
Still up? I can't see it.
Replies: >>149661
Everyone simultaneously left, and room died. You can make the room, not sure how many people are taking a break vs done for the day.
Replies: >>149664
Ahh I tried it out anyway, not my type of game lel.
Room up.
[Hide] (172.1KB, 1920x1080)
r8 my tits.
[Hide] (420.8KB, 679x889)
>weekend is almost over
>didn't get to expose my S4 because mod devs are fags
Replies: >>149696
one more for td, bls join
It's ogre
[Hide] (124.6KB, 1024x768)
Alright, the room is down again and I imagine that's it for now. Thanks for playing. It's been fun trying out xero, the weapon buffs are kind of crazy, there's some decent stages. On the other hand BR stage selection is not so good for low pop hours. If we do this again I feel like it would be better to stick to max, but what do anons think?
I didn't get to play because Xero shits its pants in anything other than NSA/Windows 10, so of course I vote Max. At least I have reasonable confidence I can bully it into working in Wine.
Probably MAX since Xero is even less stable than MAX at it's worst.
You know what game we should play next week? RE outbreak! no one needs to open ports or to host as its all on one big private server, sure there are only 4 player slots but its not like we get more than 5 people per game anyways!
Replies: >>149882 >>149893
Why not just ask in the RE thread? Think a few of them already play quite consistently.
It would be great with more players, unbalanced but fun.
Replies: >>149893 >>149897
I play it with my friends on occasion. I even made an emulator pack with all the plugins and a readme to help my sperg buddies get through the setup.

Warning: there will be disconnects, crashes, desyncs and a general inability to get the thing working for some of the "special" posters here. Also this game features scenes of explicit violence and gore. It is fun if you like old school RE though.
Replies: >>149897 >>150025
>ask in the RE thread
there isn't one, unless you mean the dead RE4 thread
>great with more players
true but how many players could it realistically be without making the game too easy? I'd imagine if someone made an RE clone and made it 16 players it would fuck with the balance but would still be fun. only issue would be spergs not knowing what to do or hoarding items for themselves

have you tried RE deadly silence too? i know its technically not coop but is still coop.
>disconnects, crashes desyncs 
I've only ever gotten a few lag spikes when playing with random people, other than that it worked fine
>special posters
Yeah those linux users sure are special
Replies: >>149905 >>150025
Stability has definitely improved since I first started playing, but my experience with hosting gamenights tells me no matter how easy you make things someone will fuck it up. I haven't personally crashed or disconnected since hard drive emulation became the preferred way to play, but my friend used to get the zombie screen endlessly for seemingly no reason.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1680x1050)
As a Dark Messiah fag I'm still going to insist we replay DM. It was a great time.
>I even made an emulator pack with all the plugins and a readme to help my sperg buddies get through the setup.
Worth sharing or is it just the iso+emu+lilypad?
>there isn't one, unless you mean the dead RE4 thread
My bad. Mixed boards up
And yeah more players would absolutely ruin the balance but if there was a way to have FF on, it'd be a fun/chaotic gamenight.
I feel the same about L4D, it'd be great having 12-16 of us throwing molotovs at each other and just fucking around.
Replies: >>150028
It's just the emulator, plugin for the virtual hard drive, memory cards with everything unlocked and instructions on how to set up and connect. It's pretty out of date now so I'll have to remake it if you guys actually decide to do outbreak.
Replies: >>150037
Nah no worries, I'm sure most here will be able to do it themselves. I just wasn't sure if you had plugins specific to Outbreak.
Replies: >>150173
What are we playan this week faglords? i want to do something fun this week that does not blow chunks

>im sure most here will be able to do it themselves
this IS /v/, the place where people fucked up playing deus ex last week because they couldnt get it running
Replies: >>150293
[Hide] (1.7MB, 01:50)
[Hide] (180.2KB, 372x329)
>endless trash stays up for ages but fun shit like this dies
I hate this gay earth
Replies: >>150207
Why is do people like pun-pun and why is it popular? I don't get it, do you have to have experienced normal school life to understand it? It just seemed completely boring to me.
It sucks but it's good for reaction images
Because it's well written.
[Hide] (5.7MB, 640x480, 01:32)
miseryporn, but good miseryporn.
If there's a game this weekend I'll play as long as I don't fall asleep.
Its garbage for edgy normalfaggots.
[Hide] (120.1KB, 441x409)
>join xero pub lobby out of curiosity
>people sitting there for 5 minutes with nobody saying anything
>ask "what's the holdup"
>host says "waiting for friend"
>say "eta?"
>host kicks me
Are we playing this weekend?
Replies: >>150900 >>150901
I'd play if there is.
Replies: >>150901
I can try and set up a room, what mode should I set it to?
Replies: >>150904 >>150924
Don't we always start with BR until more people come?
Xero or Max?
Replies: >>150925
I'll be hosting one on MAX as soon as it's done updating.
Replies: >>150928
MAX room is up.
PASS: 1488
[Hide] (965.8KB, 480x320, 00:02)
5 1 more for not shit td join join
[Hide] (1.5MB, 768x432, 00:12)
[Hide] (308.2KB, 768x432, 00:02)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 768x432, 00:11)
Well it's dead we had a good amount of people show up. I'll probably host some time tomorrow to.
[Hide] (6.9MB, 1280x720, 00:28)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1280x720, 00:07)
[Hide] (7.6MB, 1280x720, 00:31)
[Hide] (8.6MB, 1280x720, 00:35)
From tonight. I'll post more tomorrow.
Replies: >>151054
[Hide] (258.3KB, 1920x1080)
I don't know where all my pantsu pics went.
[Hide] (62.3KB, 645x362)
[Hide] (39.7KB, 611x326)
[Hide] (26KB, 388x254)
[Hide] (30.1KB, 299x324)
Room is up, come and play!
Name: No Fun Allowed
Pw: 1488
1 more for TD
[Hide] (23.9MB, 1280x720, 01:37)
[Hide] (4.2MB, 1280x720, 00:17)
>machine gun
Replies: >>151161
one more for 5v5
wow this gameplay SUCKS how can you niggers play such garbo when superior GunZ exists?
post a download and set up a weekend
is that you RAPEMAN
Replies: >>151165
lol no
Replies: >>151170
wow, would it be too much to ASK to NOT fucking CAPITALIZING random WORDS in your fucking SENTENCES? while i DON'T want to DISCREDIT the possibility of GunZ being a GOOD game, your posting STYLE just makes you seem really OBNOXIOUS and ANNOYING.
Replies: >>151168
Shut the FUCK up gamergater!
>hopped IPs
it is too
>left for a bit and the room isn't there
What happened?
Replies: >>151173
Bunch of people left so there were only 3 of us there so we decided to kill it.
Replies: >>151178
[Hide] (8.2MB, 1280x720, 00:33)
[Hide] (8.4MB, 1280x720, 00:34)
[Hide] (5.2MB, 1280x720, 00:21)
Replies: >>151183
>first video
>just walks right into the goal
Feel like a retard
Replies: >>151184
What were you doing?
Replies: >>151185
Trying to kill people in the subway
We playing this again this weekend or no?
Replies: >>152001
do it yourself, if you build it they will cum
I made a room.

Big Room
Replies: >>152069
join niggers 3 in already
Room's dead
Let's try this again

Replies: >>152191
1 more for TD
How did this go?
Replies: >>161983
It was fun but we only do it once a year or else the lobbies never fill
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