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Since the other has hit the bump limit a few days ago, let me try to make a new one.

For those who don't know, Master Duel is Konami's first official (as far as I am aware) online Yugioh game using the traditional rules. Its Free-to-Play and the grind isn't too bad compared to Duel Links, the mobile spin of the card game. 

Uncensored Patch:

Top Meta Decks, Card Usage, Deck Profiles, and News:

Deck Profiles that include the TCG:

Which Yugioh card would you fug?
Replies: >>141677 >>144489
>set man eater bug in defense position
>pass turn
>get instantly killed
why does this keep happening
Replies: >>141202 >>141266
I know you're joking, but if you play a go-2nd deck and are forced to go first, not putting a single card on the field is a viable strategy and you won't get OTK'd a lot of the time.
Replies: >>141203
Its legitimately funny as hell that the Numeron gates need to battle a monster to activate the doubling effect.
Along with the new pack we got, the new penguin support also got put into the legacy pack. I'm trying to figure out how to make it work without HalqDon or DPE. 

Also, I'm going to shill the Steam chat group I made for casual duels.
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Kinda loving this deck. Not sure I want to drop the URs to make those two missing cards though, but they'd round it off quite nicely.
Replies: >>141269
you need the retrain
If that jewtuber who specializes in the Penguin archetype is to be believed, then you should get your fill of Halqifibrax Auroradon combos before one of the two (hopefully) gets banned.
Replies: >>141359
I detest that combo. Every deck that uses Halq/Don ends on a copy paste of every other deck that uses it. Like why even bother at that point, just make a deck that focuses on making Halq because 99% of the time that's just all they do.
Replies: >>141361
Fundamentally its because most of those decks can do better than auroradon but it can be made with literally any field.
Its below par as an absolute ceiling for most good decks hence why halq turbo by itself isn't really a thing.course with bad decks this can be the retards way of fixing it, by barely playing the deck in question at all

Though generally there is some minor technicalities to the end board that make some decks use it better than others.
Thoughts on  the many virtual only card games?
I honestly haven't played too many. The only two is Cultist Simulator and Shadowverse, the former of which isn't really a card game in a traditional sense. 

I got bored with Shadowverse once I realized how bad the grind was. How bad? I don't remember, it was years ago, but enough to get me to stop playing. I heard its even worse these days.
I've sworn to never play a digital card game ever again, it's always so retarded
While there is clearly a lot of good that could come from them. Lots of gimmicks can be done without logistics in the way. 
But the foundation of what the games decide to balance themselves around is retarded, i definitely had some fun with them but they always suffer from phone game mentality.
Inscryption is pretty damn good. 

A lot of digital card games ironically lean too heavily into the "morphing" of the card concept that can only really work in digital, but that's not enough to carry a game. Then again, it isn't exactly easy to make a card game work IRL either, so I don't hold it against them.
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>yeah I play mermail
<summons VFD and Barrone

Yeah fuck you. Halq needs to be banned yesterday so every fucking deck doesn't go into Halq turbo. Motherfucker went minus 4 to summon Halq and he still won because VFD.
Replies: >>141662
My enjoyment of master duel is decreasing because I don't like the direction that this game is heading. I was really hoping that shit like vfd and imperial order would get banned but it seems like they will be here to stay. These two are both banned in TCG and OCG so why are they not banned in master duel? Does the best of 1 format suddenly make them fair or something? I don't get it.
Replies: >>141674 >>141675
If anything the best of 1 makes them worse. I don't understand it.
The Steam chat link I posted earlier is a room for casual duels. Had a couple against the Harpie guy from the last thread. If you'd like, you can join and request some duels from anons.
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>>141197 (OP) 
I'm getting completely filtered by this game, even though i've watched every single season of the anime.
>download master duel
>go through the tutorial
>choose the dragon deck
>go with story mode first to get a grasp of the mechanics
>starting hand is almost always 2-3 high level monsters i can't summon right away, a useless spell card and a level 4 monster with either no effect or no relevant one
>i have basically been summoning nothing but level 4 monster all the time with no real strategy other than attacking and sacrificing for a stronger level 6 monster
Where exactly did you guys learn how to play this game?

>Which Yugioh card would you fug?
The entire traptrix archetype.
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>that sameface
>the starting dragon deck
Which one blue eyes? Because from my knowledge of the three, it's the one of the better ones. So unless you want to build a blue-eyes deck, not very good. 

>Where exactly did you guys learn how to play this game?
EDOpro, which is completely free with access to all cards. Perfect for learning cards and how decks work. 

Offical Rulebook:
(First link)

Youtube wise? Duel Logs and Cimmooooo are both good for learning some of the better or worse cards. Cimmoooo is a faggot, but the History of Jank is very useful on learning the past meta and jank decks.
You learn from higher level play, Yugioh is very reliant on archetype gimmicks so its not particularly learnable from the floor.
Once you go through a few decks you generally get a good feel on how to utilize archetypes(more extensive combo decks may not apply).
Generic staples also are generally pretty simple and obvious if you look at them(The knightmares, ghost girls and such atleast).
Getting use to how decks are generally built and what to prioritize is important.

Personally i've just been playing yugioh for ages(like from early synchro), its actually a pretty new phenomena that the game is so gimmicked that basics can't translate well to learning better decks. 
Technically though pure anti-meta can still be played by a gorilla. Activate Skill Drain/Summon Inspector Boarder=Win.
Replies: >>141682
Should throw out that skill drain and inspector boarder are different anti meta variants as a random note, but those are the two big variants.
Either sitting on a floodgate monster or sitting on a bunch of backrow.
>decide on a deck you want to play
>look up a list on MDM
>look up footage on jewtube so you get the basic combo
>optionally do test hands in EDOPro or Duelingbook if you're low on gems and want to double-check that you're not building something that's shit
And from there, what you want to focus on learning is how to deal with the current meta decks - what to use your interactions on and when, and how to prevent them from fucking you over.
Watching streamers pick up the game for the first time is some kind of feeling. They're totally lost at step 1, and yet there's another 9001 steps to go before you even learn the basics of the game. 

My advice would be to take it easy, watch people play, and don't worry about your winrate. You're going to get a ton of free wins from bots in rank anyhow.
Play Over the Nexus on DS first.
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Can't tell you how many I opened.
Replies: >>141734 >>141844
What are decks that are fun to play that aren’t exactly meta but can hang up there? I got salamangreat and ignister that’s been fun. Gladiator beasts was a mistake unfortunately, they cannot hang at all unless I put in soulless engines 

…what else did you get from the packs? Any reason why you didn’t just craft it?
Replies: >>141738
I liked Slay the Spire a lot, but everything else inspired by it can jump off a cliff.
Ignister can definitely climb. Salads will have a tough time, but I think they can do it too. Glad beasts can definitely climb if you spike them with Tri-Brig, but I don't know if you'd class that as a soulless engine. It's STRONG, sure, but it's almost fair.
Replies: >>141754
Should’ve been more clear, I already have both salamangreat and ignister and yeah out of the both, ignister  is the strongest since they can play through handtraps like ash and nibiru easily UNLIKE salamngreat which are super fragile 

Yeah I’m aware but no thanks on the tribrigade glad  mashup. what’s the point id rather play a stronger tri build if I have to do that. I was playing glads pure as I could and it was impossible to get wins in plat since they to one ash free
Replies: >>141755
Tri-Brig Glads actually end in mostly Glad boss monsters. Actually, not sure how you're not finding pure Glad good enough. They still have very excellent tools IMO, Tamer Editor is hella OP.

Speaking of hella OP, OCG just banned Toadally, Vanity's Emptiness, and 

I'm hoping MD's dev team get the hint and either ban Halq or Don or both, but I'm not holding my breath.
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>Next Event: Limit 1 Festival
>This event has a special set of rules, restricting players to a maximum of 1 copy of each card in the Main Deck and Extra Deck. Some cards will be made unavailable in the interest of game balance.
Get to crafting a Orbital Hydralander.
Replies: >>141844
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I pulled him and the swordsoul guy thrice, but never the punk dragon or fusion. I burned all my gems on that stupid pack, but at the very least I have enough URs and SRs to finish my punk deck.
Very nice, now let's hope that we'll receive a proper update to the forbidden and limited list as well. That last one was an absolute joke and if it wasn't for the fixing of the coinflip exploit and the releasing of new cards, everyone would still be turboing out Herald and VFD.     
That sounds very interesting. Are there any archetypes that can function only using one-ofs?
Replies: >>141867 >>141997
The ironic thing is that Halq is beyond irrelevant in the OCG meta at this point.
They only decided to do it once nobody was actually using the damn thing. Its like the branded hits, nobody was even using those cards by this point.
The only major deck using branded swapped it out with the earth fairy stuff when it came out.

I'd wager i'm just forgetting some splight combo(but they stopped using halq because diva didn't mesh well with all the milling), because this doesn't come off as an aurodon combo hit in the slightest.
It feels liable to be targeted elsewhere but i just don't know where.

All you will get is another Lyrilusc tribrigade hit and you will like it.

Zoos don't give a fuck about highlander. I'd wager Drytrons still function somewhat. They might just hit random meta decks but otherwise expect a  bland reuse of current meta.
Replies: >>141995
Glads have ridiculous cards but like I said the struggle is getting to those cards since every gladiator beast monster might as well be a vanilla on hand 

>banning toad instead of addressing the new cards 
Disingenuous ban. It’s almost sickening how focused they are on selling cards instead of properly balancing 
The TCG is much worse when it comes to banlist and selling cards. They’ll probably limit toad here and semi the branded stuff this December when new sets come out
Replies: >>142005
>I pulled him and the swordsoul guy thrice, but never the punk dragon or fusion. I burned all my gems on that stupid pack, but at the very least I have enough URs and SRs to finish my punk deck.
>trading card game 
>no trading involved or allowed 
Fucking jap kikes I would gladly trade all this punk stuff I got to people that would enjoy them. Now they just sit there because I refuse to dismantle ur cards for next to nothing
I think you mean it'll get banned a month after the splights drop or something; limited toad was already the reality in the OCG for quite awhile.
Its not uncommon for cards in the TCG to be left unchecked to let a deck dominate for a limited time.
Though Branded probably will soon yeah.

Thinking on it, Eva+Halq smell like they're basing their shit on master duel a bit for some reason. Even stuff like Vanity feels more relevant to MD.
Drytron while not totally dead are a rare rogue deck in the OCG.
Replies: >>142073
Feels like everyone is desperately using Halq as much as they can these days. Had a losing streak where every single game involved a Halq or Verte summon, sometimes both. 

>play against Traptrix
>spend resources to foul up their plays
<they go into HalqDon

Absolutely disgusting. At least I had a cool match against Magical Muskets.
Replies: >>142074
Drytron was actually topping a lot of events in Asia, since you forget that they were at absolute full power like MD in the OCG. They were disgustingly powercrept, yeah powercrept drytron, by splight and branded and of course those two would end up getting swept by tearlament. Which is why you didn’t see much of drytron recently, So now hitting EVA was the final nail for the deck in the OCG. Although honestly this does nothing to drytron so long benten is a thing but asians are soulless and latch onto the new popular meta immediately
Replies: >>142234
What exactly and how exactly did that traptrix player end up with a tuner on field to go into halq and the following bullshit, after being disrupted? Usually they’ll end on either yellow or red with the card destruction trap.
Replies: >>142079
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1477x712)
They actually splashed in Rikka and was doing some weird stuff with Spore that I was interested in until Halq dropped.

Highlander Event is in and the banlist for it looks fantastic. If only this was the banlist for ranked.
Replies: >>142085
Scratch that. Rhongo is still unbanned and it's pretty consistent in a format where handtraps are rare. Decktesting in duel rooms revealed that players are so addicted to combo they're betting everything on going first and hoping they can shit out Rhongo, and this is probably going to be the meta strat for this event.

I fucking hate other people.
Replies: >>142088
This is your daily reminder COREA EAT CAT.
>Drytron was actually topping a lot of events in Asia
Yes but it wasn't even near the top for ages, you might be underestimating when the deck hit a low usage point.
By this logic they should have wildly hit any relevant decks, this and the flunder hit feel random and not particularly with much point.

Additionally this banlist literally features a blatant splight hit, so "they were still decent by branded format"keep in mind branded format wasn't actually that different in usage compared to tri-zoo, swordsoul or PK Adventurer isn't a good excuse.
Its like that retarded Ritual Beast hit the TCG did at one point. Though clearly without actively trying to hinder the deck.
Replies: >>142345
So what are people running for the limited 1 event? Is it really just stall traps for rhongo cheese?

There’s a theory going around that the japs wanted an excuse to ban toadally and created splight deliberately this way to do so. It may sound over the top but I can believe it, since there really was no solid reason in banning toad over adjusting the splight cards. Funny enough to no surprise the japs have dropped it completely with tearlament ishizu seeing dominant play
[Hide] (374.1KB, 600x450)
I feel like Splights are designed in a way that its near impossible to tell, its pretty easy to forget the swap frog interaction in regards to gigantic; or to just underestimate it.
>since there really was no solid reason in banning toad over adjusting the splight cards
You know besides Splights being the newer product, additionally you'll find Splights in a lot more level 2 decks than you'll find toad. There's quite a few reasons, even with the logic of it going through playtesting with the knowledge of "we're going to have to kill toad".
Toad was always considered an unhealthy card and Splights can't really be backscaled in a coherent manner; as its an inherent flaw of being level 2 support. The deck would either need to lose its "Albaz" type structure or entirely change gimmick.
I'm unsure if you'd fix the issue if you went with the only change i can think of(making gigantic only summon splights), toad very well could still be an utter home wrecker just from "out of archetype enablers".

I'd also say its too early to say if Splights have given way to a full Tearlament format yet but it is pretty amusing to see some people are still denoting Splights as "tier 0" while ignoring the elephant in the room.
However shit like djinn blaster might still leave the deck somewhat usable for whatever thats worth. Though at most they'll be pre-Ishizu Tearlaments.so like 15-20ish percent  The best part is that Tearlaments are about to get more busted support so that'll be great.
Replies: >>142410
>So what are people running for the limited 1 event?

There's going to be a ton of random piles and PK decks that put stuff onto the field without thinking about the end goal. The inconsistent handtrap format means cards that generate advantage that would normally be the chokepoint of the deck will run rampant. Go 2nd decks have no chance. 

Personally I'm running a Witchcrafter deck with a Dogmatika engine splashed in and the Iris Swordsoul because why the hell not. I've stomped on some poor Hero players who think Heroes are good enough as one-offs to make a stable deck, but it's probably going to be a lot of combo and suffering for everyone involved.
Replies: >>142410
I was planning on running a bunch of vanilla beat sticks with a couple of annoying traps, funny enough I was thinking of using heroes but thanks for letting me know about them 
It’s just too convenient that a deck that locks people into summoning a specific level would be tied to the level 2. There’s now way they weren’t aware that frogs would be added to the deck when making splight. It’s also weird that they didn’t touch any of the frogs and went straight for toadally making frogs useless Completely. According to jap twitter people have moved on to flundereeze so now they’re seeing a shift in meta to be dominantly tearlament and flunder. Banning vanity emptiness was also a weird call but whatever they decided it’d be ok to ban imperial order just to sell more cards 

As far as adjusting splight goes, I think killing toad was enough. What are going to be their next targets…ojamas? lol
Replies: >>142504 >>146448
Splights are just Melffy support that R&D forgot to add 'except "Frog" monsters" clauses in their effects. Don't believe Konami's lies.
Evil Twins/Agents were rare but in use builds for splights. Toad hasn't been relevant in fucking years outside of the context of Shark so i really think you overestimate how memorable the factor of toad being easy to summon off of a single frog is.
Its really not a good idea to rely on early meta results, especially for hit decks. Splights had a blatant deck to overshadow them so of course people aren't going to stick with it initially but its somewhat iffy if that actually translates to the deck being fully dead is my point.
Especially as non-toad builds had no reason to really be ran before, hence why their usage usually just sat at 1-2 per tourney, and i mean per build; not just off variants in general.

And in case it wasn't obvious, a shitload of recent decks were level 2 focused; it really isn't that weird of a range to choose besides for a deck they haven't touched in aeons.
Replies: >>142818
and to no one’s surprise, the limit 1 event is complete shit like n/r and synchro were 

Evil twin even with splight are just not that good. People tried to be annoying with them but that’s just it, best twins can do is stun the opponent for one game but lose the set
Why is it shit? Besides True Draco and the Ritual deck I enjoyed N/R.
[Hide] (831.8KB, 1051x755)
I'm enjoying the event more than I thought I would. It's nice and quick to play, plus if the other guy starts popping off and I have no handtraps I just scoop since I can play another game by the time he finishes.

Plus I crafted a Titanklad to round off the Dogmatika engine and got this royal. Now it's free UR points if I happen to roll another one.
Replies: >>142838 >>142847
Gotta add though, I hate how slow people play in this event. Like I get it, you're put into unusual lines of play, but come the fuck on you built your fucking deck, you should know how to fucking play it.
Replies: >>143004
I'm going for a weird Despia/Albaz/Dogmatika/Shadoll mix. Notbsure ifbits any good though.
Replies: >>142848
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1200)
The deck in question. It's a bit hastily put together, so any suggestions is welcomed.
Replies: >>142849
I wouldn't play maindeck Shadolls due to how bricky they'll end up being. 

Maximus is also a huge gamble since a lot of people are also running a Dogmatika engine and letting them drop ED cards will benefit them as well. 

I'd cut the Sanc In The Sky stuff and throw in an Invoker engine instead, Mr Normal Summon has single handedly won me games.

Not sure about the Synchro monsters in the ED either, you could swap them out for other Punishment targets since other idiots run Maximus too.
Replies: >>143000
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1920x1080)
This better?
Replies: >>143002 >>143004
Yeah, that looks functional. You can give it a try, though in my experience in this event Despia doesn't do too well since you only have 1 of the field spell. Should be good enough to net you some wins at least. King Tiger is an interesting tech choice.

The first things to tweak in your ED may be the big link summons. I very rarely had access to a lot of monsters at once, so unless your deck is dedicated to it you'll probably never see them out.
Replies: >>143005
[Hide] (407.7KB, 868x977)
Really? So far I've had a good time playing Harpie/Tri-brigade, although I have to admit that I really enjoyed the n/r festival and I'm stuck in gold. I like it when games last more than two turns and people's turn consist of set two pass, the compete opposite of what happened during the synchro festival where I fell asleep watching the exact same 20 minute synchron combo. 
>but come the fuck on you built your fucking deck
Implying that people outside of gold and silver actually build their own deck instead of copying it card for card online. 
>Royal finish Winda
Very nice.
As for the deck I would suggest running solemn srike in favour of judgement. I'm also very curious about the inclusion of summon limit and crossout. Let me know if those two work out.
Replies: >>143006
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1080)
It seems to be yes. So far I've been doing better in the event compared to the last one. And yeah, the King Tiger does an alright job to semi-floodgate (is it a mini flood?) monsters. Despia does fine even without their field card, mainly because they can be material for Shaddoll or Invoked, but mainly Shaddoll. Overall it's solid, but not top tier.

Off note, I've been seeing alot of Odd-Eyes decks recently from this event. Seems to do very well. The most notable decks I've seen so far are these two, which I lost to.
Replies: >>143023
>Very nice
Thanks, very proud of it.
>As for the deck I would suggest running solemn srike in favour of judgement
I don't have the URs to craft it, otherwise I would. Thankfully this event is giving me the gems needed to get card packs, which I am trying to get all the Exosisters. Just need the UR now. Any other extra UR will be crafted.
>I'm also very curious about the inclusion of summon limit and crossout
Crossout is a free save if I manage to pull it. Which it has saved me several times already and I've only played a handful of games. Call it luck. Summon Limit just Floodgates if I can't get the Winda out and resort to Albez/Despia/Invoked. Any negates on top of that card will fuck over anyone's turn. And hey, if they deside to Duster or Twister and have Crossout, I can negate those to.
Is it just me or is that deck fucking garbage. Yeah, Wurm Pile works okay in the event, but that deck's just a clusterfuck that doesn't even include the Tenyi Link 1.
Replies: >>143033
The main problem for me was him getting rid of any plays i had with the Melffy cards. My hand wasnt the best either. Otherwise I didn't realize it was even a Soulsword until the second to last turn. I'll have to look at the replay.
Took a while but finally got to 11k theres no way in hell that im grabbing the title. fuck jewnami and this bullshit game mode. shouldve been a vanilla with S/T event instead
Replies: >>143255 >>143290
Wouldn't that literally just be burn the format. Like even if they did ban the obvious cards.
Vanilla only sounds like a horrific idea, even ignoring that as gorilla yugioh featuring modern traps sounds like a train wreck.
Replies: >>143290 >>143368
The event has gotten pretty high on the suffering ever since the IDS/Wurm pile meta settled, but grinding rank just feels like pulling teeth. There aren't really any handtraps that can shut down meta Synchro decks, and I just got VFD'd twice by Virtual World.

Any going 2nd deck players here? How viable is it to run a board breaking heavy deck over handtraps?
Replies: >>143368
if they actually ACTUALLY gave some thought to the event, an old school/vanilla event could work. it couldnt be any worse than this limit 1 thats for sure
you mean a kaiju deck? blind second deck exists but i would NOT recommend playing them in this fucking best of 1 format
Replies: >>143380 >>143395
LunaKaiju is actually one of the strongest decks and it'd be much more popular if it wasn't so expensive to build. But I'm talking about a deck that's heavy on the boardwipes and breakers like Droplets, then either swinging for the OTK or setting up some negates to quash any chance of recovery, dropping handtraps entirely to focus on this strategy.
Replies: >>143401
>an old school/vanilla event could work
I really fucking doubt it, either it'll end up as a glorified S/T only format or what i already mentioned.
And even if it did, do you even recall how those ultra early days of yugioh were like? Not fun i'll tell you that much.
The old formats people tend to point to were always built around strong simple effect monsters like Magician of Faith.

Which thinking on it flip monsters only would actually succeed at this much better.
Replies: >>143401 >>143405
I forget luna have all their tools in this game, just looked them up and you’re not kidding, why the fuck are they that expensive? You’re not going to like this answer but you technically described what prank kids do and are capable of. Being able to wipe either side of the board and play around skill drain.
Funny, I was just playing duel academy and worldwide edition looping pot of greed with magician of faith. You almost forget how insane Cyber jar and morphing jar are.  It’s degenerate but absolutely fun. I don’t mind vanilla with backrow but I can see how that’ll be too slow for people today to enjoy
Replies: >>143405
LunaKaiju is expensive because it's just a pile of rank 8 goodstuff. The individual cards in the deck are very strong, so it's much more likely that the cards are UR. 

It's also much more into the vein of what I'm looking for in a deck, but I'm a hipster and poor so I won't build it. Prank Kids are hella annoying to play against and I'm sick of combo link decks, so I will politely refuse.

Yeah, as much as modern Yugioh can be a disgusting OP mess, old school YGO with everyone having access to every card for free sounds like a nightmare.
Just went up against 3 VFD in a row, please bring back GOAT format I'll take it.
Replies: >>143540
I will never understand why True King of All Calamities is unbanned in Master Duel. Hell, why was the card even greenlit? Having a card that locks your opponent with very little outs is cancer.
Replies: >>143581
Like a lot of OP cards, it was a product of it's time. Back then it wasn't so easy to bring out 2 lv9 monsters to summon it, but these days it's not only easy, it's incredibly consistent. Virtual Worlds don't even have a chokepoint that they can't play through on a decent hand, and VFD turbo decks can sometimes get out VFD even if Halq gets negated another card that should be banned 

As for why it's not yet banned, I can only surmise that the MD balance team is incompetent. They're probably looking at the stats and thinking since Eldlich and SS are the most popular decks in Diamond they'll put Golden Lands Forever and Long Yuan to 2 and call it a day.
Replies: >>143594 >>143599
>Back then it wasn't so easy to bring out 2 lv9 monsters to summon it
You make it sound like they didn't design it expressly with a whole fucking archetype on it.
True King Dinos very much did shit it out pretty consistently so its power level was never valid.
The card is designed by a colossal retard, its dark matter tier retardation from a balance perspective.

I think the greater issue with MDs banlist is that i'm pretty sure its trying to enforce how the banlist actually went for whatever reason, decks that were good in the actual game get to stay way longer than they should.
Replies: >>143597
It may be because they're using MD as a testing ground for the dead tree format, so if certain banned cards aren't overwhelming in MD then they can return to the current meta.
Replies: >>143626
>Halq, another card that should be banned
Yeah, makes getting shit out waaay to consistent to get a full negate board out. Especially with Cupid Pitch now out, which is fine on its on, but with Halq it makes getting whatever synchro out too good. 

Another one that REALLY needs to be banned is Mecha Phantom Beast Auroradon. It's too good AND easy to get out. I actually watched a video where I guy unbans half the banlist and holds a tournament, and almost every deck ran it and heavily utilized it.
Replies: >>143626
[Hide] (468.1KB, 398x609)
But MD is so far from the current OCG or TCG meta. I suppose konami are retards but that sounds too far even for them.
Its also not checking notable candidates, its checking the recent bans like zoos.

You just don't understand clearly, the card that is actually much more responsible for the giant fuck off combo should be left alone because its linked to a shit deck that can't really summon it well.
Pretty sure if i remember right zoos won that though so clearly it was just a case of unrefined format. I'm too lazy to dig that up though so here's unlimited zooswhich won in a format of literally no bans
Replies: >>143629
>a single ash in a format where Graceful and PoG are legal

What, was it for good luck or something.
Replies: >>143638
I'd wager the logic is that you don't actually want to open ash, and top decking it would be an instant loss in most scenarios.
You'd only really want it after you go through most of your deck and have deleted your opponents hand.
A single ash wouldn't really stop most decks when they probably open grace/pot/more searchers.

I suppose this argument does bring up why you'd have droll in your side deck though. Probably too bricky with all the traps and hand destruction i guess.
[Hide] (548.5KB, 477x754)
Man, somehow I get lucky with these royal rares.
Replies: >>143652 >>143803
[Hide] (282.8KB, 455x365)
Gratz. It's a shame royal finishes look so trashy in MD though. I'm quite tempted to mod the game to make it a shiny gold instead of crinkly rainbow.

Might as well show off the one's I've gotten. Dusted a few too.
Replies: >>143803
[Hide] (30MB, 4656x2620)
MD format is way too bad atm
been playing edison irl instead
Replies: >>143802 >>143819
[Hide] (3.2MB, 4656x2620)
jesus im sorry for that one
Replies: >>143721
I would love to do more casual duels in real life. Have a pretty hefty collection. Sadly the local shop isnt in a rush to bring back game nights. Master Duel is my only real outlet at the moment. You duel any shitters in real life?
Replies: >>143743
no locals at the local shop? Pretty weird.
Yeah, there's someone else at my locals with an edison deck and we play that
Replies: >>143749 >>143952
>no locals at the local shop? Pretty weird.
man good times when I went to high school and got 1st place at 3 locals in a row and btfo everyone with a 20 euros worth of cards chain burn, one guy was literally about to flip the table when I asked him to shake my hand during one of the semifinals, serious speds at these tournaments lol
edison would be could if it werent for the low iq cunts that play it using tier 1 decks instead of just having fun that werent old enough around 2011. its also unfortunate that the jewtube fags got to edison and ruined it for everyone manipulating old card prices
Replies: >>143847
how many packs do you guys usually open to pull an ugly rainbow card? i cant complain since i got pot of desires and skill drain from crafting but only one prisma from the dpe pack after opening several packs
Replies: >>143806
100%'d the event with no issues. Despite having an 11 game loss streak at one point, I enjoyed the event overall. It was refreshing to make plays without having to worry about Ash, and no matter what meta people scrouged up for the event they sometimes bricked just as hard as everyone else without having Halq and Verte as their universal plan B.

My MVP card was definitely Witchcrafter Golem Arulu, though N'tss is a close second. I've gotten a much better appreciation for the Dogmatika engine and I'm even thinking about building a 40 card Witchcrafter/Dogmatika deck and then I realize it's unviable in ranked because both engines are too slow by themselves
IIRC it's a sub 1% chance for a card to be generated as a Royal.
Edison format huh, well i hadn't heard of that one before.
Suppose that era was pretty niceand i actually played it unlike goat. Keeping up with alt formats feels like a chore though.
So i'm not shocked i missed on it existing.
The closest i've gotten to knowing any beyond goat is my doesn't really count theorycrafting on trying to redo yugioh.
Replies: >>143847
[Hide] (3.3MB, 4656x2620)
Edison is a really cool alt format imo. I've noticed that people have been playing it more than GOAT irl at least in my area and making a deck for it is ridiculously cheap
The only expensive cards are Blackwing Vayu and Trap Dustshoot (which makes it so that people don't play these cards in IRL, and so the format becomes even better lmao)
the tier 1 decks in edison are all fun (Lightsworn, Diva Hero, Zombies, etc)
And the powerlevel discrepancy is really not any high. I play plant ancient gears/field spells and this deck still ha lots of game against anything
Also you're just parroting stuff you don't really know much about regarding prices tbh. Unless you want max rarity or mint cards from 2012
I have a full deck and extra deck and the only card that cost more than like 0.50 euro in either was solemn judgement
Replies: >>144096
>no locals at the local shop? Pretty weird.
Yeah, during peak covid they started ordering more and using the room as storage. It's still full of crap and they don't seem in a rush to clear it. Been bugging them about it everytime I go.
Edison format is still cope for people that weren’t around during that time. Maybe you’re playing against shitters or friends messing around but I can definitely show you how unfun 2011 was
Tell me the unfair decks of 2011 then
You are the shit topping tourneys is still blackwing variants, diva goodstuff and HERO shit right? The only shit card in the format is dustshoot
Replies: >>144269 >>144273
edison is 2010 too btw
[Hide] (6.2MB, 360x360, 00:41)
limit 1 has been kinda okay i guess in gold rank at least.
haven't ranked up and I don't think there's incentive to do so other than face worse tryhards on every event.
Replies: >>144209
When is HAT format going to become popular?
Replies: >>144189
I know I wasn't. I stopped during the GX days before any other extra deck monsters besides Fusion existed. Great memories of playground Yugioh, but damn the meta around that time and ESPECIALLY before was garbage. We at least have some diversity today, although alot of tops where Soulsword.
Replies: >>144240
isn't it already the third most popular alternate popular
also it's bad
Replies: >>144234 >>144240
The incentive to rank up is so you get to play against better opponents. Yes, there will be many meta decks, but these people will usually not make any misplays and you will have to play a perfect game to win. You can play a perfect game and still lose

The last time I was in Gold my opp summoned their boss monster and mistakenly pressed yes to pop their own monster as my field was clear. Peoplr in Diamond make misplays too, but it's much rarer.

Had a match yesterday against Numeron and I laughed when he tried to Crossout my Terraforming and banished Ash instead. Checked his deck after and the retard forgot to put it in
Replies: >>144525
It's bad?
Replies: >>144241
Yeah most of GX looks fucking rough, synchro had some wonky formats but i still wouldn't ever compare them to shit like future fusion dump your deck or cyberstein OTKs.
Or full power chain burn, or Dark Worlds with graceful.

Is it though? Its kinda a good slice of what that era of yugioh was like.
It actually has a much wider range of types of deck than most formats too at a high level.

I mean i guess if you really don't like a lot of modern deck types its bad, cause despite its major decks being resource based(Geargia/HAT) it did have drulers and infernities sitting around.
I've played it quite a bit and I don't like it.
Every deck is either an insane combo deck with 3x Soul Charge or just 99 trap spam gallore.
It has first turn draw with ridiculously powerful cards which makes going second insurmountable coupled with the first issue
The games drag on forever because soul charge takes away the battle phase for fast decks and for slow decks you have to play around fire/ice hand chain

The only nice things I can say about it is that solitaire with infernity/sylvan is actually quite fun for yourself lol
Replies: >>144247 >>144290
Oh right and it was slow. Which i don't really consider an issue, but thats definitely a taste thing.

Thinking on it i kinda wish there was some major pendulum era format because i swear there were definitely times when it was good shit.and i don't mean baby shit like Alliance
When it wasn't being a horrific trainwreck which was definitely not rare from the same hell that gave us Performages and Ash.though considering timing ash was more of a things to come type thing
>of 2011
Six Samurai with unlimited Gateway.
Replies: >>144273
Replies: >>144290
Edision was 2010 you actual mongoloids. Though yes, by the start of 2011 you'd get Shien who happened to break Six Sams; a deck not even particularly good before then.
Gateway was a broken card attached to a bad deck, that then got good cards to utterly shatter the thing.
Never understood the insistence on being exact to the specific banlist without even touching any of the problem cards. It's not like Konami keeps them around for any reason other than to reward people who paid out the ass for them.
It turns into two cards.
Replies: >>144467
Changing a banlist in a format can be the same as changing the format's meta as a whole. The format's meta is the whole reason why people like or dislike it to begin with. Besides that, if people really dislike a format's banlist they'd just not play that format at all, or have in-house banlists for it.
Replies: >>144481
I don't know the people who decided that that format would be the biggest ZEXAL format, but I'd imagine that they were pretty retarded if the format is that cancerous.
Fucking tyranny of the majority bullshit.
Starting to feel the burnout with MD. Getting sick of going against the same damn decks. Least I experienced different shit the other day.
Replies: >>144496 >>144513
>>141197 (OP) 
>Uncensored Patch:
Anyone got a mega link or something?
It's going to get even worse with the Brave token on the horizon. I'd just stick to lower ranks or rooms if I wanted some non-sweaty games. 

Up in Diamond I'd say it's about 60% Tenyi/SS in here, though in Dia5 you'll still see off-meta like Magical Musketeers and Heroes. It can get boring, but the thrill of victory is addictive and you know the other guy is seething when you got him on lock and he disconnects.
Replies: >>144513
its amazing how stupid that is. we have all these cards available in the banlist and people choose to run the same boring shit we can play in tcg. so stupid. ive yet to run into funny otk decks like gem knight or true draco outside of events. hell, i rarely see grass decks too now. guess only the dumb tryhards stuck around all the gimmick deck players have left this
Replies: >>144516
MD has a deck variety problem because Konami made a lot of random cards UR rarity for no reason. A lot of them also don't show up in secret packs to pull from either. If a meta deck and gimmick deck cost the same amount of resources to build, of course the average person will go for a meta deck because they want to win. By the time they get enough resources to build another deck there will probably be a new meta deck for the cycle to repeat itself again.

For limit 1 I made a deck that can consistently shit out Utopic Draco Future on turn 1. The deck itself was a pain to make because it required digging up and reading a ton of random cards and deck profiles. Is there a comprehensive card database anywhere to look for cards that do specific things? It took forever to see if other cards like Tin Goldfish existed.
Wrong, deck diversity is solely due to a crappy banlist, but even a good one isn't going to solve the problem. The real issue is Konami not having an idea what new cards to put out and powercreeping the meta every time a new set releases. Right now the meta in MD is Swordsoul, simply because Swordsoul can most consistently put up a board with powerful synchro monsters and easily at that. It was designed to be a top dog deck with 6 searchers, 1 card synchro combos, in-archtype monster reborn and fantastic synergy with the already powerful Tenyi engine, and that's no accident. Until the new powercreep comes out or a real banlist drops, nothing is going to change.
Replies: >>144543 >>144545
Join for games: 55857
I'm playing with a incomplete and bad deck, so don't expect much in the first two duels.
Replies: >>144526
welp I'm only playing for the gems anyways and plat (before diamond) was kinda slow to my liking, it used to take 40 minutes to even finish my dailies with how SLOW they try so hard or even the time when they stall time limit and grief once I popped their turn 2 skill drain compared to gold rank where I get to see all kinds of decks.
worse is they're even slower in N/R and Fusion festival that I simply stopped playing for the reason they're so SLOW.
I don't think it's worth wasting time over a week in plat with 40 min daily + SLOW ranked/event plus it's much more enjoyable to have duels without relying on unfair cards.
Replies: >>144526
If you're not already in it, there's a steam group chat I set up that you can ask for casual duels in the thread.

I wouldn't stress about the dailies, you have a month to complete them after all. About 3-4 duels a day is good.
 I definitely agree with what >>144516 said. The meta is 100% based on card rarities. It’s easier to make a swordsoul deck than it is shaddoll grass invoked or blind second kaiju deck which fall in the same tier as swordsoul. 

Have you forgotten about the dominance tribrigade+zoo had in the meta at launch because of how resourceful it was? boomers were wasting thousands of gems making shit ass bewd, god card and other anime decks getting swept by cheaper decks. Like I said, I hate that people refuse to take advantage of master duels banlist but I realize that it has a lot to do with card rarities
Replies: >>144547
Oh and this might be a dumb take but honestly swordsoul fucking suck in md unless they’re running nemeses Protoss. I wouldn’t necessarily call sitting on chiaxo(the 2800 guy) and baronne a powerful board. They’re definitely strong in the tcg due to every other top deck getting hit in recent banlists.
Replies: >>144547
There's a reason why SS is top dog and I'll agree it's partly due to it being relatively cheap, but it's mostly because it has insane consistency, insane recovery potential, and shits out a field with just a Mo Ye summon. Barronne Chixiao is the bare minimum of what the deck can do, and I've been keenly aware of this ever since I've been stuck in mid diamond this whole week dealing with this bullshit.
Replies: >>144550
[Hide] (94.6KB, 534x200)
>s there a comprehensive card database anywhere to look for cards that do specific things?
Edopro is pretty good for this. Can search by specific text strings or tags
[Hide] (162.3KB, 1440x1169)
The reason why people overused SwordSoul is because it's literally the only new and good deck since the game launched half an year ago, not because it's the best deck.
Zoodiac Tribrigade is still an insanely consistent deck that combos with just as much as Swordsoul and has an easier time fitting DPE if they want to. VW is still probably the best combo deck. Drytron still does drytron things even with 1 benten (the other cyber angels are all crazy if you read them). 
It doesn't even have a consistently good MU versus other threats. A single zoodiac normal summon forces basically the whole swordsoul board
Replies: >>144553 >>144673
If SS isn't the best deck, then it wouldn't be the most played meta deck. It's really as simple as that. You can make the arguement about Tri-Zoo or Drytron, but ever since they got mildly inconvenienced by the banlist their usage dropped sharply. And this may be anecdotal, but these days when I run up against a Drytron or a Tri-Zoo I can usually stomp them since their combos are so linear compared to all the crazy shit SS can branch out into.

I'll agree with VW though, the people who still use that deck in Diamond know what they're doing and slap me in the face with VFD almost 100% of the time
Replies: >>144673
[Hide] (1.5MB, 813x1185)
I do wonder how popular Marincess will be once the new support drops. It's a waifu deck that is fairly cheap to build but solid. Biggest weakness being it's easy to disrupt. Will probably be paled by the Adventurer engine though.
Wow new Penguin support incoming.

Marincess is one of those archtypes I find pretty cool but they take forever to play their turns which I hate.
Replies: >>144576
The set they came from was after battle of chaos, so probably on the "second" pack based on that set.
We're still in the set before.

Regardless i doubt they'll be different from how they ended up in real life, clearly tournament worthy but not really the meta.
Its not really competing with adventurer and i'm pretty sure i've seen "Adventurer Marciness" in some corner of hell.
Replies: >>144576
Meh, I run (well its been awhile) Prank-Kids so this will be nothing new to me. Deck looks fun and has cute girls. Will probably run Exosisters to here before long. 

Guess I might have two versions of the deck then. 

Really wish Cynet Mining wasn't a UR. Guess I could build a pure Access Code deck to while I grind for it.
Replies: >>144673
If you’re going to make cyber mining I would strongly recommend staying away from code talkers and make ignister or salamangreat which are the best cyberse decks in the game. IF and WHEN these fucks release heatsoul, you’ll be in advantage having made either one of those two or both 
They’re annoying as it is now and this new support just extends that no doubt. some fag on youtube must’ve made a vid on marincess recently since I’ve been seeing more them on sims. If you don’t block the skirt bitch from playing, you might as well quit
You have to keep the format in mind too. Any deck that can recover in a best of 1 is automatically I’ll grant you that much. But I haven’t had problems dealing with them, (given that I play shaddolls and zoodiac with multiple handtraps in diamond) they ALWAYS end up on their 2800 guy and baronne and rarely do I run into someone making proper tenyi plays into their trap
Replies: >>144777 >>145044
The secret pack to get Cynet Mining is the Code Talker one as well. So if i where to grind, I will no doubt wind up with these cards anyway. Or i could just scrap them. All I know is I will not use UR to craft them, better for staples instead. 
>Some fag on youtube must’ve made a vid on marincess recently since I’ve been seeing more them on sims
Two actually, Dkayed and MBT both did a video on Marincess. Deck looked fun and pretty solid, plus cute girls, so I am in the process of building it myself.
Replies: >>144818
It’s almost sickening that people willingly watch those two fucks and netdeck their garbage
Replies: >>144883
Dkayed is at least a good commentor when he holds his little tournaments, and does a reasonable job explaining decks he shills for. MBT is generally a faggot though. But he is often featured in other Yugioh player's videos.

Nip guy tries out making Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth in Diamond for 100 games, gets a fairly high win-rate at about 30%. Doesn't even cheat it out, does it the old fashioned way with Petit Moth and Cocoon Of Evolution.
Replies: >>145160
marincess extralink confirmed?
>don't build X deck! build Y instead which has the most OP support
I say just build whatever one finds nice.
Winning with low tier decks is also nice but then again it's not that hard to build most decks.
>season ending in three days
>still no news
It’s not expected at this point but why the silence? Any packs confirmed to be releasing on start of season or are they waiting for the dpe pack to end first?

What the fuck, this person actually sat through this fucking garbage for 8 hours??? Why?
Replies: >>145166
ecelebs will jump through any hoops for even the tiniest accolade. It's pretty universal.
Replies: >>145242
but 8 hours straight of this game? i cant even stand playing this for more than 3 matches. good on him at least he pulled off his gimmick i guess
How do the Hex Sealed monsters work, exactly? Can they only replace specifically named monster requirements? Is this condition the same for King Of The Swamp?
Replies: >>145440
>have a Polymerization, a Thousand-Eyes Idol, and The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion in hand
>play Polymerization
>The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion can be treated as Relinquished because you already have Thousand-Eyes Idol in hand
>Fusion Summon Thousand-Eyes Restrict
Replies: >>145454
I've been trying to use Power Bond and Overload Fusion to cheat out Cyber Dragon fusions with a Hex-Sealed, the other monster being a machine. Dunno why it won't work though.
Replies: >>145455
Does the fusion monster's requirements only say "'Cyber' Monsters" or does it specify Cyber Dragon?
Replies: >>145458
Some of them the former, some the latter. Why, Hex-Sealed can't sub for non-specifically named material?
Replies: >>145459
Yep. It has to specifically say "Cyber Dragon". Think of it like the card turning into the monster right before you use it, but you have to tell it what to turn it into. How are you going to tell it to turn into a "'Cyber' Monsters"?
Replies: >>145461
Then I have no idea why it didn't work, because I was trying for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon which specifically states Cyber Dragon.
Replies: >>145462 >>145463
The effect where it summons from the field? That's listed on the card as a Special Summon, not a Fusion Summon.
Replies: >>145463
And it says that it has to be Special Summoned that way first.
Replies: >>145464
Okay, since Hex-Sealed only counts as material for a fusion summon I guess it doesn't work. Thanks.

Still need some generic machine fusion I can go into, any ideas? The deck I'm fiddling with uses an Orcust engine so it'll likely be locked into dark as well.
Replies: >>145466
Do you just need a monster on the field? Looks like your options more or less come down to:
>Chimeratech Overdragon
>Sprind the Irondash Dragon
That other requirement on Sprind is going to be a problem, though.
Replies: >>145467
I'm just looking for a way I can potentially dump dark machines from my hand as a plan B, because plan A is to go into Gatling Dragon.
Replies: >>145468 >>145469
Well, plan C, I guess, because plan B is Orcust play.
Kind of a weird spot. I'd just use Overdragon. Might fuck the enemy's shit up on the second turn, at least.
Replies: >>145474
>spent 7k gems grabbing despia and darklord cards and super poly
>have played 20+ ranked plat 1-2 matches 
>lose several due to inconsistency
im starting to regret this decision. even with allure it feels like darklord+despia suffers from bad hands. i even went as far as going 50 card with three prosperity, three maxx c and the three tragedy but its still bad

i should also note that i knew that darklord despia wasnt good but i didnt expect it to be this bad unfortunately. i will say when the deck works, its pretty fucking neat
I wish I could make a proper Barrel Dragon deck but in Konami's infinite wisdom they decided to make all anime cards high rarity and also in the legacy packs. Now, I've gotten a handful of them for free but I sure as shit ain't gonna shell out all those mats for the rest so Orcust and some 2nd coin toss will have to pick up the slack.

Yeah, Despia Darklords are one of those decks that have high highs and extremely low lows. I think cutting out the Despia stuff to the bare minimum will work in your favour to make the Darklord stuff more consistent.
Replies: >>145475 >>145480
>Yeah, Despia Darklords are one of those decks that have high highs and extremely low lows. I think cutting out the Despia stuff to the bare minimum will work in your favour to make the Darklord stuff more consistent.
thing is, the despia stuff allows darklord to be an ok deck, otherwise darklord on their own are extremely mediocre. however, i WAS thinking of dropping all the despia stuff BUT leave three branded theatre and add two dramaturge and maybe the frightfur stuff

ill try it, id hate to give up on this deck because it is fun when it works
Replies: >>145492
>Yeah, Despia Darklords are one of those decks that have high highs and extremely low lows
Yes. Actually just finished building mine today. Had one game that was completely bricked from the start. But the last three I got lucky and was able to get shit out. Lost 1 of 3. Last one the dude was a Dark Magician player and pulled the Magical Hats on me. Made my night, but still won. The deck is alot of fun.
Yeah despite what people were saying, it really isn't better than pure despia, unless you count the fun factor as current Despia is kinda just floppy.
You're adding a bunch of bricks to have a giggle essentially. Darklords are a cool archetype that happens to be kinda bad, and already bricky.
Despias are generally pretty consistent but they certainly won't boost the consistency of other decks.

I already knew this due to having played Despias pre-structure, the deck is pretty funny but builds that aren't just Edge-Imp Guardian Chimera aren't really good
Ignoring post structure decks obviously because the amount of "good despia" is enormous with that

Theatre and Dramaturge? I get they're decent but three theatre isn't exactly making you less bricky. "Less extreme Despia" would be like, 1-2 Theater/2-3 Aluber/3 Opening/1-2 "Non critical components(Branded in Red/Dramaturge)"
I do like triple dramaturge but its definitely going to cause some issues, you'll probably brick less removing tragedy but thats kinda it.
Replies: >>145503
You know, it’s a damn shame when you find a deck like this that has fun interactions(such as you have with the first darklord and ixchel) and it underperforms. It’s so weird to me that the fairy type has very few support cards ultimately making anything that isn’t drytron eva recycle, just bad

Currently testing on edo having only one aluber and one dramaturge with three opening and three theatres. Stacking more darklord monsters, keeping three allures and now adding three trade in and dark world dealings. The deck is going faster but now I have to decide which handtrap to keep since im seeing multiple copies of maxx
Replies: >>145687
Insect is another archtype i feel has shit support. Sure we have Beetrooper but its not that great. I do wonder if they will release it in Master Duel since it is apparently a TCG exclusive archtype.
Replies: >>145694
arent insects being punished because of inzektor? if i were an insect player id just stick to inzektor honestly. they look cool enough and play well
[Hide] (298.6KB, 283x502)
Why is ROTA limited again? No warrior deck other than Strikers has been anything close to meta for a long time, and shit like E-Tele is at 2, Fossil Dig is at 3, but warriors have to suffering this persecution. ROTA should be at 3, or if it's really a problem, errata it to a HOPT. Either that or drop all these other generic searchers down to 1 as well.
to btfo heroes
I don't know what bizarro scenario you're cooking up for it being banned but no warriors cannot loop rota of all things.
ROTA is a legacy thing pretty much, thats kinda the end of it. Fossil Dig wasn't relevant for most of its life span and e-tele has always been handled weirdly.

It wouldn't change anything yeah, there's two relevant warrior decks and their flaws aren't related to not opening starters.
Replies: >>145767
Or limited i mean obviously, Rota has slightly bigger targets still than fossil dig honestly.
Its pretty close but i'd still consider it above that. Not that either strike me as limit worthy at this point.
Replies: >>145771
I'm just making the comparison that since stuff like Fossil Dig is at 3, ROTA has no reason being at 1. i get super butthurt when I brick and the other guy slaps down his generic searcher while my one copy of ROTA languishes in the deck.
[Hide] (610KB, 1024x1024)
ROTA has been limited for most of its lifespan. What got it there originally I cannot say. It is an understandable limit though as it's the best generic searcher by far with it having the largest pool of targets and it having no once per turns. Unlimiting it may enable warrior soup decks that existed in the past, but with Malicious at 2 that may not even be a problem. I personally wouldn't mind ROTA at three if in exchange Engage got banned again. I am still in disbelief about the fact that card isn't a hard once per turn.     
Fossil dig is at three because Dinos are ass if they can't get to Misc and E-Tele is only playable because of PUNKs. There's also Tenki which is at three and isn't an issue as far as I am concerned.
I never understood this gay ass mindset of being ok with getting cards banned. Fuck off and stop being a cuck.
NO striker deck would run more than one ROTA card anyway MAYBE two if you really wanted to, nowadays as the main deck is already cramped as it is. The deck has four different ways of going into Raye as it is so asking for three ROTA is retarded.

As for why it got hit, fucking NEKROZ and some pk knights did it but the main culprit is purely nekroz being so dominant and so efficient.  Just look at 2015 (fun year btw)
Lmao piece of shit archetype as a pure deck isn’t responsible for getting shit placed on the banlist.
Replies: >>145776 >>145784
Forgot to tag you >>145775 but yeah ROTA is an example of an old card not being removed from the banlist that is past it’s dominant relevance such as master peace true Draco and spyral master slut and orcust harp( which the japs just recently removed from theirs)
Replies: >>145778
>What got it there originally I cannot say.
It was to hit Nekroz, Shurit was their choice of hitting the deck; to the point that it then got limited after ROTA anyway.

>master peace 
While the other example is valid i don't think you understand how fucked Master Peace actually is.
Relying on modern true draco as a measuring stick for it is a big mistake. Its kinda like checking modern rank4 decks to see if shock master would be a ok in the modern day.
The decks relying on those cards wouldn't be the same as their modern counterparts.
Replies: >>145781
Strikers without Engage would kill the deck dead. Even putting in 3 ROTA wouldn't save it. 

Modern Dino decks run the Scrap engine so even if they lost Fossil Dig they'd still have ways to get to their plays.

E-Tele is a fucking bullshit one-card Halq combo. It should be banned, full stop.

Tenki is honestly okay, so long as the most meta beast deck remains Tri-Brig and Konami doesn't release more bullshit.

Honestly, Master Peace to 1 should be fine. Everyone's running Kaijus these days anyway.
Replies: >>145784
[Hide] (431.9KB, 1131x1600)
>I never understood this gay ass mindset of being ok with getting cards banned. Fuck off and stop being a cuck
Cry about it faggot. There are plenty of stupid cards that enable unfun strategies, Engage being one of them. I don't find any joy in watching my opponent looping Engage two to three times in a turn and drawing a fourth of their deck. That card is no different from shit like Gateway of the Six or pre-errata Future Fusion in that they might as well read you win the game if it resolves.  And when I mentioned Malicious I wasn't talking about Heroes, but Dark Warrior good stuff.
>Strikers without Engage would kill the deck dead.
Would giving it a HOPT also kill the deck?
Replies: >>145787 >>145807
I think even making it a HOPT would kill the deck. As it stands, Strikers only do well against boards that haven't fully set up. Against a full board going-2nd Strikers would need that search and draw power to get over it. 

I know how you feel, but a Striker player getting Engage off more than twice a turn means the guy opened with 2 copies to begin with. It's not that common.
Just how bad are you at the game? No really, who the fuck allows the opponent to use engage more than once? By that point the match would be over. Unless you’re a shitty esl spic player that can’t read and just flips cards, I don’t understand. I’m not saying it isn’t a strong card but that’s all striker has to them, they have no win condition and sitting on mystic mine+Hayate against a competent 
opponent isn’t enough now after that ycs win 

Won’t do anything to the card if it still allows a search and a draw. You just need to resolve it once to find multirole or anchor for a next turn
I've been thinking about what the next event might be, and what the meta for it would be and how to counter it.

>Pend Fest
Not sure how I'd play it. If they have a rule where all maindeck monsters must be pend, an almost handtrap free format would be hell. Maybe Qlips with Skill Drain if that's legal.

>Limit Type format
Wurms and Zombies will rule that one, with HEROs being popular too. But in terms of handtrap power, a spellcaster deck with 3 Veilers and Secret Village should do pretty well. I'm considering pure Dogmatika, except there aren't any good Punishment targets that are spellcaster that I know of.

>Attribute Limit format
Dark is going to be king of the hill for sure. Eldlich and PK and Darkworld Dangers will be everywhere. I didn't draw from the Exosister pack, but they might really shine here combined with Shadow Imprisoning Mirror. Earth decks like Earth Machine might do pretty good too, since they have access to Maxx C. Thoughts?
Replies: >>145913 >>145915
>pendulum anything event
lol not happening EVER, the japs at jewnami hate pendulums. 
>limit type
? we just ended that event, and it was fucking awful. now unless you mean one type only psychics and warriors would dominate 
>attribute limit
yeah darks would dominate and MAYBE water too. cant think of good light combos with eldlich, can exosister eldlich work? doubt
Replies: >>145915 >>145917
>Dark is going to be king of the hill for sure
Not with its trash hand traps it won't, all dark decks will be super frail. It'll certainly be the most common due to being existing decks; but i doubt it'll actually be the best performing type.
Like a good wind mono deck is really UR heavy realistically so who the fuck would be running itit would have droll though. Light Decks pretty much can run a fully intact hand trap lineup which probably leaves them as the best performing really.

The thing with Maxx C, especially in this context is that its a guaranteed empty bluff in most scenarios. I guess that doesn't matter because that'd require people to think but its something to think about. 
Water suffers from the same thing as Dark and i'm not sure what mono-fire deck can actually produce a good board in the first place. Ash Blossom can't exactly save you from mediocrity.

> cant think of good light combos with eldlich
Eldlich Eldlich :^)
Replies: >>145917 >>146010
What mono Psychic archtypes can even do anything? PUNK is half an archtype and the Assault mode package can only go so far with a Psychic ED, if people are even willing to craft those for the event. It'll be Tenyi Swordsoul and Eldlich Zombieworld all over the place for sure.

Flunders are coming soon and they might drop them right before the event, trapping everyone in bird-flavoured hell.
Replies: >>146010
Have you seen how stupid and efficient virtual world punk is in master duel? Wait until some faggot kiketuber makes a video on them and you’ll see people play them 
Water decks can run toadally which is all you need and you seem to not know that mermails exist in a mono attribute event they’ll dominate as they won’t be overshadowed by current meta

Darks have phantom knights, burning abyss, if you want supreme cancer you can run lair of darkness, unchained. Despia are all dark if I’m not mistaken come on guy. Earth have annoying decks as well but as for fire types absolutely nothing volcanic are unfortunately trash
Replies: >>146021 >>146040
VW are pretty bad in a mono-type format. Like they have Shen Shen, which is okay, and a bunch of garbo Psychic synchros which they won't even have half of because nobody is going to craft those for an event.

Water decks are okay, just not Mermails since their biggest play is HalqDon and not much else beyond that. Marinecess would be okay, Shark Frog would be fine too. The main thing is their lack of handtraps when locked into water.
Ah yes toad is so comparable to hand traps. I remember how he stopped my opponent from crapping out a bunch of negates first turn.
I literally noted that dark/water had some plays, but they have zero good counterplay to not going first and aren't really that durable so they're not realistically the best decks.
My entire point is that none of that shit is worth running no relevant handtraps outside of a mirror.Can't exactly use Cherry with non-dark decks considering you can only run dark extra
Atleast in the context of "what would actually be meta if everyone had every card". Few people actually have water decks so it won't be ran, its clearly not a standout attribute.

Actually thinking on it, Wind also has the effect veiler ghost girl. So yeah Wind probably is the "actual best" but it requires way too much investment. 
Despite me joking about it, i don't think pure eldlich can hold an entire format. Though i suppose if nobody wants to actually invest in decks it will be.
[Hide] (832.6KB, 482x700)
[Hide] (93.4KB, 498x720)
Honestly I am surprised I don't see these more. Although it won't completely fuck your plays, it certainly will hurt certain decks. Unless of course they special summon directly from the deck.
Replies: >>146133 >>146228
I mean droll exists, but also in general "lock out searches" kinda work better with foresight.
It can fuck decks, but as you noted some will ignore it. Plus it kinda sucks going second pretty often.

They can be good, but they're much better side decked; which is irrelevant in master duel.
y-you too
Are these fucking assholes at least adding the new branded/ albaz support? I’d like to know how stupid the deck can be in master duels clown format
Replies: >>146228 >>146267
The thing about those is that they're pure go-first cards, unsearchable, and they're double-edged swords when Droll & Lock exists. 

Not going to be coming to MD for at least a month or two. The next pack is heavily speculated to be Flunders, Trouble Sunny and Suships.
Replies: >>146244
they need to stop half-assing these packs and release these new cards in their entirety and not in pieces before even more players drop the game
Replies: >>146267 >>146511
trickstar and chainburn still ded?
Replies: >>146267
Alba Strike came after Battle of Chaos, we haven't even finished the set before that.
So yeah Adventurer+Flunders is next, it even leaked alongside the Exosister pack technically. I wouldn't expect Alba Strike to be merged with the "first half" of Battle of Chaos either.
Hell it might be tied to Dimension Force.

Somehow i don't think slamming a second forever tier one deck down peoples throats will help their case.
Alba Strike will probably just be translated to another wall of URs every deck will have to run for a bit.

Personally i always found pre-structure despia a more amusing deck anyway, well with chimera atleast.who is Battle of Chaos but still
There's certainly decks that should have had cards shifted ahead like Icejades but i don't think Albaz was actually one of them.

Even in the current OCG/TCG they haven't touched those. They did print multiple mill archetypes but burn is still haram.
Replies: >>146275
Why is everyone I play against suddenly Joe Biden? They take like 5-10 sec just to slap down their Mo Ye, fucking geriatric fucks.
Replies: >>146273 >>146275
>Why is everyone I play against suddenly Joe Biden?
Cornpop detected fuck off back to the pool
Before branded fusion, what did despia/albaz even look like? I know they didn’t run the frightfur+imp chain combo back then since this strategy is new. Whatever, if flunders ARE next, I don’t expect them to be complete 
I know for certain a majority of these faggots are following some bullshit reddit combo sheet in the middle of a match which explains the slow play. If the person is a jap or a chink in general, they’re either lagging or doing it out spite to force a surrender
Replies: >>146277
Battle of Chaos Despia did run Chain, since its boss monster was chimera essentially. So having poly was actually really good.also i'd say chain was the best build from the start but thats just me
Since you can use branded in red to crap it out as a quick effect, it was even more insane than usual.

Currently though, a lack of boss is kinda what was so wrong with early despia, neither masquerade, neo nexus(whatever the name was of the big guy) nor Fleurs armor are good bosses.
They're cute but they generally are niche or are better with something to actually sit on.

Before that the deck was kinda bad, pure despia really only has the predaplant fusion and phoenix enforcer. Oh and dramaturge obviously.
And hybrids don't really work too hot pre-fusion. Shadolls and Darklords both are too clunky.

Flunders came in one set in a very complete package, Master Duel hasn't split archetypes in that fashion; despias are a slow trickle because thats how the actual sets worked.
I think the only card outside of Burst was their searcher? So no, flunders will definitely instantly fuck the meta. Its like crying about swordsouls one missing synchro; its nice but not that important.
Replies: >>146435
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1607x2240)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 850x1115)
Thanks for the info on despia I don’t like using frightfur or imp chain in my builds. 

I just hate combining archetypes which, speaking of fluffal, I’ve come to hate fluffal players recently. Do you really call a deck by its archetype name if you’re only playing four cards? These faggots have the audacity to run eldlich, artifact scythe and dpe or now that preda is banned other cards that aren’t fluffals. Fuck off what’s the point, might as well play another deck that can shit out dpe and scythe better
Replies: >>146441
Personally i really like the modern engine stuff. 
Though yeah, its certainly not "Frightfur Despia" cause that implies something drastically different. Chain is just a good generic, you aren't running an actual frightfur engine.
I do find some modern deck names pretty silly.

I only really care if investment is involved, the really small engines if they're doing some large shouldn't really exist. Which i wouldn't really count a resource loop as "too much".
Dogmatika feels like the proper investment for "decent disruption", unlike Auradon or Verte stuff.
[Hide] (403.7KB, 600x450)
[Hide] (2.6MB, 980x1362)
Twitter is never a good way to gauge this shit. Flunders basically have always had a 4-6% usage. Sure it dipped recently but this isn't really that impressive.

Also fun fact, the main build is still frogs so they didn't even kill that deck. I underestimated how good swap was really.
You have to keep in mind that it's a different format in MD. Just like how Eldlich is much more popular in the BO1 format due to the lack of siding, Flunders are also going to be popular since they're another floodgate based deck.
Replies: >>146455
I wasn't talking about splight/tears in regards to MD.
The entire point was just in regards to the idea that flunders were ever going to be the "second best" in the actual game.

But yeah Flunders will probably be properly top tier rather than a sort of eternal tier 1.5 exactly like Eldlich.
Though unlike Eldlich i kinda like the deck so thats no skin off my back.
I hate Japanese people so fucking much and especially more so the people in charge of this piece of shit game

What was the purpose of creating splight? Since toadally wasn’t the biggest problem here, are they going to go out of their way to add swap frog and deep diva to the banlist ultimately killing off water decks like mermail and marincess? 

What’s the deal with these stupid archetypes? Do they not test any of this shit out first before selling it to idiots?
Replies: >>146511 >>146512
I hate the Toadally Awesome ban so much. The rest of the list was solid, except the Prank Kids Meow being banned, but Toadally wasn't needed. From what others have told me, it caused negate issues or somethin.
They have to keep printing out stupidly overpowered archetypes to have their products sell. No rotation system means that any previously powerful archetypes will always be available for playing. If a new product doesn't have anything that beats an old archetype in power level, there would be little incentive to buy that new product.
Too late. I have already dropped master duel because I'm tired of playing against the same deck. Wake me up when they make an actual banlist that addresses the bo1 format
Replies: >>146516 >>146545
Doubt it, Splights are going to hit an "expiration date" by the time of the next banlist.
More than likely they'll just hit gigantic, they didn't hit Splights because they literally had just come out and Toad was already considered a retarded card. 
I'd joke about Splights getting powercrept by then anyway but they'd still probably get hit.
> Since toadally wasn’t the biggest problem here
Splights would probably not be sitting at 20% if toad wasn't a huge hit, they functionally swapped places with Tearlament; which yes got somewhat better but not that much.

Most card games seem to have flawed playtesting, which isn't shocking. Its pretty easy to miss some interaction.
Splights were made to synergize with the abundance of level 2 decks they made, thats literally it; their purpose was to be a strong level 2 support set which blocked nib for some reason.
Their purpose is in the gimmick, like literally every other deck. Being generic has been the theme of most albaz archetypes, which lends well to breaking somewhere.
Clearly this deck was somewhat pushed but its not a repeat gimmick or anything, nor did it tie into a new product which makes me think they really didn't try to push them so hard.
In fact considering Tearlaments are pushed so heavily and they're printing multiple graveyard hate decks alongside it; they seem to be their intended "tier 1".
Hell, Byssted; which seems to be their "real" answer to Tearlaments would even lead into the next Structure Deck R after Dark Worlds; Chaos Dragons.
Replies: >>146545
>hey have to keep printing out stupidly overpowered archetypes to have their products sell.
Though interesting note about this, this doesn't actually seem to be the case. They've basically consistently made the "Deck Build Pack" archetypes consistently middling for ages.
This isn't consistent of course, but most archetypes that come broke from it seem like mistakes. There is multiple deck build packs that just introduce like three really fair gimmick decks.
Like blatantly fair, rarely do decks from deck build packs have obvious "crutch cards". Its actually kinda jarring and reminds me that the current people behind yugioh can produce some really fun cards; but obviously they'll unleash a trashfire in the main sets anyway.

Deck build packs have certainly still had good decks but its usually in favor of the gimmick, yes some really fucked decks like Adventurer and Sky Striker came from them; but generally most decks that do end up that way don't feel as intentional.
Also obviously anime chronicles doesn't really try as hard either(Since it'll sell off of nostalgia anyway), its only really main sets that really want to lay on that powercreep.
Replies: >>146545
How do you guys feel about Barrier Statues in MD? I've been messing around with them and 1-2 of them in decks that can run them are extremely helpful, not only in t1 play but also as a form of protection against Kaijus.
Replies: >>146545
Are the drones that buy the new stuff to blame for this garbage? Isn’t it insane that decks from NO LESS THAN FIVE FUCKING YEARS AGO can’t compete? This fact is probably the most absurd thing about the current game. It’s insane that people are ok with this shit and also cry for more fucking bans. Instead of asking for bans, why not stop buying this new shit and demand for quality checks


Toadally is an annoying card sure, but it isn’t such a stupid card that it warranted getting banned. Since they banned it, these japs have moved on to tearlament. Imagine that, TWO fucking decks created within the same timeframe have powercrept by new shit 

I mean honestly, how in the fuck do you miss a deck that summons level 2 monsters for free to NOT play the frogs? I don’t like most of these conspiracy theories but I too am beginning to believe splights were intentionally made this way to get toadally banned. 

Also what the fuck are deck build packs anyways? How is this current bullshit not intentional powercreep to sell cards?
Useless especially in master duel bo1 format unless you’re simorgh summoning wind statue. Same goes for nibiru, evenly match and most general side deck cards
Replies: >>146551 >>146573
>why not stop buying this new shit and demand for quality checks
Because that wouldn't actually work realistically.
Replies: >>146552
How about testing banlists before making them official?
Replies: >>146555
[Hide] (204.5KB, 758x677)
I'm not sure what the process is, but from what I guess is they use feedback mixed with observations for Tournaments. Not sure what they where really thinking when it comes to Master Duel however. I feel like they wanted something "different" and to test how certain cards stand when removed. But this is just a theorya game theory. 

Konami will eventually make fairly big update for MD's banlist, but how soon I have no clue. Judging from Steam charts, I want to say soon, but who knows. Losing 10,000 players within a month is pretty significant, and might light a fire under their asses. This isn't counting mobile users, which I feel like is lower outside of Japan, but who knows.
Replies: >>146562
200k players assuming a good portion of them are bots, you can safely say there were at least 80k guaranteed live players at one point playing this game…what the fuck. How bad can one company be to let this slip from their grasp? A banlist at this point will only hurt the current player base. People ARE NOT going to come back to the game after a banlist announcement especially if people are going to lose UR cards they spent thousands of gems obtaining
Replies: >>146573
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1077x1493)
[Hide] (925.1KB, 508x720)
[Hide] (950.2KB, 508x720)
[Hide] (883KB, 510x720)
[Hide] (899.9KB, 508x720)
They're side packs that generally focus on threeish new decks. Its been a trend for ages.
Their "gimmick" is that they lack the clutter of main packs; so its easier to build a deck from them. The TCG drops the subtitle though.
My point about them was that they generally don't feature blatant powercreep, and they've been around for ages at this point.
Its a clear point that konami doesn't even need to do this but continues to because they feel like it, there wouldn't be so many if every pack that didn't accidentally sky striker made sales poor.

For actual reference here's multiple posters. Very skewed towards middling decks, there has been "winner" packs like the one that had Eldlich+Adamancipator but even those decks don't really come off as over tuned as some main pack stuff.
Plus none of the decks in Deck Build Packs feel intentionally shit like Icejade; so they lack the obvious filler as well.

I'd wager most of the people who quit weren't playing meta decks in the first place, and even if they were; would they really want to come back to playing the garbage they probably quit from?
Plus there is that recycle bonus if thats worth much i guess.

I think it would salvage some players that left, and i feel like most people who stuck with it understand the yugioh cycle. Their decks are temporary and will need to be swapped eventually because konami will ban the top dog so the next deck is guaranteed.
Replies: >>146582
What the hell was Konami thinking when they released Ancient Guardians? I still see boxes of that set rotting in stores today. Ogdoadic and Solfachord have no endbosses worth making and Usartic is the worst archetype in recent memory.  Just a bafling set.
Replies: >>146594 >>146600
The amount of copium we had over Ogdoadic at release was insane tbh. Everyone was trying to make that deck work even though it's just worse DLink
Replies: >>146600 >>146603
Yeah there's definitely a distinction between "functional" and Ancient Guardians.
Thats obviously an "issue" with not trying to push as hard, but in general all three decks were retardedly flawed. Ogdoadic was made for a pretend land with a functional reptile engine already existing.
Solfacord was just the TCG being retarded, the deck is the most functional of the bunch when you haven't gimped pendulums for their sins or whatever. Usartic is just dogshit yeah.
Course even then its just somewhat okay pendulums. Konami has to release playable decks obviously rather than that, which is what a good chunk of the others did fine.

The legacy of snake rain is immense, the idea of graveyard snakes was haunting most so the idea that it wasn't enough gave them brain damage.
Replies: >>146603
Ogdoadic Lair of Darkness has seen some play in MD. Unfortunately, it's retardedly expensive and I even have a half-crafted build of it. Someday.
Replies: >>146604
[Hide] (770.3KB, 464x677)
The lair version is probably the worst of all of them tbh 
Tit for that the best way to play ogdos is probably still the FTK but this is MD so you could be playing 50 other better FTKs
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