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Prep work is done.



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Step 0. Resource Acquisition
Go here to get Anki, a flash card program:

Here are some suggested decks:
Core2k/6k: https://mega.nz/#!QIQywAAZ!g6wRM6KvDVmLxq7X5xLrvaw7HZGyYULUkT_YDtQdgfU
KanjiDamage: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/748570187
Kana: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1632090287
Tae Kim's grammar: https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/242060646

Other Resources
RealKana: http://realkana.com/
(alternate version) https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/learn/kana.html
Click the column of characters you want to study and type the corresponding romaji into the box as they appear

Kana Invaders: https://learnjapanesepod.com/kana-invaders/
Space Invaders/Galaga style clone. Type the romaji to shoot the kana alien

KanjiVG: http://kanji.sljfaq.org/kanjivg.html
Simply plug the character in and instantly get a stroke order diagram

Forvo.com: http://ja.forvo.com/
Type in a word or phrase to hear a native speaker's pronunciation

Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese: http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/
Great introduction to Nipponese, you can start here to learn basic grammar and vocabulary

KanjiDamage: http://www.kanjidamage.com/
Learn Kanji by using mnemonics and radicals

Mainichi browser extension: http://mainichi.me/
Learn a new vocabulary word every time you open a new tab

JapaneseClass: http://japaneseclass.jp/
Learn Nipponese by playing games (requires registration) 

DJT Guide: https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/

JapanesePod101: https://www.youtube.com/user/japanesepod101/videos
Namasensei: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqJ5wU4FamA&list=PL9987A659670D60E0
JapaneseVideocast: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLX6kjDZDLD_dNyrkdvTRKVKIJRo4g7xFD

>Alright I've got everything set up, now what?

Fucking LEARN, you bitch. Learn the Kana first, then move on to grammar and vocabulary. I don't have all the fucking answers, I'm just the OP. Maybe you can ask for help in this thread, but who knows if you'll find any worthwhile feedback amidst the shitposting. Honestly you should be able to figure most shit out on your own.
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>>143455 (OP) 
You forgot: https://www.imabi.net (a site that's a bit similar to Tae Kim) and https://jisho.org (dictionary).

>Learn kana
I recommend you learn to write them as well (you learn faster and it helps with kanji): 
If you are native English speaker, get the Genki textbooks! Otherwise, get the recommended textbook in your native language.
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Spoiler File
(85.9KB, 800x668)
>If you are native English speaker, get the Genki textbooks!
I didn't really find genki useful. At least the pictures are funny though.
Replies: >>143545 >>143641
What did you use then?
Replies: >>143553
Tae Kim
>Forvo.com: http://ja.forvo.com/
>Type in a word or phrase to hear a native speaker's pronunciation
Inconsistent and many pronunciations conflict with each other. So fucking useless.
Any pre-WW2 translations of the US Constitution?
Wow! Genki Girl is literally made for BWC!
>accidentally download some voice work/AMSR shit
>want to delete it but notice that it has transcript
Hmm, maybe that way I have more than zero chance of understanding something of it.
<「ひぁん♪ あ、あ、ああああ……んぁ、あ、ああああ……ふぁ、あ、ああああ……あ、んぁ、ああああ……ひぅ、んぁ、あ、ああああ……ふぁ、あ、ああああ……はー、ふぁー……えへ、えへへぇ……ひぁ、あ、あ、あ……んぁ、あ、あああああ」
Forget about it.
Replies: >>143672 >>143682
And long lines got fucked up...
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You not even gonna post what it was?
Replies: >>143687
Replies: >>143689
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[Hide] (49.9KB, 598x445)
Are there any pre-WW2 translations of the US Constitution (including Bill of Rights)?
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[Hide] (2.4MB, 1920x1080)
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Steins;Gate is good for learning Japanese bulletin board slang.
Replies: >>149668 >>150014
How bad is it? It's been on my backlog since like forever, but I always though it's one of those harder than steel level stuff, so I never touched it.
Replies: >>149671
The in-game encyclopedia helps with the technical stuff so it's not so bad.
Replies: >>149707
Well, I don't think there's a huge difference between having to stop every 10 seconds and look up something in the ingame encyclopedia vs in a dictionary/searx.
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Do any of you regret learning gookspeak? Has it made jap media worse for you?
Replies: >>150009 >>150114
No it's the best thing I've ever done.
Replies: >>156645
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>はたらかない者は食うな (i.e. 働かざる者は食うべからず)
Well shit I didn't expect a nip game to casually quote the fucking bible of all things. The English translation didn't quite make the connection clear (Don't you know that if you don't work, you can't eat?).
God, just imagine if some faggy localizers were tasked with writing a glossary of imageboard lingo. I can't even start to think how cancerous it would look.
Replies: >>150015 >>150080
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Good choice. That's the first game I played in nip.

>God, just imagine if some faggy localizers were tasked with writing a glossary of imageboard lingo. I can't even start to think how cancerous it would look.
Remember when XSEED used "trap" in the Akiba's Trip 2 localization and the SJWs went apeshit? They would definitely sanitize things like that these days.
Replies: >>150080
Some nip developers have a weird fixation with the bible/christianity in general, usually in a very bastardized way. Even that tasogare game I bitched about in the previous thread throwed some angels and seraph combined with onis and jinjas at me and a cute miko that you can fuck. Also, you have the endless stream of eroges with nuns and angels and whatever. Like Rondo Duo, where one reviewer noted that he still has the nip translation of the bible bookmarked, because otherwise he couldn't understand the voice only quotes.
But even in the past they couldn't choose between buddhism and shinto, so why not add a third religion to the mix?

>akiba's trip
How was the first part? It's been in my backlog since forever, waiting for the "learn nip properly" dependency to complete. I guess that also have a lot of imageboard/otaku references, based on the second part, but maybe not as much as steins gate.
Alternatively I should get a gameboy emulator and try mother series sometime.
Replies: >>150111
>How was the first part?
Never played it but it seems a lot worse. It was made for the PSP so the scale is obviously smaller, which is only a negative in a freeroaming game.
Replies: >>150192
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There were a couple things about the language that used to kind of put me off when I was starting out reading, such as the heavy use of onomatopoeia, but I've mostly gotten used to and rather grown to appreciate those things. Definitely no regrets. Reading in the original language is so much better. I haven't re-read a whole ton of stuff in Japanese that I originally read in English just yet, but never once did I not think it was better reading raw when doing so. Sometimes it's like a totally different experience the second time because of how terrible the translation was.
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>I can't determine their usage
It's literally just her choking. This is why I laugh when people say shit like "fan translations will save us!", as if they are any better.
Replies: >>150192
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>I want to try and finish up the prologue
With that amazing proficiency I'm sure he didn't. Why the fuck do people always have to try and translate dumpster fires like Kugihime?
Replies: >>150135 >>150139
Princess Sacrifice is a good game though.
Replies: >>150137
I, too, enjoy shitty RPGs with copious monster rape.
[Hide] (287.9KB, 1425x2783)
If I remember correctly, they actually "translated" about half of the game before others took over and brought it up to near completion. Think this guy actually started trying to write his own stuff into the game or something, posting on 8chan's /hgg/, after getting fed up with complaints about being a machine translator. Here's another shot with him dismissing help from someone who actually appears to know some Japanese, albeit they make a mistake in their translation as well. It's unfortunate, but anytime I see translator talk online it rarely inspires any confidence.
Replies: >>150150
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>as an amateur I replaced ~tsu with grunts
>so now that I'm an expert I'm going to replace them with grunts and various phrases
>struggling so hard to translate something so basic and getting it wrong anyway
>freeroaming game
To be honest that wasn't the strong point of the second either. Level loads every two meters easily kill the fun.
Back in the time, I also wanted to translate some game. But then I realized that I don't know nip and stopped. Unfortunately many people lack the required self-awareness for this...
Well, at least fan translations are usually not destroying the original work *on purpose*.
Replies: >>151465
>fan translations are usually not destroying the original work *on purpose*.
it isn't the 00's anymore.
How can you figure out anything from the trillion particles randomly stuffed at the end of the sentence? Like
Which is supposed to be something like "You gotta be kidding", but how to do anything meaningful with that じゃねえぞ is beyond my capacity. Is it supposed to be じゃない+ぞ? But in that case it's something like "it's no joke". Or じゃ+ねえ+ぞ? But that makes even less sense.
Why can't these bugmen at least use spaces so you could figure where one word starts and ends?
じゃねえぞ is pretty standard. 
>Is it supposed to be じゃない+ぞ? 
Ye. ない often gets changed into ねえ both in speech and writing for the sort of characters that use shit like ぞ. 
>But in that case it's something like "it's no joke"
Ye, it's just localized. Literally it's "it's no joke" but "You gotta be kidding" sounds more natural and has the same meaning in that context, so translators often opt for that instead. 
There's instances where nip is retarded, but I don't think that's one of them.
I'll never learn this fucking language.
>decide to try some random PC98 shit that looked good on screenshot
>has auto advancing text that's too fast
>no saves at all
I guess I'll just have to record it with obs then go through the video. And probably I'll have to find an emulator that unlike np2 has save states, because I don't want to start again from the beginning.
Or maybe it has, the game doesn't tell you anything about how to play, I had to randomly mash the keyboard until something happened, probably it had some physical manual, but it's not a part of the fdi image...
Replies: >>152041 >>152345
[Hide] (3MB, 640x400, 00:27)
So nips can either read insanely fast, the emulation speed is too fast or simply I'm expecting too much from a 30+ years old obscure eroge. Doesn't help that I have no fucking idea how fast should the game actually play.
Someone suggested running the game at 4MHz, which is weird since the game requirements say "PC9801Vシリーズ以降", which should be 8MHz+, and if I slow it down that much, the gameplay becomes extremely choppy, and generally it takes ages to do anything... but yes, text will display for longer.
Either someone programmed the game like a retard or it's scrolling insanely quick.
Does that emulator not have a pause button?
If not, maybe try running the pc98 core in retroarch it should allow this and maybe save states.
Replies: >>152357
It has, but text is changing pretty quick and if I miss it once, it's hard to go back. But in the meantime I switched to dosbox-x, it has save states and a built-in video recorder, so that makes things easier.
...And this is where I'm standing since two days ago, because I'm too busy with rewriting my random ruby script and other bullshit. I just wish a day would last 58 hours, that way I might have enough time to finish everything a normal person can do in a single day.
It sounds like you're still fairly early on in your learning. It gets easier with time and practice, and the lack of spaces starts to not matter much once you have a good grasp on grammar and vocabulary. To add some additional info, ぞ is the only particle for that sentence, and it isn't used "randomly". It adds a masculine, forceful nuance to the sentence and seems to make perfect sense because the speaker also used the slangier じゃね form.
Replies: >>152494
[Hide] (9.2KB, 480x432)
I plan on playing Japanese vidya for at least an hour everyday, starting tomorrow.
I need to stop being an ankidrone an actually practice.
Wish me luck bros.
>you're still fairly early on in your learning
I wish, because in that case I could slap me in my face to stop trying to learn this fucking language.
>ぞ is the only particle for that sentence
But there's also that じゃねえ thing. I don't know what is it if not a particle, but it's also there.
>lack of spaces starts to not matter much
Well, it's usually okay when there's kanji, but in kana soups like this I'm totally lost.
Replies: >>152498
>can't handle basic sentence end particles
Not gonna make it
Replies: >>152508
what gaem is this?
Replies: >>152505 >>152551
boku no pico
Replies: >>152510
Fuck you, I will maybe
janee is just a casual way of saying 'janai' which in other words means "not" when added to that noun. The zo part is a masculine particle, kind of a replacement for a simple 'yo', definitely only used in more casual settings
Bullshit, I can't see any lolis in the photo.
The Star Ocean game for GBC
>playing Japanese vidya for at least an hour everyday
Oh god it's more annoying than I thought.
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[Hide] (314.1KB, 841x1200)
[Hide] (307.8KB, 841x1200)
[Hide] (285.8KB, 841x1200)
[Hide] (330.6KB, 841x1200)
I've read the first 2 volumes of Yotsubato, it's kind of fun to be able to read something and actually understand it. Pic related is probably the funniest part so far. Shame anything a little more advanced just confuses me, like I can understand the words but not what the sentence means. 

How in the fuck do you make out the kanji in games like that?
[Hide] (52.1KB, 540x540)
Try "kuro" the easiest manga I've read so far.
Replies: >>152656 >>154742
I placed some pipeboms in your mailbox can you open it?
The thumbnail of this image looked vaguely like an embarassed ape holding his hands on his face, for in the background of the image he has received many gifts.
Also kill yourself nigger and go back to cuckchan 2.0
[Hide] (627.1KB, 1113x1600)
[Hide] (577.4KB, 1109x1600)
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look it up. Have you read Ika Musume? I've heard it's easy/beginner friendly but haven't found raws for it yet. Also, someone recommended Ryushika some time ago, the art style it's pretty cute, it reminds me of Gravity Rush mostly for the color palette.
Replies: >>152666 >>152671
After you're done with Kuro read Shadows House next. It's an on-going manga done by the same author.
Replies: >>152673
[Hide] (436.4KB, 385x667)
Ryushika's pretty great
I found shadows house to be way harder that Kuro. Especially when the higher ups are speaking. I stopped at volume 4 or 5 when I couldn't follow the story. Even Kuro had difficult parts, like when the doctor talks with koko's father about the origin and biology of those black monsters but for the most part it was alright and I learned a lot of new words as a beginner.
Somebody's been copy and pasting unanswered questions on 8ch's nipponese learning thread, go there if you haven't received a reply ITT yet, it was probably answered there.
>Pic related is probably the funniest part so far
It's a good thing I dropped it many years ago.
>reach last scene in the game
>realize I misread the heroine's name the whole time
Somebody kill me.
>To be continued
>In ’89 Winter
What did they mean by this, in a game released in 1989 November? But anyway, if they didn't produce a sequel until now, the chances of ever releasing a sequel is practically zero.
Replies: >>152815
What game
Replies: >>152816
This: >>152041
カクテルソフト LIBERTY
Now, taking the chance that I'll be called a beginner again, how do you untangle the mess when they negate everything 15 times, and sometimes it means the positive thing, and other times it means the negated one, in a seemingly completely random way?
Replies: >>153100 >>166368
Post an example
Replies: >>153105
Some crappy examples I found
Replies: >>153467 >>156742
Another why are they doing this sentence:
Replies: >>153472 >>156742
That's not a double negative
[Hide] (1.9KB, 64x96)
[Hide] (1.7KB, 64x96)
In chapter 1 of Final Fantasy Tactics one of Milleuda's big lines is

Then in chapter 2, Delita says this.

The PS1 translation actually got this connection right and even used the difference in language (you is plural and singular, no individualized sentence enders) to make them identical.

>[H]uman, just like you!
>Human, just like you!

But the PSP translation missed this entirely
>We are humans, no less than you!
>I am a human being, no different from you.

Between this and the will start in spring/started in spring mistake in the deathbed scene, I'm starting to think the PSP translation has its own fair share of problems...
Lads what do you use for your daily reading practise?

I started learning Jap for games, but studying with games is no fun / feels ineffective.
The JRPGs I tried were hard as fuck and looking up things is slow...

VNs are nice as you can look up things quiet easy with yomichan but I'm not really interested in VNs.
Then there are manga, which I do enjoy reading but I wonder if learning with manga is a good way.

Like I read stuff like 黒 >>152646 and Ika Musume for example and it was enjoyable, but I feel like I barely improved. 

Maybe I should try books or light novels or something like that.
Replies: >>154814
If you want to look up things easily, you can't really beat things you can texthook, i.e. VNs and some gaems. Looking up kanji using radicals/handwriting recognition/OCR/etc sucks, but on the other hand you're more likely to remember it.
Books are a great difficulty spike, especially after simpler manga. I think you should find a harder manga first, having pictures help *a lot* understanding things, compared to a wall of text you'll find in a book/LN, and to some extent, VNs. And unless you find a simpler LN, you'll also have all the literary bullshit thrown at you.
Any nip material is good for learning, as long as it was written by a nip person in nip, and not some translation. If you want some other medium, I'd suggest you some anime, amsr shit, and the likes where you have to understand spoken nip, so you won't end up as a read-only person like me.
Replies: >>154991
> Looking up kanji using radicals/handwriting recognition/OCR/etc sucks, but on the other hand you're more likely to remember it.
Doesn't really work for me, unless it gets repeated over and over again like in 黒 the word 化け物 for example then I don't remember it.

Maybe I need to follow a different approach when looking stuff up in order to memorize words better?

>Books are a great difficulty spike, especially after simpler manga.
Yeah I really need simple stuff, that's why JRPGs filtered me when they started talking in some old fashioned way.

I thought about learning Japanese with eroge, those RPGmaker games can apparently easily be hooked and I already know quite a few dirty words from the few hentai I read in Japanese.
Not sure if those use difficult language or a lot of slang so I might have to try it and see for myself.
Replies: >>154998 >>155016
Well, they're targeted at adults, so anything that can be written in kanji, will be written in kanji, no limit in what slang, grammar, etc it can use. But if you go for some nukige, 99% of the time they're pretty simple (if you have the core vocabulary), and you can skip the occasional difficult sentences without missing anything.
But non-nukige VNs with an actual story besides H scenes, they can get pretty hairy. Like, do you want a university lecture about quantum mechanics and a hero, who is engaged in a sword fight, where he is using his 2 meters long disk as a sword, in one game?
There's outliers, but a lot of the time those doujin HRPGs aren't especially difficult as often they aren't made by aspiring writers, but artists. You're still likely to see some old-fashioned speech or slang in games depending on the genre, but as said it doesn't hurt to skip over some stuff here and there and you could always ask for some help if it seems like something important to game progression. Nevertheless expect it to be a bit of an uphill battle at first if you've mostly only read easier manga so far. Which, by the way, that easier stuff is still fine for some practice too. Especially if you end up spending more time reading as a result. Even if you're not seeing a lot of new vocabulary, you're still getting in valuable practice parsing sentences, working on improving your reading speed and all that jazz. You don't really notice it in the moment, but that experience adds up over time. Just don't stay totally anchored in that comfort zone.
Replies: >>155021
[Hide] (70.4KB, 1280x640)
>Tae Kim is a gook
>Dolly is not Japanese either
>both claim they know how Japanese grammar really works
So, how does the Japanese grammar actually work wtf?
Is there no grammar guide written by a native?
Replies: >>155030 >>155041
>Just don't stay totally anchored in that comfort zone.
I don't want to, but every time I try something that might be a little more advanced it's like 100 times harder immediately.
Replies: >>155041
>grammar guide written by a native
maybe heuristics for six year olds
Nips are autists when it comes to explaining things, so they will make sure to explain everything in the longest, most confusing way possible. Plus they can't imagine that anyone would like to learn nip for anything other than wageslaving in a nip office, so they will all start ます/です, how to write a salary increase letter to your boss and other bullshit, and they will try to map everything to English constructs 1:1 "to be more easily understandable", even if it's a fucking lie and they just confuse beginners with their bullshit even more.
Or I mean, that's my general experience with nip language books, maybe there's some long lost grammar guide written by a native for foreigners that's not bullshit, but I haven't seen it. But their school system is also so fucked up and ineffective, that I'm not surprised that they didn't manage to produce even a single grammar book that makes sense.
Maybe you could try to find some grammar book made for nip children that makes sense, but that's not exactly beginner friendly, and it will likely also omit many things that are "obvious" for nips.

>little more advanced it's like 100 times harder immediately
hello darkness, my old friend
[Hide] (187.4KB, 1920x997)
This hits hard.
Replies: >>155288
[Hide] (234.1KB, 600x843)
>playing sakura taisen
>such a slow reader that I always panic and pick a random thing during the timed choices, sometimes missing them entirely and turning Ichirou into a beta
Yumi is the superior girl
Replies: >>155360
>Yumi is the superior girl
Haven't met her yet. God I'm such a slow reader. I'm at 12% of the text for 11 hours of reading. Though it's the first time I'm reading a VN in Japanese. I'v only read mangas so far, and I was met with grammar and long sentences that you don't get in those. But I'm stopping way too much to look up shit in order to understand everything which I probably shouldn't do and just skip sentences with too many unknown words, but I'm autistic and I can't help myself. 
I don't think I can do lewd stuff to a sick girl with fucked up kidneys though. Imagine all the oedematous limbs and icteric skin. Renal failure can also weaken the bones so they can break if you fuck her too hard.
Replies: >>155378
>slow reader
I've compared the last VN I read and didn't forget to measure the time with the average of time votes on vndb. I took about 2.5 time more time than the average. And this was a VN where you can easily look up things, I'm pretty sure with the LN I'm reading I'm at least 10 times slower than a native.
>Haven't met her yet
Fuck, I'm such a retard. I actually met her but I thought 夕美 was pronounced "yubi" or "katabi". This is what I get for playing unvoiced VNs.
Replies: >>155389
That's more a language problem than a you problem, don't feel too bad.
>How in the fuck do you make out the kanji in games like that?
sme wy yu cn rad a sntenc wth ltrs misng. Your brain fills in the blanks.

It says
Replies: >>156304
Yes, but you can't look up "sntenc" or "ltrs" in a dictionary.
Replies: >>156434
Well these games are made for people who know the language and don't need to look up basic words. Probably not the best kind of game for a beginner.
>This maid search
>wtf is たわよ
>nothing in the dictionary, only わよ: (prt,fem) emphatic sentence-ending particle
>okay, search+past something+filler bullshit
>time passes
>oh, it's the fucking ている in past and contracted
Why is this fucking language so fucking impossible? And how do you figure out what does a sentence mean without studying each one for at least 10 minutes? Other than not being retarded, I can't help that
Replies: >>156742 >>157320
What makes you say that? I’m just starting learning.
Replies: >>156647
[Hide] (613.2KB, 900x506)
[Hide] (202.2KB, 1061x769)
[Hide] (544.7KB, 3297x1078)
[Hide] (158.5KB, 681x721)
It lets me experience games and anime without localizer interference, plus it feels rewarding to learn a new language. Localizers seem to be getting super shit in the past few years so I'm glad I learned early.
How long do you think it would take to do in one’s spare time while working 40hrs a week?
Forever. Or at least 9 years wasn't enough for me (and I wasn't even doing 40hrs at the beginning).
Like 5-10 years I guess, at long as you have like 30 mins a day for Anki.
Spare time while working 40hrs a week (how long are you actually working though, including prep?) is 60-80 hrs a week.
So six months if you aren't retarded.
Replies: >>156764
[Hide] (1.2MB, 3185x1348)
>Haha... YareYare.
I'm not sure into which column that should go into.

Looks like no one wanna help me. Fine.
Do you have examples in older vidya? I don't play new games.
Replies: >>156749
Yeah, anything Working Designs got their hands on.
Replies: >>156768
that image makes Crunchyroll look better than the rest by comparison which is awful
Replies: >>156764
Really should be updated so Crunchyroll says "not bad for leftovers older than the patriarchy" or something similar political and nonsensical.

>actually expecting people to work 8 hours for 5 days per week, then do 8 hours of learning after that, and spending 10-20 hours every weekend-day learning
If you consistently manage to spend an hour a day despite having a fulltime job you're already a champion of mental fortitude.
Replies: >>156765
<actually expecting people to work 8 hours for 5 days per week, then do 8 hours of learning after that, and spending 10-20 hours every weekend-day learning
Cramming like that isn't effective anyway. Plus you acquire most of your proficiency through practice, which is a slow process.
uh I don't care about their games.
Duwang is king
[Hide] (173.1KB, 1280x720)
>Why is this fucking language so fucking impossible?
Found a perfect new reaction image for this thread while playing Persona 3
Replies: >>157335
[Hide] (10.4KB, 300x183)
How many words did you guys learn in anki before you began immersing? I was thinking of going over a grammar guide and learning 2000 words before I start reading and listening to anime in Japanese.
1000 words in core 2k and I just quit Anki all together because I was fed up with it. Started reading some SoL manga and it was hard at first. I understood like 20% of the text, but the repetition of words in different sentences and multiple contexts help cement them better in your brain. Memorizing individual words is not ideal because meanings differ depending on context and grammar usage, and when you encounter them in text after doing them in Anki, you're like, wait a minute, I know this word, but what does it actually mean in this specific situation. When you're more familiar with the language, your brain sees it as sentence templates that are easily and rapidly recognizable, not individual words. So try reading as early as possible.
Replies: >>157337
I thought they only can't decode their writing.

Anyway, another one
Is this even valid? I guess it's よす+んだ+かおるん, meaning something like "stop it Kaorun", but aren't んだ usually at the end of the sentence?

I waited until I mostly finished 6k before starting to do anything for real, but even after that I had shitloads of unknown words. Now I have something like 8k in anki, and still can't read anything without looking up every second word.
Pretty soon into it. I've no idea how many words or kanji I knew at the time. I knew some basic grammar particles including は, を, が, も, か for questions, で, some uses of に, から as "from" and the possessive の. Probably a few more too. As for verbs, I would have been able to recognise dictionary form, past form, て form and that's about it. I started reading and just looked up words and grammar points I didn't know. As you can imagine, it was excruciating and I understood barely anything. It took six brutal volumes of Yotsuba before it finally clicked and I understood the key uses of the て form as well as the emphatic and nominalising の and just the overall way Japanese sentences are structured. Plus lots of other grammar I didn't know previously. After that it's been relatively smooth sailing. I probably could have studied more grammar and vocab but I think your first reading attempt is going to be like hitting a brick wall no matter what you do so you might as well start sooner rather than later. It's one thing to know something in an isolated context and quite another to truly comprehend it in the wild. For example I "knew" the て form of verb and at least some of its uses before reading but I didn't really know it.

I still do plenty of dedicated study but the way I see it is this only prepares the knowledge for learning. It's the reading that converts this knowledge into true understanding. I would recommend just looking at a manga now and trying your best if you're at the stage where you're asking that question. Also remember that reading and listening are different skills. Don't just assume that practising one makes you better at the other.
Replies: >>157337
Thanks a lot you guys. From what I understand, integration at an early stage is necessary for true comprehension, despite the difficulty of all. I guess I'll change my plan up a bit. Anki and grammar books are only going to give me a rudimentary foundation.

This kind of reminds me of how I got better with English. I did terrible in grammar and vocabulary classes at first, and it was only reading that helped me understand what I was learning. I guess it turns out the same applies to Japanese as well.
[Hide] (166.9KB, 1280x720)
I didn't start practice until I was a few years in, which was a bad idea in hindsight. Try and start early.

>I thought they only can't decode their writing.
No she is talking about honorific speech in that scene, which is a whole other nightmare. Thankfully that stuff doesn't matter unless you actually want to be a professional in Japan.
Replies: >>157402 >>157791
It's a normal sentence. Sometimes you might say things as they pop into mind and tack on the rest afterward or maybe say something and then decide to clarify something you omitted. Another basic example you've probably seen before: なんだ、これは. You see something odd, the first word you think probably isn't going to be これ, but 何. When you kind of blurt out something like that which would more typically come at the end of a sentence, naturally that tends to lend some emphasis to it.
Replies: >>157402
The way to get better at parsing sentences is to keep practising. There's no magic trick that makes it not hard. Beyond that, what do you want help with? I'll explain my thinking when looking at a couple of your sentences. Bear in mind that I'm still a beginner myself and I may miss something.

Well first, this is split into three parts so that makes it easier. The first part is practically a set phrase. The second part is one word. Something that may not be immediately obvious is ない and たい at the end of verbs can be conjugated like い adjectives. So 話したくなかったら is 話すin the negative past conditional たい (desire) form. It could be translated as "if you/someone didn't want to speak." The last part is the consequent for the condition being met. 無理 has several translations which you can look up in a dictionary. We'll need to keep that word flexible in our minds until we figure out what the rest of it means. 話さなくて is 話す again but this time as the て form of 話さない. Putting も after it means something like "even not speaking." Going back to 無理に, we could take this to apply on a couple things. Judging by the context, it probably means "forcing yourself to do something." We could take it to mean "forcing yourself to not speak" but that sounds a little weird. If the person doesn't want to speak, why would they need to force themselves to not do so? The other interpretation is "not forcing yourself to speak" which immediately sounds much more likely. Remember that も overrides は so I would translate the whole sentence as...
>That's fine but if you didn't want to speak, it would have been OK to not force yourself.

This one is nested so first look at the inner part first.
>戦っても手応えがない (1)
This is much easier to understand as "even if war is waged, there is no resistance." I'm assuming we're talking about a literal war here but context is needed there.
The meaning of (1) is what is being negated here. It's not negating the same thing as the ない within (1). There is also a か on the end indicating this is a question. Therefore the whole sentence says...
>What? Normally, if there's a war, there isn't no resistance right?
This isn't a double negative. Imagine the speaker is putting emphasis on the word "no" above. He's expressing surprise at the situation of there being no resistance. How did I know how to cut up this sentence? I look for the verbs or copula (in this case ない) which indicates the end of a clause. Also lots of practice. The hard part was working out whether 普通に applies to the inner or outer clause.

Somebody who's better than I am might have more useful things to say and will probably give a dozen reasons why I'm wrong in my translations. But this was my thinking process when reading them.
Replies: >>157399 >>157402
The second one does need more context, but it is something like "Heh, you're no big deal even if you fight normally". If he wants more help he should learn to post context instead of small snippets like this.
Replies: >>157402
[Hide] (541.2KB, 1154x1760)
>honorific speech
Oh, that's another clusterfuck. I would die if I would have to make a honorific sentence on my own.
Also, shouldn't they be in ます form?

But don't they usually add a comma in this case?

>Remember that も overrides は
There's no は in that sentence
>it would have been OK to not force yourself.
How did you end up here? 無理に話さなくて => "not forcing yourself to speak";  無理に話さなくて => "even not forcing yourself to speak"; 無理に話さなくてもいい => "even not forcing yourself to speak is OK", or with the previous part, "if you don't want to speak, you don't have to force yourself". Where's that "would have been" come from?

Actually, that's the first sentence after a long fight, so there's no context really. For the first one, look pic (second column from left)
Replies: >>157567 >>157594
>But don't they usually add a comma in this case?
Maybe. In my experience Japanese punctuation usage isn't always totally consistent.

>shouldn't they be in ます form
The question is just regarding to the honorific form alone. You'll probably often see masu used in conjunction with honorific/humble speech to make things further polite, but it's not a requirement to being honorific/humble and there's times where being extra polite like that may not be desired. 

For the second bit, the 'even if' meaning comes from the も.  
話したい > 話したかった > 話したくなかった > 話したくなかったら
Want to say/speak > wanted to say > didn't want to say > if you didn't want to say
The "would have been" comes from the fact that I'm translating into English. "Would" is a word that indicates the outcome of a condition being met. I chose this way of translating in order to preserve the "X would be good" structure. Yours means the same thing except in the present tense which, looking at the context you provided, is correct. The も in that particular case I think is too hard to force into the English. Judging from the context, I think it means "also" rather than "even" anyway. Kaorun has just offered to explain some circumstances for why he feels unable to talk to Hijiri about something. Nanjiyou (who I assume is the narrator/protagonist also) then says that not talking about it is also an acceptable action.

The bit I can't figure out is
Also does 家のこと refer to some household affairs unrelated to Hijiri's lewd moaning?

>first sentence after a long fight
>there is no context
That is the context you dummy. At the very least it tells us 戦う should be translated as fighting rather than waging war.
>The bit I can't figure out is
"I think she (Hijiri) would lend you (Kaorun) a hand.

力になる means to help someone.
It's not も as also. Nanjou is telling her it's okay if she doesn't want to in regard to her saying 事情はあとで説明します. Of course 家のこと refers to some sort of family/home matter, not sure what else you could get from that. Also it was Kaorun moaning to fluster Hijiri; her so-called joke.
>households affairs
It's a bit complicated, but the gist is that Kaorun (actually Kaoru, only Nanjou the protag calls her Kaorun) is the maid at Hijiri's house, but Hijiri's parents treat her like dirt, and it's usually Hijiri who looks after Kaoru, but Hijiri went to a school trip or what and Kaoru left alone with the parents escaped home and ran away with Nanjou. Then Hijiri called Nanjou, and Hijiri wanted to talk with Kaoru. The lewd moans is just Kaoru being a pervert and probably trying to get Hijiri jealous.

>That is the context you dummy.
And how am I supposed to figure out what is the context I need if I don't know what the sentence refers to before?
Replies: >>157637
>And how am I supposed to figure out what is the context I need if I don't know what the sentence refers to before?
I think maybe using novels to practice is what's hampering your learning. In stuff like video games and anime the context is mostly visual.
Replies: >>157758
[Hide] (246.2KB, 1920x997)
[Hide] (184.9KB, 1920x997)
[Hide] (241.3KB, 1920x997)
What a fucking fag. This whore made fun of you, showed your pathetic love letter to your classmates, laughed with them and you still say shit like "t-that's not her fault". You avoided her most of your life, you hated her for what she did to you and you still go back to her when she pulls off a shitty excuse like "somebody picked it up from my desk! Totally not me that made fun of you!". you BELIEVED HER. 100% retard. He reminds me of an autist that was made fun of by a girl to entertain her friends and after receiving his public humiliation, he still holds on to his delusions thinking that she really loved him. People just can't let go. I had sensed it would go this direction because after the letter scene, there was a small doubt in his hate. Fucking romancefags. I actually like this VN when it deals with the hardships of illness, the social life aspect of it, learning to know death and so on. But this romance shit is just infuriating.
Replies: >>157739 >>157743
Why are you playing the PSP version of an eroge?
Replies: >>157742 >>157762
I don't really blame him, the original game is like 400x200
Replies: >>157743
Also don't worry, you only get with her in the bad ending.

It looks like the exact same CGs so it's upscaled either way.
In anime I can't understand anything because they speak too fast. With games, it depends, but usually I can't move back and forth between lines that easily as in a printed work. Maybe older games what you can run in an emulator and have save states that allows you to save anywhere, so at least you don't have to replay huge chunks of the game again and again because there are no save points. So so far I found printed work are the easiest to digest. And maybe VNs, but the visual context there is also pretty minimal.
Replies: >>157761
>In anime I can't understand anything because they speak too fast.
That's how it is for everyone at first. You just have to keep watching to build your listening skill.
I didn't find a Japanese PC version.
Replies: >>157763 >>165215
It's half off on dlsite right now so I would get it and upload it, but it seems to have some online DRM
Aren't both the first and second choice valid?
Replies: >>157794
It comes after the terminal verb of the sentence, which doesn't necessarily come last in informal speech.
The second choice is correct according to the game.
Daily I have no idea what I am doing post
It's the beginning of a description of a sci-fi city, that's under a big dome to separate it from the external world.
<From the external world completely separated closed type city Babylon
Not 100% sure what 閉鎖型 should be, but I guess that it refers to that dome that keeps the environmental pollution out. But could it also mean something like that they don't let outsiders inside? (Actually I'm not even sure the outside world or any other city exists in this game universe, the whole thing takes place inside this city).
<the hopeless environmental pollution affects/destroyed(?) the whole surface of earth
Now this is where the shit hits the fan. Humanity foolishly did something with their life/existence... I guess 名の付く is the same as 名付ける, but these things are always a mystery for me. There's 腹を立てる, but I've also seen 腹の立つ, which is not in the dic but I think it's the same. At least there's 腹が立つ in jisho, to have yet another variation of the theme. And there's that およそ with its "about, generally" meaning, which I really have no freakin idea what is it for.
<already in this city, life is barely holding out
こまごま=minutely, in detail, but then I realized that 細々 can be also read as ほそぼそ which is poor or just scraping along, which looks better. It should be something that life is barely holding out (life's sustaining is just scraping along). 過ぎなかった=>it's already past this (i.e. we're already in the state of barely holding out, if I can untangle the nip logic correctly).

Next line:
<Then for a long time the city's management function declined
Is there any real difference between 長い年月の間 and 長い間? I think the management function refers to the dome maintaining a somewhat habitable condition under it.
<disorder and disorder
I should use a thesaurus
<corruption and corruption dominates the people's everyday life
Or at least I hope that 腐敗 is corruption, and not rotting bodies on the street. I don't think I've seen 支配 used in this manner, I thought it's more direct, like what a tyrant or a dominatrix does, but it doesn't look bullshit. I think.

Next line:
<Even now, city's management center at existing
Can 管理 also mean something like ruling? Because from the context I think that would be a more correct meaning here.
<even Babylon Tower turned into a den of vice/corruption
I don't know what that ここ does here. Does it mean that we're physically standing in front of the tower? (Actually, that might be true, but until this it looked like a description of the city. It even has である to look more formal.)
<the city's beautiful girls were kidnapped one by one
Jisho really suggests that 娘 is for unmarried girls. I guess I learned something today too.
<The kidnapped girls where were taken
のだ+とも: they can also mean 10 gajillion things, not sure which is the best here.
<as slaves they were sacrificed for pleasure, were also said
生け犠え=typo/non-standard spelling/whatever of 生け贄? Another thing I'd never figure out if I hadn't seen 生け贄 used in an other work. And another のだとも.

Correct me if I'm wrong anywhere. I hope I have enough context now. Is it a problem that I can't translate anything but the simplest nip sentence into something that at least somewhat resembles a proper English sentence?
And I guess I just spent an hour looking at 3 sentences
You've got this more or less, I think, though the phrasing of your sentence is odd. Babylon, a closed type city completely cut off from the outside world. I believe 閉鎖型 would likely refer more to the dome, but yeah just keeping all things outside, outside. I'll say just in case it is something you don't know, but when you stick a sentence like that right in front of noun or noun phrase, it basically functions like an adjective to describe the noun or noun phrase; so everything up until バビロン there is descriptive of it. 

Covers, envelopes or something of that nature would be a better word choice. 

~はおろか~ is an emphatic way to say, not only the former but also the later. 生命と名の付くもの is similar to the first sentence, where 生命と名の付く is descriptive of もの. The と is the "quote" type usage. It's unnatural translated, but it's something like all things you would refer to; that would take the name/title 生命. "Not only humanity, but virtually all things living" if I had to write it naturally in English. I'm not confident I could adequately explain the difference in impression between stuff like 腹の立つ, 腹が立つ and whatnot as I may not have a total hold on it myself. 

ほそぼそ. に過ぎない has the meaning, "doing nothing more but ~" here. "Not only humanity, but virtually all things living were already but clinging to life by a thread in this city."

>長い年月の間 and 長い間
The former is more specific. 

>I should use a thesaurus
A Japanese dictionary or other resource is what will help you with words like these where an Japanese/English dictionary doesn't quite do it, and for better understanding most any other word too. Try Googling words like that with 違い or 使い分け for often helpful results.

Management would be better, it's probably where all the dome related stuff is handled. ここ is just setting the scene, basically. のだ is basic explanatory sentence end type particle. も is listing, と is "quote" particle, which connect to the 言われていた at the end. It's said the kidnapped girls are taken away somewhere or that they're taken as sex slaves. Sorry for dropping in detail as I went on, but big post.
Replies: >>158751
>Is it a problem that I can't translate anything but the simplest nip sentence into something that at least somewhat resembles a proper English sentence?
No, translation is a separate skill from reading. You don't need to translate while you are reading.
Replies: >>158922
[Hide] (764.5KB, 720x1024)
[Hide] (435.1KB, 720x1024)
I have a question too. It's about the first bubble in the second panel. I can't figure out what form 耐えたれない is in. Am I missing something here because this looks like a typo to my 馬鹿外人 brain. The context is the girl has incontinence but she's the one who has to say a few words at the school entrance ceremony. Front cover included because it's cute and made me want to read this.
Replies: >>158742
Probably a typo of 耐えられない
>the girl has incontinence
Anon why.
Replies: >>158745
I didn't bother looking looking up what it was about. I downloaded it purely based on the cover. I imagined it would be a comedy slice of life sort of thing based around situations where ギリギリアウト would be an applicable phrase. Just missing the train... not quite having enough money at the shops... that sort of thing. Instead it's about, as far as I can tell so far, a girl who peed at a Shinto shrine and got cursed for it. Now she needs the help of a (shy, self-insertable) guy who apparently has the power to quieten people's urge to pee by touching them. That's if I'm interpreting
correctly. I'm not convinced he actually has this power though considering he denies it immediately.
Replies: >>158751
>~はおろか~ is an emphatic way to say, not only the former but also the later
Oh, another word that has an another meaning with an another kanji but written in hiragana anyway. But thanks, your sentence makes much more sense than mine.
>another random negative I didn't notice and changes everything
>The former is more specific. 
I mean, isn't 年月 unspecific in itself? It could be months or years, and when we're talking about a long time in a city's life, we probably aren't talking about days or weeks.
>spend 2 hours browsing the net to figure out what's the difference between these two synonyms
That's what I wanted to avoid. I mean they sometimes use repeating words as a kind of intensifier, isn't this something similar? That the chaos and corruptions is very bad?
>big post
Until this the problem was that I didn't write enough details...

>I didn't bother looking looking up what it was about. I downloaded it purely based on the cover.
Hello, are you me?
Replies: >>159059 >>159158
[Hide] (5.3MB, 613x824)
I am currently working on a project that will need to be translated to Japanese. I have a lot of text, it's video game related, I will translate everything with Google Translate when it's done. Would anyone who wants to practice their skills here be interested if I were to post a .txt file when I am done, and tell me if everything sounds accurate/natural enough?
DeepL is a better machine translator, but the best option would be trying to find a japanese dude to proofread for you.
Replies: >>158820
a japanese dude or a translator would cost money, I figure if I dump a bunch of text, someone here might actually want to cut their teeth on it to perfect their own skills. I will only do that if someone here is actually interested tho
I will try out DeepL tho, thanks for suggesting it
>that will need to be translated to Japanese
Why? If you are going to half-ass it then don't bother.
Looks like I forgot to reply to this:
To be honest, all I really want it to have example sentences on my anki cards that doesn't have extremely awkward translations.

And while at it, I think I'm starting to understand why people said that core deck has horrible example sentences, Like this for 思う:
Thanks, that was useful as fuck.
But then I went on and added this as an example "sentence" for 想う
I think this is the other extreme, but I don't think I would remember the context without this whole mess a month later.

I still can't comprehend how can they write so much on the difference between 思う and 想う:
Or is it just SEO spam? Anyway I like the most important thing they note is that 想う is not 常用漢字 so don't use it newspapers. Aren't newspapers the main entities that don't give a crap about kanji lists. and a random newspaper is completely unreadable if you don't know at least 3000 kanji?
Replies: >>158938 >>159158
I don't even use example sentences on my Anki cards. Anki is just the absolute baseline of your knowledge, "do you know how this word is pronounced and have a general idea of what it means?". More complex stuff like context you learn from practice.
[Hide] (469.5KB, 720x1024)
[Hide] (169.7KB, 659x338)
[Hide] (121.6KB, 362x333)
[Hide] (313KB, 668x596)
Spoiler File
(44.1KB, 644x283)
>Hello, are you me?
If you're the person on one of these threads who said they never read tags on vndb and pick up VNs based on the cover, then yeah I just copied your idea. This is how I pick up anime to watch with subtitles anyway since the blurbs on sites like anichart are utterly worthless and the plot summaries on wikipedia spoil.

Anyway, I thought the third panel on pic 1 was interesting. It appears to be some kind of metaphor. I think Sora is saying his attitude to life is such that he allows himself to be rolled up with everyone else. Like how when you roll up a scroll, every part of it gets caught up. See pic 2 for more of his attitude. A more English metaphor with the same idea could be a snowball that picks up snowflakes as you roll it. The snowflakes can't help but be picked up. Has anyone come across this kind of metaphor?

I think I was wrong when I thought Hana could never control her urge to pee. It seems to only happen when she gets nervous judging by
The fact the she uses the と kind of conditional means that one directly causes the other as a matter of course right? In any case there seem to be times when she's unable to go (aka on the toilet).

Reading this manga is a pretty surreal experience because they keep saying serious-sounding things only to remind you it's about a girl who can't keep it in. There have been a number of phrases I never thought I'd read in any language. At least I learned some new vocabulary. I'll never forget the meaning of 尿意. Hopefully, Hana becomes Sora's 尿房. I just wanted to say that.
Replies: >>159158 >>159172
>I mean they sometimes use repeating words as a kind of intensifier, isn't this something similar?
Probably more or less the case, I didn't bother actually looking anything up. Just wanted to share some helpful search terms and recommend trying out J>J dictionaries as they can often provide a much better initial understanding of words. 

>Until this the problem was that I didn't write enough details
Context and details are good, helps us better help you. Nevertheless even just a couple sizable sentences can be a lot to try to address at once together with any questions and translation checking. 

Not that I've ever read any but on the contrary, to my knowledge they're one of the things that do give a crap. A lot of stuff is pretty good about giving you furigana for non-jouyou kanji regardless, but I've definitely seen my fair share of unaided non-jouyou characters in games and manga. 

Yeah, cause and effect there.
Replies: >>159172
Someone just posted this on /agdg/ (well, the version with the English subtitles), if you want some vidya vocabulary

>never read tags on vndb
I don't think I was that, I usually check vndb tags, but for anything else I just check the cover and a few screenshots (if it has). I just wish there was a site like vndb but for anything weeb shit

Okay, maybe I remembered things wrong. Never tried to read any newspaper either.
I think someone in a previous nip thread might be before the sleepychan times posted some screencap (maybe from 2ch) about what nip people think about girls who call themselves ore/boku IRL. Do anyone have it? I think the general response were something like creepy/weird.
Replies: >>159639
Ore is weird but I thought boku was just a quirky thing girls did there to look cute?
I think I just fried my brain no, I mostly get what it means, that's not my problem she just put up a highly revealing swimsuit, if you really want a context. Also, how many words you need to know to understand everything in a sentence like this without a dictionary?
Also, first "word", try to search for it, the only useful thing I find is some fucking hinative post.
How the fuck am I supposed to figure out anything from an explanation like this? Something like "even if hard it's not blunt"?
Replies: >>160019 >>160306
In that context it means not loose/wrinkled.
bump on this, I will have some time to write either this week or the next. would anyone here be be open to translating larger batches of writing(one-two sentences about a video game, but large amounts of video games) in one go? alternatively, if I translate everything via google or other service, then it would be a matter of checking if it sounds "natural" to the japanese speaker or if it sounds artificial and clearly unprofessional, checking grammar would be much easier
Replies: >>160318
Also, find another word:
>桃尻	ももじり	(n) someone who is bad at horse-riding; a fidgety, restless person
Uhm, neither sense makes much sense in the sentence.
It's the same thing... wait, there's a note
Yes, that's what I need, round and not loose (=tight? firm?) ass. Yeah, 近年, I've found multiple usages of it in a 10+ years old book. Thank you dictionaries for not being outdated.
>would anyone here be be open to translating
You need a native Japanese speaker to properly translate to Japanese. The most we could do is translate from Japanese to English.
Replies: >>160322
He could always ask nicely on librejp.
>some discordfags garbage in OP
>no links to the djt site
the absolute state of /v/
actual djt guide:
Replies: >>160807
[Hide] (229.3KB, 1920x1080)
Correct answer is 4 How does that even work?
Replies: >>160815
The majority of the webring is run by discordfag troons.
Replies: >>160808
pics or gtfo
つとめて=some archaic way to say early morning
But I have no idea where that 良い comes from.
Anyway, 冬はつとめて is an excerpt from 枕草子, some apparently famous work from about 1000 years ago. I have no fucking idea how does classical japanese works, and I want to learn modern nip before dealing with things like that. But here's some discussion about it: https://www.bou-tou.net/tsutomete/ (scroll down to 最後は、冬はつとめて。)
Replies: >>160920
I see. Why do they even learn 古文 in high school? It seems rather pointless unless you want to read classic text, and most of them probably already have a revised version that modern Japs can understand.
Replies: >>160921 >>161041
Because unlike mutts (and unlike West Taiwan, which designed Simplified Chinese specifically so the proles taught it and nothing else wouldn't be able to read uncensored pre-revolution texts) the Japanese actually have a cultural history.
Replies: >>161041
I found that about 98% of what they teach you in school is pointless. Plus as >>160921 mentioned, despite all attempts from homoglobo, they're still proud of their history.
[Hide] (76.3KB, 700x1000)
[Hide] (371.5KB, 2400x1000)
Anyone for some mid-autumn moon-watching? Gotta catch some bunnies on the moon.
I wonder if Japan will finally get rid of their mosaic rule. Somebody finally found the balls to fight it in court.
Replies: >>162419
Only if the usa/russia/best korea/whatever drops another atomic bomb on them. Or two.
[Hide] (151.6KB, 1280x720)
>Finally feel comfortable reading/playing games
>Zero desire to do so and do it to practice
Hell is real, i should help people that want to learn still.
Replies: >>163244
Should I drop another wall of text of things I don't understand?
I'm having difficulty hearing the words in this animated Pokemon short.
Does anyone want to help me fill in the blanks and make corrections? The dialogue lasts for about one minute starting at 0:49.
>出たー! すなあらしだー!
Replies: >>163448
Yeah that is hard to hear. The first blank might be 応じた.
I am finally done writing the english descriptions for everything. It took a bit longer than I thought it would, it's hard to think up of something to write for 300+ games, even if it's just one or two sentences. 
Anyways, here is a small preview, I might change the actual summaries of each game as I see fit, I didn't have time to really look back on if it's terribly written or not, just if it's accurate.
What I am looking for is if the translations are "accurate" and feel good. What I mean is, does it sound natural to a Japanese user, or does it stick out as something that a gaijin would paste from Google Translate, as this is exactly what I did. If the grammar or the writing style isn't something that you would see in japanese writing or internet culture, please give me some tips or correct me. The game descriptions from 1992 are as follows:

Ultima VII
>One of the first open world RPGs, from a franchise that inspired countless others. Return to the world of "Britannia" to uncover a hidden conspiracy

<無数の人々に影響を与えたフランチャイズからの最初のオープン ワールド RPG の 1 つ。 「ブリタニア」の世界に戻り、隠された陰謀を暴く

Alone in the Dark
>Survival horror that served as the progenitor of the genre and direct inspiration for "Biohazard". Solve the mystery of the mansion, avoiding it's hazards that you encounter at every turn.

<ジャンルの元祖であり、『バイオハザード』の直接のインスピレーションとなったサバイバルホラー。 屋敷の謎を解き明かし、あらゆる場面で遭遇する危険を回避してください。

Mortal Kombat
>Legendary fighting game that was touted as the most violent video game of all time, at one point. Classic arcade 2D fighter that lets you perform brutal "Fatalities" upon winning

<かつて最も暴力的なビデオ ゲームとしてもてはやされた伝説の格闘ゲーム。 勝利時に残忍な「致命傷」を実行できる古典的なアーケード 2D ファイター

Indiana Jones And The Fate of Atlantis
>Adventure game, starring the legendary movie character of the same name, based on a movie that never released. Game features 3 different routes that change how you play the game, leading to more replayability

<未公開映画をもとに、同名の伝説の映画キャラクターが主人公のアドベンチャーゲーム。 ゲームの特徴は、ゲームのプレイ方法を変更する 3 つの異なるルートであり、リプレイ性が向上します。

Dune II
>The "grandfather" of all RTS games. Immerse yourself in the world based off the cult book series, in a game that might feel very familiar to you if you are a fan of the genre.

<すべてのRTSゲームの「祖父」。 カルト本シリーズに基づいた世界に浸ってください。このジャンルのファンならなじみのあるゲームです。

Wolfenstein 3D
>Progenitor of all FPS games. Armed with only your guns and your wits, cut your way thru countless nazis as you navigate various labirynths and castles. 

<すべての FPS ゲームの元祖。 銃と知恵だけで武装し、無数のナチスを切り抜けながら、さまざまな迷宮や城を進んでください。

>Horror based adventure game, based off the art of H.R Giger(also famous for his work on the "Aliens" franchise). Experience time based puzzles that let you easily lock yourself out of a good ending, if you're not clever enough

<H.R Giger (「エイリアン」フランチャイズの作品でも有名) のアートに基づいた、ホラー ベースのアドベンチャー ゲームです。 時間ベースのパズルを体験してください。十分に賢くなければ、簡単に良い結末から抜け出すことができます

>A weighty 2D platformer that abandons classic arcade gameplay for more realistic jumping and health mechanics. Avoid enemies or lead them into traps

<古典的なアーケード ゲームプレイを放棄して、よりリアルなジャンプとヘルス メカニクスを採用した重厚な 2D プラットフォーマー。 敵を回避するか、トラップに誘導する

Super Star Wars
>Oldschool arcade console platformer, based off the award winning franchise. A must for both fans of the movies and good platformers

<賞を受賞したフランチャイズに基づいたオールドスクール アーケード コンソール プラットフォーマー。 映画のファンと優れたプラットフォーマーの両方の必需品

Might and Magic IV: Clouds of Xeen
>One of the best “Oldschool” Western RPGs, and one of the best titles in the “Might and Magic” series. You and your party must stop the titular „Xeen” from wrecking havoc across the land

<最高の「オールドスクール」ウエスタン RPG の 1 つであり、「マイト アンド マジック」シリーズの最高のタイトルの 1 つです。 あなたとあなたのパーティーは、名高い「ジーン」が大混乱を引き起こしているのを阻止しなければなりません
<Particularly males against displayed strange [???] openly cruel nature
異常ともいうべき => strange + と=quote + も=also + いう=say, call + べき="should, must" according to jisho... and I don't get it. How does べき fits into this whole sentence? Must be also called sounds weird...

(She's the third sister, モイラ is the oldest, there are two others)
彼女達の姉: is this some fancy way of saying "she and her sisters"? Because 彼女の姉 would be her elder sister. Or 彼女達=every sister except the eldest one? Or any arbitrary combination of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th sister? What the fuck this fragment is even trying to say?
TL;DR I got that モイラ is the boss.

<she's a lovable person.
I guess this is contrasting to her cruel form. But does this mean that she's a lovable person in general or only between her sisters?

I guess I should just give up
Replies: >>164966 >>165033
I can figure out most of the pieces but it's tough to figure out how it fits together. Particularly the は clause.

This I suppose means an abnormality that signifies whatever 対す means here. Perhaps opposing something or being oriented towards something. 対す is intransitive so 男性に may be the indirect object かもしれない.
Or properly speaking X
Or should we also say X
So my guess for 男性に対して示す異常ともいうべき露骨な残虐性 is
The openly brutish nature or, properly speaking, the abnormality that demonstrates her opposition to (hatred of?) men

Moira, the elder sister and boss of the three,
I had to look up にして in the advanced DoJG.

Had been a person more loveable than absolutely anything.
よりも is stronger than より hence the word "absolutely."
Why is it 何 and not 誰 though?
I suppose is だ in the て form + ある in the past. Rather than the formal literary copula.

My gut instinct is to put a "despite" at the beginning of that first bit but, if that were the case, I would have expected a なのに or が instead of は. I also don't see how が in the second phrase can be the other kind of が thus letting は mark the subject. So I don't know how to put the pieces together.
でも信じるな、 多分お前より読解力は下手だし
Replies: >>165033 >>165037
One of the meanings べき express is the ability to do something. I think more often you'll probably see it in the form べく in when used with that meaning, for example, 海外へ旅行するべく貯金しています; I'm saving in order to be able to travel overseas. However the phrase ともいうべき or とでもいうべき is probably the most common exception you will see at times. 

As such, the way I would put this bit would be more like open cruelty towards men to an abnormal degree; to a degree that one could call abnormal.

もの here isn't person. 残虐性 is the topic; what the sentence is about. Suddenly going on about Moira without saying anything about the sentence topic would be an odd mish-mash of sentences. 

More than any other aspect of the person/s being referred to in the sentence, (I'm guessing the sisters because of the mention of them,) their blatant cruelty towards men is what Moira finds to be the most lovable.
Replies: >>165037 >>165046
[Hide] (24.9KB, 665x574)
>Understand every word yet still have no idea what it means
Yeah, that's how it usually goes.

>対す means here.
As far as I know に対して is pretty much a set phrase to compare/contrast something against something. Imabi has some more info, if you can digest the languagese: https://www.imabi.net/nitaishite.htm
>opposition to (hatred of?) men
I don't see how you get there. It feels more like she's just cruel for the sake of being cruel or to protect her sisters, or whatever. Sadistic people exist. (I'm just guessing here, don't take these things for granted).
>I suppose is だ in the て form + ある in the past. Rather than the formal literary copula.
Nah, I'm pretty sure it である in past. The whole text is quite literary and full of である/であり.

>search for ともいうべき
Great. Not sure if I could complete even N3.
<what unholy thing is under 意味
Oh, it's chinese.

>more often you'll probably see it in the form べく
I-I don't think I've seen that either.

>もの here isn't person

>of the person/s being referred to in the sentence, (I'm guessing the sisters because of the mention of them,)
The sentence should be about the third sister (whose name I can't be bothered to look up now), not the whole collection, I think I've mentioned it in my original wordsalad post somewhere. I don't know why do they write 彼女達 when they should be talking about a single person... but technically, there are multiple sister and Moira is an 姉 of all of them actually not, but it's only revealed much later in the game, so maybe it's correct, even if if looks weird.

>their blatant cruelty towards men is what Moira finds to be the most lovable
Okay, I guess I got this part completely backwards.
Replies: >>165046 >>165066
>One of the meanings べき express is the ability to do something.
I had no idea. Thank you. Then is it the same in 何よりも愛すべきものであった? If so, that helps me understand how the は and が particles work together. It didn't make sense to me to talk about brutality as a thing someone should love (but presumably doesn't) but it makes more sense if the meaning is could love.

>I don't see how you get there.
I had interpreted 対して示す as one bigger verb meaning "characterising opposition" with 男性に as the indirect object but now I'm not so sure. "Characterising" was really the word I was trying to think of.
Replies: >>165066
>I-I don't think I've seen that either.
I don't think I've really seen it much myself so no worries there. Phrasing that example more like 旅行できるように or something would be much more typical. 

Although maybe a little confusing because you'd likely still just word it lovable regardless, in this case the meaning is rather more that it's natural or fitting to do so. Like 恐るべき could just be something you believe is only natural to fear or is otherwise awe-inspiring, you could use it to describe spiders or something for example.
[Hide] (322.3KB, 800x600)
A little late but I finally got the non DRM PC version if you want me to upload it.
Replies: >>165630 >>165644
Do samurai shows use le olde Nippon?
Replies: >>165629
Probably not since nobody would understand them. Maybe they use pronouns like 拙者 at most.
activate it
Replies: >>165642
I will assume that means you want it.
Replies: >>165644 >>165665
Thank you so much, anon. I didn't finish it yet because I was busy with shit, so this will be an opportunity to go back into it.
Replies: >>165650
No prob. Just make sure you do fun things with Kana instead of boring things like read if you want the good ending
Why do I have so many search results for 火傷 in eroges?

Is it good?
Replies: >>165666
>Is it good?
Yeah it's one of the classics.
Replies: >>165682
I guess I can download it, there are only 240 unplayed VNs in my download folder...

Anyway, other thing
The first part is that her innocent/childlike appearance deceives (you?). Now the second part...
手を抜く= to cut corners, to not do necessary amount of work (both jisho and weblio agrees)
手ひどい=cruel, harsh. What it is different from ひどい I have no idea.
Okay, be careful of going through harsh (treatment?), or I mean the whole thing is passive so it's still the innocent look that will make you go through cruel treatment. But then what does 手を抜く do here? Go through cut corners and cruel things? That doesn't make sense.
Replies: >>165684 >>165899
Okay, I guess I'm a retard, it's something like "if you cut corners, you'll go through cruel things (~= you'll have a bad time)", right?
Replies: >>165899 >>165918
Anyone? What did I fuck up again in my questions to not receive any reply again?
Replies: >>165906
Anon I told you to post the whole context instead of some small snippet you don't understand.
Replies: >>165917
Last time I did that the answer was big post.
But maybe vid in >>152041 could help, around 9 seconds.
Thread isn't too fast, give it some more time. Context is indeed good to include, although not really necessary for this one either. It is something like that, but two things to add: 手を抜く also mean something like 'hold back' when say competing or fighting against someone, which is probably what you want here. Second, I'm thinking the comma is throwing you off, but そのあどけない表情に騙されて、手を抜くと is all together. "If you're deceived by her innocent appearance and hold back..." And as far as the 手 in 手ひどい, it just strengthens it some and can be used with other adjectives. A good example where checking a Japanese dictionary could possibly help at times since EDICT doesn't seem to list that usage, though you'd had to have thought to check the entry for 手 alone.
Replies: >>165925
>手を抜く=hold back
Umm, I even checked weblio but it wasn't too helpful:
leave out necessary time=cut corners
Then a second sentence with いい加減にする, which I still don't really know what is exactly, despite being common as fuck.
Is there any rule about comma usage in nip? Because it's not the first time I see it in a seemingly completely random position inside a sentence.
>why didn't I check the 17th meaning of a random part of a random word in a Japanese dictionary
I guess until I learn the whole dictionary of nip this will be a problem.
Replies: >>165988
Yeah unfortunately dictionary entries can be a little lacking at times. Sometimes checking miscellaneous sites on a Google search can turn up some more in-depth explanations, but no guarantee. いいかげん is one of a couple words that is a bit confusing because it can more or less mean the opposite thing depending on how it's used. In this case it basically just means to half-ass it. I guess the idea is basically like "not too hot, not too cold; just in the middle/right temperature" and for some things that mid-point is the perfect degree, but when it comes to things like effort, a medium degree is, of course, undesirable. 

I said it earlier too, but it's not totally consistent in my experience. If it's in an especially odd spot, then it's probably just representing a pause in speech/thought which is a common use for them. I've seen them at the end of sentences even,
>"not too hot, not too cold; just in the middle/right temperature"
Somehow when I see いいかげん the image that pops into my mind is that Neptune is goofing around again and Noire comes and いい加減にして! (or sometimes いい加減にしない and we're back at how negatives work), but in this case I think it means something like "cut the crap" or "stop fooling around".

>I've seen them at the end of sentences even,
Why japanese people?
Replies: >>166140 >>166361
>or sometimes いい加減にしない
Do you mean いい加減にしなさい?
Replies: >>166168
That also happen, but しない too also:
Replies: >>166172 >>166302
See, this is why she has no friends.
Replies: >>166173
But I don't say things like that, yet I don't have friends either.
Replies: >>166174 >>166242
Maybe you should then seeing as she did get them in the end.
Replies: >>166242
[Hide] (1.1MB, 800x1236)
I guess it's time to become a tsundere, anon.
Replies: >>166243
But I'm not a cute anime girl anon, that won't work.
Stop pretending to be animu girls and being faggots. Last warning.
[Hide] (44.9KB, 313x260)
>Last warning
If you could do anything you would've done it already.
[Hide] (607.7KB, 2893x4092)
See this anon knows how to be a tsundere.
Don't use the thread to larp as animu girls and act like faggots in this thread that is for jap learning, that's all. Don't act like trannies.
Replies: >>166250
[Hide] (123.7KB, 373x576)
>Stop pretending to be animu girls
Make me.
Did you actually though that the anime=troon pipeline was a meme? Most troons like anime. Just report them for faggotry.
[Hide] (275.5KB, 1010x960)
>report anime posting on an imageboard
>in the /jp/ thread of all things
[Hide] (196KB, 685x684)
>if you don't
Not that hard to understand.
>troons like anime
>therefore anyone who likes anime is a troon
200 IQ logic right there.
Is that a manga? sauce?
>giving up your hobbies to the opposition
Kill yourself you stupid nigger.
>Not that hard to understand.
Replies: >>166324
Fine, I'll break it down for you.
いい加減にする means something like "to stop doing something (that is pissing me off)".
しない is the negative of する, so いい加減にしない is like "to not stop doing something (that pisses me off)"
と here is a conditional that means "if X, then Y will certainly happen".
In this case, Y is 怒る which is to get angry.
So, it means "if you don't stop doing [action that pisses me off] then I will get angry [at you]".
In this case the action that is pissing her off is being called a tsundere.
The hardest part here is that いい加減にする can feel weird to English speakers since it means something other than the component words imply.
Replies: >>166345 >>166366
But here: >>165988
>I guess the idea is basically like "not too hot, not too cold; just in the middle/right temperature" 
How the fuck do we end up at "stop doing something" from here?
Replies: >>166346 >>166352
How does "cut it out" end up at "stop doing something"? The literal meaning doesn't matter sometimes.
Replies: >>166354
Leave it at that; Don't take it too far; (If you don't) keep your teasing at that good/medium degree...
Replies: >>166354
Welp, I guess I'm officially too retarded for this and I have to put every fucking expression into anki.
Replies: >>166361 >>166387
You already know what it means though. >>166014
<but in this case I think it means something like "cut the crap" or "stop fooling around".

You are just too focused on why it means that. If you don't know the etymology of every English word/phrase why would you expect to know it for even Japanese word/phrase? That kind of stuff can wait until you are fluent.
Replies: >>166365
>know it
I more like had a feeling what it means based on how it's used, because the definition i find in a dictionary is completely useless. And the definition you wrote in >>165988 somewhat contradicted my world view.
Plus also my other problem of why it is randomly negated. Yes, if I spend a half hour to dissect the sentence, I can probably figure out what it does and why is like that, but it's impossible to read anything like that.
From here: >>158677 I managed to go through 11 sentences in more than a month and figure out what the fuck they do and put the unknown words into anki. Spent at least 4 hours trying to write down what the fuck is my problem for some strangers on an obscure imageboard. And zero visible progress.
>I more like had a feeling what it means based on how it's used
Well yeah, that's how people generally learn new words. That's how you learned English too.
>Plus also my other problem of why it is randomly negated
>>166302 >>166324 already explained that for you.
Replies: >>166368
I mean, it's more general than that, see >>153096 and the replies. They look completely random unless I invest ridiculous amount of time into understanding each sentence.
I don't even try to understand spoken nip, it's completely hopeless. By the time I figure out what one sentence means, the discussion is already 38 sentences ahead.
Replies: >>166387
[Hide] (3MB, 480x360, 00:34)
>randomly negated
Removing the negation completely changes the meaning, it's like the "don't" in "if you don't stop I'll get angry".
いい加減にする can mean different things, but again, here it basically means "to stop" and negating it basically means "to continue", it just has the added nuance that the implied action is annoying.
If it were changed to 続くと怒るわよ! it would have a similar meaning, but that sounds wrong and it loses that implication that the action is intrinsically annoying.
ネーヴァ ギブ アップ!!
Of course it's going to be hard at first, just keep at it and eventually you'll get it. Learning Japanese is a marathon, not a sprint. When I was learning I had trouble with いい加減 as well, I remember incorrectly memorizing 加減 alone as meaning "half-assed" and being really confused when I first encountered 火加減.
Replies: >>166429
AI knows Japanese better then you guys ever will. What's your motivation for even bothering at this point?
[Hide] (55.7KB, 400x624)
Because it makes you mad.
What's funny is that I started learning because I used to watch a lot of anime, but now I only watch the same 5 shows, 2 of them I prefer dubbed.
Still, I'm going to finish what I started. I want to do karaoke with drunken Japanese office men.
>eventually you'll get it
Dunno, 9 years wasn't enough for that, is there any hope left for me?
I want you to post the next bit of Japanese you do understand.

To be better than you.
Replies: >>166441
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2356x1764)
Alright, I found a page with a relatively small amount of actual content.

<Black long skirt on pure white apron.
<~She wears a pure white apron over her black, long skirt.
<On her head, a maid band is properly equipped, it was very charming.

<I motionlessly stared at
<Hijiri stirred embarrassed
<after a slight hesitation, her tone changed
Okay, here I'm a bit unsure what meaning of 窺う is the correct one. So far I thought 窺う=peep, but I don't know how can you peepingly ask. Jisho also says "to await (one's chance​)" and "to guess; to infer; to gather; to surmise". Also 彼は発言の機会をうかがった。=He watched for an opportunity to speak.
<waitingly asked.

<"H-How it is, Master? It's not weird, [right]?"

<"... Hijiri. What did you call me?"

<"I called you Master"

<"... Once more please"

<"Yes Master"



<Hijiri said while sweetly smiling,
<with extreme vigor she got riled up.

I guess this is where I failed the post shit I understand part.
<"What, at home alone wanted feeling"
<?? You want to be alone at home?

<If Shinobu-kun [=you] want it, I can clean up Shinobu-kun's house in this form, you know?"

<That quite happy feeling had.
<~I'm glad to hear that.
<Just imaging that picture my cheek become loose.

<But, if I think about it properly, there's no need to receive that.

>"Hijiri, ~I'm glad to hear that, but there's already Luna at home so it's fine"

(Don't mind the protag, he's terminally retarded and can't keep up with his unwanted harem)
Replies: >>166448 >>166451
[Hide] (600.9KB, 640x360, 00:11)
<Black long skirt on pure white apron.
に can be used to mean "and" sometimes, you have to use context to tell when I think. I would roughly translate it as
>[She wears a] long black skirt and a pure white apron.
Your second translation sounds a bit more natural. I just feel it's trying to say "and" rather than "on" in the first, more raw translation.
<Okay, here I'm a bit unsure what meaning of 窺う is the correct one.
I would say it's the "await" meaning, like she's trying to gauge the right time to speak. It's a somewhat tricky verb though.
I would translate it as
>You know, I feel like every household (一家) should have one (maid like you)
I assume he means that she looks like the kind of maid you would want in every household. Awkward to translate into English.
<in this form
I would say it's more "wearing these clothes", could probably phrase it better. 格好 means appearance, and by proxy outfit.
>That would make me pretty happy, I think.
>Just imagining that makes me feel like I'm going to smile (idiom).
How many people do you think would be able to understand a tenth of that? What you're doing is incredible. Even if you can't get every sentence, you still understood the overall meaning - at least as far as I can tell. I can't read LNs yet. I need pictures. I get lost in VNs still. You should believe in yourself more.

I didn't know 絵 could be used the same way as イメージ.
Replies: >>166476
Is there a thing に can't mean?

>he means that she looks like the kind of maid you would want in every household
That bastard never said anything like that to the other (real) maid. How rude.
How the fuck do you keep track of who speaks when? In English at least you sometimes have "said XY", "he replied", etc,, in nip this is almost unheard of. Here I actually had to read the next line to figure out who said this line.

Yeah, wrong word choice, appearance is probably better, which of course includes the clothes.
>頬が緩む	is an expression
I hate when they do this. I read it, I think understand everything, but then it turns out when they put these specific words in this specific order, it suddenly gains a new meaning. (And yes, I know, it happens in English, and probably every other language in existence, but it's still annoying.)

>How many people do you think would be able to understand a tenth of that?
Dunno, I'm not other people. All I see is there are a few simple sentences, like here >>158677, where I barely understand anything. But it's from a fucking eroge, it shouldn't require a PhD in nip language to understand. And of course there are many people ITT who have no problems understanding it. Ergo, I suck.
>I can't read LNs yet. I need pictures
Hey, it has pictures. A few. About 10 in a 250 page long book.

Yeah, it looks like it can be used in a more abstract sense, to show a feeling or view:
https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/word/%E7%B5%B5/#jn-21733 (meaning 2)
Replies: >>166483 >>166488
>How the fuck do you keep track of who speaks when?
In my experience LNs alternate who is talking with each set of quotation brackets. That plus what is being said (names, pronouns, politeness, context, etc) usually makes it obvious enough to the writer at least that they don't write who said what explicitly. It can get confusing at times though.
In english you might do something like this
>"OP is a fag," 143888 said. "I bet he sucks a lot of cock," he continued.
>"Yeah," said 4b38fd. "Holy shit I can't believe how much of a massive faggot OP is," he added.
But in jap it would be just
>"OP is a fag. I bet he sucks a lot of cock"
>"Yeah. Holy shit I can't believe how much of a massive faggot OP is"
Less fluff than in english, but you have to keep track of who is speaking.
Replies: >>166504
Just to add, the difference between に and と used as "and" is that に has an implication that the things listed are typically like a set of some sort. 味噌汁にご飯. 新郎に新婦. 黒髪ロングにメイド服.

言われる is passive, so more like "Hijiri said to me with a smile", and because it's continues from that passive verb, that is, from the POV of the MC having been affected by that action, the rest of the sentence then further describes how that action affected him. Her calling him master with a smile put some real pep in his step.
>alternate who is talking
Yeah, except when there is an intermezzo like above between the two quotations. And if 3 or more people start talking, hell breaks loose (doesn't happen too often, fortunately).
Could this be a reason behind many characters having very distinct speech patterns? (Like using ます everywhere, even among friends, or plain form even when talking to their boss, or just adding あら to every sentence, etc.). There is also some meta stuff, like if a child is talking, they usually write a lot more words in kana than usually. Or in this book, there is a character who likes to imitate the others, the protag always uses オレ (when not joking about オレ様), but when that other character imitates him, it's written 俺.
Or am I thinking too much into it?

Where the fuck do you find info like that? I went to imabi, and I had to go to the second page of the results and go to the bottom of the page to find anything like that:

>still can't figure out passive correctly
Dang. Thanks anyway.
Replies: >>166516 >>166521
>Where the fuck do you find info like that?
While learning grammar I used few difference resources. One of my favorite resources was the Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar. I guess it doesn't have a specific に entry for this like I thought, but if you check the index it does point you toward the と entry which lists it as a related expression. Tae Kim was another one which teaches this usage of に if I remember correctly. Anything I didn't learn from a textbook I probably either learned from checking a dictionary and/or miscellaneous sites on Google.
>the difference between に and と
Shit, never really thought about it that deeply. Makes sense now that you point it out. I mostly learned grammar from osmosis so lots of grammar points just make sense to me like in English, I couldn't explain most of them if someone asked but I can tell when they're used wrong.
>Could this be a reason behind many characters having very distinct speech patterns?
Yes. Japanese lets you do that sort of thing, you could make basically the same statement sound like either a cute and funny loli said it or the manliest man uttered it just by substituting a few words. English doesn't really change that much vocab-wise between people (aside form ESLs), at least not compared to Japanese, which I think is why we use the "he said she said" system in English instead of just back-to-back quotations.
[Hide] (30.4KB, 842x582)
[Hide] (52KB, 699x262)
I had a look for information on this usage of に and it's not easy to find. Most English sources don't list it. It seems to represent a bringing-together or accumulation of things into one and you can list them together as in the case of
maid headband に maid dress に girl に --> maid
Or you can use it to add more things to a previously mentioned thing or collection of things. I was interested to learn from pic 3 that this is the same usage that's in phrases like それに. I had always had a vague imagining of that as
>Given that... then...
>On top of that...
>That and...
but I never really understood quite why に was the particle used.
By extension, this usage also can be used to list things at the same time as you're trying to think of them. In a way, you're accumulating things as you think of them.

As an aside, I had a revelatory thought recently and searched for 週刊少年ジャンプ. It's like a whole new world just opened up. There was even a new serialisation that had just come out the week before which I'm currently following. The problem is I don't really like shounen and I can't find any shoujo magazines that are getting scanned. Does anyone know where you can find that sort of stuff? You can trial read chapters on the official websites but only Ciao seems to let you read the latest chapter and their reader is horrible. Is this where you have to become a buyfag?
[Hide] (115.7KB, 660x768)
Fucking images.
>Does anyone know where you can find that sort of stuff?
Like what for example?
Replies: >>166591
Shoujo magazines like なかよし, ちゃお or りぼん for example. Or just where you can find weekly/monthly magazines in general beyond what's on nyaa and dlraws.
That's a file name, I guess.
>Does anyone know where you can find that sort of stuff?
Dunno, I'm always having trouble finding stuff I need. Like I only have volumes 1-5, 9 and 11 of the LN I'm reading scanned, and I couldn't find the rest years before when I checked. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to download the ones I already have now.

Another mouthful one, still describing characters:
<In order to win, she does whatever it takes
I think it's 非情+さ+と+どんな+時+に+でも
<cruelty and no matter what time(?)
<without destroying her advantage
what the fuck is even happening here
<she has an attitude to wind up the opponent in that pace
<it makes her have a noble pride feeling
I guess the general gist is something like that "she'll use whatever cruel means necessary to maintain her dominance, and it fills her with pride", but what that 時 does there and what that pace thing wants to say, I have no idea...

Also another random fragment, said by the villain (girl) before a fight:
<well, give up and promptly go home home and ???
Does that 寝る have some other meaning I don't know of? Or is she just telling him to go home and sleep?
It was a symposium paper about the particle に. Looks like it was written by a postgrad student.
Surely this means "whenever"
I actually know this one because I had to look it up for my own reading recently. It means "even" but in a strong way.
"... causes her to have even lofty feelings of pride"
The implication is you wouldn't expect it to.
Example sentences:
Replies: >>166647 >>166651
>寝る + しまう + なさい
<sleep + do something bad/regrettable (weird auxiliary verb, often appears on its own as しまった to express regret like "oh fuck" or "ah shit") + polite command
<Give up, go home, and go to sleep (taunting)
Is how I understand it.
I'll take a look at the other sentence later, long sentences with lots of subject modification are always fun
Replies: >>166651
<[Her] coldheartedness in doing whatever it takes to win
<her attitude of never letting her position crumble while pulling her opponent into her pace
<cause you to feel that she is proud [of those qualities].

This has subject modifications in it, which is basically when a sub-sentence comes right before a noun, describing said noun. In the first part, 非情 means coldhearted and さ basically means -ness. So, the sub-sentence before it is the modifier and basically narrows down what exactly is meant by coldheartedness by giving an example.
The second one is longer and more complex since it's already a compound sentence in a way, describing how she doesn't give any ground AND forces others to play on her terms then using that to describe her attitude.
The last one is weird because it has すら in it. >>166630 is right that it means "even", although it doesn't really translate to English that way. It does imply that you wouldn't expect someone to be proud of being a bitch, but that her actions still give off the air that she's proud of it.
Replies: >>166651
Shit, I didn't even notice it. And it appeared before: >>158677
I guess I'm hopeless.
So he will have to sleep literally.
>long sentences with lots of subject modification are always fun
You have a weird definition of fun.
So the と is between the whole sentence before and the whole sentence after, not just the words before and after.
>cause you to feel
And not her. I guess I was thinking it would create the image that she has that feeling, or something like that.
Replies: >>166698
Man this over-analyzing is hurting my brain. I just read along understanding 70% of the stuff and looking a word every five minutes or so without trying too hard. I'll just die of boredom if I ever try what you're doing here by dissecting every sentence down to it's basic structure. Sometimes you just have to read without stopping to build up momentum and be able to read and understand faster. Even if you don't understand everything, that's still fine. I mean even when you read a book in your native language, you'll still come up against words you don't know and you don't autistically try to look it up, just roll along with it. You need the framework before building upon it, and that way you'll be able to understand spoken language, because you can read fast, you'll just have to transpose that into listening practice. At first you'll understand about 20% if what is being said, but the more you do it the more that percentage increases.
Take breaks BEFORE the boredom sets in
>So he will have to sleep literally.
I doubt it's a literal command to sleep, just a form of taunting. Whoever she said that to probably wouldn't want to give up in the first place, so adding "go home" and "go to sleep" adds to the humiliation I guess.
>So the と is between the whole sentence before and the whole sentence after, not just the words before and after.
Not really, unless I misunderstood you. The "sub-sentences" are just modifying the nouns that come right after them, so it could be 非情さと態度には、 and would mean basically the same thing. In that case it just wouldn't explain what about her coldheartedness and attitude caused the feeling.
>And not her
Yeah, 感じさせる is passive so the speaker is doing the feeling that she is proud of it.

I agree. Looking for gaps in your understanding is useful every once in a while, but it's important to just "go with the flow" and accept you won't understand everything sometimes, especially early in the learning process.
I like explaining stuff so I don't mind people asking.
Replies: >>166705 >>166774
You know, sometimes a small little detail can mean a lot. Like when that ESL guy wanted to scold someone, and said something like "I'm very disappointing!".

Well, okay. It never occurred to me to treat it as such. It just feels weird to me.
I guess I'll add some explicit parentheses, like in a programming language, because I can't really describe what I want. Basically you're saying
Or more explicitly
While I originally wanted something like
So the coldheartedness would modify the "cruelness and whenever". Yeah, I didn't really get anywhere with this model, as you can see in my original post.
I guess I'll have to go back to Nip 101 and look over that topic again.

>accept you won't understand everything sometimes
Can't do it, I'm too autistic for that.
Replies: >>166707 >>167200
Yeah, like that.
>Can't do it, I'm too autistic for that.
When I was still learning the basics I would put on something in Japanese in the background and focus on it when I wasn't focusing on something else. Could be an anime I had already watched, a podcast, an audiobook, whatever. I cared more about listening to Japanese than understanding it when I did this, but occasionally I would make connections without looking things up just from hearing stuff put together in ways I hadn't noticed before.
Dunno if that helps.
Replies: >>166727
>put on something in Japanese in the background
Before Corona-chan, I did that, when I had enough of my stupid coworkers. I don't think I understood even 1% of that though. But at least I added mother 2, khm, mazaa tsu, and maybe the whole series to my backlog.
But if you have any idea what would someone, who normally prefers to sit in silence listen to, shoot it.
>when I wasn't focusing on something else
That's problematic, my brain always finds something to focus on.
>an anime I had already watched
Once I tried out subs2srs with the example 時をかける少女 deck. But other than learning the whole script of the anime by heart, I don't think it had any other positive side effect.
I mean yeah but anon asked for help so it's only fair that we put some effort into it. Besides, picking apart grammar to understand how it works is unironically fun. It sure beats vocab. I mean it; I genuinely enjoy grammar.
>even when you read a book in your native language, you'll still come up against words you don't know

>感じさせる is passive
感じさせる is causative
Replies: >>166779 >>166784
>感じさせる is causative
Shit you're right, my bad. Got them mixed up.
Replies: >>166796
>picking apart grammar to understand how it works is unironically fun
Yes but you can do that after understanding basic language and being able to grasp sentence structures instinctively. It's like anon is doing a math homework instead of enjoying his LN, language isn't arithmetic, you won't understand the whole by combining the different parts, you need to grasp the sentence as a single block. Of course when you come up against something you don't know, you quickly look it up, try make sense of it and then move on, but don't spend hours upon hours trying to do a grammar study while most natives don't know shit about its intricacies and you can't even understand what's being said. Almost all subhuman rapefugees learned basic French, German and Swedish and are able to tell when you tell them to fuck off. Do you think they even know how to write their names or read a sentence? DO you think you can basic conversation with a nip?
I mean I still learn new words when I read Zola or Céline, you can't know every single word in your native language.
>DO you think you can basic
Do you think you can have a basic conversation with a nip, sorry.
[Hide] (125.6KB, 772x525)
I couldn't resist
>Got them mixed up
And I haven't noticed. What will be the next, the world is actually flat?

>anon is doing a math homework instead of enjoying his LN
But math is also fun. Until you get to the point of doing path integrals and wavelet transform on a paper and other bullshit.
>Do you think you can have a basic conversation with a nip
Yes, if they know English
Replies: >>166800 >>166802
No, you're absolutely right. But I think anon is better at Nip than he lets on and as long as you're having fun, you can't be far wrong. Fun is what keeps you from giving up. Also maths was my favourite subject at school and it got even better at university.
>Do you think you can have a basic conversation with a nip
No. I'm poor at listening and haven't even started on speaking and those are different skills to reading and writing. I don't know any Japanese people to practise on anyway. Maybe I could say a bit in broken Japanese with a lot of gesturing but I wouldn't be able to use all the grammar I know from reading.

>Until you get to the point of doing path integrals
But anon, that's when it starts being fun.
Replies: >>166802
[Hide] (212.5KB, 764x1200)
I'll give an example about my sentence parsing process. It's from a manga I'm reading called Fire Punch.

Those who exhibit a face that does not lie (or a non lying face)
Because of the lies and deceits of those who exhibit a face that lies (or a lying face)
Stray from the right path.

Is it correct grammatically? Maybe not, and I don't care, I understood the gist of it and that's enough

in the name of love and virtue
those in the valley of the blizzard who guide the weaklings
will become happy.

These lines have a religious tone so I tried to convey them conveniently, but I hope you get it. I don't actually translate them in my head.
>But math is also fun
That's not the point, you're trying to learn a language.
>>166800 checked
I won't be able to have a conversation in japanese either but I can understand roughly 50% when I watch a raw anime, more if it's a simple SoL one.
>Do you think you can have a basic conversation with a nip
Once every week or so I talk with some nips who somehow found their way to where I live in the middle of fucking nowhere, so yeah. It depends on the topic though, my real-time vocabulary recall is good enough for everyday conversation and a few niche topics that I'm interested in, but occasionally I can't remember a word and have to explain my way around it.
If it's anything to go by I can understand ~99% of anime conversations with the exception of those that mainly use military Nip, that shit's a completely different language. I've mostly moved on from anime as a way to learn Japanese, now I listen to podcasts.
I need to read more.
>too autistic
One thing I would do was pick out things I cared less about specifically for reading with minimal look ups; with a focus on volume/speed over comprehension. I'd still break out the dictionary for things that seemed important to game progression or for words that I noticed popping up like 5+ times in a couple hours which seemed like they're going to continue to be quite useful or whatever if I felt like it. The main aim however was simply stuff like practicing parsing sentences, working on reading speed for what I could understand, and practice trying to (quickly) interpret from context whenever stuff I didn't know popped up. Focusing your autism on specifically designating different things you're going to read for different types of study with different goals could potentially help you stave off that compulsion a bit.
Replies: >>167219
>pick out things I cared less about specifically for reading with minimal look ups
Shit, does this mean I'll have to get cm3d2 running again? I haven't done that since I have my new computer. The VN scenes there are just in the way, so I speed through them, understanding 10% of it at most. Plus in that case I spend 90% of the time fapping, so it's not too effective either.
Replies: >>167234
[Hide] (307.3KB, 963x1400)
I look up things when I'm reading manga if I feel like it and not if I can't be bothered. However, for visual novels, I try to challenge myself to understand what's going on with no look ups whatsoever. Put it into full screen to discourage yourself from cheating. Better yet if it's the kind of VN that doesn't minimise easily. You can keep a pen and paper next to you to jot down anything that you're burning with curiosity about and only look them up when you're finished the session and have closed the game. Any word that matters for comprehension you will be able to remember the context for anyway.
Rather than read something you're not interested in, pick something where the plot doesn't matter. Something cute and fluffy.

The other day I skimmed over the first couple chapters of Yotsuba to gauge my progress and I found an example of the usage of に we were talking about earlier. Bottom right. I would translate that as
>Yotsuba-chan, are those pyjamas?... and aren't those slippers!?
with an ellipsis to indicate that the second part is continuing off the first as Fuuka assesses Yotsuba's state of dress. The thing is, not knowing this didn't hinder my understanding of what was going on at all. Instead I was hindered by just being generally shit at Japanese So it also doubles as an example of not needing to understand every grammar point.
Replies: >>167383
>visual novels
Well, for me it's usually the reverse, since it's piss easy to look up things (if you have a text hooker), that's where I usually look up every single little piece of thing, while with manga and the likes I'm a tiny little bit more forgiving against myself. (But still pretty autistic, I know).
>Better yet if it's the kind of VN that doesn't minimise easily.
Then I just tick emulate a virtual desktop in wine settings. Or just go to the other screen. Or take my other computer. Or my laptop. Or my phone. Or my old phone. Or if all of this fail, I have bigger problems to worry about than some random VN.
>jot down anything
I kinda do that with the LN I'm reading... but it's more like a dictionary. And I duplicate it into a txt file. And it has something like 5700 entries at the moment. 1600 already added to anki. Tell me about not being autistic.
The other thing I did was when I played Atelier Marie. Decided to be as authentic as possible, I didn't look up anything about the game online, and instead jotted down the recipes on grid paper as I discovered it... But authenticity were only kept this far, as soon as I found an unknown word, into jisho it went...
>Rather than read something you're not interested in, pick something where the plot doesn't matter
Isn't that a contradictory statement? I mean if I'm interested in something, I'll be interested in the story too. Or can you give some good examples?

Also, listen to some random mix, this comes up:
Even with the lyrics and pausing the music every second I can't follow what the hell is going on.
And if this is the OP of a 2022 anime, why do I have the feeling that I've heard this song somewhere many years ago?
Replies: >>167413
Also, some sentence I previously thought I understand, but after rereading it a second time, I realized there are some problems.

We have 秘められた that can be passive or potential, and 圧倒される, the same.
>Careful analysis of who is doing what, or is capable of, will be necessary for you to read these ambiguous sentences correctly.
Fuck you and everyone who has anything to do with how this language evolved.
Anyway, I'd say the first is potential and the second is passive
<The whole thing is a riddle, that power that can hide [those things] is overwhelming.

Jesus fucking Christ, give me some punctuation or whatever.
This is before the は, so it should be the topic.
<That fascinating appearance and manner
The whole crap before 娘達 is ought to modify the 娘達. For 単に jmdict gives:
>単に	たんに	(adv) simply; merely; only; solely; (P)
Urgh. Continue looking: https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/word/%E5%8D%98%E3%81%AB/#jn-140500
Yeah, that's what I'm looking for, it has a だけ afterwards. Those things restricted to.
Also for 任せる:
>4 (「…にまかせて」の形で)自然の勢いのままにする。
Some kind of natural tendency? Anyway, I think it's trying to say those are the only things they have, but I'm not sure how you end up at it from that definition. Those are their only natural tendencies?
<girls, who only have youth and cuteness
For ひと味違う it says "to be somewhat different (from before, from others, etc.)", which seem to a bit contradictory with clearly. Clearly somewhat different? Dunno what と is there, but I've seen と違う a few times, so I guess it's something like that.
<[previous part] from clearly different charm
This is when they put a lot of random junk at the end of the sentence which is surely important, but I'm usually too retarded/impatient/whatever to figure out.
持つ=have, て+迫る is this something like て+来る? But 迫る is already in that form. What the fuck are you doing there.

Finally a sentence you can make sense of without rereading it 38 times.
<But if you become obsessed by that charm, it's needless to say what will happen...
Not exactly a literal translation, but I guess that's what it is trying to say. If you fall into temptation, you're done for.

Also, try to not get hung up on every little detail: fission mailed. I guess I will just cry myself to sleep now.
Replies: >>167435 >>167562
Whatever causes the most pain for you to stop and look up words is the one you should use for this. I never bothered getting a text hooker so it's a real pain in the ass to look up words from a VN for me. Even more so than manga. When it comes to keeping a lookup list, you need to keep it to just a few things at most. Also I rub out the list when I've looked it up and I don't add it to anki. For example, yesterday I was reading and in my story there are two girls who were playing a game and for the last round they bet that the loser has to listen to any request the winner has. Now I didn't understand what 肩を揉む meant although I guessed correctly later when she called her an old man and asked if it felt good so I wrote it down. I wrote that down as opposed to the dozen other things I didn't write down because I gave a slight shit about what it meant. And that brings me to...

When I said pick something where the plot doesn't matter, I meant pick something where you can have zero comprehension of a scene and it won't fuck you over later. Something where the plot is either compartmentalised/episodic or where the plot is simple and comprehensible just from the audiovisual aspects or from your own meta knowledge about what's probably happening. A cute girls doing cute things slice of life is a good idea. A story about political intrigue with lots of plot twists and the ending hangs on understanding the hidden subtext between the protagonist and antagonist is a bad idea. Going back to my example, would it really have mattered if I didn't look up 肩を揉む? I still understood that they were making a wager on the outcome of a game. Even if I hadn't understood that, I still understood that they were playing a game together.

Another example of where I took notes was when reading Cardcaptor Sakura. I disliked ケロちゃん when I watched the subtitled anime years ago and I hated him even more when reading the manga because he speaks in 大阪弁. So I kept notes for that and also for Sakura's goddamn classical Japanese when she's incanting magic.
In another manga I read, people spoke in 中国の方言 not China - the place burgers dropped a nuke on so I kept notes on the difference between とる and よる as auxiliary verbs. In these kinds of cases where you know you're going to need to keep reminding yourself of stuff I think it's acceptable to keep your notes handy but otherwise you can just rub it out later.

Songs are hard. It's hard enough understanding lyrics in English.
Replies: >>167479
[Hide] (2.8MB, 640x420)
Alright nigger let's take a look at this shit.

>Anyway, I'd say the first is potential and the second is passive
I'd say the opposite. 秘められた is passive and 圧倒される is potential so you've got something like
<In that hidden power (power that is hidden) lies an overwhelming thing (thing that can overwhelm)

For this one I'll give you what I understood from the whole thing because this sentence is so far from the English language that it hurts to translate.
<She approaches you with that mature charm of hers that is somewhat different from the other girls' who are only left with young age and cuteness compared to her fascinating figure and demeanor.

任せる just means "to leave to" here, what are you on about natural tendency ans shit? 


Though this is exactly the kind of sentence I would skip if it gave me too much trouble. Look at this
You need to look up things only in one or two target sentences. What's a one target sentence?
>Let's define a "target" as any unknown piece of information in a given sentence in a foreign language. It can be either a word or a grammar structure.
So a one target sentence is a sentence where there is only one piece of information that you don't know (be it vocabulary or grammar). Analyzing every sentence in a futile attempt in understanding everything is both inefficient and discouraging.
Replies: >>167479 >>167562
>Whatever causes the most pain for you to stop and look up words is the one you should use for this.
Kinda agree with that, but if I try that, I end up with reading about two sentences per hour.
>Something where the plot is either compartmentalised/episodic or where the plot is simple and comprehensible just from the audiovisual aspects or from your own meta knowledge about what's probably happening.
Can you give actual examples? Whenever I choose something on my own, it usually ends up being the polar opposite of this. Some slice of life stuff that's not boring as shit?

>I'd say the opposite.
I give up. How the fuck am I supposed to figure this shit out? It's like those math homework, where you look at the shit for a week and you still have no idea how to solve it, then the teacher comes, and says, hey, it's simple, you just have to notice <some extremely complicated and random observation>, and from that it's piss easy. Yeah, it is, it's just I thought of 294843821948592 things, but I missed just that one thing.
>it hurts to translate
It also hurts my brain.
>what are you on about natural tendency ans shit
That was what I saw in the dictionary.
>that one target shit
So we're back at "you have to be a pro at nip before you can read anything" stage? Or maybe read something where nothing matters at all, but what's the point of reading it if it doesn't matter? Because otherwise you're going to have many sentences where there are more than one thing you don't understand. Especially when nips go full retard and write 3 line long sentences made up of 8 compound sentences
It is.
Not understanding things is also discouraging.
Replies: >>167494 >>167580
>How the fuck am I supposed to figure this shit out?
By reading a lot, and by reading I don't mean grammar study. These are things that you should not think about and let your brain figure it out for you, and just like an AI, you need to feed it a lot of information for it to do so.
>It also hurts my brain.
That's why you don't translate. Understand it as it is.
>That was what I saw in the dictionary.
Why do you have to go to the 4th definition when the first one makes sense?
>Or maybe read something where nothing matters at all, but what's the point of reading it if it doesn't matter?
Are you retarded? >we told you many times in this thread that even if you don't understand everything, you'll get unconsciously better at sentence parsing and instinctive deducting. Where you are, you need to prioritize volume over detail, quantity over quality. Pick whatever you want to read but skip all the things that are too complicated for you, and focus on things that you know you can understand. It just werks, just DO IT. You'll see that when you return to stuff that gave you trouble a few months later, you can read them just fine.
される(する) is only ever passive, if you want potential you use できる. 

This just means leaving it to it's natural course. Doing nothing else and letting it be as it is. It's more or less no different than the third (そのままにしておく) definition there really, I'm not sure why they even bother with the separate listing. 

This isn't simply physically approaching here. The sentences are describing the type of person she is. It's the "press/compel" usage and more about how she asserts herself using her adult charms.
Replies: >>167572
>される(する) is only ever passive, if you want potential you use できる. 
Ah yes that's right I fucked it up. I don't think the meaning changes much though.
>This isn't simply physically approaching here.
Yes I got it that she isn't approaching someone right then but rather how she goes about charming or seducing men.
It's hard to recommend something you like if I don't know what you like. What do you like in a story? No matter what, you're going to need to make a decision before reading: "I am not going to look up anything for this story even if it means I don't understand what's going on." Don't think of it as like reading in your own language, think of it as a challenge. How much can you understand with no help? You can have other things to read at the same time where you look things up but you need one challenge story.

>Passive vs potential
It's almost always passive.
Replies: >>167671
I waited a day before I tried to answer these replies but I guess I used up all my social interaction points for the time being.
>What do you like in a story?
That's a good question. I haven't been enthusiastic about anything in the last 15 years. But cute catgirls always help. I've also fucked around a lot in Neptunia (in English) while it was still alive. Replaying 999 (and the sequel, whatever it was called) or steins gate in nip is on my backlog since like forever, but they're anything but simple. からかい上手の高木さん can also work, but it's like I spend two days every year to read every volume they released in the last year. I also tried the nichijou anime once, but I gave up because I didn't understand anything. Yotsubato, on the other hand, I'd rather kill myself than having read just one more chapter of it. Dunno what else exists besides a few more eroges, I generally live under a rock.
>I am not going to look up anything for this story even if it means I don't understand what's going on.
I guess I'd fall into a very deep depression very quickly if I were to actually try that.
Replies: >>167723
>I also tried the nichijou anime once, but I gave up because I didn't understand anything
Nichijou mostly relies on visual gags so it should be a good anime for beginners.
Replies: >>170179
>find some text where I'm not 100% sure about the meaning
>check an English translation
<the translator simply skipped the problematic part
Never trust any translation, not even fan translations.
Replies: >>169170 >>169179
Yeah, the tranny that is translating ciel no surge is taking out all gendered language.
Replies: >>169328 >>169346
>find some translation where I'm pretty sure that wasn't what was said
>check the Japanese original
>it wasn't
[Hide] (398.5KB, 678x610)
That's not even possible in English without making something that sounds completely unnatural.
Replies: >>169337
[Hide] (79.3KB, 813x404)
Think they give a fuck about sounding unnatural? Their very existence is unnatural.
I had a search to see what I could find and I couldn't find anything about his translation other than progress reports. Are you comparing the finished product with the original or did he say he was doing this somewhere?
Replies: >>169355
[Hide] (197.3KB, 607x1158)
[Hide] (84.2KB, 375x653)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (270.3KB, 1280x720)
I found what he's talking about, though I doubt those two things he mentions are the extent of the changes. Looking through my screenshots of the game Nelico refers to you as a "lucky boy" once, and Ion talks about White Day with you (the holiday where guys give candy to girls, opposite of Valentine's Day). Of course there is a lot more text in the game than just what I have screenshotted, so I'm probably missing more examples.
Replies: >>169357 >>169359
The deflection and arrogance that gets shown by these people when they get called out is really the most offensive part of it. I wouldn't mind a translator that's not quite up to scratch if he had the humility to accept criticism and correction. Instead they act like you just spat on their grandmother's grave. The way they try to pretend that their defacement of other people's work doesn't matter is particularly odious. If it doesn't affect the story, why'd you make the change in the first place, huh? You're the one implying that it doesn't matter either way so why don't you yield? They could just be honest about what they're doing but they won't because they know it's wrong. It's such a shame because I saw he said some good things elsewhere but his reaction outs him completely.
Thanks for the motivation pics. I think I'm going to go read some Japanese now.
The ideal way to handle it is to release a patch that translates the game accurately, and then make a separate optional patch where it treats you as a girl instead. I do understand how it could be immersion breaking for a girl to play this game, since Ion is directly talking to the player through the game, but that shouldn't come at the cost of accuracy for the main male audience.
Replies: >>169370
Is this the game with the self-insert robot? If it is I remember playing it years ago and it running at like 4 fps on my Vita.
Replies: >>169361
[Hide] (196.4KB, 1280x720)
No that's the sequel Ar Nosurge where you are a robot. In the first game Ciel Nosurge you are just a monitor.
>If it doesn't affect the story, why'd you make the change in the first place, huh?
Because it is peak clown world.

In other news, I'm starting to drown in my anki reviews again.
If there are girls who like dating sims aimed at men, don't you think it's rude to them to go ahead and remove the bits that give a genre its salt in their name? Are you changing it for them or changing it on them? There are plenty of yuri and otome games for girls who would prefer one of those. A game or story doesn't have to appeal to everyone and it's generally a bad idea to aim for that. You should aim to make something good and let those who like it like it and those who don't not.
[Hide] (827.2KB, 960x544)
Good, let hate give you power! I learned runes for stuff like that, to not give power to these freaks over me. And to play DT 2-2 which i'm going through right now.
Replies: >>169376
[Hide] (464.9KB, 572x697)
Those are some interesting looking kanji.
Funnily enough, my original impetus for learning Japanese was just to be able to read the untranslated background lore and shit from Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. I haven't played the game once since I started. Somebody's probably going to have a full translation of it before I get around to it at this rate. The desire to be free from the tyranny of the trannylation quickly became a more motivating factor. Also I was sick of English slang that nobody uses in real life being put into translations. You know what I'm talking about. Words like "yo" and the like. Rendering Kansai dialects as southern American accents. I recall at least one occasion where I had no fucking clue what they were on about because they used some slang that's probably only spoken in the translator's corner of the US or something. We don't all live in America you know. In the Railgun T anime, 「お姉さま」 was translated as "Sissy." It pisses me off just thinking about it. No that one really pissed me off. Because there's no fucking reason for it. Who calls their sister "sissy?" To be a good translator, you need to be good at both languages. It's no coincidence that the best translators have been authors in their own right. It's fine that these people aren't good at Japanese but they're not even good at English. You need creativity to weave the English tongue into a tapestry fitting to clothe the original. I'd wager many a translator has ne'er so much as cast his eyes over literature of any weight much the less produced a book of his own. It's not enough to be "merely native." But they even fail at a lower level than that and give translations that five seconds of thought would suffice reveal no native speaker would ever say. I can't learn Japanese soon enough. Every hour of painstaking reading has been worth it to get this far. I revel in the pain of non-comprehension because it only makes comprehension all the more sweet.
>「お姉さま」 was translated as "Sissy."
That's retarded and sounds more like an insult.
[Hide] (683.7KB, 1321x1749)
>Play english localization
>Get your console bricked
Many such cases. NISA was saved by selling the kiseki games in the west, look at the state of XSEED games to see what could have become of them. It's a shame the only people that cared about having proper translations left the industry, i think that guy that has against censorship on XSEED is a teacher now.
Replies: >>169382 >>169410
[Hide] (105.7KB, 946x566)
>i think that guy that has against censorship on XSEED
Oh he wasn't actually against censorship, he was just against being held personally responsible for it. Self-censorship at the source was A-OK with him.
Replies: >>169385 >>169400
How does NoA do it then? They fly once a month to check character designs and other "haram" shit, Tom is full of shit.
Replies: >>169387
[Hide] (253.6KB, 1280x535)
Yeah that was a few years ago before the self-censorship in Japan really got into full swing. XSEED themselves are influencing devs now too, adding gay marriage to Rune Factory 5 and probably also responsible for the non-binary option in the new Harvest Moon remake.
Replies: >>169389
Yeah, i got on my switch the jp Rune Factory 5 version right before they patched it to add western faggotry. Haven't been on the mood for it lately.
He viewed it as
>if they change their opinions, sweet, but I'm not gonna fuck up whatever they made on my end
Which is pretty much the best you can expect from a localizer, since they're only a middleman
Replies: >>169402
I would rather a localizer have free reign to change whatever they want in the localized version rather than have them fucking with the Japanese version and changing nothing on their end. Tom's stance is the absolute worst one a localizer can take, since it leads to censored "global versions"
Replies: >>169417
>English voice acting is so bad it crashes the game
[Hide] (523.2KB, 960x544)
That's because now we have global releases for big titles so now western branches can give their input during veleopment, it sucks.
Does anyone know if there's a good kanji font comparison tool? Like, I wish I could type in some kanji and get it back in a variety of fonts including oracle bone script and various cursive styles among others. Just as many fonts as possible. That would be great. I imagine there must be something like that online, right?
Replies: >>169548 >>169571
There's smartphone apps for that if you wish to use those
Replies: >>169571
Go to Google fonts, set language to Japanese and paste the kanji in.

>smartphone app
Slap yourself.
[Hide] (29.5KB, 680x383)
I got like a 50 page pdf filled with nip speak where I just KNOW I fucked up spelling and grammar. Is there anybody here with even more autism here who wants to practice their japanese and double check it? It's not as wordy as you think, but I won't blame you if you don't want anything to do with it.
I guess I'm back. Kinda.

Dunno, I might try to put it in the background, hoping that it will do some passive shit to me. That is, if I can persuade myself to listen to anything besides the sound of the fans in my PC.

And another sentence. The previous enemy is down, and here comes the next one called ティシフォン, and she has this single line before the fight:
Jisho says "look, look!", but isn't it more like "come on!"?
I don't really get the から here, it looks like they're using it as a kind of if (if you that slow/hesitant, we won't have time for ...), but から should mean something like "from" or "because".
And the お姉様, which fortunately can mean any female human being (at least in manga/anime/vidya world), not just her real sisters. It could be the hero's bitch 恋人, or maybe even herself, she looks childish enough for that. And probably that makes the most sense, why would she care about how much good time the hero has with others?
<If you take your time/don't get your shit together, you won't have time to have a good time with me [=your spare time becomes nonexistent]
But the only person who could have a good time here is she, so it's still a bit problematic.
<Get ready/prepare yourself
This feels like she's trying to taunt the protag. I mean, the protag was anything but hesitant or slow the whole time.
If I go with お姉様=I, then お姉様の仇=my enemy=you (or actually even お姉様=my sisters. お姉様の仇=my sisters' enemy=you works), but then she just says her own name. 討つ can be attack or destroy, causative + てもらう
>As for「YがX{に・から}Aてもらう」, in the case of an unrealized event, a certain person Y, shows a command/request/hope of something A that is a plus to Y to another person X. In the past tense, this command/request/hope is realized. In other words, Y has it that Y will receive a plus action A from X.
Eh, try to understand that without a PhD in linguistics. But this Tisiphone (or what the fuck is her name) should be the receiver, so she will receive that the protag will make her attack (or destroy the protag). I guess.
Why must everything be so backwards?
[Hide] (55.4KB, 374x374)
>Nichijou mostly relies on visual gags
>I might try to put it in the background
Anon the point is that the visual context helps you understand what is being said.
Replies: >>170226
It's kind of hard to know exactly who's doing what without knowing the relationship between ティシフォン, whoever her older sister is, and you. Is this the first time you've seen her? Does she have the same design as the person from the previous fight (and is therefore her sister)?

>Jisho says "look, look!", but isn't it more like "come on!"?
It can be a beckoning word or it can be an invitation to look at something. This is the kind of word you can't expect a neat translation for.

This either means...
もうお姉様といい事する modifies 暇. The free time in which A together with 姉様 would be doing good things has disappeared because B was ぐずぐずしている (either whinging or fucking around dawdling or both). I don't know who A and B are and they might even be the same person. They could be almost any combination between you, ティシフォン and お姉様. Obviously A can't be お姉様.
ぐずぐずしているからもうお姉様といい事する modifies 暇. Because you've been taking it easy, you've been able to enjoy some time with 姉様 (probably referring to your last fight). That free time is now over because ティシフォン is here. She's trash talking you. もう stands out as an odd word so I think (1) might be more likely.

Without knowing more context, it's really hard for me to be certain about the meaning of this. I highly suspect that she's talking about your last fight though. The context you've given and the fact that she says そういうこと at the beginning really suggest this. If there really is no further context, my gut instinct is that you took too long in your last fight (which was with お姉様) and now you're out of free time to do nice things with her. Come to think of it, this isn't an H-game is it?

You have this right except it's the "letting" meaning of the causative, not the "making" meaning.
She is expressing a desire that you will let her challenge you (who is お姉様の仇). She is receiving the ability/permission to take that action.
Replies: >>170226
[Hide] (120.1KB, 510x434)
Spoiler File
(7.4KB, 640x400)
>you understand what is being said.
Shit, I guess not. See pic related.

>context, context, context
You're expecting too much from an obscure eroge. Anyway, there is a character chart somewhere...
ティシフォン is the youngest sister, the previous one is the one younger (and there are two others, but I don't they're relevant now). And yes, you just met her.
It's supposed to be good between the sisters, but as you defeat the first one, the oldest one is quick to throw her under the bus, by trying to bribe you with her body.
>same design
Dunno? The previous has pink hair and jacket and yellow trousers, while this one has yellow/yellow-red (it's a bit hard to tell from 8-color pc88 graphics) hair and some blue dress(?) thing. Also the first pic.
>I highly suspect that she's talking about your last fight though.
Okay, I haven't thought of that possibility. Second pic is just after it. But the game goes like this, defeat the girl, get cg with less clothes, repeat until naked, next enemy, repeat until the game runs out of content, so that いい事 could still be with anyone.
Replies: >>170229 >>171783
Ah. Now that I know it's an eroge and how it works, I'm a little more confident. She's essentially saying that your fap time with pink-haired お姉様 is up.
>so that いい事 could still be with anyone
No, it's with お姉様. That's why it says お姉様といい事する. It could be with her two other sisters as well but that wouldn't make any contextual sense.
ほらほら does mean something like "come on" in this case. She's trying to get your attention.
I've revised my translation to
>You're taking too long! Your free time to do nice things with onee-sama has ended.
The meaning of から is too difficult to put into English but it can be grasped in the following way: Because you dawdled on onee-sama's picture, she's fed up with waiting and, therefore, she's putting an end to it. This also gives extra context to the お姉様の仇はこのティシフォンが討たせてもらうわ bit at the end. Let me challenge you already!
Replies: >>170405
>It's fine that these people aren't good at Japanese but they're not even good at English.
Replies: >>170263
[Hide] (469.7KB, 772x525)
God damn it, why do I keep hitting reply when I mean to hit select file.
[Hide] (35.5KB, 640x480)
Now that i have learned i don't want anyone else to do so. I want to feel special.
Replies: >>170327 >>170405
who the fuck is ((( alexander )))?
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1277x714)
>It's not enough that I should succeed, others should fail.
You're not alexander, that's for sure.
Replies: >>170405
With 仇を討つ, 仇 doesn't refer just any old enemy, but specifically someone who has wronged or killed someone and so is the target of some revenge or retaliation. When you see Personの仇を討つ, that's avenge Person. Basically saying she'll have her vengeance for onee-sama's sake.
Replies: >>170405
[Hide] (8.4KB, 802x148)
In the end it will turn out this game has a lot of subtle meanings that I'm too stupid to understand.
That's the spirit. If you do something than anyone could do, where is the achievement in it?
Also that pic. 遠慮がち=shy, reserved. With pantsu on full display because of a pretty short skirt. I don't get it.
Another expression to add to my vocabulary, I guess. Thanks.

Also, dictionary parts of nip textbooks can be pretty horrible, but sometimes there are useful info in it, like picrel. Jisho only mentions とこ at the bottom of the ところ entry, as other form, despite being used everywhere in casual speech.
>With pantsu on full display because of a pretty short skirt. I don't get it.
It's more like "timidly" since she fell asleep unintentionally.
What are some places where japanese actually post? I know about 2chan and 5chan, where else do nips usually socialize?
Replies: >>170472 >>170482
Yeah, I would have thought openly sleeping on a couch (possibly someone else's couch?) isn't the 遠慮 thing to do. I guess it refers to the manner of sleeping as in she isn't sprawled across the living room floor and snoring loudly.

Replies: >>170497
>where else do nips usually socialize?
Replies: >>170497
From what I know it's basically Line (corean WhatsApp clone that took off due to the Tohoku earthquake taking out telephony but not mobile data) and Instakike, followed closely by 2ch (the site Jimbo stole) which is basically the Japanese Reddit.
Replies: >>170498
Isn't Line the one that makes you buy reaction images (aka "stamps")? Why do nips love microtransaction shit so much?
Replies: >>170530
I interpreted it as she didn't want to use someone elses' bed/futon so she 遠慮'd and slept on the couch.
The weird thing is you can literally right click save as stamps, I don't understand why you would pay for them.
>The weird thing is you can literally right click save as stamps, I don't understand why you would pay for them.
They'd probably consider that piracy, and you know how autistic nips are about piracy.
>You wouldn't right click a jpg
Replies: >>171210
Somewhy I thought they're on a train. Probably because of the luggage. Even though the sentence clearly mentions ソファ. I guess I am hopeless.
Yes, I would download a car.

Also, is 見かけより骨があり some kind of expression? Because it looks like to me, but I don't seem to find it in any dictionary.
Replies: >>171256
[Hide] (23.6KB, 652x437)
>Also, is 見かけより骨があり some kind of expression? Because it looks like to me, but I don't seem to find it in any dictionary.
That's something like "he's tougher than he looks"
Replies: >>171564
>backbone, spirit, fortitude
>looks compared to spirit/fortitude has
>he's tougher than he looks
I guess I'm officially retarded.

Also, if I already have 中央 and 制御室 in anki, does it make sense to add 中央制御室 too?
Replies: >>171647
[Hide] (61.2KB, 720x799)
I'm not sure what you're confused about. Having fortitude = mentally tough, and as for 見かけより see pic related.

>Also, if I already have 中央 and 制御室 in anki, does it make sense to add 中央制御室 too?
Replies: >>171783
[Hide] (11.7KB, 640x92)
But doesn't "tougher than he looks" implies that he's physically strong?

Anyway, same game as >>170226

<Moira one-sama will keep you company/play a game with you.
She must be referring to the upcoming "fight" and everything else.
<Poor thing, after you came until here...
I guess she implies here that Moira will surely finish you off, despite she and everyone else before her failed. Just like the chink flu, two killshots and a booster didn't stop anything, but a second (or third or i don't know what's next for normalfags these days) booster will surely work!
Just shove every possible particle at the end of the sentence, it must mean something.
Shouldn't be some particle or something between 私 and 相手? But the gist is that she's annoyed that he's only thinking about his girlfriend, when she went all out.
Wtf is おしゃった. (Provided that, ああ is pic related, and it's not one long word). The only thing I can think of is a typo of おしゃべった, which mostly fits, since モイラ indeed told them that she's safe before.
<After you fall, we will spend time training
Who are they going to train? Our hero or Miki? And who is going to train? Only Moira wasn't defeated at this point. Or is it just like the classic trope, every boss you defeat respawns shortly, but if you lose once, it's game over? But then there comes this:
<Instead of us
Or Miki will teach you a lesson instead of these evil sisters? But that makes even less sense.
>But doesn't "tougher than he looks" implies that he's physically strong?
Anon you get way too hung up on the English meaning of things, I'm trying to teach you what that statement means in Japanese. If the more literal "he has more fortitude that he looks" makes more sense to you then think of it that way instead. Though instead you should try and understand the Japanese as-is without trying to make an English equivalent for every statement.

>Wtf is おしゃった
Probably a typo of 仰った.
Replies: >>171803
[Hide] (55.2KB, 893x960)
>too hung up on the English meaning
But I'm not a nip, nor did I live in nipland for 20 years, I can't think in nip.
Replies: >>171806 >>171823
[Hide] (63.4KB, 499x560)
>I can't think in nip.
You have to if you ever want to learn Japanese.
I can't provide a proper explanation, but you do see stuff like this sometimes, it's not a typo.

They (whoever is currently holding her captive, I assume, the 私たちの代わりに) will likely train your girlfriend the way you would a sex slave, should you lose. There are a few similar terms you may have seen before like 調教, 開発, or 躾け. 

As far as 骨がある goes, English basically has the exact same idiomatic expression, except we specify the bone. Also listed on the jisho entry posted earlier: backbone. "Having backbone/a spine" is practically identical in usage.
Replies: >>171823 >>171835
The problem with dictionaries is you can't look shit like this up in them. You have to search for some explanation elsewhere that's going to be in Japanese like this one that helpfully compares three similar constructions.
According to this Jap, 相手をする means to receive or look after a troublesome guest. Also kids. So yeah you have the gist of it right.

<Just shove every possible particle at the end of the sentence, it must mean something.
There's only one particle there which is the final な. You can't put stuff after だ (copula) at the end of a sentence so, if you want to, it turns into な. だろう is informal  でしょう  which means something like "I wonder" or provides some nuance of conjecture. The な at the end also does this.

I also hate it when they drop particles. I think she might be saying that, even though you got fired up as my opponent, you still have so much consideration for others. I could be wrong.

She's just said that your girlfriend is fine. However (もっとも), when you lose, they're going to spend their sweet time raping her. As payback. 代わり is a substitute but it can also mean compensation. These are the girls you molested after beating, right?
The way this comes right off a statement about Miki being fine, however... implies that Miki is going to pay if you get filtered at the final boss. You could always lose and find out.

>But doesn't "tougher than he looks" implies that he's physically strong?
He meant mentally tougher. This is a question about English comprehension now.

>I can't think in nip.
Learning a language is identical to learning to think in that language.

If you look up 骨のある in a dictionary or idiom list, it will come up with the meaning everyone is posting here. Anyone know why it's の instead of が though? Is this some relic of olden days Japanese?
Replies: >>171835
Oh, yeah, way too many times.

>search for some explanation elsewhere that's going to be in Japanese
Unfortunately, usually that goes like this:
>there is 1 thing I don't understand
>find some nip info on the topic
>there are 5 things I don't understand

>troublesome guest. Also kids
I guess if you want to defeat the owners of the place to get back the girl they kidnapped, that can count as a "troublesome guest", But yeah, that's not what the jisho translation implies.

>There's only one particle there which is the final な
Okay, then how to parse this shit? The previous sentence ends with なのか, なの+か, both questioning, He ask whether Miki is safe, but I guess with more force. Now with なんだろうな, だろう+な is both some kind of "I wonder"/"is it?", but なん=何?

>I think she might be saying that, even though you got fired up as my opponent, you still have so much consideration for others.
Doesn't seem right, some extra context: during the whole game, he only cares about rescuing her girlfriend and doesn't give a flying fuck about anything else. And all those H things, I have a feeling that he's pretty reluctant to do them, but the game is a bit ambiguous there.
So I wouldn't say consideration for others, he only cares about that one person. I'm not sure who got fired up, originally I thought the girl, at least she has lines like
while what you do is pretty much left up to imagination, but it could work either way.

Good to know, it makes more sense like this. Also, didn't the whole game start with them kidnapping her, so they can turn her into their plaything? Even before you gave them any reason to have a payback? Or am I being too anal with an eroge?
>girls you molested after beating
As I mentioned above, the game is a bit ambiguous about what is happening there, I think they're more concerned about their pride (supposedly they were never defeated before) than having some fun time with a handsome man... but the end result is the same, they have reasons to be pissed off about you.
>You could always lose and find out.
If you mean literally in the game, no, you just get two options, retry and exit. No monmusu quest rape on defeat.

>This is a question about English comprehension now.
Fine, I guess I'm even too retarded for that, ignore my ramblings.

>の instead of が though?
I've also seen 腹の立つ previously instead of 腹が立つ, I think I've asked it a few threads back, I don't think I've got any meaningful answer for that either.

Also, I've never been more interested in figuring out the circumstances of a random tatoeba sentence:
Replies: >>171841
[Hide] (19KB, 739x540)
A summary of the answer in that link:
子供の相手をする = to look after kids
客の相手をする = to welcome/accept (迎える) a troublesome guest or customer
means to act as the other/reciprocal party in actions like listening to someone and responding to them.
means to become an opponent in a fight or competition.

アレクト is being coy. Obviously モイラ isn't meeting you as a guest. She's going to try to beat the shit out of you.

>How to parse 無事なんだろうな!?
だ in the form of なん (ん is short for の)
You're repeating the question in a more emphatic way because you're worried about Miki.

No, not in this case although it can elsewhere. なん is the kind of word that fucks up beginners or at least it fucked me up. The real fuckery begins when they say things like なんなんの. That's some bullshit right there. The first なん is 何 and the second is the copula. The の on the end is the empathetic の or marks a question. It means approximately 何ですか.

>he only cares about rescuing her girlfriend and doesn't give a flying fuck about anything else
Then his consideration is only for Miki.
>Who was fired up and over what
The more I think about this, the less sure I am. If it were me reading, I'd put this in the too hard basket and move on.

didn't the whole game start with them kidnapping her, so they can turn her into their plaything? Even before you gave them any reason to have a payback?
>Expecting villains to be fair
>Expecting eroge to make sense

>の instead of が
Nevermind, I answered my own question. I wonder how many times I've breezed past something like that without even realising.
I'm sure one day it will be super useful that I know this word.

For this word, the only thing I found is one example sentence (but actually that looks more like a definition) in weblio. There is 引きずり降ろす and すり下ろす which are similar, and I guess it means something like pull down.
Replies: >>172624
[Hide] (13.9KB, 651x182)
[Hide] (10.1KB, 650x182)
>I guess it means something like pull down
Yeah probably. Something that will drag on the way down like pantsu.
[Hide] (578.5KB, 2048x2048)
What would be the best way to describe もう in this sentence? At first reading, I thought something like "even":
<Even we don't have the power to restore this fallen ill, weakened world
But of course jisho doesn't list that meaning. But then
1. Something that already happened. もう子供ではない this example sentence hurt me in an unexpected way This would mean that they no longer possess the power, but they had in the back, right? Because that's not what I expect from the context.
2. Something will happen soon. No, not this.
3. You want to add something. Nope.
4. Stop doing what you're doing. Nope.
5. Emphasizing. Regarding *we*, power not have. Even can be also uses as an emphasis. Maybe. inb4 I get again that I'm too hung up on English mechanics
Also I'm not completely sure about that 病み衰えた. It's a scifi where environmental pollution almost destroyed the world and you have a whole fucking city under a dome, because you can't go outside.

Did they omit some particle around 打ち勝つ不屈, or what?
<resist every temptation
<hardship overcome, persistent fighting spirit
<persistently hardship overcoming fighting spirit??
So is it a continuation of the enumeration, or something else?
I still love when they take a fucking compound sentence, and use it as an adjective. Just don't try to translate it to proper English, or your brain will fry.

Also, I randomly came across pic related. How the fuck do they read this shit? I can barely figure out the kana.
Replies: >>173048 >>173075
Why do you not expect it to mean "anymore?" That's the meaning I would have thought. The power to blah blah blah no longer resides in us. Possibly because the situation has gotten out of control?

>Did they omit some particle around 打ち勝つ不屈, or what?
No. 困難に打ち勝つ modifies 不屈の闘志.
The 不屈の闘志 that 困難に打ち勝つ.

>So is it a continuation of the enumeration, or something else?
Enumeration? You've got it right. A hardship-overcoming, persistent fighting spirit.

>I still love when they take a fucking compound sentence, and use it as an adjective.
You'll like the VN I'm reading then. 90% of the main character's inner monologue takes the form of __私は、 _____。 She's just changed her hikkikomori ways and started going to school again but she's been heavily influenced by novels and movies. Now her 乙女心 is all aflutter as she embarks on her search for amitié. To give an example, here's one I made up:
友達が作れることが出来なかった私は、 ノベルゲームを読みながら苦しい思い出を思い出していた。
Except, when she does it, it takes two full text boxes because it's that long. Damn it! Some of the ways she fucks up do bring back painful memories.
If it makes you feel better, I didn't realise that there were actually two other girls in the prologue of this story. I thought they were the same until several scenes later when they're doing their 挨拶 and I realise they have different names. They don't even look the same, I'm just retarded.

Here's my attempt.
>Right side

逑風 (name? first is non-jouyou/jinmeiyou)
金具 (probably)
手?ケース (some kind of hand restraint?)
?ケース (looks like 矢 and 艮 crammed together but that's not a kanji)
できれば (maybe)

>Left side
?返しで (good luck)

t. practiser of kanji handwriting
Replies: >>173068
>Why do you not expect it to mean "anymore?"
Preconception, I guess? There is dialogue at the beginning of the game
Yes, things got out of control, but that was a long time ago, at the time of the great-grandfather of our hero. But to be honest, the more I think about it, the more unsure I'm about it. Maybe they mean that those 維持システム worked more-or-less until recently, and only now are things getting out of control, but originally I guessed with 元に戻す they meant return to normal, and not just fix the problem of that system. Also, the 私 in my original sentence is 環境管理中枢コンピューター・システムの実体化ホログラム, so she could be 100 years old now, despite her appearance. But her sisters (the たち part of 私たち) are normal humans as far as I can tell, and they certainly don't look old (but yes, they're generic anime girls, so they can be anywhere between 10 and 60 years old). Is it normal to have 50+ years difference between two siblings? I guess I'm again at the
>Expecting eroge to make sense

>困難に打ち勝つ modifies 不屈の闘志
I don't get it, what's with あらゆる誘惑に耐え then? Is it still related to the fighting spirit, or it's a separate thing.

>You'll like the VN I'm reading then
I was being sarcastic...

>Here's my attempt.
Uh, I didn't ask for that, but thanks. I was just randomly browsing around pixiv, found that pic, and I was wondering how the hell can they read that shit. Apparently, that image is related to a 13 chapter novel the same author wrote, so maybe things some things won't make sense without reading that first (which I'm not going to do, at least not in the next 5 years).
Wat is that even? (And a few more times)
>逑風 (name? first is non-jouyou/jinmeiyou)細あげっ
That one I actually know, 辻風, the name of the character.
Isn't that a だ at the end? It looks like the two vertical lines of だ got merged.
Duh, I wasn't expected romaji.
I thought that's フム, but yeah フチ makes more sense.
Not 肉くいこみ? It kinda shows on the picture that it bites into the skin. I guess she's a masochist.
ハーネス again I think
Replies: >>173075
[Hide] (4.9KB, 800x600)
I forgot to say
>Also I'm not completely sure about that 病み衰えた
Metaphorically speaking, pollution could be considered a wasting sickness of Mother Earth.

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I don't know if the before and after implied by もう have to apply to the same person in such a strict way. So it might not mean that the speaker used to be able to fix it but that, a long time ago, the people in charge of such things were able to fix it and now they (I) cannot. Maybe?

Ah I see now. Ending on the stem like that is a literary way to end on the て form. In this case he connecting two clauses together. So these young people are both sufferers of various temptations and possessors of a resilient fighting spirit that allows them to overcome hardships. The girl in my VN does this non stop.

>I was being sarcastic...
I know. I was shamelessly taking the opportunity to talk about a VN I like.

>Wat is that even?
No idea but that's what it looked like. Actually I'm doubly retarded. It says 背中 of course.
What's with all the extra strokes?
>Isn't that a だ at the end?
I don't know what 細あだ means but I guess 細あげ means "making it finer/thinner"
>フチ makes more sense
Yeah well I thought it said 74 for a while.
Yep. Good catch.
>ハーネス again
And again.

I don't know why handwriting is so atrocious. Here's me fairly quickly writing some of those things using paint. It turned out OK. I have a habit of making kanji that are composed of two parts side by side too wide as you'll see in 細. It starts to look like 糸田.
Replies: >>173082 >>173089
[Hide] (165.5KB, 1280x720)
>I have a habit of making kanji that are composed of two parts side by side too wide as you'll see in 細. It starts to look like 糸田
Not wide enough.
Replies: >>173096
[Hide] (1.5MB, 3072x2809)
>literary way
This thing is killing me.
>I was shamelessly taking the opportunity to talk about a VN I like.
You didn't even mention its name, you're doing shilling wrong.
>What's with all the extra strokes?
Dunno, I copy-pasted it from the pixiv description. Maybe 逑風 is the correct spelling, but the author doesn't know how to type it on a PC? But the reading is definitely つじかぜ.
>I don't know what 細あだ means but I guess 細あげ means "making it finer/thinner"
On a second looking, I'd say 綱あな, at least that makes some sense. Still it looks like a dakuten, and not a single stroke.
Replies: >>173096
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1918x1400)
I have the opposite problem. It's not literary Japanese that kills me, it's colloquial Japanese. For example, I've been reading some recent manga and I notice that they put てか in places where I would expect ていうか. Is that what all the cool kids are saying nowadays? See pic beginning of the second bubble along the bottom. I hope I never have to talk to a Japanese teenager. I'm not shilling this one because it's not very good although the girl is cute enough.

The name of the VN is Flowers. https://vndb.org/v14267
"Exquisite" is the kind of word I'd use for it but I'm scarcely begun. I understand maybe 50% of it but enough to follow along. It helps that it's descriptive so I get multiple chances to pick up on things. I don't use a dictionary except when there's a choice.

That's exactly what I was thinking.


On another note, is there a good way to approach words/kanji (especially verbs) that cover a wide range of English meanings? The one that's tripping me up a lot lately is 張る. It seems to get used in metaphorical ways a lot.
>It's not literary Japanese that kills me, it's colloquial Japanese
Where did I mention I have no problems with that? People recommended yotsubato as some beginner friendly manga. I still have PTSD from that.
>Japanese teenager
Fortunately the game is older than a teenager, so it's guaranteed that I won't have this kind of problem here.
What the actual fuck? And what's with all the birds? He's already frog but he just hasn't realized it?

<No Sexual Content
Replies: >>173375
>innocent gray fecal matter
If I remember correctly 張る can mean "form [on/in a thing]" so it could work metaphorically.
Replies: >>173375
[Hide] (350.3KB, 513x1375)
Wait until you encounter dialects.
Replies: >>173356 >>173375
[Hide] (142KB, 1080x1400)
[Hide] (54.1KB, 363x501)
Replies: >>173269
[Hide] (63.5KB, 550x550)
Replies: >>173356
I died. WTF is 分身達. Probably not Buddha's reincarnation, so the other esoteric meaning. It's clear that they want to give their help, but why. Then the others give their introductions:
What is the best way to think about those『XY』を司る? I guess it should be their title or rank or whatever, but that 司る looks a bit weird.

Something similar was here: >>170179
So they're asking from you to let them tag along. Right? Why do I keep questioning myself every time?

What unholy thing is this? Is this even a human language?
Good, my lolis are safe then.
[Hide] (658.1KB, 1439x925)
>WTF is 分身達
You've never heard of 分身の術?
Replies: >>173360
>What the actual fuck?
He accidentally signed a 365 day cohabitation contract with his blood and both parties will get froggified if they go back on it.
>No Sexual Content
Because it's about a dorky girl making friends and feelings and shit.
The better question is why would there have to be any? I never understood the appeal of such scenes in VNs.

I don't know what you're talking about and I don't really want to know. I'll find out on my own why you've said this, thank you.

Regarding 張る, I remember the glass walls/ceiling of a greenhouse was described using that word. I don't have the sentence anymore. I suppose it's related to the "forming ice on a pond" definition. What I was asking is if there's a resource that explains some kind of unified, intuitive understanding behind all the separate meanings for these kinds of words.

Dialects aren't as bad. I think I explained earlier in this thread why I like Chuugoku dialect because it distinguishes between doing something right now and having just done something whereas standard Japanese uses -teiru for both.
Replies: >>173404 >>173431
I think it just means being in charge of『XY』, carrying the duty of 『XY』, being responsible of『XY』.
> 職務・任務として取り扱う。役目としてそのことに当たる。
It's most apparent here
<My name is ティシフォン and I'm in charge of protection. I've been given the duty of defense.
Replies: >>173431
>What unholy thing is this? Is this even a human language?
It's 津軽弁, which is supposedly the most difficult dialect to understand.
>Dialects aren't as bad.
Yeah, most aren't that insane. Personally I like 関西弁 more than 標準語.
Replies: >>173421
>So they're asking from you to let them tag along. Right?
Looks like it. Is this after you've beaten them into submission? They're being awfully polite.

>Aomori dialect
Do you know what it says? I have thought about learning that just for the fun of it but I decided my effort was better spent practising more common Japanese.

Do Tewi and Udongein actually speak it? A total guess at what it says...
く or くー I suppose must have something to do with the carrot. I wonder if it comes from 喰う and means food/eating?
Judging from Tewi's pose, けろ means "gimme." Makes sense as it looks like an imperative.
No idea about へば.
わい is 私 in some dialects.
わいはかけ = I give? I'm thinking かける for some reason.
美味い -> うめえ -> め
This would just be kana to me without the pictures.

Anybody know any good stories that are written or have extensive dialogue in unusual dialects? Unusual meaning not standard Japanese or Kansai ben.
Spoiler File
(196.5KB, 513x1375)
>I never understood the appeal of such scenes in VNs.
Girls by themselves are boring.

So she's now just basically repeating the same thing?

>Is this after you've beaten them into submission?
Kinda. The game goes into a it was just a test, to select the perfect candidate to save the worlds, so we're not the bad guys, blahblahblah

>Do you know what it says?
See pic related, it was linked from the pixiv page.
I still think it's bullshit.
Replies: >>173469
[Hide] (435.1KB, 513x1375)
The translation was already posted in >>173431, so have another.
Replies: >>173576
[Hide] (294.6KB, 1125x1600)
I know there's at least a few manga centered around 方言女子. Of course the dialectical dialogue would tend to mostly be limited to the heroine, I imagine. The couple I have downloaded are 「博多弁の女の子はかわいいと思いませんか?」, 「好いとっと!?」 (九州) and 「八十亀ちゃんかんさつにっき」 (名古屋) but I've yet to read any of them. If I remember right 博多弁 tends to rank pretty well as far as being cute when girls speak in them goes.
>If I remember right 博多弁 tends to rank pretty well as far as being cute when girls speak in them goes.
I'm not sure I've even heard that, but 関西弁 is cuter than standard nip.
Replies: >>173541
I haven't heard enough of most dialects actually spoken to really make a judgement, but I'm not really a fan of 関西弁 myself. I think I kind of liked what I've heard of 広島弁 and maybe 博多弁 and I definitely find 津軽弁 quite interesting with just how different it seems to be. Wish dialects weren't fading away in favor of 標準語, (which I believe is the case) since I think they're pretty neat all around.
Where was the last post where I bitched about negatives? Now, here comes this:
<As long as you can't accept this, this world has no tomorrow!
That 限り looks weird as fuck. And why the potential in いただく? And why must you express everything in a roundabout way?

Are you trying to destroy my motivation?
Replies: >>173608
[Hide] (719.6KB, 580x1685)
>Are you trying to destroy my motivation?
Replies: >>173612
[Hide] (860.3KB, 1280x768)
Some madman playing through the prologue of nier:automata and going through every single line of text, word by word. My autism has been toppled.
Replies: >>173793
[Hide] (391.5KB, 751x1044)
>Finally learn Japanese
>Step foot outside Tokyo
>Some cute girl starts spouting nonsense at you
What do you do?

Since we're on the topic, what do you guys think of these kana -> じぢづず? I think there should be a difference between づ and ず and it bothers me that there isn't in most Japanese.

That's painful to watch. And how helpful is that really? Even before getting to translation vs comprehension, the point is reading/listening is supposed to be something that happens in your head not someone else's. Even if you're still deliberately translating Japanese into English, that's something you should be doing yourself. Anyone watching that is not actually practising Japanese. He calls it immersion in the description and yet he stops the video to translate every line. There's more English than Japanese.
I think you move your tongue forward with づ and backward with ず. I'm probably completely wrong though.
>What do you do? 
<Run away
<Realize it was just a bad dream

>That's painful to watch.
Yes. Learning a language is also painful. But the biggest problem is that this guy is annoying as fuck.
>And how helpful is that really?
Dunno, I tried many things, nothing helped.
I just posted it because he's doing something like me, except I don't make a yewtube video out of it. Maybe if I continue doing this shit for another 10 years, I will understand some basic shit.
I haven't checked them, but he apparently has some grammar videos, maybe they make more sense.
Replies: >>173828
[Hide] (161.7KB, 2030x1905)
No clue how ぢ would be pronounced if not exactly the same as じ.
The difference between づ and ず is so small that most nips don't even care.
Apparently northern Japan and Okinawa pronounce *all four* of them as "ji".
tsu is like the z in pizza, zu is like the buzzing onomatopeia you make, at least that's what my teacher told me
>he's doing something like me
Translating every line to English? You're not going to learn Japanese until you stop doing that.
Replies: >>173846
Not exactly, what I usually end up is with is sentence fragments using English and my native language words with Japanese grammar.
But what I meant is more like go through every fucking line, word by word, until I understand everything. And usually fail.
Replies: >>174012
Suddenly モイラ got an 運命, I guess that's how they tried to mark furigana on pc98's limited display (apparently moirai is destiny in greek, personification of destiny: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moirai). Then in the next sentence it's the reverse: 運命<モイラ>. What does this mean? Why did they wait with that furigana until the end of the game? And more importantly, what's the correct reading here? モイラ? うんめい? Did I retroactively read everything wrong?
What's that より? I guess it means something like the new tests are even more cruel, but then it's in the wrong place.
Is it slang/dialect of 立ち向かえなければ?
Replies: >>174012
This is the part where the author takes a big fat shit all over Western mythology. Essentially, Moira is actually the personification of the environment management computer system. Meaning she controls and makes decisions about the lives of everyone in Babylon Tower. She is likened to the Fates (apparently all three at once even though her sisters represent individual Furies and one of them is missing) because she controls the fate of the world. The Fates in Greek mythology were three sisters who were above even the gods and controlled absolutely the fate of all. Clotho the youngest spun the thread of life (birth), Lachesis wove the tapestry (life), and Atropos cut off the thread at the end (death). Incidentally, the Furies were also three sisters who, I believe, were born from Ouranos' seed when he was castrated by his son Kronos. They took vengeance on murderers and especially people who kill family. The classic example is in the Oresteia by Aeschylus. Orestes gets pursued by them for killing his mother (even though she killed her husband Agamemnon). I don't know why Tisiphone and Alekto bear the names of furies but presumably they are agents of Moira of some kind (even though I can't recall any examples where that happens in the real myths).

Furigana doesn't always give the real reading of kanji. Sometimes the furigana (or furiganji?) is an alternate representation or another way of looking at the same thing. For example, you might say, "Wow! OP <fag> sure made a shitty thread today." OP doesn't stand for fag, it stands for original poster, but OP is a fag. Fuck, it already happens in English with girlfriend (male). You see this kind of thing happen all the time in manga. The reason you're just hearing it now is because you just got the plot twist about the nature of Moira. The point is to identify Moira with the fate of the world. When it says モイラ<運命> it means the girl is called Moira (aka fate). When it says 運命<モイラ> it means the computer is called fate (aka Moira).

Putting より before an adjective makes it a comparative form. より厳しい = stricter, more severe, harder etc.

>Is it slang/dialect of 立ち向かえなければ?
I guess? That's what I'd think and it makes sense.

I had a feeling you might be ESOL.
Replies: >>174106
Okay, so I'll have to read Greek mythology 101 next I think, since my knowledge in this regard is comparable to a random Nip.
>even though her sisters represent individual Furies and one of them is missing
She has three sisters ingame, メガイラ, ティシフォン and アレクト, corresponding to Megaera, Tisiphone, Alecto, so they're all there. Maybe I didn't mention Megaera until now, she didn't have much screentime.
>born from Ouranos' seed when he was castrated by his son Kronos
Uh-oh. They sure had weird ideas.

>girlfriend (male)
Jesus, where do you see things like that? Actually, don't answer, I don't want to go there, not even accidentally.

>Putting より before an adjective
Oh, it works in the other direction too? Neat.

I'm also a retard, don't forget that.
Replies: >>174152 >>174160
What even is this game you have been playing for months?
Replies: >>174159 >>174160
Cocktail Soft: Liberty (PC-98 version)
But I didn't play it for months, the actual gameplay might be about an hour from start to finish. I just dumped the text of the game into a txt file and now slowly going through it, stopping when I stuffed enough new words into anki for tomorrow, sometimes taking a break for a few days to preserve my sanity.
Replies: >>174182 >>174225
I'm curious too but we've seen so much of it here that none of us need to play it. We already know what happens.

>where do you see things like that?
Ironic shitposting on imageboards. Although there's always a question of how much is truly ironic. I've never seen it anywhere else.

>Oh, it works in the other direction too? Neat.
When it comes before, it's no longer a particle but an adverb. In the normal, particle usage you're making a comparison between two specific things. In this adverbial usage you don't specify something to compare to. It means "more than normal" or "more than before" or "more than our competition" (in ads) or something like that. It should be discernible from context.
[Hide] (387.6KB, 747x614)
What made you decide to practice on a Breakout clone?
Replies: >>174280
Out of curiosity, how much time do you spend a day reading Japanese?
Replies: >>174280
I opened a huge cg dump in galapix (and it fucked up the amd driver first), started randomly looking for something interesting, and found this. Don't ask me what did I find interesting in this game, I don't know, other than wondering how would a rule 34 breakout work.

Dunno, not much unless I find something piss easy, because otherwise anki will become the limiting factor. My review time is increasing again, right now it's starting to reach 25 minutes, but it was 20 minutes a month ago, and I don't want to go back to having 1h+ reviews per day.
Replies: >>174473
Practicing by reading is far more important than Anki. I never add anything to Anki when I practice, I just review a couple of pre-made decks.
Replies: >>174553
>Practicing by reading is far more important than Anki.
I guess we have been already there, but how to practice if I don't understand what's going on? To understand that, I need to know the words, and we're back at step one.
>pre-made decks
But they're full of words I never encounter, on the other hand they lack many words I encounter constantly. I have core-10k added to anki, but they're all suspended and I only unsuspend ones I actually see, but these days I usually add words that are plain missing from it. Maybe I could check out other decks, but in that case merging duplicates would be a huge PITA.
Replies: >>174562
We've > told you time and time again that you don't need to understand everything to read. Since you're unwilling to accept that, let's try something else. Rather than have anki limit your reading time, it would be better if you simply did less anki. Don't mine any new words from your reading. You can keep reviewing your existing notes. If you don't understand something, fine, look it up and then forget it two seconds later. But don't let it limit how much you read. I haven't mined a single word ever so it's definitely not a problem. You seem to be labouring under a misunderstanding. It is not the case that you have to learn words before or apart from practising them. You learn through practice. Anki never taught anyone Japanese. THE ONLY way to get good at X is to practise doing X. Anything that hinders that has to go.
>But they're full of words I never encounter, on the other hand they lack many words I encounter constantly.
So? When you encounter an unknown word in a story, one of two things will happen.
1. You encounter this word many more times.
2. You encounter it only a few more times or not at all.
In the first case, you're already getting repeated exposure to it anyway. Adding it to anki while you're still reading that story will do nothing for you. Especially since the short exposure intervals will fuck up the spaced repetition method. In the second case, why bother? It's no different to a core deck word that you never see either.

I certainly understand your desire to not have hour long reviews. The ankilanche dekinai'd my first attempt at learning Japanese. Examining what went wrong helped me know what to do differently next time. One of those things was to limit anki so I don't get burned out. Now I use two pre-made decks that I've modified with a specific focus and I have a definite purpose for doing them. They take maybe 10 minutes a day? 20 minutes tops.
Replies: >>174577
[Hide] (96.2KB, 1024x683)
>In the first case, you're already getting repeated exposure to it anyway. Adding it to anki while you're still reading that story will do nothing for you.
Actually, that's one of the reason I started putting words into anki. I was fed up that I had to look up the same word, again and again, 1000 times, and always forgetting it. There are some words that I can't seem to learn, unless anki harasses me with it for weeks or sometimes months.
>Especially since the short exposure intervals will fuck up the spaced repetition method.
That assumes that I learn anything while reading, which is usually not the case. See above.
Replies: >>174677
>That assumes that I learn anything while reading
It sounds like you give up before you have a chance to learn anything.
Replies: >>174773
I don't know, maybe? Here are the things I tried.
>don't look up shit
Then I don't understand shit.
>look up shit
Then I immediately forgot shit. Heck, it happened multiple times I looked up a word, then by the time I got to the end of a sentence, I had to look up a word from the beginning of the sentence again, because I forgot it in the meantime. And I guess my patience in this regard is, unfortunately, not infinite.
>put shit into anki
It's painfully slow, but at least it works. Yes, it limits the speed I can do shit, but from the options I tried, this is still the best one.
I seriously have idea what should I do, because nothing I try works.
Replies: >>175790
Sometimes I can find weird shit on archive.org. Like this:
It looks like there was some kind of software, that used a reversible algorithm to censor pictures... and they wrote a tutorial on it, and put it in a printed magazine in 96 that had a company name and address at the end, Yet they still censor everything. I don't get it.
Also onahole review on page 184, and some fuckery with pachinko cards on 138, and generally full of shit on how to copy games and weird adverts. Do they still make any of this shit, or the internet killed it all?
Replies: >>175164
I can't believe they have been censoring shit for over 30 years with nobody doing anything about it. I guess it doesn't help that they don't seem to understand the concept of civil disobedience, reading their discussions of the censorship law I see a lot of opinions along the lines of "even a bad law should be followed".
I got asked by someone that started a few months ago for games to play, Zelda, Pokemon and Dragon Quest games came to my mind, any other recs?
Replies: >>175416
A game that they are already familiar with in English is a good start. Also not an early game written in pure katakana, something with kanji and furigana.
Replies: >>175454
I was thinking Persona 5, he already played that and the game is fully voiced too.
Replies: >>175470
[Hide] (304.6KB, 1280x720)
Might be tough if he doesn't know how to look up kanji, since there is no furigana and it's not 100% voiced, only like 60-70%.
[Hide] (148.2KB, 959x1400)
[Hide] (169.9KB, 959x1400)
>You should be able to solve this.
いろは坂いろは enrolls in glownigger school and gets picked on by the local stuck up bullies. Can you save Iroha from becoming ojousama's servant for the next three years?
Manga is 暗号学園のいろはand it seems it's written by Nisio Isin of all people.
Is the answer 徐? Gotta be 都道府県 related, but I'm not so sure on how to relate it to the characters. Think I got 35 characters I don't see in the note, so I just added 13 and 22 from his numbers as a guess. Really satisfying to actually manage solve language/kanji puzzles games but I don't see them all that often.
Replies: >>175788
[Hide] (112.6KB, 465x523)
>Can you save Iroha from becoming ojousama's servant for the next three years?
What if she wants to be?
Replies: >>175788
[Hide] (314.8KB, 825x640)
Ooh well done but you still haven't solved it yet.
Hint: It's certainly prefecture related but look closely. Not all the first kanji of every prefecture is there. Is there a pattern?
More obvious hint: Is there a way to uniquely map the kanji in the note to the prefectures in a one-to-one way?

I'm actually unsure of whether Iroha is a boy or a girl. Kyora asks why there's a boy in the academy on meeting Iroha and she uses the word 下男 where I said servant. On the other hand, no matter how you look at it, the artist drew a girl. I don't know yet if this is a draw-a-girl-call-it-a-boy situation. Usually that's done when it would result in crossdressing but that doesn't apply here. Iroha didn't particularly act tomboyish either although she? does call herself boku later. I don't think Iroha is a boy's name either.
I guess that's a no.
What the fuck is this even? Am I supposed to parse that unreadable wall of text?
Replies: >>175804
[Hide] (502.3KB, 1366x768)
>How can I into Japanese better
<Try doing this
>I don't want to do that
<OK well try this other thing instead then
>I don't want to do that either
What do you think you need to change about your method? I've said what helped me. I don't like doing too much anki so I don't. I found at times when I let it dominate my learning, my motivation to do anything plummeted. When I stopped doing new words for a while and focused on reading, my motivation soared again. When I started posting in this very thread, I was looking up every word I didn't know and sometimes even words I did know because I was second guessing myself. Now I hardly use a dictionary at all even though I'm still far from understanding every word and understand less overall. That's because I followed the advice of other anons who were telling you to do the same and I found it worked. It's like letting go of the floatie toy in a pool and floating by yourself. You don't think you can do it until you do it.
Maybe you should just keep doing what you're doing until you actually want to change something.
Replies: >>175809
>I don't want to do that
I said I tried that, but didn't work. Yes, maybe I didn't try hard enough, but unfortunately I'm not a NEET and there's like 1928492 things I want to do at any given time, so there will be time management problems.
>until you actually want to change something
Well, I've been trying to change something for at least 5 years now, if not more.

In other news, I stopped adding cards to anki. Also I stopped reading whatever I was reading until now, and I only read some random pixiv descriptions. From which I barely understand anything, even when they don't start their (ry bullshit and the likes. I don't think I'm doing the right thing.
Replies: >>175821
Just play games nigga. I told you that reading stuff without visual context isn't helping you, but you seem to only practice on LNs, text dumps, and random descriptions.
Replies: >>175834
>text dumps
They're usually from something I've seen/played/whatever though. 
>random descriptions
But that has an attached image and they have to do something with the image. Sometimes.
Does this mean VNs are bad too? They're just walls of text, and some images with barely any connection between the two. In that case suggest me some games without (or with minimal) auto advancing text, and generally not too hard nip. Bonus points if there are no long segments with no savepoints and walls of text. PS Vita or anything that can be emulated on Linux.
Replies: >>175852
[Hide] (173.9KB, 1280x720)
Which countries do 北と東 refer to here? I'm assuming it's North Korea and China, but maybe Russia and the USA make more sense geographically with respect to Japan?
JB is the one on the left. その時 refers to when one of her subordinates kills a certain powerful figure in Japan. Both JB and the killer are Japanese citizens. 脚本 refers to the cover-up story she's going to feed to the Japanese media.
Replies: >>175849
I think she means russian, could be (probably) wrong.
Is this the route where Yuuji gets turned into a garbage bag?
Replies: >>175873
>Does this mean VNs are bad too?
Yeah, play an RPG or something.
Replies: >>175870
Then any suggestions? If I try to find something on my own, I usually end up with harder that steel shit.
Replies: >>175872
[Hide] (79.1KB, 1280x960)
I doubt there are any real difficult RPGs besides psychological stuff like Xenogears. Try Breath of Fire 3 or 4, Shining Force 2, or Legend of Legaia.
Replies: >>175885
Yeah, if you choose to kill. Otherwise he just loses his arm.
Any way to study without being at the computer? I don't like vidya anymore and dislike reading on a screen, is printing manga halal?
Do you care about your money?
>is printing manga halal?
Nah, but you better be able to handle printer costs or hack into one at a local library.
Shit, I guess I got PTSD.

>dislike reading on a screen
Have you tried eink displays? They have a different feel than normal displays, and it's more economical than printing hundreds of pages.
Or you can import printed manga, but that's going to be even more expensive.
Replies: >>175905
[Hide] (188.9KB, 418x421)
>Shit, I guess I got PTSD.
Replies: >>175906 >>175936
[Hide] (178.3KB, 500x500)
Pretty Tight & Sexy Delts
The pervert brothers, last part from here:
Replies: >>176066
[Hide] (160KB, 838x279)
I should replay those games in Japanese one of these days. I only played the dub years ago. I didn't know Compa's Japanese voice was so annoying
Replies: >>176071 >>176140
nah, you just have incredibly shit taste, especially if you could tolerate the nep game dub
Replies: >>176140
[Hide] (193.9KB, 390x401)
Is there a problem, desu~?
This. I could tolerate the English dub for something like 5 seconds, even no voice acting is better than that.
Replies: >>176146
[Hide] (4.9MB, 4000x3507)
>compa will never compact your head between her legs
Any JPLT samples? I want to see what's on the tests.
I might apply for a job but it requires at least N3.
Replies: >>176198
JLPT website has some.
JLPTsensei has some practice tests too that you can download. I've never tried them but I think they're full length exams? 
I don't know of any others but there must surely be more.
Replies: >>176200 >>176202
Don't want to throw away money.
Do you have to write during the tests?
Replies: >>176204
No it is only multiple choice.
So, after having the pleasure to spend a few hours at my local hospital, I fucked a bit around with 黒の剣, because that's what I had installed on my vita. There was some kind of storm and something happened to the ship, the mc wakes up in an unknown(?) place, she is looking for some kind of 剣 that was important for her. Whoever saved her told her to go somethingの屋敷 (fuck if I know the kanji before it), without telling where it is. Randomly walking around I found that place, I think the guy (girl?) there said something but I don't remember what.
I guess I'll try Legend of Legaia later, maybe I'm not too retarded for that.
Replies: >>176355
>I guess I'll try Legend of Legaia later, maybe I'm not too retarded for that.
Oh yeah I forgot to tell you, there is a bug in Sony's emulator that makes the game uncompletable on PS3, so if the Vita uses the same emulator it might have the same bug. Play on a PC emulator or a more accurate third-party Vita emulator if one exists.

Transferring the save to an accurate emulator temporarily to get past the one place the game crashes is also an option.
Replies: >>176365
The vita has a PSP emulator, which has a PSX emulator, so I guess it uses the PSP's emulator and not the PS3's, but I'm not sure.
But I wanted wanted to try it on my PC anyway, I spent at least an hour looking at mednafen options, mostly triggering my autism about aspect ratios and integer scaling and not even starting the game. Beetle psx has some kind of widescreen hack that should turn 3d games into 16:9, I have no idea how well it works, but I'd want 16:10 anyway, not pleb 16:9, and without that retroarch garbage. Well, maybe tomorrow I'll get somewhere.
Replies: >>176366
>and without that retroarch garbage
Retroarch is honestly the easiest way to get accurate PSX emulation. Mednafen is not a very friendly emulator to use without a frontend.
I'm not a huge fan of these monolithic combine everything into one shit kind of projects, which usually combine the worst aspects of everything. And it has UI that looks like it was designed for negative IQ phone or console users. And it has no proper gentoo package.
Mednafen doesn't look bad, you just need to change some settings in the config file. It's a bit annoying that you can't resize the window though. Getting dosbox-x to properly run pc-98 shit was more challenging.
psx.xscale 4
psx.yscale 4
psx.h_overscan 1
psx.correct_aspect 0
psx.shader autoipsharper
Drag .cue or .gdi to mednafen.exe. Press hotkey to configure controller. Easy.
Replies: >>176410
>psx.correct_aspect 0
But then everyone will be wide
Replies: >>176422 >>176425
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1595x897)
>then everyone will be wide
Okay, I tried that libretro-super to avoid the need to hunt for every required component. Well, bad idea.
>fetch script doesn't check command return codes
If a download fails because github's aka microsoft's servers kick the bucket, it won't download part of your shit
>they really have no idea how git submodules work
git submodule foreach git pull origin master
>it downloads the same repo again and again
As an extreme, vice was downloaded 9 times into different directories. We're getting at nodejs levels of copying dependencies all overt the place state.
>size after download: 29GB
What the fuck.
>try to build
>it throws 10329483 errors at you but it still continues
>tries to compile code in c17 mode that uses features that are deprecated since c11 and were removed in c++17
>the build system is a mess and it will spend most of its time doing single threaded shit
>some 30 minutes later
>10 cores failed
I guess that's what you get for downloading random git commits, instead of having, you know, releases where things are tested and shit.
>how the fuck do I even start this shit without installing?
>how the fuck do you even start this shit wi, because it only installs the cores not retroarch
>wait, it didn't even build retroarch
(ノ°Д°)ノ︵ ┻━┻
What the fuck is this thing even?
>run ./retroarch-build.sh
>run retroarch/retroarch
Get that toy ui designed for touch screens and shit
>retroarch is supposed to have qt5 support
>./configure --enable-1t
<Warning: moc not found, Qt companion support will be disabled.
Apparently you have to add /usr/lib64/qt5/bin to $PATH because qt's build system is also an abomination
>run retroarch again
<still the same toybox, no option for it in the UI config
Oh, you actually have to press F5 to start it, because fuck any logic
<it's so hipster that it doesn't use system QT theme
It has an option to change qt theme... but guess what, it's already on System Default!
>find ui/drivers/ui_qt.cpp
>remove QApplication::setStyle("fusion")
Seriously, whoever thought this is a good idea, needs to be executed right now. He's a threat to humanity.
<finally it works
<but the toy gui is still there in a different window, and if you close it, the whole shit closes
Actually that qt gui is just for the show, you still need to use the other window because that's where the emulated game pops up. And you can run this shit without installing, just set
libretro_directory = "~/libretro-super/dist/unix"
libretro_info_path = "~/libretro-super/dist/info"
in your retroarch config, provided you downloaded libretro-super to your home. And I think some graphics are missing from the menu as I see some white squares, but I can't be bothered about them. And it only consumes 35GB of disk space.
Next time anyone says that retroarch is not a fucking cancer abomination, I'm going to impale him on a steel rod.
Replies: >>176456
I thought so too, but that setting actually distorts the aspect ratio for some reason, so I turn it off.
[Hide] (127.1KB, 783x445)
Why would you want to build every core at once?
You can download precompiled core libraries from within RA or clone individual core repos, build them, cp the resulting .so files to ~/.config/retroarch/download and then install them from within RA.
>toy GUI
It's unfortunate but as of now there's no way to truly get rid of it as RA was and is still is designed from the ground up for gamepad usage.
Once you figure it out it's actually not too bad provided you use Ozone and not XMB, the standardized input abstraction that's the same across all cores is fairly useful provided the core has proper default mappings and not whatever the fuck the Saturn cores are doing you can make a custom mapping easily but at that point you might as well be using a standalone, also forget about 6th gen emulation with the exception of Flycast as the PCSX2 and Dolphin cores are laughably out of date plus the UI is functionally identical across all of RA's many ports.
>white squares
You're supposed to use RA's built in updater to grab the asset files.
>Next time anyone says that retroarch is not a fucking cancer abomination, I'm going to impale him on a steel rod.
Libretro is nice in concept but RA in its current absolute state is approaching systemd levels of bloat, there's cool shit like runahead and universal >filters but RA's main advantage of its standardized input/output system has no reason to be tied to some gay consolenigger UI.
Meanwhile the Flycast core has no problem passing through keyboard inputs to Dreamcast games.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 480x480, 00:44)
Oh I also forgot to mention that in recent times Retroarch made using multi-disc games in any core extra retarded.
A few years ago when a PSX/Saturn/SCD/PCE-CD etc. game prompted you to insert another disc RA would have a quick menu option to load another iso, doing that would work fine albeit with the disadvantage that you'd have to start the game using the first disc every time as the save file would be tied to it.
This was a serious and grave offense to our wise and benevolent emulation overlard TwinAphex, so in his magnificent wisdom he added the option to load a .m3u file specifying a series of disc images, that way the save file would be tied to the .m3u and discs could be swapped without having to navigate the filesystem!
Such was the bliss from this magnanimous development that TwinAphex, blessed be his username, declared the prior method of manual disc image loading deprecated and has since let it languish unmaintained in order to guide the herd towards using the superior option.

Just keep that in mind in case you want to emulate the original Japanese release of Ace Combat 3 using one of the Beetle cores or Swanstation.
Swanstation is ackshually Duckstation but the Duckstation author baleeted libretro support or the LR repo(?) of his emulator after an argument with TwinkPhosphex so the latter forked it and renamed it Swanstation to keep RA's userbase content.
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