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Old one is saging and everyone has probably forgotten about it.
Some pointers in case you are considering hosting a gamenight:
>Pick a game that you know anons will play AND have fun with. FPSs are easy to host/play but generally overplayed. Ask around beforehand to get an idea of what anons want. Keep minimum requirements in mind, not everyone is rocking a Ryzen 9 1488 CPU and RTXOMGWTF 9001 GPU. Pick games that you know will run on a Dell Inspiron from 2006.
>Avoid hosting on your main PC/home network if at all possible. Apart from the risk of exposing your public IP, everyone but you will have an unacceptably high ping in the hundreds, killing the experience for fast-paced, quick thinking games. Home networks also do not get static IPs, so it could change partway through the gamenight and nobody can connect after that.
>Pay for a VPS, even a cheap one will do. Old games have very low specs for running on a server, so whatever provider your choose, their cheapest option will probably be more than enough.
I recommend Linode and their Nanode instance, it's $5/month and great for hosting servers. Use my referral link https://www.linode.com/lp/refer/?r=cc34ac0a30a1af9c986235cb5a966ba71ee4e258 for a free $100 credit once you give them payment info.
>Most game servers are made for Linux, but a select few only run on Wangblows because devs hate freedom. If you really want to host a game this badly and it only provides Windows server binaries, look into M$ Azure cloud hosting, it gives you a complete Wangblows desktop in DA CLOUD that you can use.
>Once you have your platform set up, look into installing the server. Every game is different. Ensure you can get it up and running to a playable state before you start messing with settings and plugins.
>Once the server is running, you can mess around with mods and plugins. Some basic ones that you should absolutely have for a fun gamenight include:
<Map rotation
<Voting for maps/gamemodes/kicking fags ruining the game
<Remote/in-game administration tools
<Custom playermodels/weapons/items that change the vanilla gameplay
>Once you have satisfised ALL OF THE ABOVE and extensively playtested the server, create a package for anons to download. This could be as simple as pointing to the game's site to download the client, packaging your own client configuration and putting it up on a fileshare for them to download, or providing a magnet link for a torrent.
>Make a thread for it SEVERAL DAYS IN ADVANCE with information including:
<what the game is (genre, brief gameplay description)
<when the gamenight will be started, including timezones
<links to download the game
<server IP and password
<any additional info that anons may need such as config options, bugfixes, installation issues, etc.
Some example OPs from my previous gamenights:
>>144789 (OP) 
>shilling with referral links when a gorillion VPS hosts offer free trials
>not using wine for wangblows servers
>don't use home connection to prevent exposing IPs but do use torrents
>thinks everyone is stuck behind burger-tier ISPs with no options for static IPs with server connections hopefully routed through a proxy
I only recall a single server with properly configured fastdl in the last 2 years.
Better to package them with the client download like most people already do.
Replies: >>144807
>shilling with referral links when a gorillion VPS hosts offer free trials
i want free money, what can i say
>not using wine for wangblows servers
a lot of wangblows server binaries use a GUI frontend because it's made for retards, which if you're just running a CLI-only Linux install won't run on. I tried to do this with Steam servers and it refused to work, even in CLI mode
>don't use home connection to prevent exposing IPs but do use torrents
some VPNs allow port forwarding but that only increases latency, since you now have to go through anon's VPN and his normal route to whatever shed he lives in
>thinks everyone is stuck behind burger-tier ISPs with no options for static IPs with server connections hopefully routed through a proxy
that is the assumption, yes
Replies: >>144812 >>144822
>a lot of wangblows server binaries use a GUI frontend because it's made for retards, which if you're just running a CLI-only Linux install won't run on. I tried to do this with Steam servers and it refused to work, even in CLI mode
That's what Xvfb+vnc is for because proper wine console emulation never ever.
>some VPNs allow port forwarding but that only increases latency, since you now have to go through anon's VPN and his normal route to whatever shed he lives in
Internet routing is shit tier to begin with so it doesn't matter much unless you go full retard and use a proxy on the other side of the planet.
Replies: >>144814
i was using the closest available VPN server to me when hosting gmod and everyone's pings were still in the high 90s-100s. hosting at home is simply not feasible.
Replies: >>144820
90ms is excellent for transatlantic latency. Won't really get any better than that.
Replies: >>144821
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Spoiler File
(609.4KB, 2560x1440)
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except it wasn't transatlantic, it was someone else here in burgerland. eurofags were getting much more.
but still, good times were had.
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>I want free money, what can I say
You have been randomly selected for the zzzchan mandatory health checkup, please step into the shower.
Replies: >>144827
>>144789 (OP) 
Decent advice, I think the two main pain points is 1. Finding a game to begin with and 2. Linking yourself via payment to the gamenight
Or at least that's what I would be on the fence about. Sure there is cockbox but I have no idea how to reliably get crypto in a privacy oriented way without a giant markup.
>only jews want free money
i gladly took my bidenbux and i'm sure you did too
Replies: >>144838
It's not necessarily that, it's wanting free money at the expense of those around you.
Replies: >>144839
they get free money to run a VPS, I get free money to run a VPS. everyone wins.
Give us a guide on how to use linode faggot, I'm retarded and need an in depth guide with screenshots, if i knew how to host a game using linode I would host some fun games
Replies: >>144876
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>Give us a guide on how to use linode faggot
it's linux, retard. if you can't figure it out i can't help you.
Replies: >>144972
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>>144789 (OP) 
How does ark survival evolved sound? It's kind of a resource hog so I understand if low spec anons couldn't run it but I've been playing it recently and I enjoy it. If we a legitimate version of the game, we would have access to dedicated servers. However, I believe cracked versions can also work with pier to pier connections but I don't know if they are compatible with dedicated servers. I would actually be willing to rent /v/ a server somewhere down the line for a month or two if there is enough interest in this game.
Replies: >>147419
i know its linux but i dont know where to go to access the thing, theres nothing saying "click here to open your linux terminal" or something along those lines. inux is piss easy to learn once you get the hang of it but im just looking for how to get onto the desktop itself to install some server software.

Even if i cant figure out how to host a server the other fag should be able to host something now that he has his referrals
Replies: >>144979 >>144988
Fine, almost all platforms either directly give you SSH to connect with or display that option in the managment overview on their website.
A quick search through their guides will get you this: https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/set-up-and-secure/#connect-to-the-instance
>but im just looking for how to get onto the desktop itself to install some server software
For any decent server software, you don't. You just use the command line like a white man and run the server software, worst case scenario using wine because the devs forgot servers don't normally run on windows.
But if you have some garbage game that requires a GUI to run the server for some godforsaken reason, you need to use the -X parameter when SSHing into the server and run an Xorg instance on your local machine over that SSH connection.
https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12755/how-to-forward-x-over-ssh-to-run-graphics-applications-remotely techically has all the info you need, but you probably won't understand all of it without general sysadmin knowledge. It should still help you figure out what to look up though.
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trips decides what game i will host next, no matter what it is
That's gonna take a while.
Replies: >>147418
if i said dubs some nigger would've just spammed replies until they got to dubs then post it here
Replies: >>147428
You would have to bump the rates waaaay up. the vanilla game is some serious suffering. Ark pisses me off so much because I like the concept, its that the execution is such a fucking mess. I hate ark so much, I have like 300 hours in it.
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LEGO Racers
Mechwarrior Living Legends.
Replies: >>147423
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pls no more
Replies: >>147487
I'll spam vsav until we get to trips anyway.
Replies: >>147446
what the fuck is vsav
Replies: >>147448 >>147450
Vampire Saviour I think
Do it.
Replies: >>147454
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>spammer wins and the game he picks is a shitty 1v1 fighting game with terrible netcode
Great idea dbe909
Replies: >>147458
tell me what the fuck it is and i will
Replies: >>147458 >>147525
Vampire savior.

I also did 9/11 killed Epstein and fucked your mom. You believe me without evidence and without even checking the board don't you?
Replies: >>147464 >>147465
I veto this on the grounds of you get autobanned for saying the nigger word in Fightcade. Host TF2 instead. Classic or Vintage, doesn't matter as long as the Mannconomy shit is off and you can download a zip and play without doxing yourself.
Replies: >>147468
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No no, anon. Eden likes those games, so we can't risk doing anything he enjoys. Let's do what >>147458 recommended and play some shitty generic fighting game only two people on this site know how to play and will thus BTFO everyone else who is new to it. Sounds like a lot of fun to me.
>I also did 9/11 killed Epstein
Is admitting to being a fed a bannable offense?
Tf2 is dogshit. Host dystopia instead
Replies: >>147468
You didn't even bother looking it up.

>only two people on this site know how to play
As opposed to the high skill level on every other multiplayer gamenight? Why do fighting games make you this mad anon?
Replies: >>147469
I know man, I kind of want another vsav tournament too and neo turf masters, and twinkle shits, and soku but with the pedo cabal killing the old fightcade client it's gonna have to wait until someone who isn't me hacks ggpofbneo to support direct connect.
hi Eden, you're not fooling anybody
Newfag detected. I bet you don't even need a dispenser here.
Replies: >>147469
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Oh, I wonder why, reddit-kun
<Play a co-op game
>Everyone has fun, at worst one anon carries everyone else
<Play a team game like TF2 or Quake deathmatch
>Equal chance for good players on each team, even a bad player can have some utility and have fun 
<Play a fightan game
>1v1 so new players will not have fun if you don't spend multiple hours learning combos and practicing with bots, experienced players will have no fun beating up wimps who offer no challenge at all

Pic related, you autistic dead-board-having faggot.
Replies: >>147471 >>147472
I wanna play C&C Kanes Wrath instead of some beat em up
And these two supposed pro players will play with everyone at once? That must have been why fighting games dominated arcades for a decade, one kid was beating 20 other kids at once and no one was having fun. Great deduction there anon we should put you in charge of the board.
Replies: >>147472 >>147474
stay mad retards
/v/ will have a good gamenight and there is nothing you can do to stop it
Yes, since unless you want to use some Fightcade host system, you'll have to lean on the gamenight organizer hosting things for you - and if you are fine with using Fightcade then why don't you just use it now? You don't need to force some poor sap to divert attention away from truly great gamenight ideas like Killing Floor or Sven Co-op or TF2 like some histrionic attention seeking faggot who wants everyone to like what he likes.
Replies: >>147475
I don't know who beat you in a fighting game so thoroughly that you developed this kind of reaction to the mere mention of them, but I'm sad that you think of a genre literally made for mexican kids mashing buttons at each other this way.

>some histrionic attention seeking faggot who wants everyone to like what he likes.
And everyone likes your choice of videogames? What kind of argument is that?
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If no one's hosting this weekend. I'm thinking of hosting Garlic Phone this Sunday. Anyone up for it?
Replies: >>147479 >>147485
I can draw more Xenas for you.
Why dont we play some GOOD coop game for a change? I would like to play NOLF or deus ex or RTCW with you fags
Replies: >>147483
[Hide] (32.3KB, 419x419)
I can try setting up Deus Ex co-op.
Replies: >>147486 >>147487
>now people are starting to recommend known trainwreck gamenights

Hell yeah, anon. I'm up for it. I recommend you make the thread(s) now since otherwise you'll have difficulty getting more than 3 players.
do it nigger, i NEED to gep gun for a silent takedown
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>he still can't figure out tank controls
Actual working settings or webm related?
Replies: >>147504
But I have no mic IRL and even if i were to scream for 20 minutes straight my mom would kill me for making too much noise
I'm using default HX alongside the GOG release for Deus Ex with the max player amount tweaked for testing, but I don't see any settings for player placement.
Replies: >>147507 >>147508
there is no setting for player placement only number of players, player augs and player stats, if you want to know anything just ask me bro
t. desu ex pro
Why bother? The game is seriously not designed for co-op or multiplayer. You're wasting your time. Call me a shill or some alphabet agency all you want but this is a huge waste of resources.
Replies: >>147510
>why bother
Why don't you bother getting a job?
Replies: >>147511
Okay, where?
Replies: >>147523
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half the cod 4 servers are ghost towns
punk buster disabled, razor1911 distribution, some servers are available on Gameranger as well, but every serb I've tried so far needs the game to be updated to v1.7. Trying to mend that right now.
it's been 15 years, I've had fun with pirated MW2 servers like 5 years after release
Replies: >>147517
Wonderful logic, so in 10 years it will be socially acceptable to play undertale or fnaf or tlou2?
Replies: >>147519 >>147522
As far as co-op goes, I just started uploading a .zip file of the game, so expect a gamenight soon once I get the port forwarding finished.
Replies: >>147521
fnaf is pretty good ngl
I can't wait for another gamenight nobody asked for with 5 players max, barely managing to get through one level due to spawn point bugs and other bugs associated with making a singleplayer game an arbitrary multiplayer game.
Replies: >>147525 >>147526
I ain't baiting, C&C can host a good amount of players if you go for a large FFA map and as far as I know you can still use direct connect for everything.

Maybe in ten years you'll be less of a contrarian that mistakes aversion to a game at its prime because all aspects of it, especially the bad ones leaked everywhere with some form of iron clad social cohesion about a fifteen year old game that is being proposed for a one of gamenight.
majestic 12
Replies: >>147524 >>147527
Maybe you should join majestic 12...in a body bag
Replies: >>147527
VSAV would be a lot of fun.  I hope you follow through with this (even if it is just setting up a Fightcade lobby).

>"generic X"
>bitching about the skill gap
>nobody asked for
It really is impressive how you've recycled the same handful of canned phrases for over a year (or maybe two, by now) because the mere idea of anons playing games with each other causes you to have fits.
>experienced players will have no fun beating up wimps who offer no challenge at all
You really don't know anything about fighting games, though.  Pwning noobs is part of the fun.
Replies: >>147530
deus ex can easily be beaten you just got a bad game, last time we beat the full game and got to the end, literally the only issue is softlocking in some areas if you die or get BTFO by sentry bots or if you stand on someone on an elevator they instagib, other than those small imperfections you can get through the entire game bug free, nigger free and most importantly have fun
>5 players
its coop AND dude sex, its going to get more than 5 players, 16 player is the max and it almost maxed out player counts one time
>nobody asked for
desu ex is asked for and its a fun game, you can even play the malkavian mod in coop but that has some bugs and some fags can break the game by going outside
>barely managing to get through the level
thats only if you dont have any lockpicks or hacking devices, some areas are completely locked like the one in area 51 underwater where last time the host had to spawn in a hacking tool
>single player game into a multiplayer game
eh its debatable weather or not the game can handle multiplayer, it was built with it in mind and the HX mod is just swapping multiplayer maps for singleplayer maps which is done in other games to make them coop, the only real bugs you encounter is shit like conversations bugging out because they were not designed for multiple people so you have to spawn the person in again to talk to them again if they get triggered by some faggatron shooting at bob pages hologram again. but other than that there are relatively few bugs in the game when it comes to coop as you can play through the entire game with the only downside being that you lose valuable items if you die and get gibbed
I have some good news for both of you.
Replies: >>147528
yeah... me too, we're 100% Black!
I've been meaning to do VSAV or CVS for a while now, but every single weekend I haven't been busy I've just been really tired to do anything. I might actually do it next week if nothing catastrophic happens.
If anyone wants to get a head start on downloading Deus Ex, the link is here: https://pixeldrain.com/u/qZvs16na
Replies: >>147538
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Not giving the >(1) and done a (You) but I will reply

The point of the gamenight is for everynyan to get together and play something that anons probably wouldn't have the opportunity to play together otherwise. FGC niggers like you can just go to Fightcade if you want to scratch that fighting game itch so badly. There are literally hundreds of players who are waiting for opponents on there and they'll actually be of comparable skill level to you rather than starting from nothing, which will be the case for most anons here. 

But go ahead and keep acting like you know what's best and I'm some boogeyman, nevermind how the last gamenights (Teeworlds, Fire Emblem, 4 swords) all failed either due to lack of interest or the game itself sucking shit out of a straw. Keep conveniently forgetting about the gamenights everyone remembers like Star Wars Jedi Knight Academy, Sven, KF, TF Vintage, Minecraft, 007, Gmod, etc.
so...how long until you get the game up and running?
Replies: >>147553
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[Hide] (190.8KB, 929x698)
I hate meta thread™ season.
Replies: >>147544
This, But unironically!
>reposting the SAME shitty image you posted last time
Still not BTFO, still not angery, still litty and based and redpilled.
Just about now.

Deus Ex Co-op gamenight is here: >>147551
>4 swords
Me and the gang beat the game in an ebin 8 hour session during the last night, doubt you could call that a failure.
[Hide] (8.7MB, 1280x720, 00:34)
GTA Connected with anons might be fun, it's a client that allows you to host GTA IV & 3D era games. Though as far as i can tell the 3D era stuff is pretty bare bones compared to MTA or SAMP but it does have 
so thats nice. Though i guess GTA IV might work better if only because it has actual multiplayer modes built in.

It's also been awhile since the last SWAT 4 gayme night
Four Swords, Crystal Chronicles and most of the Fire Emblem game nights were great, fuck off nigger
>caring about (you)s
>using IDs
>j-just go somewhere else
Go to bed, Eden.
everyone can tell you apart from the rest because you don't belong here or anywhere, you posts and "opinion" are comparable to the shrieking of a child, loud, obnoxious and grating.
zzzchan, smug and tvch win every single day and live rent free in your head, and that's been unquestionably true for years now, no matter how much you try to deny it.
every single board you run ended up in failure, you got kicked permabanned from multiple communities, you got caught red handed blatantly shitting up threads and said communities multiple times and you always deflected any criticism with female passive aggressiveness. this is why you will never succeed, stuck up whores may go far in a normalfag world but in an all male society like this you are left screaming into the void. you are incredibly naive. you like to pretend you don't care, but I know words cut you deep, otherwise you wouldn't be trying so hard and failing lol. all you can do is cry and then cry some more everflowing rivers bitch tears, eden.
You have 10 seconds to spoonfeed me on how to host a game using a decent VPS or i'll add you to the list of NSF casualties.
theres literally nothing wrong with teeworlds
Been thinkin about s4 again.
Think about gunZ instead chud
Replies: >>147888 >>147903
Is S4 Max still running, even?
Replies: >>147888

Didnt we switch to that other one? Started with an R or something.
Replies: >>147908
[Hide] (179.9KB, 742x990)
When did you stop thinking about s4?
Replies: >>147903
Never. I have a love/hate it. Maybe we should try gunz though. Might be fun to give another horrid weebshooter a try. Unless its worse than s4, but that might be fun too.
Tell me more nerd, how would we play this gunZ?
Replies: >>147914
[Hide] (3.1MB, 640x360, 01:25)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1024x768, 00:57)
It's funny, I was just thinking about the good times a few days ago.

That would be Remnants. But I think you have to join their cuckscord to get the download. Max appears to still be up, though I have not logged in for ages. I also heard of another server in development, and I found this https://xero.gg/ which might be worth trying out.
[Hide] (179.9KB, 403x403)
Ah, that explains the jew tier posting in the last couple days. Kill yourself and then we'll talk.
I'll check it out when I get home. Mite be kewl to do this weekend
>how would we play this GunZ
with precision and excellence, gunZ is an artform and you get arthritis if you git gud, last time we played on 8chan my hand got tinnitus from all the k style and butterflies, i would like to think one of you fags still has the game files on your hard drive along with the terabytes of CP
Replies: >>147929
Is there a client around or something? 

I'll check this out now that I'm home. This better not be dolphin porn.
Replies: >>147946
I was busy
There are multiple clients around for GunZ but I cant remember which one we used last time, try any of them out as long as you can host a private server on it then we're golden, nothing that changes the game balance or anything for those tryhard gooks just vanilla
Anything planned for next week?
Replies: >>148438
Nothing seems conclusive. Go wild with whatever you've got planned.
[Hide] (8.3MB, 404x512, 01:02)
I checked it out, so there is a client looks like  you just download the launcher. They have this weird ass social feed there. At first I thought that this was a false site but no, they are posting s4 stuff.
Replies: >>148531 >>149109
[Hide] (21.6KB, 497x87)
I'm downloading it. Glacial pace, mind you. But I'm doing it.
Replies: >>149109
if you fags don't make a thread then I will if i can site has been fucked for me lately
Any GOOD games getting hosted soon? S4 is a shitshow with people playing different versions and barely anyone showing up, we need something BIG that will attract BIG numbers! what about that new skyrim coop thing? or the morrowind coop mod? those seem like fun things to complete over the weekend, shame there isn't a new vegas coop mod yet.
>Skyrim coop
With what mods?
Replies: >>149460
No one knows yet. Gameplay mods (mostly focused on different combat systems) and race mods for lolis would be very much welcome.
Replies: >>149589
>coop for another game that was never designed to have multiplayer
Once again you idiots fuck up the most basic of things. What's next, a multiplayer visual novel gamenight?
Anyone here wants to play among us? I could set up a game night easy.
We already did Morrowind co-op. It sucked!
Replies: >>149533
>it sucked
No it didn't, (You) Suck!
[Hide] (710.3KB, 320x214)
Quest-driven singleplayer games tend to suck when played as co-op unless one of the following is true:
>everyone has already finished the game and knows where to go
>one player does everything that could possibly set an event flag while everybody else sits around circlejerking outside of basic bitch combat so they don't break anything
>(rare) the game is actually designed for co-op and not breaking while players spaz out like the hyperactive manchildren they are
This goes back to Hexen co-op and changing levels every ten seconds because people can't sit still. It isn't an intractable problem, but slapping co-op on as a mod instead of designing it in makes it much harder, and mod authors rarely try to solve it because they play with their own circlejerks and don't feel the full effects, assuming they play at all.
Replies: >>149558 >>149628
[Hide] (335KB, 540x720)
Last time I played there were 3 other anons who had already played and were speedrunning things at some turn I got confused and lost and they left me in the dust despite my plead for help
To attract big numbers we need something that's
>Easy to set up
>Something with a large player count
>Something with short wait times/respawns
>Something somewhat fun with few players so when player count drops people will stay long enough for new players to join, or even enjoyable solo for the same reason.
>FREE (This should go without saying, but some of you are huge fags)
>Something fresh (doesnt have to be a new game, a new mod or map pack would suffice)
>Something fast
>Something fun

Any way to make sven or killing floor fit into this? Any other games? any arma mods?
Replies: >>149628 >>149639
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x360, 00:23)
>Gameplay mods
Do you want autistic total overhaul mods like Requiem or Perkus Maximus that completely redo the Perks and Gameplay balancing+some mechanics, or several mods that merely rebalance the base game while adding the occasional fluff/new perk tree without changing the fundamentals?
What about mods that go even further beyond and add shit like hyper-realistic freezing+campfire mechanics or altered AI behavior so animals and niggers will try to flee when at low health instead of suiciding?
On top of that there's also
>QoL mods
>environmental mods
>non-gameplay overhauls/fixes/additions
>weapon/armor/clothing replacers with/without individually rebalanced stats
>weapon/armor/clothing additions
>Questline and NPC addons which often overlap with environmental mods
>mods that cover multiple categories
>mod libraries
>third party bugfixes
>wrye bash 'tism
>optional grafics mods that may or may not need their own .esps and/or scripts but look very pretty and comfy in return
>inter-mod compatibility patches
>a mod priority list that works both in terms of the game running and the mods themselves running and interacting with one another as intended for most anons
The last few are of additional importance as despite its age Skyrim can get quite resource intensive when properly modded.
QoL mods can also be a point of contention and have to be selected carefully so as not to conflict with the technical limitations of Skyrim Together Reborn and Anon's taste.
Killing floor mod is exactly just that free, fun and PvE, you can have 32 players on the server and other cool shit you cant do in the retail version of the game
>sven coop
you can get older versions of HL and sven up and running for free without the need for steam faggotry, never tried it though
>any other games
we should just make our own, the list for PvE easily accessible fun gamenight tier games are less than 10 not counting the games with coop as mods. but what would be a fun game to make for a gamenight?

they dont suck as hard as you make them out to be, the only issue is the fact that levels load for every player instead of any player being able to occupy any level without the need for every other player to be on the same level, deus ex had this issue where people didnt know what to do or where to go but it was still fun
Replies: >>149662
[Hide] (137.6KB, 1012x821)
>fun to play
>easy to set up
>can be played with 4 players but scales much higher
>short respawn times
>fast play
>free (and respects your freedoms)
Time to get clued, faggots.
Replies: >>149662
You forgot to account for the brazillian playerbase that will never get passed the learning curve. FAST includes learning curve.

So then its settled!
Replies: >>149685
so you're going to host killing floor?
Replies: >>149694
I might if you send me instructions and links to everything required. Another thing is to talk about it long before so theres time for everyone to download it at 56k modem speeds
Replies: >>149753
Just get UT2004 and then KFmod on modDB then thats it, you might want to get the server files from there too
Replies: >>149768
You vastly underestimate my laziness.
Replies: >>149769 >>149789
stop being such a lazy fucking faggot and host the game already
Replies: >>150113
[Hide] (76.1KB, 296x392)
Do it or we're playing netrek this weekend.
Replies: >>149791
What the fuck is a netrek?
Replies: >>149793
[Hide] (639KB, 1012x769)
A game for white men.
Replies: >>149845 >>149896
I'd rather take it easy this weekend
Replies: >>149836
You WILL play killing floor and you WILL like it!
Woah looks like fun, I bet the whole board will join in on this game. I personally can't wait to spend two days reading a boring manual to figure out how to play and then spending the last day actually playing the game with the other three people who were interested.
Replies: >>149846 >>149883
how about you pick a game then faggot, maybe anons would be interested in your shit?
>I'm a stupid nigger
Yes, I know. It takes like ten minutes to figure out how to fly around and shoot stuff. It's only "too difficult" if you're nonwhite and refuse to learn.
[Hide] (107.4KB, 620x465)
Is this captain forever?
Post links I don't even remember what game you said.
Replies: >>150179
UT 2004

All you need to do is install both of them then run a server or we could just join one of the empty ones instead
Replies: >>150546
[Hide] (10.1KB, 482x97)
Is someone going to host killing floor or whatever or am I going to have to step in again?
Replies: >>150242
[Hide] (8.4MB, 1280x720, 01:48)
Replies: >>150311
[Hide] (65.2KB, 500x564)
So I'll take that as a yes.
I want to host some cool games that either never get hosted or have not been hosted in a while, but this whole linux VPS server is racking my tiny brain.
[Hide] (288.8KB, 2048x1773)
>pinned 2 gamenight threads
Replies: >>150519
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1366x768)
[Hide] (209.9KB, 460x215)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1920x1080)
Hey why don't we play Microvolts Toy wars next? I remember it being pretty fun and it could be good with anons it's got
>different characters with different stats
>7 weapons all at once independent of character
>a good number of fun maps which are basically all variations of de_rats
>typical korean skill based gameplay
The official client is free to play but it's riddled with pay 2 win microtransaction but perhaps there's a a way to host a private version I dunno
Replies: >>150522 >>150525
So go through all this trouble figuring out how to pirate and host an unknown Korean TPS clone of TF2 rather than just host TF2 or TF2 Classic itself?
Looks fun if you can figure out how to pirate it and host a private server

For the same reason as always, recommending Classic or Vintage leads to drama around the shitshow that is both mods development and vanilla gets spergs enraged because of funny hats and they can't counter phlog.
>funny hats
>not deliberately broken gameplay, DRM, bots and a pozzed playerbase
Just pick whichever fork lets you turn off the most mannconomy shit and tell everyone who doesn't like it to eat a dick. They probably already have some handy.
Replies: >>150537 >>150546
Exactly what I was talking about, the mannconomy autism is baseless bullshit, what weapon hurt you so much that you will AGAIN allow some tranny project to fuck you over?
>pozzed players
That's not even relevant talking about a potential gamenight on a private server that either allows pirate clients or just runs on a steam emulator.
Replies: >>150544
>>150522 (checked)
>TF2 or TF2 Classic itself?
That would be good, just unsure if enough people would join to make it worthwhile.
TF2 is gay tho
Replies: >>150546
>what weapon hurt you
All of them. Fuck you.
>you will AGAIN allow some tranny project to fuck you over?
Who's being fucked over here? The goyim cannot be stolen from, only harvested of their produce. You can just pick the fork with the most off switches for the gay shit they added and turn them off, then package it with revemu. No fuss, no faggotry.
Replies: >>150547
Thank you.
OK, I will certainly try.  No promises. Nobody feel obligated to wait on me if you'd prefer a KF gamenight sooner rather than never ever ever ever, it may take me anywhere from weeks to years to literally never to actually do a Gamenight. Also KF is just a poor mans COD4 zombies mode with added jank so it feels more unique.

The tf2v gamenights were fun. The only problem with them were the fags complaining that they couldnt change weapons.

but its "Fun With Friends"(tm)
>All of them. Fuck you.
Git gud fag
Gee Bill, TWO gamenight threads? How come both are pinned?
Replies: >>150554 >>150557
When the board was still new, I recall one weekend there were 3 at once.
Considering the first one was on the front page for 8 hours, we'll need to see what shakes out. Given recent event I wouldn't be surprised if one of them gets self-deleted at 4PM Friday because "cakeniggers" or something.
lol neck trek looks fucking BORING like holy shit are they even trying? its not even colorful lol nobody wants to play that nerd shit
any games out there that do NOT require you to open ports or any of that shit where you can just hit host game then it hosts it for you like peer 2 peer or something?
Replies: >>150573 >>150577
[Hide] (256.3KB, 500x429)
>p2p not requiring port forwarding
That's just having the ports already forwarded
nobody knows what snowflake config your network is nigger
just forward a port like fuck god damn
Replies: >>150574 >>150576
Cant port forward, autism and network too hard. also i dont have access to the thing so i can port forward even if i tried.
The feature you're thinking of is UPnP.  Automatic port forwarding but you should disable that and forward ports manually.  Use dumb nigger features, win dumb nigger prizes.
So... what are we playing next week brahs?
>So go through all this trouble figuring out how to pirate and host an unknown Korean TPS clone of TF2 rather than just host TF2 or TF2 Classic itself?
It's not a clone of TF2, by that metric Half Life is a clone of Doom.
>Looks fun if you can figure out how to pirate it and host a private server
I did a basic cursory search and found there appears to be private servers but how they do it is a mystery to me.
Micro Volts is more a UT clone than TF2 clone.
What's up next?
Replies: >>152468
[Hide] (136.6KB, 400x607)
When are we going to do Pirates Vikings and Knights 2?
Replies: >>152468 >>153268
When you get a Linux compatible repack and host it.
Dunno, but there's always S4 if nobody comes up with something better.
Is that game even alive anymore? I used to play it 3-5 years ago, but every time I check now it's either 0 players on all servers or 3 on a shitty custom map. BT_Island never got old.
Replies: >>153269
All sourcemods are dead, I checked out a few a few years back and they're all dead, zombie master, ww1 source, DA boogaloo, neotokyo,etc all dead except for some autistic fanbase that keeps playing them on specific dates.

Im surprised more sourcemods havent gone the way of insurgency and went to make their own standalone game on another engine and sell it, a new zombie master or neotokyo would sell like gangbusters, especially neotokyo with all this newfangled e-sports shit
[Hide] (329.3KB, 1532x950)
Are Verdun/Tannenberg any fun?
Replies: >>153344
Not for gamenights
Replies: >>153348
Why not?
Anyone of you fags want to play goldeneye/perfect dark/timesplitters multiplayer? we can play over mupen64 for GE/PD and over dolphin for timesplitters, we dont even need a host just create a room and fags can join
Replies: >>153371
Mte be kewl. I keep forgetting that we can do games like this for smaller gamenights. Imagine a mario party gamenight or something.
>mite be kewl
2 or FP tho?
>malleo party
we could easily do that with dolphin netplay
Replies: >>153373
I would be up for mario party
Replies: >>153375 >>153376
you fags wanna play or what? 
what game should we test out?
only if it's 7 or earlier, after 8 it become gimmicky garbage
Replies: >>153378
Could do 7, thats on the gaycube. I think dolphin does netplay without issues.
Replies: >>153379 >>153381
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1436x1180)
We did MP4 after FFCC on Dolphin 16174 with win7, win10 and linux users. Other than Dolphin erroneously reporting a desync on the first roll it worked perfectly.
Replies: >>153381 >>153383
7 is best mario party, i vote for this
Replies: >>153382
Zchan is not a democracy, it is a dictator ship!
[Hide] (59.7KB, 215x267)
>its that ez
The game list for bitesized gamenights just got way bigger. Now I'm trying to think, what other console games have good coop like this?
Replies: >>153384 >>153388
MGS3 has good multiplayer and so does portable ops/peace walker, we could play those for anons with less powerful hardware but the only support 6 players
Replies: >>153388
Are we doing mario party this weekend or next weekend?
Replies: >>153387
Whenever someone makes a room for it, you dont need a host just make a room and it does everything for you
You could probably play most multiplayer GC/Wii titles, the last 2 Dolphin game nights (Four Swords and Crystal Chronicles) were started because Dolphin merged mGBA for GC-GBA link cable support.
Not sure about MGS3 but PSP multiplayer is pain to setup with game specific ports, the anon that hosted it before posted about it in a previous thread.
Replies: >>153389 >>153391
I've hosted the PSP games before and its not that hard, all you need is for one fag to open his ports and thats it, for coop though everyone needs to open their ports
all you need to do is create an account with the SaveMGO website then use it ingame, dont know about hosting servers but they do provide a master server so maybe you dont need to open any ports
Replies: >>153391 >>153392
We used myneightboresushicat. I don't know what the issues was with some nerd but we couldn't seem to get more thatn 2 people in a room depending on who was hosting.
>for coop though everyone needs to open their ports
That's why it's a pain to set up and the ports weren't really documented anywhere last I checked.
>they do provide a master server so maybe you dont need to open any ports
As does Dolphin.
Replies: >>153393
>try mupen64p
>game wont open no matter what
>says cant load any GFX plugins 
what am I doing wrong?

>the ports werent documented
did the fag who found out the ports still have the info?
Replies: >>153395
[Hide] (261.8KB, 934x531)
Do you have a GFX plugin?
Replies: >>153396
No idea, it should already come with the download, i downloaded a 3rd party one and still nothing happens, I just want to create a room and play some Goldeneye X with you fags
>he still has the info
we should make a guide on how to host games for anons to make it pantsu on head retarded easy for them, maybe it could get more people to host
Replies: >>153399
https://github.com/mupen64plus/mupen64plus-core/releases/tag/2.5.9 is the latest official build and it has gfx plugins included. I don't know if any of those plugins are recommended these days but then I thought most people still used PJ64 for netplay.
>he still has the info
I didn't, some anon keeps archiving most threads. Should be able to find a fair amount of info in the older planning threads browsing old catalogs in the wayback machine.
Replies: >>153405
Still nothing, what a shame!
we could try that, does it work well with goldeneye/perfect dark?
Replies: >>153409
Why not m64p?
It supports Linux, uses Parallel-RDP and doesn't have a history of trojan installers and e-begging notifications.
Replies: >>153412
Doesn't werk on my machine for no good reason, tried a few plugins and packs and nothing worked, still got the "cannot load GFX" video error.
could you upload your install of m64p so i can make sure it werks or not
Replies: >>153415
Have you tried the Final GLideN64 build?
So is someone going to host a mario party room tonight or what?
You retarded dolphin/emufags know that it's already sunday right? You've done nothing but bitch and e-beg without actually setting up and hosting anything. What are you guys even doing?
[Hide] (12.2MB, 540x360, 04:41)
Mario Party 4 room is up at a040f728, using Dolphin 5.0-17153.
Game is at
Replies: >>153582
I'll join in a bit
[Hide] (56.2KB, 650x614)
Two slots left.
[Hide] (48.2KB, 414x414)
No one wants to join?
[Hide] (272.6KB, 480x360, 00:06)
>Make a thread for it SEVERAL DAYS IN ADVANCE with information including:
<what the game is (genre, brief gameplay description)
<when the gamenight will be started, including timezones
<links to download the game
<server IP and password
<any additional info that anons may need such as config options, bugfixes, installation issues, etc.
[Hide] (13.6MB, 640x360, 03:49)
I no one joins in 15 or so minutes I'll just play with Nig.
Make a thread in advance, retard.
And until you learn to host games yourself you'll keep crying and moaning like a little bitch.
Dolphin broke for some reason, new session at 63785c43.
>zzzeddit turns 2
we MUST have a good gamenight to celebrate, im thinkin JKA is back on the menu boys
Replies: >>153668
whats that shooter all the zoomers play where you are always in a box? can we play that?
[Hide] (15.9KB, 1165x102)
lol no fag
Replies: >>153671
[Hide] (2.4MB, 640x360, 00:22)
what's the matter, scared of le ebin hackers?
only malware i ever got from gamenights i gave to myself because i was fucking around with so many russian downloads that one of them probably snuck in there.
[Hide] (386.1KB, 608x545)
>dark messiah multiplayer fiasco
>download a trojan, and scrape IPs
I don't think this ever happened.
Replies: >>153687
he's lying, ignore him, probably the same nigger that says i'll never host another gamenight against because seagull or something
Replies: >>153697 >>153699
I can't modify the characters easily so no.
How's the health of gamenights now? I stopped hosting after burning out with the triple gamenight and really haven't had any energy to play many video games since then. There seems to have been a drought, but things look like they're partly picking up again.
[Hide] (20.5KB, 795x907)
=SleepyStation 13 when?
Replies: >>153737
The only codebase I'd be willing to play on also has known and widely exploited remote injection vulnerabilities
Replies: >>153738
[Hide] (183.1KB, 1024x667)
You mean the one that allows you to immediately empty a syringe into somebody regardless of if their adjacent to you or not, even through walls?
Replies: >>153741
No, I mean before circa 2012 /tg/ when they rewrote machine UI to nanoUI specifically to fix this issue you could send arbitrary requests via the machine dialog that weren't properly sanitized and so crash the server or upload malware. Note that byond uses an outdated IE for most windows so people actually do have malware for it since any browser malware from the last couple years might work.
>a syringe
It's a condiment bottle.
>even through walls
You could do it through cameras, lol. That bug got fixed years after the time period I'm talking about, which is the time shortly before we lost things like quickchoke, the handcuff bug, etc.
Replies: >>154436
I miss combat chairs.
I would have but you deliberately picked a build that doesn't work on win7 because ???
Replies: >>154441
>machine UI to nanoUI specifically to fix this issue
Sure, retard, that's exactly why they rewrote it.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 202x360, 00:20)
because fuck you that's why
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