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Latest releases:

If you want some obscure shitty VN post it and I might be able to give you a magnet for it from my massive accidental archive.
Post best girl in their respective "games".
Is there such thing as a VN with humor? Everything either seems to be about sex or drama or both.
Replies: >>138021 >>138023
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There's plenty with attempts at humor, but whether or not it's funny is up to you.
>russian Nurgle
thats a big cyka blyat
Katawa Shoujo
Actually a good VN that's made by 4chan, back in the day.

The OP has to be good, though. OP must contain enough information to foster discussion.
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Not bad. I think backgrounds are a lost art.
>If you want some obscure shitty VN post it and I might be able to give you a magnet for it from my massive accidental archive.
I'd like to see you try.
Find [Ripe]ペンシラー☆カナ for me.
Replies: >>138189
Is there any other group that glorifies not learning like EOPs? It's so bizarre.
Replies: >>138198
Here ya go.
Replies: >>138206 >>139884
You aren't wrong.  How long did a vn thread stay unmade until the other was attempted?
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not learning isn't glorified you strawmanning faglord. Neither is learning, for that matter, since it's ultimately a waste of time learning a language which only one country on earth speaks - a small one at that - which is mainly a mix of pidgin chinese speak and english words. I say cut the middle man and learn english or chinese, if you really want to masturbate to cute 2D girls that badly
Also, as previously said, a machine translator can do most of the heavy duty leg work for you. Japanese isn't some mythical cryptographic language which only the "initiated" can decipher
Replies: >>138199 >>138276
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>not learning isn't glorified
>it's ultimately a waste of time learning
Replies: >>138201
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I don't think you know what glorified means, partner.
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I've already blown you out on this topic multiple times. How many more times do I have to break down how dumb you are nigger?
>learning a language gives you brainrot
This is your brain on cuckchan.
That was fast, thank you. It will take me a few days to check if that's not a rickroll or something.

I've been playing their second game meanwhile, Mai Sista or something. It's got an interesting dialogue system, when you choose what you want to talk about about every 20 lines or so. This made it really annoying to play with textractor, I had to switch from hook number 5 to hook number 83 almost every two minutes, I had to hack textractor to have a "merged output" that contained more than one hook at the same screen. It was a hackjob that doesn't work well with plugins, so you can't use that to do machine translation, but it still copies hooked lines into textboard, and that's all I really need.
>copies hooked lines into textboard
into clipboard
Hid tags and ratings on vndb.org with this custom css, install Stylus browser extension to use it. Should've done this ages ago.

#vntags {display:none;}
#stats {display:none;}
Replies: >>138246
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I can understand rating but why tags? They usually just help you avoid NTR.
Reading tags is akin to reading plot summary on wikipedia, you are ruining the game for yourself. What you should do instead is downloading a demo version, playing it for a bit, and then deciding if that's good enough for you.

Personally I just look if cover art is good enough or not. One doujin trash game fooled me though, it had cover art done by a very good artist, and the rest of the game had shitty but animated art. It's still somewhat promising, maybe I'll return to it one day, maybe story is good.
I probably shouldn't be using imageboards in the first place with a mindset like that. Maybe that's why I like dead boards so much, alive imageboards are an antithesis to how I consume entertainment. Are you dead or alive, zzz?
Play Lessons in Love
This is the only western patreon shit I know of that isn't garbage and is good. It's also bad. Drop your expectations, it's garbage. But it's also good. Really good. And also very bad.

There is also Once in a Lifetime, while on topic of western trash. It's decent.

I'm planning to play Garden https://vndb.org/v335 one day. Planning for a fucking year now. Fuck off, reading untranslated shit is tiresome, of course I'm going to delay it.

Need to finish symphonic rain too one day. Need to jump from the roof, this will be the most productive for everyone involved.
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Replies: >>138300
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How shit is the official translation of Utawarerumono - Prelude to the Fallen compared to the fan translation of the 2002 game?
>which is mainly a mix of pidgin chinese speak and english words
>gang rape
What a shame.
Replies: >>138310 >>138382
>no NTR
Hard Pass.
Replies: >>138382
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>>138009 (OP) 
>If you want some obscure shitty VN post it and I might be able to give you a magnet for it from my massive accidental archive.
Juusou Koujo Metal Princess
Amaze me.
Replies: >>138395 >>138484
So now you repost tags for me. Thanks. That's alive imageboard for you.
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Where the fuck is Ciconia Phase 2?
Did Ryukishi glow himself?
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Was actually curious about this game at one point but all I could ever find were scraped links and a single dead torrent. Could always bite the bullet and give ((( SP ))) your money.
I never read Ciconia P1; is it terrible?
Replies: >>138398
Ciconia P1 is a pile of autistic shit that's just funny/retarded enough for one to keep reading, problem is it released all the way back in October 2019 and there's no sight of P2 anywhere which is rather unusual as Ryukishi tends to release his VNs in fairly steady intervals with no boating hiatuses in between.
Replies: >>138399 >>138409
He just did the scenario for the dumpsterfire that is Loopers so I suppose he was busy with that.
Replies: >>138405
Is it plain shit, SJW shit or both?
Replies: >>138409 >>138412
[Hide] (14.8MB, 1280x720, 03:16)
After covid dropped, he said something to the extent of "It's like writing about Godzilla, and then Godzilla really came". My guess is that apocalypse inducer of P2 was going to be bioweapons, but he got pre-empted by real life. It probably became too much of a pain to think of a different storyboard.
I dunno, I heard it was actually pretty decent, even if a bit simplistic.
Replies: >>138416
Imagine the end of the Lucia route from rewrite but it's an entire VN and R7 is trying to write drama instead of mystery.
>My guess is that apocalypse inducer of P2 was going to be bioweapons, but he got pre-empted by real life.
If that's true I'd wager he might have tried to rewrite P2 to focus more on military affairs but then the Russo-Ukrainian slapfight/collapse of western hegemony happened.
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Do you actually want that or are you just being cheeky? I'd have to upload a 3+ GB compilation disc with three other games.
Replies: >>138490
I just got it I'll post a magnet for it in like 10 minutes.

Tell me if this works or if I'm retarded
Replies: >>138510
I fucked this up, this will probably work though

Why are there so many schizos on /v/? It seems like every thread I go to there's always some big drama going on.
Replies: >>138558
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Guy severely asshurt his OP got deleted (it was ESL garbage) and his thread merged. He then decided to try and derail the thread.
It has also been somewhat confirmed that the guy who runs PLW /v/ has been trying to derail threads all over the place but I personally kind of doubt he even does it anymore.
Also also summerniggers.
Replies: >>138566 >>138920
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Are a plague of well known sites like 4chan, and very sparsely old 8chan. Not only do kids out of school for Summer have no idea sites like this exist, any sites effected by them have been in Endless Summer ever since smartphones became ubiquitous among teens.
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I agree with you to a certain extent, but there is an undeniable decrease in quality across every single site that discusses anything when late June comes around.
also videogames
Canceled due to WW III.
Ciconia is fucking terrible, I hate that VN so much. I wasted days of my life reading that piece of shit. It was really bad, r07 cant write good things anymore.
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Only fucktards who try too hard pretending to be oldfags believe in the summerfag myth. Moot himself denied their existence back in 2012~ and the idea behind summerfags was that kids who would normally be in school during other seasons spend their summers on the internet, but since the emergence of iphones with internet capabilities, said kids are accessing the internet potentially at all times - summer, winter, spring, and fall. "Summerfags" haven't been a real thing since maybe 2009 at best.

Sage for shit thread.
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excuse me but

Luggage lad very carefully said site traffic didn't increase in summer. Assuming he didn't just lie out his ass as goons are wont to do, people with triple-digit IQs may just fuck off over the summer, leaving retarded summerfags to make up the difference so traffic looks flat on a graph even while post quality takes a shit.
Replies: >>138884
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That's a huge assumption, you can't even argue it's in response to the assumption that moot is lying, which isn't proven either.
Do you think Moot just became a faggot all of a sudden?
Thats way too close to the time he was outed as a literal cuck to consider him automatically trustworthy
Replies: >>138932
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Who the fuck cares? Post this pointless speculation in the meta thread where it belongs you niggers.
Replies: >>138932
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Why is the AI of the Utawarerumono remake so easy?
I played up to when the owlo of Kucca Pecca gets glowniggered and only died twice so far both times in the very first tutorial battle with the monkeys with the difficulty set to hard and no use of DLC characters.
Replies: >>138891 >>138896
Do you use the rewind?
Replies: >>138892
Only in the first battle, unless you count the option to roll back an individual character's positioning before completing a turn as rewinding.
Does rewinding give you a worse ending or something?
Replies: >>138894
Why would you play a censored remake?
Replies: >>139384
[Hide] (2.5MB, 500x500, 03:09)
I'll show YOU a summernigger
Replies: >>138924
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Did you read my post? I just said basically what you replied to me with.
Replies: >>138932
I wasn't disagreeing with you, just adding on to your point. 

Moot was a faggot as far back as when he took down /n/ but that's besides the point. He wouldn't lie about something like summerfags since he has nothing to gain from it. 

Maybe go to /b/ and repost this thread there like you've done before, niggerlover.
Replies: >>138936
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>Maybe go to /b/ and repost this thread there like you've done before, niggerlover.
When the fuck did I ever repost an OP on /b/?
How do I mount cdi images on windows 10?

Should I just convert those to iso?
Replies: >>139026
Sorry anon I didn't realize that game was in a weird format. Daemon Tools will probably work but I don't know if you want that shit on your system.

I'll try and find a way to convert it.
When I tried to mount a .ccd image on windows 7, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MagicISO MagicDisc, sometimes known as MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD Manager, worked really good. I managed to get 二重影 to run with it. I'm not sure if that's compatible with windows 10 though. WinCDEmu failed the .ccd mounting btw, at least of that specific .ccd, it was mostly an audio disk.

I converted it to .iso

Luckily my CD burner still works and I still had some ancient CD-Rs lying around, since the only way I could find to convert it is by burning it first and then making an image of the CD-R.
Replies: >>139884
Dude you didn't had to...

Thank you, downloading.
Support for mixed mode CD images (data + audio)
It seems that WinCDEmu doesn't support mixed-mode disc images at the moment. Such discs contain a data track and one or more audio tracks and they are relatively common with older games.
Seconded, the way WinCDEmu seems to mount mixed-mode CDs is to only mount the first track (data).
Instructions for installing MagicDisk on windows 10.
What did they censor out of curiosity?
Replies: >>139395
Anon, Utawarerumono was a hentai game. Use your brain for a second before asking what was censored on the console release.
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[Hide] (973.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Finally, after all those yeara, there is at least a beta translation patch for Amagami
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[Hide] (137.4KB, 800x600) Reverse
Those links work. I like art, and expect everything else to be mediocre, let's see. It's kinda fun so far.

I'll record first 5-10 minutes of gameplay later and upload it.

I ended up downloading Daemon Tools Lite from piratebay, 2015 version still works today just fine on windows 10. I probably should convert all those weird formats to iso in the future, I'm not sure for how long Daemon Tools will continue to exist. MagicDisk  is good but abandoned and closed source, WinCDEmu is open source but just fucking shit and also abandoned since 2015.
I completed the Utawarerumono remake, it was alright/10.
They did a good job on the 3D graphics, they're not hyper-realistic but convey the story and gameplay fairly well with the lighting being quite tasteful, a rarity in recent vidya.
Basic gameplay works fine but compared to the at times unbalanced 2002 game the remake is way too easy, the early and mid game bosses are much harder than those of the late game and since you can always use healing items which didn't exist in the original game your units rarely die, which means they level up to the point their ATK if you put most BP there stat ends up stupid high in the late game allowing you to gangbang boss units in 2-3 turns and that's without any buffs from Eruruu.
The trap archers grow to be especially broken as they level with ranged final strike damage on par with meele units, meanwhile mages are utterly useless as their AoE magick does chip damage in every scenario, they have shit DEF but high MDEF in a game where 80-90% of enemies use physical attacks and their final strikes are pathetic too with their only utility being higher damage on certain enemies with low MDEF or elemental vulnerabilities, but by the point your reach those your archers and cavalry will be powerful enough to deal with them anyhow.
The OST and VA were 10/10, story wise I'd have liked some of the villains to be a tad more competent ironically enough the antagonists depicted as incompetent or autistic retards are among the harder bosses in the game capable of killing Hakuowlo in 1 shot whereas the guys depicted as competent and cunning die in 3 turns to gangrape from Karla, Benawi and Oboro.
Aside from Niwe, his personal guard being almost as powerful as him was one of the few times in the game where the player is required to think beyond the realms of game journalist levels of skill on hard mode.
Meanwhile Kuuya with her hueg numbers of Abh-Kamu just has half of her personal guard stand there while enemy units kill the other half 7 tiles away on the opposite side, with her regular Abh-Kamu units all going straight for Mukkuru sent in as a diversion with Kuuya herself never moving.
The final boss is also fairly easy since you can always heal your units with items after his AoE attacks and his adds can be kept busy with 2-3 units.

Also Kuuya is a dumb fucken bunny nigger for not court martialing Hauenkua for disobeying direct orders and committing genocide at his own behest.
Why did they add Kuon* as a playable DLC character though?
She's a babby in the plot so using her older self from the sequels in combat feels temporally wrong.
Replies: >>140254
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[Hide] (177KB, 1280x720) Reverse
Humanity has declined.
What's wrong with Kuon? She looks fine to me.
Replies: >>140476 >>140481
[Hide] (441.9KB, 640x480) Reverse
>What's wrong with Kuon? She looks fine to me.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720) Reverse
Despite the gorillion colors and gradients face has barely any definition compared to Eruruu's, Kuon's eyes might as well be floating in front of her face if not for her hair and the dimensions of her nose can't be estimated even from the side.
The flat, hard-edged shadows on her clothing also look dumb in combination with all the gradients the artist threw on her while Eruruu's shadows are clearly defined and believably consistent across her sprite, Kuon's blush ignores facial structures like the nose and cheekbones whereas those areas are subtly defined in Eruruu's sprite, the only real objective artistic progress Kuon's sprites have are superior hand anatomy but that's about it.
Replies: >>140487 >>140488
[Hide] (3.3MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
I always did find something kinda off about the sequel sprites. It's almost like everything but the face looks good but I could never quite pin it down.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720) Reverse
Second image got eaten.
I miss when the nips tried to take advantage of newfangled full-color digital 2D artwork with things like varying shadow gradients you couldn't do as precisely with analog methods instead of drawing generic gachashit aimed at the Chinese and anons posting in gachashit threads, it's especially painful in regards to the ears which in Eruruu's image have clearly visible fur ridges whereas Kuon's ears are shaded like Porcelain.
The old character designer artist died or didn't get hired, many such cases.
Replies: >>140491 >>140492
But those images were drawn by the same artist according to vndb.
Replies: >>140499
Same main artist actually which makes it even more baffling.
Replies: >>140493 >>140499
Probably to appeal a different audience in an evolving market with different tastes?
What the fuck?
>>138009 (OP) 
Any new 100% vanilla VN's?
Replies: >>140567 >>140595
That depends, can you read japanese?
Replies: >>140589
Replies: >>140606
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[Hide] (497.4KB, 718x870) Reverse
Spoiler File
(454.9KB, 718x870) Reverse
Spoiler File
(718.3KB, 850x478) Reverse
Spoiler File
(519.1KB, 850x478) Reverse
yeah check the real thread
this is the designated monster girl VN thread
Replies: >>140602 >>140605
[Hide] (40.5KB, 712x712) Reverse
Is Kuon a sociopathic high functioning autist AI pretending to be a person?
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1440x810) Reverse
If you can handle NekoNyan's shit translations, they just released Cafe Stella like less than 3 months ago.
What the fuck is even happening in that last image
meant for
[Hide] (387.6KB, 747x614) Reverse
they're playing super smash bros
How do I get DirectDraw games work in windows 10? 二重影 switches from GDI to DirectDraw rendering during animated scenes, and on windows 10 it just causes crash, while on windows 7 it still works but pallete is wrong unless you close all explorer processes.
Replies: >>140617
Is lolikon vanilla?
Replies: >>140616
Use https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/DgVoodoo_2 or WineD3D
Replies: >>140837
I plan to play this one day, it's not yet translated
[ねこねこソフト]ルリのかさね ~いもうと物語り~
Replies: >>140623
Ruri is good but it does overstay it's welcome a little bit. Prepare for a good amount of SoL stuff if you ever do read it though.
Spoiler File
(77.8KB, 1420x224) Reverse
DgVoodoo worked, though with one barely noticeable bug, and I'm not sure if that's a game bug or DgVoodoo bug. Fragment of title screen ends up in background of text box after you load the game.
By the way, if anyone plans to play 二重影 ever. There are sometimes blue words in the text. Those are clickable. I haven't realized that until I finished the entire game and watched a letsplay of sega saturn version.
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[Hide] (814.9KB, 800x600) Reverse
>the OP of this thread thinks seagull is worse than eden
just how hated is this bird??
Seagull isn't the board owner retard.
Replies: >>140983
[Hide] (647KB, 850x478) Reverse
the actual BO almost never does anything so OP was probably referring to seagull
Jesus christ I didn't think when I made this thread this autist would go this far. Also, how the fuck does this OP spoil anything?
Replies: >>141053 >>146548
>got btfo so hard he now has to invent lies to try to save face
Replies: >>141053
[Hide] (146KB, 1280x720) Reverse
>trying this desperately to derail the thread
Just stick to your shitty thread on /b/ nigger.
Why are so many recent VNs drawn in native 720p?
It was reasonable during the 7th gen as 720p was the default resolution for the 360 and PS3, but every LCD TV sold since 2010/11 is capable of displaying 1080p and most VNs aren't so performance demanding as to justify a sub-1080p resolution on the PS4 and later systems, heck even the PS3 could display native 1080p as in the case of the Umineko port.
Were/are Nips too poor to afford TVs or Monitors from the 2010s or do Nipponese freelance artists charge too much for 1920x1080 images?
Post a few examples. I think it's probably the shitty fucking engines most companies use if it is at all the case.
Replies: >>142012
Remember that nips are like 100 years behind in computer proficiency, so those VNs are probably made for ancient monitors.
I made that post, but I didn't create this thread. Local mod made some retarded "we have ids here" comment in the ban message, fucking faggot, I intentionally made op text as short as possible so it doesn't waste vertical space, and asked my question as a second post, was that an alien concept for that retard?

4:3 master race here, please don't bully us too much. Rpgmaker games are popular in japan for a reason, I think, very very low hardware requirements.
To be fair, I did act like a retard, with shitposting in this thread and calling old op a faggot, and just creating the same thread again and again instead of actually asking "hey dude why you deleted my previous thread what does your message "we have ids here" meant of course I know that", and bans were like 1 day at first. I don't remember if he insulted people in ban messages or not, most likely he did, but that's an issue most retards here have. I'm not going to act civilized if you aren't going to act civilized. I kinda assumed this is a lawless territory, and used appropriate methods. I have a few other reasons to hate local board owner/moderator/administrator/whatever, especially for deleting my messages in swf thread back when swf here weren't supported. I'll let you guess what those messages were. Local board owner also fueled some drama which is 90% likely bullshit, fuck him, I don't trust those niggers at all.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
What should I play first? Kanon or AIR?
Kanon and put AIR in the dumpster where it belongs
Replies: >>142131 >>142192
AIR was very fucking comfy you imbecile. Check my visual novel thread on /b/ for its music. The art is lovely too.
Replies: >>142136
I was thinking of MOON sorry
Has Nip voice acting gotten worse in recent years?
Replies: >>142184 >>142188
ONE. I enjoyed it more than any later Key shit. The shitty art and music is fucking nostalgic and endearing.
Replies: >>142192
in what way?
More companies hiring shitty actors
Garbage seinen isn't funded by hardcore otaku anymore (all their money is tied up in SoL or garbage CGDCT) so you can just get any random seiyuu and it'll do. You can still see the idol->seiyuu pipeline and stuff in effect in higher budget moe.
Replies: >>142232
I was asking because AIR came out later and all, but the absolutely dreadful fan translation was one of the reasons I started learning Japanese to begin with.
All of them have shitty art. I would say music goes here, too, but the soundtrack is one of the reasons why I want to play AIR. A novel that sounds that good can't be bad.
I was going to ask where to find the files for the PSX version of ONE, but thankfully they were in an archive.org repository. I guess I'll start with this one, then.
Never played AIR but Kanon is great.
Replies: >>142236
[Hide] (314.3KB, 480x360, 00:09)
It's less about bad actors and more about bad direction in my opinion, recently there are anime and VNs with otherwise proven seiyuu giving rather "off" deliveries of certain lines which they should be able to handle properly by all means.
In the 2000s this seldomly happened even in low budget productions, is this a sign of seiyuu being overworked or nipponese upper management in entertainment beginning to westernize?
Replies: >>142236
Thanks. This at least definitely bumped Kanon up my list.
I don't think 'westernize' is the word here. Idol seiyuu are more common by the day and the industry is shifting towards a mentality of pumping out content, quality be damned, but that's really just a nature of modernization and expansion in general. Blame the weak-minded otaku who keep falling for pretty faces and the new generation of soshage-raised moe-rotbrained retards who can't even tell quality acting apart. Your only escape here are doujin works (as always), and those are...well, clearly going to lack in the voice acting department.
The seiyuu sphere has always had its troubles with celebrity treatment, but vapid 3DPD using it as a springboard for their own careers and no one even daring question it (with talent agencies deliberately taking advantage of this all) are both totally new and decidedly Japanese symptoms.
Replies: >>142349 >>146542
[Hide] (14.4MB, 854x480, 02:19)
>The seiyuu sphere has always had its troubles with celebrity treatment, but vapid 3DPD using it as a springboard for their own careers and no one even daring question it (with talent agencies deliberately taking advantage of this all) are both totally new and decidedly Japanese symptoms.
So in essence it's the reverse of the western situation where random hollywood celebs are given voice acting roles in garbage cartoons and computer animated movies aimed at children based on their popularity among "people" who consume celebrity-related "news" instead of their voice acting skills.
Aren't seiyuus and idols cum dumps for producers? I never understood the appeal.
Replies: >>142356
>I never understood the appeal.
There's no way to rationalize idolfag shit.
Replies: >>142360
[Hide] (2MB, 338x215) Reverse
I guess, the whole "I want to support you x-chan!!" feels extremely sad, just like people that watch v-tubers.
>decidedly japanese symptons
Sounds more like western symptoms to me
Dont act stupid nigger. I remember previous visual novel thread with spoilers.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (194KB, 1705x382) Reverse
That's creepy, I thought for a minute Steins;Gate predicted Metal Gear Rising, but it turns out the game was announced a few months before Steins;Gate released.
Replies: >>149220
ECHELON is a real thing, so is XKe vscore.
I finished 腐り姫 https://vndb.org/v37 , please upload fandisks 腐りシスタープリンセス https://vndb.org/v28455 and 廃すくーる☆腐り組 https://vndb.org/v28045 and prequel 腐り姫 ~jamais vu~ https://vndb.org/v28009

And recommend something else from 2002.
Replies: >>153536
>And recommend something else from 2002.
What genre you want?
>those VNs
Good luck, Liar doesn't even sell them anymore.
Anything with suffering and/or well drawn lolis and/or interesting plot will do. I'm allergic to stories that are too peaceful, unless it is a fandisk and they suffered enough in original story.

So, one chink on 2djgame released [企業遊戲] [Liar-soft] 本社与分社游戏合集 [142.48GB] [百度长期], and it includes
│  │      [020208][Liar-soft] 腐り姫 メッセ特典 Special Disc「腐りシスタープリンセス」(bin).rar
│  │      [020208][Liar-soft] 腐り姫~euthanasia~ ファンクラブ通販特典「廃すくーる☆腐り組」(bin).rar
│  │      [020208][Liar-soft] 腐り姫~euthanasia~.rar
│  │      [020208][Liar-soft] 腐り姫読本~赤雪腐爛草紙~.rar
...I'll try to register there, but I don't know chinese.

This thing mentions those

973 :[名無し]さん(bin+cue).rar:2006/11/18(土) 03:10:42 ID:Suf23Nxt0
(18禁ゲーム)(Liar Soft)(020208)腐り姫 メッセ特典 Special Disc「腐りシスタープリンセス」.rar 80,053,483 3e3b38187a4e3b75743a55646b5bd6c04bff20cb
(18禁ゲーム)(Liar-Soft)(020208)腐り姫 FC通販特典「廃すくーる☆腐り組」.rar C7tz6twin9 152,354,318 6131c0ee10aa9c08aeb28194e87f43613bc4e57d
(18禁ゲーム) [20020208] [Liar soft] 腐り姫~euthanasia~ 月刊うそ。増刊号(ソフマップ特典).rar yautomig603E08bw5 64,266,121 74cb934487f633c679ad32a8e0984cfa30a91c29
(18禁ゲーム) [Liarsoft] 腐り姫 腐り姫読本付属CD(ccd).rar 炭素UMUnn5T4kA 372,559,949 dff3bea59aebc8d4c21793501b252855106355be


Awesome how I can still read threads from fucking 2006 there. Can't easily download it yet, starving on hdd space right now. Maybe in a few years from now.

The nyaa shit has shit search, the unighted torrent show up if you search Liar soft, but doesn't if you search Liar-soft, the proper name. Works if you search "Liar-soft" though.

Even if I'll get those games, original kusarihime game didn't work for me properly, music didn't work for me. I played download version instead. I wonder if it was censored in some way in dl version.
[Hide] (267KB, 991x236) Reverse
found a steam app called lossless scaling. Maybe this is good for playing old VNs?
Replies: >>154940 >>154942
>paid lanczos filter
You can already play old games at higher resolutions with things like DxWnd or dgVoodoo2 and the latter already has lanczos scaling.
Replies: >>154946
Here, have literally the same thing but better for free: https://github.com/Blinue/Magpie/releases
Replies: >>154946
I just use IntegerScaler for that. The problem with it is that it can't just double the window size without going fullscreen, and that it fucks with my screenshot software.
I remember how, when I first played Amayui Castle Meister on 4:3 monitor, it, instead of using black bars on unused space on top and bottom, showed a nice mechanical pattern there that fitted with the game. Even a game relatively recent cared about players with ancient monitors. Meanwhile western games and sites just go "buy a new monitor, it's just 100$". Even sites, add shitty panels on left and right and leave just a tiny tiny space for the actual content. Thank god imageboards are still stuck in the past design wise, I don't know what I'd be doing overwise.

Later patches of Amayui replaced that custom art with standard black bars. Pity. But I guess black bars are better for immersion anyway. Also that game should've used the entire screen in gameplay sections and only showed black bars during cutscenes, kind of how Call of Cthulhu game does it, the first one. But I guess Eushly didn't care enough to go that far.
the /b/ thread is ded, flushed away by all other shit. Rip.
Replies: >>155987 >>155992
And nothing of value was lost
A few music tracks were lost. I didn't listen to them because I prefer to listen to them in game first though.
Because nobody cared neither asked for it. Besides, it wasn't really made to discuss visual novels it was more of a "let me copypaste a thread from /v/ and then use it to stir drama" type script.
Does vndb.org opens slow as shit for anyone else? It's going on for a few days now.
Replies: >>156690
vndb seems to breathe again, doesn't lag anymore

This game feels too much like a vn, and a pretty good vn at that. Sucks that it will never show up on vndb, and I don't know of any other good sites that list non vn porn games.

姫ヶ島は心夏びより~愛慾と嬉遊の夏物語~ aka A Summer of Passionate Love and Fun on Himegashima Island by: 不志陀羅亭, no idea how that's pronounced https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ306266.html

vndb is contrarian to general videogame market, just like anime (myanimelist) is contrarian to live action shows market. I guess this niche is what gave them momentum, but I really don't want to miss some really cool game just because somebody decided that it has too much gameplay.
Replies: >>161250
[Hide] (4.2MB, 800x600, 01:44)
What ever happened to the anon that was playing webm related? Did he manage to uncover all its secrets?
[Hide] (75.2KB, 600x429) Reverse
The PS3 version of ToHeart 2 has an exclusive heroine voiced by Chiwa Saito, the version is called ToHeart2 DX PLUS. Checked PSNDL but nothing, it's a shame because there's a lot of VNs stuck on the PS3.
what are you talking about?
VNDB has plenty of shit that is mostly gameplay just with a VN-style storytelliong, like Sengoku Rance and whatnot.
Replies: >>161256
[Hide] (118.6KB, 1050x741) Reverse
I cried loud in pain when i saw pkg unavaible.
Replies: >>161257
>like Sengoku Rance
Nigger Sengoku Rance is like 50% VN
Replies: >>161260
I keep getting sent character cards for this shit by some nip I buy music from
Replies: >>161258
The nip has good taste then.
Replies: >>161259
Send me kiss for the petals merch or something instead of this KStier schlock
nigger what
you might as well say all japanese games with a story and dialogue boxes are some % VN then
Replies: >>161262 >>161265
[Hide] (300.8KB, 1427x904) Reverse
The archive saved the day once again.
What % of your hundred knight playtime was spent in dialogue?
I agree with what you said but Sengoku Rance is a terrible example
Replies: >>161266
Then give a better one
Replies: >>161267
Sakura Taisen
Replies: >>161268
yes, fine, use that then
I'm not some VN autist who sees a strategy game and thinks "wow this is a VN"
They have fucking mosous in there because they have a minimal VN-style component
Is original tsukihime playable on android? Quick search told me that there is VNDS that had some bugs to it 10 years ago, and onscripter plus which I'm not sure will work.
Replies: >>164833
Why the fuck would you want to read tsukihime on a phone
[Hide] (19.3KB, 300x250) Reverse
Spoiler File
(230.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Replies: >>165911
[Hide] (209.5KB, 387x570) Reverse
I wouldn't mind being killed by Rena__

Is that weird? You gotta go sometime; may as well be killed by a loli.
Replies: >>165913 >>165914
Are you me? My fantasy is getting killed by a cute girl.
Replies: >>165920
Used every search engine and can't find the sauce, all i know if that it's guro.
[Hide] (154.5KB, 1072x914) Reverse
I don't want to get killed even if it's by the cutest girl. 
But if I'm suffering and only have a few hours to live either way, might as well have a cute girl end me early.
Replies: >>165922
Don't do it bro, that's what they want.
>>138009 (OP) 
Any releases with dual text? Wanted to read ToHeart2 in nip but the JP version has been stuck at 75% for the past two weeks.
Replies: >>169946
Do you want any release or do you want something specific?
[Hide] (956.6KB, 1000x1082) Reverse
Was Muv-luv's binaural audio option present in the original 2003 release or is it something that was added in later revisions?
It's not very impressive, the positions of the character's voices often don't line up with their positions on screen, the positioning is also static to the point of resembling the average virtual surround implementation except when they do choose to use semi-proper positioning for dramatic effect(such as a character slowly walking closer).
Sadly this doesn't happen very often even where appropriate and they position anything to the rear of the listener, plus sometimes voices are positioned opposite to their character(s) on screen for brief moments.
Finished empire route of fire emblem three houses last night, shortest route but maps were okay.
Emergency bump
You know, I would like to see some more comparisons like this, I liked the ones anons made with the YU-NO remake a few years ago and I wish that there were more for other games.
Replies: >>183224 >>183239
[Hide] (96.1KB, 885x1005) Reverse
The Ray Romano sequels are way worse but not as horrifically insulting as the Yu-No ones.
I know I have the comparisons on my computer somewhere but I can't find them.
[Hide] (2.4MB, 1754x2971) Reverse
found it
Replies: >>183248 >>183249
[Hide] (325.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>What the fuck is even happening in that last image
Futa girl cumming inside pov character's (male) ass, while he himself is cumming.
Well, that is awful.
Is that the faceless MC with a fucking face?
>3rd Row 
What the fuck were they even doing to that guy. What prompt them to change him like that. If any they did that character dirty.
Replies: >>183275
[Hide] (826.8KB, 640x666) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 720x810) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 960x815) Reverse
You mean Masakatsu?
I'd argue Ayumi and Mitsuki got it way worse.
I have no clue why they hired the hack from the Ar Tonelico games with a notorious sameface problem to remake the game art. They were probably just being fucking cheap.

Also, I picked out 3 images real quick to compare and slammed them together in a few images; cast your judgement. I think the original files have higher resolution versions but I was too lazy to find them. Why Eriko is now wearing a bdsm outfit I will never know.
Replies: >>183279 >>183305
>second pic
>sun is setting so its all redish
>remake paints the whole forest green destroying the tone and feel
>the hack from the Ar Tonelico games
His art is good in Ar Tonelico, it just doesn't fit YU-NO. It would be like remaking a classic anime like Gunbuster in modern moe style.
Replies: >>183306
[Hide] (204KB, 640x400) Reverse
Also adult VNs shouldn't be remade for consoles in the first place.
[Hide] (267.1KB, 888x363) Reverse
Bros.... A fucking SPACE COLONY. From Gundam.
Replies: >>183540
[Hide] (295.4KB, 848x195) Reverse
S...Seig Zeon bros.
[Hide] (118.9KB, 352x480) Reverse
Umineko, like most visual novels, is nothing special. I don't know how to say this without sounding like a cunt, but I think it's true, so I'll just say it.

Visual Novels (excluding dating sims, nukige, or other shit made explicitly for cooming) seem to play on the fact that most weebs are dumb as fuck. They're not well read, so when they come across otherwise juvenile crap like Umineko, it blows their minds.

Umineko makes almost no use of the video game medium, it's more of a "kinetic novel" than a visual novel given the lack of choices, so it's functionally just a book. But given that it's not a book, let alone a critically acclaimed one or a best seller, it's evident that it doesn't really have literary merit.

So then what's the point? Well, there isn't one. It's just a mediocre non-book. Shit like this (Nier: Automata also comes to mind) is a way for weebs to feel like intellectual grown ups because it's a step up above the high school harem booba battle shounen content they usually engage with. Yes, Umineko is better than literal garbage like F/SN, Grisaia or Fata Morgana, but that doesn't make it unique or otherwise important. It's trash to compared to actual literature, so at the end of the day it's just pulp with ugly anime drawings to entice weebs. It's a weeb thing, ergo weebs think it's fantastic and important.

It's really funny, because so many of the people I know who fellate Umineko (the ones who tricked me into reading it), would never deign to read it it was presented as an book. They'd probably laugh it off as a Sherlock Holmed rip-off for 13 year old girls.

Weeb shit + the slightest scintilla of intellectual merit = complete and total weeb reverence.

Nier: Automata is a great example. The weebs playing it are uneducated and have literally no knowledge of philosophy outside of what they've picked up through pop-cultural osmosis. So when Taro introduces these laughable, baby-brain Philosophy 101 concepts in the most basic ways possible, they think they're experiencing something truly profound.
Are there any VNs that aren't literary garbage?
Replies: >>184865
i lik cross channeru
This summarizes how I feel about Berserk.
[Hide] (371.1KB, 438x400) Reverse
>Umineko is better than literal garbage like F/SN, Grisaia or Fata Morgana
Grisaia 1's common route is great fuck you.
Go back.
[Hide] (279.6KB, 1540x820) Reverse
[Hide] (70KB, 900x506) Reverse
[Hide] (35.4KB, 800x600) Reverse
[Hide] (42.8KB, 800x600) Reverse
[Hide] (67.1KB, 800x600) Reverse
>reddit spacing
>cuckchan image hash
>denigrates classic, beloved visual novels
>doesn't give examples of what he himself likes

Yep, it's bait time.
Replies: >>184904 >>184966
[Hide] (9.5MB, 1280x720, 01:11)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 640x480, 00:13)
I'm almost certain that people like Umineko because of the characters, not for the story or insight it offers. Your enjoyment will crater if you don't find the characters entertaining, which tends to be true for books and VNs in general.
you guys really don't recognize this stale pasta?
Replies: >>184894
It's a /jp/ pasta so probably not
[Hide] (3.4MB, 852x480, 00:09)
Back to Smug, loveless goat.
[Hide] (211.5KB, 512x512) Reverse
>denigrates classic, beloved visual novels
When has a video game being a "classic" ever stopped it from being criticized, faggot?

Pasta or not, its on-point. You'd have to be a retard to look at a VN and think of it as some deep amazing thing instead of pseudo-intellectual weeb garbage like tons of other shit in those (/a/ and /jp/) ecosystems. People praise the fuck out of VNs like Katawa Shoujo when I just dropped it after two hours because I couldn't stop laughing at the idea of a guy losing all of his friends over a heart condition and then getting sent to a fucking dedicated cripple school (Either its based in reality, as in Japanese high schools and their students are extremely cruel to the point that cripples need their own schools, or the authors are extraordinarily out of touch with reality to the point of deserving to be sent to cripple schools themselves).
Replies: >>184911 >>184914
So youve got ADHD and cant sit down long enough to read things, wakatta.
[Hide] (95.1KB, 245x205) Reverse
>(Either its based in reality, as in Japanese high schools and their students are extremely cruel to the point that cripples need their own schools, or the authors are extraordinarily out of touch with reality to the point of deserving to be sent to cripple schools themselves).
Are you actually retarded? It's made by a westerner first of all, and even if it weren't it's just a dumb premise for a VN about cripple girls (I don't even like Katawa Shoujo because best girl doesn't get a route outside of a text file that was written in 3 hours). Also, I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that a VN was INTELLIGENT or DEEP they usually just said it either made them emotional or that they enjoyed reading it.
[Hide] (106.4KB, 384x466) Reverse
one of you fags linked the website there, you can thank that individual. Checked though
Replies: >>184967
I shiggy diggy
[Hide] (14.3MB, 480x360, 05:35)
Just made a short review for Planetarium after finishing the game. Hope you guys like it :3 :3
Replies: >>185626
[Hide] (375.7KB, 820x438) Reverse
>seemingly unscripted rambling about unrelated shit and then spoiling the entire plot with in-cut segments of even more unrelated shit
Reviewing a VN is like reviewing the shit you just took. Nobody on earth cares.
[Hide] (971.4KB, 884x636) Reverse
Crescendo BTFO
Does the Akai Ito remaster have a release date yet?
Replies: >>185695
Supposedly it's coming out this summer
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