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Emulation Thread GO!
Whataya emulatin' dudes?
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A PC-FX VN I found recently. It's okay.
Retroarch's DOSBox-Pure core added Win98 and 3dfx support.
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any guides on portable emulators? i never go outside but being able to play games on the go seems like a neat concept to me! that all in one package with screen and controller seems like a swell idea, the only thing i hate is the low battery life of some devices when they could last for much longer depending on what system you are emulating, i assume emulating something like the atari 2600 would need way less power than emulating the sega genesis
playing a Super Metroid ROMhack called Vitality. it's very detailed but that comes at the expense of being a hassle to navigate around since it all kind of blends together. also very stingy with giving upgrades and I have died several times in bullshit scenarios.can't bombjump for shit. also says it's "RATED R" but the only tits are of Samus in the intro and her death animation. overall it's ok so far.
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I finished Red Dead Revolver (PS2) a couple weeks ago. It was all right, nothing special though. I never liked the cover art, very generic and why is Red even yelling like that? Redemption had a much better, more charming cover.
Replies: >>144307 >>160860
>why is Red even yelling like that?
He wants to become a youtuber.
Replies: >>144308
B-but anon the internet wasn't a thing in the 1880s!
Replies: >>144309
I guess he was ahead of his time.
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>>144108 (OP) 
Emulating some ridge racer V on PCSX2, in glorious 480i as god intended. As much as I enjoyed using higher resolutions and scaling when I started using emulators, I strive for accuracy these days, so I stick software rendering, native res and emulators like duckstation or m64p.
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>Whataya emulatin' dudes?
I know this is not what you "really" asked, but
DS games on a smart phone. Perfect fit, wonderful library of great exclusive games. I use DraStic emulator that seems to work fine. Probably not the best, but let's me play some very chill games like Laytons, Atelliers and Ace Attorneys. Replay of Ghost Trick on a phone is a trip if you need to kill couple of hours on a train or a bus. And if you just want a shit ton of good times DS has Advance Wars, Disgaea, Fire Emblem and final fantasy Tactics. Special mention to Zelda Spirit Tracks, it's pretty good on a phone.
Pics semi-related.
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Or you could just carry a hacked 3DS with you can play with actual buttons and a resistive touch screen as intended.
>resistive touch screen
Replies: >>144332 >>144334
Phones use a capacitive touch screen which is not as accurate.
Replies: >>144334
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>Or you could just carry a hacked 3DS with you can play with actual buttons and a resistive touch screen as intended.

I get your point, but I tend to limit the amount of shit I carry with me. #DS is not something I need. It's just amazing to be able to play some of the great touch screen heavy DS games on a phone. Variety is obviously limited due to being emulated on a phone. But holy hell the library is still long, thick and tasty no homo even if you filter out the button games like Castlevanias. Phone emulators are good for some things. Pic related.

You bring out a good question though. When are games better played on original hardware or similar, and when the experience is better with other hardware? I remember most Laytons playing very well, if not better on Smart phones and tablets Or those unholy transformer books and Yogabooks. Some Zelda and Castlevanias integrated the unconventional screens of DS handhelds pretty well. They had the stamping (closing the lid), hand drawn sigils, blowing in the mic and whispering to hear clues. All good shit, really like that kind of strange mechanics.
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Capasitive and resistive touch screens are simply two different technologies. In this application, it burns down to capasitive version can very easily miss click or double click. Resistive is pressure based so it really cannot double click or miss click, but it is pressure based, and that "feels bad" to zoomers to use without a pen. I personally don't care, but it is an issue if you want accurate touch screen with no miss clicks or double clicks.
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Looks fine in motion, that's field rendering for you.
Replies: >>144370 >>144428
Unless the HW renderers are glitching or you're playing native resolution fullscreen on a CRT which you aren't judging from your screenshots I don't know why you would do this
Nearest neighbor or bilinear scaling is not going to look authentic in any way. Your screenshots aren't even using integer scaling which is why the text looks completely fucked.
Also the PS2 can actually render and output resolutions between 256x224 and 1920x1080.
Replies: >>144378 >>144426
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The hardware renderers create issues in ridge racer 5. I run at native resolution with bob deinterlacing. It's the least bad option, as weave looks super sharp in still shots but creates combing artifacts in motion, blend resolves detail better, but adds a lot of ghosting between frames. As for scaling, i have disabled bilinear filtering for the final output (not for the textures), and PCSX2 doesn't have a nearest neighbor or integer option, so it's most likely simple point sampling.
>Your screenshots aren't even using integer scaling which is why the text looks completely fucked.
I thought it's the interlaced output meant for a CRT causing it.
Replies: >>144428
... Because I'm seeing a lot of pulsating horizontal lines in that >>144338 video.
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Whats the /v/erdict on these mini consoles? hot or not? what would you expect from them in the future?
do they actually work at all?
I've seen positive posts about them at times but I can never tell if its just shilling or not because there was something seriously sketchy about those things
Replies: >>144437
I have a PS classic and it works well enough, had to hack it and put extra games on there and it was cheaper than buying a raspberry pi 4, for some reason they are very expensive even the shit ones. but PS classics are around $50 and play games at full speed
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I really would like for sega to release a Sega Saturn Classic that runs games at full speed. Maybe even a Dreamcast.
They're complete trash compared to emulators on PC.
Nostalgia cash grab and the normalfags are eating it up.
Pointless unless they add some game that was never released or translated.

>what would you expect from them in the future?
Expect as in predictions or as in desired standards?

Predict: Cheap cash grab

Desire: Gameboy Classic with GBA micro form factor (for max portability in contrast to the borderline non-portable Switch) and games from GB, GBC and GBA and ability to use standard USB cables for charging and link play. Maybe even play original cartridges if they're crazy.
emulation on the wii u is amazing. truly regret not buying one of these sooner. too bad n64 is limited
1) fuck off
2) lurk more
3) Nintendo managed to cash in on something SEGA has been doing for years, Sony tried to jump on the same gravy train, but only managed to jump onto empty rails at that point
5) Hipster nostalgia bait, don't bite
I've got a RecalBox set up and it plays most everything without any issues (some PSX and Dreamcast games like Panzer Dragoon only run at 0,0005 frames per second)
Either stick to free AND better quality emus on PC or get the actual consoles instead, this is just for soy cattle to waste income on and support brand tm
The Playstation Classic is a PCSX-Rearmed box, completely pointless.
Either original hardware or desktop. What the fuck are these disgusting shit?
Replies: >>144601
Chinese jew-jitsu aimed at that one anon with handheld problems many threads ago.
Having used a hacked 3DS to emulate games while traveling I can see why these devices exist, though 99% of them are proprietary niggerware using stolen code with 0.99% having CFW that fixes much of the default functional homosexuality and the final 0.01% being fully FOSS like the MiSTer project.
>still no playstation portable
The fuck? is it even possible to make one on my own? I own a PSP but I want to play PS1 games with the full controls and better resolutions what would be the best way of going about doing that? I assume you can make the device really small and have long battery life with all these advancements in technology over the recent years. why sony have never made a playstation portable is beyond me because it seems like a really good idea, also best PS1 emulator out there? i hear people talk mad shit about mednafen but which one would be the best for this use case?
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What do you mean anon these already exist     :^)   
Replies: >>144894
chinese consoles exist and most can play ps1 at this point
the psp is still probably better though
At the time i thought that was the coolest thing ever made.
I had a PSone, but never got the screen.
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I haven't played a Switch game in months, when did Ryujinx shit the bed? I was able to use Vulkan just fine before, but now suddenly it's OpenGL only and Ryujinx with Vulkan is a separate, outdated fork or something?
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Yeah, one of the updates a couple of months ago ruined it. No Win7 support, no backend option...
I'm sticking to 1.0.7103, but this one doesn't have the backend option either.
Maybe it's hidden in some .ini file
Replies: >>144946 >>145756
The Ryujinx Vulkan backend is still an on-going PR: https://github.com/Ryujinx/Ryujinx/pull/2518
Master builds of Ryujinx don't have it yet, so I assume that your distro's package maintainers packaged the Vulkan build of Ryujinx instead of the vanilla one for whatever reason.
Replies: >>144946
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my bad, I guess there was no "official"  windows release yet
beat me to it
Replies: >>144958
So, what, when the Vulkan build updates itself, it now replaces itself with the OpenGL build? Or did they remove the option to switch backends from the Vulkan build for some stupid reason?
Replies: >>144963
Go >>>/v/109040 and fall in love.
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I'm not sure it ever was part of the Windows build. Searching around I can see people have been asking "When is ryujinx going to get vulkan support?" for a while.
Vulkan performance is the same for Kirbo game, but Age of Calamity hangs like a motherfucker and didn't even load into a proper level.
Replies: >>144965 >>145756
>I'm not sure it ever was part of the Windows build.
Bullshit. It was there. I distinctly remember changing the setting to OpenGL, being disappointed, and switching it back to Vulkan.
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On a related note, what's the current state of PCem and its forks? I haven't been following the autism closely.

Intradesting trivia: Though 
interlaced-scan is mere LARP for any other platform, PS2 is, so far as I'm aware, the only platform (console, arcade, or PC) in the history of gaming that rendered interlaced-scan at the framebuffer level.
Replies: >>145674 >>145700
I believe the xbox had a special mode for that as well.
I don't know if games used it but I remember seeing it in the XDK help files if you really want proof.
I tried the ReactOS 4.14 LiveCD on 86Box, but it's clunky and the graphics flicker. I don't know if it's my CPU (Ryzen 5 3600), my settings (Pentium II at 133, Vulkan rendering), or ReactOS still being in pre-alpha. PS2 handling the interlacing internally can improve framerate and save some VRAM by reducing the number of samples per frame.
yeah I just updated it thinking nothing would go wrong, was hoping to try out a recent game, since it was so good back when arceus legends launched
then I learned it's turned super gay
I tried to go back to an older version but now it won't run my games

we need to figure out what the definitive pre-poz version is
but man this forced w10 shit is getting on my nerves
Replies: >>145758
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>forced w10 shit
It is a conspiracy.
[Hide] (1012KB, 488x1452)
>tfw still running win xp
Replies: >>145798
[Hide] (53.2KB, 430x630)
I mean, there's the solution right at the bottom of your pic.

MAY 2022
>Windows 8.1 64 bit 0.53%
Dear gawd WHY!?
>windows 11 already at 20% despite everything

You're lucky to still have the luxury of running the best version of windows and even luckier that your system didn't get pwned yet
Ditch w7 and install debloat version of windows 10 and 11. Default install takes 9 gig. Doesn't your stock w7 install take more than twice of that? <1 gig ram idle. Recommend Ghost Spectre version. It just works.
[Hide] (483KB, 750x1200)
>that low numbers for win7
>it all took was just stop releasing drivers for 7th generation intel CPUs to stop her
I hate the kikes for backstabbing best girl. Thank god I'm using pic related, because of that.
Replies: >>145814 >>145818
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>normalniggers think they need drivers to run x86 code on their x86 CPUs
Replies: >>145818
Between any PC bought defaulting to the newest version and win7 nominally not installing on newer generation CPUs it's to be expected, especially since people have to re-install every so often because windows decays over time.

I honestly forget but it has something to do with the system taking advantage of the special needs instructions that the CPU offers or something.
Replies: >>145821 >>145822
They claim the jewtel botnet engine is needed for full performance but refuse to say how or why.
Replies: >>145824
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1280x720, 00:23)
>special needs instructions
That's complete BS but of course they would say that, then again the engine is there with or without OS drivers, that's kind of the point as far as I know.
But what I mean is more in the direction of software defined instructions or special modes that either supposedly to make something more secure or fast in a particular instance. I could see it since they have some crazy tech but they are probably overstating their case in order to justify arbitrary lockouts.
Replies: >>145831
Linux is for stupid people. I'll forever stick to w7 only.
Replies: >>146588
The only "CPU drivers" I know of are the ones that communicate with and update the management engine.
Replies: >>145844
Windows has pluggable kernel drivers to handle all the power management and other proprietary shit in CPUs and chipsets that isn't covered by the amd64 specifications, so you don't technically need to release an update every time a new CPU or mobo comes out. Linux either leaves everything at default because if you're not a cloud jew you don't matter or keeps it in the main source tree because you're going to be rebuilding the world all the time anyway.
I'd like some suggestions, brothers: I want to emulate a wiimote through mouse and keyboard with Dolphin, but I am not sure what should I map stuff to. I tried to map the tilt to the right side of the keyboard and the slashes to the left side, but it's really gimmicky (even though it serves my purpose of playing certain games). Is there a way to adjust stuff like sensitivity on the fly? Or is there another control scheme that is far superior?
Not having security updates is for stupid people. Win7 may be the best windows but you're essentially running Windows XP in terms of safety. Since Windows 10/11 and MacOS are spyware the only sane alternative is some Linux or BSD.
W7 is still getting security updates through 2023 though.
Replies: >>146590
prove it
Replies: >>146606
The fags charge for it, but there are ISOs floating around with the updates slipstreamed in.
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>the best windows
I think this is the most searing indictment of M$ abandonware contrarians, even setting aside OSs like Linux, BSD, Haiku, etc., that are still actively supported. Heck, arguably even ReactOS if it ever reaches maturity.

Unlike Amigafags, Atarifags, Acornfags, (pre-OSuX) Applefags, etc., which have or had a variety of advantages to recommend them, there was no good version of Windows.
Replies: >>147034
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Quick question, which is in your opinion the best DS emulator around?
>there was no good version of windows
I'd say NT 4.0 and 2000 are contenders, but you didn't use them unless you were rich or worked in IT and could steal the preposterous amounts of RAM it needed to run well. They weren't especially good for vidya either being enterprise OSes.
Quick tip: don't ever fanboy emulators. Emulators are tools, benchmark them and you'll know the answer to your question.
Also, read about them on this very useful site: https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Nintendo_DS_emulators
>((( security )))
Just don't have social media nor access your bank using ur computer and you'd be perfectly fine.
Replies: >>147045
>>144108 (OP) 
They have a ton of libretro frontend using handheld computers now days and also stuff with retrofw, nxhope (basically opendingux), opendingux machines, androids all over, etc. I found it interesting that openlara runs slower on my cheap 40 usd android phone, blu advance l5, than my pocketgo v1. Bloatware is funni. Blu l5 can barely even run anything due to it having bloatwared android os on it rather than an older android, but ((( security ))).  Mali-400 getting raped by something, that's the same gpu as the retroid pocket v1 yet it using glide via mupen64+ megaman 64 was unplayably slow. Openlara was too slow too, a gba emulator of all things. It's just sad. 1.3ghz and that high gpu frequency and you should be doing okayish. My older win7 atom pc does n64 better with older versions of project 64. I miss the times of less acuracy and more speed. I pray for opendingux/nxhope/etc to take off and KILL androids. Death to APKs, death to libretro, long live the bastards of a gp2x. 

I've been using a win10 computer to play n64, I was shocked that project 64 has that 30 second waiting shit. The Internet is super gay now, so are modern computers of course.
Replies: >>147354 >>147451
Not just in the "NSA discovering your h*ndh*lding-smut" sense, but in the "Nigerian scammers silently installing over 9000 ransomware
 crypto miner DDOS botnets" sense.
Replies: >>147352
I've never had ransomware installed on any of my outdated potatoes and crypto mining is a literal meme.  I don't need antiviral software, I just need common snes9x. sorry for the very bad joke

snes9x means sense in case you don't get the joke
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>armored core 1
>ok I had to rebind the entire controller to play it like a sane person but it works now for something more refired

>same controls 

When does it stop?
Replies: >>147482 >>147890
I use mupen64plus on retroarch on win10. Works good enough.
Nexus or when you stop being a bitch and play it with the original controls like intended.
Replies: >>147890
>to zoomers
Fuck you. I had a DS at launch and it sucked to use with fingers unless you bought one of those plastic pads or used your nails  and it's pretty gay if they're that long unless you play classical guitar.
Any good portable emulators with long battery life? I want to play some games on the go even if I don't go anywhere, my psp sucks for emulating PSX games and I want something that can handle two analogs, maybe emulate dreamcast too so i can play JSR
Replies: >>147662
Good battery life and DC emulation are mutually exclusive in anything smaller than a laptop.
I have to wonder if a romhack to fix this would be doable given how often pre-Nexus controls come up as an issue.
Replies: >>148391
psp/vita and 3ds are the best for emulation depending on what consoles you want to emulate
there are chink consoles that are pretty advanced at this point as well, they are probably worth buying honestly if you don't already have/can't easily find psp/vita/3ds something that can emulate, as even lower end machines can emulate psx
example: this thing's msrp is like $40
Replies: >>153002
Interesting tidbit:
mgba on the wii supports emulating gyro controls (warioware twisted, that kirby gbc game, I think there's a yoshi game or something)
wario ware was rough, but kirby pretty well
yeah but spirit tracks doesn't even use buttons unless you install that one romhack so it's not like it matters in that case
>I have to wonder if a romhack to fix this would be doable given how often pre-Nexus controls come up as an issue.
Very complex for little payoff, especially when you can rebind ingame for 2-SL, not to mention emulators allowing for it too.
>check out some retro handhelds
<all of them sold out
who the fuck buys these things? I want one so I can emulate shit on the go but is there really that much demand that the things sell out extremely quickly?
Replies: >>149408 >>149420
More like a small market
Replies: >>149411
>small market
<endless chink shovelware costing $50+ dollarydoos
the only reason this is a small market is because they cant make enough of them to go around!
where are you trying to buy it from and what are you trying to buy
popular models like the powkiddy v90 and miyoo mini are still selling for about their msrp
Replies: >>149424
Checked out the retromini store, nothing left but the scraps.
>buying some chinkshit when you could be buying the superior amerimutt shit
Replies: >>149445
[Hide] (21.3KB, 311x306)
>buying chinkshit
>instead of hacking a Vita
Replies: >>149454
Fuck the vita. Stop shilling that piece of shit.
Replies: >>149521
Everything else checks out but why these three
Replies: >>149518 >>149524
That image was clearly made by an ironic weeb, it's missing way too much fotm shit and has too many actually good series presented without context for it to not be a smear attempt.
>smear attempt
I don't know how an ironic weeb would even know about rabi-ribi. At least Bunny Must Die got some exposure.
Replies: >>149524
[Hide] (143.1KB, 1316x930)
>all this asshurt
Being the best girl does naturally bring out hatred i suppose
Unlike you two though, Vita-tan isn't an ugly woman on the inside
Replies: >>149529
Heaps of it doesn't check out
OJ is for normalfags though, yes
<idolshit is ironic
idolfags are insane. There isn't a hint of irony there.
turtle fish paint is gr8, that book in particular
Literally the only shonen/edgy shonen style seinen listed is jojo, even though it's a foundational work that everyone cribs shit from.
FUCK the vita! my chinkshit is better than your chinkshit!
[Hide] (13.6KB, 342x262)
PCSX2 broke.
What do?
Install Windows
Replies: >>151420
[Hide] (157.2KB, 600x1067)
Replies: >>151455
What did the actual sign say?
Works on Arch/Artix. Do you have vulkan-icd-loader and vulkan-intel || nvidia-utils || vulkan-radeon installed (or equivalent packages)? Post what distro you use. Also, try launching the game on terminal (to see if you get more errors).
Main builds of Ryujinx as of yesterday now have the Vulkan backend: https://github.com/Ryujinx/Ryujinx/wiki/Changelog#11200---2022-07-31
Replies: >>152413 >>152414
[Hide] (3.2MB, 2000x3044)
Pic got eaten.
But are they Win7 compatible?
Replies: >>152415
Nice now hook it up with some nice netcode and make smash run better online than the real thing.
They've stopped supporting Windows versions older than Windows 10 1803 since June 1st 2022.
Replies: >>152419
I hate nu-emulator devs
Replies: >>152421 >>152422
Just install gentoo already instead of expecting devs to enable your abusive relationship with a man who wants to kill your entire race.
Replies: >>152425
It's not really up to them anymore. NVIDIA stopped including performance enhancements, new features, and bug fixes in their Windows 7/8 drivers as of October 2021, and AMD stopped supporting these Windows versions since July 2021.
Replies: >>152425
Too bad I actually want to play video games, but then again im saying this to someone in an emulation thread so its a moot point 
Existing performance should be more than good enough for future development, its not like the Switch hardware changed at all, or that most emulation is very GPU intensive anyways
Replies: >>152476 >>152576
Unless they changed something else simply building Ryujinx targeting the old .net runtime should work, if you just want Vulkan the last Yuzu versions that supported Win7 already had it with shareable shaders running a solid 60 FPS in bing bing wahoo with x2 resolution because nudevs cant into decent AA.
While dropping support for new driver features is somewhat more legitimate than whatever the hell PCSX2 is doing I doubt they will actually start using incompatible driver features for a long time and even then probably only in the Vulkan renderer.
Replies: >>152482
I haven't paid attention to modern emulation in a while, but newer versions usually improve game compatibility correct?
Replies: >>152576 >>152606
>Too bad I actually want to play video games
Then you should stop struggling with defunct malware masquerading as an OS

Yes, that's the main reason for most emus switching to Vulkan/D3D12, especially for nVidia users (whose OpenGL/≤D3D11 drivers aren't such an embarrassment).
Replies: >>152606
They usually do but that's not a problem until something worthwhile which doesn't work is released, but then I would rather patch an emulator to run on win7 once in a blue moon than have to patch wine for every other game I play.
Vulkan is for speed improvements, not game compatibility. Any compatibility improvements are incidental to having implemented things properly to start with this time around.
Replies: >>152611 >>152612
You've got it backward, Vulkan/D3D12 & more abstract GPGPU APIs such as SPIR-V allow features that are flatout impossible via legacy high-level APIs, whereas performance is mostly dependent on implementation details regardless of API.
Replies: >>152643
Oh, also
>I would rather patch an emulator to run on win7 once in a blue moon than have to patch wine for every other game I play
Very few games runs as well they should out of the box except perhaps prepacks from carefully chosen /scurv/ scenes, even games targeting Win7 released in Win7's heyday, without a trip to PC Gaming Wiki or wherever for even the most vanilla of patches & hax.

Your package manager autoupdating WINE is trivial in comparison
Replies: >>152643 >>152687
Vulkan is generally much faster due to, yes, being less high-level and doing less things behind your back. Unless there is something wrong or unoptimized with the Vulkan implementation it should generally be faster than OpenGL at the same task.
Things rarely run properly on wine out of the box and patching the source is sometimes required, even for issues that have been on the bug tracker over a decade now. Any third party fixes you would want for win7 you would most likely also want when running it on wine. Running things on win7 is actually trivial in comparison and saves a lot of time.
Replies: >>152691
>Very few games runs as well they should out of the box
Installing the .net and c++ bullshit is the hardest part of setting up windows 7 because of retarded design (which is easily fixed by third party tools), but once that's done you're pretty much done aside from rpg maker for eroges. I honestly can't remember the last time I had to install anything to run a game on my w7 machine that I wouldn't need with other OSs.
Replies: >>152691
If you enjoy hacking on M$ abandonware, perhaps you might like contributing to ReactOS?
>Any third party fixes you would want for win7 you would most likely also want when running it on wine
They mostly overlap, yes, but the point is when you're already doing one the amount of added effort needed to also twiddle some flags in WINE is not significant.

>had to install anything to run a game
There are few games so broken they won't even run as shipped (mostly Nip console ports), but there are a LOT of games with severe unpatched deficiencies. Retarded mouse accel and video mode caps are ubiquitous examples.
Replies: >>152719
Twiddling some flags != having to patch the source code because a bug has been sitting ignored on the tracker for two decades
[Hide] (75.4KB, 927x819)
[Hide] (52.3KB, 895x491)
RPCS3 now supports save scumming.
Replies: >>152990
How many emulators don't?
[Hide] (584.5KB, 1018x620)
I liked flashbacks back when they were only sold at a flea market and were also illegal. This jewtendo mini and such era needs to stop. All it did was take emuparadise down upon teaching normalfags about emulation. Fuck those fucking things. You're paying for roms like a dumb ass when you buy those post modern things also of which gives legal reason to sue a rom hosting site. Congratulations for advertising such things for free by the by. 

Things like opendingux consoles are of far more relevance. They can play most psx titles I've read. Gp2x was back when technology and the Internet had soul and before the corporate whores started attacking the shit out of rom and emulation types. Android shouldn't have been a thing and we should have had opendingux but I'm/we're in the wrong timeline. 

tl;dr: that's 'too little too late' (because flea markets had flashbacks before anyone else, waaaay back when) capitalist corruption made to prey on boomers and it leads tot he downfall of emulator sites as you are buying retrograde tech for the privilege to borrow the roms 

>the best
Explain yourself. They're not the most powerful hardware so this is just stupid shit from 2005ish echoing. No, 3ds wasn't there, but to this day psp faggots keep shoving that old shit into the threads over and over just because they're nostaligic. 

An example of best would be:

Retroid pocket plus 2
Odroid consoles and their clones
Gp2x tier canoo upgraded tier thingies
windows and android handheld consoles 

About price, some 60ish usd opendingux console can do all the psx but is also not funding mega-kikes of whom force you to hack their consoles whilst you fund them (so they can take down your emu/rom sites later)

I'll give you list list 


Also the site: https://www.rghandhelds.com/

Image semi-related but old as they came up with far more shit by now. It's a shopping contemplation clusterfuck image I made for myself whilst feeling indecisive myself.
Replies: >>153023 >>153051
[Hide] (194.4KB, 1080x1440)
[Hide] (19.5KB, 474x266)
[Hide] (354.3KB, 1925x1385)
[Hide] (105.8KB, 970x646)
>All it did was take emuparadise down
Good. Anyone incapable of basic websearch to find their own ROMs doesn't deserve to be in the scene, stable spoonfeeder sites breed cancer.
>Explain yourself
Vita/3DS have the advantage of perfect accuracy for their native libraries, which combined with enough power to emulate a lot of older platforms, established homebrew scenes, and good build quality, makes them a very solid choice.
>dedicated microconsoles/SBC kits
Are basically just a gimmick beyond the bottom rung of $50 SoCs that can barely handle 5th-gen emu

I don't know why, but even the most expensive hobbyist ARM SBCs use SoCs that are barely equivalent to MIDRANGE Android/iOS phones from previous gen, while the SoCs used in modern flagship phones are nonexistant in the hobbyist SBC market. And the prices for what there is are insane, with NAKED boards costing about the same as an entire phone, and complete microconsoles going for double the price of a used phone with a comparable SBC. This problem is even starting to affect x86 SoCs, as for instance the Steam Deck is $400, but barebones SBCs like the DFI RNO171 using the exact same SoC are almost double that price.

Unless you're in it for the novelty, the only remotely sane option $/specs-wise (or at all for the most powerful devices) is to use a rooted/jailbroken phone with a clip/clamp-on gamepad accessory.
Replies: >>153032 >>153058
[Hide] (82.3KB, 864x864)
[Hide] (22.8KB, 474x280)
[Hide] (7.3KB, 220x220)
[Hide] (328.7KB, 939x555)
It really isn't. Eventually when they're all gone they'll take down the pirate gay and you'll need to pay to pirate. 

Also archive.org and shit will get it's ass beat eventually.

>cellphone option
That fugly index finger damaging shit can't fit your pocket. Input lag with bluetooth also they say. The landscape one I wanted but they keep upping the price to pretend theyr'e not very breakable garbage and they are. I do have an index-finger-breaker one though. Pic related and I just use 'dexterity' to keep my fingers alive. It has a clip I bought for it for phones and can fit in a pocket. I plan to buy a 2 inch tiny android to make up for the leverage issue up top but last time I bought a tiny phone it didn't mount an sd card and it's android os was like half a gig and that's... not modern for android. 

Why not buy soc/sbc? They're clunky after you make them like a phone option would be. SBC/SOC and phones are the most popular I'm sure and also a pain in the ass. Then again some of these devices have a hard time getting past their 'store' shit and such so they're a pain too but at least look and feel nice. 

Actually, things like a pocketgo v1 have a 5 usd or so system on a chip so it's worse than you think. 50 usd is high quality. They have 20-35ish usd chips or even 5 usd ones. 

I've not bought highest chips but I don't doubt it. Rasberry pi for example uses 32 bit software while being 64 bit and shit, it's just bloated gen z garbage. Or maybe stupid chinks are doing it when whites made the gp2x... I don't know. Autistic chinks and or young people that love bloatware are doing it. 

Why would it need to be jailbroken? I just keep the wifi off to stay free of ads (I don't like using libretro/mednafen/higan/etc). 

Anyway I agree with you I guess or I'd have bought the stuff. I have 3 androids phones and an android tablet, more than one jewtooth controller for them, a pocketgo v1, a q90 in the mail I got for 5 usd, two raspberry pi chps with many peripherals, but not all that new stuff as I'm too 'on the fence' about which to get and they are generally too expensive for what they are in comparison to phones and also harder to use than phones. But not about the vita/jewtendo... I don't concur on that because I don't get it. New video games? Really? But I'm playing gen 3-5 (6 if gba counts) only....native library he says. 

The nxhope devices are garbage by the way. Freezing roms is  just a thing. Even FF7 and Golden Sun 1 people had freeze on them despite that being advertised as perfectly playable. Golden Sun 2 works not at all and freezes far too fast. I even had Yoshi's Island, the gba version of course as it's fast, freeze before until I switched emulators on the stock pocketgo v1 firmware. I had to switch bard to get ebooks working with text to audio features and such as the buttons were not working before a wild actual redditor reprogrammed bard. I'm glad it has bard but pocketgo's are sold out on amazon and ali takes literally 25 percent or more of a year. It's still a good post apocalypse option, pocket go tier devices, as they are a non-networked computer with no signal coming out of them, no bluetooth nor wifi. Or am I to make a Faraday cage? 

Anyway, yes they're a pain but I'm not buying underpowered shit from overly rich people that take down emu sites. 

One more thing, British pis are gay as they don't have Mali gpus so they can't do android and that's gay. Popular things are GAY
Replies: >>153035
>he doesn't archive all the roms he gives a shit about
You get what you fucking deserve, you gaping cunt.
fuck off back to /b/.
Replies: >>153038
>implying I don't have my files backed up
PSX and other isos notwithstanding. That's not the point you jackass. You are harming people, not me, but people. Faggot enabler.
[Hide] (293.4KB, 1498x1119)
Who let cuckchan in here?
Replies: >>153041
>everyone I hate is x strawman
Whom are you referring to?
[Hide] (298.8KB, 1080x1080)
I should include an image of my pocketgo in this but I have the gey thing deep in a gobag...

But I am serious about the wooden frame
emuparadise died way before those things existed
Replies: >>153068
[Hide] (48.5KB, 981x705)
[Hide] (50.1KB, 1056x681)
[Hide] (57.5KB, 1024x583)
[Hide] (390.5KB, 1920x1080)
Oops, Steam Deck's SoC isn't quite an off-the-shelf V2xxx, but it differs only slightly.

>they'll take down the pirate gay
>archive.org and shit will get it's ass beat eventually
Again, GOOD!
>and you'll need to pay to pirate
Only for normalfags too helpless to find another public tracker themselves
>index finger damaging shit
There are plenty of other clamping gaypad accessories to choose from with different designs, and of course if you use a clip, any gaypad you want works. With built-in controls, you're of course at the mercy of the (far smaller pool of) console's manufacturers in terms of both design and build quality, which sadly few do well.
>can't fit your pocket
Most, including the Kishi I showed, are smaller than a microconsole when retracted. Even clamped on they're not much bigger than a phone. Now if you want to complain about the size of modern phones/tablets/etc.? Yeah, that's a problem and getting worse, epitomized by Nintendo abandoning that market in favor of the Switch's murse-clad metrosexual carriage. <5" devices seem to be going the way of the dodo, picsrel, with only the prospect of seamless folding-screen phones to bring pocketability back into the realm of practicality.
>Actually, things like a pocketgo v1 have a 5 usd or so system on a chip so it's worse than you think. 50 usd is high quality. They have 20-35ish usd chips or even 5 usd ones.
Yeah, prices on low-end hobbyist SoCs are actually reasonable.
>Why not buy soc/sbc?
Because you're paying highway robber prices for antidiluvian hardware
>Why would it need to be jailbroken?
iOS. But even on Android, rooting allows use of alternate firmware, toolchains/runtimes, or even installation of non-Android OSs, on devices with good 3rd-party driver support.
>about the vita/jewtendo... I don't concur on that because I don't get it. New video games? Really?
Not that new, both platforms have been defunct for years, and of course you can still pirate. Point is, those mean platforms you don't have to emulate, or (back-compat) have HW assist for superior emu.
>until I switched emulators on the stock pocketgo v1 firmware. I had to switch bard to get ebooks working with text to audio features and such as the buttons were not working before a wild actual redditor reprogrammed bard
This is why Android/iOS/Windows, or even the mature homebrew scenes of handheld consoles, are so important. With these dedicated hobbyist consoles, the 1st-party software is subpar at best, the communities are small, and even the synergy from other similar devices using the same SoC is unreliable because ARM SoC has no real standards for init firmware or drivers, so you're invariably stuck using broken outdated custom builds of everything from emulators to kernels.
Replies: >>153068
[Hide] (468.5KB, 1685x2252)
this IP-hopping shithead is fagatha by the way, he looks like this
Replies: >>153068
>actual logical arguing
Pick one and only 1.

Also, I didn't IP hop, retard. It's not a 1 id tier scenario if you'd actually pay attention. Sixth post incoming. Don't project your tor spamming shit onto me because my ID post count is higher than yours in this very thread. 

For the record I don't break rules so I really don't get banned and if someone should be it'd be YOUR TYPE that tries to derail every time you notice someone not posting EXACTLY like you would. That shit's gay. 

Some would argue, due to that tampermonkey scrip shit, that it's STILL not dead. It's dead now but was not until the jewtendo mini. That raped the site's asshole way too hard for it to be usable. The script hardly ever even worked due to too many trying to download constantly upon the major companies getting into 'flashbacks'. When cdromance dies and vimm then it'll all be dead really. Mp3 sites died first and now roms. Tube sites stay up though and are way more data so I'm sure more will pup up but it's still sad as most will be romsmania tier and will try to put malware into your computer. 

Only faggots download full rom sets for the record. I don't do that so it bothers me. With too many files I'd not play a single game due to the indecision it creates. For that reason I value rom sites. Hell, these places are so dead you have to go to archive.org to find older versions of emulators you know. The Internet is getting pretty faggy because of kike shit. Why would forcing new software be kike shit? Don't get me started on bloated spyware because you already know. That and obviously they want people to buy new computers even when 20+ year old ones run just fine.  

>private trackers are free
They don't let people in really so not really. To get an invite you have to ALREADY be reputable and that means you have already, ironically, all the files you need or you'd not have such a reputation. 

There are multiple people bothering me in real life or I'd respond in regards to the other stuff in your post but I mostly have no argument  against any of it. The only thing that pisses me off is this tired narrative of 'everything's fine'  in regards to copyright infringing. Private trackers realistically cost money unless you were lucky and got in on that bandwagon years ago. I did not grow up with the Internet nor are gen z so I'm not so lucky. I'd have to pay. Also my IQ is honestly lacking even when I'm not in booze-hound mode so I'm not going to be getting it for free once my top sites go away. All they'll do is censor torrent search queries after attacking places like pirateg3y and then most people will be screwed in my position. It's why I keep my files, the ones I do have, backed up 6 times over, but that takes 1/6 of my storage capacity away and leaves me lacking a lot of files I'd want to have. Example: 16 out of 64 tv shows I'd like, 200 roms out of 800 or so I'd like. 

I'm meandering too hard and can barely think with the wild faggots in the next room complaining about things so I'll just stop typing now, sorry to be a bother. 

I will say I like the non-bloateware nxhope, opendingux, etc, and wish people would devolpe that and not libretro stuff nor windows/android. I just wish it. I'm still on win7 so and own a winxp computer too so it's not like all move on. This atom pc was made in 2009, some are just stuck. It's one reason I like retro gaming is that I'm 'stuck' in many ways. New things stress me out.
Take your gaping asshole and fuck off, there is no argument here other than you're a sack of dogshit that should end himself.
Replies: >>153074
Man this thread filled up with retards fast
Replies: >>153074
>1 post
Stop trying to derail please.
Replies: >>153076 >>153077
I thought /v/ was too rulecucked for you. Why don't you go back to /b/ and make yet another "/v/ sucks" thread?
Replies: >>153084
>one of the retards replied
Please kill yourself
Replies: >>153084
I hardly complain that it's rulecucked. I don't even use the word cuck hardly ever. You're seeing me where I"m not. The /b/ threads about /v/ were not made by me even though I agreed with the OP/OP's of them. I only gripe that things like z** isn't listed as agaisnt the rules. Over a year ago I got banned over calling people z word and that's the only gripe I had faglord. I wans't overly banned though and deserved the temp bans on that, /r9k/ however... that's a giga-faggot mod. It's why no one uses it. I'd love to only post on an active /r9k/ but only wizchan tier retards run them and if I ran it then... well I'm not going to. It'd be too hard honestly. The mod here is okay. it's better here than other /v/ boards. It's the best /v/ board other than a retro gaming /v/ board perhaps but 4chan doesn't count unfortunately as they are..... 4chan. 

<congratulations you got it derailed to a topic about fagatha and 4chan!

What's your fav winxp era emulator? I like visualboyadvance version 1.8.0-511

Gba is my fav console to emulate.
[Hide] (240.7KB, 337x243)
>the GPT bots have arrived
Replies: >>153104
It's not GPT, it's some shitty third party AI, which is funny because it's still somehow more coherent than fagatha.
I had this little thinkcenter I snagged from work during a recycle and decided to throw mint xfce on it and some emulators. I wasn't holding my breath for ps2 but its taking it like a champ even at x3 resolution, I'm actually impressed. I sort of did it as a fun project but I might set this up at my tv and actually use it. 
I've been thinking about doing the .hack series again anyway, this time watching all the anime and what not to get the "full experience". Other than that might do some ps1 and gamecube games I never got to play.
Replies: >>153111
careful, thinkcenters are chink garbage and don't last very long, especially if it has a HDD as its only storage. although the handle on the front makes carrying it around easy
Replies: >>153113 >>153114
Its one of the tiny ones, the little box and not the tower. It runs off an an nvme, I took it apart to see what it was made of although it does have a place you could stick in an hdd or an ssd. The nvme it has now it 128 gisgs, not a ton of space but not like I'm worried about it.  Also the new psx2 interface seems pretty slick. I'm going to check out a wii game on it and see how it handles it. Even if it were to die tomorrow I wouldn't be to let down.
All enterprise desktops are chink shit below the VFX/oil prospector price range but I thought thinkcenters were some of the least worst. Do you have specific experience or are you just repeating what you read on cuckchan /g/?
Replies: >>153304
I want to play mario kart wii online over dolphin but no NAND and jewgle searches aren't showing any hits. Anyone here know where I can find one?
Replies: >>153179 >>153220
Try using zwei.moe or beg anons to set up dwc_network_server_emulator.
[Hide] (371KB, 692x364)
<Only faggots download full rom sets for the record. I don't do that so it bothers me.
Full romsets of most pre-5th gen consoles excluding CD-based systems can easily be zipped to sub-15GB size.
>It's why I keep my files, the ones I do have, backed up 6 times over, but that takes 1/6 of my storage capacity away and leaves me lacking a lot of files I'd want to have. Example: 16 out of 64 tv shows I'd like, 200 roms out of 800 or so I'd like. 
You could just buy an 8TB HDD, they're getting cheaper every day and should be enough to store compressed fullsets of everything sans the 6th generation.
SATA is backwards compatible and to my knowledge the pre-Win10 hate hasn't spread to HDD firmware blobs yet, if your motherboard or PSU can't handle an additional drive then just get one that runs over USB, it'll be slower but your PC is a toaster to begin with so not much difference there.
Wiimmfi was a mistake as was every other normalnigger hosted Mario Kart custom server, none of them allow you to play as Hitler like Nintendo's official servers do and they have 24/7 moderation that bans people for tourneyfag-esque reasons because reverse engineered fanmade servers for old Nintendo games need to be run in a professional, politically correct manner.
Replies: >>153304 >>153786
[Hide] (62.1KB, 638x479)
>With too many files I'd not play a single game due to the indecision it creates
Just stow your hoard away and pick stuff out when you want, which is sorta necessary for the SD cards in your preferred portables anyway. Like >>153220 said, cart-based fullsets are tens of GB at most (usually tens of MB), and even disc fullsets like NA PS2 are ~200GB. Also, though as >>153220 noted batch recompression helps for ROMs, it's even more helpful for videos & music, where reencoding to newer codecs without any loss in quality can save a ton of space. 
>Hell, these places are so dead you have to go to archive.org to find older versions of emulators you know.
Or just go to the ackshual dev's repo instead of running jank binaries
>private trackers are free
I said PUBLIC trackers, which will always exist. And regarding the earlier autism about UX, even for stuff where I don't want the entire contents of a hueg torrent at once, personally I find toggling and untoggling files/folders in my client a simpler experience compared to struggling with navigation of individual pages for whatever in webshites.

The only real problem you have to watch out for with discarded office/school prebuilts is their udderly revolting sub-bronze PSUs which in those with PCI slots invariably also lack PCIe 12v rails needed for decent dGPUs.
>chink shit
What exactly is "not chink shit"? Practically every prebuilt from every integrator brand in the world and every component used in everything are assembled at the same dozen chink industrial parks.
Replies: >>153306
[Hide] (113.3KB, 312x248)
There is shit made by chinks and there is chink shit. It's up to the designer to assert dominance over the bugmen and force them to manufacture a quality product. If they don't you get the unbranded crap that floods alibaba/gearbest, which can still be useful if you do your research. I remember cuck/g/ had a thread for that once upon a time.
Those ssd's don't work on my 5v devices.... too high watt and or the device can only mount 32gb.
Replies: >>153806 >>153815
>too high watt
Your PSU is so weak it can't spare an additional 2-4W?
>the device can only mount 32gb.
That's because Windows is retarded and can't into proper formatting on its own, get a third party partitioning+disk formatting tool.
Replies: >>153815
[Hide] (474.4KB, 1512x2016)
Is that a typo? The post you replied to was talking about cheapo hoarder storage, which flash chips obviously aren't affordable for at >5X the $/TB of HDDs. Also, though 8TB is a good recommendation for a convenient single HDD, if you're going the RAID/NAS/ZFS/BTRFS route, piles of smaller HDDs are still a bit cheaper on a $/TB basis. Last I checked, the cheapest 6TB-12TB HDDs bottom out at $10/TB, whereas 3TB-4TB HDDs go down to $7/TB, and of course pricing on >16TB HDDs are generally crazy.
>my 5v devices.... too high watt
Ignoring flash drives for the aforementioned reason, no desktop HDD external enclosure I'm aware of relies on bus power, they all include dedicated wall wart AC adapters that each use their own special snowflake connector, so be careful not to lose it.
>can only mount 32gb
Partition it. Even many caveman OSs like Mac System 6 from the '80s can use entire multi-TB drives, just as long as they're sliced into enough 2GB pieces.

Note some partition tables like pre-Vista Win/DOS MBR can't partition more than the first 2TB of a single drive, so you'd need to use a networked fileserver or HW RAID controller to obscure hueg drives.
Replies: >>153819
[Hide] (468.5KB, 1685x2252)
>replying to pic related
Replies: >>153821
Better point I guess is it's kinda more relevant to >>141510 thread
[Hide] (139.9KB, 622x533)
Is anyone else able to use the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 De-Localization Patch with yuzu? I have the latest version of the game with all the DLCs, followed every instruction correctly and it still crashes on boot. It works on Ryujinx, but the game looks way too blurry without yuzu's FSR scaling.
[Hide] (627.8KB, 280x158)
What the actual fuck happened to this thread?

I just wanted to post a post that posted something like: I still use zsnes because the
is better than in other emulators.

But now. This thread. Is full of weirdos holding huge dildoes. I get the irony, but ePeen(TM) is not a physical thing . What is this?
Replies: >>155310 >>155312
[Hide] (87.3KB, 453x604)
Too much blogposting
Replies: >>155323
I wonder why development for it ceased in 2007, at that time it was by far the best SNES emulator due to its accuracy+speed and huge library of romhacks.
Replies: >>155323 >>155333
[Hide] (1.5MB, 720x480)
>Too much blogposting
You just described the internet problem.Tripfagendersthethread. Sorry about that. 

>I wonder why development for it ceased in 2007
I think the developement stopped at 2007 because ZSNES was a "big project" and some key people just left. For a good reason. Project was done, and nobody wanted continued involvement. It's still a good emulator.
Because its only asset was speed from i386 ASM spaghetti code hax, and c. '07 there were no more x86 CPUs too slow to effortlessly run C++ emus like SNES9X at full speed.

Anyone interested in an ASM SNES emu coding by the '00s moved on to ISAs where that was still an impressive feat for achieving playable FPS (ARM, MIPS, SH, RISC-V, etc.)
[Hide] (70.3KB, 640x360, 00:01)
>there is an entire Linux distribution designed to run Switch games natively on ARM hardware wine-style
I wonder how niggerpilled Nintendo's lawyers must feel.
Replies: >>155487
I'm new to Linux gaming. Has anyone had issues getting Vulkan to work with RPCS3?
Not quite. The modified Linux OS is the smaller part, the real meat of the project is still basically just Yuzu with CPU & I/O emu hypervised:
That means most of the heavy lifting, especially the virtual GPU, is still run through software LLE instead of hypervised HLE.

Until that reliance on Yuzu code is fixed, it works a lot more like Egg NS than the truly WINE-like pure hypervisor approach of Skyline.

TBQH the ABSOLUTE STATE of ARM emulation on Android reminds me of the humiliating history of XBox emudev
Replies: >>155496
>especially the virtual GPU, is still run through software LLE instead of hypervised HLE.
If the Switch GPU was emulated via LLE the amount of games playable via emulation on top-of-the-line current hardware at reasonable speeds would be minimal, plus the Tegra X1 runs OpenGL and Vulkan natively so there's no point in translating something the host GPU could run by itself outside of some specific quirks.
Replies: >>155505
[Hide] (2.5MB, 300x220)
Doing a quick search on the project:
>hasn't even heard of skyline before
>didn't seriously investigate ryujinx in addition to yuzu because vulkan
>targeted dying opengl api because linux vm guest drivers like virtio don't support vulkan yet
>except oops yuzu's gpu stack needs opengl 4.6 to work right, which neither linux vm guest drivers nor the hle that avahi still hasn't bypassed on dev's favored platform of arm mac supports, so he's still stuck on native boot.
>no indication of awareness about iommu nor sr-iov hw passthrough support in vm linux guests
I can admire the guy's gung-ho attitude to hacking stuff together, but he clearly needs to do a little reading.

Perhaps my use of the term LLE was a bit of an exaggeration, but the point is Horizon-Linux/Mizu's GPU performance is identical a full emulator because it's still just Yuzu's entire codepath instead of something extremely high-level like WINE.
Replies: >>155506 >>155519
Replies: >>155507 >>155525
Spoiler File
(31.2KB, 600x450)
Well, yeah, everybody know that. It's why I specifically sought out that GIF.
I still find it funny that a mainline Nintendo console being sold in stores with no successor yet has multiple partial or full wrapper projects that already work to some practical degree and may or may not replace traditional emulators on some platforms down the line.
because there are enough soyjaks that love Nintendo so fucking much they'll dump their entire lives into making an emulator and cracking it to get it all for "free" (monetarily, but certainly not in man hours). It also helps that the Switch has a lot of games that people actually want to play. Unlike the Xbone which had just about no exclusives and was designed specifically as a "fuck you" to crack groups (entire OS is a hypervisor, different parts of it are sandboxed and compartmentalized, other aspects are also virtualized) that softmods for it are nonexistant. but joke's on them, nobody wanted to crack it anyways. even the 360 had at least a handful of vidya worth modding it for (to date the only "easy" mod on it that works is for the DVD drive to play burned discs).
Replies: >>155524 >>155593
They have to shit out a replacement at some point, Nvidia flat-out refused to eat the opportunity cost of making so many shitty, obsoleted Tegra X1 SoCs for them so once their ODMs deplete their stockpiles that's it. It's going to be fun when that happens given Nyidia's always kind of sucked at backwards compatibility.
[Hide] (115.1KB, 700x948)
That's what happens when you buy your entire SBC off-the-shelf instead of designing something with even the tiniest sprinkling of bespoke SIP blocks. And as >>155522 notes your consoomerbase is dominated by autistic speedtroons instead of cheap HTPC hobbyist homebrewers like the XBox.
Replies: >>155593
[Hide] (492.2KB, 460x345)
But why?
Replies: >>155527
[Hide] (958.4KB, 500x335)
To add drama. Lemmings don't jump off cliffs that was added to the documentary to create suspense. All documentaries on television can't be fully trusted because they are entertainment first and learning second. Did you know the whole alpha-omega thing for wolves is also bullshit? Only wolves in captivity behave in that way, in the wild wolf packs consist of family units. So much of what you see on those science channels is pure garbage.
[Hide] (7.9MB, 1280x720, 00:50)
I'm still amazed PC won the console wars.
Replies: >>155546 >>155600
Biggest problem for PC in the period was the gap between price-competitive 16-bit micros dying in the early '90s, and modern 32-bit PCs (Pentium, HDD, CD, XGA monitor, 3D HW, Win 9x, etc.) dipping back below $500 when eMachines boxes shipped in the late '90s.

If you could blow $1k-$2k on a gayman PC, 'twas still awesome emulating then-current-gen consoles at better-than-native until 6th-gen hit.
[Hide] (5.1MB, 640x360, 02:00)
Why did Nintendo choose the niggest ARM SoC on the block instead of partnering with someone more sensible like Qualcomm or Samsung?
Those companies would have certainly enjoyed having a bit of additional guaranteed profit from selling outdated phone hardware to soyim even more gullible than their usual customers.
The reason the Xbone has to this day never been cracked is because M$ did the jewish thing and sold loicenses for accessing its developer mode for 20 bucks, once you have that you're halfway into CFW territory already with being able to install arbitrary third party software as long as it doesn't offend certain people.
Numale "hackers" after all are proud anti-pirates except when they play games on RA but RA doesn't have Ecksbawks cores so it's none of Microshaft's business.
Replies: >>155600 >>155608
I'm still amazed normalfags didn't fuck off back to consoles when a decent PC went from ~$600 to more than twice that in just a few years.
>Why did Nintendo choose the niggest ARM SoC on the block instead of partnering with someone more sensible like Qualcomm or Samsung?
Because the Switch internals is literally a rebranded Nvidia Shield Tablet 2. Nintendo saved huge amounts on hardware dev and Nvidia got to put a license-to-print-money Nintendo sticker on their tablet.
Replies: >>155608
>Why did Nintendo choose the niggest ARM SoC on the block
IIRC Shield was the most powerful mobile device on the market at the time, though Nintendo did fuck up the cooling so bad it can't do full clocks even docked. And nVidia has kept pushing out newer Tegra revisions, it's just Nintendo doesn't want to bother using them because sheeple keep buying the old one.
>the jewish thing
It's very reasonable, moreover Sony did much the same (Yaroze, Linux Kit, OtherOS), as did MS for the 360 (XNA Studio/App Hub), yet both ended up cracked and emulated (admittedly PS3 only after Sony yoinked it). I think the biggest factor is simply the lack of exclusives. Like, who's autistic enough to write an entire hypervisor JUST to run Bloodborne and... Whatever the Bone has, Halo 5?

>I'm still amazed normalfags didn't fuck off back to consoles
They kinda' did. Remember from 6th-gen through early 7th-gen PC was in the shitter, tagteamed by consoles getting online, HDDs, HDTV, reasonable amounts of RAM, and a tsunami of publisher FUD exaggerating piracy on PC. PC gayman getting back on its feet took the combined efforts of cheaper PC hardware, Steam being a perfect money printing normalfag funnel, 7th-gen consoles being pushed over twice as long as a console generation normally was, and 8th-gen failing to surpass mediocre PC specs on their long-overdue arrival. If you're referring to the recent coronachan/ponzicoin-induced price squeeze, that primarily effected dGPUs. A sub-$500 iGPU build, especially using Ryzen APUs, remained competitive throughout. Likewise prices of prebuilts/craptops that most normalfags get. Also, during the worst of the supply shock that made even iGPUs/prebuilts skyrocket above MSRP, 9th-gen console prices/availability were hit at least as bad.
Replies: >>155611 >>155615
I'm not talking about toaster builds, I'm talking actual decent builds that could run most things on max settings.
It wasn't until 7th-gen that normalfags started getting into PC gayman en masse and only a few years later such builds had become massively more expensive.
>admittedly PS3 only after Sony yoinked it
<patch out OtherOS because of piracy paranoia
<console gets hacked 3 updates later
That was pretty funny.
Replies: >>155612 >>155614
[Hide] (23.1KB, 100x100)
>I'm talking actual decent builds that could run most things on max settings.
That's not a "decent build" anymore and it hasn't been for at least a decade at this point. Running pajeet-coded AAA shit on max settings is to compensate for your micropenis, since if those games had sensible white, male, conservative programmers and art direction they could run on builds that cost half as much. A $500 3400G build with fast RAM or $600 6+core with last gen parts is what I would consider decent these days, you get more than enough horsepower to run games that are actually worth playing on high at 60ish FPS.
Replies: >>155614 >>155621
Max settings, especially since multiplats started being ported FROM console in 7th-gen, are a giant meme. Vid extremely related:
Circa 2008-2017, I don't think I'd have referred to anything as a "potato" unless it was stuck on ancient iGPUs that faked tessellation in software. Throughout that period, you could get whatever the latest Intel microarchitecture was in a 3-4GHz Pentium dual-core, slap in a previous-gen nVidia x6x card and a couple sticks of previous-gen DDR, and blow away consoles on the latest AAA releases for well under $600 (often under $300 with used parts!). Add on overclockable Korean >[email protected] meme LCD for under $200 if you weren't a CRTfag.

Heck, I'll go further and assert there was no reason to spend more than $800 on a gayman PC in that era unless you were driving something insane like a multi-monitor SLI/CFX battlestation.

>they could run on builds that cost half as much
As the linked video shows, the ackshual problem is modern (especially AAA) games have very narrow configurability. What used to be termed "low" settings don't really exist anymore, and "ultra" is visually indistinguishable from "high". As long as you can run a game at a given rez & framerate AT ALL, there's basically nothing in the settings worth twiddling.
Replies: >>155621 >>155628
>Whatever the Bone has, Halo 5?
that is the only exclusive it has, every time I have tried to think of what the boner had that is the only game I can think of: the most mediocre and lore-raping of gaylos although I heard the online was good
Replies: >>155620
>try searching
>every list i can find is either outdated and full of stuff that got ported years ago, or coping and dilating so hard it's full of shit like outer worlds 2 & starfield that won't even be timed exclusive
Best I could find LOL:
Pajeetcode has increased the need for a powerful CPU, but not really any other hardware. You can still get away with mid-tier GPU, motherboard and PSU and a low-end SSD or even a cheap HDD as long as you don't run win10 but all of this including CPUs has become much more expensive after normalfag adoption, even before the crypto meme and wuhan wheeze.
By 2012 the equivalent of my ~2008 $600 build was already so expensive I ended up upgrading everything piecemeal for years. Must have used that ~2008 PSU for about a decade.
My ~2018 build cost me almost three times as much as my ~2008 while only really having a better CPU ironically mostly because I wanted it for emulation and not modern pajeet spaghetti.
If all you wanted to do was play ports from half a decade old consoles you could probably get away with less throughout.
Replies: >>155634
[Hide] (31.9KB, 720x540)
While we're talking about triple-gay, I've been playing the new port of Spider-Batman and I'm impressed by the number of graphics knobs available in the settings. All the faux-film crap can be turned off, there are separate sliders for things like hair and particles that usually get ignored or crammed into one "effects quality" slider in console ports, Very Low actually looks tolerable, you can choose to Vsync on every other frame for 60/72fps on 120/144Hz panels, etc. The only things that give away it was a console game first are the gamepad-centric UI and the complete absence of any built-in performance overlay. It doesn't even have a "show FPS" option which is just baffling when even Jewthesda is giving you frametime graphs and max/min/average frametimes separately for GPU and CPU workloads.
Replies: >>155643
>$1.8k build
>2018 before the ponzicoin dGPU squeeze midyear
I call shenanigans. Unless (understandably depending on use case) you were whoring tons of HDDs, fast SSD, or >16GB of (especially DDR4) RAM I can't think of anything that would've justified such an expensive config.

If you were too much of a shmuck to buy in early 2018, my sympathies, but anybody could tell you dGPUs were off the table until recently this year and you had only yourself to blame for not doing a Ryzen APU build.
Replies: >>155643
>port of a 2 year old remaster of a 4 year old game
What even happened here
It was before the crypto faggotry, about a year later I could have probably sold my GPU for twice what I paid for it.
>whoring tons of HDD
Already had them, they weren't included in that price calculation :^)
>fast SSD
Literally the cheapest 1TB QLC M2 only because I needed the SATA slots for HDDs I could find, which is still plenty fast.
>>16GB of (especially DDR4) RAM
Well yeah, 16gb wasn't cutting it anymore for my purposes. I wanted DDR3 but motherboard support was pretty much gone.
Replies: >>155644 >>155645
Soyny finally realized steamcucks will happily take their sloppy seconds after they've sold all they're going to sell on PS4.
Hmm yeah as long as you didn't jump all the way to 64GB fast DDR4 I don't see how you could've even hit $1k, unless you really needed >6 coars for non-gayman reasons.
Used Xeon build is dirty cheap. 12 core 24 threads, 64 gig ram for like $700.
Replies: >>155654
TBF, those are Broadwell cores (w/ pretty meek boost clocks) @ best to keep those nice cheap-to-fill DDR3 slots in the mobo. Might not provide the versatility for mixed gamer loads, even compared to 1st-gen Threadripper & i9 available in 2018.
Closest you'll get is probably a Steam Deck. 
Chinese consoles seem to play at native res as far as I can tell and the same goes for PSP/PS Vita.
What am I doing wrong with RPCS3? I got Vulkan set up, but the games are not loading nor is anything being detected. I also chose a few games from the Lair, but neither of them are working. Linux, by the way.
Replies: >>155932
[Hide] (973.6KB, 1278x717)
Did you install the pkg or copy the FST into the virtual HDD folder?
Did you download and copy over the RAP from NoPayStation?
Replies: >>155940
I didn't understand any of that, so assume no.

I just grabbed a 7z file from online and started there. I don't think there was any ISO. I tried Demon's Souls first, but got nothing. I then gave Minecraft and at least got an ingame window saying it couldn't load.
Replies: >>155945
[Hide] (206KB, 333x370)
Replies: >>155961
[Hide] (1023.6KB, 218x228)
I don't understand. Am I supposed to have a directory or an ISO? Anyways, here's the error I'm getting 
'sys_fs_stat' failed with 0x80010006
I'm guessing there's a virtual file system that's not mounting.
[Hide] (161.3KB, 850x1193)
BoTW emulator gets 2.0 release, goes open-source under MPL-2.0 license, and releases experimental Linux builds
Replies: >>157119
I finally got RPCS3 set up (I was extracting the files incorrectly), but now I'm encountering an issue that I believe has something to do with PulseAudio causing it to crash after a certain amount of time and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with it.
'Assertion !m->thread || !pa_thread_is_running(m->thread) || !in_worker(m) failed at pulse/thread-mainloop.c:178, function pa_threaded_mainloop_lock(). Aborting.
Replies: >>157260
One step closer to functioning wiiu online emulation.
I seemed to have fixed the error by adjusting my audio buffer. Now I'm just stuck trying to figure out what games to play since I already have a PS3. I've just started Demon's Souls and I'm horrid at it. I need a break please give me suggestions.
Since newer systems (PSP/PS3 onward) frequently use firmware level fonts instead of per-game ones (Especially with Nipponese games since devs won't be making a font for several hundred kanji if it can be avoided), are there any emulators that can dump text like some can dump textures? Would be useful for Nipponese learning purposes.
Replies: >>157267
Install pipewire if you value your sanity.
I'm not aware of anything like this built into an emulator, but there appears to be at least one tool cobbled together using certain emulators' Lua scripting features as an API for emulated memory access by external software in realtime:
Something similar, though more brittle, would involve using a generic memory monitor such as Cheat Engine on the entire emulator.

Both approaches would typically rely on the same approach as a modder's ROM unpacker for text: Use of one or more "tables" manually created for each game to convert between whatever non-ASCII encoding it uses, and actual text:
[Hide] (2.4KB, 160x152)
im trying to play neo geo pocket color games with the ares emulator. but for some reason the game thinks im on a normal neo geo pocket,for example the capcomVSsnk game shows this. i downloaded like 3 different bios files but its always the same. other games are just blackscreen. can anyone help me? i feel completely retarded
Replies: >>158540
[Hide] (72.2KB, 160x152)
[Hide] (11.1KB, 369x204)
Are you sure you're using Neo Geo Pocket Color BIOS? Did you assign them correctly in the firmware dialog?
All I did was set the BIOS and load the game, it has color for me.
Replies: >>158548 >>158560
[Hide] (255KB, 399x302)
Just use a screen overlay, anon :^)
[Hide] (5.8KB, 223x176)
Any way to reliably emulate Dreamcast?
PC emulators are a hit-or-miss and very impractical in terms of user interface. A Recalbox running it on Retroarch through any of the emulators launches a game (if at all) at a fraction of a frame per second. It takes around a minute for me to even see the first frames of a boot-up animation.
I've seen this frenchie (https://yewtu.be/watch?v=xB9imwJLzl8) run a number of games just fine, but he doesn't respond to english comments and translating every comment by hand is a hassle.
It looks like he's using Recalbox just like me, but people keep mentioning Batocera and as far as I can tell it's a fork of RetroBox and I hate that thing (pain in the ass to setup, doesn't work with my controllers, wireless connections are subject to prayers and nothing actually tangible).
There's some internet archive links in the description, I guess this is the entire library of compatible roms, I'm not sure.
Replies: >>158567 >>160170
i fixed it. for some reason i had to delete the settings file, after that it works without problem. very weird.
On something equivalent to an RPi4 like in the vid you linked? Yes:
>PC emulators
Are pretty mature, especially assuming you aren't using a potato, in which case you can resort to Mednafen's SW renderer.
>very impractical in terms of user interface
Yes, RetroArch's UI is dogshit. No, it's not that big a hassle once it's set up.
>A Recalbox
>just like me
Again, I assume you're using something at least as powerful as an RPi4? As a first step, make sure your GPU's OpenGL/Vulkan drivers are actually working.
Replies: >>158581 >>160170
[Hide] (277.8KB, 538x433)
yes, I'm using RPi4, forgot to mention that
While tinkering with PPSSPP on it, there was no Vulkan rendering option, so I'm guessing that's out of the picture since it's a closed system.
I triple checked and still wrote Dreamcast when I meant to say SATURN.

So the better question is:
How do I stop being retarded?
Replies: >>158622
[Hide] (85KB, 782x813)
How about some emulator drama lads.
The guy that's responsible for porting flycast(dreamcast emulator) for the PSVITA was pretty angry lately why do you ask because someone "leaked" an early version of this port without consulting him, you might be wondering why I typed "leaked" like this well it's because that flycast is an open source software that anybody could modify and release how ever they want and don't worry I read the license and you are free to distribute it how ever you like, so yeah this faggot thrown a hissy fit because someone "leaked" """""his""""" early build and he said he will no longer work on this project, and ofcourse normalfags supported his actions thinking that this software is his but in reality it's not.
But thankfully after sometime he decided to come back to the project and release a new version.

I swear these trannies are fucking retarded.
Replies: >>158622 >>160170
But I take it the OpenGL driver is working and you have 3D acceleration? Maybe flip through the options in RetroArch and your emulator (I'd suggest trying YabaSanshiro first) for anything obviously wrong like the OpenGL backend being turned off, the non-JIT interpreter being enabled, etc.. An RPi 4 should be way more than fast enough for Saturn emu.
>it's a closed system
Yeah, Recalbox uses buildroot rather than a repackaged distro/kernel, so everything is bespoke, same with Batocera which is a fork of Recalbox, and neither has added Vulkan. Aside from the obvious Ubuntu, RaspbianRaspberry Pi OS, Android/LineageOS, or whatever, the latest version of Lakka has Vulkan enabled on RPi, but strangely not its upstream LibreELEC.

Reminds me of the ENORMOUS amount of drama in most larger modscenes (e.g.: Bethshit, The Sims), where mod groups will fly into a tearful rage if (even if they went through the often herculean effort of hunting through the history of everyone who ever touched every revision of every asset for full attribution) another mod "steals" assets from their mod, or even has hooks to interact with it, without getting their explicit written permission first. Then there's also stuff exactly like you said, where (and I'm not even talking paid mods) even redistributing a mod on a different site or whatever is pIrAcY!1!1
Replies: >>158624
[Hide] (7.4MB, 1280x720, 01:47)
I can understand when they use there own assets even though half of the mods out there don't make original assets but this case is ultra retarded the source code is out there and everyone can see it so ofcourse someone is gonna compile it and share it, what angers me the most is how these normalfags listen to him like he's right about this whole thing.
I don't know but I think this whole thing is the dev being a massive attention whore, because after a few months he started working on the project again like nothing happened.

This is why I think all CS majors are massive faggots be a real man and study Embedded systems.
Replies: >>158629
>I can understand when they use there own assets
I can't. The entire ethos of modding back to the days of the demoscene is a hivemind memeplex ocean of graphic, sound, song, text, and script snippets freely mutating.

Politely asking someone to credit your 1331 [email protected] krew pseudonym is one thing, but watching the idea of "property rights" crop up in the hobby is profoundly revolting to me.
Replies: >>160667
[Hide] (35.3KB, 950x491)
>and neither has added Vulkan
Recalbox added it to duckstation as of v7.2, but that's it for now 
Can't install it for some reason, tried twice

>more drama
please don't, I didn't drop out of high school to keep hearing about drama
Was the tranny in question intending to make a proprietary niggerware fork like redream which started out open source but was made proprietary once the dev figured out normalniggers are dumb enough to pay for higher internal resolutions?
>Saturn emu
Mednafen is the gold standard but also has the highest hardware requirements, Yabause is a dead meme and Kronos/Yabasanshiro have worse compatibility but are faster than Mednafen due to hardware acceleration and may work better on non-x86 hardware.
SSF is proprietary and thus for niggers.
Didn't they make the Ozone UI the default a while back?
It's way better than XMB.
Ozone is the exact same mess with a slightly different look.
They said they were going to fix the native GUI but I don't know if anything came out of it.
Replies: >>160290
>Mednafen/Beetle Saturn
Performance aside, these get their higher accuracy at the cost of a software-only renderer with locked to native rez. If you want higher internal rez for 3D games, you'll have to use another emulator.

This. When we say "RA's UI is dogshit", what we mean is "it's not WIMP on PC", because WIMP GUI for M&KB has reigned uncontested as the ideal paradigm for efficiently and intuitively twiddling settings and navigating lists. The fact one can limp through RA's menu system with an NES gamepad or TV remote is useful as an edge-case last resort, but relying on it as the default on PC is insane.

RA did add a Qt WIMP GUI a while ago, but it still isn't feature-complete enough to completely replace the default XMB-knockoff abomination.

Granted, there are other problems with RA, such as the confusing RetroPad abstraction for controller mapping, and rigid insistance on flat folders for ROMs, but those could be "fixed" simply by allowing them to be disabled.
[Hide] (30.9KB, 612x293)
No, he's just a fucktard who doesn't understand the concept of FOSS and thinks that people have to ask his permission to release their own builds.
Replies: >>160671
[Hide] (209.8KB, 720x480)
>>144108 (OP) 
[Hide] (24.2KB, 256x224)
[Hide] (15.2KB, 256x224)
it gets a bit gory near the end, you'll know it when you see it. My only real gripes with Vitality are 1-2 forced death traps, the first major area being a bit annoying to navigate, and the ending part dragged on a bit too long. Story was whatever, but at least it wasn't intrusive. 
Easily one of the prettiest SM hacks I've played.
This shit is why I just don’t share my models period. Too many grifters and lazy retards who won’t even credit me in the credits somewhere.
I don't even understand how someone can be that retarded.
RDR was going to be God Hand in the wild west before capcom peaced out from development
Spoiler File
(229.5KB, 2100x1500)
PC-98 2hu decompilation is habbeding, I wonder how ZUN will react when he finds out.
Replies: >>161791 >>161813
[Hide] (141.2KB, 480x480, 00:02)
>clone the Cemu repo to see how well it werks on Linux
>run cmake after cloning submodules
>configuring installs gentoo
Replies: >>161792
you gonna snitch?
Don't even bother. Wait a month till it stops crashing at almost every occasion.
Replies: >>161794
I wonder if it'll eventually be possible to run Wii U gamenights using private servers assuming Pretendo does at some point post their source code instead of going the gay dicksword holier than thou circlejerk route like Wiimmfi did.
Well considering how he reacted when people distributed games he was no longer selling, he'll probably sperg out about this as well.
[Hide] (155.6KB, 516x476)
I try to download cores through retroarch ui but nothing appears in .config/retroarch/cores/
Any ideas why?
was read only
Does Cemu require AVX2 these days?
Replies: >>164333 >>164337
Nope. The only technically required minimums are 4 cores, 64-bit kernel, 4GB RAM, & Vulkan 1.1/OpenGL 4.5-capable GPU. You don't even need Windows/WINE anymore now that sauce with a WiP *N*X port is available.

Recommended specs are Ryzen or Haswell CPU, >8GB RAM, GTX 9xx or HD8xxx GPU.
Replies: >>164347
nope. you can get by without it
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1158x1158)
The builds I compiled myself usually crash a few seconds after booting a game either with a segfault or an illegal instruction.
GCC/Clang are retarded and report AVX2+512 as supported even though my CPU only has AVX, furthermore Cemu's CMakeLists.txt uses this ((( vcpkg ))) microshit to pull in a load of boost sources which it then compiles when running the configure command in CMake, what's the world come to even though none of the other applications I build from source have any problems using the boost packages provided by my distro.
Do boost libraries in their default build config check for AVX2 support by the compiler and auto-enable it if present?
Do I manually have to uncheck it in every config for every boost source vcpkg pulled?
There's an option to disable vcpkg in CMake but it still does shit with the boost sources so I don't trust it.
Replies: >>164353
Check the AUR PKGBILD. Maybe you'll find something useful there: https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/tree/PKGBUILD?h=cemu
Even if you manage to compile the Linux build of Cemu successfully, it's going to crash a lot, and even if it won't crash, you'll get worse performance.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 800x1017)
[Hide] (50.7KB, 547x347)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 800x793)
Just finished Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain. Good game, great writing, clunky gameplay, awful loading times on PS1. Switched to the PC port after about an hour of gameplay. The fan-made patch helps a lot.

Gonna move on to Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on Dreamcast. The only thing PC port has going for it is widescreen support (with fan patches, of course), but seeing those crusty models up close is not something I'd want to put up with.
Hope I get to see at least some locales from the first game rendered in 3D. I've been looking forward to this since like 2003 when I first saw a game store clerk playing it behind the counter.
Replies: >>164817
>Gonna move on to Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver on Dreamcast
Why not the PS1 version?
Replies: >>164823
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1405x694)
Nicer graphics, higher draw distance yes, I know the fog can add to the atmosphere, especially in this setting, but more importantly: 60 fps

I still like the way it looks on PS1, but I want to go easy on my eyes.
Replies: >>164835
They almost look like different games with all the different effects, models, textures, texture filtering, render distances etc.
Ironically the unfiltered PS1 textures look more detailed with the new Dreamcast textures only sometimes making up for it.
Can you turn off texture filtering in the PC version? If possible I'd probably use that with the 60 FPS patch.
Replies: >>164850
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (655.7KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (101.3KB, 640x480)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1368x714)
Maybe, but I want to use this opportunity to see if my raspberry pi can run a Dreamcast game without issue from start to finish. Some PSX games stutter, vast majority of N64 games barely run and most 3D PSP games run like shit. Dreamcast seems to be the dark horse in the race, considering how relatively unpopular it was at the time.
Another game from my backlog I've been meaning to play is Urban Chaos. The PSX screenshots have texture filtering turned on and it's lookin' good. The DC version looks better again, but the PC looks kinda weird. Like those textures aren't meant to be viewed in this high of a resolution.
Replies: >>164853 >>164930
[Hide] (6.8MB, 1514x2136)
Before you ask: Urban Chaos Riot Response is on my backlog as well, but I think I need a beefier rig to emulate it on.
Replies: >>164932
Someone please explain to me how the fuck I use Advance MAME. Also, why does Demon Souls crash on me every 10 minutes.
>Some PSX games stutter, vast majority of N64 games barely run and most 3D PSP games run like shit.
Are you that same anon from upthread with the RPi4? Like I said earlier, your Recalbox install is MAJORLY fucked up. Even on hardware 1/10th as powerful, HW accelerated 5th-gen emu should lock at 60FPS stable as a rock assuming OpenGL is functioning properly.

I'd suggest trying a completely fresh reinstall of the latest Recalbox, maybe give Lakka another shot while you're at it too.
Replies: >>164934 >>165133
is urban chaos gud?  the cover looks badass and being a riot cop beating up commies would be like a wet dream come true but I can't shake the feeling it's gonna have some gay 4th rate "story" that's either completely inconclusive and irrelevant or extremely hamfisted and tryhard and sub par repetitive gameplay, also I can't find it for ps3 so I guess it was never ported to the ps2 classics collection on psn?
Replies: >>164934
yeah, same guy
I guess I could just try a fresh install on a different SD card, but I remember last time I tried to launch Lakka it was stuck on a black screen during boot-up sequence.
just look up a longplay and see your worries melt away
[Hide] (67.4KB, 640x480)
Yep, just like last time, Lakka simply will not boot. Not even the flower logo, just a black screen after the initial boot-up screen similar to pic related. I've been waiting for half an hour now and there is no activity whatsoever.
Replies: >>165140
Is your SD card fine?
Replies: >>165177
I guess, I had Kodi on it before that.
I'll install another Kodi and/or Batocera to confirm.
Replies: >>165172
nope, same story with Batocera, but at least I got the splash logo this time. Tried fucking around with video setting (hdmi_mode and hdmi_group) with no success.
Are you using the correct images for your hardware? I notice there are two different RPi4 images for Batocera, and 3 different RPi4 images for Lakka.

Also like >>165140 said, make sure to verify the dump on your SD card after you format it with the image.
Replies: >>165182 >>165185
Oh, also, you might find it easier to use NOOBS for installation and management of multiple OSs:
Replies: >>165185
[Hide] (82.6KB, 293x354)
[Hide] (10.4KB, 396x158)
yep, verified it, it should be fine, Xbian Kodi got installed (but without sound output for some reason) and I picked these images for Bacotera and Lakka respectively.
I used Baleena Etcher today and Raspberry Pi Imager v1.4 when I first started out with my Pi (Lakka behaved the same).
Replies: >>165195
>but without sound output for some reason
The other OSs may not be failing to boot, but instead failing to output video correctly, which is apparently one of the more common issues with a lot of setups. Especially if you aren't using HDMI, or are using an oddball HDMI adapter/TV, you may have to blindly fiddle with either keyboard combos or (using your PC after you dump to the SD card) config file options to select the correct type of output.
Replies: >>165197
[Hide] (2.6MB, 723x720, 00:43)
I did just that earlier (>>165172), didn't help.
I'm using a basic ass HDMI-microHDMI cable without adapters and it's hooked straight into my TV.
Replies: >>165200 >>165203
Sorry, I noticed that just after I posted. Durr.

Does hardware 3D acceleration appear to work properly in any OS?

Maybe try NOOBS or PINN to install OSs directly if it's got network access
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One other dumb trick I came across: When the screen goes black, unplug the HDMI, plug it into the other HDMI, wait 5 seconds, plug it back into the first HDMI.
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