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General thread for video game footage editing and streaming. Ask questions, give advice, and share live streams ITT. Read the software list below first (all FOSS).
Previous threads:

>Video editors
- Shotcut: A great video editor with various effects and filters, suitable for beginners and pros alike. https://shotcut.org
- Kdenlive: Buggy video editor by the KDE guys. https://kdenlive.org
- Blender Video Editor: Part of Blender and utilizes its node system. Like Blender itself, a pain in the ass to use but supposedly powerful. https://www.blender.org

>Video recorders
- OBS: Record and/or stream anything on your screen, optimized for vidya. https://obsproject.com

>Command line tools
- ffmpeg: Swiss army knife of video manipulation, convert and trim videos among other features. Can record video and audio too but limited in that area. https://ffmpeg.org
- webm.py: Python wrapper script for ffmpeg, lets you quickly make WEBMs within a specified file size. https://github.com/Kagami/webm.py
- Streamlink: Pull streams from any website to watch with minimal latency. https://streamlink.github.io

>Video sharing/streaming platforms
- PeerTube: Decentralized video sharing platform, supports live streaming albeit with higher latency than usual. Per-instance CoC. https://joinpeertube.org/instances#instances-list
- Odysee: Centralized video sharing platform, paywalled live streaming. Has CoC. https://odysee.com
- Cytube: What streamfags use, queue external (jewtube/peertube) video streams while viewers chat anonymously. https://cytu.be
Replies: >>146183 >>146207
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You have to go back.
Replies: >>146096
lol butthurt
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How do you do this in OBS? Is it an external program?
pretty sure that's xsplit, not obs
>>146063 (OP) 
>fucking up the greentext in the OPasta
You had one job you stupid faggot.

Nobody cared who I was till I put on the mask.
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That is XSplit.
The closest I can think of for OBS is to have a screen capture and then crop it with Alt+Left Click and drag borders 'til you get your desired size.
[Hide] (84.2KB, 685x535)
I'll be streaming some Metroid games this Saturday at 1:00 EST, come watch if you're into that shit
>>146063 (OP) 
fuck. That image was super helpful. I tried using ffmpeg before but it was just fucking impossible.
>video sharing there happy now?
is there a nsfw tube alternatives for rumble? wecwec got terminated even though its censored
im gonna make a gaming channel for my porn fangame/VN pirated patreon collections
also how do you keep the video size small? less than 1GB will shrinking the game window resolution help? i dont wanna degrade my SSD
Replies: >>146265
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Low Latency Mode Arrives in PeerTube 4.2
>Currently, when broadcasting live on PeerTube, the latency (time between when the video stream is sent and when the video is watched) is estimated to be around 30-40 seconds. This is because PeerTube uses a peer-to-peer protocol (P2P) to broadcast videos, lowering the load of their hosts.
>In order to change this latency, we offer videomakers two new settings:
> - reduced latency, by turning off P2P
> - increased latency, to exchange more efficiently video segments with P2P
>To change this setting, simply edit the live settings. In the Live settings tab, you can select the latency mode you want.

>is there a nsfw tube alternatives for rumble?
Any peertube instance that allows NSFW will do.
>also how do you keep the video size small?
Through the black art of tweaking encoder settings; lower bitrate, lower resolution, lower FPS, increase GoP, use two-pass to name a few.
[Hide] (516.9KB, 1830x2048)
> PeerTube uses a peer-to-peer protocol (P2P) to broadcast videos
Damn, I wouldn't have guessed. Anyone knows where does the name come from?
>Low Latency Mode
Bye Bye jewtube, it wasn't nice using you I hope that platform fucking dies.
>30-40 seconds latency
Holy moley and I thought Twitch was bad with its 10 seconds latency.
Replies: >>146294
I had the same latency for jackbox gamenights on jewtube and PeeTube streams, about 20 seconds. That's actually pretty pathetic on jewtube's part because peertube essentially runs a torrent behind the scenes for each video to make the P2P work, which has gotta murder latency.
Stream today at 1:00 EST

are there any instances that are using this feature? the one i usually stream to hasn't updated yet
also to other streamfags what do you usually set your bitrate to? right now i have mine at 2mb/s (ISP shows an upload speed of 8mb) and it still drops frames occasionally. is it the instance I'm streaming to? because i had the internet man out here last week and he did all he could and i'm sitll getting about half of what i'm paying for, up and down.
I use this site to setup my bitrate
I just ran the OBS built-in bandwidth tester.
also another anon pointed out, I mean 2:00 PM EDT, not EST.
What even is the content on some PeerTube instances so far? Last time I checked there was mostly OpenSource talks on the instances.
Replies: >>146319
technology and schizophrenics, mostly
Replies: >>146321
around 4 mb/s, but it's a bit overkill
If you're using a VPN, try to find a node that works for you
What instance if you don't mind saying. The ones I looked at from the PeerTube projects site are often misaligned rulewise
Replies: >>146322
i use https://video.hardlimit.com/ which seems like it's tech-oriented but there's a few guys doing one-off vidya streams as well. they don't seem to care much.
Stream still live, playing that 3d metroid game
Stream over
thanks for showing up to my stream, will try to find a better peertube instance because streaming at 2mb/s and still dropping frames is indicative if something that is not my problem. anyone have better suggestions that AREN'T cakechan?
Replies: >>146354 >>146357
The only idea I have is making a good old letsplay series instead of streaming. Sounds incredibly boring probably.
Hard to say, a lot of peertube instances are run by one soy with an underpowered linode just like kikechan. Other things that could be fucking you are VPN jitter (your strm packets get stuck in line behind someone else's midget porn at the endpoint, doesn't matter UNLESS you're doing things like streaming) or some weird windows bug stalling OBS. Are the drops happening constantly or is it in bursts?
Replies: >>146360
dropped frames would hover around 7%, they'd drop a few hundred which is just enough to make peertube stutter. VPN also isn't helping but it's on my router and turning it off/having a passthrough is more of a pain than it should be.
Replies: >>146362
>dropped frames would hover around 7%
If it's continuous (thermometer in the bottom right is always orange/red) then your bitrate is too high. If it's bursty (thermometer is green then turns red every X seconds) then something in the chain between your game and the ingest server is bufferbloating or dropping packets. Either way, try turning on adaptive rate control in OBS.
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I used webm for bakas. I did not enable high quality mode. I enabled 2 pass encoding. 
I recorded the original gameplay at 25 mbps with nvidia geforce experience. I then trimmed of 1 minute of the video with windows photos editor. That lowered the file size from about 1gb to 200mb.
I then used webm for bakas.
>1000 bitrate
>32mb size limit
>850x480 resolution (original 1080)
I then added vp9 in the arguments in the advanced section. I think it just said libvpx as default so i added -vp9. The bitrate,resolution and size limit was already added automatically to the advanced arguments. I then added bitrate audio of 64k. 
>-b:a 64k
the entire argument ended up looking like this 
 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 32 -b:v 1000K -b:a 64k -vf scale=850:480  -threads 1 -fs 32M
I probably could have added -c:a libopus to change the audio into opus but i forgot. I still think it turned out like i wanted it to.
I used 1080p 60fps on geforce experience. Forgot to mention that.
Replies: >>146500
[Hide] (24.1MB, 640x360, 09:09)
considering how little movement there is in your video, you could have gotten away with a lower bitrate.
>I then trimmed of 1 minute of the video with windows photos editor. That lowered the file size from about 1gb to 200mb. I then used webm for bakas.
There is no point encoding twice like this, it will only lower quality. If your editor can't do the vp9 encoding have it do near-lossless output.
>-c:v libvpx-vp9 -crf 32 -b:v 1000K -b:a 64k -vf scale=850:480  -threads 1 -fs 32M
Average bitrate and constant quality are mutually exclusive, -crf 32 does nothing here. 64k for audio is a bit low and you'll also get better results with libopus.
Also -fs doesn't work the way you think it does, it will simply stop encoding when it hits the limit.
The video is 30fps though.
Replies: >>146508 >>146513
AVI is a thing.
Replies: >>146529
[Hide] (30.8MB, 850x480, 04:00)
>Average bitrate and constant quality are mutually exclusive, -crf 32 does nothing here
>you'll also get better results with libopus
Okay i removed crf. Added libopus. Didnt use -fs. I thought fs was like target size.
>The video is 30fps though.
I dont know why that was. This one is 60fps though. I think my video probably turned into 30fps because of the edit i did with windows photos.
AVI is a container, not a codec. The only format I know of that AVI can hold and mkv can't is pure h263, which nobody used because of divx, xvid and mpeg-4 part 2 not to be confused with part 10 which is the same as h264.
Lots of video codecs have lossless modes, but support can be shaky and depending on what you're using getting it to output near-lossless video can be a lot simpler. For example if you wanted lossless h264 and your editor doesn't have a x264 encoder and a way to actually enable lossless you're basically out of luck and have to use another codec and hope that encoder supports lossless mode.
Replies: >>146532 >>146535
>The only format I know of that AVI can hold and mkv can't is pure h263
Yeah but mkv is gay.
Replies: >>146534 >>146535
Both VP9 (Free) and H264 (Non-Free™) support a lossless mode, and both support RGB color space for recording pixel-perfect streams (if needed), so you can use either when editing/manipulating your video then only doing the final encode using ffmpeg's libx264 in lossy mode.
For example:
>scale video, reduce FPS...etc using Shotcut
>export a lossless video from Shotcut using a fast preset (will encode quickly but at a large file size)
>if satisfied, re-encode the lossless video using an ffmpeg incantation with the optimal bitrate and the like (libx264 encoder)
>final video is small with only minimum quality loss

>mkv is gay
<supports almost every video and audio codec in existence
<supports multiple audio (and video!) streams in one file
<supports multiple embedded subtitles
<supports chapter markers
You're the gay one, bucko. MKV is the best container format there is.
Replies: >>146578
VP9 is always better than H264 though. Better video quality at even smaller file sizes. It only gets beaten by AV1, and I guess HEVC as well, but the former at the very least has support in Chromium/Firefox.
Replies: >>146621
how the hell do you make a webm 4chan compatible? it says corrupted file inb4 namefag or newfag
Replies: >>146610
Might do a mini stream later today to test out PT's low latency mode, in like 4-5 hours from now.
>how the hell do you make a webm 4chan compatible?
You give it AIDS and then kill yourself.
Doesn't matter much when doing a temporary lossless encode and h264 can't be used in webm anyway.
So I'm having an issue with Snes9x in particular; none of the keyboard keys are working. I set joypad 1 to use the arrow keys and return key for example, but they have no effect at all. Meanwhile keyboard shortcuts work fine... I want to start streaming but this is holding me up and I found no solutions on jewgle. Any help?
Replies: >>146646
I figured it out: I had the same keys mapped to 2 different joypads. Everything's working fine now.
Stream live here: https://cytu.be/r/wewuzstreamerznsheeit
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[Hide] (111.7KB, 1280x720)
I recently beat Metal Gear Rising and wanted a video with an upload date of July 4th. This game was extremely fitting.

[Hide] (28.5MB, 1280x720, 02:00)
1000 bitrate and 2000 bitrate seems almost indistinguishable. Enemies from far away are still pixely. I dont know what im doing wrong here.
Replies: >>146867 >>146879
[Hide] (156.2KB, 680x550)
>using steam
>buying games
>playing a mediocre PVKII knockoff
>using kikedows
>encoding with NVENC and expecting quality to not be bad
Record with a bloated lossless codec like HuffYUV onto a spare HDD to avoid quality loss and frame drops due to sub-realtime encoding speeds, you can crunch it down with ffmpeg later.
Replies: >>146872
>encoding with NVENC and expecting quality to not be bad
I encoded with ffmpeg.
>Record with a bloated lossless codec like HuffYUV 
Replies: >>146874
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1130x744)
>I encoded with ffmpeg
>full screen GeForce """Experience""" overlay at the end as you click the stop recording button
Sure you did.
Sorry, I don't feed stray animals.
Replies: >>146876
Then why bother mentioning something so obscure?
I think im finally getting the hang of how shotcut works.
Replies: >>147708
I had good luck with recording to mkv with the default codecs and then using a 2 pass webm, which if you don't know is the intended way to make a webm, single pass is supported but disables a lot of the optimization features of webm.
Replies: >>146880
what do you use to record?
Replies: >>146882
I used OBS for that, shame it shits the bed with ALSA.
1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern, tomorrow, is the VNS stream
Happy to see you're still on time anon
>inb4 still using 8cake
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Replies: >>147033
Will instead do the stream on 7/8 as the stream's upload speed is bouncing around like a pinball and crashed once already.
Replies: >>147050
badmovienight had the same issue last saturday, might want to talk to mr admin man about taking a look at it
Replies: >>147439
>Take Duex on the VNS stream for this week: 
Forgot to leave the link: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Doubt it because this has been an issue that occured during previous streams, and it appears to be in relation to how my internet is connected to my computer.
[Hide] (874.4KB, 850x1475)
Streaming more Metroid tomorrow at 1:00 EDT
Stream in two hours
thanks for showing up fags, will check out ishiruga to see if it emulates prime better
Tomorrow at 8~9PM UTC+1 I'll be streaming some Demon Souls and get my ass kicked.
Replies: >>147819
Good Lord, do yourself a favour and torrent Sony Vegas or something.  Shotcut sucks for anything even remotely advanced (putting text on the screen, zooming, panning, etc.).  I edited a 20 minute video in Shotcut just to see what it was like and it was one of the biggest headaches of my life.
Replies: >>147717
>do yourself a favour and torrent Sony Vegas or something
Id rather not pirate that since its always sketchy every time. Last time i checked there was malware in it. From one of the most trusted ones. Im not just going to blindly think its a false positive. A positive for malware is a positive for malware.
Replies: >>147741
I just use Videopad
Simple, clean, efficient, works well for what it does
Could have more features but it works fine for most simple to moderate-level editing
I torrented photoshop and adobe premiere pro. What fucking pieces of shit. First of all. Why the fuck cant i drag and resize my photoshop image? I had to look up  several fucking tutorials to just resize it. But it just gets bigger. It doesnt actually resize the fucking image. So then you have to resize the canvas? I dont fucking know. God what a pretentious software. Premiere pro i dont even know what to say. It looks exactly like the free counterpart software but even more complicated.
I guess what really pissed me off was how you cant even resize a image properly in fucking photoshop. Can soomeone explain why a premium software cant resize a image but paint can?
[Hide] (329.4KB, 2382x659)
I used Vegas for a few years and it was really fucking easy for me to learn and understand, I didn't need any deep tutorials or anything except for maybe how to do a few tricks. However once I had a project that got big enough it kept crashing every five minutes. So it was crash, open it again, take two minutes to load all the files again, work on it for three minutes, then it crashes again, rinse and repeat. it was painful but I got it done damn it. pic related.
Replies: >>147756
[Hide] (31.1MB, 853x480, 04:56)
Post the video
Replies: >>147822
I'm waiting, where is the stream?
Replies: >>147823
I said 1 hour until stream do you not see the timestamp either way 
Replies: >>147826
[Hide] (703.4KB, 1059x795)
quality stream
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1902x647)
a true streaming experience
[Hide] (53KB, 627x432)
Hey Solo, I was looking into PeerTube streaming: I don't know what settings you use (like low-latency, which disables P2P) but there are extra options to change the embed, for example to enable/disable P2P and to hide that P2P warning title (which makes sense if it's not enabled, but a dick move if it is).
Replies: >>147942
Disabling P2P is done from the website of your Peertube instance, go into the settings of your live stream and change the latency from there. Not all instances will have the new settings yet, by the way.
[Hide] (8.8MB, 1920x1080, 01:12)
fitgirl is malware. If you ever downloaded a fitgirl repack then watch this.
[Hide] (614KB, 600x800)
lots of repacks tell you to edit your hosts file so that any attempt at the cracked gaym to communicate with official servers is rerouted to a local server on your machine that tells them they are authenticated. this means nothing.
Replies: >>147983 >>147985
((( malware means nothing trust me goylem )))
Replies: >>147986
Fitgirl installers are extremely slow compare to other groups. The catch of the small download file is the long install. Not worth it if you have half decent internet. And having only 4g of ram will usually ends in error, thats why he has the little warning at the start.
Replies: >>148071
[Hide] (231.4KB, 900x600)
He probably checked the option to reroute phony fitgirl sites to the real one.  That edits the host file. You can opt out or if you forgot just remove or comment the lines.

just kidding its a virus malware trojan warez h4x0r ransomware boot loader spyware worm cracker punter gameburnworld napster crack
[Hide] (32.1KB, 640x481)
the video proves nothing except that your hosts file was changed. that is not indicative of malware. malware is when your system gets noticeably fucked because something is eating all your resources in the background or fucking with your settings, like bitcoin mining, changing your default browser to totally-not-a-fake-chrome-browser, or preventing legit AV from being installed.
Replies: >>147989 >>148165
It proves that fitgirl is malware. Give me proof fitgirl isnt malware. I already proved it was malware using the anti-virus.
Replies: >>148165
[Hide] (101.3KB, 584x649)
No, you didn't. Cracks and AV naturally don't get along because the former messes with system files by it's very nature to circumvent DRM, which the latter despises. You have two feral pitbulls on your machine and you're complatining when they fuck with each other. Quit being retarded.
Replies: >>147993
[Hide] (4.2MB, 634x738, 00:31)
the burden of truth is on you.
Replies: >>147995
[Hide] (66.2KB, 956x631)
this is bait but fuck it. you claimed fitgirl is malware so the burden is on you, niggermonkey.
Replies: >>147996
And i already proved it was malware. If your next reply isnt proving how it isnt malware then dont bother replying.
Replies: >>148008
who let cuckchan in here the wurm server hasn't even started yet
[Hide] (14.7KB, 654x157)
Actually all you proved is that your hosts file is a virus.  Maybe you should delete it just to be safe.

Here's proof fitgirl not a virus.
Replies: >>148010 >>148014
Get kaspersky. Then scan your hostfile. Show before the host file in txt. Thats how you prove it. You proved nothing.
Replies: >>148017
Also you didnt even scan your host file. Good job. You proved nothing yet again.
[Hide] (82.9KB, 1303x838)
[Hide] (1.7KB, 261x33)
calm down, perkele
Replies: >>148018
use kaspersky to scan the file and show the hosts file in txt aswell.
Replies: >>148028
have you considered that kaspersky might just be wrong? I'm not installing ANOTHER antivirus on top of Comodo and Spybot Search&Destroy
Replies: >>148031
So we will conclude this conversation with that i was right and you could not prove me wrong.
Replies: >>148032 >>148063
[Hide] (78.6KB, 408x475)
sure, whatever floats your antivirus
virus total includes kaspersky.
Replies: >>148064
[Hide] (637.2KB, 637x510)
do not feed the schizos
Replies: >>148072
It literally tells you it will add shit to your hosts file to reroute fake sites to the real one. I don't know what you think you proved by showing a completely standard hosts file other than that you are computer illiterate.
Most anti-virus would throw a shitfit if something tried to edit the hosts file no matter the contents, in some cases even if it was you doing it manually.
Repackers use extremely CPU heavy non-standard compression, not always completely stable.
I've never bothered much with them unless it was the only thing available.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 490x360, 00:47)
>gives a definition of malware that isn't 'any malicious software'
>shifting the burden of proof
>dismissing virustotal because of a single vendor and pseudoscience
>running windows at all
shiggy. you're out
[Hide] (46.4KB, 299x321)
[Hide] (12KB, 916x176)
They took down my masterpiece stream because it was inciting "hate" and guess what I'll show these fuckers real hate, I'm gonna prepare myself to bomb there fucking HQ and I'm gonna bomb los angeles too with it.
tldr I'm gonna switch to peertube now
That's what you get for speaking french
Join us tunisian frog! We will become ''true peers""!
Can you still download the stream? I'm yet to watch it and could use a copy.
Replies: >>148239
[Hide] (324B, 16x16)
I learned more about ffmpeg in the last week than I did in all the time before that including the multiple occasions when I asked around about it. All thanks to 4chan enabling VP9 and making people discuss how to optimize videos.
[Hide] (75.5KB, 640x960)
It's gone ((( they ))) took it
Replies: >>148241 >>148254
Wait a sec for some reason I can watch the stream with my phone but only through cytube link, I recording the stream right now.
Replies: >>148244 >>148254
scratch that video can no longer load.
Replies: >>148254
Isn't there a "download" button on your jewtube control panel or something?
Replies: >>148256
On invidious instances you can just download the video straight up from the site no kikery involved, why aren't you faggots using invidious anyways?
Replies: >>148258
[Hide] (29.9KB, 1149x243)
[Hide] (17.1KB, 1032x128)
Work your magic
to be fair i assumed it would only be a matter of time before they got you for it.
Replies: >>148272
Made a thread asking the bird to add an OSP instance to the site like markchan does, give thoughts
Replies: >>148282
Yeah me too but I thought my thicc accent bail me out but the bots are getting better.
Replies: >>148273
just tell them you were talking about how annoying your friend Nick Gurr is
you make it
Replies: >>148308
>i make it
>everyone screams it's a honeypot
>nobody uses it
>shut it down because i'm not going to pay for something nobody will use
no u
Replies: >>148312
this place gets called a honeypot 24/7 as do many other sites on the webring, luckily people with half a braincell are able to understand words are empty without any evidence and so they fall on deaf ears
Replies: >>148315
[Hide] (131.1KB, 600x600)
The problem is the tvch-/cattle/-soychan axis of evil is still incredibly buttmad that the webring exists and someone from one of those places would absolutely start an OSP instance and pay to keep it running for a month to scrape IPs and try to pwn them, or get dox for them from ISPs for the poor unfortunates not using a VPN in the current year. That makes any new service not run by an existing namefag suspect, as gay as that situation is. This is why it's smarter to just pick a random PeerTube with absentee mods and stream unlisted, because as a neutral party you can be reasonably sure they won't fuck with you as long as you don't fuck with them first.
Replies: >>148318 >>148380
[Hide] (34KB, 634x305)
I have no clue what you just said
Replies: >>148320
Let me rephrase that in retardese: Eden would totally make a fake streaming site for zzziggerchan to try to dox people so any new one not confirmed to be run by sturgeon or another non-evil namefag won't get used because everyone will assume it's a honeypot.
[Hide] (262.4KB, 970x1550)
Reminder of the VNS stream that will be happening tomorrow at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern

<There are loads of video sites you can upload to.
>manually downloading and reuploading a gorillion videos
That's the most braindead thing I've seen this week.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 584x467)
it's from blacked.gov or some similar shithole, I don't know why you're surprised
>this week
To my knowledge, this 'operation' has been spammed on blacked.moe for at least a year now.
Vidlii is cool though.

>OSP instance is honeypot for IPs
>P2P streaming which gives out your IP to everyone is 'better' because reasons
Can't win.
Replies: >>148417
[Hide] (747.2KB, 1919x688)
>there is no difference between a single connection to a malicious actor with full logging and random connections to random other idiots that you can trivially opt out of
If you're still that buttmad about it there's always https://angelthump.com/ which requires a jewgle captcha to sign up but doesn't appear to have any other strings attached and has multiple TV/movie streams on its front page at all times. Seems like a better deal than kikechan if PeerTube isn't working for you.
Replies: >>148425
Eat the rat.
>that you can trivially opt out of
Looking into it.
>I'm going to peertube
socialists and radlibs who will ban you, and filled with spam. use that dtube site instead.
Replies: >>148429
Who the fuck cares? As long as you're marking your streams as unlisted and turn VODs off they would have to see your strm on an admin panel and jump in to see you dishing out hate truths, and you can usually tell from the instance's about page if they're autistic enough to do that.
Do you have a better solution?
Replies: >>148500
Yes, it should be painfully obvious to anyone still able to rub two braincells together.
>write script or program to automate downloading and reuploading
>leave it running on a VPS or ancient shitbox in the basement
>now have more passive throughput than scores of anons haphazardly doing it all manually
Automating the whole process should have been the first objective of any serious effort. It's only at this point when some actual groundwork has been made that others should be asked to help speed things up. That whole "operation" as is is only marginally better than some PA request on old /b/.
Stream is live, half an hour until the show: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Replies: >>148558
And, the show is live.
>operation download and conquer
I don't like Google's near monopoly on video sharing. The problem with this operation is that unoriginal content almost never makes alternate platforms popular, and the content on alternate video hosts are generally less indexed because of an inferior search function. 
You can't help the latter, but the former can be helped with making original content and interacting with whatever commenters and audience you get. YouTube started largely as a video blogging platform, not a content repository.
Replies: >>148997
>YouTube started largely as a video blogging platform
That's not how I remember it. YT was the platform for regular people to post animations and skits, no matter how crude. The boring vlog trend exploded later as vlogs were safe from the abusive copyright system unlike other videos, plus they were the easiest to monetize.
Replies: >>148999
It was still original content. Even if it was derivative like AMVs or remixes, it was authentic in that the creator was around to see your feedback. Burner accounts and ripped content don't create that community.
Has anyone tried libaom's 3-pass encoding mode?
All it does on my machine is crash with no survivors.
Replies: >>149265
[Hide] (29.8MB, 440x336, 04:37)
Tomorrow come and watch the Sunday Funday PS3 Extravaganza™® at 8~9PM UTC+1
Replies: >>149584
[Hide] (260.4KB, 460x215)
It's ya boi, Old Fag Lapring, comin' atcha with a hot Hot HOT stream with no warning or announcement whatsoever!
Call me WiiU, cuz I came out here without warning >(You)!
Playan' some Uragun because I want to.

Replies: >>149259 >>149571
you talk like a fag and your shit's all retarded
Replies: >>149261
yeah. no shit
Is AV1 really so bad at staying on target that you need an extra pass?
Replies: >>149357
Given how bad VP9 was at staying on target and that AV1 is targeted at the same use cases (cloud jews who don't have to care about filesize limits because they set the limits) I can believe it. Doubt it'd make a difference though.
[Hide] (233.9KB, 1914x1080)
[Hide] (5.3MB, 854x480, 00:56)
[Hide] (4.8MB, 854x480, 00:58)
Those 4 missions we didn't get to see yesterday?
That was it in terms of content for now.
I do wonder what it was supposed to be before they switched to a flatter artstyle.
Replies: >>149595
Replies: >>149615
[Hide] (727.9KB, 1107x653)
[Hide] (646.2KB, 1103x643)
Only the highest tier streams from our sandy friends.
stream is canceled peertube is fucking ass, angel didn't fucking work for some reason and the cake service is ass too and my fucking internet is fucking shit fuck this I fucking hate this god damn gay ass fucking earth can't fucking stream jackshit.
[Hide] (51.9KB, 600x376)
have you tried turning it off and on again?
Replies: >>149623
Go annoy the fagmin to make his own stream instance that actually works
Replies: >>149633
My only solution right now is to use a literal shotacon site for streaming I think I'm gonna try it right now.
Replies: >>149641
[Hide] (996.6KB, 480x480, 00:17)
What? I can only assume you're referring to pomf but that's run by ATF, which has vid related as its national anthem.
Replies: >>149745
I keep missing the fucking streams. Gotta check the thread more autistically.
Replies: >>149749
I'll help you with peertube, you just need to find a good instance near you and tune your stream settings to it... It'll work out.
Replies: >>149745
Yeah I tried it, it was kinda fine but cytube didn't recognize the link.
I'm assuming your wewuz right, which peertube instance do you use ?
Replies: >>149749
I use https://p.eertu.be but you can't register on it anymore, try any of these instances instead (no/loose rules):
If an instance isn't working well for you just try another, use burner emails (e.g. 10 minute mail) if you like, then try doing some test streams. Use the lowest possible bitrate and resolution then work your way up, although considering your connection you better stay within 240p/360p and ~500k. Remember to enable low latency mode in the livestream settings.
Avoid loli-centric services and honeypots like 8cake at all costs, they're worse than peertube anyway. Hit me up on qTox/uTox anytime if you need any help: 73B50D857E93DB8A793AC1DD6EB457C8862DD7A0660A8CDC883AB493C4CF4853C779B7EA214F

Open this thread in its own tab and keep it pinned on your browser of choice.
Well I did some testing and it seems my is super slow these days, I tried the peertube instance you gave me and they all had the same problem alot of dropped frames and instable connection I thought that p2p thing was too heavy for my internet to handle so I tried sites with that don't use P2P I even tried twitch and the some problem happened.
So yeah it's not the peertube problem it's just my internet is sucking major cock lately.
Replies: >>149762 >>150032
It's no problem man shit happens, stream whenever is suitable for you.
You can just be a regular videofag like me. Streams just aren't my style.

Who are you on peertube? I want to write comments on other anon's videos.
Replies: >>150034 >>150302
Yeah I do have some video ideas but I'm kinda lazy and streaming is much easier if any faggot in the internet tires to tell that streaming is hard he 100% talking out of his ass
[Hide] (317.6KB, 1042x1317)
Don't overthink it. You can literally post a video of yourself fighting a boss from a random 10 year old game, and you'd easily have the only or one of the few videos about it on peertube. Basic clipping, fade in / fade out, and concatenating can't be too much harder than streaming.
Replies: >>150302
Wanted to give the heads up that VNS won't be airing until Friday because of my schedule this week.

There's 8chanTV. Join us, we have cake.

Streaming is easy when your tech actually works. If my internet isn't the issue, then it's something else that's bound to go wrong. That's not to mention all the buttons and switches you have to account for. As well as timing everything to make it appear somewhat professional. So, you trade of one set of issues for another.
Never mind, just read the full post.
>Who are you on peertube?
This is my page: https://p.eertu.be/c/dkkhs I only have one video but it's unlisted, here: https://p.eertu.be/w/vjeHCGTYoxhVNeitcsRaYC
What's yours?

You need to conquer your own laziness anon. Start small with a basic gameplay video, no editing required, then upload it to peertube and post it here. You can even do a "faux-livestream" where you play a pre-recorded stream on cytube and chat with anons and laugh at your own gameplay... There's always something you can do, don't lose hope. Seconding >>150181

>>150217 ((( You )))
>There's 8chanTV. Join us, we have cake.
Unironically kill yourself.
Replies: >>150305
This was me.
Replies: >>151824
[Hide] (175.9KB, 992x955)
Let's improve PeerTube - Help us define PeerTube's future roadmap
>Until now, developers, admins and tech-savvy people could suggest improvements and new features for PeerTube by publishing and commenting issues in the git repository.
>Nowadays, PeerTube is gaining momentum and users. It is getting out of the "experts" bubble, and that's a great opportunity. So we need to know what content creators, video-lovers and non-tech-savvy people miss from PeerTube, what changes or new experiences they would like to get.
>Here is our feedback tool: ideas.joinpeertube.org
> - If you know what would improve your PeerTube experience, please add an idea.
> - If you see anything in there that catches your eye, please vote for it.
> - If you know people who would like more from PeerTube, please share this feedback tool.
To all streamfags ITT; if you've ever used peertube or considering using it please submit your ideas and vote on ones you like. You can also comment on other users' ideas, so voice your opinion respectfully please on bad ideas.
Replies: >>150549 >>150562
delay reduced from 30 gorillon years to 1 second
Just use youtube like a regular person. Buy cheap sim cards for anonymity reasons. These peertube websites don't deserve to exist.
Replies: >>150615
Other than the fact that you are an obvious shill.
Do you guys know any way to save a video as a gif or apngwith transparency? Tried a couple different video editors with no luck. I can get whats needed transparent in the editor but never seem to be able to export with said transparency.
Replies: >>150678 >>150679
>the editor
Replies: >>150693
Replies: >>150693 >>150702
I’ve tried shotcut, some other free shit editor, and also kden (though only a bit with that). May re-aquire the adobe things next. 

Yeah, I had been doing that but having issues chroma keying multiple frames with that. May go back to that if it comes down to it.
I meant the video editor... Well anyway, at least Shotcut allows exporting video with transparency, as well as importing all frames as PNG which you can then combine into a GIF using ffmpeg magic.
Replies: >>150703
Ah exporting as frames may work. Thanks
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show in half an hour.
And, looks like I'll have to postpone VNS until Friday again.
Rather than a scheduling foul-up, it appears that one of the games I installed on it yesterday is causing it to crash upon startup, and I cannot spend today fixing it because I just got called into work.

Sort of wondering if Friday works better for a time, though.
Replies: >>151749
Yeah, will be postponing VNS this week
Hopefully I can get my computer up and running by the earliest of next week so that I can resume without issue.
Left you a comment on your RE1 video :) For some reason the 2 Minetest videos do not play at all, I don't know why.
By the way I saw your comments on the peertube ideas page, very well written and on point. Thank you.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1280x720, 00:03)
[Hide] (499.8KB, 1280x720, 00:04)
Apparently most browsers unofficially support mkv now since they have to support part of it for webm anyway.
As long as you use browser supported codecs (commonly vp8/vp9/h264 and vorbis/opus/aac) it seem you can mix them however you want without any problems.
These are renamed full matroska containers, jschan won't let me post .mkv.
Replies: >>152135
Would any of you watch if I just started streaming my first playthroughs with no commentary?
I dunno maybe
>no commentary
ain't that the point?
Replies: >>152074
Yeah I'll watch, but commentary is always a plus. We could always use more streamfags.
Replies: >>152035 >>152074
What game you playing trips-san?
>always a plus
Absolutely not. If there's not really much to talk about regarding the game itself and taking to chat would be too distracting to play game without fucking up, it's not really a plus at all.
Replies: >>152074 >>152134
Alright, I'll be streaming Gurumin tomorrow then. I'm not sure on the time so I'll just post the cytube link when I go live.
Replies: >>152134 >>152298
Just announce it beforehand by an hour or so.

"Commentary" is perhaps the wrong word here, what I'm thinking of is "engagement" where the streamer interacts with the chat. That way the audience can call him a faggot for fucking up or give him clues while he replies in real time. Adds a bit of a human element to an otherwise plain gameplay video.
Why did it took the devs so long to implement this? Desktop multimedia players had support for matroska containers for years now, why can't they just replace their shitty video players with a video player like mpv?
Replies: >>152185
It's most likely just a side effect of using some open source mkv demuxer to read webms. Jewgle wants you to only use their codecs which is why they ripped out everything that made mkv useful when they made webm.
There is still no native support for commonly used matroska features such as multiple streams, various softsub formats and embedded fonts although it's probably possible with some custom js player shittery.
They could easily replace the whole backend with libmpv or ffmpeg but until they stop crying about muh patents and royalties you're pretty much stuck with whatever codecs and containers jewgle feels like supporting.
Is the only way to stream using peertube without exposing your ip address to use a vpn?
Replies: >>152201
Don't leave the player open, faggot. Or turn off P2P if you want to be a(n ineffectual) schizo but still feel like wasting your bandwidth.
Replies: >>152219
How would he waste his own bandwidth by turning off P2P?
Where's the stream?
[Hide] (164.9KB, 800x800)
Got my computer up and running, so VNS will continue on Friday at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern!
Replies: >>153216
Stream is now live:
Show starts in in less than half an hour.
Replies: >>153219
[Hide] (54.9KB, 790x593)
Might do a stream later tonight (euro time) to play Dong 2 and god knows what else. Suggestions welcome!
Replies: >>153853 >>153872
Intresting at what time exactly.
Replies: >>153870
1-3 hours from now, probably.
You could also try playing The Mask for SNES, it sucks dick.
Replies: >>153884
Gonna start in less than 30 minutes.

>it sucks dick
Then why tf would I play it?
Replies: >>153889
[Hide] (54.5KB, 256x224)
Starting in a few minutes: https://cytu.be/r/wewuzstreamerznsheeit
Replies: >>156019
Will some anon play jump king.
Inb4 >streamer bait
Replies: >>154108
Or even better, an ukro game called you are empty.
VNS stream tomorrow at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Replies: >>154367
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Tomorrow at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern will be the usual VNS stream
Replies: >>155662
[Hide] (1.3KB, 277x180)
I know this is /v/ but we have TV nights every Thursday night on /vhs/ at 7:00 PM EDT, you're all welcome to join in.
Replies: >>155624 >>155901
Thanks for the invite /vhs/ anon :)
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
[Hide] (383.6KB, 1600x900)
/v/ are playing in the second day of the Infinity Cup against '/sw/ - Star Wars'. Game starts 20:30 UTC on Sunday.
Your manager has done an impressive job of making player models so it should be fun to watch. Dedicated thread: >>148716

For those wanting to do commentary, game days start on 17:30 UTC so message me in the cytube chat when you arrive.
Where's the indian tech support call?
Replies: >>156030
Want me to post it?
Replies: >>156039
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1280x720, 00:09)
Replies: >>156092
OBS 28.0 Release Candidate 1 drops support for Windows 7 & 8, macOS 10.13 & 10.14, Ubuntu 18.04 and all 32-bit operating systems
Replies: >>156046
[Hide] (4.2MB, 800x450, 04:22)
Open wide
Man I miss making webms
Replies: >>156093
VNS stream will be today at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Replies: >>157124
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/

Running a bit late, so didn't have enough time to play some filler.
TV Night tomorrow at 7:00 PM EDT
VNS stream, tomorrow, at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern!
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show will start in less than 30 minutes.
>500 Internal Server Error
I guess I'll schedule it for Firday, then. That is, if Codex has it fixed by that day.
Replies: >>158946 >>159084
>cakekike still hasn't fixed his site
it's been broken since last week's ICUP ate all his bandwidth
Replies: >>158626 >>158946
[Hide] (284.6KB, 480x360, 00:03)
It's weird because the UT stream has been using the kikechan server just fine until today. I guess Codexx just ordered a slightly bigger bandwidth bucket from whatever crappy VPS and it only lasted a week, wew. Supposedly the last crash was because of some goon streaming movies through it instead of getting a seedbox and using cytube's native player, I guess he didn't take the hint.
>I guess Codexx just ordered a slightly bigger bandwidth bucket from whatever crappy VPS and it only lasted a week, wew
Most likely, VPS bandwidth usually comes in increments of 1000gb/month. UT recordings were ~56gb * ~40 viewers = over 2000gb of traffic.
[Hide] (453KB, 320x436, 00:04)
It crashed because of the stream called VCR broke where some spic is just streaming short videos all strung together. As >>158714 mentions they only have so much and that amount is exceeded the service stops until you pay for more of the service. This is the second time this has happened. The first time was when a madlad from /co/ was streaming cartoon seasons in their entirety for weeks. He crashed it twice and stopped streaming after that. Watch.blacked isn't meant for 24/7 streaming.
Replies: >>158946 >>159603
Just use peertube you stupid fucks
Do you need a tutorial? Just ask
Replies: >>158951
When you find an instance with enough bandwidth for 40+ viewers.
Keep in mind that still leaves you with a ~30 second delay because the peertube web player is complete garbage.
Replies: >>158956
>When you find an instance with enough bandwidth for 40+ viewers.
I've used peertube when streaming UT myself last year to 40+ viewers and it worked just fine.
>Keep in mind that still leaves you with a ~30 second delay
Wrong, it's now ~10 seconds. See >>146265
Replies: >>158957
>I've used peertube when streaming UT myself last year to 40+ viewers and it worked just fine.
Post your secrit instance then since none that I've seen recently can handle it.
>Wrong, it's now ~10 seconds
It was always ~10 seconds if you didn't use the web player and I've never seen the low latency web player actually work on any instance.
It simply refuses to download the most recent segment no matter what.

Basically the frontend is atrocious and the backends are underfunded. Better off using angelthump or pomf but everyone keeps defaulting to blacked.gov because ???
>none that I've seen recently can handle it.
Did (You) try streaming for yourself to test that? Because I did. Also there's an instance list right here >>149749
>I've never seen the low latency web player actually work on any instance
It works just fine during all my current streams.
>Better off using angelthump or pomf
Another anon ITT reported the former not working, and the latter is a honeypot that's no better than 8cake latency-wise.
Replies: >>158974
[Hide] (66.5KB, 209x228)
>secrit instance
I believe it was Hardlimit.
>I've never seen the low latency web player actually work on any instance.
I've never seen a livestream on an instance with a new enough peetube version but I guess I'll have to take your word for it. Personally I don't care so much about the "underfunded" backends because most things that aren't UT stream, sokunigger or icup aren't going to be seeing more than a dozen viewers.
>angelthump or pomf
AngelThump was an unknown until recently and requires you to wait a week before streaming unless you pay. They also split their server pool in half to get more patreon cash which is new from the last time I looked ~6 months ago. Pomf had weird pixelformat issues when I looked at it last.
>allthefallen a honeypot
Dude, what? I'll give you latency since it's targeted at artists streaming for their paypiggies, but what?
>Better off using angelthump or pomf but everyone keeps defaulting to blacked.gov because ???
The UT stream tried angelthump and it didn't work for some of the viewers, embedded or direct, which wasn't an issue with moe.
Replies: >>158987
I recall the stream not propagating properly when bmn first used it, can't remember if it was due to non-standard resolution or simply not reading the instructions.
just use dlive :^)
Stream is live, again: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show to start in half an hour.
[Hide] (350.8KB, 631x800)
That means all 26 episodes from start to finish! Expect to be here a little while!
[Hide] (151KB, 110x180)
Good bait. Maybe codexx will just kill the server and force people to use angelthump/peertube if fags like you keep eating all the bandwidth instead of renting a fucking VPS and using synctube.
Replies: >>159427
>not dropping the episodes on a file host and queueing them up on cytube
>spending money
No thanks, kike.
Replies: >>159434
[Hide] (115.5KB, 720x480)
Replies: >>159500
>spending money
>not using a 24 hour free trial
el oh el
>IT WILL BE ON watch.8ch.moe!
Oh for fuck's sake... Hard pass.
Replies: >>159463
[Hide] (379.4KB, 244x170)
You really like this image of smug Lina eating don't you?
[Hide] (2MB, 1354x1062)
The VPS provider will just charge me if I go over my bandwidth budget. The site shouldn't die. I'm running an older version of the software and sometimes the dependencies will shit the bed, and they take the entire server with it one way or another.
I apologize for that. I am planning a major upgrade for both software and hardware in the next few months. Ideally it will be up by the end of the year.
In the meantime, some streams will get "stuck" in an invalid state. I am going to see if there's an easy way to clear those after a crash. Usually they go away on their own, but some have been stickier than usual lately.

If you guys have any issues with the server, especially if it crashes suddenly, please send me an e-mail. Codexx (at) cock (dot) li. Usually, it's a quick fix. I've seen enough crashes that I can probably automate some of it, so I'll make a weekend project of that soon.
Thanks for tolerating the site's issues for the time being.
[Hide] (492.1KB, 576x613)
off yourself, jew puppet
[Hide] (3MB, 1280x720, 00:15)
Thanks for hosting.
[Hide] (58.3KB, 640x454, 00:01)

I recorded a playthrough of a 4 hour long story in a game. The total time is shorter with failures and reloads edited out.

In the absence of file size or other technical limitations, is it better to post a single 3-4 hour video or a playlist of multiple episodes?
Replies: >>159785 >>164866
I leik lain
Cutting it up based on logical segments in the game is probably the best, being able to find the general stage of the game you're looking for is important.
If you have the ability to add chapters then a single video could be just as good if not better.
Spoiler File
(4.3MB, 2048x2048)
Fuck off. Go back to watching whiteoid fucked by niggers. Dont come back here.
Like it's been for the past several months, VNS stream tomorrow at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Replies: >>160243
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show will start in less than 30 minutes.
Are there any good simplistic editors for windows? 
Blender and professional editors are too bloated for when you just want to crop a video, and kdenlive is too unstable for that.
Replies: >>160426 >>160560
I use shotcut.
Replies: >>160560
+1 for Shotcut, very easy to get into and start doing basic stuff without needing a tutorial.
[Hide] (1.6MB, 540x360, 00:30)
I'm sick and have absolutely nothing better to do.
So here's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on Hardened (I've never played on Hardened Cock before)

Replies: >>161005
[Hide] (113.1KB, 287x326)
anons I have a confession to make:
I'm not and old man at, I am just a giant baby who can't beat a babby gaem made for babbbys
VNS stream, today, at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Yes, I'm late in posting this.
Replies: >>162050 >>162058
[Hide] (155.2KB, 1365x768)
I just recently played one of my favorite levels in Halo 2, Uprising. I thought it was fun because it tells an interesting story as it depicts a literal race war and I liked how you could rally up your fellow elites to fight the nigger monkey ape brutes. Tomorrow I will consider recording some gameplay and posting it. Regarding that, my video editing software is Sony Vegas 2014. Are any of the ones listed in the op better than what I have?
Replies: >>161924
If your current program already does the job then no reason to switch. The list in the OP is just a suggestion for anons starting out from scratch.
>recording and posting
Why not just, you know, live stream?
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show starts in 30 minutes.
Replies: >>162058
Show to start in less than four minutes
[Hide] (766KB, 1280x720)
Will stream more Metroid tomorrow at 1:00 PM EDT for those interested.
Replies: >>162894
someone tell me how to stop the side scrollbar from appearing/disappearing when embedding from cakekike's stream shack
Replies: >>162889
Replies: >>162893 >>162894
stop using a garbage fed site, simple as
Replies: >>162893
Link giving me a 404.

Seconding this, just use Peertube.
fug my bad
Replies: >>162898
plz join
Thanks for showing up fags
Will be doing the VNS stream today, at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show to start in less than half an hour.
Replies: >>163898 >>164308
Never mind, Friday it will be, instead, because my net speed is on the fritz today.
Replies: >>164308
TV night tonight at 7:00 EDT
Let's try this again, stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Will stream more Metroid vidya today at 1:00 PM EST (2 hours from now)
Stream now
thanks for laughing at my pain. will stream again next week.
remind me again how to make a 112.5 MB file under 32MB without turning it into a King of the Hill JPEG and sound from a model 3 Genesis
Split it into 9001 32MB parts. I wonder if webm.py would spit out a Japanese penis tier compressed video, massively overshoot the 32MB limit or just laugh at you.
Reducing the resolution when re-encoding with ffmpeg goes a long way towards reducing filesize.
[Hide] (25.8MB, 640x360, 05:15)
turns out I was rendering a 360p video at 1080p, now it fits fine. rate my shitty gameplay.
Replies: >>164831
[Hide] (236.4KB, 889x778)
So, 8chTV is experiencing tech issues lately due Cuck/tv/ flooding the site by using the site as a projector for their movienight streams.
Replies: >>164809
who gives a shit?
Replies: >>164811
I give a shit because the UT stream would have been dead in the water without it. You should still care because rapefugees are trying to use services designed for other userbases like the faggots they are after getting banned from elsewhere. This is no different then when they come here and shit up the board while waiting for their bans to expire.
Replies: >>164818 >>164831
[Hide] (60.4KB, 347x419)
It's also no different than when >we use 8ch services to host our streams.
I literally do not give a single fuck about 4chan or 8ch. The less I hear about either, the better.
>inb4 even more spam about nonsense drama because demoralization must be achieved
if you're reading this, fed-boy: go fuck yourself
[Hide] (203.9KB, 723x666)
>I literally do not give a single fuck about 4chan or 8ch. The less I hear about either, the better.
>if you're reading this, fed-boy: go fuck yourself
[Hide] (104.6KB, 293x480)
>It's also no different than when >we use 8ch services to host our streams.
The goyim cannot be stolen from, only harvested for its produce. You should be using peertube if possible or angelthump if not anyway.
It's plenty different since we don't render it completely non functional during it's use. Sage because this is drifting offtopic.
[Hide] (2MB, 640x640, 00:20)
Start with basic CRF encoding with a value of 30 or 35, should look acceptable with good filesize. If the filesize turns out too low and you want more quality, decrease the CRF value, the minimum is 15.
ffmpeg -i INPUTFILE.mp4 -c:v libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p -preset slow -movflags +faststart -crf 30 -g 249 -bf 16 -b:a 64k OUTPUT.mp4
Note: this will give you an mp4 file (codecs h264+aac) instead of webm (codecs vp9+vorbis). To create a webm just replace libx264 with libvpx-vp9 .

>holy fuck... i'm coming! lois!
Best part by far I love the sound effects, looking forward to the next stream

The solution is simple: stop using the fat kike's streaming service. Peertube is right there.
Replies: >>164868
[Hide] (152.3KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (51.1KB, 1280x720)
And here it is:

I also started writing about vidya on NeoCities. If the video is tl;dw, you can read about it too with references to timestamps.
Replies: >>164961
[Hide] (90.9KB, 803x790)
>crf instead of average bitrate when constrained by file size
>bunch of flags that are only relevant to h264/mp4
>crusty 64k for audio without even specifying codec potentially ending up with wildly different results
Just calculate the bitrate you need (filesize/seconds) * 8 - audiobitrate and do VP9 2-pass ABR. The rough equivalent to "-preset slow" would be "-speed 1".
If it's trash reduce the resolution, switch to a worse pixel format or increase the file size until acceptable.
Some general guidelines for stereo audio:
>AC3, MP3: 192k
>AAC, Vorbis: 128k
>Opus: 96k
[Hide] (150.4KB, 600x500)
I can't believe it, someone still playing Farmware. Remember how they introduced the Tenno-are-children thing solely to scare off the latex futa furry porn degens that were the game's core fanbase? And that it somehow worked?
Replies: >>164870
>I can't believe it, someone still playing Farmware. Remember how they introduced the Tenno-are-children thing solely to scare off the latex futa furry porn degens that were the game's core fanbase? And that it somehow worked?
I stay in contact with the clan especially after 8chan went down and it was clear that some anons didn't find the webring.
I don't watch porn, but the plot in this game does get real stupid sometimes.
>>164866 (checked)
Nice to see other anons using Neocities. Have you considered writing for Sleepy Station? (>>160600)
Replies: >>165430
Today will be the VNS stream at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Replies: >>165370
Stream is live, show will start in 10 minutes: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
I will probably write an article that won't also be posted to my website.
TV Night tonight at 7:00 EDT (3 hours from now)
Replies: >>165645
TV night in 15 minutes
[Hide] (440.5KB, 1391x1800)
Come watch me get lost and angry at an annoying Zero Mission ROMhack and complain about stuttering in Prime 2 at 1:00 EDT (3 hours from now)
Stream in 5 minutes, now free of cakekike's tyranny.
[Hide] (161.5KB, 937x531)
got the good ending
Replies: >>166067
Truly one of the ROM hacks of all time
thanks for watching my shitty stream
VNS, today, a several hours from now at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Replies: >>166686
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show will start in 25 minutes.
[Hide] (972.8KB, 1440x1080, 00:04)
Gonna stream some bullshit tonight and/or tomorrow because my friends won't hang out with me.
Tonight's stream is gonna start around 2-3 hours from now, so check in and see if I got off my ass then. For now, watch a soviet rendition of Dostoyevsky's "Dumbfuck".
Turn closed captions on and watch that volume, those commie fucks couldn't mix sound any better than the soup they didn't have:
Replies: >>166961
[Hide] (504.2KB, 640x526, 00:03)
starting like now or something I unno, I need a drink
VNS, today, at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Six and a half hours from now
Replies: >>167849 >>167851
TV night tomorrow at 7:00 EDT
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show will be starting at the start of the hour.
Show is starting
TV night tonight at 7:00 EDT
Is there a single software that allows me to easily crop videos?
I tried shotcut, it sucks. You can't just crop a video and export it. Cropping just leaves black bars around the video and the devs explicitly refused to add a fit resolution to content option. You need to instead manually change the resolution which is somehow more work than just using ffmpeg.
Replies: >>168317 >>168330
I would say videopad but for some reason its been gay to try and install and use their free version lately
>decide on the final dimensions of the video (you can fine tune cropping on a snapshot image of the video first)
>open shotcut, create new project with final dimensions
>import input video to be cropped
>add a scale/move filter and enter the exact dimensions
>export output video
Also ffmpeg can do cropping fairly easily if you don't mind doing some cmd-fu.
Replies: >>168338
>decide on the final dimensions
That requires me to know the final dimensions. I'm not using a ruler to measure the video and calculate the pixels I want, I just want to import a video, select the zone, and export that zone.
If I'm going to have to manually punch in the numbers it's just an inferior and clunkier ffmpeg. 
Whenever I want to crop a video I just export a few frames, open them in gimp, use the rectangle tool to select the area, and then take those numbers over to ffmpeg's crop filter. 
I refuse to believe that's not only the fastest but also the easiest and most intuitive way to crop a video.
Replies: >>168341
A quick search turned up this: https://forum.shotcut.org/t/export-resolution-same-as-cropped-source-video/2763/6
Replies: >>168345
So there is an automated way to do it, but it's still somehow still worse than gimp and ffmpeg. 
>add a crop source filter (you must use a crop source filter otherwise this doesn't work, and a source filter sometimes doesn't show up under filters if you're in edit source mode)
>select source 
>go through settings -> video mode -> automatic (automatic mode doesn't work on a project despite still being available as an option, automatic mode is also not actually automatic and must be clicked in order to automatically resize the output)
>click automatic another 3-10 times because the automatic resizing doesn't actually work 
>it'll sometimes just give up and refuse to resize any further leaving you with black lines, you can either change your crop or leave it as is and then use an external tool to actually crop the video
>go to export and choose to export from source
And again, this is to do an operation that is accomplished within a few seconds using a fucking image editing software and a command line tool. Literally anything is a better video editing tool than the fucking software made to edit videos.
VNS stream in a few hours at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
If everything goes well, finally have a game to start playing.
Replies: >>169236
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show will start at the top of the hour.
TV night tomorrow at 7:00 EDT. We have yoko, blyats, vice, desserts, and cars.
Replies: >>169505
TV night in 15 minutes
VNS stream, tomorrow,  at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Replies: >>170522
[Hide] (101.2KB, 1536x1152)
>mom I'm gonna be a streamer and become pewdiepie you'll see
>make twitch account
>draw shitty banner and avatar myself
>wait I don't have two monitors how will I read chat
>apparently you can log in on twitch through obs and enable an ingame chat plugin
>launch obs studio
>popup bla bla old version bla bla update man
>try the login thing
>get an error
>look it up
>u ned 2 updat to fix all errors sir
>try updating
>get another error
>download standalone installer
>install the fucking thing
>run it
>some shit about QT whatever that is
>look the error up
>newest obs versions support windows 10 and upwards now
>windows 8.1 downards are only supported by 27.2 and older
>check which version I was using that wasn't working
and that's the story of my career as a twitch streamer, champs
[Hide] (67.6KB, 1024x564)
serves you right
fuck off wannabe twitchfag
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Will will start in about 25 minutes.
Whatever happened to playing in a window? Just have the chat in a second window next to your game, shouldn't be that hard.
Replies: >>172079
>find cheap laptop with USB-C
>find capture card
>install gentoo or other linux distro of course you autistic fuck on laptop
>run OBS on laptop, play vidya on wangblows PC
It'll even be better for your framerates, which I assume could be an issue if you're running a Win7 relic.
>and then stream somewhere else, fuck twitch you retard
Replies: >>170595
>find cheap laptop with USB-C
>find capture card
what, like just go around my neighborhood breaking up pots and opening chests until I find those items like in zelda or kill some niggers and pray they drop the right loot?
Replies: >>170610
The laptop you just might be able to scrounge up out of a dumpster, probably not one with USB-C though, but no a capture card you're gonna have to pay for. You can find things on the internet and exchange currency for them. It's somewhat like bartering for food, you may have heard of it.
[Hide] (58.7KB, 500x688)

I'm doing a Halloween stream.  As long as you're logged in as a guest you can add videos, we might watch a movie or some anime but it's mostly going to be just music and videos.
Replies: >>171440 >>171444
Devil Summoner TV show in about an hour.
Replies: >>171444
The main thread is on /b/, in case you came from here.
[Hide] (428.3KB, 540x512)
>figure out I might just do what anon says >>170575
>play through the entirety of hitman contracts while basically talking to myself like a schizophrenic the entire time
>end stream after 4 hours
>get a "stream summary" via email with all sorts of stats and analytics 
>oh this seems pretty useful
>averaged 2 viewers (one of which was a bot I set up to artificially increase it to 1 so I wouldn't be at the bottom of the page)
>maxed at 3 viewers
>got 2 followers
>8 unique viewers during those 4 hours
>good bounty considering I saw people saying they'd been streaming for 6 months and got 0s across the board
>the 2 followers I'd gotten unfollow like 30 minutes after I close the stream
I'm gonna make it, I'm basically the next pewdiepie
Replies: >>172119
>streaming for views/follows
You're missing the point big time faggot
Replies: >>172167
Then please enlighten me, but let me guess first, is the point of streaming "fun"? Yeah because playing the game vs playing it while streaming it to exactly 0 people automatically multiplies the fun factor x10 doesn't it you stupid faggot.
Replies: >>172365
Tomorrow, VNS stream at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
I can't imagine why nobody wants to watch your streams with that appealing attitude of yours.
Replies: >>172374 >>174636
[Hide] (829.9KB, 720x720, 00:09)
dude his viewer engagement must be off the charts!
he probably reads every single chat message and thanks everyone for their time and energy!
Now I KNOW this nigga has twitch integration built into every game he plays and has a bits bin counter on BOTH sides of the screen. As well as chat.
He's hooked into every API.
His highly trained team of chat moderators prepare joke material 3 weeks in advance.
He's got deal offers coming in from every publisher, every VPN provider and every audio book store there is.
He knows what you're going to type in chat before you do.
He was trained by 300 CIA navy seals, pewdiepie and markiplier.
He knows you better than you do.
The Big Brother loves you.
Replies: >>174636
[Hide] (581.6KB, 1200x1376)
Gonna play something 2 hours from this post. So a little after 18:00 UTC.

>anon, why aren't you announcing this three weeks in advance
fuck you, that's why
>are you STILL using jewtube?
you betcha
>are you at least going to play GOOD games WELL?
Replies: >>172707
[Hide] (440.7KB, 1280x1461)
Pre-show is on, see you in a few minuntes:
Replies: >>172720
[Hide] (993.5KB, 1176x1060)
FYI I'm trying out Odysee (previously known as LBRY) so it won't work in Chromium. Waterforx views the embed just fine.
[Hide] (124.2KB, 680x680)
Odysee is just a front end for LBRY ran by the LBRY devs.
Replies: >>172778
[Hide] (59.5KB, 588x607)
[Hide] (53.4KB, 845x634)
yes, I know
I'll see how long I can keep using it until I run into a wall of "Pay or fuck off".
Not a fan of their system whatsoever, but Peertube is dead and I can't stream on YT because I've been a bad, bad boy.
Replies: >>172792 >>172819
>Peertube is dead
You've used it before just fine, and now with the new low latency mode it should be even better, but you do you.
>strike 1 strike 2 strike 3
What a bunch of colossal faggots, this is all a game to them.
Replies: >>172829
[Hide] (93.4KB, 960x563)
[Hide] (90.8KB, 960x563)
[Hide] (73.3KB, 960x563)
[Hide] (80.9KB, 960x563)
Streaming again, no topic or theme just any video or song you fancy.
Replies: >>172801 >>172818
Streaming right now, 13 Japanese Horror Stories Based on Real Life Events
Replies: >>172815
[Hide] (896.9KB, 1280x720, 00:07)
[Hide] (302KB, 670x1147)
Is that anime?
what a great thing you posted, I need one of those
Why did YouTube draw a purple rabbi?
Replies: >>172829
the site was literally inaccessible yesterday
to remind of the 66 gorillion
Replies: >>172888
Which "the site"? What instance are you using?
Tomorrow will be the VNS stream at at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Replies: >>173485
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show will start in about 20 minutes.
tv night in 40 minutes
[Hide] (148.9KB, 728x1000)
>keep streaming right on schedule
>eventually two people just happen to show up
>they both chat
>both end up following me
>they come to every subsequent stream
>a third eventually comes
>up to 3 followers who always show up
>they give me hints and crack reddit tier jokes
>my basic bitch humor for them is the second coming of christ
>pearl before swines
on the other hand
<constantly have to walk on eggshells
<brain constantly going about what no no words, jokes, references and whatever not to say
<barely catch myself almost instinctively saying nigger, faggot, tranny et similia and have to swallow them right back
<one of the fags got slightly booty bothered at me specifically trying to find a woman to break a vase over her head in soul reaver and said it was "dark"

tl;dr WAR IS HELL but yeah all things considered, had a bit of fun since the games I'm streaming I never actually finished, I just wish it wasn't with humorless normalfaggots
Replies: >>175777
VNS stream at at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern tomorrow!
Replies: >>174970 >>174974
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show will start in under 24 minutes.
Show is live
original post
Replies: >>175160
[Hide] (144.7KB, 320x240)
hows goin bros, it's me again, pewdiepie, my twitch adventure continues 
>1 of which religiously shows up and is so incredibly invested he spends the whole stream actively chatting with me and reacting to whatever happens
>another was crucial in getting me unstuck in a game
>rest only showed up once each and never again
>mostly max out at 2 viewers (1 of which is the bot I set up) and hardly ever get a third
I suspect some youtube tier rngesus shenanigans with the algorithm under the hood because before my streams would get 1 viewer, 2 at most which stuck around, and would cycle out between 10 and 15 others who would come in, likely realize I'm not pro uber famous twitch streamer gay faggot #239450230 and quit. but today for the first time and for some odd reason I maxed out at 5 concurrent viewers, cycled out a whopping 45 faggots and someone felt a bit of my stream was even clip worthy, even though I did literally nothing different from my previous ones. shame not one of them followed or used the chat. also people are watching my VODs more than the livestreams, I get an average of around 10 views per VOD with some peaking at 18, but checking the  stats of those broadcasts reveals less people showed up. either way, so far this resulted in minimum amount of growth and an excuse to play video games which I probably would've never played on my own. also
<barely catch myself almost instinctively saying nigger, faggot, tranny et similia and have to swallow them right back
this is extremely grating there were times I felt like shouting NIGGER at the top of my lungs and couldn't, if anything it's an exercise of self control.

if this posts bothers you, you can suck my dick, fuck you.
Replies: >>175778 >>175779
lucky sevens of awesome confirm I'm the next pewdiepie, you better check'em
[Hide] (315.1KB, 852x781)
checked, funny you're censoring yourself when you only have one friend, err i mean viewer.
Replies: >>175782
Surprisingly fitting for a board that only has one user.
Remember that tomorrow is the weekly VNS stream at 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern
Replies: >>176065
[Hide] (267KB, 1140x1628)
Replies: >>176507
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show to start in less than half an hour.
At 1 PM Pacific/4 PM Eastern tomorrow, there will be the weekly VNS stream
Replies: >>177246
Stream is live: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/248a8d90-9459-4f79-894f-d8ed99435af8/
Show will start in less than 25 minutes.
Replies: >>177299
Would you play Tiberium Wars?
Replies: >>177307
Someday, but I don't plan on playing it after I finish A&A.
TV night tonight at 7:00 EDT, or 2.5 hours from now
TV night in 15 minutes
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