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Post what you're playing and call out other anon's shit taste.

Currently playing OpenRCT2 and UFO. I can't design scenery for shit and every other creation I see is 100x better than my own.
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>>139595 (OP) 
What a coincidence, I'm playing it too. Your shit is better than the shit I make; I don't even bother with scenery on most maps.
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Fun fact: You can charge more for things like the soda stall and ice creams when the scenario is hot and vice versa.
This is the only map I'm particularly proud of even if it's unfinished.
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>>139595 (OP) 
I just came out of a 2 month autism session of RCT, if you want to huff the real spergery they have a wiki breaking down all the programming. There's also Marcel Vos on Jewtube doing the same if you prefer to listen instead.

Anyway, I've waited a while for Shitbreaker and now that it's finally 1.0 I took the dive. Just a few hours in but it's a very calming experience. Plot hasn't gotten started yet, I've no idea what they're going to do with that. Otherwise it's a pretty simple and elegant game. I've read it gets pretty complicated later on so I'm hoping for that.
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Playing Brothers in Arms Hill 30 since I'm not a peabrain anymore.
The shooting still sucks dick, but the game aged better than I remember, especially for a console port.
Shame the tank combat armor mechanics are also a letdown, still, commanding a tank you can actually ride on with a pretty decently sized map is impressive.

Probably finishing Earned in Blood too afterwards.
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Giraffe with clown shoes getting a blowjob, it's pretty good people who didn't like it are fucking retarded.
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Replies: >>146713
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Fearless Fantasy
Cleaning my steam backlog.
Install Rendroc's WarZone mod
Replies: >>139677
Gud map. I'm playing through all the scenarios in order, because I'm autistic, so it'll be a while before I get to Botany Breakers
>fun fact
Huh, that's a great detail. I don't check temperature much, but I should now.
I watch Marcel's vids a lot, so I get info from him. Love his autism.
>>139595 (OP) 
>anon is not only playing same game as me, but same exact park
wew lad
>Plot hasn't gotten started yet, I've no idea what they're going to do with that.
Its like V for Vendetta but the writer had even more of his brain removed.
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forgot pic
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i hate this gayass input lag that all new fighting games have, i hate it so fucking much i want everyone who thought it was a good idea to be dragged into the streets and lynched. when I say down smash NOW, I want you to down smash NOW, not 0.5 seconds later when i get knocked over the edge but the attack has already been queued up so I spiral down to my death because of retarded beanerland pings.
>>139595 (OP) 
i can't even place scenery on top of each other to build houses and shit, and i usually get bored before I even get to that point anyways.
Replies: >>139761
Earned in Blood is better as well since the AI gets a buff in reacting to your flanking attempts. Hell's Highway is fine but inferior overall.
Replies: >>139677
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Just finished it
I think I dropped it years ago in the last mission since it becomes a fucking grind with Germans with pinpoint accuracy thag can blow you away, I was playing on the highest difficulty, Authentic, before unlocking the brutal one, Realism.
Don't even want to that one due to some of the level design and enemy accuracy on the later levels, fuck that shit 
Also, what a shitty ending, but the game feels like it's on a really tight budget, plus being on consoles really fucked it, COD came out 2 years before and looks 3 times better, and COD2 came out the same year and looks 10 times better, though BIA is much more sandbox in it's design than pure scripted events like COD.

Hope Earned In Blood fixes the allied AI as well, Shermans have a tendecy of getting stuck and some fireteam members just go out of cover for no fucking reason, or stop firing altogether.
Also hopefully, better level design, some maps were pure fucking cancer for a game all about flanking.
>Hells Highway 
Finished it twice, once when it came out again like 3 years ago.
I wouldn't say it's bad, but due to how well you can kill enemies, managing fireteams ia only optional unlike the first two where it's absolute necessity.
It fixes two things I absolutely hate about the first two games though

Plus it fixes two things I hate about the first two games:
The godawful weapon spread that makes Halo go shy, and the enemy hitboxes, nothing shitter than shooting directly at an enemy and nothing happening because the fucking game is saying that the enemy is under cover.
Still remember the HH E3 demo, it fucking amazed me, and then the full game came out 2 years later and it dissapointed me because it was nothing like it.

I'll start Earned in Blood tomorrow, don't think I got past the intro on that one due to a really shitty Vista Laptop at the time giving me graphical issues.

I was going to but I thought it wouldn't make much sense due to the plot.
Maybe someday later, thanks for the suggestion anon.

Only thing I modified was the FOV, until I realized it made the guns shoots offcenter and way lower than the sights tell me.
So I went back to it's godawful 63 default, though due to how the game is designed I did not get motion sickness thankfully, too bad you move slow as molasses due to that.
Replies: >>139699 >>139813
The mod improves many things, including ballistics and AI. If by "wouldn't make much sense due to the plot." you're referring to the screenshots that show dozens of soldiers under your command, then reminder that pretty much every change in the mod is optional. 
You enable things in-game using the Mutator menu
Replies: >>139739
>people who didnt like mashing buttons all the time and constant QTEs are retarded 
no u
Replies: >>139712 >>139841
Souldiers, recently released 2d metroidvania. Nothing really special or gimmicky about it beyond the fact that you're playing a faceless soldier in an army and you get to choose one of three classes at the start of the game(so I'm guessing like Valdis Story each class plays differently) but over all it's really solid and I've been enjoying it so far(6 hours in, around 25%).
One thing I'm on the fence on is the difficulty, I picked the hardest difficulty and while it's super fun for bosses it's kind of annoying for regular outside of boss gameplay where you can die really quickly and get set back a good amount. On one hand I like it because it prioritizes gitting gud, on the other it's a bit tedious especially when most enemies take off 20+% of your health and can have combo chains that can kill you.
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I´ve been playing Source of Madness and Forgive Me Father but I´m dropping both of them because they are a mixture of boring and annoying
Source of Madness sounds fun in concept and the making the enemies AI generated works well for the setting but it just becomes instantly non-threatening the moment you face them because they just fling themselves or QWOP towards you getting stuck on everything, which also results in pretty chaotic combat because of that
Your damage is pretty weird with attacks either being almost instakill or do barely anything to those creatures (which gets really annoying with the huge healthpools the bosses have) and additionally your attacks have recoil and you can get stuck pretty easily in/on enemies despite the short dash you get
Progression is pretty slow and unlocks are few with class unlocks being the worst in that (you start with a Generalist class and after the first area you unlock the Pyromancer, but it took me until the end of act 1 to unlock the Geomancer)
Forgive Me Father is a shooter with level up system and active skills which depend on who of the 2 characters you start with
Skill point can be used to either upgrade your skills or your weapons with weapons having 2 exclusive choices on what to upgrade
My problem with that is the same I had with Project Warlock (which the FMF reminds me alot): Once you upgrade the DB the game becomes really trivial and the Madness features does ultimately fuck all to change gameplay
I first thought that it makes eldritch abominations appear or mutate present enemies into stronger ones when it reaches high enough, but nope nothing like that
All it does is "charge" your skills, increase the damage you deal temporarily and make the screen go aggressively grey
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Almost done with Summertime Saga.
Finally, I'll be able to play real video games after this.
Replies: >>139753 >>139841
Thanks anon, I'll give it a try
The game is still shit despite all the lack of QTEs, all you do is run n gun against enemies designed not for running and gunning, try the mercenaries mode and it plays like dogshit
>i can't even place scenery on top of each other to build houses and shit
If you want to place scenery on top of stuff, you just hold shift and move the mouse cursor up.
Replies: >>139777
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is that it? are you telling me that's all it took after 20 years?
Replies: >>139792
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Yeah, that's all it takes. And don't worry, it took me that long to find out, too.
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Jagged Alliance 2, amazing game but i have reseted like three fucking times because i'm a shitter.

I still have a lot of fun doing it.
>Also, what a shitty ending, but the game feels like it's on a really tight budget,
Yeh Road to Hill 30's ending is pretty shit. Making an entire game around having squads end with a solo run through maximum difficulty enemies was a mistake and I doubt they even tested it on the higher difficulties where stealthing it is basically the only sensible option.
>plus being on consoles really fucked it, COD came out 2 years before and looks 3 times better, and COD2 came out the same year and looks 10 times better, though BIA is much more sandbox in it's design than pure scripted events like COD.
Technically CoD 2 was also on consoles, albeit only the 360, but yes I wish we'd one day see someone take the BiA gameplay loop and implement it on PC with modern tech.

>The godawful weapon spread that makes Halo go shy, and the enemy hitboxes, nothing shitter than shooting directly at an enemy and nothing happening because the fucking game is saying that the enemy is under cover.
While it makes for more satisfying shooting this is pretty much why HH is much less reliant on flanking than the first two games where the shit shooting forced the use of your fireteams to progress. That's not to say making bad shooting mechanics is the most sensible way to address that problem though.
There's a theory from some anons that HH subtly makes the point that the Germans are mostly terrified underage conscripts or old men reliving their WW1 PTSD in real time and all the war crimes they commit are just part of Baker's hallucinations. That's probably not the intended by the devs but it's pretty fun to play it with that idea in mind.
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Playing the new Sly game with Vita-chan. It's pretty fun but it chugs in some places from targeting PS3 first and I bet newfags are going to call it cuckime or something due to a couple story events. Only real gameplay issues are the Skyrim compass telling you where to go all the time which can be turned off and finding treasures is a pain in the ass. I guess the last one is because they thought adding "Tingle Tuner but the handheld costs 3 times as much" to the PS3 version was a good idea.
Replies: >>140286
Of course it's shit. it doesn't have any BOULDER PUNCHING QTEs.
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>Giraffe with clown shoes getting a blowjob
I can't unsee that now, fuck you anon.
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Fungus Woods is fucking aids.
How often are you looking at the RE6 logo?
I'm not a furry, but...
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>>139595 (OP) 
I'm playing OpenTTD cause I got the 'tism.
[Hide] (64.1KB, 593x350)
>I'm playing OpenTTD cause I got the 'tism.
Me too anon. Any tips for the terrible engineer?
I fucking hate junctions and mergers. They look nothing like in real life and take up too much space.
Replies: >>140766
I wish I could make OpenTTD have a challenging economy without spending more time tweaking settings than playing the game.
Replies: >>140766
If you want full autism get the recompliled version of the game that has the extra patches like extending the timescale of the game so years take longer and you can enjoy the autistic GRFs with hundreds of train variants. Or take it further and install horses and canal boats so you can start in the 1700s.
Replies: >>140767
I've done all of that but it does nothing for the economy, you basically have to tweak it all yourself from the ground up or you'll just end up with infinite cash no matter what.
There's a reason most gameplay scripts are based around other things such as growing towns.
Replies: >>140770
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Got a good run going in Stellaris as a Xenophobe-Spiritualist Empire, stopped a Khan's Uprising dead in it's track right after winning a large Coalition War and are in the process of gaining a Colossus.
Started a new Zomboid playthrough, aiming to turn the farm southeast of the Pony Roam-O into a settlement with the NPC mod.
Also played TF2 again, visiting the community servers where I was a powertripping admin in my teenage years, many of them were full but I didn't see a single familiar name.
Apart from that a few 2hu and Luftrausers runs in between other games.
Yeh it's a pain. The problem is the game needs some sort of adversity to make it so money-making is not guaranteed and that's hard to do without huge work in the AI or perhaps random events.
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After beating pathfinder kingmaker (and still butthurt for being too stupid to cast a mandatory anti-paralysis spell in my party) I "picked" up the enhanced edition of baldurs gate and slapped a bunch of mods in it that makes the game more bearable, the default walking speed is SO SLOW hot damn.

Don't worry, when I get to Dragonspear, the tranny is getting the Shaft +2.
There is a tranny in dragonspear?
Replies: >>140783
Unfortunately yes.
Replies: >>140791
>mods on enhanced edition
Alas, certain mods are optimized so that they don't work properly on original BG, BG tutu or BG2. I was pulling my asshair trying to get Imoen romance mod (bg2) to work until I lowered the screen resolution and disabled sounds, as the game would crash during certain cutscenes.
Which particular browser/adblock combo I need to watch dailyshit videos?
Replies: >>140797
I'm using The Tweaks Anthology and so far everything is working perfectly fine. Also, what protagonist are you going with?
I'd say Tutu is still the way to go, but you do what you like.
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>get on topic of GMod with a friend and how fun the gamemodes used to be
>spontaneously decide to play and join the first DarkRP server we find to mess with other players, larger server with 40-50 people in it
>buy a small shop in a sidealley close to the police station and spend the next half hour decorating it as a fast food restaurant
>decently looking front room with a counter and food shelves, making room for the burgers and hotdogs we intended to "sell"
>numberlocked door leading to the kitchen where the majority of our work went into
>first we added an oven and fridge, then the steel table to cut the ingredients
>afterwards a bucket to drain the blood of our freshly slaughtered cattle, a restraint chair for maximum comfort and acid barrels to properly dispose of the waste
>realize we can't actually use or sell any items, there's only props
>switch over to medic class as a substitute and rant about losing my gun just as the admin noclips through, stopping and coming back to us
<uh oh
>admin inspects the kitchen, which by now looks like a satanist ritual site with dozens of baby dolls hanging from the walls
>turns to me and says that medics aren't allowed to have guns, before spawning a crate full of AKs at my feet and leaves without further comment
>Proceed with plans, send Advert that McDonnell's is ready to open
>Merely a few minutes later, customers from all walks of life begin to arrive. The absence of regular medics in town drastically increased the demand of Happy Meals
>eventually a group of 3 arrives, 2 gun dealers and a mobster
>they get increasingly inquisitive about what happens behind the locked door
>eventually they force their way inside when the shop assistant opened the door to investigate the commotion
>they saw everything, might as well go all the way and explain the business model while offering coupon cards for their silence
>gun traders stay to talk while the mobster excuses himself, don't think much about it
>minutes later get a knock on the front door
>mobster snitched to the cops, 1 officer came to investigate
>persuasion and bribing don't work, gotta open the kitchen or get a bullet in the head
>open the door and let the cop step in, he freezes for a moment out of confusion? horror?
>assistant and I give each other a knowing look, draw our guns and immediately gun him down
>weapon traders both lose their shit, watching in horror as I instruct my assistant to cut up and process the corpse
>we're all in this together now
>minutes later another knock, 3 officers coming to investigate the disappearance of their colleague
>lead them into the back where my 3 assistants were already waiting guns drawn
>good harvest, we can lower the price of burgers
>The disappearance of another 3 cops at our shop cascades into increasingly intense police raids, gun traders at one point fucked off and came back in shtf gear they switched classes, coming back in wehrmacht uniforms with cloaking devices
>a third of the server was now concentrating on the action in and around McDonnell's restaurant
>every cop was shot on sight, neither side even pretended to care about rdm or nlr rules anymore
>one cop eventually snapped and noclipped inside the kitchen with admin rights, arresting the entire staff
<just for the staff to get released and re-armed by another admin
>eventually the last raid is over, all cops and bystanders enemy corporate spies lying dead on the ground
>cops stopped coming, having to quell a terrorist uprising after the mayor attempted to turn the town into 1984 Oceania
>shop once again returned to regular operation, rumors persisted of lone customers disappearing in the kitchen however there was never another police investigation
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i got fiyah emburem three houses running on yuzu earlier this week, i gave it a fair shot on hard mode and the biggest reason i can't exactly continue with it is due to how insufferably boring and time consuming exploring the monastery is (and at the same time it pretty much being required to get all the good shit).
it's times like these where i have to question if i'm just impatient or is the game just really bad in that regard, only thing that kept me hanging on was apparently learning how cool dimitri gets but i'm starting to feel like it ain't worth the time investment. it's like the fucking game is 20% actually fighting, 60% monastery, and like the rest of it goes to just watching cutscenes
>it's times like these where i have to question if i'm just impatient or is the game just really bad in that regard
I have recently 100%'d Dragon Quest Heroes and I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that modern vidya is 99% busywork. Don't get me wrong, I am the type of person who sinks days into grinding for extra levels (heck, when Jojo All Star Battle was a thing I played it for three days straight with barely any breaks just to get all the poses and voice lines), but for some reason the last ten years or so of vidya have really started disrespecting your time. Had to resort to cheat engine my way through item collection because ingredient drop rates in DQH are fair, but you need to physically collect each of them off of fallen enemies, which sometimes might as well be the other side of the map, plus they despawn real fast too and you're asked to own like 10 per each rare ingredient to make viable items and stat changes.
Don't get me wrong, old games also had a tendency of wasting your time, but it was usually in specific parts or ways to pad areas the devs weren't too proud of. Your experience feels like the game was purposefully made like that from the beginning.
Replies: >>141511
you may be right, the monastery is a bit like what you described except with 0% actual fighting.
some of it's "time management", like doing stuff with your students, or boosting your stats, which is fair and all, but the real bullshit more or less comes from a few things:
>fetch quests where, despite you having quick travel, you have to run all the way to a bulletin board just to quick travel to the quest giver's general vicinity
>"lost items", which are hidden very randomly around the huge-ass monastery, and you have to do guesswork as to who they belong to
<which again, would be fine, if i were playing a collectathon and if there were any hints to getting the items. you HAVE to find all that shit though if you're trying to recruit certain people, since the timeframe for recruiting is limited 
>in the same vein, having to do guesswork by running around and talking to every single person, hoping they have an extra "choice dialogue option" where you have to answer right and hopefully get a bit of extra friendship points for recruiting
[Hide] (25.9KB, 193x304)
>or is the game just really bad in that regard
It is. This is a game that wears players down with boredom rather than tough challenges.
You can skip easily the monastery stuff on normal and "hard", lunatic is another story but it was added post launch.
Game's still kicking my ass but apparently it's so brutal for casuals that reviews have gone down to mixed and the bitching will result in a difficulty tweak later this month.
I hate this when it comes to indie games, faggots just can't git gud and keep bitching about games that are in pretty much the sweet spot of difficulty.
Replies: >>142461
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[Hide] (3.1MB, 1920x1080)
Finished Womb Raider Reboot, interesting game, hated the most of the cutscenes, qte segments, smash x to awesome, and the wall climbing segments, usually I dislike AAA games, but I love their environmental art.
Now I'm playing Turok Dinosaur Hunter.

Ignore mangohud on the corner.
Replies: >>141642
I played it too, it's like uncharted but stripped of all the charm. I couldn't bring myself to finish it, that's how dull it is.
I'm playing a little bit of every genre over the past three months, trying to find my Top 10 Deserted Island games. I think I've found all but one of them, including Age of Empires II, Rise of Nations, F-Zero GX, MechWarrior 5, Natsuki Chronicles, Blue Sabers Early Mission, UT2k4, Garou, and Vanguard Princess. I don't know what to make for my tenth choice. If I absolutely had to choose now, then it would be Monster Hunter 3 U. Otherwise I'd wait for a new release.
Welp. 36 hours in and I think I'm temporarily dropping it until bug fixes and whatnot, which unfortunately means I'm probably going to be playing after the babby mode update.
After acquiring all the orbs and abilities the game just appears to break in a lot of ways. Unable to switch orbs. Unable to exit the water orb's blob form, getting hit on spikes until you die because your hurtbox somehow desynced from the sprite and got stuck on a spike. A really difficult side-quest soft-locking the game because there's meant to be an animation of a door locking you in the room once you enter, but if it doesn't trigger then it waits until you're 90% done with the fight and then the cutscene plays where the camera switches to that door, but the door doesn't close so you have to alt-F4 and restart.
Like I said it's really fun but these glitches have increased exponentially and are ruining my experience so I'm out for the time being. What a shame. 
I'm in the mood for an bunch of FPS next so I'm probably going to be playing Slayers Testament->Postal Brain Damaged->Quake 1.5->Arcane Dimensions in that order.
Replies: >>144524
[Hide] (32.3KB, 250x323)
now i've been playing the binding of isaac, probably the least goddamn balanced "popular" game out there, mainly for no-hit runs like how you're forced to do that as tainted lost 
>clear room
>a homing troll bomb spawns that's faster than i am, blocks my way to the only exit, and explodes
>go into room, first thing i have to do is avoid enemy attack
>a pin (basically an underground enemy that leaps out at you) spawns directly in the direction i was moving just to avoid the attack
>it's a hot pink champion pin, meaning it throws a bullet in your direction even if the enemy can't normally throw bullets
>instantly throws said bullet at me the minute it spawns, unable to dodge
the only reason i'm still playing this shit is because my crush who's trying to 100% it got me into it, but i'm probably gonna have to drop it and just offer to play multiplayer, i ain't ever completing my backlog if i keep this up
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Rate my shitty dynamite dunes
Replies: >>143508
It's pretty good. What's the steel/wood-tracked ride at the top?
Replies: >>143515
Originally a car ride that I changed into a hybrid coaster with steam trains on it.
[Hide] (621.6KB, 1920x1080)
They fucking butchered it. The difficulty is non-existent now.
I'm playing Darkest Dungeon, starting from the beginning. So far it's pretty good, even though I get easily butthurt with these kinds of permadeath games.   Which mods should I use? I've also heard there's a lot of monster girl mods. Is there a modset that contains all of them?
I started Dead Space two days ago, I'm now on chapter 3 and I'm not entertained. I activated some moving platform, which I guess wasn't supposed to take before completing another objective, and since it rode only one way it got me softlocked and had to reload the save, losing a bunch of progress. Anyone actually enjoyed this garbage? Does it get any better or should I just drop it?
[Hide] (110.1KB, 500x700)
Ate my pic
[Hide] (94.3KB, 1200x675)
Playing Boy of War because >>144817 and it's terrible.
Postal: Brain Damaged and Bayonetta 2 are a lot of fun though.

It's resident evil 4 in space, shit's fun.
I liked 1 and 2. 3 isn't fun, not even with a friend.
Replies: >>145413
Im going to start playing super meat boy.
Replies: >>145267
Im a bit disappointed that its "easy" but its still enjoyable. I heard that it gets alot harder after you beat the story though. Or there are like dark world or something.
Replies: >>145271
[Hide] (87.4KB, 1024x576)
[Hide] (64.4KB, 1024x576)
[Hide] (114KB, 1024x576)
I'm playing Encased RPG, a Russian CRPG made in Unity.
Gameplay is very similar to ATOM RPG differing only in a few design choices, combat and SPECIAL attributes. After character creation there is little to no way to raise your attributes permanently. 

Combat is really fucking slow and is easily the worst part of the game. Damage is skewed in favor of melee weapons but the advantage falls to firearms because you don't have to spend AP to engage with your target.
Talky characters go far because they get to avoid taking a 40 minute battle with mutant cockroaches. You'll win but it will take forever. If you actually want to fight, go with a Black sector character for the free machine gun.
Psychic attacks hit like a wet noodle but is good for crowd control. Psychic abilities have no justification for existing as mass combat is best avoided (slow). Sound design is poor. No punch to the guns or hits. no parts getting blown off, no aiming system.

Setting is very loose. Many hand-waves regarding geopolitics (and the dome) during the opening narration. "CRONUS was founded to uncover the mysteries of the dome. Everyone stopped what they were doing to fund a glorified quarry." Would be a lot more interesting if CRONUS was trapped between two power blocks competing for influence.
CRONUS has 5 wings, all denoted by color. Silvers are the administrative class, Blacks are up-gunned police, White is the science wing, Blue are mechanics and menial labor with access to dangerous chemicals and the Oranges are convict laborers. There are unsubtle attempts at class commentary but it comes off as hamfisted.
Too many references. Anomalies? Understandable. But 'Roadside Picnic Gas Station' COME THE FUCK ON NOW. Endlessly more like the last. The valve flavor text for instance.
CRONUS is a stupid name.

CRONUS does not look like a joint resource extraction program between the Warsaw pact, NATO and the UN. Overwhelming Soviet influence.
Encased has very polished assets. Cars and vehicles look great, would love to drive the MM Tractor Truck.

Quick list of pros and cons:

>Polished visuals
>Choices matter, actions taken will influence the rest of the game.
~Very easy
~Minmaxing is not catered towards.
~Hard to raise attributes.
<Combat SLOW
<Writing shallow
<Prone to crashing

Encased is pretty boring. If it doesn't pick up soon it goes in the trash.
Replies: >>145271
You either A+ a level to unlock its dark world equivalent, or A+ the entire world. I forget which. There's also glitched levels, which you access through portals that randomly spawn in certain levels. Those are how you unlock a bunch of characters like The Kid from IWBTG. Those and Dark Worlds and are the main source of difficulty, main campaign shouldn't be too hard for anyone above game journalist skill level.
I do like SMB, and it does get challenging if you try to 100% it, but after playing The End Is Nigh (also by Edmund, but with a different programmer) SMB feels overly stiff in its controls.

Now I kinda want to put an option like that in a game, but ramp up the difficulty to unfun levels. When some journo inevitably asks about it just say it's a metaphor for the hardships of LGBTBBQs and he's a hateful bigot for even asking.
I'm playing a Mount and Blade mod called A New Dawn. It's a massive mod that adds a ton of new equipment and horses, completely reworks the troop trees, adds a couple new missions (rescuing kidnapped villagers, finding eloped girls, tracking down smugglers, etc.), the Diplomacy mod, and even adds some PoP-style independent warbands from Balion, Lokti, Geroia, Amazons, monastic orders, and bandit uprisings. It's really good, and my only problem with it is that it doesn't add new locations for Calradia, which is disappointing since the map still feels empty, but everything else is still good.
Replies: >>145939
cont. I'm on chapter 5 and the game's still boring. Anon >>145086 says it's like RE4 but it's got none of the charisma so far. I'll ask again, does it get better or should I drop it?

They're even making a remake for this garbage and people are gonna eat it up.
I tried playing lost ruins but i hate metroidvanias. I will give it another try later today. Its a anime metroidvania
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1080)
Just played Sensorium, pretty decent albeit short puzzle game based on the 5 senses. Of course you can't really use 3 of those but it does an okay job of simulating synesthesia for smell and taste. Touch is not sense related at all and just has you "touching" blocks to push them where most other puzzles are about finding the right combination of buttons to toggle on.
I managed to play though it without the tone-deaf option despite being pretty tone deaf, since the sounds were also just different aside from pitch. Definetly dreaded whenever a sound puzzle came up though, still the hardest part of the game.
Overall it took me a little over 3 hours to beat, including finding a lot of the optional content, but I'll probably have to spend a little more time tomorrow to finish one large overarching bonus puzzle. I figured out how to get the solution to it, there's just two parts of it I haven't done yet one being playing a song on piano so I might have to cheat for that one.

Overall I rate it as worth a pirate, and maybe buying on sale if you really like puzzle games like I do. Non-sale price is too high for how short it is, unless I just rushed through it exceptionally fast due to autistic savantism.
What uh, what kind of Amazons?
Asking for a friend.
Replies: >>145971
Just regular warrior women. There's sadly no snu-snu.
[Hide] (20.5KB, 424x284)
Just started Dragon's Dogma, never played it before. Do the pawns EVER shut the fuck up? It was kinda funny at first but they're starting to get on my nerves.
wolves hunt in packs

tis weak to fire
Replies: >>145978
[Hide] (646.1KB, 438x360, 00:23)
If you're playing it right you're playing with a harem, and therefore it's realistic. 
I like pawn chatter.
Replies: >>145978
[Hide] (623.7KB, 422x572)
Here's my character, what do you think? Also what's his name?
Replies: >>145988
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1200x675)
Ok I narrowed it down to:

Replies: >>145988
Nog Nogan
There's an option to turn pawn chatter off, though it can be helpful when encountering new enemies.
Replies: >>145993
[Hide] (923.2KB, 509x594)
Body of a silverback, heart of gold; feared by many, respected by all. The newly Arisen:
Replies: >>146006
Impressive how you managed to chose the single lames name out off all the choices.
Replies: >>146202
[Hide] (675.2KB, 443x550)
This game is good I want to fuck Mercedes.
I used a tournament bracket randomizer, the two finalists were darkbeef and night muscle and night muscle won.
[Hide] (16MB, 854x480, 02:03)
I've been playing the NEET demo. It's a very strange, funny, and intriguing game where you play the simulated life of a NEET in Halloween. You have to manage clothes, eating, pissing and shitting, bathing, and sleeping, while also dealing with others, like kids asking for candy, your grandfather, a sexy floating woman who suddenly appears in your room, and the mystery of what lies in the attic and the giant fucking spider outside your house. You also get activities on the computer, like buying food, tools, and body pillows, playing gachashit where all the girls are named after diseases, and gaming the stock market. 
It's an unassuming game at first, but it grows more and more chaotic as time goes on. The house starts neat and well-furnished, but at the end of it, you'll most likely have the whole house covered in your own blood, shit, and piss, and several rooms engulfed in flames like I did.

As a demo, it's a fun way to waste an hour or two. Hopefully, as the game gets worked on more, it'll stay that fun.
Things I've learned about wolves so far:
>they hunt in packs
>they are weak to fire
>fire works well against them
>fire is bane to them
>they hate fire
>they hold the advantage
Thank you Rook and RELAsifa, very cool!
Replies: >>146773
Spoiler File
(561.9KB, 417x653)
Spoiler File
(795.8KB, 548x800)
Started playing Dragon's Dogma again because I got burned out on everything else I have and an autistic run was on my backlog. 
I'm not too happy with how my pawn turned out. She looks cute from some angles but it's still not ideal. I have no idea how to fix her model, I just hope fashions dogma is enough.
Replies: >>146773
What is this mod and where can I get it please and thank you
[Hide] (464.7KB, 688x480, 00:06)
I feel betrayed by this game's ending.
>play this on and off past 6+ months
>do not read anything on the wiki and just go with the flow
>do side quests, throw random gifts at random people
>skip to dragon
>some random dude I can't recall appears in the dragon chamber
>the 'fight' is complete dogshit that consists of a 10-minute sequence of running forward, watching cutscenes and quick time events
>at last it gets to the proper fighting, it is somehow more boring than other boss fights
>just smash him over and over with high upward slash until he's dead
>more cutscenes
>the city collapses and people die for no reason
>find out that the game forced me into a 'romance' with some dude whose name I don't even know
>because of some side quest or random gifts
>don't even get a choice in the matter
>get disgusted, alt+f4 and uninstall
Replies: >>146787 >>146802
[Hide] (326.4KB, 566x800)
>don't even get a choice in the matter
You got a bad deal, you took the bad deal, and now you're upset you got a bad deal. That's on you and you alone.
Replies: >>146792
>took the bad deal
I signed up for dragon killing, not unsolicited faggotry.
Replies: >>146794
[Hide] (602.4KB, 630x1050)
The dragon fucking told you dude. Maybe try taking the dicks out of your ears next time a dragon gives you a deal.
Replies: >>146798
[Hide] (386.5KB, 1000x1023)
>doubling down on defending a retarded game design
Replies: >>146809
I'm sorry that this was how you had to find out that you were a homosexual. Not the game's fault though.
Replies: >>146821
Giving flowers to the town's gay is your fault, not the game's.
Replies: >>146821
The love interest being chosen by the game is notoriously fucked up in Dragon's Dogma. There are many stories of people getting merchants and quest givers simply because they interacted with and helped them a lot. Didn't affect me since I'd heard tales of it and paid more attention to the witch girl which made the game choose her. Anons are just being contrarian faggots by pretending the system isn't bad. Still, going around throwing gifts at anyone isn't a good idea.
Replies: >>146819
there's a lot of retardation surrounding dragon's dogma in general
[Hide] (65.2KB, 860x640)
>share a drink with some rando and give him a lift somewhere
>in the game's logic this constitutes a romantic interest
I know we're on a romanian bitcoin millionaire forum, but this level of autism exceeds the norm.
Replies: >>146834
If you share a drink with some random and give him a lift every single day all while ignoring the merchant tits, the loli witchs, and the brown bricks, maybe you are a faggot.
So wait, Can I marry a the hot brown chick if I'm playing as a loli? Do I have to avoid everyone but her in order to do so?
First time playing DD.
Replies: >>146840 >>146843
Just give her a ring, it's not that hard.
[Hide] (717.5KB, 447x518)
[Hide] (634.2KB, 439x512)
>playing as a loli
What the fuck are you even doing if you aren't playing as an absolute unit of a chad beast who looks like he could be a mid game boss.
Replies: >>146845 >>146851
Learn how to take screenshots.
Replies: >>146846 >>146847
Believe it or not, that is a screenshot.
[Hide] (21.6KB, 392x286)
[Hide] (833.6KB, 640x360, 00:24)
[Hide] (187.2KB, 299x344)
I knew it, you ARE a loli weaboo faggot after all.
Imagine saying this at the modern pozfest that is AGDQ
Replies: >>146857
[Hide] (3.7MB, 1920x1080)
I've been playing Neon White, having finished the first "mission"(I'm guessing there's at most 9 since there are 97 separate levels and mission 1 had 10 levels, alongside the sidequest missions of each buddy).
The game's split into two
>A speed trial FPS where you have perfect control of your movement in the air and on the ground
This is the meat of the game. You pick up weapons(manifested as cards) which have a regular fire(Rifle, Pistol, etc) and a "discard ability" which is more or less an altfire geared towards movement. Discarding a rifle lets you lob a sticky grenade that can do some sick grenade jumps, discarding the pistol gives you a midair jump and so on. Like something like say Seum or the recent Warstride Challenges(which I think could be really cool once it's out of demo/Early access) the goal is to finish the short levels as quickly as possible while defeating all enemies. You have three medals, silver which reveals the times for the other two medals, gold which reveals a level hint and a level gift and ace which puts you on the global leaderboards. The level gift is an optional collectible that's used for the VN segments later, while the hint is an icon which if you hit gives you a holographic ghost replay of a path that more or less guarantees an ace medal.
Very much like something like cyberhook however I feel that the game isn't challenging enough, so far. Like Cyberhook I'm usually either acing the levels in the first run or the second run after I've understood the level layout.  I know it's really early in the game(although like I said there seems to be only 97 levels in the game and I'm already 10 down). but I hope it puts on the difficulty because I like the basic premise a lot and am a sucker for this type of game.
>A shitty VN.
It's a shitty VN where the characters all talk and are written like the worst of what you imagine anime dubs to be. Memes, unfunny, cringeworthy "ha ha qioote psychos ecks dee" and "wow aren't the believers assholes why aren't they treating us, literal rejects from hell better". You can go around talking to your fellow Neons and give them gifts for either more cringeworthy dialog, a memory(haven't unlocked any yet) or a sidequest. The sidequest is a mini-level built around the gimmick of which of the three buddy neons you were speaking to. Yellow has the shittiest gimmick where your discard abilities/altfires are disabled so it's literally just regular movement which isn't fun. Red has a fun gimmick where it's all obstacle courses built around a single card's discard abilities so you can have a minute long level built around timing and mastering the pistol's mid air jump for example. Purple also has a fun gimmick where it's all just "sadistic obstacle courses" and introduced some neat shit like grenade walljumping which I really enjoyed doing. You can also give gifts to the angels(which are all represented as variants of not-Garfield for some reason. Also it seems the angels change form depending on who's viewing them, for some people it's garfield, for some people it's a "sexy statue of liberty(not actually shown ingame) and for some retards it's john cena(not actually shown either) which I found would have been a pretty funny gag, if it was visual).
There's a story where your character has amnesia but clearly has some backstory with the other three buddy neons, he wants to bone red, Purple is a psycho who probably wants to fuck him or tease him or both, and Yellow's a " your bro for eternity" but he's written like a retard. The following is an actual line from Yellow
>You were like my Sasuke, man. The darkness to my light. 
There's also Green who totally isn't the boss of whatever organization white belonged to and totally isn't the main antagonist of the game who most likely betrayed White in particular. It's interesting enough as a framework but not enough for me to be spending minutes in this mode which is what the game expects from you.
As mentioned before you can gain gifts in the levels and give them to the various buddies. The UI for this is terrible because each gift has to be given individually(if you have three gifts for a character you have to sit through the animation of the gift going into their portrait and then the insight bar filling up and then whatever notifications about whatever you've unlocked and it's so god damn slow and should have cut out so much or allowed me to skip a bunch of it).

This is also one of those games where I can't get OBS to capture footage for because it's all a blackscreen.

All in all I like the actual FPS gameplay part even if so far it needs to take off the training wheels, and I could do without the VN bits. So far I'm not regretting the pirate.
Replies: >>147777
sometimes there were fun times at AGDQ
What a shame
Replies: >>146858
[Hide] (1.2MB, 960x540)
Hit it in its weak point until it dies. Have you ever played a video game before?
Arc of deliverance. That's how I did it.
Is this game supposed to be so hard, or am I just bad at it? it's harder than DeS goddamnit.
Replies: >>147779
The story & characters are pretty bad, just skip all of it because it's not worth reading or hearing at all despite having spike as the main protag, getting all the memories (giving gifts to yellow, violet, red & green) only unlocks one dialogue option that allows you to see the good ending.
I think this game is definitely jew inspired rather than christian inspired, as noted with the hebrew & random star of david in the ending, not that it matters because wow this story stinks

The difficulty of the levels slightly ramps over time but then nose dives a little and then peaks for one long level in particular until you realize how to abusing terminal velocity to dodge lasers after blinking, that one level would have been perfect if the game didn't introduce beforehand the least fun card in the game.
Which during the steam next fest demo charade, the demo was better paced than the actual main game, you really get blue balled for ~40 or more levels until you get the rocket launcher card.

do note the game actually has secret red medals are harder to get than ace medals. these are the developer's time, which in simpler levels you have to go for deflecting projectiles to give you a slight burst of speed

Overall it's an ok game with good music at least
Replies: >>147781
Monster defense is additive damage reduction, if you're using something like a regular bow and don't have e.g. BBI gear or aren't lvl200 it'll take literally half an hour of shooting it in the heart if you don't use buffs. Fire drakes have insanely high physdef, and daggers/bows have very low strength.
The damage buff (strength or magick buff) items stack, up to four times for iirc ~2.04x strength/magick. Use four of the appropriate periapt and, if using a bow, consider using blast arrows. You can do more damage in ten seconds with x2 strength then you can in six minutes without it.
If you're playing assassin trying dropping it then using sword when it's on the ground rather than dagger, since swords have higher strength (by a lot), especially if you have the BBI swords with nearly 2k strength.
That's a pretty fucking low bar dude
you're just bad
>that one level would have been perfect if the game didn't introduce beforehand the least fun card in the game.
Are you talking about the Book of Life/telefrag? That was actually my favorite card although it was mostly because of how the level design was built around it and the removal of the kill all demons rule.
I didn't know about the red medals but too late since I've already finished and uninstalled the game. I think that would have made it more fun for me since I don't think I've ever gotten one but it's not like the game had mechanics on the level of Cyber Hook where I actively wanted to get that good at it.
I think it's worth a pirate but there are better games of the genre, with the one standout this has being the music.
Replies: >>147845
[Hide] (542.5KB, 960x544)
Dungeon Travelers 2 on my vita, Xenoblade 3 is coming out soon so i picked up a dungeon crawler which are easy to pick up whenever and continue playing it after xenoblade 3.

I'm also thinking of starting mh rise and silent hill origins.
Im going to play through the serious sam games. Seems like alot of games. Probably only going to play the main ones and not any spinoffs?
Replies: >>147803 >>147845
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1920x800, 00:09)
Play the First and Second Encounters, in HD if you prefer
Serious Sam 2 if you want something wacky
Serious Sam: The Next Encounter if you want something wacky, but on PS2 or Xbox
Serious Sam 4 is slightly above average now that it's been optimized
Siberian Mayhem is a stand-alone expansion for SS4 and is better in every way.
Serious Sam 3 is the worst in the series and only good if you mod the shit out of it. There's a mod that's called "Devolved" that removes a lot of the bullshit 3 added

"Serious Sam Classics: Revolution" is First and Second Encounters bundled together with steam workshop support and plays a little better on modern systems.
"Serious Sam Fusion" gives access to steam workshop to the HD Encounters and 3. If you own any of the above, Fusion is given to you free of charge.

As for spin offs, I've only played two: Bogus Detour (pretty good) and Tormental (pretty bad). 
Double D XXL looks ugly and all the trailers lead me to believe it's a tryhard fan game that isn't worth my time. 
The Random Encounter keeps crashing on the first map for me, so I can't say anything about it.

Anything else?
Replies: >>147807 >>147825
forgot to add:
no, I can't find any mods outside of steam workshop anymore. Unless they're hidden on some SS fansite or a forum, you'll have to cough up the cash to gayben or a key reseller to play mods. It costs peanuts during sales.

I think you can still play the first two encounters and SS2 in co-op even if you only have the yarrr copies. Try Gameranger if you need to, but I definitely recall playing Second Encounter (the best in the series, btw) before I even had it on steam and GameSpy was already dead at that point.
Replies: >>147825
[Hide] (11.7MB, 852x480, 02:14)
[Hide] (726.2KB, 1920x1080)
Disgaea 6
The stat bloat is kinda baffling to me but the Demonic Intelligence system is a pretty cool feature
Replies: >>147817 >>147941
[Hide] (24.8KB, 355x384)
o,r instead, be intelligent and  ignore everything he said and save yourself time because serious lame is a shit game
Book of life is a mistake
>while the rocket launcher is futuristic and has ui dedicated to telling it's max range, the book of life does not tell you the max range and that is gay imo
>the inconsistency of range, namely the range of where you can blink, you can blink to anything that can be shot at very large ranges (it's very deceptive, from my screen it seems like if it was bigger than ~25 pixels in area you could warp to it), but the actual pages - you can't blink to them at the same range, you have to awkwardly blink to a enemy near a page and do a fast flick to the page, which i don't mind doing but what the fuck is this retarded rule 
>makes the game actively worse as levels boil down to having dedicated walls to prevent certain skips even though the game clearly misses some
>as mentioned before the very long level with the book of life, can be easily cheesed due to how lax the rules are to begin with and abusing terminal velocity allows you to warp to the purple lasers where it was clearly designed to kill you but the devs forgot how collisions worked to begin with, as before there are walls all over but abusing simple mechanics completely unravels how shortsighted the game is
as you said, yeah i did enjoy not having to kill everything (although you're always forced to have the book of life) but man i really hated the book of life as a concept, i would have dropped the game entirely if it was half the game

recommend tfe & tse classic or tfe & tse hd to start off, they are differences but it's kind of like ninja gaiden black vs ninja gaiden sigma comparison, one step forward one step back, etc.
after that: 2 then 4 & siberian mayhem
4/siberian is half good half bad half innovative half gay, you'll know when you played it after tfe&tse
3 is the weakest
there's 'the next encounter' but you have to play with a controller

it's also recommended to play on serious difficulty, due to how all games increase enemy count
>serious sam mods (through serious sam fusion, usually requires tfe hd, tse hd & ss3)
>serious doom (conversion, very good)
>serious duke (conversion, ok)
>red day: episode one (map, ok)
>7smokes tennis project blue/red (conversion, impressively bad)
>Carnage Heart-style AI programming
Is this just to automate fights? I don't think it would be necessary in a turn based game.
Replies: >>147952
>replaying the R&C games
What am I in for bros? I havent played these games in years but now I can play most of them from my PS Tripple, already beaten size matters and secret agent clank on my PSP but is there any good games beyond ps3 or is the ones on PS4/5 just shit?
Replies: >>147949 >>147956
>What am I in for bros?
You're in for fun.
Its to make the (Item World) grind less of a chore
The game even says so when explaining the system
Replies: >>147964
[Hide] (634KB, 1417x1059)
The PS4 remake of the first game was more of a re-imagining than anything, though as I hear in the end at least tries to have some reason to justify being that way, unlike something like nuFFVII. Don't know much about the new one, other than the character designer or writer or whoever wishing they'd remembered during development that only male Lombaxes have tails, so they could have pushed for the new girl to be a tranny instead. I'd say to just stick to the sixth gen entries, maybe seventh gen too if you don't mind more plot emphasis (at least for the ones that had the traditional gameplay), since at least back then Insomniac was a company still about fun.

>Size Matters
Is that one any good? I've been seeing the PS2 version around where I live lately, but it sounds like it wasn't a good port.
Replies: >>147968 >>148082
I'm surprised it hasn't shown up in more games, considering Zachtronics games are probably more popular than TRPGs these days.
Replies: >>148078
>Is that one any good?
Size Matters is pretty awful. I'd say don't even bother.
>I've been seeing the PS2 version around where I live lately, but it sounds like it wasn't a good port.
>Gritty graphics
>Higher res textures
>More detail
<Less stable
<One cutscene is completely missing
<Ugly skybox
<There's a gamebreaking bug that literally scratches your disk
>Colorful graphics
>Original skybox
>More stable
That's about it if I'm not mistaken.
Replies: >>147982
I see. Thanks for the heads up. I suppose if I want to play a PS2 Ratchet game I haven't yet, Deadlocked would be the one to go with. Too bad the copy I got on the cheap a while back was overbuffed to the point of being unplayable. Or at least, I hope it's not an issue with my PS2.
I recall Dragon Age Origins had some AI programming and I don't think it's the only *RPG I've seen it in.
There are also a few programming games around like Colobot, Autonauts and Human Resource Machine. 
Space Engineers and Stormworks have a lot of programmable components.
Then there are all those old battle bot games.
Fucken rip zachtronics exapunks 2 never ever
its worth playing, the game is fun and it has a cunny robot, you get a few cool guns here and there but nothing too out of the ordinary
>PS2 port
buy it then sell it at a higher price, only play the psp version because its more stable and was built for the system
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1600x900)
[Hide] (104.2KB, 306x178)
I'm trying out TW: Shogun 2, but so far I fucking suck at it. I can't even beat the Advanced Tutorial because I keep getting BTFO trying to take the Miyoshi castle. A-at least I'm having fun, r-right guys?
Replies: >>149736 >>149747
[Hide] (33.3KB, 571x493)
>Giraffe with clown shoes getting a blowjob
[Hide] (165.9KB, 500x678)
I picked up Port Royale 2  the most important game of my childhood and it's inferior successor PR3. Booting up the game brought back some old memories. A damn shame Ascaron went bankrupt, the series would've probably been a lot better if they were still around.

Some random tips out of the top of my head
>Try to fight downhill whenever possible
>Yari only vs Cavalry, Katana only vs Infantry, Naginata outperform all except Katana and have Arrow resistance
>Yari Ashigaru in spearwall mode easily outperforms everyone else from the front including Katana Samurai
>Use cavalry sparingly, target Archers, lone Katanas and the General
>dismount of you absolutely have to engage Yari or Naginata infantry with Cav
>Vanilla Hattori & Tokugawa Kisho Ninjas are worse (less grenades) than normal counterparts, because of dev oversight that was never patched
>Always have regulars charging right behind No-Dachis to bind the enemy after the charge as No-Dachi becomes ineffective in prolonged combat
>Kisho Ninjas climb walls faster and with significantly less newtonian casualties than other units
>Hero units are unreasonably OP
>Vanilla naval combat is so broken it should always be auto-resolved
>don't recruit too many Samurai, especially in early game due to high upkeep costs
>never make allies or vassals you can't beat down because 9 out of 10 will betray you when Realm Divide hits
And finally I think auto-resolve on land only takes general skill and soldier numbers into account, so Ashigaru spam should work for that
Replies: >>149747 >>149807
I forgot to add the part about stats.
Attack vs Defense (naturally) is about probability for a melee strike to go through or get parried. Cavalry bonus obviously adds to attack power when fighting against mounted cav. Armor has either minimal or no effect on melee, instead denotes arrow resistance and muskets pierce armor as far as I remember.
Speaking of muskets don't place them behind other troops because they will shoot your own people in the back, archers can do that too but generally seem more hesitant to fire inside areas with large friendly concentrations and their arc is curved so you can place someone in front until the enemy gets close. Placing muskets right in front (and preferably slightly downhill) of archers is a good idea.
Also forget about tutorials, just do campaign where you have actual control of your army compositions and learn by failing.
Replies: >>149782 >>149807
[Hide] (85.9KB, 1000x750)
I got out an old DSi and have been playing Plants vs Zombies on it.
It's the most fun I've had with video games in years.
I don't know how to feel about this.
Replies: >>149785
Not who you're responding to, but I've got almost half of Japan under my control and my armies are 100% samurai. I'm making enough cash to keep upgrading farms and shit as I go, so is there any reason I should use ashigaru at all in that scenario? I've played before but this is the first time I've had the patience to get this far.

Another question, should I be using sword cav? Yari cav just seem more versatile. Same question for nodachi, I always come to the field with an archer advantage so I can force the engagement, and I just send katanas around from behind my flanks to hammer the anvil. I just don't see the appeal in charge infantry, am I just not doin it rite?
Replies: >>149804
It's a fun game
Most of what you said pretty much boils down to personal playstyle and preference from my experience.
As I mentioned Yari Ashigaru can form a near impenetrable spearwall that works equally well against cavalry and infantry as long as you can secure their flanks. Fights between a wall and samurai/monk units can take a good while but the Ashigaru's immense defense boost makes them whittle down pretty much anything else from the front, however they still quickly collapse when flanked or have their formation broken
>sword cav
I never used Cav too much since I mainly played as Hattori but from what I remember the Yari Cav is good enough for most situations, yes. The Katana cav trades their versatility for doubling down on the anti-infantry aspect however they remain vulnerable to polearm weapons.
I usually have 1 or at most 2 nodachi units, they are basically shocktroopers best used to quickly inflict high damage and demoralization on a strong enemy unit
Thanks for the advice, anon. I've given up on that one tutorial and I've been playing the campaign. So far I've tried out the game as the Hojo, the Shimazu, the Tokugawa, and the Oda. 
With battle tactics I've generally relied on an even mix of yumi and yari ashigaru, often dividing my forces in two or three for pincer attacks. I use the yumi ashigaru for skirmishing, to thin out the enemy numbers, and then send in the yari ashigaru to finish them off. The general's cavalry come in to swoop in and finish the enemy off. That's risky, of course, since I had to restart a battle because I had young Nobunaga-sama die after a battle against the Tokugawa, but I don't have cavalry yet.
I really like naval warfare, but it's a shame that it's so fucked.
Replies: >>149827
>I really like naval warfare, but it's a shame that it's so fucked.
Just get the black ship  :^)        
>What are you playing?
nothing since some crackhead drove through my front door and i cant live in my apartment until they get it fixed
Replies: >>149881 >>149891
so you're just going to browse imageboards? download an emulator on your phone
[Hide] (304.6KB, 849x1200)
Megaman Battle Network, don´t know how i missed this game for such a long time. Was looking for something short to play until XB 3 comes out.
[Hide] (84.7KB, 470x319)
Finished Postal: Brain Damaged and Uragun. Need to gete through my installed backlog, but what I really want to do is play Last Epoch multiplayer.
Is he ok?
How's caffeine treating ya?
I got my /tg/ group to play Dokapon Kingdom on the weekends so the GM can work on his Arabian Nights campaign. Shit's fun if you don't have any CPU players.
[Hide] (27.3KB, 516x472)
Currently playing through Zelda II. It's actually pretty fun, and I never got the meme of why it's supposed to be "bad". It's a decent sidescroller.
Replies: >>150944 >>150969
Zelda II didn't capture what made the first game special. The first game had a detailed open world. That was much more special at the time than it is now. That or Zelda II's high difficulty would be my guess as to why.
[Hide] (356.4KB, 714x1000)
I'm replaying Aria of Sorrow, its a comfort game for me.
Replies: >>150959
what about dawn of sorrow?
Replies: >>150962
Nobody talks about Dawn of Sorrow because they'd rather be playing Portrait of Ruin instead.
How far are you? Even if you find its systems fun at first, you'll quickly realize AoL has a 'lot' of filler.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1399x895)
KSP but I'm going to drop it again. 
Sandbox is for faggots but science is the worst god damn piece of shit game design ever fucking made. You have experiments that you have to manually interact with and use at the right time including hidden experiments like pilot report and you need as many points as you can get because science cost is exponential and researching anything other than new science experiments is just going to fuck you over later. You don't even know where experiments you used where, you just have to guess and also different experiments have different areas. 
And then there's the career mode which has upgradeable buildings and rocket costs that rewards you for saving stages, but then ruins it with the same science bullshit. 
Fuck science.
Replies: >>150977
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1920x1080)
Playing some vintage story after a long break, I'm lonely though. I really miss the zzzchan general and its serb, if anyone knows what happened to the vintage story general please tell me.
You can bind all the experiments to action groups, but it's still a fucking grind so I usually bump the modifier up to the point where I don't care too much if I forgot to run the experiments at some specific altitude/location. Even if you've already run an experiment and can't get anymore science the data is still useful for mobile labs.
Just getting to Minmus will let you get more science than you need though. In fact if you really need science I would say fuck everything else and just go to Minmus, it's easy and will net you way more science than the Mun or fucking around on Kerbin ever will.
Costs never bothered me much but I would recommend getting some contract packs for better contracts and more variety.
TF2, bots have become much easier to deal with and if you tick off all the shitty gamemodes and maps you still have a very fun game to play.
RotP, that masters of orion clone. Never played the original.
Some rebel galaxy before that. It sucks, but it's at least a little charming. I wish there was a game like this that didn't suck.
[Hide] (773.2KB, 2048x2048)
I've been replaying FF XII after nearly 12 or so years.  I've realized The Zodiac Age re-balance is my favorite in the mainline series. Even if it is just Star Wars Thank fuck for the fast foward feature.  2x speed is perfect.  I never knew how fucking slow vanilla was. I've also just got into Etrian Odyssey on the DS and I am loving it so far.  I am on the third floor of the labyrinth.  The only fans of the series seem to be anon's and supreme faggots.  Not sure why that is.
[Hide] (12.8MB, 960x540, 02:46)
I am playing Blind Drive on hard mode. It is an extremely gimmicky game where you need to use your hearing skills to win. The general plot is that you play as a guy caught up in a science experiment where he gets handcuffed to the wheel and his forced to drive blindfolded against traffic. The game has 27 levels each with their own gimmick including boss battles. Running over bicyclists heals you which is pretty neat. Don't play on hard mode if you either have bad hearing or lack really good headphones. The difficulty jump between normal and hard mode is insane.
[Hide] (4.8MB, 2560x1440)
[Hide] (6.1MB, 2560x1440)
kot game
It's pretty relaxing
[Hide] (64.8KB, 1024x576)
Just beat Vanquish. It was pretty mediocre. 
The first and last cutscenes, the girl, the game idea, and the overall design are the best parts of the game. Besides that it plays like an xbox game, specially the whole ending segment. It was enjoyable up to the spaceship metal gear but it really went to shit after that. It's just enclosed room after enclosed room with one hit kill enemies, then the rooms with 50 enemies but no one hit kills, and then the shitty boss still in an enclosed room. 
Right at the end, literally during the last half of the last bossfight it unlocks fun mode where you can actually play the game like it was meant to be played dashing around and shit, but it's against an enemy that moves like a spastic, in an enclosed space, with no guns but the shitty fucking slow ball gun, no-range shotguns, and a rifle. Standing still and shooting your rifle without moving is literally the best strategy and it was so fucking effective the cutscene after made absolutely no sense. 
If you're looking for a fun platinum shooter Nier Automata is somehow better.
[Hide] (22.3KB, 220x275)
[Hide] (19.9KB, 320x223)
>It's pretty fun
>Hey let's try beating the 2nd Owl fight since I never got it on my first playthrough
>It's fucking amazing, best fight in the entire game
>Move on but feel a bit sad knowing that nothing else in this game will compare to it
>My computer decides to die and corrupts my save, killing my playthrough
Ok. Sure. Fuck you though.
Replies: >>154953
Clearly, your computer was doing you a favor by ending your game at a high note.
[Hide] (4MB, 968x720, 00:28)
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080)
Spoiler File
(2.2MB, 1920x1080)
I've been playing the nu-Spiderman game. It's actually fun despite being an Open World Action Game(tm). Worth a pirate if you like Spiderman games and aren't fatally allergic to games made after 2000.

Web swinging is simple and fun, it's built around trading height for speed based on when you press and release the swing button, about the only complaints I have are the top speed could be higher (fuck dynamic loading) and the fact that it's "realistic" in that there actually has to be a building or tree or something you can swing from. Previous games would just say "uuuh he's swinging from a helicopter" and let you swing anywhere.

Combat is the ultimate evolution of the Ham Asylum series "four button combat" system, in that it isn't actually four button combat and you have to pay a little bit of attention beyond "mash square and press dodge when the dodge warning appears." Instead of introducing the enemies that break that mindless loop and force you to adapt (big guys, gun guys, shield guys etc) in midgame when you're already bored to tears, you get them in the first hour and the game slowly drip-feeds you new variants as you work through the story.
It helps that the old "Bat-Teleport" meme where you would press square to punch a dude and Batman would jump 30 feet across the room to punch some random other dude doesn't happen anymore. Instead the game always tells you who Spidey will auto-target and instead of jumping all over the place you have to explicitly "web strike" to out-of-reach enemies by pressing a button. You slowly get new gadgets as you work through the story but the game is easy enough (on the default difficulty) I haven't really felt the need to use most of them beyond the basic web shooter. That said you are a bit of a glass cannon (guns will take off at least a third of your health bar) so it isn't journo mode, it's just that the basic tools and some perks that you also unlock from story progression are enough.

Presentation wise, it's... okay. It definitely suffers from the Open World Action Game someone come up with a shitposty acronym for these like ASSFAGGOTS syndrome of follow-the-objective-marker and giving you shitloads of tiny repetitive tasks to pad playtime, but the story missions are actually smart in that they're laid out so you can pick up a backpack, do a "crime in progress" fight or try a side mission while swinging to the next objective without going too far out of your way instead of being a slog like it was in Ham City. You do get some cool stuff (like pic 2) from doing enough of them, so you're only really going to feel it if you're trying to 100% the game and have to hunt down the last lousy point. One exception is the fucking pigeon races, all of those I've activated by accident while in spitting distance of a story waypoint. Bad design, especially since those fuckers go everywhere and I'm usually 500+m from where I needed to be when I catch up. Oh and spider-mutt is in this. Gross.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 850x1244)
Genshin impact unironically
it's good
[Hide] (434.7KB, 800x600)
Diablo II
trying to make my way through the game with a trap assassin, just got to the 5th act on hell. I don't think I'll ever get tired of this game, been playing it for 20 years now on and off
Replies: >>156510
That's a pretty shitty trap assassin, he still looks like a dude.
Replies: >>156515
no, no. he assassinates traps. it's an assassin who specializes in recognizing that bulge.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1920x1080)
Finally bit the bullet and downloaded Elden Ring
I´m having fun so far and the open world is better than I expected, but I suck at these games and am probably going to ragequit it sooner or later plus its really only to kill time until Soul Hackers 2 releases and gets cracked
Replies: >>156519
I find the game is most fun with a melee character, otherwise it's just kind of a slog.
Replies: >>156520
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1920x1080)
I´m going weeb plus int or faith or something after finding a katana made out of meteor ore in an even more cancerous version of Blighttown and wanting to see how hard I can cheese the bosses in the open world with spells and bows
Trauma Center is fun but man fuck the Andromeda Strain/dorito needles virus, I get stuck on it for hours every time.
[Hide] (812.4KB, 1239x1016)
I want to finish X5, but the game is just been mean to at this point, can't dash from wall to wall, I can't dash after a double jump, and I think there is an input lag on the emulator.
[Hide] (455.1KB, 1440x1080)
Decided to play Theme Hospital for some reason. 
This game quickly becomes a mess where your hospital is working but you're not sure why. I wish there were mods that made the UI better.
[Hide] (49KB, 650x650)
I got intoSea of Thieves through some friends somewhat recently and it's more fun than I expected despite coming from Microshaft.
The gameplay is good whenever you're not plagued by hitreg issues and you can verbally shit on other crews while you sink them.
Speaking of which, 90% of the players have the intelligence of a potato. Took me barely 2 weeks to fully get into it and we're now successfully stomping through almost every server we play on as Reaper emissaries.
I feel stupid. I've bought almost all of the older consoles and just now ive gotten around to playing them. So stupid because it looks and plays like shit. I wasted money. I just wanted to play the original shit. I dont know...
Replies: >>156723
sell me your vectrex
Replies: >>156724
You can actually build your own vectrex if you want, there's some projects you can make that use an oscilloscope.
[Hide] (668.3KB, 1397x926)
Dubs decide my next game.
Replies: >>157166 >>157177
Mystery of the Druids
Replies: >>157167
From the list you nigger.
Replies: >>157175
You never said from the image nigger now get playing Mystery of the Druids
Replies: >>157178
Some of these are bretty damn good.
If you're playing the DS version:
Dragon Quest, hand of the heavenly waifu

If you're playing the Vita version: Odin Sphere Leifthraisir

If neither, 
Nep Nep.
However I will wait for the next pair of digits since I was beaten to the punch this time.
Replies: >>157182
[Hide] (318.1KB, 1024x768)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 640x360, 00:37)
Dragon Quest V it is, should i play DS or PS2 remake?
Replies: >>157186
DS version
Replies: >>157319
Started playing the first Deponia game. It's pretty fun. Haven't played a point and click game in years. Last one must have been Sam and Max.
Replies: >>157319
good to hear
all three are in my epic games store™ collection from one of those weekly freebies and I was just wondering if they are any good
this, and use an emulator like melonds that supports upping the internal resolution
it makes the game's battle backgrounds look really nice
[Hide] (31.5MB, 960x540, 03:46)
I'm playing the demo version of Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime since the full game has not released yet. It's a space game but with a medieval fantasy twist to focus on melee combat. You can play as ships that are modeled after the classic RPG classes of paladin, rogue, or wizard. Each class has their own unique arsenal and weapon selection to emphasize a certain playstyle. The wizard ship isn't available in the demo but both the paladin and rogue ships are. I would like to rant a little bit on how notably bad the rogue ship is. The intended way to play this ship is to get behind enemy ships and buttfuck them to death with guaranteed crits but all of their weapons have pathetically low base damage and range. Their dodge-roll ability has a delay to it and doesn't give any i-frames either. Combined with their fragile health pool, you get a ship that has to be very careful with spacing while also taking risks constantly to make any sort of play.
Replies: >>158507
Just finished New Vegas' Honest Hearts DLC. It was good, I would say the best of the New Vegas DLCs. 

I really enjoyed post-apocalyptic Zion, how peaceful and comfy it was. It was a breath of fresh air compared to the more desolate Mojave Wasteland. The abundant flora and fauna brought the wasteland to life. I adored the tribals of Zion. The concept of post-apocalyptic humans forming primitive tribes just trying to survive is something I'd love to see more often. It's not something which is explored very deeply in such settings, except part of Fallout 2.

The gameplay is the standard Oblivion with guns deal. The main innovation is the amount of new survival recipes you get to make at campfires, like the Datura series of recipes which can grant you buffs and heal you, or poison your enemies. There's also new weapons, like the fuddy-five pistols and Tommy guns, the Brush Guns, and my personal favorite, the War Club, which, when fully upgraded, becomes ridiculously fast and deals a ton of DPS. 

The story is decent, and mostly serves as a vehicle for Joshua Graham, the Burned Man. The war between his Dead Horses, the pacifist Mormon missionary Daniels' the Sorrows, and the Caesar's Legion-hopefuls the White Legs serves as the central conflict. The decision on whether to leave Zion or exterminate the White Legs seems almost self-evident, but I'm sure there's a good reason I'm not getting on why it's better to evacuate. 

Overall, it's a good, fun DLC, well worth playing if you like New Vegas and want some fun larping as a sneering imperialist.
This looks pretty cool even though you say the rouge class is underpowered. I'll give the demo a try as well
>>139595 (OP) 
I played RTC when I was little but didn't like it much at the time. I liked Zoo Tycoon, Simcity 2k, and Pharaoh more.

UFO is the game I've played the most out of all. It was my life when I was younger. I revisited it and got an LNNN this summer. I don't have the motivation to play like I used to. I wish there was something like OpenUFO.

I've been playing Cossacks Back to War. I was surprised to find out that it was open sourced and that there's an updated version hosted on Github. The update is fan made and fixes some bugs that have been annoying me since 2000 but also introduces some new ones. I can't play the old version at my monitor's resolution and the new version doesn't support the banging soundtrack and the essential MOD1.

I've also been playing Nox. It's yet another game I played back in the day. There's an open source version that was made by reverse engineering the original executable and uses the original game files. There's a mod for the warrior campaign that makes it hardcore. It has crazy boss fights. Unfortunately, it's still in alpha and unbalanced. Some parts are cryptic and the game has a habit of putting you up against insane boss fights without any warning. It forces you to keep your resources topped off.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 600x900)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 736x1040)
[Hide] (1MB, 640x641)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 800x685)
I've been dipping my toes in genres outside of my preference. Specifically unorthodox tactical games, since my preferred genre is shooters and 3rd person action games.
Started playing Valkyrie Profile and Suikoden II, hate them both, especially Suikoden, but I'm learning.
Same goes for Homeworld (why wouldn't they mention the pause button in the tutorial?) and Uprising: Join or Die. The later is a funky early 3D strategy game that's really a first person shooter with light base building mechanics.
Replies: >>159007
[Hide] (212.8KB, 480x300)
I've wanted to try and get into the "Strike" series, any tips on which version to play first? It's been ported to everything under the sun.
I've already played and loved the shit out of Future Cop, the studios follow-up game after they've stopped making the regular Strike series.
(Starts around 4:05) https://invidious.rhyshl.live/watch?v=rMXuNeSjuoM
>Same goes for Homeworld (why wouldn't they mention the pause button in the tutorial?)
Its an old game, you are supposed to read the manual.
>Uprising: Join or Die. The later is a funky early 3D strategy game that's really a first person shooter with light base building mechanics.
When you finish that, play Battlezone (1998), Battlezone II: Combat Commander and Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising Hostile Space: Antaeus Resurrection never ever!
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1920x1080)
Finished Spider-Batman. 80% completion, which surprised me since the map still has a bunch of wave combat challenges and side missions. The ending was disappointing, you're set up to have this epin final boss and it ends with a five minute cutscene. Not even a QTE, because when you pause "skip cutscene" is in the menu. Also the ending cutscenes and final boss don't reflect your suit choice when the rest of the game does and is otherwise loaded with pointless visual detail.

The parts before it are good at least, and the final act when the game world goes from "new york today" to "new york five years from now" actually improves enemy difficulty enough that I had to stop fucking around and use all the gadgets and upgrades the game shovels in your face. Started on the first DLC campaign (they're included in the PC port) and one of the first things it does after the first mission ends is fill the map with more piddly fetch quests. At least Skrewball and her not-Riddler challenges are amusing and exactly the kind of stupid shit zoomers would do in a world with superpowers. Overall my verdict is unchanged: it's worth the 50GB if you like Spider-Man games and liked Batman Ham City, but I shouldn't have to tell you to never pay for it. Just remember to reserve the space on an SSD for it, it's technically a port of the piss five version and will stutter from dynamic loading on an HDD.
Replies: >>159786
Only thing I know about it is that it made a lot of people mad with that mod that removed all the gay pride and trans flags.
[Hide] (139.8KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (176.1KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (143.6KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (126.9KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (184.1KB, 1920x1080)
Been playing the recently released Made in Abyss game
Kinda annoying thanks to endlessly repeating voice lines and plays like something that should´ve come out atleast one decade ago
It even got QTE´s and a really annoying bloody screen effect
Story wise I´m guessing its following the mange/anime but I´ve never read or watched it so I can´t tell if its accurate to the source material or not
Gameplay wise its pretty much like most crafting survival games from the past years, just with a stricter carry capacity, less focus on crafting (so far), stiffer combat and a squishier protagonist 
Also to note is that its kinda buggy with your companion Reg getting stuck regularly on something (or nothing) and then proceeding to vibrate where he got stuck or enemies and gathering spots floating in mid-air
Replies: >>159837 >>159890
Why do nips fuck up anime games so hard like this?
Is it their equivalent to all those godawful movie games that used to be made in the west all the time?
Replies: >>159889
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (8.1KB, 1920x1080)
Wait, are you fucking kidding me?
Over already?
Replies: >>159844 >>159890
Is that supposed to be the core of the Abyss? They haven't gotten close to it in the manga (because it would be the end, no place left to go) so I'm not surprised it ends abruptly like that.
Replies: >>159846
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080)
This is the entry to the 3rd layer of a total of 6 or 7 or something
Thankfully with the "main story" part over the "side story" unlocks and you get to actually play more than what was effectively a 3h long tutorial
Replies: >>159892
I'm currently playing through Mafia, since it was free on Steam. It's a decent game, but after two decades of playing through these types of games, it's just flat-out boring to drive through yet another city and do crime shit. Not saying it isn't good, it's just not the same experience as it was back when the GTA experience was new.
I think so, they probably just see it as advertisement.
I guess you can't play as a guy that lewds lolies, eh?
Replies: >>159894
It was already confirmed the part with the main characters was a tutorial. It's like MGS 2 in that way. I can't believe I almost bought this garbage adaptation.
Replies: >>159893 >>159894
[Hide] (140.5KB, 1400x1050)
I liked Raiden, I thought he was a pretty cool dude, plus his being presented as a noob made Snake appear even more awesome.
[Hide] (3.2MB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (6.5MB, 852x480, 00:38)
[Hide] (5.6MB, 852x480, 00:42)
But anon, you are the loli and the only things you get are suffering and fuck you enemy spawns

>It's like MGS 2 in that way
Except in MGS2 it doesnt disable or neuter some of the core mechanics like it does here
In the tutorial you don´t have to deal with weapon durability, crafting is only shortly brought up/needed in the final minutes and hunger is almost a none-issue
Replies: >>159931
That shit looks bad, thanks for playing it so I don't have to.
Replies: >>159932
Its not really the fun I expected
Maybe its more enjoyable to the people who like the manga/anime, Musics pretty nice though
I´m going back to finishing the last bits of Samurai Warriors 5 or check out some other eagg
Replies: >>159940
>Its not really the fun I expected
It looks like a fairly generic unity game, but is it fun at all? does it do anything right or unique?
I was watching it alittle from when it was announced and it looked like a neat little game focused on linear open world survival as you travel down a hole which seemed like a unique idea.

What is the gameplay loop like? i was imagining something like 3d  oregon trail with stat progression.
Replies: >>159954
>What is the gameplay loop like?
Your ultimate goal is to reach the rank of white whistle and you get there by doing quests at the Guild HQ and story quests at the Orphanage and collecting and turning in relics, the deeper you go the better the relics, which nets you XP/level ups to buy skills that expand your crafting options, combat skills and stuff that makes exploration easier (like less hunger or an evasion move while climbing walls) which allows you to dive deeper into the Abyss to get better crafting items and relics
Gameplay wise its clunky but I´ve played worse but the thing that annoys me the most is that every time you ascend you have to deal with the Curse of the Abyss that sounds from annoying to spooky in theory but in gameplay terms you get an annoying sound effect and a wibbly wobbly purple border at the edges of your screen
Thing is that shit triggers every couple of meters you go up (like every 4 or so meters) and while you can still go a little bit more upwards until the actual curse triggers you have to stay still and wait that shit out nevertheless or your character vomits wasting resources or in deeper layers just drops dead
>anything right or unique?
The atmosphere, world and the whole diving into the abyss part I guess but the rest is stuff we´ve already seen before in other games
[Hide] (3.7MB, 500x410, 00:18)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1239x1016)
I'm playing Frogger 2, its fun, I was expecting to be boring, but, no, its enjoyable, the only problem are the input and camera, the camera is not snappy, sometimes it moves slower than the frog, and input, its strange, a few time the game responded to the input a few milliseconds later.
Replies: >>160971
[Hide] (1.1MB, 750x1000)
I finished Snatcher on the Sega CD.
The VA was corny but didn't feel maliciously phoned in like many a western-translated and voiced Nipponese game on the PSX in the latter half of the 90s, the "gameplay" was a bit limited though there's no pixel hunting so thank god for that though I wonder why the shooting range has civilians you're penalized for hitting pop up alongside Snatchers when there's only 2 moments in the game where you can actually injure a regular human.
However the game's presentation and Redbook audio are heavenly, bubble era nipponese cyberpunk is truly something to behold and the devs did an amazing job getting the most out of the Genesis' limited color palette with help from CRT displays to the point that the SCD version of Snatcher with its striking colors objectively looks superior to all other ports including the one on the Saturn/PSX except for gay nigger titty censorship that isn't there on the PCE CD and PC-88/MSX2 versions.
Replies: >>160939
I've been meaning to playing Snatcher (or was it Policenauts? I can't remember) so I guess this is a sign I should start soon. What I do remember is how much of a pain in the ass it was to setup retroarch and get the game running.
Replies: >>164338
No bonus?
Command & Conquer
[Hide] (77.4KB, 286x408)
Never played through the entirety of Half Life before. Last time I got to a part in the beginning where helicopters are gunning you down.
Decided to give it another try, this time speeding through it as if it was Quake. It was the right call since now I'm having a blast with it. No playthroughs, no guides, a bit of savescumming, fun times.
Called it a day now. Got to the part in Questionable Ethics where I have activated some lasers and some music started playing. I seem to be stuck here however. I'm not going to look up a guide so I'll keep at it some other day once I clear up my mind.
Batman Arkham Asylum, haven't played it in ages so it's a nice trip down memory lane. It holds up pretty well aside from the stiff faces but I am pretty surprised how easy everything has been up to this point. I don't recall if I always just started on hard back then or if I was just worse, granted the arkham games never really were actually hard but yesterday I cleared a room in just about a minute that I distinctly remember taking a while for.
[Hide] (426.4KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (778.8KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (265KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (279.9KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (349.6KB, 1920x1080)
I´ve been playing way too many musou games
Played through Hyrule Warriors, played through the main story and the reverie chapter in Samurai Warriors 5, played through the story mode and most of the dream log of Pirate Warriors 3, been playing Pirate Warriors 4 (finished story mode and now going through the treasure log) and have started emulating the relatively new Fire Emblem Warriors game on the side
Replies: >>164159 >>164177
[Hide] (884.9KB, 1920x1080)
Is the new Fire Emblem musou any good? I was interested to hear about new mechanics and to see if it added any new flavor to the musou games.
Replies: >>164191
Spoiler File
(105.2KB, 631x606)
hate how musou games are aiming more and more for the fujoshi audience as time goes on
this was not a problem during the ps2 era at all
Replies: >>164192
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (796.9KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (824.4KB, 1280x720)
I´ve never played a Fire Emblem game in my life and the other FE musou game didnt work when trying to emulate (always froze a couple of seconds onto battle) so I cant really make any comparisons, but Three Hopes is pretty fun, even if balance is a bit iffy
>new mechanics and to see if it added any new flavor to the musou games
They added a weapon triangle mechanic where spears beat swords beat axes beat spears; same with magic and bow users, plus there are special weapons weapons like rapiers or maces that give a huge weapon advantage
In gameplay terms this means that those that have the advantage do more damage and can cause the break gauge (not really a new feature, but also added) to either appear more quickly or be pretty much there permanently (e.g.when using a Rapier against a heavily armored opponent)
Classes are also a thing and can be almost freely switched around with the only requirements being having mastered the current job, having mastered the prerequisite job, having a skill seal and having the training building sufficiently upgraded and some characters even have or multiple unique classes
In battle you got active characters that you can switch between and "support" characters (that are all chosen by the player), both of which are active on their own, but can and should be commanded around so you can (ab-)use the type advantage and whatever extra attack or defend ability they have
You can also add them as an adjutant in battle if your current character and one of your own are next to each other, which makes your musou attack stronger and during combat fills up an attack and defense gauge that makes them do an extra combo finisher or block an enemy attack and makes them gain support level points at a faster rate
One thing that pushes type advantage more into you direction are battalions that give you a small boost depending on what battalion you chose, they however have health that, when depleted, disables the boost until the mission is complete
On the war map you capture territory (which are more or less minor skirmishes where you are limited to 4 characters) which nets you resources, weapons, items or sometimes even statboosts or even stratagems used for the chapters final battle until you reach said battle to use strategies to either make like easier or even "convince"(read recruit) new people into your army
Story wise you are a male/female mercenary called Shez (default name) and during the first battle your merc band gets destroyed by the Jeralt mercs and Lu Bu Byleth (also either male or female)  and during the battle you awaken some weird power and manage to get away and after getting lost you come across Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude who are attacked by bandits (which acts as a second combat tutorial), then you get accepted into some officer school and get to choose your house after which the story splits
Replies: >>164390
[Hide] (641.6KB, 1920x1080)
It was especially noticeable on SW5.
>90% of the female characters have been removed, including ones that still could have been playable in the era and region it focuses on (Such as Naotora Ii)
>Nohime fucking dies while fighting against the Azai despite historically living well beyond that point
>Senahime is introduced into the series so she can be killed off
>Mitsuki is unsubtly the writer's self insert (Waaah Nobunaga is my dad~)
Not fujo related but also an annoyance:
>Game rep said they'd make plenty of additional content for the game post launch
<Only got 1 wave of dlc missions post launch despite supposedly selling better than other SW games
>>Mitsuki is unsubtly the writer's self insert
I was wondering why she was so prevalent throughout the story
>>Game rep said they'd make plenty of additional content for the game post launch
And the one we got wasnt even that good imo
I played like 2 missions and they both felt gimmicky at best
Should´ve made more stuff like the Revere chapter
[Hide] (408KB, 1920x1080)
The new Monkey Island

It's not very good
Replies: >>164211 >>164243
I think I actually hate that art style more than cal-arts.
Replies: >>164215
I definitely do, looks like those ads google or amazon make
Aside of the art, how bad is it?
Replies: >>164264
Wait, was this literally the sequel to the game with girls sexually harassing people's moms in a hotspring as the final/highest difficulty campaign?
Replies: >>164268
[Hide] (577.2KB, 1011x584)
I haven't played a lot, but so far the humor seems somewhat faithful to the old lucas games, the puzzles have been pretty easy (and I'm playing on "hard" difficulty), they even give a book of hints if you get stuck. New characters are as expected mostly black, women, and some even look like troons (see pic, the new "pirate leaders"), if that kind of thing bothers you. Gameplay is pretty much non-existent, which is usually the case with this kind of game. The game looks fucking awful though, it really is hard to watch, there are cutscenes with closeups to the faces of the characters that are vomit inducing.
Replies: >>164268 >>164273
[Hide] (112.3KB, 785x785)
I don't mind niggers or chinks, since it is a pirate game, but damn the art is fucking ugly.
>even the ear has an 5 O'clock shadow
They are going for a new demographic.
[Hide] (327.2KB, 540x419)
[Hide] (132.2KB, 1658x933)
[Hide] (79.5KB, 1215x656)
I'm sorry but that new style just looks fucking atrocious to look at. I never played it but I did see some of its art style of 2008-2010 remakes,
What the fuck just happened to it, this shit looks corporate as fuck to me. Did they just decided to ignore the remakes art style or didn't bother with it.
>The game looks fucking awful though.
Please tell me there's an option to change the style of it, even the remakes had it for both  original and new. 
I know I'm not much of an artist but those characters look uncanny, I can see it working on some indie game or something.
Replies: >>164278 >>164281
Corporate is the best way to describe it, reminds me of Hallmark ads from the late 2000s/early 2010s.
Doesn't look as bad as you make it to be honest, I've seen worse.
>Doesn't look as bad as you make it to be honest
>I've seen worse.
[Hide] (177.8KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (216.5KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (110.1KB, 1200x675)
>Doesn't look as bad as you make it to be honest
[Hide] (375.3KB, 886x712)
[Hide] (330.1KB, 1280x720)
yeah I didn't even try SW5 after I saw the cast
Turning Nobunaga from a psycho general into a bishounen was enough red flags for me to not go near that game
I can always play SW2 and 3Z if I want good storytelling with SOVL

I'm sad the musou series will stagnate from here on out.
It doesn't help that sengoku basara is also dead.
What's a musou fan to enjoy in these trying times
Women and minorities ruin a videogame franchise yet again
Replies: >>164312
[Hide] (343.9KB, 1920x1080)
Warriors Orochi 3 got a PC release in July and I recently found out that my abandonware added Dynasty Warriors 5 Special and 6 to their list of games
[Hide] (612.6KB, 600x600)
Snatcher is easy as long as you load the raw .cue with the Genesis Plus GX core RA can load and run SCD games from zips but they lack Redbook audio for some retarded reason, Policenauts however is a bit more complicated because some genius thought simply loading a disc, then when it asks you to load the second disc using the disc swap option to load in another disc then continuing to play was too complicated and functional so for the sake of convenience (You) now have to put all disc images in the same directory, make an m3u file pointing to all of the game's .cue files and then MANUALLY IMPORT THE .m3u BECAUSE LOADING A DISC USING THE EXISTING FILE MANAGEMENT UTILITIES IS TOO HARD FOR MODERN GAYMURS SO WE AT LIBRETRO FORCE EVERYONE TO PUT THEIR DISCS INTO A CONVENIENT FIXED INDEX FOR EASY DISC SWAPPING INSTEAD OF JUST LETTING THE USER LOAD AN ARBITRARY FILE OY GEVALT!!!!
Granted the original manual disc swap command is still there but TwinkAphex lists it as deprecated and it ((( mysteriously ))) no longer works on most cores despite there never being any problems with it in prior years in my experience.
I wouldn't mind the .m3u thing if it was optional but forcing it upon users while dangling the old method in front of them is downright heretical you'll also have to rename any save files made with the old method since those are tied to the first disc.
Thanks for the review. I have gravitated more toward the Empires musous of late and this seems to be able to scratch that itch while giving me incentives with the classes to play around more.
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