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Its time for more WURM

>what is this
Wurm is basically proto-minecraft but with 200% more autism. Instead of just slapping blocks down you gather resources, build walls/tools/weapons and improve quality based on skills. Be a magic priest, the local smith, make cheese, pretty much anything you could want. Everything is a skill grind, and the gameplay is very slow/low intensity.

>ok how do I play
Right now you don't, I'm still setting up/configuring server mods. This thread is going to be to discuss settings/configurations. You can pick it up on steam (or yarhar) and try hosting a local server or terrorize a normalfag serb for now. Launch will be August 2nd for now just to be safe, but if rolf code doesn't fuck me in the ass anymore than it already has, we could start sooner.

<These are all up for debate, looking for feedback this week on settings before committing to custom map content
>2x action, 3x skill
Can go 3x/3x, but was thinking some slowdown would add longevity.
>priest restrictions disabled, cross deity linking enabled, NO DAILY/HOURLY PRAYER LIMIT
This should let people that want to focus on magic do so. I'll be toning the gains down on faith so it feels more like a real skill to grind instead of a daily login bonus/requirement. I'll be adding runes of recall to smooth out channeling grinds between deities.
>Everyone in freedom kingdom, all pvp enabled
This lets everyone do whatever they want with priesting, and if you village has drama you can just make a new deed instead of having to jump kingdoms. This means PMK(player made kingdoms) might not be in. Open to feedback on this.
All are in. I'll run through more specific settings/post .properties somewhere later. Bounties currently disabled (fuck you rolf) but it fits with the theme I'd like to run.
>other mods/settings implemented
Most actions can be done from carts. PVP is currently full loot but affinities are not lost on death.
>future mods to test/implement
Refuelers to keep forges lit permanently, Alchemy to allow potions (only work out of combat, but can get temporary weapon oils/healing potions/buffs), a few more QoL mods, and a dungeon system with currency/rewards(only if everything else works).

Badmin Rules/Settings
>One character per player
Please just use one account. I don't want to have to deal with people using more than one character. If you have an alt, just be logged into one at a time. I'm really not willing to budge on this but I'm open to feedback, I know this is important to some of you
>Spell Changes
I'm going to be taking dominate and revive from Mag and Lib. Really easy to trivialize content with these spells. Open to giving them different spells in exchange for this, but not sure how it would change balance.

Biggest concern I have. I'm willing to get a decent 3rd party host but if I have to get my own hardware upgraded I'm capable of that, though no idea if my network could handle it.
>Yarhar clients
Still looking into how to enable this. I figure at least one of the badmins from past adventures still lurks and can tell me which line to comment out where.

Do you like the rates? All freedom kingdom pvp? Mod requests?
Update: Concern has been expressed for freedom kingdom pvp, we may be moving back to standard kingdoms but I'm still looking for feedback on this.
Replies: >>147005
>>147001 (OP) 
>One character per player
Oh boy. How are you dealing with bots and macros then?
Replies: >>147009
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I tried playing this last time, spent one gorillon minutes trying to figure out how to play at all, then when I finally got in game my character was perpetually slack jawing in a pendulum like motion, when I asked for help some dude clad in a bucket helm came over to me, and slapped me repeatedly until I quit in tears.

0/10 would not replay.
Replies: >>147009
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>bots and macros
Just be at your computer when you're playing. I'm not going to try and police modded clients/scripting/automation.

Its definitely a game that you need a wiki open to play, especially if you are new.

If you have a priest alt, just be logged into one character at a time.
Replies: >>147023
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>I won't police modded clients/scripting/automation
Oh. I guess you can't really do that unless you're online all the time and looking at what everyone's doing at all times.
Though that also means I'm not going to play since I can't handle being out-competed by competent codefags.
Replies: >>147028 >>151648
Yeah, I really don't have any desire to know what anons are doing on their PCs. I can do a few things to monitor it but its ultimately an honor system. As long as you can respond to chat in client I should think that would be enough.

If I see an entire deed run by bots, they're going to get the hammer. I think most anons know when they are pushing too far.

As far as competing, theres only 2 people I've seen that can really push past what a human is capable of, and that was mostly by scaling with multiple accounts. You can easily go to the top without it, the real advantage is in the system mastery/knowing the ins and outs of wurm.
Replies: >>147031 >>147036
Also as an update, I'm walking back the alt rule. Right now its "bring your friend, but not a whole soccer team", but I'll get something more concrete written up after collecting feedback from everyone.
I swear the last wurm server that was hosted had anti boting measures, maybe you could try getting in contact with one of the previous hosts.
Replies: >>147037 >>147040
I actually found the mod they used posted in the forums. It basically gave everyone a shifting action timer based on how long they were logged out, such that the guy logged in for an hour a day had insanely fast timers, but the guy online 8hr/day had much slower timers.

That server had real stability issues though, and every time it crashed it reset everyones timers. I'm not to keen on it as I don't want the server crashing.
Replies: >>147039
Now that you mention it I remember how cancerous that mod was. It broke the server so bad no one was able to play for days.
>anti-bot measures
They may have fugged the serb, I was only aware of one botter on there and he crushed everyone in spite of the 'measures' so they weren't up to much.
Replies: >>147044
Plz make sure it can handle pirate clients
Replies: >>147044
While I'm not a huge fan of the multiple account situation involved, that beatdown was more a result of system mastery. He had a really good setup from what I remember.

I'm watching here, cake, and cuckchan/vm/ hoping a previous badmin will appear.
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Turboautist botfag will join just because he knows it will upset others and the serb will die prematurely due to the ensuing drama, like always. I like the game and I like /v/ group initiatives but at this point its like, why bother.
Replies: >>152552 >>152627
I've always thought /v/ might enjoy Haven & Hearth. It's basically the same sort of autism as Wurm.
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I understand you'd like your server to have more than 10 people playing, but holy fuck at least give us a heads-up.
I thought hotsheads from /vm/ was standard?

They got me hooked up with the fix for yarhar clients too, so I'll be testing that this weekend.
Replies: >>147298 >>147299
>a heads up
I'm working on a simple text website for basic info so I don't have to update multiple threads across multiple boards. Not naming websites or explaining where to get the client though.
Yeah the last couple times I remember seeing Wurm being hosted cuckchan was invited specifically for the white men on the server to bully. Not sure what the problem is since we've done this multiple times and the only side effect was a few hours of idiocy before they get bored and leave.
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>inviting NIGGERTITS
Listen I know /v/ hasn't been that great, but that's no reason to invite those faggots.
Replies: >>147586
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Website should be up soon so I don't have to post everywhere all the time.

Rebuilding the map right now to fix an error with clay generation.

Any concerns on standard ore settings?
Replies: >>147585
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Shameless self bump, posting the website here to track updates/progress: 

I don't know shit about websites but it works.
Replies: >>147940
Wurm needs population, fewer people = serber dies faster, no opposition leads to stagnation. Yes they're walking rats who better to spend time trying to kill?
Replies: >>147796
Checking in here with updates:
>We have a proposed priest system rework, check the thread on cake
>I'm not kosher enough for the hosting companies payment system. Should have an update by Monday, and if not I'll be making a paypal account.
There are also proposals to reinvite the kiwis (I'm ok with this) and to invite hispachan(no idea who these lads are). If anybody wants to take the initiative and reach out to either I'm fine with it, as long as the newcomers know what they are getting in to.
Replies: >>147805
Has anyone here managed to get the cracked client working through wine? I really don't want to have to buy shell out for the steam version.
Do not invite foxdick, they'll take it as an excuse to fuck up the site even more than they already are. Hispachan has some pretty cool guys and enough of them already know about the webring to have crossposted on /christmas/ last year, so I'm fine with someone who actually knows beanerese inviting them.
Replies: >>147874
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wish I could play with you fags but life is coming for me after 8 years a NEET
[Hide] (50.6KB, 492x960)
Progress report: Bounties, all of wyvernmod, and more should now be fully enabled. Seems theres a dependency that isn't listed on github anymore. 

I don't speak taco so it won't be me, but I haven't heard anything negative about them.
I saw some guys on KC reminiscing the old h8chan serbs. Shilling in their /int/ vidya thread might net a few players once you've got it running.
I'm far too burnt out for this wild ride these days, have fun in my stead.
Replies: >>148194
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>Your browser is no longer supported
No, I will not stop using this version of palemoon.
I also understand that posting in several threads at once whenever you make small tweaks is a pain in the ass, so I'll just deal with not knowing anything at all.
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Vultr is a bust, they want my money but they are out of wangblows licenses. Should have an alternative tomorrow.
What? Krautchan has been dead for years. Did you mean ernstchan?
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False alarm, we're back on schedule.
Replies: >>148431
All flavors of clients are now able to connect. More info tomorrow about the server side gimmick.
>paying for wangblows to run a java server
Replies: >>148627
are you a jumbo dumbo?
Replies: >>148627
[Hide] (38.4KB, 640x462)
I'm only passingly familiar with linux, and I was hoping this would make things easier.

it did not
Replies: >>148739 >>148751
[Hide] (101.4KB, 795x482)
Daily update: Despite my best efforts to parse rolfcode, Steam clients will only be able to log in one client at a time. If you want to run an alt on a 2nd client, you'll need non-steam. Wyvernmod and other mod settings have been moved to the new host and double checked. Final mod incorporation (alchemy and more) soon. Configured server map for network communication on the new server, provided you have the correct client-side mods.

Update on priest settings: I'm leaning more towards standard priests. If we divide them into subcategories the way they were suggested earlier/in other threads, that will put even more stress on villages to get priest alts. I'm also not seeing any options to customize priest restrictions, but I'll keep looking. Unless we find ways to easily customize restrictions, they will likely be off, but we may just do an in game poll for the stress test a week before launch to finalize.

Wanted to hold off on this so people could discuss alts and priests fully, but now its time for the shitty/fun gimmick for Brotunheim: TRADE
This time around, we'll be using the Buyer NPC mod. Instead of standard traders offering sleep powder and buying spare lint and goblin teeth, these guys will buy their listed items in bulk. I've configured them to buy any amount(no limit) of whatever good they list (each one will have specific requests and quality limits). Thousands of rockshards laying around and you've already finished your colossus? Maybe someone else could use those rocks...

We'll have 2 types of buyers (maybe  more) starting out:
Both will be disabled at launch, but after a few days we'll have a regular one that will be up 24/7, but will be moved around the map daily. This one will buy bulk/hard to move items(and more may be added as time goes on).
The other type will be open for a limited time (items/times will be announced in advance) at a random location, and will buy at higher prices, and buy a wider variety of items.

Between bounties from kills, treasure maps, and the new buyers, there should be plenty of ways to earn cash this time around- fighters, harvesters, and crafters will all be rich in Brotunheim. But what will you do with your money? Aside from the usual COCAINUM spending, there will be other merchants visiting, offering a little more than you might be used to.

Would you like a resurrection stone to preserve your skills on death? Magical potions and tomes? A new affinity? Perhaps a high quality map to find even greater treasures? All this and a few other fun things can be yours, for a price. Whatever you decide, just make sure you bring friends when you take trips to the market. They don't sell wagon insurance in Brotunheim, and the merchants don't really care how the goods they buy were acquired.

Prices will be high enough that these will all still be valuable, but attainable no matter what focus your character has.

There will also be the usual dungeons and secrets to find, so if you'd rather earn your riches, that option is available too (and should be far more lucrative). I'll post hints on some of the threats and adventures hidden next week. 

For now, let me know what you think about TRADE!
Replies: >>148641
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>Bulk trade
Sounds fun, but it will likely end up with any factions with SANCTIONED ROBOTS ruling over the goyim as matter-of-fact.
See if you can't find a stock ticker mod too.
Replies: >>148934
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Replies: >>148751 >>148955
[Hide] (6.7KB, 128x128)
Turn on captcha on every other board
Disable the clearnet address
Replies: >>149908
[Hide] (20.8KB, 219x186)
This is why I wanted people to voice their opinions on this early on. Seems most just want minor convenience features so I'm going to allow alts.

I'd like to think its not going to be an issue this time, but if it is I'll address it when I see it.

Update: Won't have much time the next few days so expect slightly less progress. Finalized a list of round 2 mods and moved them over to the server. Testing will begin for them tomorrow. These ones are smaller changes so it should be less painful.
Eat shit IDfag! Identities are for facebook, anonymity is for imageboards.
[Hide] (67KB, 393x393)
Update: Mods are in and configured. Sadly, the individual DPS mod did not make the cut (likely due to yarhar settings, still under investigation). The refuel mod also didn't make it in, so forges will still be manually fed. Construction was briefly interrupted by a (now disabled) mod that was eating items.

Sneak peak: Alchemy is fully in, and I have made it...substantially stronger. You can still die from poisoning if you chug too many, but you won't need to grip and sip that often.
Replies: >>149904
Mods and Properties section are updated on the site now: https://wurmbadmin.wixsite.com/brotunheim
This, make zchan a TOR only website! the rest of the webring too!
Update: I've begun implementing mission ruler/quest related content. The whitelight/blacklight have been moved to their new home, and construction has begun on both the altars and spawns. Things are on pace for the stress test event on the 27th. More info on that, and future events, tomorrow.
Spoiler File
(559.2KB, 625x428)
I suspect most anons are also following the other threads, but I'm posting here as well as updating the website just to be safe.

I'm setting the aggressive count high, and creature spawns equally high. Current plan is 80k, 50% aggressive. This will include worgs and Sol demons, so if you don't have a fast horse, have friends (or a resurrection stone). We'll also be putting a few wyverns in manually (as they don't spawn naturally in pvp settings) among other mobs. Lairs will also be used to help increase variety, but there will be no reward for destroying them.

Once you've brushed off your rust and started leaving spawn to set up your new deed, you'll likely meet one of the 5 sages. While currently they will only guide you on your meditation path of choice, they may be able to help you with later endeavors against far greater threats.

There are rumors of the dead rising in the eastern swamps.
While the Journey East-West trading company has sent scouts to the area, none have returned.
You might need to bring more than a small scouting party to see what lurks beneath the swamps.
And if you seek an audience with the man(king) responsible, you should bring a small army of well trained fighters.

Worse still, rumblings can be heard from the mountains in the central regions. None even dare venture here, save those given to madness. Who knows what horrors lurk beneath Brotunheim?

But not all is lost.
The Temple of the Sun and the Sanctum of the Moon might be able to help more experienced fighters.
And of course, the J.E.W. is always willing to help for a small fee.

These will also be able to spawn uniques and titans once you can get them above 90 ql (I might lower it to make things spicier). Any unique killed will also randomly put moonmetal veins in the world- you're going to want to clear as many of these as possible. If you haven't had enough adventure, the maps will be able to give you even more of a fight.

Aside from the exploration and dungeoneering, we'll have a few more lighthearted events to celebrate surviving the harsh lands. Your deed might get a visit from the Brewmasters League of Merchants, the Agriculture Technology Federation, and maybe even a recently swamp-evicted troll.

We'll also have scheduled events, either Tue or Sun. The first of such events will be a (hopefully) peaceful gathering- a celebration of surviving the first week in a harsh land. Expect gifts, drinks, food, and maybe a surprise or two. Teleportation will be provided.

We will have a pre-launch stress test event July 27th, 6pm-9pm US central time. This will give us a chance to make sure the server can handle everybodies autism at the same time. This will ALSO give everyone a chance to double check their client settings, reserve their names, and provide feedback. We'll be taking final feedback on priest restrictions and other server settings. Arrive asap, as I'd like to get the feedback early!

We'll have some combat dummies up for people to get their fs to 20 before launch, as well as a free 30ql weapon of choice! We'll also offer your initial profession affinity (no characteristics)!

I hope to see all of you bastards on the 27th, and I can't wait to see what you'll do when the gates open on the 2nd.
Replies: >>150611 >>150631
fucking remove them or buff the fight skill they give
Their main use in base game unlimited is an ally crutch in single player mode once you do the quest to summon them
They're tanky as all hell but give nearly no exp or butchering mats because in Unlimited they weren't intended to be killed by the player
Am preddy interested in the trade idea will there be regular traders along with these special ones?
Replies: >>150668
Spoiler File
(75.3KB, 273x453)
[spoiler]I am the biggist boner[/spoiler]
Replies: >>150632
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Replies: >>150633
[Hide] (15.3KB, 300x250)
please anon forgive me for my retardation
Replies: >>150634 >>150641
Replies: >>150636 >>150641
what the fuck what how what black magic is this
Replies: >>150641
At least change your IP if you're going to reply to yourself.
Replies: >>150642
Its the fucking tor id, how have you not figured this out yet? Jesus christ.
If you mean the standard traders that just buy everything and work off of the kingdoms coffers, then no. You shouldn't need them, and we'll have a bonus merchant at spawn to help people get starting money for deeds (capped at how much you can sell him a day to prevent abuse).

For actually spending cash, we'll also have those merchants rotate between locations to prevent deeding/towering around them.
Daily Update: Despite many setbacks, I think its safe to say things are ahead of schedule right now. At a point where I can't really say exactly what I've been up to without spoiling the surprises, but the Temple of the Sun is open (for business).
[Hide] (191.2KB, 255x189)
We'll finalize the last few settings/make a last call for feedback at the stress test TOMORROW, 6-9pm CST.

Updated the site with info, but for those who only check the bread:
Name: Brotunheim
Port: 3724
Replies: >>151535
[Hide] (176.2KB, 344x500)
UPDATES: Its the last night before the stress test, and the event grounds are looking good. The Journey East-West trading company has finished construction on their new outposts, and should be full of things to buy soon. Meanwhile, the threats in the marsh continue to grow.

On the technical front: I've doubled the droprate for treasure maps from most gathering activities and vastly expanded the list of mobs that can drop maps. Alchemy has received ANOTHER buff, so if priest restrictions do get turned on, you'll still have more than enough magic. Breeding rates are also doubled. Smelting pots have been re-enabled. I'm going to leave properties on the website alone for now and save updating that for after the stress test (tomorrow, 6-9pm cst).

Really excited to see everyone tomorrow for the stress test. Can't wait to see you all in Brotunheim!
Replies: >>151571 >>151576
Well good luck. Tell us what factions appear from the infighting dicksord and NIGGERTIT clans during the test.
haha great pic
>not going to play
Fucking join in you pansy, what they'd get up to has barely any baring on your time in the game.
Replies: >>151856
At least provide a torrent so new players use the proper version of the game.
6 months
[Hide] (349.8KB, 720x710)
I got kicked out of the discord for postin me drewings
[Hide] (458.3KB, 340x450)
A big thank you to everyone that showed up to the stress test. I'm glad the server was able to survive the wave of autism. Not so glad about the new pool in the event grounds, but ruining GM clay is a time honored tradition.

A brief summary for those who couldn't make it:
Everyone got their starting weapons. Some learned the importance of repairing your gear the hard way. A few more learned what 'full loot pvp' means.

Smelting pots are going to start disabled, but will be enabled later after completion of a server wide quest. By the time you unlock the smelting secrets, you'll have advanced far enough skill wise for it not to have as large of an impact.

We settled on the launch date and time as Tuesday, August 2nd at 6:00pm CST.

The fertilizing mod will be added, so anons can water their crops and harvest plants out of season. This opens up a lot of options to the chefs and brewers.

Alts were discussed, and we're requesting all alts be registered to your main. After some discussion, there is now an agreement that alts won't be used excessively for grinding skills as a 2nd character, for trade abuse, or for any combat role.

Priest settings were hotly debated, and we put it to a full vote. Against all odds, the vote was a straight split out of 20 participants. As such, I've gone and made an executive decision: I'm disabling all priest restrictions. Let the crusades begin.

We also handed out some potions for people to test with, and had a few deaths to confirm that yes, you can overdose on buffs and die.

I'll post more info in the next few days about the alchemy system. For now, 6 months is only a week away!
Will people who join on the day of the official server launch get a 30ql starting weapons as well? or was that a test server exclusive offering?
[Hide] (45KB, 670x503)
I started the pool construction by trying to dig under the gate to escape in order to explore the world but I was ultimately unsuccessful. Everyone else got the idea to use the opportunity to level digging.
Replies: >>151779
[Hide] (44.5KB, 602x602)
I just did it because it was funny diging with dragonman and talking about going to china.
[Hide] (747.7KB, 849x755)
>I'm disabling all priest restrictions
I suddenly don't feel all that burnt out any longer. Fuck.
[Hide] (536.9KB, 720x404)
[Hide] (10.2MB, 1280x720, 01:21)
Replies: >>152072
Enjoy your lonely little corner with no frens.
Update: Without giving any spoilers, quests continue to be added. For those of you playing on higher settings, you are going to have some great opportunities for screenshots this time around.

I'll be making a final pass at mod configuration tomorrow and the website will be updated later in the evening with the newest batch of .properties files.
[Hide] (101.1KB, 517x198)
[Hide] (186.9KB, 630x305)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080)
Would you believe that cuckchan only lets you post one image at a time? In the current year of 2022? Fucking Christ, right? Here's some pics from the test day that happened.
Replies: >>152273
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1920x1080)
Replies: >>152274
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.6MB, 1900x1080)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1920x1080)
Replies: >>152275
[Hide] (3.9MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1900x1080)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (603.9KB, 00:31)
the last thing u hear at night
Lots of good news today:
>server hardware upgraded
>traders are stocked on merchant island(name pending)
>traders have appeared at spawn to help you start your deed
>fertilizer mod is in
>draw distance mod is in
>creatures have been spawned in

We're lookin' real good now. I'd share a screenshot, but I work off of a nokia n-gage.
Replies: >>152380
shut the fuck up, your posts are making me want to reinstall this and give it another shot
Replies: >>152426
Judging by test day, we'll have a minimum of 30 peoples playing. With the advertising elsewhere, who knows how many more when tomorrow happens. Just come have fun.
Replies: >>152432
[Hide] (2.2MB, 320x240, 02:18)
I'm much more interested in the shitflinging that can occur when the various cuck and niggertit clans claim precious clay.
Maybe I will join after all, if only to cause trouble.
Replies: >>152464
[Hide] (718.7KB, 721x763)
That's the spirit.
Do you feel it in the air? Soon we'll all be slapping rocks, shitting out small nails, dying to worgs and screaming gamer words in global chat. Less than 24 hours remain until launch.

First, have a gander at the spawn locations. I've tried to keep things more central while still spread enough to avoid hour 0 raiding. Plan your fortress or rush to claim the comfiest hermit hut.
Replies: >>152527 >>152543
[Hide] (3.9MB, 3833x3945)
>pic didn't post
Well fuck you then. Lets try that again.
Replies: >>152528
[Hide] (327.2KB, 2000x2200)
Now, for more information on ALCHEMY
What you'll need:
>cauldron of water, boiled to purification
>hearts, from any living creature
>herbs of various design. befriend a gardener/farmer.
>phials, made from sandstone, clay moulds, ash and salt
>and most importantly, your autism.

When combined and brewed in the correct order, you can have magic in a can. Grip and sip for things like:
>healing potions, aka pocket fo priests
>any buff spell you want, ql determines strenght, but always 30 minutes in duration
>any weapon enchant as a 15 minute weapon oil, STACKS with existing enchants
>maybe somebody gets really good at it and we see how strong the wisdom of vynora potion is

The only drawback is that drinking a potion incurs a 2 minute cooldown, and cannot be used while in combat. Attempting to chug multiple doses can result in severe poison wounds, death, and erectile dysfunction.

Even with everyone picking a priest flavor, this ensures you can pick more based on your devotion to a deity instead of a spell list.

We are less than 24 hours away from launch. Get your snacks. Get your piss bottles. 6 months is almost over.
Replies: >>153358
What time will the server be going live?
Replies: >>152548
6pm cst.
Replies: >>152658
[Hide] (20.9KB, 397x371)
Man I was just thinking about Wurm again

This. It was fun while it lasted but yeah I can't believe I spent so many hours grinding mobs and decorating my house for all of it to be gone like nothing after 1 month. 
Almost makes me sympathize with the botting in that sense.

Oh and fuck those fucking cuckchan infiltrators I'm still mad
Replies: >>152627
Why bother playing any game? How does someone else botting in a cave alone impact you? Outside of some arranged arena matches last time no-one suffered from it at all.
Wurm serbs are transitory, can't get too precious about your stash but that's no reason to jack it all in.
>6:03pm cst
end my life plz
Replies: >>152659
its 5:05pm cst right now. Soon lad. Soon.
[Hide] (142.3KB, 500x523)

What are you gonna be
>listening to

Your humble host will be
>grinding: nothing, helping people configure clients
>eating: ate early for this. Got some nuts for later
>drinking: bottom shelf vodka
>listening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5g-QHq925o&list=PLB7F9A5456C337B43
By the way, if you haven't done it yet, get yourself Deed Planner. Wurm loves to fuck you over when it comes to building structures. You will not get any returns if you demolish mistakes. Deed Planner lets you plan out what you're doing so you can avoid that.

I can't remember but does this game start you off with the basic tools?
Replies: >>152669
you'll start with some basic tools that you'll keep if you die. Should make the start less painful.
[Hide] (15.9KB, 294x64)
Well that was fun everyone. See you in 6 months.
Previous outage was on steams end. Everyone should be able to connect now. Server is currently live.

Welcome to the end of 6 months.
Replies: >>152705
Six months begins now.
Replies: >>152706
A very sincere apology, we are back up now
[Hide] (63.9KB, 419x164)
[Hide] (129.3KB, 364x288)
[Hide] (134.6KB, 363x300)
Oh god I spend so long trying to make a wheel and it's all going wrong, and now I find out I need to make a second.
[Hide] (69.6KB, 412x180)
[Hide] (66.1KB, 190x278)
I now have two wheels but my tools are almost broken. I have no food and am starving to death after eating my only raw egg. My cart is only half way done. I give up. Let me die here. See you tomorrow.
Replies: >>152866
Bro, you can repair your tools.
[Hide] (1015.7KB, 827x618)
Yarhar when
Replies: >>152875
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (34.1KB, 732x556)
Which one of you faggots posted the fucking site on cuckchan?
Replies: >>153007
How would you know that? Checkmate, nerd.
Did the serb just disconnect?
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1080)
Wurm is kind of pretty.
Replies: >>153239
Part of the charm. If ever it gets the development is needs, the graphics are the one thing that need to stay the same.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 971x816)
Welcome to the first weekend at Brotunheim! Before we move into the fun, here's a quick overview of what we've done so far:

>Deeds have begun popping up
>Adventurers have found many things, including (and now recently revamped) the 5 sages!
>Fatigue has been disabled, so now new players don't need to worry about tiring out at a practice doll
>Treasure map loot was slightly altered to avoid funny bugs
>The avengers briefly assembled and wreaked havoc on spawn, but have been snapped out of existence.
>Underground farming and a new brew timing mod are currently in testing in a sandbox environment

And now, for a major announcement.

The first 'wandering' merchant has arrived! If you enjoy exploring, and want to make some extra coin, this weekend is your opportunity. 
For the next 48 hours, Trader Silverstein will be setting up shop somewhere in the NorthWestern regions. He'll be buying bulk goods at the following prices:
>Large nails: 1c each. any quality
>Wood shingles: 1c each. any quality
>Rounded stones: 5c each. any quality
>Merchants notes: We're speculating in rental real estate on the mainland, and need your dirt ch- erm, quality goods for construction.

There might be more surprises as the weekend goes on, so stick around. As a side note, the starting buyers for iron lumps will be removed Sunday evening, so if you haven't gotten your starting deed cash, you better do it soon!
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080)
Wtf is that
Replies: >>153347 >>154375
Oh ho ho, traveler. Dare you explore?
Replies: >>153550
There's complaints due to water becoming purified water with heat. Chefs apparently can't make chocolate milk properly.
A dumb solution is to modify the mod so that it edits cooking recipes to include purified water as an alternative to water.
>forget about serb
>it's already 4 days since start
welp, guess it's too late, I'll see you guys in the next serb, mabye
Replies: >>153455
Get in, loser. You haven't missed anything.
[Hide] (946.1KB, 992x832)
How did this even happen
This poor skeleton
Replies: >>153563 >>154375
>the bone zone
[Hide] (1.7MB, 960x540, 00:14)
We've updated the servers again. Brewing and breeding speeds have both been increased, and underground farming has been enabled. Now you can be a real dorf.

As an added bonus, I'm keeping the wandering merchant up an extra 24 hours. Ask your friends if you missed the hint posted in the CA channel!

Also, tomorrow at 6pm cst, we'll be having our first gathering at the event grounds: the farmers festival! Bring your best shovels, rakes, and other farming gear, and be ready for shenanigans!
[Hide] (707.1KB, 690x968)
Thus concludes the Farmers Festival! We had:
>A farmers frenzy, a rake battle so bloody and obscene that there were no survivors. I'll spare you the details of how gruesome a slaughter it was. Truly, even Libila was mortified at the carnage.
>The biggest diggers in the server have been confirmed to be hermits from opposite sides of the light. Love bloomed deep in da hole of da benis :DDD
>The event grounds were visited by some unruly wyverns. Only one human casualty was reported. The soldiers of Brotunheim are much stronger than appearances suggest!

Trader Silverstein has left his post. For now the merchants will begin building their new apartment complexes on the mainland- but their ears are ever to the ground, and there are rumors of a fuel shortage on the mainland.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 3990x716)
For reference, here are pictures of the craftable tabards so you don't have to try every single one of them on to see how they look.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1080)
This chess captcha is gay as shit.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1400x1400)
The bone zone proved too much for Brogueport's Brospitalis and Brad's Monastic Order.
Perhaps the settlements and hermits must act together to bring down the funny skeleton menace.
Silverstein is once again asking for your material support. For the next 24 hours, you can find him at 2018/1356. He's taking the following items in an attempt to cash on in energy prices on the mainland:

>Tar: 2c each
>Peat: 2c each
>Kindling (any material): 1c each
>Log (any material): 2c each

Get in while the deal lasts, Silverstein seems to want to move quick this time around!
[Hide] (475.3KB, 600x600)
[Hide] (2.9MB, 1920x1080)
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