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Can't clear levels? Bosses too hard? Hands too sweaty? Mom's spaghettis? Broken mice and keyboard? Jizz and tear? This is the thread for you.
Vent about your frustration here. We are all on the same boat. We will listen to your stories, offer supports and heal each other.
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I don't get mad at video games anymore because I'm an adult and I know better than getting uppity at plastic toys and assorted circuitry.
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You lost your soul man. It's not something to be proud about.
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Happens to us all once.
I think it's time to grow up, anon.
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>OP doesn't say what he's frustrated about

Yeah cool thread OP
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Then stop playing video games period fag
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I have never ever beaten a Souls game, because I get too butthurt at a boss or get bored and quit. 
Also I'm trying to cope with programmer's block on my aggy-daggy project because I'm too pajeet-tier to make a decent function for basic shit in Unity.
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>game is babby shit, 2 ez 4 casual scum
>but the core gameplay is fun
>throw on some difficulty mods
<now it's too hard and I refuse to lower the in-game difficulty to compensate
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There is nothing wrong with cultivating a hobby; there is plenty wrong with getting irrationally mad at trivial things that don't impact your life in any way.
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It's an eden thread, just sage and filter and report and hope the dumbass mods actually listen this time.
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Currently playing rhythm games and just smashed a headphone. Today was really hot too.
So you dont care enough about a hobby to get upset or frustrated by it when things are rough, but enough to continue essentially "cultivate" what is a waste of time?
The truest joy cant be felt without some frustration and difficulties before it 
You look at games as merely plastic toys and assorted circuitry not worth investing emotion into, yet you still spend time on it instead of other pursuits that can actually be considered "worth" cultivating
The point of vidya is to have fun, you dont get anything productive or physically valuable out of playing a video game most of the time (excluding learning things from a video game in rare cases, or exercise vidya), all you have are your emotions
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>tfw got pwnd in CS
Bruh look at this jude, oh no no no, look at the top of his head!
>>144342 (OP) 
Nothing too major but I had forgotten how lopsided combat in Starsector is, unless you have a capital or phase ship you can pilot yourself you will sustain unacceptable casualties because the AI of your ships is retarded. By this I mean that I have lost every bounty event up to this point and just quit for the day.
I will have to check if there is a mod that gives me propper control over my fleet.
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When things get rough you just stay calm because the opposite  is silly won't make you any better, if anything anger makes you more prone to making mistakes. Being mad at inanimate objects is irrational and irrational behaviour belongs to inferior races like niggers You don't want to be a nigger do you?
>but enough to continue essentially "cultivate" what is a waste of time?
Who said that? The rest of your post is just pulling things I never said out of your ass because you can't come up with a single reason one should be mad because "game hard :("
Replies: >>144367
is silly *and won't make you any better
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There's no fucking way
That I will beat this boss today
Prepare for another sleepless night
Because I'm here to stay.
I don't get mad at videogames. I get mad at my opponents. I get really pissed off when I get paired against an opponent with dogshit internet connection, especially in fighting games. Another thing that upsets me is opponents that play super slow or use the timer to stall out wins.
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>Multiplayer games are no longer fun, because I'm forever stuck in that middle ground of being too good for newbies but not good enough for experts.
>Single player games are in a similar boat.
>Also for single player games IRL responsibilities leave me too drained for "investing" into the kinds of games that can take dozens of hours to fully complete.
>Don't want to make IRL friends to play video games with, because the people I have to choose from are all living stereotypes that will involve trannies sooner or later.
Maybe I'm too "old" to play video games. But I still get a good amount of enjoyment from watching other people play video games, i.e. Twitch streams, Let's Plays.
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>want to play multiplayer game
<its full of normalfags/discord trannies
Why must G-d punish me so? why cant we have fun good gamenights here again? its the only time i can play multiplayer and have fun
set one up
Replies: >>144401
I would if i could, i cant host but we can easily join an empty server and fuck around
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This thread's more than a decade late for me, I don't RAAAGE as much as I used to when I was younger. My old piece of shit potato was so fucking crippled that almost every program I ran on it would lag like crazy, especially if the program was a game or emulator, to the point that I would violently smack the PC case and break parts of it... Of course, the PC would continue running just fine and enRAAAGE me more and more for years on end, until I finally replaced it.

Lately though I've been experiencing a different kind of frustration, which is not having time or energy to play vidya after a long day of wageslaving. And when I do play, I burn out easily and don't find the energy to keep retrying when I lose, so vidya becomes another chore I wanna get through. It's all so tiresome.
Replies: >>144425
>Want to play a cool looking mod
<you have to enter our gay discord server with 1000+ pages of rules.
Fucking why haven't these fags heard of Moddb or nexus or any other hosting site for fuck sake to these people actually believe that I'm gonna be an actual member of there community, fuck no I'm just gonna get the link and fuck off
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Then stop whining
I remember the good old day when making a spoof account for a forum was the most effort you'd need to get into a specific game.
Replies: >>144430
>This thread's more than a decade late for me, I don't RAAAGE as much as I used to when I was younger.
Just curious, where did you (and the other anons) get the notion that this thread was just about raging? I re-read the OP and didn't get the impression that this thread wasn't supposed to include all different kinds of frustration or just any misgivings about $current_game
yeah i'd buy a VPS if i knew what one to use, how easy it is to use and other things, i dont mind paying to host if its the only option i have at the moment, lat time i tried with a VPS it didnt work out too good but im sure one of you fags has the right idea when it comes to these things
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Does anyone else here have the problem where you'll be playing an arcade game or something similar and your first try of the day is absolutely amazing. And then after that every subsequent try you progressively get worse and worse until you can't even beat the first stage properly, and have to start over again tomorrow. Am I the only one?
Woah! you are describing literally me! anytime i play metal slug i get worse as time goes on!
Replies: >>144471
Are you trying to make fun of me with those exclamation marks or something?
Replies: >>144473
No, im trying to vary my writing style! my text gets boring if its just dude incorrect grammar lmao, if i wanted to make fun of you i would have already BTFO'd you by now.
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>Multiplayer games are no longer fun, because I'm forever stuck in that middle ground of being too good for newbies but not good enough for experts.
I can relate to this.
One moment i am wiping the floor with some noobs, and i am starting to think i may be good at it, then someone wipes the floor with me and makes me think that i was never any good to begin with.
Then when i humiliate someone else again, i think that it is not me being good as much as him being shit at it, and i feel no more enjoyment nor satisfaction.
It's weird feeling, not easy to describe with words. 
Like, i am willing to learn the game and get better, but not to the point of some autistic fucks, investing an insane amount of time to learn all gameplay's subtle nuances, to the point that they are living and breathing to get good at said game.
Fuck that.
Also e-sports niggerfaggots took the fun out of vidya.
>multiplayer games full of normalfags/discord trannies
Also this.
Hard to have fun playing with the type of subhumans you despise the most.
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>>144342 (OP) 
please leave
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Multiplayer games are at their best when you and your opponent are at roughly similar skill levels, outside of that they're shit and matchmaking faggotry somehow makes it harder to find people of an appropriate skill level, let alone the schizo censorship efforts rendering it impossible to shitpost a newfag into getting better.
Replies: >>144627 >>144852
How do you even know that they're normalfags/discord trannies? You don't have to communicate with the people you're playing with. Just get shit done. Also turn voice communications off, solves 9 out of 10 problems
Replies: >>144631
Is this a joke thread?
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The more I think about matchmaking, the more "But what abouts." I find*. So much so that the only reasonable end for matchmaking is in bringing back community servers, making players suck it up and manually find servers they want to stick with.

*For example, say two players are exactly the same matchmaking rank. Player A has his rank from picking the OP character all day, every day. But Player B has his rank from randomly choosing his character all day, every day. Are these two players really at similar skill levels then? Stuff like that. And it only gets worse from there.
Replies: >>144852
>How do you even know that they're normalfags/discord trannies?
You Serious? last time i played online game with random fags was sven coop and there was a tranny there talking about taking HRT pills and other gay shit then this one time on goldeneye source i met a sven who was talking about cuckoldry and BBC unironically
>you dont have to communicate with other people
its a multiplayer game, i WANT to communicate with other people and have a fun time with the lads not be some totally silent cuck, thats why on gamenights i can have banter with people and not worry about getting banned or people being normalfags like "hurr durr based, based on what?" or "what the fuck is a kike". you can tell they are normalfags because they dont have any culture just play the game shittily and spout reddit memes
>turn off voice chat
b-but how will i micspam your mom getting plowed by BBC? listening to normalfags/trannies is difficult because they all have that stereotypical gay vocie, you know the one but it is entertaining none the less, hearing people unironically talk about normalfag ideas and concepts is quite interesting, no where else can you get people talking unironically about metal bands or how they beat their kids/wife or about their 9 to 5 wageslave at McOfficeJob, its amazing honestly
>>144342 (OP) 

I've never beaten Terraria. The bosses swing wildly from piss easy to "what in the fuck is this bullshit." Also doesn't help after WoF that you don't have much choice but to autistically make arena after arena after arena. The game is charming but it's just too much of a time investment for me.

Honestly it's just really boring as well. There's not much to explore or discover after you've been though the biomes a couple times. It just becomes a chore having to run around everywhere finding specific caverns to get shit not to mention the grind. I started playing it back in 2011 and still honestly like it and find it comfy still but I always reach a certain point where I give up and play something else. Even with the main draw being building I'm just not all that great at it. I can build okayish things in 3D games but I struggle big time with a lack of architectural creativity which really shows in 2D games. So I always end up with either abominations that combine pyramids and shacks grafted together or abstract commie blocks that belong in a ((( modern art ))) gallery
>it was real in my mind
Replies: >>144643
Bruh its as real as the holocost, t-girls are the future old man
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>how will i micspam your mom getting plowed by BBC?
Wow, no wonder people hate you so much.
Replies: >>144655
>le one post by this id
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>>144342 (OP) 
How I beat youmu in soku as zoner
Replies: >>144893
I rarely enjoyed playing online multiplayer if i have to be honest, a few examples:

Versus games:
once retards find the most broken characters, you'll face nothing but the same characters over and over again, spamming the same moves over and over again.
That is not fun to me, at that point i'd rather play arcade mode against the CPU and have more fun playing against every single character in the roster than going online to fight only Kens and Akumas for 2 hours straight ( i am using SF only to make an example here).

Co-op games:
One game i really enjoyed was Dragon's Crown, but i stopped playing it online when 99% of players just rushed the level and always picked route B which was both boring and frustrating.
I just want to play and have fun, not to be rushed by some idiots because they  just want to make exp points.

Then you have to deal with shit like:
Retards with 0 losses because they conveniently disconnect when they are losing 
People with shitty internet that makes the game go at 2fps and makes you have no control of WTF is happening
People who ragequit
Faggots with good connection that, pure coincidence, starts to lag badly only when you are in control of the match and are beating them (no idea what these fags do to their connection, i have heard other people saying that this a common thing some faggots do on purpose)

So yeah, i prefer playing by myself against the CPU or against some other person on the same couch than having to do with any of these niggers online.
>cuckspeak thread
I get assblasted if i play against an opponent who just does whatever is meta in the game i am playing. Metafags are the worst.
When she dives put up projectiles that persist after getting hit. Also your alt card DPs can stuff her pretty hard.
I have exactly the same issue and I don't know why it is such.
it's not just arcades, that's every game or anything I do in life
It just means you're not talented. The first time was amazing because it was the beginning step, of course it's easy. Then the game stopped pulling bullshit and gave you the real life treatment. You're just not good enough and you just have to accept that you will never, ever finish that game. All because you were born incompetent. It's in your genes, you can't do anything to fix that. Some were born better, so they get to finish that game. Not you, though. You're brain isn't responsive enough, youre hands aren't fast enough. Your eyes can't keep up with all the movement. You will forever play that same first levels because that's all you're good for.
someone piss in your cereal?
I can finish the game just fine. I can even finish it in 1cc. It's just that my performance isn't decent enough to consistently 1cc in every attempt and it gets worse the more I contineously play.
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>all that shit that never happened
<dude, just believe me.
[Hide] (2MB, 332x215)
>kike gets caught blatantly lying
>starts sperging like a faggot throwing a tantrum and random twitter gay insults
Caught red handed once again, god you are such a hopeless jewish retard kek
Is this copypasta? It's kind of low effort and has nothing to do with the original post
Youre not the real OP. I am the real OP. The idea for this thread came to me while i was play miku games. Fuck that cunt. 
Be sure to repost the good posts back to here.
Replies: >>146417
>repost the good posts back to here
I hope you're not the OP, because that's genuinely one of the most pathetic things I have ever heard if so.
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