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Being developed in RE engine.
Atleast it's not UE4, Unity, or GameMaker I guess.
inb4 they ruin it
inb4 it's confirmed shit
inb4 riddled with poz

I don't care about your thoughts or opinions. Just post loli pawns and argue over who was best girl.
DD2 will save gaming.
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I never even played the first game, what's so special about it?
Replies: >>143090 >>143450
I should really get around to playing the first game, but I never do. Can I do crazy magic shit?
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Let's hope it's not shit
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Did you retards already forgot about that Capcom leak and the god awful Netflix show?
>inb4 begone niggerpill
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Great combat system. Fun game. Solid progression and pacing.  Challenge scales to the moon if you want it to. The game also doesn't lock you into specific builds, it lets you master them all so you can decide what's most fun or appropriate and stick to those.

>>143077 (OP) 
>RE engine
So the 3D girls will look like 3DPD? What a shame.
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>>143077 (OP) 
>>143077 (OP) 
I hope Itsuno puts all his ideas in the game and never cut anything out like in DD.
DD's artstyle was very 3DPD though. It's not like it's gonna be a huge shift like in DMC or SF.
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I'd go to town on the brown. 
Part of me reacted positively to the thought that it's happening but at the end of the day there's nothing but a logo and I wouldn't classify it as a game I'm looking forward to. I'll eventually forget about it, get invariably upset at launch because it's capcom and then possibly pirate it if it looks good. I expect anons are the same. 
>DD's artstyle was very 3DPD though
I liked it.
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Why is she drinking cum?
Replies: >>143119
she's a slut
Who did you guys end up with on your first play through? I managed to luck out and get the witch girl before I learned about the games terrible romance system.
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>was very 3DPD
Replies: >>143340
I spent the least amount of time with her though, spent a lot of time with the nobleman and childhood friend though.
Just completely came out of nowhere.
i ended up with the goth loli pawn. none of the choices are great. my pawn was best girl.
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My game bugged out and I accidentally got both big booba Madline and the loli witch girl Selene and I have solid proof to back it up.
I am the luckiest man on the fucking planet thank you Jesus.
Replies: >>143193
It's not a bug. If you complete Selene's quest, she goes to live in your house.
>>143077 (OP) 
Monkeys Paw, its pozzed and they remove all sexiness, like Elden Ring removing pantsu.
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You absolute buffoon.
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What a pillock.
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You samefagged but wtf was the post before it got delieated
You coomers really are so pathetic
You guys seriously looking forward to current capcom garbage? theres no way this one isnt going to be fucked
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Don't worry. RE Engine is mod-friendly.
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DD is a top-tier game, but I have no hope and expect nothing. It will be a miracle if it isn't complete shit.

You can summon tornadoes, meteors, walls of ice or fire, magical balls used to spam projectiles, ricocheting arrows of death, and plenty more. The magic system is pretty great overall, but it takes a good amount of time to get to the point where it is useful. There are also weapon buffs and curative spells that stay good the whole game.
>>143077 (OP) 
Hasn't this already been in development for 1-2 years already? If they actually showed a trailer, that would be something.
Yeah, that looks about almost as good as a 3DPD style gets. I think Fiona from Demento looked better though.
Anime lolis will always be superior to you, fat landwhales.
>>143077 (OP) 
>being this desperate of a paid shill
Go back to plebbit.
What was a memorable part of a playthrough?
>Gransys tomb
>get to a cavern 
>see hairy lump ahead
>Oh fuck it's a troll 
>trolls are extremely resistant to physical attack and love women
>I am playing as a warrior and all my pawns are women because I am a dirty horndog 
>getting absolutely murdered because sorcerer is too slow and stupid to cast anything 
>come across explosive barrels 
>have an idea 
>while the troll is busy auditioning for monster rape hentai I charge up an Arc of Deliverence right behind the barrels
>troll finishes impregnating my pawns
>he runs over to me 
>beautifully time my attack right as he drop kicks
>hit him and the barrels 
>watch his health bar disappear 
>pick up my pawns and move on
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There's nothing wrong with a healthy eroticism in vidya, lass.
I miss /v/ sings with the Bedford Strangler.
Replies: >>143433
One can only dream
>troll finishes impregnating my pawns
Did you fired your pawns and hired new ones?
>Most memorable part of playing the game is getting cucked
Wow, I guess I shouldn't really play Dragon's Dogma.
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Do I need a phone to play this?
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Don't own a phone, anon?
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>I never even played the first game, what's so special about it?
I don't have high hopes for it though, and they're definitely going to get rid of short pawns or lewd amours.
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Rate loli pawn, I really tried my best this time but they always end up looking kind of off.
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She is extremely cute and adorable. Reminds me of this girl here.
Freckles are always a nice touch. Very cute, would adventure with.
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>it's still being developed
my sides
>cuckchan screencap
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the face masks help.
Replies: >>144220
>face the mask
do you make your pawns eat the bug and drink the soy too?
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it would be extremely painful if i didnt.
the one in the mask is I.  the blonde loli on the left named ellie was my pawn. she didnt need the mask.
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>>143077 (OP) 
All it needs to be a massive success is to be the first game again, but with all of the cut content added in. However, I'm worried it will instead try to "reinvent the wheel" and mess up everything.
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Also, i taught my pawn to play catch with various things. i once taught someone else's pawn to play catch as well.
>Teaching pawns to do things.
As much as I like Dragon's Dogma, I must admit that a big shitty part of it is how obtuse fine-tuning your AI partners is. Yeah, having that much control is absolutely not necessary. But it always upsets me when a core game mechanic omits details so badly that it's possible to never be aware of certain behaviors without coming across them in an algorithms guide.
Replies: >>144235 >>144267
>how obtuse fine-tuning your AI partners is.
What are you talking about? you play the game. they copy things. or not. its not complicated.
Replies: >>144317
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I agree that they could've done a better job explaining certain things (such as how the tiers of inclinations affect pawn behavior, but not showing the whole list when looking at their profile). I found out later that it's best to have you and your pawn be the same class (at least for a while). From there, they can mimic your tactics (to some extent), and learn faster how to deal with the enemies more efficiently. If you're wanting them to be a particular class, you'll have to either bite the bullet and be the same class to show them how to work better, or hope that whoever hires your pawn gives them the knowledge they need. The worst class you can make your pawn while expecting them to learn on their own is a sorcerer. Even if you have the perfect inclinations, they will still do stupid shit like grabbing onto a drake/wyrm/wyvern instead of casting spells. Playing as a sorcerer along with my pawn really helped them stop that habit (and helped the both of us cast spells faster with spell synchronization). 

Another thing to consider is limiting the amount of skills they use. Pawns will either go with the most powerful skill each time, or just refuse to use any if they little to no knowledge on whatever your fighting (for example, giving a strider pawn fracture dart will have them constantly use it even in low ceiling areas, making it worthless in said areas). Max knowledge will help, but if the pawn doesn't have the right skillset (particularly mages/sorcerers), they can end up a hindrance more than a help. Limiting their options or at least sticking to tried and true skills can be better in some ways.
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This is relevant to the thread as Dragons Dogma is essentally a Berserk fan game.
The new chapters of Berserk are finally out and a certain apostle now looks like shit.
It's not
fuck off kid
>now looks like shit
Replies: >>144397
If you give them status cure items, after they use a bunch they'll stop fighting enemies and just run around in circles.
>This is relevant to the thread as Dragons Dogma is essentally a Berserk fan game.
It has references, but calling it a fan game is a bit of a stretch.
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>purple hair
Replies: >>144343
Sometimes your choices are limited. It cannot be helped.
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Why did you post an edit?
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Gut's hair and cheekbones are now different on top of the fact that he has sunken eyes for some weird ass reason. Also what the fuck is going with his nose now?
He looks 20 years older than he used to and it's like as if the current artists forgot that guts is actually 23 years old.
The action set pieces don't look as sleek, well positioned and impactful as Miura used to draw them, every other page in his chapters where guts is swinging his sword is downright awe inspiring but now its "eh" inspiring.
Nostferatu Zodd was drawn OK but not great as how Miura used to draw him and it looks like the editors gave up halfway on his body and just drew lines for his stomach instead, fucking lame. His proportions don't even look too right anymore.
It's all about the little things and the minute details to make artistic masterpieces when it comes to Berserk and Miuras art but now as sure as shit that era of Berserk is well and truly gone.

Why do you touch yourself at night?
Replies: >>144409
is this game any good or is it just /v/ creaming themselves over mediocre shit yet again?
Replies: >>144402 >>144409
You're a grown ass man I'm not going to spoonfeed you.
Pirate it, play it yourself and form your own opinion about it.
Were not some kind of hivemind any game on here no matter what it is, is a love it or hate it kinda game.
>Manga about a human being a badass and holding into his humanity while fighting unnatural monsters that appear on the fringes of society
Fuck everything after the Conviction Arc.

You either love it or hate it
Replies: >>144415
Nigger literally the first arc has guts killing 3 Apostoles whom are all fantastical creatures but in an evil kind of way, not to mention he killed latter 2 while being followed by a literal fairy with magical healing dust.

No its not the whole world went to shit, it's barely survivable and the only safe place is Falconia, all because Griffith wanted more power and to expand his kingdom to become an empire.
It's like you didn't read the manga and all you did was just skim through the pages to look at the PURTTY pictures.
Replies: >>144422
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>Nigger literally the first arc has guts killing 3 Apostoles whom are all fantastical creatures 
And hidden from most human eyes, so there was actual intrigue.
>No its not the whole world went to shit
Yes, you dumbshit, that's what I'm talking about, it went from low dark fantasy to high fantasy.
>It's like you didn't read the manga
I skipped a day of college in it's entirety just to finish binging it back in 2015.
Replies: >>144423
Hidden from human eyes doesn't change it to "low fantasy".
If the monsters always existed, its always been high fantasy.
Replies: >>144424
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>If the monsters always existed
Not on Earth, not en masse, Berserks world was always just grounded war torn Medieval Europe with some sparkles of magic here and there.
Pretty much every monster you saw was an Apostle, and they were seen as myths or legends by most people.

That's low fantasy, then suddenly after they find Schierke, magic and monsters are everywhere and always existed.
It's fucking terrible, Isidro and Puck were bad enough but then you got constant Deus Machinas and bullshit plot points that not only decrease Guts effort but also put him second plane to all the secondary shit characters Miura conjured up for his quirky DnD bullshit.

I guess too much Idolmaster rotted his brain to the point he died.
Replies: >>144429
I feel the same way, man. Went from dark and edgy fantasy to final fantasy real quick. At least it's not just me.
Replies: >>144432
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Such a shame society got so fucking coddled an gay to the point it affects entertainment in the worse of ways.
Anyone found a way to hack the networking so that we can share pawns without using crapcom servers?
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