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>https://matrix.to/#/+agdg:matrix.org via matrix programs
>Dev resources: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/resources
>Wiki: http://8agdg.wikidot.com/
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I won't work on my gaem.
>>147361 (OP) 
That's a really nice logo.
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But if I work, I die, and I can't very well work on my game if I die!
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The text is from Dynamite Headdy, it appears if you fail a basket ball bonus stage.
Based and NEET pilled
>>147361 (OP) 
I am working on my game, I just wish it was more interesting to show off.
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This is tempting me to try.
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Stupid ninja cat.
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I miss those times when we had switched to a gordian knot for our logo.
Also does anyone happen to have fullsize versions of pic 2 and 3? I only have a downscaled iffy version of 3 and 2 I had to get as a thumbnail from an archived old thread.
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[email protected]
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I also have the svg, but for some reason it's not working.
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>still no godot 4
Why must g-d make me suffer?
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Spoiler File
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Haha, look everyone. I posted the joke again.
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No, seriously I need that shit ASAP to make my dream game, i think? i dont know if i can make epic dildo wii warioware with the current state of godot and its 3D and networking capabilities? I want to make something online but godot 3 and 4 have different approaches to networking and I have no idea on how to use either of them
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Last I checked they were putting out regular alpha builds for 4.0 with the new netcode. Even lazy niggers who can't compile can try it. I'm sticking with 3 because I use deprecated nodes in my game.
Realistically what could I make as my first game? any ideas? Im thinking of making a few 2D games then moving over to 3D once I get the hang of things, but I have no idea on where to start out.
>Realistically what could I make as my first game? any ideas?
>Im thinking of making a few 2D games then moving over to 3D
You don't want to make anything, so you won't.
<muh career
Shilling 3dpd too, jesus christ kill yourself
>>147555 (checked)
A game where you control a coastal battery gun and you have to destroy as many ships as possible before they infiltrate your battery gun.
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how to make 3d godot character always face in the x or z axis
I believe they're going to try to release Godot 4 by the end of the year, but I can't remember where exactly I heard that from.
>any ideas? 
Recreate a level from a game you enjoy to get a feeling for how hard it is.  Alternatively, some point and click game like >>147563 suggests would be pretty simple to create.
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I have discovered something terrible: I am a socially motivated person.

Whenever other people are somehow involved, I'm extremely motivated, but whenever I am alone for a while I lose motivation to do anything, even when I want to do things I just can't. Whenever I get "demotivated", my first instinct is usually to go to places with other people, like streams or imageboards, or do something that completely occupies my mind like a game or manga. If I find a good programming stream with someone who's talking with the chat a lot it's easier to work on things even if I completely ignore and forget about it while it's playing on the side, but it's very hard to find those especially because my timezone is very different from the US. I used to be an artist but lost interest in art immediately after I couldn't find a website to post in anymore. Whenever I visit my family and the topic of jobs or money or hobbies or self-made things or something comes up, I become very motivated to start doing things. I find myself more motivated when I'm at work, but when I get back home and sit on the computer alone on my pajamas my motivation plummets. The most dev progress I have made is on tools that other people can use, and I get motivated to work on them when it sounds like people would need them. If it sounds like people want a certain tool and I could make it, I just completely lose interest in anything else, my games seem insignificant and meaningless in comparison to working on that tool.

I have tried many tricks for motivation and "discipline", but nothing works consistently or for long. The only thing that always works without fail is social influences. And I don't just mean comments from internet strangers, I mean the feeling that it actually matters or affects other people or someone genuinely cares.

It gets me wondering, should I just take a loan and start a game company in real life? I have a very strong feeling that if I worked on a game with a couple of other people (who also care about it and aren't there just to collect a paycheck), I wouldn't ever get demotivated except if I hit a major roadblock or have to do a ton of gruntwork or something like that. I don't even know what a "couple people" would do though, art and programming is easy to split and I don't think you need more than 1 person on each side. Music is much easier to just commission, no point in having a dedicated member for that.

TL;DR: I'm not working on my game but neither are you so you can't complain.
I don't know if I'd go as far as taking out a loan, maybe you just need some IRL friends for support.
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Anon I need to play your game (on linux).
Give me a (pseudoanonymous) identifier to use so that I can hound you about it relentlessly.
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I don't know how to find friends let alone ones with similar interests and who don't spill their leftist cuck faggotry into my life, I already have to listen to people complain about Trump and vaccines and shit at work. I don't really want cheerleaders anyway, I want people who actually care about what I'm doing (i.e. coworkers), but I'd need a loan to be able to afford them.

You don't even know anything about it, is Linux that starved of videogames?
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>is Linux that starved of videogames?
No,wine runs 98% of games and the remaining 2% is very rarely worth caring.

What I am desperately starved of however,are games created by superior beings (anons).
Also I'm helping provide social pressure
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>You don't even know anything about it,
I bet "it" doesn't even exist. Not only do you not have a project you've been working on, but you're so brain-dead you've never even idea-man'd a concept together. Prove me wrong faggot.
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your percentages are backward
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>wheres ur game
Normally I wouldn't even respond to this nodev cope but it gives me an excuse to talk about this. I'm the one who made this thread: >>144741

I've had the feeling that other people motivate me for a while now, so one of the things I wanted to test with that project was exactly what would happen if I worked on something with other people. As soon as I made the thread I started working on parts of it and I continued working every day for like 2 weeks. Every day I would feel motivated to work on it and didn't do much else than that. But only a few days after the thread became quiet, my motivation started waning.

To be fair part of it is because it's too fucking hot I'm having doubts that this approach works at all (I don't know what the game is supposed to be so I'm not sure what to add to it). But part of it is definitely because I'm starting to get the feeling that it's pointless, that nobody will care because it's too difficult to add things into the game with an engine like this because you can't "script" it and all the gameplay is made with engine-tier code, that you need a more general and well developed engine to do what I wanted to do (a game where people can add random shit whenever they want). But I can almost bet that if other people were working on the project and waiting me to add something, I would work on it nonstop.
>i need people to motivate me
What motivates me is not other people pushing me on its the fact that one day they could play my vidya and have fun, thats the motivation, the only motivation you're gonna get here is to do it yourself faggot then come back with a finished game
I don't think its worth it selling your soul to the banksters just to get cowokers which may be interested in your game. To be honest I don't know either where to find right wing gamers which did not consumed the marxist kool aid doctrine so I cannot help you on this front either sadly. At best try to find some other game development community something that is small I guess but highly active, maybe its worth a try. 

Well I barely find any new people too where I can befriend these years now so its for me very difficult to get new frens too. In other words I can't really give you any helpful advice but I wish you the best of luck with your video game Anyon.
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I was in that thread, and this is what I gather from your posts.
>I want to make a 2D grid based engine
>I want to make a 2D RPG
>The game must use my engine
There is nothing wrong with that, but there is nothing beyond your desire to work on your own engine, there is no game, nobody knows what you want to make besides you, and I'm assuming that you know what you want make, maybe you don't know.
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>linux isn't starved of video games
using WINE is a massive cope linuxtards like to use to feel less impotent, native linux games are rare as fuck and we need more of them and we need them NOW. 
>starved of anon made games
But how do you know if a game is made by anon or not? im sure things like cuck simulator and tyrone v cops on steam are made by anons  but how can you REALLY tell? so am i god tier if i make nigger killer 9001 or holocoaster tycoon? I have some ideafaggotry for GOOD anon made games but i would need a team of fags to make them.

One of the ideas was to make a school shooting game like the government one made using EDGE but instead of training first responders it would be used to train incels on how to better shoot up schools, it would take a few artfags and a few codemonkeys but i see the potential in the game and the mass asshurt it would cause the amerimutt public

The fag doesn't even know what he wants to do, if there was a concise plan set out like "this is X and it does Y" or "the story is this and thats why my mom chokes on BBC" then it would make more sense but this is just "dude i want to make my own game lmao but i have zero direction"
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>But only a few days after the thread became quiet, my motivation started waning.
Well of course it did. There wasn't anything left to discuss in the thread.
The idea you presented in it was very barebones. "RPG", "sandboxy", "something like this" whilst showing some basic top-down combat. There is no meat here.
This isn't a problem that just you are running into, but a lot of indie dev projects. They want to make "a cool game" that's "sort of like this other thing", and end up implementing a whole bunch of basic components like inventory, leveling up, equipment, enemies and levels into the game, then kinda slap together some content and call it a day without actually evaluating how these systems would come together to form a meaningful gameplay experience. For examples of this, just go look at indie games at steam that aren't successful. You'll find tons of mediocre trash that kinda looks like the other thing but without any of the soul.

>I'm having doubts that this approach works at all (I don't know what the game is supposed to be so I'm not sure what to add to it).
It doesn't work, because your gameplay needs an actual foundation.
Gameplay doesn't start existing just because you did some rough groundwork. It needs design. Mechanics. Rules for the content built on top of it all so that you don't invalidate crucial design aspects.
Rather than going "make whatever you want!", you could instead try to get a discussion rolling of what the flow of game should be. Calling it a sandbox because you want to leave the design up to the player is just admitting that there is no design, and without any design people have no idea what to contribute. Instead, they can just grab literally any other game and mod their shit in there.

It might also be worth asking yourself what other games you are inspired by. Whilst "I want to make x but y" is definitely cringe and ideaman-pilled, it is the first step into understanding what kind of content you like and don't like.

>But I can almost bet that if other people were working on the project and waiting me to add something, I would work on it nonstop.
You mean like, employment?
Replies: >>147673
Anyone ITT want to ideafag with me to pass the time? you start!
Spoiler File
(1.2MB, 498x280)
A 3D RPG game where the player can play as a cute kemono girl such as fox and wolves and have different apparels such as witches clothing. with a mix of magic and modern era (1980-2000), enemies are nothing to write home about so from generic slime monsters, to orcs, goblins and other atypical fantasy monsters that exist only there for the player to earn shiny sparkling gold coins. 

>realize I am supposed to work on my tank game
Replies: >>147679
>right wing gamers
I don't even care what someone's political views are, but it's different when they start talking shit about my views and thinking that only mass shooter child rapist would have a non-mainstream view of something. I live on the other planet from US and I still had to listen to people complain about Trump being literally hitler who's going to start a world war, the only reason I'm able to work with people like that now is because I'm the one being paid for it.

I don't care what people think about the project or the way it's done, I care whether or not people are interested in the idea of working on something. It sounds like there's at least some people who are interested which is good enough for me.

The problem is that while building the editor I started to feel like it isn't going to work out the way I thought. And the reason it won't work has nothing to do with people's interest or my ability to program the game, it's because the idea I had in mind is incompatible with a self-made engine. To put it in another way; the only content that can reasonably be added without C engine programming are in-game objects, tiles, shaders, and dialogue with NPC portraits. I think people will quickly get bored with just that.

Also I've tried to explain the idea behind the project like 15 times and I won't do it again. If you don't understand by now then you won't ever understand.

>You mean like, employment?
That's what I said:
>It gets me wondering, should I just take a loan and start a game company in real life
Replies: >>147715
>1st person stealth
>randomized objectives
>randomized map layout
>randomized patrol routes for AI
>randomized hidden stats, traits, bonuses, ailments for each AI
>limited gear/tools to be selected before a mission
>extremely limited use of weapons
>AI actually remembers encounters and notices things amiss
>AI doesn't have bullshit magic senses

basically something that takes the best ideas out of stealth games and gets rid of the bullshit
Replies: >>147915
When I get a good computer, I'll play the shit out of your microtank mod for doom. I hope your tonk game is going well. Don't worry about it being slow,  as long as you work bit by bit it all eventually adds up.
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>using WINE is a massive cope
Yes,but I wanted to convey to anon that it was not just the choice of platform that I was counting on him for.

>how can you REALLY tell?
The soul of an anon shines through. Sure you can point at some stuff that would never be touched by normalfags but those are only a superficially recognizable subset.
The true spirit of anon lives in the details and in the moments,where in you lose the trappings of plebian things such as false senses of identity and the cynicism of daily life,where the act of reaching for something greater,something more,no matter how low one has fallen is sublimated into the work,where ideas are forged in the gauntlet of chaos into the most splendid pieces one can concieve.
Truly such things are found no where else but in the primordial mud we call home.

Forgive me the poetic shambling and the red anon,they were what I had on hand.
Replies: >>147686
I haven't worked on microtank mod for years already and its not worth playing it due to lack of content and polish, I focused my development on the Godot version which is not exactly the same apart that the player still drives a tank. And I haven't made progress recently either because either I just procrastinated or I just played other games. 

I just can't work like this anymore when I constantly feel like shit, people suggested to me I should go outside more often, eat better, work on cardio/lifting. And to be honest I never really did any of those things so I guess its pretty much my fault for not trying to change my lifestyle for once, meh.
Replies: >>147683 >>147689
I don't mind that it's an old mod with little "content" or "polish". It's still driving a lil tonk blasting demons eith HEAT/HESH rounds of justice and I find the concept to be a lot of fun. Plus I absolutely loved the RC demos of it back when you were testing it back on vr and I've been meaning to replay it ever since. It's actually a bit sad that I probably lost those files you were using to test publicly with one of my hard disk failiures but oh well.

You don't have to change your lifestyle-- at least not all at once. What you need is a little smile on your face telling you that you're doing fine and it's okay to take a break every now and then to get your bearings together. No game is done overnight. Same goes with personal health and exercising. Sure, not doing it /now/ kinda sucks, but that doesn't say you can't do it later at your pace.
You can just start small and then slowly work your way to greatness. Start with a short walk around your neighbourhood in the morning. Have a little salad later that day to replenish your vitamins. Next day, you can walk a little longer or maybe do something else. Do the things that You want to do, at your pace and you'll see improvements in no time.
Replies: >>147685
>I don't mind that it's an old mod with little "content" or "polish". It's still driving a lil tonk blasting demons eith HEAT/HESH rounds of justice and I find the concept to be a lot of fun. 
Well at least you had some fun playing it then.  

>it's actually a bit sad that I probably lost those files you were using to test publicly with one of my hard disk failiures but oh well.
I still have all the old released version of this mod, no idea where I should put it where I can just upload it and forget about it. 

>You don't have to change your lifestyle-- at least not all at once. What you need is a little smile on your face telling you that you're doing fine and it's okay to take a break every now and then to get your bearings together. No game is done overnight. Same goes with personal health and exercising. Sure, not doing it /now/ kinda sucks, but that doesn't say you can't do it later at your pace.
As for the lifestyle its for me extremely hard to tell, there is absolutely nothing that motivates me or brightens up my mood it's like I'm stuck in a limbo and a lot of people and other frens told me I should first go for regular walks but as soon I do that a few times which happened to me all the time so far I just forget about it and I don't go outside anymore. The past 2-3 days I just procrastinated and I didn't even played games so I just lurked and did nothing, apart from today where I decided that I should play OpenMW again. 

I probably sound too much of a burden then of any help since I never took any of those advice by heart.
It's pathetic that you post these pictures and yet still no games to show. All you know is empty motivation.
Replies: >>147691
I'm no doctor but I believe that what separates genuine depression from other problems is that you don't even want to change yourself or try to. And it doesn't count if you only do it to be less of a burden or to make relatives less concerned, you should want it yourself.

I don't think depression is the kind of problem that has a "just go for a walk" kind of solution.
Replies: >>147695
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>still no games to show
I suck at making assets and enginefagging isn't viable to showcase,but hey,saying that doesn't really matter if I'm not putting anything of worth behind it so I suppose you are right. 
Of course,you surely have a game to show us,right,Anon?
Replies: >>147695
Well I'm going to the psychologist every 8 week and the last time I visited him he didn't made any meaningful changes to my medication and he suggested to me I should go to a clinic again and I don't even feel like calling them for my first meeting with the doctor if they decide I should go to the clinic or not. I asked if there is a day hospital instead and there is one 4-5~ kilometer away from my home which starts at 08:00 which is quite early for me since I wake up later at around 09:00 or 10:00 'o clock first. 

When I was younger I already got hospitalized several times like 3 times at least I think but these 3 times were mostly related to my behavior and because of that they didn't gave me any medication, only a psychologist that I went there once a week I think. 

As for me I just want to finally stop feeling like shit 24/7 so that I can actually enjoy things. I don't know man, going to the cllinic once more doesn't sound like fun to me. I know its not supposed to be "fun" but I mean as in where the doctors actually try bothering giving me a proper treatment instead of just asking a bunch of check list question and then fiddling around with the dosage and then waiting a couple weeks again for the next doctor appointment. 

What kind of engine are you making?
[Hide] (1.8MB, 350x180)
>What kind of engine
Something for 3rd person (action) rpgs/character action.
The idea is for it to be highly flexible/moddable while still being designed around a specific mode of play (which helps me avoid the inefficencies of general purpose engines) because,again,I suck at making assets and wanted to be able to just stick whatever in there.
Also managed to come up with a simulation structure I'm happy about that I believe will make it far simpler to implement good networking (and also lets me pull off time shennanigans/rollback) ,it will end up brazenly allowing some cheats but those shouldn't affect the other party much since they would be local to the cheater's game.
It's difficult understanding your own self, specially when you're depressed and you think everything is awful and that you're useless. You're not, btw. I've been there... Kinda still are, it sucks.
You need to socialize more. Talk with people that are well-meaning and don't just take you for granted. At least, finding friends and people to vent my worries with and that would support me emotionally helps me a ton with the rationalization of my own faults and shortcomings. 
I'm sorry that I can't tell you where to find such people. If anything, I was just incredibly lucky that I found people like that in the dark corners of some forbidden website, whose inhabitants were scorned by that foul place for being different.

Please listen when I say. You're not a burden, not now, not back then, and never in the future. Everyone has their ups and downs and I'll never be upset at anyone that doesn't take advices to heart, as words flow like the wind, and are just as easily forgotten. You need to forgive yourself for not adhering to some impossible standard set by you or someone else over on how much progress you should be making. You're a wonderful person and you've done great things already, your mod was super Fun back then and I can only imagine the new game is just as much fun as how that was. Please just don't give up on your dreams.
Replies: >>147772
Sounds like your psychologist doesn't actually want to help you at all and is just sick of doing his own job. I have a personal bias, having had to deal with such assholes because it earns them more money if you don't improve, and they legitimately try their hardest to not help or to prescribe garbage placebo shit or experimental untested pharco poison. Granted the latter could just be my paranoia but still.

You're right that you should do what makes You happy. If going to the clinic would make you feel that way it'd just make things worse. I'm sorry that I can't give much of an advice beyond this but I sincerely hope you get better and that everything works well for you.
Replies: >>147772
I have nothing but horrid experiences with health care throughout my whole life so my personal bias is that they don't care about you or about healing you, they're just following a script. That said I probably don't even live in the same country as you.
Replies: >>147772
>But only a few days after the thread became quiet, my motivation started waning.
You told us to wait until you were done, that's why the thread went quiet.

>The problem is that while building the editor I started to feel like it isn't going to work out the way I thought. And the reason it won't work has nothing to do with people's interest or my ability to program the game, it's because the idea I had in mind is incompatible with a self-made engine. To put it in another way; the only content that can reasonably be added without C engine programming are in-game objects, tiles, shaders, and dialogue with NPC portraits. I think people will quickly get bored with just that.
The engine is not the bottleneck.
Replies: >>147728
>You told us to wait until you were done, that's why the thread went quiet.
>The engine is not the bottleneck.
It is.
Replies: >>147734
>engine is the bottleneck
no nigger, (You) are the bottleneck, if everyone has to wait until you spread your cheeks then its going to take forever to get any skeeting done!
Replies: >>147736
That's the engine's fault because it won't let people script gameplay content the way that big engines do. Tht problem doesn't exist if you pick RPG maker or Unity or Godot or whatever.
Replies: >>147752
Just shove this shit in there. https://www.compuphase.com/pawn/pawn.htm
>You need to socialize more. Talk with people that are well-meaning and don't just take you for granted. At least, finding friends and people to vent my worries with and that would support me emotionally helps me a ton with the rationalization of my own faults and shortcomings.
For me its now mission impossible to find new friends, I extremely rarely play multiplayer games nowadays and since I'm a NEET I don't have the opportunity to socialize with other workers instead, so most of my contacts is limited through my sister, the other few friends I made through multiplayer games I haven't been talking to them for several months now and they didn't wrote to me back anything either and I nearly forget who those people are. 

My one sister is too busy with work and my other sister has her own issue so its difficult to find common ground with my sister. I asked her if they have any hobbies and they told to me they don't have any and my other sister used to draw a lot and now she pretty much stopped doing that and instead does house chores and playing console games.  

>Please listen when I say. You're not a burden, not now, not back then, and never in the future. Everyone has their ups and downs and I'll never be upset at anyone that doesn't take advices to heart, as words flow like the wind, and are just as easily forgotten. You need to forgive yourself for not adhering to some impossible standard set by you or someone else over on how much progress you should be making. 
That's good to hear. I was just afraid that people would get annoyed by me because I never did any serious changes in an attempt to improve my life. 

>You're a wonderful person and you've done great things already, your mod was super Fun back then and I can only imagine the new game is just as much fun as how that was. Please just don't give up on your dreams.
Thank you Anyon for these kind words, I don't want to really give up on my dreams either of making a tank game.

I guess I should post more often on the 8chins /digi/ board then, since its a general purpose board and not /b/ tier. It's themed after di gi charat, not digimon. 

Yeah you're right, I went I think 5~ times by now to my current psychologist which is so few because I get appointment for every 8 weeks only and so far I don't have any feelings from him that he actually wants to see me get better. I just wish that thinking about my waifu and other frens would be more than enough to make me happy so that I have finally the motivation to work on things instead of procrastinating all day long. 

I live in Europe and so far with all the experience I had with clinic doctors is that as I have said before that they just ask a couple of standard question "do you feel better?; do you still hear voices? do you want to kill yourself?" etcetera, then on the last clinic I was they just set me up for 1 therapy and another planned therapy one for basic workshop, the thing where you just do extremely simple painting or wood working so nothing too difficult and the other therapy for sports which didn't happened for some reason. 

I'll thank you so much for your support Anyons, I never excepted I would find here some ears for my issues.
Replies: >>147782 >>147808
I recommend that you do not go to a hospital unless you are suicidal, harming yourself or others or if you have a psychosis. In a hospital, the docs just give you a ton of meds (that you are forced to take) and  they can lock you up for whenever they choose to.

I have tried meds. They worked for a while, but then the effects stopped (and after that I think they made me feel even worse). I have tried several meds. Just whatever you do, do not try ((( Seroquel ))) it fucking sucks and you get the worst withdrawals (you can't sleep properly for 3-4 weeks). Thankfully, benzos and mirtazapine helped a little (I used benzos during the first week after stopping Seroquel and then switched to mirtazapine). If you want to switch your medication, you need to be more proactive and ask the doc (you can even ask for a specific drug). I highly recommend that you research the meds yourself first: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_antidepressants and, if you want to go deeper, look them up at https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ (I recommend you limit the search results of Review, Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis) Also, look up reviews and side-effects from some site.
Replies: >>147797 >>148025
Okay I'll look into those meds later again when I about to visit him soon enough lest I will forget about those things again what to ask for. I skimmed through a few wikipedia pages already and so far most of those anti depressant if I understood it right have almost the same or similar adverse effects and different usage case, hmm maybe when I take a closer look I might be able to find something else that I can ask the doc for.

Thanks for the info Anyon.
Replies: >>147829 >>148025
[Hide] (8.6MB, 704x384, 00:04)
>demotivated niito
>no friends
>dependent on the pharma jew
>government-appointed psych
>unwilling to self-improve
<posts on kikechan
[Hide] (27.5KB, 474x348)
Can someone redpill me on the meds jew? Im taking anti-psychotics for my schizophrenia and they don't seem to work, all they seemed to have done is make me worse and feel sick all the time, i constantly vomit and have zero concentration so I cannot work on anything let alone make my own game, i've tried to make a small game but i just end up forgetting all about it and doing something else
[Hide] (108KB, 960x822)
Replies: >>150725 >>150839
nearly every non-black mass shooter in the US in the past 2 decades has been on anti-depressant medication, specifically SSRIs
don't take em
I don't have any experience with meds but I would really try and get a habit going of walking around your local green strip every other day. Use a calendar app on your phone or PC to remind yourself, it's such a tiny thing but it really improves the mood.
Polite sage for not-vidya
Replies: >>147830
Also yoga, and don't eat shit.
Is the /agdg/ board any good on anoncafe?
Replies: >>147915
[Hide] (314.4KB, 1280x720)
Congratulations, you're a normal human being. It's almost like our reward pathways are primed for social interaction. I wouldn't take out a loan if you're not actively deving, but >going outside and finding some friends with similar interests would do you a great deal of good. If you're in an urban area there's a good chance that there are gamedev groups around, and not being in the US means the faggotry concentration in such a meetup will be lower.

Anyone know what happened to the thief clone anon? I couldn't find the webms of the sound propagation that was the last thing I remember him posting

It's dead Jim.
[Hide] (243.7KB, 400x400)
I'm the opposite. I want to one man army all my shit and I'm doing everything in my power to accomplish that goal.
I don't like depending on other retards and like having total control. Sharing stuff with others is fun though not as much as it used to be.

If you want to make simple games with other people who don't expect much if at all money, I recommend Newgrounds. It's not as good as it once was but it won't spew fag propaganda on your face like other sites. A lot of people just want to make games for fun and there is specific boards for that. There's even competitions every once in a while for best games with cash prices.
To be clear, I never said that meds are good but if you are going to take them, you really should read about them. Most of the work when selecting the medication is just finding the drug that has less severe side-effects (ie. there actually aren't any good drugs).

>Can someone redpill me on the meds?
Ok. The ((( anti-psychotics ))) are even worse than antidepressants. Saved these links from lainchan:

>Long-term antipsychotic treatment and brain volumes: a longitudinal study of first-episode schizophrenia 
<During longitudinal follow-up, antipsychotic treatment reflected national prescribing practices in 1991 through 2009.
<Longer follow-up correlated with smaller brain tissue volumes and larger cerebrospinal fluid volumes.

>Intracranial and subcortical volumes in adolescents with early-onset psychosis: A multisite mega-analysis from the ENIGMA consortium

>Do antipsychotic drugs affect brain structure? A systematic and critical review of MRI findings

> i constantly vomit and have zero concentration
Vomiting is not normal. You clearly need to at least lower the dose. Also, all anti-dopaminergic drugs slow down your brain and body, and they also ruin your concentration and memory. If you are going to quit the meds, don't quit them too fast because you will get withdrawals and there is the possibility to get rebound syndrome (because anti-psychotics will increase the sensitivity of dopamine receptors because the brain will try to compensate their anti-dopaminergic effects).
Starting project number 48. This time I'm making a game for real.
I've taken sertraline and quetiapine before. The sertraline never did anything for my depression. It gave me extreme headaches and nausea, made my dick soft, and made me hear voices. I tried quetiapine and it's hard to describe what happened. It felt like I actually died and became a different person. It alters the inner part of your mind responsible for your sense of self. It amplified the voices and the hallucinations turned visual. I saw demons in the darkness. I saw faces in the walls and figures in the corner of my eyes. It made me afraid of the dark for years afterwards. The things I saw during that experience inspired the theme for my game. Not that I'm ever going to fucking finish it.

All the hallucinations stopped when I stopped the meds. I started using psychedelics afterwards. It led to a personal renaissance and made me much happier and healthier. Cannabis, LSD, psilocybin, and DMT are all non-toxic, have no overdose threshold, are non-addicitive, don't require tapering down to stop, and are invaluable to health and science. People report having profound life altering experiences on psychedelics, commonly describing their experiences as some of the most important in their life. They're reported to strongly help with depression, stress, psychosis, and ptsd.
Replies: >>148300
>and are invaluable to health and science
Don't forget that you're severely unhealthy. What might ease your suffering might just as well damage someone else.
[Hide] (346.6KB, 646x363)
Where do I start on my vidya making career? i want to make good games for white men and promote national socialism in my games, think of it as a WW2 game but from le ebil nazis perspective as an example. but I want the games to be quality like the early medal of honor games except slightly better graphics and KB+M controls. I really think there needs to be more games made without poz and other gay shit thrown in there but how do you do it in a tasteful way?
>Where do I start on my vidya making career?
Make a clone of Pong.
>pick an engine that you can make your ideal game on
>make a shitty extremely basic game 
>once it's done start on a new, slightly more complex game that requires more of the skills your ideal game will need
>rinse and repeat until you make the ideal game
[Hide] (142.3KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (5.3KB, 729x567)
>i want to make good games for white men and promote national socialism in my games, think of it as a WW2 game but from le ebil nazis perspective as an example.
You just reminded me of der sieg. Sadly, the creator got pussy whipped so hard he had to stop working on it entirely.
Replies: >>148390
wait what happened to der sieg? why did he stop working on the game?
Replies: >>148395 >>148511
[Hide] (11.5KB, 480x320)
nobody here was stupid enough to entrap with an /r/The_Donald meme game so the FBI reassigned him
Maybe someone has the screencap saved, I'm talking from memory but the gist of it is this. He explained in his gab that the community response wasn't what he expected given the amount of effort and he'd rather focus on his real life rather than the game. The game itself had potential but what the dev delivered amounted to the graphics, passive dialogues and repetitive combat.

>>>/v/148395 (You)
go home eden
Replies: >>148515
[Hide] (217.5KB, 486x746)
how rude

I didn't bother screencapping it either but everything posted in the original thread had that vile stink of "how do you do, fellow nazis?" like most alt-right productions have, and insisting on using gab was a bad sign. The posted demo was also full of references to migapede "humor" from 2017ish, and the gameplay was just bad. Taken together it all seemed like some glownigger trying to make a "Trump nazi game" and have it blow up on social media with a trail leading back to the webring, or someone so dumb he might as well have been a glownigger. It sucks because I agree the idea had potential.
[Hide] (656.5KB, 1288x3200)
[Hide] (2MB, 1288x3200)
>day hospital
>hospitalized 3 times at a young age
I don't know what country you live in, but this sounds like the typical medical/pharmaceutical bureaucracy in developed Western countries (especially socialist pits like Canada and the UK).  They don't make money if you actually enjoy life and stop needing them, so they do everything possible to fleece you for money and keep you dependent on them and just sedated enough not to help yourself.

>I just want to finally stop feeling like shit 24/7 so that I can actually enjoy things
1) Choose one of the two attached guides and make a genuine effort to follow it for at least 3 weeks.  I did the couch to 5K guide in 2019 and it literally changed my life: I went from a fatass who couldn't even run for a few minutes to someone who was running for 30 minutes straight every other day (my pace was slow so I didn't lose as much weight as I could have, but I did lose weight).

2) Also, go outside and walk around, even if it's just to a local park - being shut off from nature will fuck you up.  I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance of a couple nice parks with real forest areas, which I know not everyone is.  If you live in the middle of a concrete jungle then you may want to drive/take the bus to a park and go walking or running there.  As much as "touch grass" is tranny/Twitter nigger slang, there is truth to the benefits of going outside and spending time around plants and breathing fresh air.

3) Improve your diet.  Dieting is complicated, but the bare minimum is simply to avoid eating garbage and poisoning your body.  Fasting also helps, and here's what has worked for me:
- Eggs, meat (cold cuts, non-processed meat from local grocery stores), and other sources of protein like oatmeal/beans/rice are what I eat the most of.  They make me feel full and there is very little "filler" or empty calories in them.
- Vegetables and fruit are good complements, and they are often easy to prepare (boiling/steaming broccoli or cauliflower, or making salads with minimal dressing).
- Cut ALL sugar, sweets, soft drinks, and everything else even mildly artificial from your diet, as well as most bread.  This is the single most important thing you can do for yourself.  Your body isn't built to withstand all that sugar, and what you think of as "hunger pangs" are really just your body overproducing insulin at regular times of day to handle the sheer amounts of sugar you're shoveling into your mouth.

3.5) Try intermittent fasting.  I only eat twice a day, and it's given me a lot more productive time because I don't spend half an hour preparing/eating lunch, then another half hour digesting it.  I know some people fast for an entire day once or twice per week, but I'm not there yet.  I lost a fair amount of weight with this approach last year (and gained it back over the Christmas season due to the overabundance of chocolate and candy and a lapse of self-control on my part.  The human body isn't meant to take in huge amounts of calories three times a day, and you'll be happier if you don't do that.

4) Really, whatever you do, just:

Sage for off-topic.
Which is better for use with Godot, GDScript or C#?
Replies: >>148614
GDscript or better yet use GDnative
Replies: >>148633 >>148764
GDNative is really annoying and difficult to use in 3.x (though it's one of the things they've improved in 4.0). I recommend GDScript 90% of the time, then profile the problem areas and move those to GDNative. Don't make your entire game in GDNative.
Replies: >>148764
[Hide] (216.1KB, 1303x913)
RIP Unity
Didn't Unity also spied on you?
Replies: >>148651
I'm not surprised something like this happened, since they just fired a bunch of people and that's usually a sign that a shakeup is coming, but I didn't expect it to happen like this. I thought it would be a buyout from Microsoft or something.

There's different levels of spyware. Something can already be spying on you, and then change and spy on you worse.
Sure why not? Unity was already an atrocious bloated piece of shit so just attach some malware to it while you're at it. HMaybe this will get people to stop using this garbage.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1024x768)
Replies: >>148670
[Hide] (14.9KB, 286x340)
So, it's UE4 the best engine for 3D games?
I reckon it's not godot at least yet.
Replies: >>148801
Guys im so depressed and have no motivation. Can you guys give me an extensive guide to unfuck my life and start making my games for real? I have trued so may times but always end in stagnation and failure.
[Hide] (720.6KB, 1920x4782)
often in this schizo's multi-post rant i have found wisdom, despite it being cuckchan
[Hide] (90.6KB, 516x547)
There is no one-size-fits-all solution to help you. The "extensive guide" you want doesn't exist. I can give generally good recommendations like eat healthy food, exercise, get enough sleep every night, go outside and get sunlight, stop isolating yourself, and so on, but at the end of the day, if it's really that bad, you'll need to talk to someone who knows what they're doing.
[Hide] (725.8KB, 1920x1200)
Give me a simple game idea or a game to clone and I'll try my best to get it done before the next demo day! I have a few ideas in my head but do not know if they are worth it, it's mostly just "do X but with Y feature" or "do X but with a Y theme". 
Help me end the cycle of endless nodeving plz. when is the next demo day anyways?
[Hide] (4MB, 04:24)
>Dejavu, I've just been in this place before.
Frogger, but with guns.
[Hide] (998.4KB, 640x800, 00:18)
>when is the next demo day anyways?
8/8, bit over 3 weeks from now.
>Give me a simple game idea or a game to clone
what kinda games are you into
Make nuclear throne but not shit
[Hide] (146.7KB, 650x974)
How do i get good at making games? I have intermediate level of coding knowledge and looking for a way to become really good at my jobs. Should i learn rust? People on YouTube have been praising it as the greatest language, even better than C. I have only coded in Python and C++ for my unity games. Should i learn Linux? Please give me an extensive review rather than one or two sentences. Please help me you are my only hope.
you will fail. do not use rust.
What advantages does GDScript offer over C#, besides ease of use?
Replies: >>148809
>should I learn these already stupidly complicated things before making my game when i already have some tools and experience
Literally just start making games, start with the smallest stuff and complete them, gradually work your way up
C++ and Python are fine languages for game dev, and knowing Unity is helpful too, just manage the scope of what you want to do and start doing them
The best way to do what you want is to get experience, you already have more tools and knowledge than most starting amateurs, don't ovrrcomplicate things with autism
Just get to work, go find some people/artists if you want and make some things for game jams, there's plenty out there on the internet
Or something, but yeah, go fag, 
The best way to get good at anything is to just fucking do it.
For game dev the biggest problems are a lack of knowledge, the daunting task of starting the project, forever increasing scope/bloat/creep without having clear objectives, lack of consistent work being done on the project, changing things drastically partway through a project (i.e. an engine change, a genre change, etc), and so on.
The lack of knowledge is probably one of the least contributing factors, but in your case  you will overcomplicate and fuck yourself over when you could get more valuable experience by sticking to what you know
Start scheduling, develop a clear goal in your mind (starting small first if you have the luxury), follow through on it in a disciplined way, get a team if necessary, and get to work and learn from your mistakes.
Anyone who has a strong opinion about any of that is a larping nodev who hasn't been able to make anything so they have to push this bikeshed garbage to feel important. Only try new things if you think the things you currently use are flawed in some way and another thing would improve upon it.

>How do i get good
The worst thing you can do if you want to git gud is to start switching tools all the time instead of actually practicing programming.
>So, it's UE4 the best engine for 3D games?
Perhaps the best but not the easiest. Use Godot if you actually want to finish your game.

Fix your sleep and start going outside on regular basis. Also, try meditating: https://archive.is/lQE5j

>I have trued so may times but always end in stagnation and failure.
Start with a simpler game first and make many "tech demo" type mini goals.

>Should i learn rust?
No. It's heavily memed by the Rust community. The solution they give for all your problems is "Lol, just rewrite it in Rust". If you want a good language to learn, I recommend Go but you don't have to learn any new languages since you already know Python and C. Instead, I recommend deepening your knowledge of Python and/or C.

>Should i learn Linux? 
Yes and start making cross-platform FOSS games. I recommend you read the free The Linux Command Line book (https://linuxcommand.org/tlcl.php). I recommend you install either Xubuntu (easy mode) or Arch Linux (use the official installation guide). If you choose to go with Arch Linux, you must be prepared to read the manual and wiki pages. You can practice installing Arch Linux in a  VM like VirtualBox (https://www.virtualbox.org/). Don't use any Arch Linux installers because they suck (and most Arch based distros suck, excluding Artix Linux and Arch Linux ARM). If you want to dual-boot, either get a new HDD for GNU/Linux or use Windoze disk management tools to shrink the windows partition. If you install Arch or Artix, I recommend you use the rua AUR helper because it allows you to easily review and/or patch AUR packages.
Replies: >>148803
>I recommend Go but you don't have to learn any new languages since you already know Python and C. Instead, I recommend deepening your knowledge of Python and/or C.
*I recommend Go but you don't have to learn any new languages since you already know Python and CPP. Instead, I recommend deepening your knowledge of Python and/or CPP.

I recommend you read The C++ Programming Language and Scott Meyers' books. For learning more about Python, I recommend Mark Lutz's book.
None, and visa versa. The reasoning for choosing GDScript over C# comes down entirely to ease of use. GDScript is more integrated to the engine and there are more tutorials that use it. But if you don't care about that stuff and you just like C# more, then it makes sense to use C# over GDScript.
[Hide] (359.1KB, 933x1352)
Is anyone interested in working on a collaborative game, a small project that can finished within 2 to 3 months, developed only during the weekends, maybe 2 to 3 hours per weekend, I don't want a full time project, I want something small.

It must use open source tools, personally I would like to use Godot, it has a low barrier of entry and most tools are already inside the IDE, Godot 4.0 would be an interesting version to use, GDScript 2 has some differences compared to the previous version.

For the project, I want it to be organized, but I don't want to feel like a job, you are doing it for free anyway, so its up to you how much you want to contribute, its a small project, and from personal experience, sometimes people just disappear out of nowhere, they have holidays, real life problems, exhaustion, death, or just forgot about the project over the weekend.

I was thinking about possible positions for an anon to contribute.
>Project manager
>Level designer
>Character designer
A single anon can contribute to multiple positions, with the except the project manager, someone needs to be the cult leader and guide the project.

The project will be separated into two steps, pre-production and development; the pre-production will define what we want in the game, like character design, level design, gameplay mechanics, etc, its the design document as well as technical document; the development step is where we work on the game, contribute with code, art and music.

As for the game, I don't want to make a revolutionary game, or a quirky one, something straight forward is fine, I have some ideas.
>beat'm up (e.g., Final Fight, Splatterhouse, Dragon's Crown)
>Action side-scroller(e.g., Castlevania, The Vagrant, Shinobi)
>shmup(e.g., Shock Troopers, Super Aleste, Blue Revolver)
>top down action adventure(e.g., Zelda A link to the past , Alundra, Beyond Oasis)
For the theme, I don't have any attachment, but I would like to make a body horror, fighting cyborgs while the protagonist tries to escape an abandoned town or a derelict ship, but I'm fine with whatever is decided, as long it's not a porn game nor a playable shitpost; for the content, the length of the game should be around 15 to 25 minutes, one or two levels at best, and a boss, I think it's more than enough. 

So, why am I doing this, because I want the experience of working on a project with other members, working on a game by yourself is one thing, but more with more people is a different experience. even if crash and burns, its going to be an interesting experience.
should've taken the godot pill
Replies: >>152105
I'll handle the money.
Where's the master shitposter role?
Replies: >>148893
Oh, just to point out, 2 months with 2 hours per weekend = 32 hours. You're asking to make a game in 32 hours.
Replies: >>148893
The best way to do this is to pick a direction, start a game, post progress, and state that you are open to people joining. People don't want to join a project that's dead in the water, they want to join a project with life. You only give a project that life by making and showing progress.

This is the second time I've had to explain this. I'm tempted to create a write-up on the wiki so I can just post a link.

That's assumed to be a party of every role.

So a game-jam game, essentially.
Replies: >>148967
[Hide] (271.7KB, 600x600)
[Hide] (102.7KB, 600x600)
Replies: >>148914 >>148942
[Hide] (333.5KB, 1603x1468)
>How do i get good at making games?

>not dup cola
[Hide] (252.2KB, 850x722)
I've been trawling the internet trying to find people to ask for commissions. I'm looking for someone that can do high res 2d animated sprites in an anime style. I've seen a few people that have these skills and some even play the genre I'm making. Unfortunately, they're unavailable for commissions. It was a mistake to wait so long to try to acquire an artist. Had I found these people sooner, they would have had open commission slots. Game dev management is a skill in itself. I've been looking on Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Deviantart, Skeb, Pixiv, Newgrounds, Artstation, Pixeljoint, Itch, *booru, and so on. There's a lot to sift through when looking for someone to message. The game will never get done if I don't get help with the art.
What's your scope and budget?
Replies: >>148945
[Hide] (23.5KB, 800x640)
here's some random people that looked acceptable, no idea about their prices:
Replies: >>148945
it begins
[Hide] (117KB, 400x460)
[Hide] (13.3KB, 69x96)
I'm only making a demo now and not a full game. There's a lot of content that can be added but I'd start small.

I would at first need a player sprite and enemy sprite. I estimate the player sprite will be 80x120px and 24 frames. 3 movement cycles 8 frames each. The enemy sprite would be 3-12 frames. Probably smaller or about the same size as the player. I would also request some effects like spawns and explosions. Some minor UI elements too, like icons for the life counter. I'd pay per frame depending on the quality.

A lot of pixel artists stick to 32x32 or lower and prefer to make tiles. I'm looking for something like regular 2d animated digital art, just made into a sprite. Like something that would go into a fighting game or Doom mod.

Thanks for the leads.
[Hide] (1.3KB, 93x64)
since you're looking for high resolution pixel art, have you considered just commissioning regular anime art instead? there probably wouldn't be much of a difference in the long run
What kind of game, exactly (I assume a fightan gaem or beat-em-up from your estimates), and what's your concept for the player character? Do you want lineart, painted, pixelshit, or what? I can't get my hands on your shekels if I don't know what you're going for.
Replies: >>148959
Fire Emblem: Phantasmagoria of the Holy War. A Twinkle Star Sprite Sprites/Touhou 09 style versus shmup featuring characters from the Jugdral FE games.
It's a shmup. email field and I'll fill you in on the details.
Replies: >>148961
[Hide] (12.2KB, 128x128)
[Hide] (9.9KB, 128x192)
[Hide] (3.2KB, 128x256)
alright, I'll do that
in the meantime enjoy some shitty sprites (and also that swag wario one) I made for a project like 6 years ago
As >>148893 has said, it would be a good idea if you set up a git and start outlining some general shapes of what you want. It makes it easier for people to see if they would like the project and very importantly, a point where to jump in.
GitGud for example is a GitLab instance and you should be able to use Issues and issue-boards as well as the wiki to start and define things that can be acted on.
You should look for anime-style animators, not pixel artists. It's much harder to get a sprite artist to start making quality animations than it is to get a quality animator to use a pixelated style. Animation is a skill that very few people have, but anyone can adapt to a pixel art rendering style.
Are you even at the stage where you can even give a fuck about art and shit? What's your gameplay looking like? Your pre-alpha, anything of that nature?
If you don't have a somewhat compelling product to show off, you're in no real position to be seeking final art assets and should be sticking with placeholder assets for the time being.
- First you need to learn 2 code. I recommend you learn Lua because it's small and simple language (and you can use Love2d to make simple games): https://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html
- If you want to program a game engine, you probably want to lean CPP. In that case, I recommend you read PPP2 (but you really want to use an engine if you want to finish your game).
- If you choose to use CPP or C,  make sure to enable warnings on your compiler: -Wall -Wextra -Wformat=2. 

>How do i learn to make 3d games? 
- https://www.drdobbs.com/parallel/graphics-programming-black-book/184404919
- https://lazyfoo.net/tutorials/SDL/index.php & https://lazyfoo.net/tutorials/OpenGL/index.php
Or just use Godot.
You're a few years too late to point that out.
Replies: >>149873
So then what is the purpose of this thread if no one is actually making games?
Replies: >>149874 >>150368
It's a retirement home for people who wanted to become gamedevs but didn't.
that's rough, buddy. have some books. You don't have to understand them now, just kind of skim them and get a general idea of what's good and what's bad.
Replies: >>150396
[Hide] (424.6KB, 1280x720)
Today I refactored a whole bunch of things to be better. It was a good day.
Replies: >>150410 >>150426
What is a good embeddable scripting language? There's lua, which is actually not that bad, and I've used it in the past, but it's 1-based array indexing is insane and it has a GC. And don't get me started on lua 5.4 and how they discovered this to-be-closed variables thing, alias "like destructors in languages with deterministic object destruction but 100 times more cumbersome".
There's squirrel, which were started by someone who was fed up with lua, and it fixed its main problems (0 based arrays, reference counting, c api that returns status codes instead of the gay longjmp that's a fucking nightmare to use from c++, no global by default), but it also fucked up many other aspects (no multiple returns, a half assed class system that sucks but at least the language more-or-less forces it on you, this handling that's about as retarded as in javashit, delete instead of = nil in tables, fuckloads of unnecessary, non overridable keywords, different integer size on 32 and 64-bit builds).
Angelscript is also used by some games, from a quick look it tries really hard to look like c while not being actually c. I don't really understand what it's trying to accomplish, if I really wanted to code in c, then I'd code in c. But I have to admit, static typing sometimes can be useful even in scripts. Also huge compared to the previous two (lua ~16kLOC c, squirrel ~13kLOC c++, angelscript ~68kLOC (and it's just the source and addons without any extras, the whole sdk is over 181k, including 25k of XML. WTF?).
What else we have? Other than javashit, which combines the worst features of everything above.
It's a trap.
Take the forthpill: https://www.forth.com/starting-forth/
It's simple to embed, but gets your noggin joggin with a unique programming paradigm. There are a few dialects that are easy to embed. I use zforth for fun and profit.
Replies: >>150420
>unironically recommending SICP

I heard of a language called Pawn but never used it: https://www.compuphase.com/pawn/pawn.htm
Replies: >>150420
[Hide] (241.9KB, 1176x836)
Today I refactored more things. I'm now where I was when I started refactoring, except sprites can properly draw alpha, and shaders/images will now be hot reloaded when modified. Now I can continue working on my game engine.
Replies: >>150426 >>150677
>check pawn
>apache license
No thanks.

Brings up bad memories, it reminds me when I had to write postscript code. And probably I'd go with some kind of lisp, if I would take this weird languages way.
Replies: >>150423
Generally it's not a good idea to use scripting languages. Just do the thing in the code.
If you want a really compact lisp implementation, then you may want to look into Scheme. Though it is rather sparse in terms of features.
>use this language that nobody actually uses that they shilled in this fucking book
You guys really know how to make me never want to come back here again.
Replies: >>150427 >>150432
Good work, even if you are enginefagging.
>nobody uses
My editor OS is written in lisp you retard. Half of gimp plugins are in scheme.
Then give a better suggestion and help him out. If you have the answer to his problem don't tell him he's going down the wrong path then refuse to lead him down the right one.
Unfortunately I did not have the will power to do anything today, but I have few questions.

How do you implement gibs, I understand there are different ways to implement it 
>swapping the textures
>swapping the original mesh for a damaged mesh, and instantiating the missing body parts
>Using CSG boolean operations and shaders to display the damage, similar to L4D2
Is there any other way to remove limbs the of a model ? 

I need an opinion on the following network structure that I'm planning to implementing for a multiplayer game.
>Master server
Master server will simply index servers, their population, game modes, etc
>Game Server
Controls the game, two types, dedicated and peer to peer

To host a game server, it must connect to a master server, the master server will store and index the server, and every x amount of time, master server will update the stored information on the server.
The client is the same thing, client must connect to a master server, find an available game server, and connect to the game server.

I don't have any experience with networking, so I want to get some opinions on this architecture, viability, the whole thing.

I'm currently replaying Unreal Gold on hard, and fighting skaarjs is fun, they explore the map, dodge projectiles, below a certain health threshold they look for cover, quite interesting, however they don't have a hit feedback, you can hit them but they never react to projectile, meanwhile, Turok 2 Seeds of Evil, every enemy reacts when they get hit, but, its doesn't feel good, they just stop, finish the hit animation and move back to attack you. 

This got me thinking, how do you properly balance encounters in action games, does the design and behavior of the enemy creates an expectation for the encounter, and what about weapon's design, should a plasma rifle default attack be weaker or stronger than the shotgun's alternative fire.
Replies: >>150488 >>151442
The Master Server shouldn't poll the Game Servers except to check that they're still online (which doesn't need to happen very often). Most information about the servers (player count, game mode, etc.) is something the Game Servers should send on their own without prompting. Bandwidth is money, so you should avoid sending stuff when you don't need to. For example, instead of polling for player count, the Game Server only updates the Master Server with the new count whenever someone joins or leaves.

Clients should connect to the Master Server through a hard-coded domain. Generally it's a bad idea to hardcode an IP address into your client, but you still need some way to bootstrap to the Master Server. Yes, getting a domain name does cost money, but you don't really have another option with your current model.

Focus on dedicated servers or peer to peer, don't try to add both. Especially at your level of experience, you don't want to spread yourself too thin. Have one kind of networking, and make it the best kind for your game. Side note, if you do things P2P then you don't need a Game Server. That's kinda the point of P2P.

You still have yet to mention the most difficult part of networking games, what kind of netcode are you going to use? Dedicated Server? Rollback? Lockstep? A lot of it depends on your game, since they all have their pros and cons.
Replies: >>150671
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (919.1KB, 1200x675)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1920x1080)
Working on E2M1, gutted the old progress.  Going to be moving to working on the outdoors area.  Also did another sky edit for a 64+ player UT99 map.
Replies: >>150535
>What else we have? 
Tiny Scheme, Guile and Chibi Scheme.
Looks really cool. What game?
Replies: >>150581
ANUBITEK, I have an itch up if you want the demo.  Kinda buggy.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 850x1335)
how to actually learn to make good music???
Replies: >>150661
[Hide] (94.7KB, 800x800)
Try banging your keyboard.
Replies: >>150664
Banged my keyboard. Now there's cum everywhere and it's getting kind of sticky. What do??
Replies: >>150667
Clean up the mess you made, retard.
I want to use authoritative servers, I'm eye balling some articles on server-client systems, and, its a lot of work, you can't just shove network capabilities in a game, you have to design it from the ground up.
I will do some prototypes before I start designing the network for the project.
Replies: >>150706
[Hide] (36.6KB, 1161x877)
My new corner-based tile renderer is now functional. This is an an upgraded version of my old edge-based tile renderer. This system only needs 15 sprites total per tile type, a traditional tilesheet needs like 44 or something, so it's a lot less work to add new tiles with this.

The only downside (which was in the old version as well) is that it won't work well for semi-transparent tiles. Since this draws the corners on top of a base sprite, if you draw a semi-transparent corner then the base tile will show through it. I'm not sure what to do about this. The only solutions are to make a separate rendering method for transparent tiles, or to just deal with it and only make sprites that work despite that. I'll have to make a separate renderer for things like fences anyway, this is only for solid tiles.
Replies: >>150916
>you can't just shove network capabilities in a game, you have to design it from the ground up.

>I will do some prototypes before I start designing the network for the project.
That's a good idea. I wish you the best of luck.
[Hide] (17.9KB, 960x822)
I made an improved version of your post's image
[Hide] (164.5KB, 1242x971)
Replies: >>150864

Some researches are also concerned that corona can cause the immune system to attack your own body: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-021-00149-1 & https://doi.org/10.1073/pnas.2021128117 This phenomenon seems to be caused by the Spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 virus.
[Hide] (75.7KB, 755x549)
Added a layer for liquids and gases. There's no physics simulation for them yet though.
I've spent the last two hours trying to understand what does a code I wrote 5 years ago do, but I still have no idea how the fuck does this shit work. Fuck.
I thought of an Idea (totally didnt steal it) what if an arena shooter but for FPS protagonists? i know samsara exists but Im talking more about 3D shooters like quake, UT, shogo,etc and not doom hexen and redneck rampage. Is there any existing arena shooter I can mod or do I have to build everything from scratch using one of the big three engines?
Replies: >>151357 >>151361
[Hide] (3.3MB, 2560x1440, 00:01)
The idea is fine. The devil is always in the details.
The master server doesn't actually need information of game servers, it can easily get away with only storing the ip:port of game servers, which can be passed on to clients. Clients can then ping the game servers and get "live" updates from servers containing information that changes regularly like player count, map or gamemode.

As the other anon suggested, don't implement both p2p and dedicated. If you want players to play with just their friends, simply have one person be a host. A lot of co-op games do the same thing, and they get away with it just fine. It's also ideal at minimizing problems with lagg, since a technologically literate group can simply choose whoever has the best rig & internet to be the host.

If you want players to play with just their friends on their own hosted server (or p2p), you will also need to figure out how they actually connect to each-other. Routers are strict, so they will require port forwarding, but you can't expect anyone to port forward for a variety of reasons.
Instead, you'll need to facilitate "hole punching" connections with a second server, but this is also a pain in the ass to do and doesn't actually work all of the time. If you want to make something commercial, do yourself a favor and use a third party for this like Steam.

As for actual game netcode, I recommend you read into the models for it, namely dead reckoning, lockstep and rollback.
>Dead reckoning is what most action/FPS games use. The server sends the game state and any changes to it to clients, and the clients extrapolate by their connection latency so that what they see roughly matches the server.
>Lockstep is what strategy games use, which comes down to synchronizing the initial gamestate and all inputs into a deterministic game simulation.
>Rollback is essentially combining the two, using a deterministic simulation like lockstep, but extrapolating it similar to dead reckoning, but in a deterministic fashion. The "rollback" part comes from the fact that in order to guarantee determinism, you'll have to roll back to an older gamestate to apply synced inputs correctly, and thus have to a lot of extra work copying and re-simulating game state.
I don't want to go immediately write a giant wall of text going into each one, so feel free to ask on details of any.
If you give me a better idea of what you are trying to make, and can explain the advantages and disadvantages of each model in respect to it.

Complex behavior like enemies doing their own thing like exploring the map and looking for cover is "cool", but is more of a flavor thing. AI in games is almost always retarded, and is so for a reason. Anything extra tends to often only detract from the gameplay experience by making the enemy act unpredictably, which is generally considered a negative trait in games. (I'm not saying you shouldn't. Just that it comes at a cost.)
>This got me thinking, how do you properly balance encounters in action games
Instead of looking at more literal things, like the amount of enemies you fight and how much damage they inflict, you should look at more abstract concepts like how much "space" they give you in terms of timing and movement and how lenient the game is with players making mistakes in a given encounter. Anything is action if a player feels pressure whilst doing so. The art here is applying the correct amount. Too little, game is boring. Too much, game is stressful.
>make small amount of progress
>give up
>move onto something else
Replies: >>151457
my entirety of my life in a nutshell
[Hide] (333.1KB, 600x600)
[Hide] (140.5KB, 600x600)
[Hide] (7.3MB, 756x570)
wud u drink it?
Replies: >>151514 >>151515
dadada da daa I'm grilling it
What does it taste like?
Replies: >>151516
Sort of like carbonated BBQ sauce with vanilla ice cream.
Replies: >>151517
Sounds like they appeal to some very particular tastes. Tastes I do not have.
Replies: >>151518

I heard these were good
Speaking of, would it be wise to swap out to Godot from Unity? I've been (very, very slowly) working on a 2D RPG of sorts, though I haven't been able to muster much past very basic menu navigation. 

Generally speaking, is Godot easier or harder to pick up than Unity?
>Generally speaking, is Godot easier or harder to pick up than Unity?
Unity has an assload more documentation and help you can find by typing a few words in your search engine, but that's a dual-edged sword. There's more shit to sift through to find what you want, but it's more likely what you want is findable eventually.
That said if you're not a gorilla-tier pajeet you will mainly rite your own code, and GDscript isn't really much harder or easier than C# for jewnity. You also can use C# or even C++ in godot though as far as I know you wouldn't want to write all your code that way.

In the end it mostly comes down to if you want to use an engine that respects your freedom and whose source code you can edit, or one that only hands out their source code to a handful of rich developers and integrates spyware in their editor. Especially considering your project is 2D the choice shouldn't be hard if you ask me.
What >>152115 says is true, the documentation and plethora of tutorials really is better in the Unity front than in the Godot front. That said, I've found that I just enjoy working on Godot better than Unity. Unity has years and years of technical debt. Using Unity feels like flying a commercial jetliner if it started as a Cessna and they kept adding stuff to it. Godot is just much more straightforward, compact, streamlined, fast, and fun to develop in.
Replies: >>152137 >>152209
Never used unity but I've found that with godot and a light background in python (for gdscript) I usually can just work for hours without getting stuck or needing explanations. However, when I do finally get stuck it can be hard as there are some nodes that are not well documented at all.
Replies: >>152140 >>152209
Which nodes? If I get the time I may be able to write some documentation for them.
>oh boy time to work on my game!
<tommorow i guess...
How the fuck do i end it? i just want to make game, instead i get distracted by everything else
Sounds good. May as well at least dick around with it and see if I can grasp it any better. C# is already my most familiar language, so I may end up heavily leaning on it regardless.
[Hide] (435.6KB, 540x405)
I have a cool turn-based RPG in mind. The gameplay is not too different from some generic turn-based RPG, except for a few gimmicks. I rather want it to shine in the more "artistic" stuff, ie narrative, characters, dialogues, worldbuilding, charm, atmosphere, etc.

I started developing it in Love2D, because it made me think that I'd "have more control over the game" and because it made me feel like a "hacker" or a "nerd" or something.

It's been 2 years and I've restarted the development multiple times and had multiple hiatuses, and saying that the progress on the game is 1% would already be too generous.

I'm tired. I just want to get the game done rather than sitting hours reading documentation or help online.

What should I choose, Godot, GDevelop, or something else? (As long as it's open source)

As far as I know Godot is "easier" than Love2D but GDevelop is even easier, and as I said, at this point I just want to get the game done.

What can you guys say?
Just use RPGM at that point if you're not even going to focus on gameplay. Hell, just prototype it with RPGM or wRPG and deal with the other shit later.
You don't want to make a game; You want to want to make a game. Just do whatever you actually want to do instead.
[Hide] (505.6KB, 480x480, 00:11)
Stop being a bitch and do shit now. Motivation will never come if you keep waiting for it.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1202x1180)
>I just want to get the game done rather than sitting hours reading documentation or help online.
"Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but don't nobody want to lift no heavy-ass weights."
You don't want to make a game, you want to have made a game. Well, too bad. You need to come to peace with the process if you want the end product. Changing engines won't fix this, (though I will always recommend Godot).

Don't separate learning from progress. Learning directed toward solving the problem at hand is progress. Stop lying to yourself when you come away from learning how to use your tools going "that was a waste of time" and instead spend that time thinking on what you just learned. There is an upfront cost to getting competent with anything. Paying that cost is how you will finish your game. Avoiding that cost is how you spin your wheels for years with nothing to show for it.
Replies: >>152417
motivation doesn't exist, you lack discipline, kill yourself
Spoiler File
(68.2KB, 791x795)
when I need some motivation I usually look at pokeporn
[Hide] (15.8KB, 120x145)
I've been trying to learn C for a while now but I'm having a hard time getting into it.
I'm thinking about just jumping into the documentation of godot and try making simple games through tutorials. 
Is that a good idea or will it make things worse?
As a rule of thumb practice is the best way to learn. 
It's going to be harder if you have no programming knowledge, but I think it's worth it.
they're unrelated unless you really want to do things in gdnative
Your choice of language doesn't matter as long as you already learned general programming, plus C might be challenging to a programming beginner... I say go with Godot and GDScript, make a small game, then judge for yourself if you want to change the engine or language for your next game.
C (or C++) is not a good first language.
C is a good first language since it's very primitive and requires mindful design/programming in order to prevent and/or abuse stuff like memory  management and other potential sources of trouble.  That said, if your goal is simply to make games, then just make games and learn as you go.  C isn't necessary to develop a video game, and most engines like Godot or Unity run on higher level languages that are syntactically similar to C#/Java.

You'll probably pick up some bad habits jumping in, but it's impossible to avoid bad habits and they honestly don't matter unless they affect your ability to finish projects in a timely/reasonable manner.

just, like, maek gaem
>The gameplay is not too different from some generic turn-based RPG
Literally just use RPGMaker; that's what it's there for, and there have been a lot of good games made in it.  You can accomplish a lot to make the game look pretty simply by being clever with tilesets or extended scripting like LISA.

This is also good advice.  It never gets any easier, you just get better.
Replies: >>152433
How are you learning C? through books or videos? I want to try and learn it too but don't know where to begin as a fag that has never programmed before, I understand basic mathematics and all that good shit but how does it factor in when writing code?
>lot of good games made in it
I have played only 1 great game made in it so far, pretty much all the others I've tried so far are shit, and that's taken from the old v's recommended RPG Maker games wiki
read this c manual
and refer to standard library

if you're trigonometry is good and general math knowledge (knowing how to use exp, sign, cos, sin, etc.), you can get far in relation to programming in games
although you might want to focus on knowing how to design your code well - how to make it performant, robust, reliable and reusable
Replies: >>152473
any good manuals/tutorials for marvelous designer
I understand most of it but feel like there's something I'm missing. Haven't touched it for a few months since when I last used it I struggled to make nice pants
>don't know where to begin as a fag that has never programmed before
Just read The C Programming Language.  It's simple, short, and clear.
Replies: >>152473
[Hide] (62.9KB, 378x475)
I would personally recommend C Programming: A Modern Approach. It's a gentle but thorough introduction to C that I think anyone can digest, even new programmers. You'll learn the language while learning how to write (basic) computer programs.
http://knking.com/books/c/ or just get it off libgen like everyone else
As for math, you won't need it much when learning C and doing "general" programming, but you will need it when making games. Read any of the "math for games" books/booklets after you're done with C, I don't know any by name unfortunately but I'm sure there are plenty.

>recommending manuals and technical documents
>to a beginner no less
Beyond retarded.

I read CPL too, and while it has its merits I wouldn't recommend it, especially when better books exist.
[Hide] (3.6MB, 256x188)
Don't forget to post a Bitcoin or Monero address as part of your Demo Day submission to get 15USD reward for it.
Replies: >>153771
Someone please explain to me why I have to do
if a > b or a > c
instead of
if a > b or c
Replies: >>153189 >>153326
[Hide] (369.5KB, 1000x1333)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1914x1070, 00:09)
[Hide] (2MB, 1914x1070, 00:06)
[Hide] (495.9KB, 833x376)
[Hide] (220.2KB, 800x500)
Today, Godot 3.5 was released.

Here are some changes that I found interesting.
>Label 3D
>new navigation server with obstacle avoidance
>3D physics interpolation
>flow containers
>ubershader, asynchronous shader compilation and caching 
>deep comparison of Array and Dictionary
>search methods for Pool*Arrays: has(), count(), find(), rfind()
>physics material to GridMap
>Add KinematicBody moving_platform_apply_velocity_on_leave property
>Bullet updated to version 3.24.
>Bullet: KinematicBody compound shape collision fix
operator precedence, the language evaluates relational operators before logical operators. So the second one you've posted is equal to "if (a > b) or (c)" in all sane languages.
Replies: >>153326
good navmesh and gridmap are improved
Any good resources on learning python/GDscript?
Replies: >>153299 >>153341

>For python
Head First python, library genesis is your friend

There is no easy way out of this, so you will have to follow God knows how many tutorials until your feel comfortable with the language and the concept of programming, also don't waste your time trying to memorize every function or parameter, its a waste of time.
Replies: >>153341
>ubershader, asynchronous shader compilation and caching 
They finally fixed it.
Precedence doesn't really have anything to do with it. The real answer is that these are binary operators, and most languages don't have higher order logical operators. If you wanted more arguments, you'd need to use a function. For example  a > min(b,c,d,...)  would probably be the right way to express anything more complicated than what you have. As for why nobody implements it the other way, think about how confusing it is for "or" to be both an operator and a syntactic separator of arguments for a completely different operator. Something like  a > (b,c)  wouldn't be so bad, but I think that would be interpreted by most people as a>b AND a>c. Anyway, a simple enough solution exists so it's not worth complicating the language.
[Hide] (836.5KB, 605x875)
>bracket cucks indent their code anyway
Start with https://automatetheboringstuff.com/ and read Mark Lutz's books.
[Hide] (26.5KB, 474x266)
>tfw ideafag
anyone here want to team up to create a game specifically for /v/ and gamenights? could be anything as long as you make it 20+ players. from what im seeing in different threads and boards there is a demand for such games to be made for gamenights as in make them more glownigger friendly and have linux support.

Anyone have any idea on what would be a good game to make a clone of for gamenights? whats in demand right now and how can >we supply the goods?
Replies: >>153402 >>153406
Look through past gamenight threads; what game looked fun but was unfeasible to host? What was the reason?... You can then take it from there by actually implementing the game.
[Hide] (34.4KB, 423x387)
i swear to fuck this is just one single anon trying 1000 dfferent ways to say "make my game for me". please fuck off and die.
Replies: >>153407 >>154158
Do the roar!
Replies: >>153414
[Hide] (649.6KB, 640x352, 00:08)
can someone tell me what array type this is in Python? I thoght it was a pandas dataframe until I disabled importaing Panda and it ran anyways.
language: python
oppFailedParryResponses = {["1",
Replies: >>153430
That is a set that contains an array.
[Hide] (327.1KB, 960x540)
I made shitty gems.
Replies: >>153703 >>154342
Those are some nice lookin' shitty gems.
Replies: >>153709
Thanks. Later I'm going to make metal ingots, crystals, minerals and couple other "material" type items, since those will be the main source of loot for the player in my game instead of weapons.

It's 03:33'o clock in the night so I don't feel like doing anything right now and I am going to be busy doing groceries and baking cake before I can work on more models.
[Hide] (799.7KB, 1440x900)
[Hide] (204.5KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (315.9KB, 1024x768)
Sorry for double posting but here is other models that I have made fairly recently. The house is made as a prefab for my maps, the axe model is done as a request from a fren of mine and the tomes as a mod for OpenMW so that I can abuse the enchant system even more hehe.
Replies: >>153922
[Hide] (308.3KB, 1177x781)
I made a Pac Man remake thing in Godot.
There's a few things I should probably change but it was more of a training exercise than anything. I'm confident in saying my ghosts look better than any 3d model of them I've seen. Most interesting part of Pac Man is that each ghost is programmed to have a different behavior and I tried to replicate that here.
Windows: https://files.catbox.moe/nv1qug.zip
Linux: https://files.catbox.moe/im4jqd.zip
I put my monero address in the email field if that works
*any amateur 3d model of them I've seen
Pretty good for a training exercise. You covered a lot of different elements and it doesn't look half bad. I do have some suggestions on the polish side.

>Player movement is too slow.
>There were multiple occasions when I tried to turn into a passageway but I was 2 pixels off so it blocked me.
>Your pacman can go up and down in horizontal passages and left to right in vertical passages, which is kind of weird.
>There were moments when the ghosts overlapped
Replies: >>154302
You'll get there
Replies: >>154172
>pac man movement is way too awkward, which is: unless there's an intersection, movement actually plays out at that point or when you want to turn 180, even then it's easier to get caught on corners, this could have been fixed by making the movement more grid like but still interpolating between points on the grid
>the lack of blinking on the ghosts when the power is able to run out is missing
Replies: >>154302
[Hide] (657.5KB, 800x600, 00:15)
It's demo day, though I see no thread, so I shall post here.

Uncommon Time: Predecessors
Uncommon Time Tactics.


>Story has been extended slightly to reach the end of the second chapter.
>World Map Added
>World Map now accessible much earlier in the game
>Grindable Combat nodes added to world map
>Combat nodes are required to be done at least once to continue past
>AI bug dealing with enemies of larger size fixed
>Animations for Joseph throwing items has now been added

Towards the end it start to go into extremely long conversations. When I have time I'll see if there is anything else I can cut out of those conversations.

If anyone could give some criticism, I would greatly appreciate it.
>tfw demo day
>tfw no game
How are you fags coping with the fact that you will forever be a nodev?
>How are you fags coping with the fact that you will forever be a nodev?
Just start. Learn Lua and then learn how to make a game using Löve.
< https://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html
< https://love2d.org/

If you don't like Lua, learn Python instead and then use Godot and GDScript to make your game (start with 2D game).
< https://docs.python.org/3/tutorial/index.html + https://automatetheboringstuff.com/
< https://godotengine.org/

You also need a text editor, I recommend trying NeoVim, GNU Emacs and VSCodium and choosing the one you like the most. If you want to learn to use Git, go to this site: https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials (Fossil is ok alternative to Git). The reason why you might want to learn how to use Git (or Fossil) is that copy-pasting backups of your code is messy and it doesn't scale after a while. If you want to use Fossil instead of Git, read: https://www.fossil-scm.org/home/doc/trunk/www/quickstart.wiki
>one single anon trying 1000 dfferent ways to say "make my game for me"
That is genuinely correct, yes.  You can report him for being a human spambot and one of the mods will clean it up.
>>153922 (checked)
uhm th-thanks.

There is also a handful of Lua language binders for Godot too such as this one: https://github.com/gilzoide/godot-lua-pluginscript
I played up until the cpr thing and I had to stop before I punched I wall.
>Fortissimos illusions cause a glitch with the songs when they are close enough to hit each other. The illusion just keeps casting forever.
>The large white mole can move through only a single space instead of needing two, don't know if that's on purpose or not.
>Fortissimos charge and presumably altos hits large targets twice.
The dragon's dead body is just the giant skeleton sprite.
pre-production, writing every part of the game in pseudo-code, this allows me to solve design problems without having to rewrite older code.
This shitty copypasta needs to be updated and streamlined, a beginner should not get tangled in IDE and git autism. Just choose an engine and get going with notepad.
Replies: >>154200 >>154203
I guess for me coding is more interesting than the end product, so I guess I will never have a playable gaem. But hey, at least it's fun.
Notepad and Notepad++ are deprecated by VSCodium (sic.)

I think a beginner should use Fossil instead, since it's easier to use. But Git is more popular and there is better Git integration to various editors. Copy-pasting backup is insane (i used to do it for a long time) and it can lead to data-loss easily (in my personal experience).

>Just choose an engine 
The problem with this approach is that you really can't make a game if you can't program.
Replies: >>154203
Git is a hard requirement, pointing beginners in coding to neovim or emacs is downright asinine because the point of those is that you already have experience that taught you want you want out of an IDE, something a beginner doesn't have.
Replies: >>154216
[Hide] (3.7MB, 800x800)
I've tried about two dozen times to get past the cpr rhythm game and I can't get the pace right. Are you sure it's working properly? This is frustrating as all hell. One thing is the buzzing that plays when you mess up is not only annoying it interferes with you trying to hear the ticking of the metronome.
Replies: >>154217
What you want out of an IDE is for it to open quickly and have a compile button.
Replies: >>154230
Anon, if you don't mind testing a theory, could you try to hit just before the beat and see if that works out better?

I'm at work right now, so I cannot confirm my theory myself.
Replies: >>154219
I honestly can't tell. In fact it seems like just after the beat works better, I still can't beat it. It's just too long I got to where the screen almost faded back in completely and then failed.
Replies: >>154223
When i get home i will halve the amount you need to make after the metronome fades out and then re-upload. 

I wanted it to be difficult enough that you get the different dialogues, but not so difficult that you can't do it. 

My apologies, anon.
Replies: >>154225
it may very well be my own inability. I am completely inept when it comes to music. I had to get my father to help me with the spaceship piano in Myst because i couldn't hear the notes well enough.
Replies: >>154284
Not really tor-kun but usually it works better to get people to work on what actually first sparked their interest and then have them work it backwards a bit when their needs grow or change.
Here's an alternate version:

Instead of requiring 60 hits to pass, you only need 45.
Replies: >>154285 >>154340
Oh, I forgot to mention, move the save data folder from the UTP_Data folder into the UTP_Data folder for the new version.

This will transfer your save files.
Apologies for the eceleb link, but this is big news that I couldn't find direct confirmation of anywhere else: a WIP 2D game engine that targets both PSX and Saturn. If this ever gets the promised shithub release retrodev fags would be free from the tyranny of enginefagging with leaked SDKs.

Awesome as always. I don't have time to play until the weekend but I'll be sure to download and give feedback when I have the chance. Don't forget to give your bitcoin/monero address for your $15 from moneybags fag.
Late news, a proprietary C99 engine called Our Machinery was killed last week for unknown reasons, they removed the blog which contained some engine related posts, if anyone is interested in reading the blog or just archiving it, there is a repository on the github, download it before the devs or whoever forced them kill the product purge it from github or wayback machine.
thanks for the feedback
the movement issues you guys pointed out can be solved fairly simply by having pacman shoot rays out that determine whether he can turn in that direction
if you shoot 2 in each direction along the sides of his collision box it solves it
<There were moments when the ghosts overlapped
yeah that's due to a weakness  in pathfinding in godot 3.4. they actually fixed it in 3.5
you can see the fix in the third file in in this post >>153186
in 3.4 I had to choose between having the ghosts clip into each other or collide and get stuck
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Well I admit defeat. I used to be good at rhythm games, but obviously old age has caused me to lose my touch.
Replies: >>154344 >>154360
[Hide] (72.4KB, 700x700)
Replies: >>154349
have you tried counting by stumping your feet with the metronome counting to 4 aloud before starting?, you have to feel the groove and rhythm before you start.
Does anyone have experience/resources for making a 2D fighting game?  I figure Godot would be a good engine to use since all the DIY stuff like Mugen or Fighter Maker 2K are very basic and outdated so I'll have to make my own scripting logic within something that already exists.

I've found some video tutorials and stuff, but I prefer written documents since I can parse them faster.  I know it's a pretty niche genre but any help would be great.
Replies: >>154353
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[Hide] (38.8KB, 418x467)
Look at this kitty
Replies: >>154351
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1136x640, 00:16)
always and always
Just use IKEMEN as you clearly don't know what the fuck you're doing. Maybe one day Kike Zaidmont's engine will get leaked and we'll have a better tool for crapping out fighting games with.
>I used to be good at rhythm games
yeah sure
>obviously old age has caused me to lose my touch
how old can you possibly be
Replies: >>154366
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If anyone else is willing to try, or has already and succeeded I would like to know. I wouldn't want that part to end up dumbed down or removed just because I'm inept.
Replies: >>154421 >>154425
Dev should include an option to skip it after failing three times, but everyone mocks you for the rest of the game.
Apologies, anon. I've made a new version. After all dialogue has been exhausted, it will make it easier each time you fail.
However, I've also increased the required hit count back to the original 60.

Replies: >>154428
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what happens if I miss enough that it eventually drops the counter to one? Will it cause the scene to jump to the final scene immediately? What happens if I get it down to zero? I'll test it and find out. Thanks doing all this for me.
Replies: >>154431 >>154568
Apparently if it drops to zero it just stops counting any mistakes so you can just spam action.
Replies: >>154568
Thank you for testing this out, anon.

I hope you enjoyed the game.
Replies: >>154571
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You're welcome I do enjoy your work, as well as the retuned guy who hasn't posted in awhile. Looks like I need to pick up an instrument if I want to get good enough to beat this game now.
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