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Talk about the RPGs you played, are playing, or plan to play.

I beat Miitopia and am in the middle of Maglam Lord now. Miitopia was great, but Maglam Lord is kinda mediocre. It is supposedly a successor to Summon Night: Swordcraft Story, but without the fun combat. The girls are cute at least.
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Been playing Bloodborne. Very fun.
It seems like Soyny is really saving the best for last on these PC ports. At least I hope so.
Imagine porting all these movies and then leave the only good games on their shitty nogames box.
>>139528 (OP) 
First pic is from maglam lord? Can you lewd her?
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Do Panzerfausts count as RPGs? :^)

I'm considering yet another Morrowind playthrough. Don't know exactly what class or playstyle yet, probably combat + magic as I always do but I definitely want to do it as a qt Dark Elfu.
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You can romance her but it's a console game so I doubt there is much lewd.
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Better than nothing I guess.
>Do Panzerfausts count as RPGs? :^)
No they are small recoilless rifles strictly recoilless guns as I don't think they were rifled, no rockets involved. The Panzershreck would count though.
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I start to many games at the same time time and end up dropping them because of that, need to stop that shit.
Go back to playing his games? Good idea.
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Can anyone even compete with the masterpiece that is Growlanser 4?
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Yeah, Growlanser 1 is better.
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Is that true? I've never played it.
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IMO it is. It has a really interesting story and a more standard equipment system instead of that stupid ring system that creates a bunch of annoying inventory management.
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How dare you post my waifu without my permission
Fuck, those pics warmed my heart. I should play it soon (which means next year) should i go with original or remake?
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>playing remake, ever
I don't know, if it only fixes some technical issues then sure, if it changes anything else then fuck it.
The PSP version isn't a remake, it just adds some extra story content/characters. However they fucked up when recording the additional voices so they are much louder and lower quality than the original voices which makes them sound out of place. You should be fine playing either one.
Metal Max Xeno Reborn finally got a PC release
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I thought Metal Max Xeno got panned hard, why did that game out of the entire series get a remake?
Time for piracy.
cuckchan thread
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Spoiler File
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Ogre Battle is my favourtite JRPG of all time and no game has made justice to it's combat system until now with Symphony of War. Only a few chapters in but i'm glad they put the tomboy priest in the game, it's been a while since i saw a tomboy character in a video game since tomboys are considered  pre transition FTM trans now.
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wonder why they didn't show her in the trailer. it is a mystery.
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Wrong, or are you talking about the tomboy?
why is she so tall
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Why are you such a manlet.
Why isnt she taller?
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Hardware limitations.
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>hardware limitation
After playing Xeno Reborn for a few hours I can see why it wasn't as well recieved as the others
It has almost nothing in common with the previous games. Combat ranges from inconsequential to a slog depending on if you actually trigger a fight. For the most part you are killing hordes enemies in the map without even triggering combat. You get your first tank in the first 5 minites and so far there is 0 exploration. The non linear structure is completely absent and so are the fun NPC interactions. The worst part has to be the music which is a hude step down in every way.
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I'm interested in the game but i'm playing other stuff at the moment, the fact that they changed CG'S and artist for the re release smells of self censorship.

Symphony of war is great, it has some budget issues but that affects mostly presentation i'm a huge ogre battle fan so i have big bias. Game is balanced but still fun unlike shit like PoE or Darkest Dungeon where they balanced everything so much that it stopped being fun during development.
New Xenoblade 3 direct in two days.
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>characters can swap classes and use advanced classes from guests
<the Japanese voices are bad, but the English voices are even worse
<30 extra buckazoids for the DLC
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Also even more poz than anticipated.
i liked the social links stuff from torna.
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MonolithSoft's new audience, ladies and gentlemen!
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I didn't see any new poz. Just the rampant racemixing that was already evident.
Replies: >>144123 >>144126
Trump won the 2020 election and biden is a literal golem kept alive by the blood of aborted white babies, hanging foreskin. Lying about anime games isn't going to change the facts.
Replies: >>144131
>Just the rampant racemixing that was already evident.
And also the nigger character says ((( "differences are all a matter of perspective" ))) around the 7:30 mark. They really aren't subtle about the absolute cancer that we are about to witness next month.
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Their outfits are definitely more gender ambiguous.
Replies: >>144128
Recently found out that then robot kid uses they/them pronouns and I nearly threw up in my mouth.

Every character design so far looks like it was ripped straight out of the rainbow cult. This shit is looking more like TLOU2 every day.
Replies: >>144144 >>144184
He's teaming up with former enemies. They have to put their differences aside to stop the ((( real enemy ))) who's benefiting from the war. He's probably trying to consider his new friends' perspectives to overcome the propaganda he's been fed about them.
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>Lying about anime games isn't going to change the facts.
The rampant racemixing propaganda is no lie anon.
>second image
Even cuckchan knows you're full of shit
My pronouns are re/tarded. Please respect them, bigot.
>I have never played xenogears: the post
>second pic
>its a dude with a shirt
RIP Transblades, I hope the nips burn the building down.
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The game looks fun, will pirate and let the normalfags pay the bill.
He is not a nigger it just a tan.
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I wonder who they censored.
>all these brown people
>day 1 dlc
sad to see what xeno series has become
it's no wonder faggots love this shit
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>vomiting at pronouns
>not pics of the mutilations these fags want done to themselves
I miss when it was a mandatory 1 year lurk on /b/ in the 00s
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didn't even see this one
it looks like the genshit impact character select screen
everyone knows about the skin grafting penile inversion stuff  at this point
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>He is not a nigger it just a tan.
Homs blood must remain pure. No mixing with wingheads.
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>implying you wouldn't breed with eunie
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Did you find that strong rope yet, hanging foreskin?
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Shitendo buying out Monolithsoft was a mistake. They would have been unironically better off under fucking Soyny.

>a fucking tranny
Literally every character in this poz looks like they came straight out of the rainbow death cult.

I cannot exaggerate enough how much we need this shit to bomb.
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>a fucking tranny
Replies: >>144291
Don't reply to niggerpill. He isn't here for discussion, just to derail threads with his few canned phrases.
Replies: >>144490
>8moe hates it
>zzzchan hates it
>halfchan really fucking hates it
XB3 is just TORtanic on a much larger scale is it?
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I thought I missed something, but I guess there is a lot of bait in this thread.
Replies: >>144492
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If it exists, he'll be there to shitpost.
Just curious, do you know for that specific example if it was original or translators who put it there?
Replies: >>144505
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>couldn't even find the template so he fucking whiteouted the old shitty meme
Replies: >>144498
That is the right and proper way to do things.
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it was in the original
the game is actually pretty good though
it's funny the poster brings up disco elysium since it released the same month and I like to compare the two for that reason (Somnium is a lot better)
the character's cameltoe should still be in the vidya loli thread to this day
Replies: >>144671 >>144677
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>somposter still here
Don't know whether to be glad or sad.
Replies: >>144675 >>144678
Sad because he's an annoying fag lover
>the character's cameltoe should still be in the vidya loli thread to this day
Well then post it.
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At least he's not defending pic related
Replies: >>145018
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Why are you so focused on this game in particular with your spam? It would make sense if even a single person here said it was going to save gaming or something but the general consensus has always been that Xenoblade 2 is shitty. I ask again, do you have legitimate brain damage?
>the general consensus has always been that Xenoblade 2 is shitty
That's the consensus among SJWs. Did you just ride in from cuckchan or something? Also stop replying to niggerpill.
Replies: >>145020
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>That's the consensus among SJWs.
It's gameplay manages to be worse than Xenoblade 1 which was already pretty terrible to begin with. They also managed to make the game look worse than a fucking Wii game. The only reason people defend it is because they want to fuck Pyra (I don't blame them).
>Also stop replying to niggerpill.
I know but I'm just so fucking sick of this faggot
>the general consensus has always been that Xenoblade 2 is shitty
I liked it, the game was fun. The bad guys needed a lot of work and they should have used show don't tell to explain the lore and world better.
Reminder that Xenoblade 2 flopped both critically and commercially and Takahashi has since disowned it.
Prove it, nigger
I just love that face, but what emotion does it portray?
Replies: >>145070
<I just shit my pants and I want you to know it
Replies: >>145073 >>145129
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from >>44624
Replies: >>145131 >>145133
I accidently shat on the showerhead the other day, while we're on the topic.
meant for
[Hide] (127.6KB, 1319x906)
and here's part of the same image with the contrast ramped up because why not
Replies: >>145158
What's the point if you can barely see anything then?
Replies: >>145384
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>general consensus has always been that Xenoblade 2 is shitty
>Xenoblade 2 flopped both critically and commercially
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[Hide] (402.2KB, 1280x720)
>It's gameplay manages to be worse than Xenoblade 1 which was already pretty terrible to begin with.
I think it's actually better than 1, but the game explains itself so poorly AND one of the best ways to play involves some emergent tech that I'm not surprised you feel that way. 2 has more depth, but you need to understand said depth to actually enjoy it so if you just want to play the game it fucking sucks.
Replies: >>145201 >>145251
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>RPG thread
>It's not actually an RPG thread, just a Japanese menu interactive system
Replies: >>145203
>I think it's actually better than 1
It is, except for the stupid gacha for blades.
>tfw never got kos-mos
why did you post a japanese menu interactive system too?
Are people just not supposed to play games blind nowadays? I keep running into games where it feels like the devs expected you to study a wiki before you started playing.
Replies: >>145258
I didn't look up anything about XB2 and played it fine.
it's easier to see in-game
it's probably the only cameltoe ever seen see on a canonical 12 yo on a console release
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This woman is even more long-winded than Ness's dad.
Replies: >>146381
What game?
Replies: >>146383
Metal Max 2 Reloaded.
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