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Not really an E3, but hey, at least we have something to point and laugh/rage at

Abridged schedule:

JUNE 9th:

2:00 PM EST - Summer Game Fest 2022 Showcase Event
6:00 PM EST - Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing 2022

JUNE 10th:

4:00PM EST - Freedom Games Summer Showcase 2022

JUNE 11th:

11:00 AM EST - Guerrilla Collective 3
12:30PM EST - Wholesome Direct 2022 (nonvidya about brown girls with pastel hair pukefest)
3:00 PM EST - Future Games Show: Summer Showcase 2022

JUNE 12th:

1:00 PM EST - Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022
3:30PM EST - PC Gaming Show 2022

JUNE 13th:

6:00PM EST - Capcom Showcase 2022

JUNE 14th:

1:00 PM EST - Xbox & Bethesda Games Extended Showcase 2022
12PM EST - Possible Nintendo Direct
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1 hour until the shitshow, but they're already shilling some shit in the preshow.

Bear in mind we might find better links and streams for each event. Most will likely be hosted on the same channel either way and if you're one of those retards who thinks twitch streamers are your e-friends, you can watch it there.
Twitch and Invidious don't play nice with cytube, so I have to use YT.
>>141039 (OP) 
Apparently a Nintendo direct is also planned for the 15th
I'm likely only watching Summer Game Fest and Devolver and then skipping straight to the Xbox one.
I don't have the time or the patience anymore.
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I've been listing the events I've seen on cakechan. Would you like me to post some of the lists here, if I've watched it?
The only games I feel anyone would give a shit so far about were
>40k Boltgun: A retro styled FPS starring spice muhreens
>Rogue Trader(maybe): A CRPG where you play a rogue trader
>Hunt the Night: a top down blood-borne looking game that looks pretty nice
>Crowsworn: Kind of like Hollow Knight. Actually the artstyle is a lot like hollow knight.
Although I haven't watched the gaystation show or wherever Street fighter 6 was announced. Also I'm leaving out games that would appeal to me specifically for various reasons, mainly cool looking isometric shooters(esse proxy), a not-distance game(neodash) and puzzle games(the last cube, escape academy and headless jeff-3,robotco and abriss).
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>no E3 2022 squilliam compilation yet
Shame.  I had fun making mine for the 2021 comp.
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Emu Egg Endurance
Has anything good been shown yet?
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Cuphead DLC
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>One Piece game
>Geoff calls him “MONKEY DA LUFFY”

May be ok anyway, I still want a One Piece FighterZ but an rpg may be ok if thats what it is
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>Entire cast of ZZZchan is in the stream
>only around 5 people
So this is the power of ZZZchuds?
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I didn't even notice there was a stream.
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Yeah, were all in the stream talkin shit about naughtypoz
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Street Fighter 6
guile gameplay

>Aliens: Dark Descent
Focus Home, 1 second of gameplay
Alien Swarm, alien gene stealers with guns

>The callisto protocol
Dead Space, but shit

>CoD MW2
it's CoD MW2, aiming reticle moving all over the screen, autoaim must be stronger than Hulk

>Flashback 2

Cowboys vs Demons
looks okayish, but clearly wants to be nuDoom

>Fort Solis
something on mars, no idea, Troy Baker is in it, so you know it's GREAT

it's alive?

>Black adam as
why do I have to look at sweaty Rock?

>Outriders DLC
I don't really care

no gameplay, RTS by people who escaped Blizzard. something to do with mechs and demons

enviromental guilttripping, gay indie game

>American Arcadia
indie Truman Show, but bad with awful artstyle

>Goat Simulator 3
it's exactly that

>Marvel Midnight Suns
by Firaxis, the nuXCOM devs, no gameplay

>Cuphead The Delicious Last Course DLC

>Neon White
looks ok for some people

>Midnight Fight Express
MADE BY A SINGLE FATHER! loosey goosey isometric brawler/shooter. Supposedly it's Black Lives Splatter reskin

don't give them any money

>Honkai Starrail
Mobile chinkshit  (what the fuck is a hoyoverse?)

>Zenless Zone Zero
more mobile chinkshit

>TMNT Shredders Revenge
Casey Jones reveal

>Super People
ANOTHER hero shooter

>Humankind dlc
play as south indians and blue haired QUEENS YASSS!

>One Piece Oddysey

>Soul Hackers 2
very anime, very colorful

>Capcom Arcade Stadium 2

>Metal Hellsinger
oh, Serj Tankian is singing in there somewhere

>The Quarry
movie game, Until Dawn, not really a game

survival for 1800's niggers, cursed runes

>Saints Row: Boss Factory DLC
more cosmetic shit for a shit remake

>Warhammer 40k Darktide
Oct 13th release, Level infinite again? Nothing new shown, really

>Layers of Fears
Yep, that's Layers of Fear

>Gotham Knights
Niggerwing is a skin? 

>The Last of Us 
Multiple projects! Games, movies, netflix shows!
Fuck I didnt see it either
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I had no idea there was a stream
babby game for cattle, stardew valley clone made uglier by a white women and a jew, I hate videogames
>goodbye world
yah thats what im feelin right now
Please warn me when Devolvers unfunny shit starts.
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it's right there in the OP you muppet
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>1 hour
Thanks fag
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<one piece game might be ok
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What is the appeal of this fucking trite? It doesn't even look remotely good, it has no challenge so the dopamine you get when finishing shit is miniscule. What the fuck is the appeal, seriously? Every day that I live I see more and more that there are truly niggercattle among me.
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>only indie game anons had any interest in was announced in 2019 and won't be released for several years
Replies: >>141092
Thanks for the list anon.
Not exactly hyped for any of those games but some caught my attention, like Planet of Lana and the game with the shadow fish thing.

It barely showed any gameplay too, I think anons like it just because it's cute.
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>Games aren't just fun
Stopped the video there
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Isn't there already a suicide hotline?
>Aliens: Dark Descent
I have read some alien books, but I don't know what the fuck those glowing monsters are.
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Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing 2022 in 45 minutes
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>No ass
>No boobs
>No fish tail
What is the point?
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20 minutes for Devolver
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i truly believe devolver is the worst out of every conference, including EA and Ubishit. i cannot stand their over-the-top, ironic, ultraviolent shit they do every year. it is insufferable and was never funny. i would rather watch eight straight hours of gay/tranny/nigger bullshit being forced into my games than even five minutes of their unfunny meme conference
Didn't they gave shekels to BLM?
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10 minutes
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I tried the Metal Hellsinger demo they announced today, it's 1 short level plus bossfight, I assume it's the same as what gaming influencers showed on youtube.
It's alright. Don't buy it though, it gathers data from your PC according to EULA (hardware specs, software use, browser use, etc...)
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2 minutes
it started and it's as bad as you remember
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>Not using your rage and sadness to become an ubermensh
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did anything happen during the reddit segment
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Absolutely nothing
Go to sleep
Spoiler File
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e3 2021
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Nintendo stream will have games at least, wonder if Xbox will have games, that is the question.
They'll start with COD though, no doubt.
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>it's alive?
What will it have anyway? Will they do the whole zelder reveal now like last time and release it early 2023? I’m hoping for more Bayo now that they may actually market it and would be satisfied if we finally get silksong in it or somewhere else, but the fuck else is there? 
Xbox will have at least 2 games I’m guessing, maybe some kinda Rare thing or a capcom game fucking WHEN is dragons dogma 2 or whatever that guy is working on next everything else is a mystery. They got all these fucking companies now so they better use them. Let other companies play with dead or ruined IPs.
Replies: >>141160 >>141307
My Nintendo predictions, no particular order
>Final big trailers for Splatoon 3 and Xenoblade 3, if they have a Treehouse gameplay segment they'll probably have actual gameplay there
>Probably a name for the Zoldo game, given it was supposed to release this year. Possible Treehouse segment if the game is in a playable state (which given it was delayed I'm not so sure about).
>Some game that rolled under the couch 5 years ago like Bayo 3 finally has a release date
>Bing Bing Wahoo game of some sort, they have to have the Mario somewhere in there
>I'd say there would be a Pokemon trailer but they had one like a week ago and TPC has been trying to do their own shit the last few years anyway.
>Some out of nowhere shit, if it's good or not who knows
>I forgot they had a Fire Emblem game coming out and they released a trailer just yesterday so who fucking knows
>Square-Enix, Capcom, and/or Sega has some title to show probably?
>Indie sizzle reel
>Some games nobody cares about as filler
Xbox is probably similar but replace all the first party titles with games from companies that they bought recently. Unless they continue to be retarded, which is well within the realm of possibility.
Xbox will probably have a teaser for Skyrim in Space and something from Actilizzard. No idea what though. Maybe a fake "I guess some of you don't have phones" non-apology for the Diablo gacha since the actual price tag for that $100k wew lad, I could play vintage in paper for that kind of money has been getting airplay. Other than that I don't know what they have left other than recycling previous shilling and promoting pederasty, unless they go pants-on-head and announce an EA buyout during a consumer marketing event.
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>play vintage in paper 
What's the matter?  Just use our fully functional software to play it in the comfort of your own home!
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I found this trailer very amusing during the summer of gaming show
>we wuz rome
>we wuz england
>we wuz colonialz
>we wuz utopia
>we wuz errythang
>we wuz errythang
wtf is that real?!?!?!!
I don't know if that is a nigger or a niggress.
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>>141177 (checked)
>Real history is too "problematic and racist"
>Have to go with a Civ-ripoff game in order to simulate "rewriting history" since they can't change it in real life (only hide and alter it with lies like children)
Much like many modern games, this will be forgotten in a matter of weeks, but still push the same pozzed narrative seen in all forms of media. At this point, I'm sure they don't even care if games like this make money. As long as it keeps wearing down the normalfags to accept this bullshit as a normal part of life, they'll keep pushing it.
Replies: >>141281
This shit sounds pretty realistic if the other years are anything to go off of, nintendowise at least. Xbox now has more than enough studios and IPs but they also have a habit of not doing much with them. My biggest hope would be giving a blizzard IP to some more competent company, but way too early for that.
Replies: >>141259
>My biggest hope would be giving a blizzard IP to some more competent company
they already did that with Diable Immortal :^)
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This is trailer for DLC, but it's the same trailer for the base game.
The game was released last year and did awfully.

Shame too since Endless Space and Endless Legend were really good, this poz shit is just too much.
Replies: >>141338
So when does the next endless poz stream start?
Replies: >>141290
Less than an hour.
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Get in here: https://cytu.be/r/wewuzstreamerznsheeit
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My Nintendo prediction:
>port of the last titles there were still WiiU exclusives, to Switch
>Mario Kart 8 new tracks (probably done and ready but Nintendo waited for this direct to give the impression that they have more to show than they really do)
>Mario Strikers update with Daisy included  (see? We listened! No, we didn't omit her on purposed for this reveal to manufacture hype)
>Splatoon 3 gameplay (just an updated version of Splatoon 2 but Nintendo turned it into an actual sequel to pretend the Switch has more upcoming games than it actually has, fake hype again)
>Nintendo Select line returns, complete with awful looking box art
>Xenoblade Chronicles 3 video
>Bayonetta 3 NEVER EVER
>Some Other Zelda port, most likely Twilight Princess
>Nintendo Switch Sports rest of the gam..ahem "free dlc"
>GameBoy/Game Boy Advance added to NSO
>Bayonetta 3 STILL never ever
>Mario Odissey sequel
Here we go.
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Well, at least there was one game that looks promising.
>missed it
Was there anything good announced or what?
Replies: >>141399
Anything tomorrow? Might need to secure supplies early in the morning then.
Replies: >>141336
>>141039 (OP) 
>duke microplastics
I miss dick kickem bros so much you wouldnt believe, holy shit its been more than 20 years and almost 14 years since duke forever came out, where does the time fly?
>11:00 AM EST - ((( Guerrilla ))) Collective 3
Vanquish 2 when? :, (
9 Years of Shadow seems to be the only one.
Gorilla Collective is in 4 minutes.
Replies: >>141504
Oh fuck, did I miss it?
Replies: >>141507
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Forgot pic
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Replies: >>141525
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what on earth is this
The future.
it's you after doing a fuckload of PCP
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[Hide] (47.2KB, 195x480)
[Hide] (647.5KB, 1324x992)
Guerrilla Collective 3: 28 niggers
[Hide] (40.9KB, 211x180)
Replies: >>141549
Guerilla Collective
>From Space: Twin stick shooter co-op.
>I was a teenage Colonist:Gay artstyle. cyoa/gathering game
>Ugly: puzzle game where the gimmick is that you can draw a line for which shit is mirrored within.
>Boundary: Astronaut multiplayer FPS.
>Alaloth Champions of the four kingdoms: It's the soulslike, I guess animation looks interesting
> Daymare1994: It's like Resident evil(remake 2)but indie?
>Signals:Resident Evil top down, looks nicer than the last one. October 27
>Gravewood High: asymmetric horror multiplayer game set in a school.
>Madison: It's a boring looking first person horror game with a black female MC who doesn't shut up.
>The Fridge is Red: another first person horror game, better looking than Madison
>Industria: Slow paced FPS where enemies are bulky robots.
>South of the Circle: "Narrative Adventure game set in Antarctica". It looks totally riveting and not boring at all.
> This War of Mine Final Cut: Muh ukraine relief funds
>The Last Worker:Cell shaded "narrative FPS" game about being the last human worker in automated world. Big name VA cast, Jason Isaac, Zelda Williams along others. Looks gay and the devs look gayer.
>Slope Crashers:Furry, arcadey skating/skiing game. looks like a kart game as well.
>Cassette Beasts: muh pokeyman
>Contract Killer:A beat em up but all of the characters are stationary(as in pencils and such)
>???: Puzzle game but I can't tell what the gimmick is to be honest
>TMNT beat em up: 6 player co-op?
>Skald against the black priory: It's kind of like ultima but with turn based battles?
>Bats: shit looking 2d pixel art run n gun
>Araknoid:t but with grafix and battle royale mode
>9 years of shadow: it's the good metroidvania showcased yesterday. Halberd girl. Q4 release
>Wrestlequest: Pro wrestling rpg. It looks like complete shit because naturally.
>Zoeti: "poker-based roguelite". Nice art though. But it looks boring as fuck.
>Grid force
>Live by the sword tactics:
>Necroboy path to evilship
>aLterium shift:Gay looking "retro JRPG"
>Greedventory: no idea how to describe it
>Keylogger: turn based grid based isometric rpg.
>Symphony of War: Shown yesterday, the fat assed amazon game
>Batora: top down hack n slash. You can change between physical(melee) and mental(ranged) forms.
>Astergos: 3d hack n slash.
>Xel:Top down hack n slash
>Spells and Secrets: Magic based top down puzzle/twin stick shooter(?)
>River Tails: 3d platformer with two characters, a fish and a cat. Looks neat I guess
>Ikoni Island:top down gathering, crafting, puzzle solving, you can morph into creatures.
>Time on Frog Island: Like the previous gme without morphing. They both looked bad.
>Frogun: "PS1 inspired"(not accurate) but cute looking game about loli platforming and puzzle solving in a temple. Looks nice.
>I am Future:Crafting post apocalyptic etc etc starring uncanny valley Alex YiiK
>Flateye: Gas Station building game but with "smart" technology like smart toilets, I think it might be ironically a horror game/commentary on IoT.
>Garden In: It's a gardening game.
>Witch Strandings: No idea. 7th of july release date
>Monster Outbreak:Top down crafting building etc etc.
>The cub: gay
>Mira Legend of Djnns:good looking 2d hack n slash
>Rainworld Downpour: Expansion, 5 slugcats, more environments/enemies. Rivulet: faster movement, higher jump, underwater breathing, but more food required, shorter sleep cycles, can't carry much food between day to day. Spearmaster: spawns spears. Gets food by landing spears on enemies. Saint: Avoids combat(can't use spears). Can grapple with a long tongue. Other two showed in an extended cut video outside of this. Shitty announcer
> Exo One: Game's already out, you glide on surfaces fast with a disc.
>Shashingo: Photograph shit to learn japanese words. You can't learn japanese.
Standouts are 9 years of Shadow, Mira Legend of the Djnns and Symphony of War, at least for me.
Game is already out, by the way.
[Hide] (401.1KB, 600x600)
so heckin wholesome bros
[Hide] (411.2KB, 616x353)
>fall of porcupine is a a game about an unhealthy heallthcare system
Who is this braphog?
Replies: >>141561 >>141562
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1878x795)
Replies: >>141570 >>141571
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1552x873)
>spirit swap lo-fi beats, a joyful queer game with lovable characters
Spoiler File
(1003KB, 1278x814)
Replies: >>141562
[Hide] (1.3MB, 841x860)
You had an arse full of farts that night, darling, and I fucked them out of you, big fat fellows, long windy ones, quick little merry cracks and a lot of tiny little naughty farties ending in a long gush from your hole. It is wonderful to fuck a farting woman when every fuck drives one out of her. I think I would know Nora’s fart anywhere. I think I could pick hers out in a roomful of farting women. It is a rather girlish noise not like the wet windy fart which I imagine fat wives have. It is sudden and dry and dirty like what a bold girl would let off in fun in a school dormitory at night. I hope Nora will let off no end of her farts in my face so that I may know their smell also.
Replies: >>141567 >>141569
[Hide] (112.6KB, 656x189)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 750x560, 01:46)
Ah, a fellow connoisseur  I see.
God I had a webm of Professor Tosspot reading that letter that I lost.
>by Soft Not Weak
I want to have sex with both of these beautiful women.
Replies: >>141576
Would you dick anon or the muslim first?
[Hide] (79.6KB, 835x555)
reminder the furry games are the only thing keeping this from becoming a fully niggerfied game showcase at this point
[Hide] (2MB, 332x215)
>Jacob Goldshekelstein
Fucking kek
Except that YIFF games usually come with pozz or some form of your usual furry cringe.
Spoiler File
(572.9KB, 500x500)
for those that couldn't make it pic related is a summary of the Wholesome stream
holesome direct 
 >Terra Nil: building game where you restore nature somehow through wind turbines 

 >Little Bear Chef: No gameplay 

 >Melodyssey: Block moving puzzles. 

 >Lumberjack:Another gay "muh environment" game. 

 >The Garden Path: Another gardening game.
 >Mika and the Witch's Mountain: Cute witch 3d platforming/exploration. 
 >30 birds: no idea. 
 >Mail Time:3d collectathon? 
 >Usagi Shima:  I wasn't watching. <gay "muh inclusiveness, muh bi-poc, muh funds" 
 >A Walk with Yiayia:It's a black and white "game", because I didn't see gameplay. 
 >Chicken Journey: 2d platformer. 
 >Puffpals Island Skies:farming/building/etc. 
 >???: "RPG that is also a personality test" 
 >How to Say Goodbye: That sliding puzzle game from yesterday 
 >Calico: I don't fucking know it looks gay but it's already out for a while. 
 >Paper Animal RPG: It looks gay. 
 >Missed something here, had a loli Update: NOT AN ACTUAL GAME, just an image album 
 >Fall of Porcupine: wasn't watching. 
 >The Last Clockwinder: VR game. 
 >Lovebirb: rhythm dating sim with birds. 
 >Spirit Swap:My fucking eyes. It looks literally gay. 
 >Coffeetalk episode 2: you serve coffee and talk to customers. 
 >Oddada: I have no clue. It also looks gay. 
 >Frogun: again. See last list. 
 >Garden Witch Life: no idea. 
 >???:Looks gay but has a muscle(?) bunny 
 >Ooblets:Looks gay <more gay funds for homosexuals 
 >Bubblegum Galaxy:no idea and it looks gay. 
 >Here comes niko: That gay groomer game. 
 >Snufkin Melody of Moomin Valley: Is the moonmind game. It also looks pretty gay. 
 >Feed All Monsters: It's a line drawing(grid based) game where you find optimal paths to feed homosexual monsters. 
 >Skatebird: Among Us Crossover. 
 >Papertrail: Top down puzzle game. You can fold the "page" you're on in order to create new paths. 
 >Soulitaire: Solitair but roguelite and gay. 
 >Passpartout 2:you draw shit for various puzzles. Looks neat? <games and harassment emotional support hotline 
 >A Frog's Tale: RPG starring frog, looks actually cute as opposed to the majority of the horseshit here. But it's KICKSTARTER 
 >Freshly Frosted: it's an automation game but gay 
 >Kaichu: Literally gay game about kaijus fucking. 
 >muh nature 
 >Paradise Marsh: no idea 
 >Gaucho and the Grassland: wasn't watching 
 >Lil Gator Game: No idea <that tranny low rent Gorillaz Knockoff again. 
 >Potion Permit:Get ingredients, find symptoms and treat them. I like the idea. 
 >Schim: Shown yesterday, the shadow jumping game 
 >Pekoe: ??? 
 >Billkin's Folly: pixel hunting treasure hunting/adventure game? 
 >Kitori Academy: Magic academy game. 
 >Togges:3d platformer collectathon <more gay funds 
 >Tracks of Thought:gay 
 >DokiToki:GAY, SHIT VA 
 >Crittercrops:halloween themed gardening. 
 >Toroa:you fly as a seagull 
 >The Spirit and the Mouse: you play a rat. 
 >Snacko: I don't fucking know let me out 
 >A Little to the Life: was shown yesterday 
 >Kokkopa's Atlas:no idea 
 >Wandering Village: City building on the back of some large creature. 
 >Lonesome Village:More fucking city builders/social sims/puzzle. --montage 
 >hamster on rails 
 >garden of the sea 
 >olliefrog toad skater 
 >with you 
 >Bread and Fred 
 >Kity Builder 
 >Garden In1 
 >Petit Island 
 >Pine Hearts 
 >Hello Goodboy 
 >Harmony's Odyssey 
 >Seal World 
 >Love Ghostie 
 >Potion Prodigy 
 >Moonstone Island 
 >Super mini mart 
 >Ova Magica 
 >Puzzles for Clef 
 >Lemon Cake 
 >Star Stuff 
 >San Zoolin 
 >Skye Tales 
 >Kulbera and the Souls of limbo 
 >Tiny Witch 
 >The Courier 
 >The Hundred Year Kingdom fuck my wrist 
 >Lost Twins 2 
 >Bloom fuck, one more thing 
 >Melatonin: A gay rhythm game
My bad, the formatting got fucked in notepad somehow.
[Hide] (224KB, 1280x720, 00:01)
>The PS5 still has no games. But that's a good thing.
Guerrilla Collective 3: 28 niggers
Wholesome Direct: 58 niggers
Total: 86 niggers
Replies: >>141597
The gaming show sucked 86 nigger dicks.
Replies: >>142017
[Hide] (245.7KB, 957x159)
A glimpse into the hell that awaits us in 75 hours.
Replies: >>141620 >>141650
>75 minutes
You fuckers lied. It's NOW
Replies: >>141615
Future Of Play Came in late, no idea what I've missed 
>Loveshore: It looks like a gay VN by perfectgarbage.com. 
>Hardpoint Shipbreaker: 1.0 release. It's that game where you salvage space hulks. 
>Mossfield Origins: City builder. 
>The Wandering Village:City builder. 
>Spiral: No gameplay 
>Ou: Walking sim. Nice music 
>Cartomancy: Divination/tarot game. It's a minigame collection.
>lab rat: sokoban game 
>Midnight Girl: no idea. 2d exploration? 
>Kitori Academy: The witch academy game shown earlier 
>Spirit Swap: The cancerous gay match 3 game shown before 
>Breeze in the Clouds: 2d brawler/platformer 
>Rocket Rumble: Racing game? 
>Circuit Superstars: Rally game 
>Onde: No idea. 
>Dorfromantik: grid based city builder 
>Pale Beyond: Shown yesterday 
>Skabma Snowfall: 3d platformer with magic? 
>Kabaret: No idea 
>Validate Struggling Singles in your Area: See spirit swap without the match 3. It looks just as cancerous 
>Loddlenaut: No idea. 
>Malice and Greed: It's a turn based something. 
--montage over
[Hide] (65.4KB, 468x177)
Nigger that's some randos discussing shit
Replies: >>141620
Self-correction: I'm following OP's schedule, much like >>141603 thought he was doing, but his show isn't in the OP. The stream I screencapped the timer on is what's in the OP and what's at that point in time.
Whichever niggers thought naming their shows  "Future of Play" and "Future Games Show" and have them be within an hour of each other need to be shot.
Thanks for sharing this with your networks
Link for Symphony of war.
Replies: >>141636 >>141702
[Hide] (883.2KB, 854x480, 00:05)
damn, you got here first eh?
Replies: >>141637
Hope gigants are good on this one, most big units sucked ass on ogre battle.
Future game show
<gamer visa
<Doug Cockle's voice is only coming in from the left channel, woo shitty audio.
>Outpost: FPS/Tower defense hybrid.
>Luto:horror game #669
>Nightingale:shown yesterday
>Tray Racers:Sand skating game
-kwalee collection
>wildmender: craft build gather etc
>Die by the Blade: One hit kill fighting game
>Scathe: FPS.
>Robo-beat: Also FPS.
>Morbid Metal:Roguelite cuhrayzee. 
>Turbo Golf Racing: Rocket cars golf. Looks pretty fun.
>American Arcadia: This game again, the not-truman show.
>Alaskan Truck Simulator:Truck Simulator.
>The Entropy Centre:Portal but with a time rewinding gun, an MC that doesn't shut up and a reddit gun
<ukraine vidya
>Puzzles for Clef: 2d puzzle platformer
>Zero Losses: horror driver
>This rain Will never End: Catlady noir game.
>Farlanders: Colony Building/terraforming
>Through the Nightmares: 2d platformer where you can shrink in size.
>Lost in PLay:Artstyle inspired by gravity falls. No idea on gameplay
>Brewmaster: Beer brewing simulator
>Bramble - The Mountain King: horror game based on nordic folklore
<I know a nigger when I see one
>Enemy of the State: Not much gameplay(seems like a twin stick shooter?) About mafia shit.
>The tarnishing of jux(??): 2d soulslike
>ORX: Deck building/tower defense hybrid
>A Twisted Tale: Point and Click.
>???:Deckbuilder again.
>Reptilian Rising: turn based tactics
>Potion Permit: shown before. Potion maker/doctor
>Melatonin: Shown before. rhythm minigame.
>Once upon a jester: walking sim
>Bail Jail:multiplayer(?) game where you escape ghouls or capture humans. By konami.
>Sunday Gold: turn based tactics
>Do not Open:VR horror.
>Bright Memory Infinite:Chinese(possibly Taiwanese) FPS similar to the Shadow Warrior reboots. Titty skins
>The Last Faith: 2d metroidvania "bloodborne like". Really cool looking weapons near the end of the trailer
--team 17
>Thymesia: soulslike with plague doctors
>Autopsy: simulator?
>The Unliving: looks like a necromancy game
Ship of Fools: No idea
>Sunday Gold: see above
>Sweet Transit: trains
>Batora: Shown before, hack n slash 
>The Knight Witch: bullet hell 2d platformer shmup?
>iller Frequency:Looks like a horror game but no gameplay. ends with a jumpscare
>Tiny Kin: Not-pikmin
>Serial Cleaners: Stealth game about being a guy who cleans up crime scenes while the police are investigating. September 22 release
>Airport Sim
>Fueled up: Shown before. Overcooked in space
>Dinkum: No idea
>Multiversus: Not-smash
>Mythbusters The Game
>Shadows of Doubt:  no idea
>Last Time I saw you
>instinction:you shoot shit with an ar 15 in a jungle 
>Beyond sunset: doom TC paid wad.
>phonopolis:no idea
>Being and Becoming:2d roguelite
>Arctic Awakening: First person survival in snow
>f1 manager 2023
>Divine Knockout: Hirez makes 3d smash with cooldowns and Smite characters.
>Planet of Lana:2d Walking Sim
>Deadly Premonition 2
>Snufkin and Moomin Valley: Again.
>Palworld: Pokemon with guns
<one more thing
>ILL:FPS horror game
Replies: >>141647
>Shadows of Doubt:  no idea
It's a stealth detective game where you trespass in offices and apartments to gather clues.
>hosted by V-Tuber A.I Melios
Ren could have stopped this.
Replies: >>141686
Ren realized that this is our punishment for our sins and lets in continue.
>15 part download
>for a simple small game like this
are you fucking kidding me. Its like they are trolling on purpose, each part is like 50 fucking MB.
Replies: >>141703 >>141706
Isn't there a software tool that combines them all for you? I forget the name. jdownloader maybe.
Replies: >>141706
Yep, jdownloader2.
I admit I haven't played a lot of Fire Emblem games(only Blazing Blade's name is the one I remember, the other one had a character named Ramirez?) but I'm so far really digging Symphony of War. I just wish the UI was a bit more intuitive for changing squads and organizing them, feels pretty clunky having separate options for moving, adding or removing units from a squad and I wish they'd have the capacity cost of a unit displayed at all times instead of having me go into the details of each unit.
[Hide] (700.4KB, 2000x2000)
Are you ready for the pain of Frankie being relegated to second fiddle while Gay9 is mugging for the camera?
Replies: >>141735 >>141757
also what the hell is that, are they gonna remaster tiberian sun or something?
Replies: >>141737
I don't know. In between Doom, System Shock and Painkiller(? am I correct on that getting a recent remaster?) being in this image I'm hoping this means we'll be getting announcements for Tomb Raider/Deus Ex(Following the Embracer acquisition) and Thief(that's Garrett in the bottom right, next to Grim Fandango, isn't he?).
Either that or they're just listing "classics" which is why Team Fortress 2, as much as I fucking hate to say so Bioshock and Mass Effect are in the image.
[Hide] (37.6KB, 500x327)
>Garrett in the bottom right
Replies: >>141741
Bottom left, my bad.
They can't be listing classics because of the Ultrakill robot in the lower center.
Replies: >>141751
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x908)
[Hide] (332KB, 301x380)
It's Payne!
Get him!
Replies: >>141753
So that's what that thing is. I didn't recognize it. Yeah must be some dev bias or some shit. Not to mention Alyx getting the spotlight over fucking Freeman.
Replies: >>141753
That's Alyx? I thought that was a turok character.
Oh god damnit I must have gotten them both wrong.
god nu-Alyx looks terrible
Replies: >>141807
Who is hosting the stream today?
Replies: >>141767
Spoiler File
(74.3KB, 470x470)
Is sunday bro, we are all with our family and children today.
Replies: >>141771
[Hide] (94.5KB, 500x606)
I am
Xbawks and Bethesder showcase starts in 3 hours, I might start streaming some Postal: Brain Damaged to pass the time before that on the same channel, but we'll see how it goes. Headache
Replies: >>141775
Forgot the link, like always
There's some IGN drivel filler playing at the moment, something to get your booty bothered before the main events.
Replies: >>141777
>Gotham Knight
I wonder how they're going to fuck up Arkham but co-op.
Replies: >>141787
How do you fuck up what already sucks
Replies: >>141793
[Hide] (311.3KB, 640x502)
Here's a stream site that doesn't use cuckflare and doesn't use jewtube embeds
(and also doesn't have the twitch/reddit tier emote cancer)
Replies: >>141795
but I like bamham. As a guilty pleasure
>cakekike stream
Gas yourself
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1920x1080)
apologies for reposting
She's fucking perfect. I don't know if she's the brawler from the trailers(you can class change units but so far not the leader units) but she's already a 15/10.
Replies: >>141798 >>141804
How do I know how much units I can fit in a squad? I tried to add a spearman to my squad but I couldn't.
Replies: >>141801
[Hide] (92.7KB, 621x480)
30 minutes to Xbox Series Boredom and Sweet Little Lies man.
You see that capacity field in the squad screen? Each unit has a capacity rating(Medics are 10, for example). You can find it on the top right of the unit status screen.
As mentioned the game really needs a more intuitive UI for squad stuff.
Some units(the green named ones you can get from the marketplace) have a trait that makes them cost +2 to their capacity unless they're the leader of that squad.
Replies: >>141809
[Hide] (895.7KB, 1216x675)
Replies: >>141805
I'm worried about pozz, have you found any in the game?
Replies: >>141812
[Hide] (82.1KB, 629x779)
It's not even a finished model and people have positioned it as the "definitive" Alyx design. It's clear from looking at it that it was only intended to be seen from one angle. Shit, it wasn't even supposed to have facial expressions. I fucking hate the nuAlyx model.

Replies: >>141810
Yeah I got one of those green named units and I couldn't put it anywhere in my squads. Thank you.
Replies: >>141812
Replies: >>141823
So far, nothing.
Oh and as for class changes the unit should max out class affinity first. They'll have a green arrow next to their icon in the squad management screen when they're eligible for one.
Replies: >>141813
>So far, nothing.
When you finish, I will be expecting a full report, anon.
Replies: >>141816 >>141818
[Hide] (481.5KB, 1850x712)
I've already finished. Twice in fact.
God I should stop jerking off like a homo and work out and get big and swole instead so I can be man enough for the IRL amazons.
Replies: >>141821 >>141822
Day of the Rape, will happen one day.
[Hide] (67.7KB, 349x450)
The hardest part is doing it every day, sticking to a regime.
Try it, maybe you'll be less of a faggot that way, you queer homo lala man.
Replies: >>141828
[Hide] (131.4KB, 1000x1400)
>using spyware services like cloudflare and jewtube is OK when we do it!!!
Replies: >>141827
>didn't even deny it
Kill yourself fat kike
Replies: >>141829
Fuck it. I'm gonna do it after listing these shitty shows.
Is there a healthy alternative to soda? I like the taste but it's so sugary I can justify getting one once every like four months or so.
[Hide] (662.3KB, 1280x1022)
>everyone on the internet is one person
Replies: >>141831
Coke Zero, Pepsi Max, CarboJew Kosher... Just remember not to drink those exclusively, you'll develop type b diabeetus
Try switching to carbonated water, maybe some natural juices with sugar levels below 10%.
>still not denying it
EcksBawks Gayman Show in less than one minute.
I predict that I will be dissapointed and blueballed for the 1000000th time.
Start by drinking water more.
At least theyre not zombies for once.
carbonated water
Dragons dogma2  4 sure you guize
Okay this is the first e3 thread I been in thats been this fucking dead.
8moe has a ton of more activity than this with only 10+ more posts per day and 150 more users?
Seriously guys, say something if you're actually there.
Is this board populated by ghosts or actual CIA or some shit?
I'm enjoying chatting shit in the cytube
Replies: >>141853
I say kill yourself eden and go eat shit back on deadmu lol
Stay there bro.
Most anons are in the cytube that I've seen. I really haven't seen anything super interesting aside from the giant lady with the huge ass
[Hide] (90.2KB, 652x647)
All the activity is in the 8moe restream. Nobody watches Old Man Attentionwhorekin anyways, he ruined the last E3 stream with his epic memes.
Link to the cytube? it seems everyone is there.
Replies: >>141861
nvm that was a retaded question im in.
I went for a walk so I missed the beginning did I miss anything?
Replies: >>141860
[Hide] (13KB, 198x255)
>He still pissed after a whole fucking year
Literally rent free
Will post a list once the show's done. So far nothing beyond a new Silksong trailer but no release date.
Right in the OP
Replies: >>141864
Let's try and encourage people to use some braincells and find it themselves yeah?
Replies: >>141894
>People still can't use Ctrl+f in the year 2022 of our lord.
I think people are becoming more and more tech illiterate as time goes on.
[Hide] (785.5KB, 1902x645)
[Hide] (995.4KB, 1899x688)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1909x732)
Would pirate after 3 years of people making mods.
Ravenlok was the only good looking game.
I love lolis and voxel graphics.
>Redfall:Arkane. VA doesn't shut up. Shitty looking  vampire hunting hero shooter FPS. It's like shitty Back 4 Blood which is amazing to see someone make a worse version of that game
>Hollow Knight Silksong: new trailer but no release date. Why
>High on Life: unfunny FPS by rick and morty fag. Your guns don't shut the fuck up this time, how original
Supposedly all the games shown here are to be played within a year(12 months, not the year of 2022).
<benefits of gay pass
<riot games gayme pass ad
>A Plague Tale Requiem: It's like medieval The Last of Us except the kid you're protecting is a rat wizard and you're playing some chick with a terrible voice
>Forza Motorsports: laughable attempts at graphicsfagging. Looks guys, detailed asphalt!
>Microsoft Flight Sim 40th anniversary: Also with free gaylo crossover
> Overbotch 2: It's Free to play now. Punk musclegirl will most likely get a lot of porn because of those abs but she looks shit ingame
>Ara History Untold: no gameplay
>Redfall. Shown earlier
>ESO High Island :Expansion 
>fallout 76 expeditions - the pitt: expansion
>Forza 5: Hotwheels crossover
>Ark 2: Starring vin diesel. 2023.
>Scorn:that hell fps. 21st october
I swear this audio description version makes this stream 100% better. Thank you old man.
>Flintlock The Siege of Dawn: It's like an over the shoulder hack n slash.
>Minecraft Legends:Mojang. Looks like pikmin? 
>Lightyear Frontier:Crafting gathering etc with a mecha.
>Gunfire Reborn: it's already out. Roguelite fps by chinks
>The Last Case of Benedict Fox:2d hack n slash , might have some horror elements
>As Dusk Falls: Storyshit. It was that "game" that "played" like a slideshow  and had a father and son rob a house
>Naraka Bladefront: some shitty battle royale chinknese. On consoles. Already out.
>Pentiment: Medieval illustration artstyle.  Somehow by Obsidian. No idea what the gameplay is. November 2022.
>Grounded: That co-op hunney I shrunk the kids game by Obsidian. Out of Early Access on September 22nd.
>Ereban Shadow Legacy: It's like Aragami but you sneak against robots.
>Diablo 4: New Class- Necromancer. She's a side shaved stronk woman with a grimace face. Online shit out the ass with instanced PvP and MMO styled global events.
>Sea of Thieves: again
>Ravenlok: It looks interesting. Play as a hack n slash loli in a voxel-type world. It looks visually neat.
>Cocoon:Inside/Limbo devs. You play a moth like thing and carry balls around. 
>Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: Possibly Three Kingdom's Nioh. By team ninja. No gameplay
>Persona 3 portable, get fucked on xbox/pc, wow.
>P4 Golden, P5 Royale(October 21st).
<Kojima blowing smoke up everyone's ass. No gameplay, obviously.
>Starfield: No fucking gameplay.
>No wait actually gameplay for Starfield. It's fucking fallout 4's FPS gameplay but somehow even worse.
>Some terrible looking space combat. I could swear this was taken off the flight mechanics from Fallout The Frontier
<muh game is hueg like 6 billion times larger than any open world game! please buy my game. 1 thousand planets
Shit/10, no dragon's dogma.
Standouts: Hollow Knight Silksong, Ravenlok and the Audio Description guy.
didnt know they showed off silksong too thats also pretty cool
Replies: >>141882
They did but no release date. They implied that all the games shown would release in the next 12 months, but they have lied about that before.
[Hide] (153.1KB, 990x1260)
Pre-show started
30 minutes to go
[Hide] (1006.7KB, 1081x1522)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 955x1581)
Well, Persona for the no-box will be heavily tampered with it seems.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1884x711)
[Hide] (942KB, 1895x694)
[Hide] (40KB, 180x162)
>met his "wife" in WoW
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1880x700)
[Hide] (49.5KB, 500x500)
Wasn't it already translated? The fuck is there a ((( localization ))) co-ord for?
Replies: >>141910 >>141911
[Hide] (891.8KB, 981x672)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 956x933)
[Hide] (780.8KB, 1039x566)
this is now listed on steam
guess there will be a trailer for it later
Replies: >>141913
Do NOT post my wife here again!
To have them meet CY+7 standards.
[Hide] (858KB, 1600x1597)
>that fucking font
[Hide] (147.7KB, 1000x1410)
1 minute to go



Replies: >>141920 >>141923
>frankie replaced by a nigger
Already 0/10.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 326x246)
Replies: >>141924
>(1) and done
Go back.
Mark just kill yourself already please
no you go back puny (4)
mangs (pretty decent jewtuber who does strategy/tactics games like advance wars and FE) is streaming Symphony of War with the devs in the chat if you're interested
Replies: >>141934
You need to find a life, dude. This is just getting sad.
Replies: >>141932
you may not like it but niggerpill is a valued member of the community and our greatest ally
This game will probably gain quite a following, it will be interesting.
I look like this and say things like these.
Replies: >>141936
Is all just movies now.
[Hide] (466.5KB, 1278x707)
Post three (3) images of localizers getting praised for subverting nip media
stop replying to niggerpill, retards
It makes no sense to port the gimped PSP version of Person 3 and not the original PS2 version in the first place.
Replies: >>141940
Newer version is the best version, gaying.
Replies: >>141946
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1916x699)
Spoiler File
(2.5MB, 1500x1417)
Spoiler File
(3MB, 1500x1417)
WHERE the FUCK are the futa games
>Don't need to
Can't even defend your own bullshit then, huh?
P3P fucks up the gameplay a ton
Replies: >>141950
[Hide] (3KB, 100x110)
Go back to your shitty board and stay there ((( Mark )))
if you play on hard it balances back out
Replies: >>141955
[Hide] (118KB, 765x1280)
[Hide] (297.9KB, 1750x615)
Do you see it?
Replies: >>141954 >>141957
Replies: >>141956
I'm also referring to the lack of 3D exploration/movement, modeling and control
[Hide] (62.1KB, 318x141)

look closlier
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1904x682)
>persona inspired game
Replies: >>141960 >>141962
>let's make our artstyle intentionally ugly, that's like Persona right?
sad part is the artist clearly has some level of skill but fucks things up
I think it looks pretty good if you ignore the nog
gives me persona 1 vibes
Replies: >>141963
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1920x1080)
shitty site ate my images
seems to be happening more and more
Replies: >>141964
If it wasn't for the tumblr characters it could have looked decent.
How can day9 possibly be this much of a fucking insufferable fag?
Replies: >>141971
PC Gayming Show
<replaced frankie with a nigger
>Soulstice: No gameplay. 20th of september
>Rotwood:Some gay looking beat em up by Klei.
>Tactical Breach Wizards: Turn based tactics by dev of Gunpoint/Heat Signature
>The Invincible:Walking simulator.
>Endless Dungeon: That shitty roguelite by Amplitude.
>f1 manager 2022
>Chivlary 2: crossplay
>Deceive Inc:Multiplayer spy game with social stealth
<ad for a prebuilt with vegan leather headphones.
>Flintlock: Shown before. Looks like shit
This is already shaping up to miserable.
>The Alters: NO GAMEPLAY
>Outriders: WHO GIVES A FUCK
>Potion Craft: Potion seller, I need your strongest potions so I can off myself.
>Super Animal Royale: Some gay battle royale
>Nitro Kids: Fights in Tight but with a shitty pixel artstyle and knockoff bruce lee. 
>Mahokenshi: Another fucking card game with chinknese
>killing floor 2 deadly tide
>arma reforger
<devs were naturally asked about muh ukraine
>Dune Spice Wars: Multiplayer
>Northguard: New campaign.
>Wartales: Co-op update
>Abyssals: No gameplay but I'm guessing underwater city building
>Decarnation: horror game. It looks like one of those old rpg maker horror games but shittier.
>I Am Future: Shown before, the game starring uncanny valley Alex YiiK
>Great Houses of Calderia: No idea and it looked boring
>Jurassic World 2: june 14
>System Shock Remake: No release date.
>Falling Frontier: No gameplay shown and it made it look terrible. The actual gameplay vids are really interesting and I recommend looking the game up.
>Super People: Shown before.
>Immortality:FMV game not "her story".
>Welcome to Nivals: Work simulator, Cyberpunk edition. Looks like shit.
>DemonSchool: Indie Persona Knockoff.
<interview with Space Marine 2 devs.
>Agent 64 spies never die: not goldeneye
>Deliver us mars:walking sim, mars edition
>Stormgate: not-starcraft. muh esports.
>Laysara Summit Kingdom: Another city builder
>Frozen Flame:Dogshit
>Victoria 3:
>Amid evil black labryinth: two new weapons, the scythe and a fist
>ultrakill:faith unholy trinity
>fallen aces
>dusk hd
>also teased by new blood but not ready to show: A top down twin stick shooter, a fallout-like rpg and a car combat game
>backfirewall: unfunny gimmick trailer where the trailer kept getting corrupted. no idea on gameplay
>some medieval game that looked like prison simulator, it was shit
>Them'S fighting herd
>core keeper sunken sea  expansion
>farthest frontier: no gameplay but I'm guessing another city builder
>Synergy: NO GAMEPLAY, looks like another city builder 
>Half Life Alyx Levitation: 5 hour mod for the game
Literal dogshit. Not a single standout.
only decent games i saw this whole time:
>TMNT: Shredder's Revenge, fucking wish that much effort was put into more beat-em-ups
>The Last Faith, super bloody and gory Castlevania, looks pretty great for pixelshit
>FroGun feat. frog loli
>Symphony of War: Amazon's Fat Ass Saga
Replies: >>141969 >>141970
oh and 
>Turbo Golf Racing
WAS on here, but i played the demo and it's trying to be like rocket league but like a free-for-all, and you have to unlock core gameplay mechanics by playing online, against other people. it doesn't totally ruin it, but it kinda dampers it a bit
Harmony's Odyssey looked good.
He used to be pretty cool and apolitical before the floyd riots 
And then he turned to a fag like everyone else
it was shit, it was all shit
[Hide] (524.4KB, 813x796)
[Hide] (246.2KB, 950x1362)
The only fun part of today's shows was the bad audio guy and a pastry fan trying to divide and conquer and failing miserably at it
Surprised to see so little faggot shit and only one mention of ukraine. Maybe this is a sign. A sign that videogames can finally stop being political shit and go back to being regular old shit.
>Maybe this is a sign
I doubt it.
Replies: >>141978
[Hide] (250KB, 1280x720)
Laysara Summit Kingdom looks pretty good.
[Hide] (451.4KB, 1920x1080)
Hope dies last
Postal Brain Damaged is pretty fun
[Hide] (116.5KB, 1435x1559)
>Surprised to see so little faggot shit
Did you even watch the streams? I think I counted like 130 niggers in total.
What gives me more hope is seeing more and more people realizing localizations are shit and learning japanese. I also see a shitload of people getting increasingly angry about economic conditions to the point it's redpilling them about the WEF and their globohomo kin.
Replies: >>141980
I think he meant literal pride parade, fuck your son and start a fashion designer career faggot shit
Replies: >>141982
[Hide] (538KB, 320x240)
>Maybe this is a sign. A sign that videogames can finally stop being political shit and go back to being regular old shit.
Maybe software houses finally got that vidya is escapism and going full propaganda is only going to alienate their customers and hurt sales.
There were a lot of fag shit in the early first streams.
Replies: >>141983
There was a-lot of fag shit only for the wholesome direct. The other streams lacked it this time. The only thing they had was an inclusion of niggers, so anon is an autistic faggot who should stick to nu/pol/.
Replies: >>141984
>REEEE MUH /pol/
stay bootyblasted my mann
Replies: >>141996
[Hide] (29.5MB, 1280x720, 01:29)
Well, at least Shredders Revenge is coming up this Thursday so I can wash off my mouth from all this cancer, these events make me rage and make me depressed.
I feel like an empty shell after watching them.
Replies: >>141986
thumbnail is the pansexual pride flag
I'll pass
Replies: >>141987 >>141988
panfags are red yellow blue, not that mess.
Replies: >>141991
So what do we do after this years not E3? what comes next? gamescom?
Replies: >>141991
It's a joke anon, those are the colors of each character

Capcom tomorrow and Nintendo soon after.
After Not E3 there's Gamescom in August and TGS in September.
Replies: >>141992
[Hide] (263.7KB, 600x600)
Its hard to distinguish whats satire and whats real with this kind of stuff. It all blends into a surreal blur of autism.
Replies: >>141993
That's true, the internet has gone haywire.
Act like a retarded autistic faggot and get called one. Knowing the spergy response of your post, I'll say you are the only one booty-blasted and whatever ghetto nigger speech you'll use.
Replies: >>141998
>Im totally not assblasted you guys!
wew lad
Replies: >>141999
You should try not being upset anon.
>almost 30 faggots on the stream
<none of them posting right now
come on you chuckle fucks, we need more posters posting the postage!
what's the point of posting when you have nothing to say?
we were all posting on the stream instead of here because it was more convenient there and i think some of them were 8moe users.
>>142000 (checked)
Most of the games were shit and way too many were attempting to follow trends that have outstayed their welcome. I don't want to see anymore farming sims or openworld survival crafting games. Other then that it was rather routine with the PC Gaming Show getting the other event's rejects and Microsoft focusing on multiplats. I do find it funny that Sony can at best keep a game exclusive for only a few years before losing it. Sony certainly appears to be in a losing battle since it has essentially a handful of exclusives that has been rapidly shrinking as of late. So while Kojima might be not making anything worthwhile, it is symbolic to see more and more like him ditch Sony to go multiplat since the PS5 isn't the beast the PS4 was. Hell the PS4 still gets most of the new releases and sells on par if not more then the PS5 versions.
Replies: >>142042 >>142054
In a row!?
>capcom's even is set square during midnight for me
So I'm free starting now? Sweet.
>farming sims
Replies: >>142043
I think anon meant city builders of which there were a fuckton.
Replies: >>142046
But those have never been particularly popular or trendy, nor are they farming sims.
t. have waited for more city builders ever since I played AoE wrong
Replies: >>142049
I'm kind of embarrassed to say so but I'm really interested in potion permit.

At the top of my head from these shows there was Lightyear Frontier which I only remember solely because of the mecha aspect to it.
A TRANSFORMERS LIKE CREATURE! God those audio descriptions were A+.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 350x234)
>way too many were attempting to follow trends that have outstayed their welcome.
I am honestly sick and tired of this shit.
<Oh so COD/MineCraft/Fortnite is popular?
<we want a piece of that cake too!
<Here's our shit ripoff of an already shit game!
>Hell the PS4 still gets most of the new releases and sells on par if not more then the PS5 versions.
Indeed, the fact that the games that were supposed to be PS5 exclusive ended up getting a PS4 version too speaks volumes about the PS5 "success".
Sony last gen just got lucky that all the competition fucked up so bad that they only haf to say "we are not like them" for an easy win, but that shit was fluke that won't happen twice.
[Hide] (119.5KB, 1280x720)
I can't believe Mark is that easily butt blasted. And with such lasting effect too.
Had I known that ealier I would have fucked with him back in 2016.
Replies: >>142069
Replies: >>142204
[Hide] (210.3KB, 1078x202)
My eyes.
So, anything in a few hours?
Replies: >>142075
Capcom in 12 hours. Is there anything worth speculating about?
Replies: >>142089
[Hide] (407.4KB, 1280x1400)
[Hide] (204KB, 760x1512)
[Hide] (82.2KB, 1287x735)
[Hide] (205.7KB, 598x693)
Replies: >>142078 >>142080
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1380x1979)
>Big Brudder
Jesus fucking christ
[Hide] (857.7KB, 240x228)
>Imagine being such a sad and miserable being that you have to actively search for things to pretend getting offended to, and then being so delusional that writing on social media how offended you are is even going to change anything.
These retards actually think that the globohomo propaganda is because of their crying and whining on social media, what a bunch of useless retards.

who the fuck is this retard anyway?
Replies: >>142083 >>142084
[Hide] (177.6KB, 284x563)
He's a SEGA employee apparently.
Replies: >>142191
>and then being so delusional that writing on social media how offended you are is even going to change anything.
It's the person doing the "translation" for Persona 3, so it will in fact change to whatever >she wants.
Replies: >>142191
Spoiler File
(37KB, 669x669)
Dragon's dogma 2.
Replies: >>142094
>X more hours until crapcom showcase
Wat do until then?
Replies: >>142094
At this point I fully believe it's a never ever.
bideo james
Replies: >>142095
you have 10 seconds to recommend me a GOOD video game to play until then or i'll add you to the list of NSF casualties
Get the hell out of here Denton.
Wonder Boy 3 on Master System
[Hide] (15.6KB, 320x180)
Fire Emblem 7
Replies: >>142110
>Worst maps in the franchise sans revelations
No thanks "bro".
Replies: >>142186
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1206x761)
[Hide] (130.1KB, 301x228)
Tune into the Capcom Showcase on June 13th, at 3PM PT for the latest Capcom game information. The showcase will run for around 35 minutes give viewers a deeper dive into details and news on previously announced titles including Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4, and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

How bad are you at this if you don't have a good game ready to go in your backlog?
Are you one of those pretenders? 
Are you a hipster, anon?
Do you have a vinyl pop miniature collection?
Replies: >>142114 >>142123
[Hide] (10MB, 640x360, 01:55)
>The showcase will run for around 35 minutes give viewers a deeper dive into details and news on previously announced titles including Street Fighter 6, Resident Evil 4, and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.
Replies: >>142115
[Hide] (50.8KB, 673x653)
We need a zelda thread, i want to get into the franchise and don't know where to start.
Delete this post 
you ask in the QDTOTODDOOTR thread, if it somehow manifests into something bigger THEN create a separate thread.
Minish Cap is a very simple, babby's first Zelda game, from there I'd recommend going for Link to the Past, then the original, Ocarina, Windwaker, Majora's Mask, 2, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword if you really want to.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 898x1080, 01:11)
Start with the NES game
Then play the SNES one
Then play both ones on the Gameboy
Then play both ones on the N64

After that the games are very hit or miss, but at least there's shortstack Imp ass.
Replies: >>142124
>on previously announced title
>still no fucking Dragon's Dogma
[Hide] (39.3KB, 372x500)
Having a daughterfu is the ultimate redpill, if you arent the one doing the fucking then that is what makes you a cuck
Replies: >>142125
[Hide] (48.2KB, 900x506)
Replies: >>142126
>if you fuck your daughterfu you are jewish lmao
blow it out your ass faggotron, fucking your daughter is both based AND redpilled
Replies: >>142127
[Hide] (34.1KB, 732x556)
[Hide] (60.1KB, 592x555)
shut up

Is anybody still making E3 supercuts like crowbcat used to?
Replies: >>142129 >>142138
How can you make supercuts when literally nothing is happening? there is nothing to supercut
Replies: >>142130
fade in a superimposed image of someone really bored while playing short segments of said trailers in the background
Replies: >>142132
[Hide] (23.5KB, 474x359)
>oh boy city builder #149278535927 my favorite!
Rushnerd used to, MikiDev as well, but I guess not even that is worth it now.
Is Mikidev still alive?
Replies: >>142150
[Hide] (893.8KB, 1870x926)
Steam Next Fest started
these file-sizes are fucking unreal
Loved that guy's videos.
Oh I've got dinner to make. I thought it was just the Capcom shit today later. Didn't realise there's other stuff on.
Replies: >>142153
>19GB for not FEAR
wew, how did they manage to bloat the game when its literally just linear corridors and office supplies? also are you going to stream any of those games? i need something to do whilst waiting for the crapcom showcase
Replies: >>142153
Oh what did you think of the Agent 64 demo? The filter hurt my eyes
Replies: >>142153
Not a stream, demos became available one steam if you're a steamdrone like me.
Probably because people even can't spell "compression" anymore. I'll stream whatever I can (read: download) in a few minutes.
Filters can be turned off right there in the settings, I don't know how you missed it. Very barebones graphically, kinda weird to fire your gun that way, but I have yet to play that GoldenEye64 M+KB mod. Precise aiming really throws me off.
It might be fun, but one level is not enough to convince me. I am intrigued though, so I'll give it a fair shake when it comes out.
Replies: >>142156
Almost forgot about the new Trenpang2 demo, thanks!
Replies: >>142182
>he hasnt played the KB+M mod for goldeneye yet
play it RIGHT NOW! it only takes a few seconds to download both the emulator and the roms and both GE and PD are a blast to play with no auto aim mouselook only
Replies: >>142159
[Hide] (37.1KB, 1253x368)
[Hide] (15.7KB, 720x276)
I need to take care of a few things first, then I'll stream the sort of pre-show of my own with the steam demos. I'll do my best to try and keep track of the Capcom stream and switch to it when they start
I've had it sitting on my desktop for years, just never got around to it.
They like to take it down from time to time, so I'll upload my copy while I'm here. The link will be good for 3 days.
Replies: >>142160 >>142161
ayo my nigga share dat link honkey
Replies: >>142162
virus site do not visit
Replies: >>142164
Replies: >>142169
[Hide] (18.9KB, 474x317)
You wanna know what else is a virus?
Hey faggot, is Exoprimal close enough to EDF for you?
Replies: >>142178
Looked at the trailer and it's nothing like EDF, first of all the characters look like shit and second the enemies act like bunch of retards they just walk in a straight line unlike EDF enemies where they can flank you and surround you if your not careful.
My preshow is starting now, I'll play these demos until the real show starts:

If you're not interested in that, Capcom has already started their own pre-show with gameplay, trailers and presentations of games we already know about. You can watch it on their youtube, twitch or through the regular cytube:
[Hide] (894.9KB, 720x720, 00:12)
>Try the demo
>Meh intro is cool I guess nothing too different 
<3 hours now and I can't stop playing
Replies: >>142183
wtf is that real!??!
>worst maps
Maybe to a complete retard
the maps were pretty much all great.
>not too small or too big, perfectly sized
>most varied map objectives in the franchise to date
>numerous side objectives and anti-turtling incentives on pretty much every map (including going above and beyond like killing the boss in a survival map to get his treasure, XP, and possibly end the map at your own chosen time)
>thoughtful placement of enemies, recruitable units and places of interest (down to determining whether a unit would be able to get somewhere in a certain amount of turns or not depending on where you place them in deployments, if they have a dancer, etc.)
>unit and enemy placement and typing and even fog of war can change based on the difficulty mode
>varied environments and good aesthetics
>pretty much no "open fields" or "pointless hallways without anything" or "long stretches of nothing" like FE4, 6, 13-15 had
>lots of enemies with shit like stealables and droppables placed in interesting locations to incentivize comprehensive yet speedy play
>usually having options to change movement routes (and by extension, saving turns) drastically with flier usage 
>enemy reinforcements are usually telegraphed well, with no ambush reinforcements either
>very little unfair bullshit or reset bait
And so on.
>Not mass mass reporting this idiot to Sega threatening a boycott
Replies: >>142195
[Hide] (346.5KB, 590x453)
>it thinks its opinions matter in current year
>it thinks the gay agenda responds to boycotts
Firebomb the creature's house or you might as well stay home.
Replies: >>142196 >>142208
firebomb deez nutz nigga, ha GOTEM
[Hide] (97.9KB, 1050x604)
>ARK for free
>might be cool
>notice file size with all the dlc
Well fuck that shit
[Hide] (133.2KB, 1222x759)
10 minutes until the Capcom showcase.
10 minutes until the Capcom showcase.
Replies: >>142208 >>142210
[Hide] (507KB, 854x480, 00:07)
Looking forward to that Borderlands tv show?
Replies: >>142207
>BADASSlands tv kino
What? where?
[Hide] (1.9MB, 245x225)
It sure worked with Alisson Rapp

Fuck off back to blacked.gov you fucking obese jew retard
Replies: >>142209
[Hide] (158.3KB, 278x316)
>spyware, jewtube, and twitch is OK when zzzchan does it!
Get fucked
Replies: >>142216
[Hide] (7.6KB, 751x81)
cakekike got outkiked by the megakike
Replies: >>142211 >>142213
wtf I love ebay now
>Crossposting and crosslurking on blacked.gov
Go the fuck back. I know the mods won't do shit and act on my reports but hopefully other anons will filter your dumb stupid ass. I can't stand you fucking crossposters.
Go back to your shit board,  you are not welcome here, fatass.
Dragon Dogma videogame announced!
Replies: >>142218 >>142229
Fuck you
Well that was amazing. Seriously if you're reading this and you didn't watch this one. GO. WATCH. IT. NOW. Find the video and watch it. Spectacular stuff.
Replies: >>142221
I don't believe you but ok
>>142222 (me(checked))
Replies: >>142226
[Hide] (938.6KB, 1204x681)
[Hide] (518.8KB, 640x800, 00:20)
Replies: >>142229
[Hide] (1012.3KB, 400x321)
You made me laugh.
Eat shit faggot.

I posted the images he responded to its partly my fault im so sorry.
Replies: >>142231
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1370x1084)
[Hide] (53.6KB, 400x562)
Completely uncompressed assets with prescaled TIFF format textures and 7.1 24-bit 192 KHz WAV for audio (with multiple copies of the textures and audio tracks), I'm guessing. The base game alone is 125 GB, and the free shit bumps that up to the 300+ GB figure.
Replies: >>142263
>328 GIGAbytes
What would you even store in all this size?... Textures? Models? Music? Is there absolutely no compression for any of these?
Replies: >>142263 >>142264
[Hide] (2MB, 250x229)
Most devs are so fucking incompetent these days, and on top of that they are also lazy as fuck.
big grafix obvsly mn good grafiks
[Hide] (333.1KB, 800x1000)
I crosspost between various sites depending on my needs. Eat my shit, tribalniggers.
Replies: >>142273 >>142277
[Hide] (70KB, 600x613)
Touhou games are always mediocre
Replies: >>142274 >>142275
[Hide] (416.7KB, 960x732)
Counterpoint: Bunny Cunny
Replies: >>142276 >>142298
must be hard being gay all the time
[Hide] (58.9KB, 478x424)
Counter-counter point: Rabbit's foot
Replies: >>142283
I wonder how often you've been called out for shitposting, kinda weird how you're outing yourself here. Anyway, doesn't matter where you post, you can integrate well if you effortpost
[Hide] (42.2KB, 261x608)
It's almost like he isn't really a /japan/ poster and is trying to deflect all blame for his actions onto them. Gee, I wonder who has a completely unjustified beef with /japan/ and is also a massive fucking jew?
Replies: >>142285 >>142289
[Hide] (642.2KB, 656x532)
Tewi's feet are for stepping on my cock.

[Hide] (586.8KB, 930x941)
>It's almost like he isn't really a /japan/ poster
It's almost like I never claimed to be in the first place. Oh wait, no, it's exactly like that.
[Hide] (130.8KB, 940x1155)
it appears you have summoned your boogeyman
im /japan/ Shadow Council ama
Replies: >>142292
[Hide] (356.6KB, 2048x1409)
>someone cropped my edit
[Hide] (15.4KB, 349x370)
Ritsu and the old 4AM threads in a nutshell
Replies: >>142296
Who #showershitting here?
Rabbit rabb- oh wait, it's still June
I'm guessing judging by the complete lack of
threads that I missed absolutely nothing by skipping Capcom?
Also as for that one anon asking me to report in once I've finished Symphony of War, I've dropped the game for now.
Not because it's bad, but because if they're going to be adding stuff like this I'd rather I experience it in my first playthrough, and I've also been rushing to finish my Scout playthrough of Souldiers before the update hits next week that "rebalances" the game because retards bitched and moaned that the game isn't easy.
[Hide] (57KB, 650x247)
I should really double check my posts before posting.
>I've dropped the game for now.
I understand, good to see that the devs are making the game better.
[Hide] (623.7KB, 850x1034)
yeah it was nothing
just dlc and a dinosaur game
ace attorney was absent as expected
[Hide] (193KB, 1643x535)
<gahoole caught posting again
Everybody ready for the last day of shit?
[Hide] (394.6KB, 1000x1000)
Which company is showing something today, Nintendo?
[Hide] (2.2MB, 256x144, 02:40)
[Hide] (21.2KB, 236x288)
Is nintendo not doing shit this year? We haven’t heard anything yet, have we? I cannot find shit anywhere about the direct that was predicted. It would be weird to not have them but it’s possible I guess.
Replies: >>142382
They will wait until fe three hopes is released in the 20th to have a direct.
[Hide] (103.6KB, 866x1280)
That's the size of my collection of pirated games over the past 10 years.
Do these niggers want fags to buy overpriced NVMe SSDs?
Replies: >>142404
[Hide] (69.8KB, 823x778)
why yes, 2TB NVMe SSds are the PERFECT solution for saving and running your bloated vidya software of choice!
[Hide] (476.8KB, 1043x1043)
1 hour 45 minutes until Xbox Series Xtend Dong showcase
Replies: >>142426 >>142475
[Hide] (6.8KB, 425x400)
10 minutes
C'mon, anons, it's the final stretch!
Replies: >>142427
[Hide] (8.5KB, 387x60)
I think I'm going to skip listing this if it's just more games from the last one.
Also missed you, narrator hobo.
https://capcom-games .com/showcase/en-us/

Capcom has survey for their event. Tell them how you hate being fucked with on DD2 like that. Need to make an account (not hard, just email+password).

While you're at it, tell them to port Gotcha Force to PC, not use Denuvo, include pantsu shots, and can all SJW localizers.
Replies: >>142446
[Hide] (39.7KB, 806x154)
[Hide] (42.8KB, 803x144)
I did my part.
Remember, be loyal and offer them money, they're a business not a human being.
Appeal to what they like the most and they will most likely do it for you as long as they're not retarded.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1853x692)
[Hide] (855.5KB, 1855x798)
Replies: >>142453
[Hide] (345.5KB, 1764x629)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1905x815)
>nobody watching it
Replies: >>142476
it's over, dumb dumb
[Hide] (174KB, 300x319)
Replies: >>142479 >>142490
it's on
Why isn't anyone streaming this?
Replies: >>142508 >>142510
Old Man Gerpkin has summer school, he can't stream right now. Also solo is at his cousin's bat mitzvah.
The stream is over dude just watch it.
>I wonder how often you've been called out for shitposting
Never, because I mostly lurk.
Replies: >>142516 >>142620
Lurkingpilled anons are the ones with the highest average IQ. This is a fact.
Replies: >>142517
Basado i rojopilled
>328 GB for a single fucking game
Jesus mother fucking christ, what the fuck? And I thought Call to Arms was bad with being over 40GB in size.
don't make me post your entire (very cringe) post history
>he thinks people still fall for this shitty bait
Suicide is the only option for you at this point, Eden.
Is the pain finally over or is there still some shit to go through?
Replies: >>142645
[Hide] (129.3KB, 1280x720, 00:03)
Nothing after the 14th. We're free anon. FREE!
All that's left is to look through the announced games and sort the wheat from the chaff.
Replies: >>142649 >>142653
Apparently konami still has some shit(for indie games) on the 25th.
As for favorite game shown, I think it's 9 Years of Shadow or Crowsworn.
I can't help it, I'm a sucker for the genre.
Nah, not today Fed-san. Datamine somewhere else.
I didn't watch it to be honest, I watched maybe 5 minutes and got bored immediately
Replies: >>142672
[Hide] (128.5KB, 248x248)
A cryptic post. Everyone is confused.
Replies: >>142678
I think he means nothing.
I hate niggers so fucking much, why did we decide to let them be free again? Should have continued enslaving them and just make their lives hell on earth.
Replies: >>142700
[Hide] (500.2KB, 300x268)
>we decided 
We didn't decide shit, glowposter, nogs were meant to be shipped back to Apefreaka, but then kikes killed Lincoln.
Jokes aside, i don't give a single fuck about enslaving niggers, i just want them (and related mutt abominations) out of any fucking place that isn't Africa, especially white countries.
Replies: >>142706
How's the weather in Langley this time of year, agent?
Replies: >>142740
[Hide] (54KB, 500x500)
>How the hell would I know, I live in Cleveland!
What the FUCK am I supposed to do now that the events are over? what vidya can I play what kino can I watch what do de do? any GOOD demos from the steam next fest or is it all shit?
Replies: >>142864
[Hide] (3.1MB, 560x296, 01:11)
a faggot clip for a faggot like you
So what is left to be seen?
Replies: >>142883
Anon, I...
A dragon's dogma announcement may or may not be possible in 3 hours.
Replies: >>142895 >>142927
>inb4 it's a mobile game
Replies: >>142925
My money is on a remaster (read: fan-made HD pack sold for money)

45 minutes left
[Hide] (9.7MB, 854x480, 03:20)
Less than 30 mintues now.
Also here is the best and most underrated theme in Dark Arisen hands down.
Old man isn't streaming/doesn't care, come fight wolves in packs.
Replies: >>142931
Playlist broke.
So far he's only been talking about how he played Street Fighter 2 and wanted to make an action focused RPG because of it
[Hide] (791.1KB, 1075x604)
Replies: >>142937
[Hide] (1023.5KB, 265x260)
it seems the only thing they developed so far is the logo.
whoop de fucking doo.
cant wait to play the game in 5-6 years u guise.
[Hide] (726.7KB, 1116x666)

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