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What a nice board!
Do you even lift? >>>/fit/

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Libbie is video games now, faggot. She's a secret player character in this action puzzle game called Petal Crash which came out yesterday.  I don't know shit about the people who made it but it's published by the Freedom Planet guys and Libbie is fucking cute so this doubles as a Libbie thread.
>inb4 where's the magnet link
No fucking clue, but it's on itch.io as well as steam so someone's probably reuploaded it somewhere.
(78.4KB, 812x548)
Also, technically anyone can do this because Libbie is public domain.
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where's the porn?
Replies: >>13357
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Most of it was drawn by 8chan drawfags, so it's at https://ourobooru.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=libbie and an outdated exhentai gallery.
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>ywn get faxes of libbie's ass
why live
Replies: >>13368
Fuck that, where's the Lilibri porn?
>>13354 (OP) 
>people are still upset about the Penguin
A recolor of a stock image encapsulates the concept of open source more succinctly than some weird pointy fursona. It is literally the perfect mascot.
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Libbie is a cutie
Replies: >>13371
Reminder that the backlash was so great that LibreOffice still does not have a mascot.
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>>13354 (OP) 
> I don't know shit about the people who made it
Literally would have taken you a single click to see that Libbie's image has been tarnished by a tranny pixelshit dev.  Despite that, Libbie is still great, so I will simply reiterate what I said in >>12363.

>public domain
I'll need to put her in my game when I stop being a good-for-nothing idea guy.
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>copy machine
Man, the LibreOffice/Libbie meltdown on 8chan /tech/ was a great time.  It single-handedly made the board's traffic shoot up by a thousand per cent; not many people wanted to talk about tech (due to the shitposting, I imagine) but everybody could unite in anger over The Document Foundation being out of touch faggots.

Her initial design, like all of Tyson's OCs, was overdesigned, but the community and drawfags settled on a great and much more concise design very quickly.  I can't think of the last time I saw a mascot be forged so quickly, so communally, and so clearly.  The shared headcanon of her and Krita's mascot Kiki the Squirrel sharing an apartment was good old fashioned fun the likes of which I haven't seen since.
Not only that,
Today I learned the Galaxy Trail discord fags have their own shitty, much smaller, 8chan-hating Libbie fandom with way less and way worse Libbie fanart. The most they've done is throw money at this guy to add Libbie to his game and convince one deviantArt furry to add a Libbie cameo to his shit game called Havoc Fox. The good news is that TysonTan hasn't posted in this circlejerk once.
I wouldn't know any of this if my dumb ass hadn't shat itself for a moment and decided to join the dev's fucking (((Discord))) room to congratulate him on adding Libbie instead of emailing him like a sane person.
Replies: >>13376
(78.6KB, 540x558)

Replies: >>13399 >>13401
>public domain
what a slut
/agdg/ exists for a reason and even RPG Maker games count as video games. Go for it, faggot.
Replies: >>13376
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You have a responsibility to walk among these people and document their ways.  The sins of all trannies must be recorded for all time.

I wanted to make a simple platformer with a jump arc gimmick.  You know, I think this is a sign: I'll try to post some kind of GDD or prototype by the end of the month, even if it's just something I bash together in Construct.
I never knew this would come out of a fucking Microsoft Office suite copy.
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(388.6KB, 1496x2056)
(60.8KB, 233x240)
Looking at it again, "8chan-hating" was an exaggeration. At worst there's a couple mentions of 4chan and 8chan being the bad parts of the internet and the mandatory autists (including several mods) saying 8chan is for people too evil for 4chan. Their OC is fucking dogshit though aside from this tiny Maff doodle, so at least one user admitted to lurking the OG 8chan threads just for our drawings.
Replies: >>13421
apparently i missed something important?
>>13354 (OP) 
Much as I enjoy the character I genuinely think she was poorly designed for her original use. The variants for each sub-package were just visually unclear because of the constant use of the sharp shading lines.
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Did you ever.
Replies: >>13413
The devs announced an open competition in which Libbie was far and away the most popular option but then refused to use her citing obvious bullshit when really they just didn't want a waifu.
>Her initial design, like all of Tyson's OCs, was overdesigned, but the community and drawfags settled on a great and much more concise design very quickly
That's true. Once you cut out the confusing sharp shading that makes >>13357 so difficult to quickly read imagine it without the words copy machine she improves a lot.
>>13354 (OP) 
I thought this place was supposed to be better than cakechan
Replies: >>13389
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If you can get over
>writing code
Godot's 2D engine is pretty newfag-friendly.
If cakechan doesn't have Libbie threads, that's yet another strike against it.
Replies: >>13469
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denial is the first step. just do fuck the furry cunt
anon, your dick is confused
it wants to make children; you'd make abominations with that thing
you already beat it to her didn't you
Replies: >>13402
Yeah but imagine manhandling her by the horns
(583.9KB, 3712x2512)
>can't into Blender yet
>every Libbie game concept I've come up with is 3D
>a math tutor/maff dating sim could be 2D
>but I'm also too far behind in mathfaggotry for that
What am I supposed to do, make a janky Libbie platformer? What the fuck would it even be about?
>Not making a game about Libbie going to the HQ of LibreOffice to hand in her application to be the mascot
>Final boss is the penguin
Replies: >>13408
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(22.6KB, 145x166)
(139.9KB, 1324x572)
That could make a nice, self-contained game, but I'm not sure Libo would make the best final boss.
(2.5MB, 1280x8399)
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(286.3KB, 617x933)
(81.1KB, 597x934)
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I didn't intend for this to be so long, but here it is.
>The Document Foundation, the guys who develop LibreOffice, announce they finally want a mascot like other FOSS programs have.
>They want this mascot to be a community effort, so people can submit their own and vote on them and give suggestions to the artists.
>There will be several rounds of voting so that the least popular candidates are eliminated early.  Anyone can submit a design, provided it isn't copyrighted and can be FOSS forever.

Tyson Tan (that's his name: Tyson Tan - at least I think it is), a rare good chink and commercial artist who uses exclusively FOSS, decides to whip up one of his trademark cutesy furry characters and give back to the FOSS community that has helped him so much.  To this end, he creates Libbie the Cyber Oryx, who incorporates elements from TDF's current logo: a triangle and the colour green (that's what you get when you need FOSS devs to be artistic).  Pic 1 related.

Anyway, the rest of the mascot nominees are complete garbage.  There are one or two decent designs (pic 2), but Libbie blows everything out of the water; this is partially because she was designed by a professional artist and partially because everything else looks like clip art you'd find on a website with an untrustworthy URL.  I tried to find some more examples, but it appears TDF nuked all the pictures from their servers once the voting ended.  Pic 3 are the finalists TDF chose from the initial open submission period, and from among those they wanted people to vote on something to represent their software forever.  These were allegedly the dozen most popular designs.

You may notice that Libbie isn't there.  You may notice that several potential mascots share the same motifs, like the Duolingo owl or a hummingbird.  You may also notice that almost every one of these is so amateurish that it'd be embarrassing for a high school newspaper, let alone the people who make LibreOffice.  Libbie had been very popular, and people had also been very vocal about their dislike of some of the more retarded designs, like the penguin.

Voting, by the way, was handled via a combination of comments on TDF blog updates and their custom image server that would allow you to vote an image up or down based on several criteria.  This process was almost entirely public, and so it was common knowledge that Libbie was in the lead by a mile.  When TDF pretended she didn't exist and tried to move forward with their garbage mascots, the deluge of autism and nerdrage was like an erupting volcano.

Naturally, they acted like faggots and tried to pretend everyone who called them mean names was part of a hacking, DDoSing, flame-war-starting brigade who just appeared overnight and had no interest in FOSS or TDF or the mascot's integrity or anything - despite them making it clear they wanted the voting to be open to the public and that anyone could vote.  Then someone realized that the fucking penguin was literally traced over Shutterstock clip art, as shown in >>13386, which shot a hole in TDF's claims they had "carefully reviewed" every submission.  It also shot a hole in their claim that the penguin was one of most popular designs.  That's what the conspiracy post in >>13386 is referring to, because it really seemed like TDF wanted the penguin to become their mascot despite it being questionably legal and totally gay.

I think at some point they restricted voting, then they tried to move up the date of the final decision, and then a little while later they officially shut everything down and cancelled the whole thing.  The month preceding it was something I'll never forget.  Every day I'd wake up to 200 new posts on /tech/, a third of them bitching about furshit, a third bitching about FOSS corruption, and a third were drawfags just churning out some of the best, most fun fanart I've ever seen for anything.  The only event in recent years that even rivals the Libbie saga was the firestorm surrounding Julay/v/'s death.  

Hopefully this all made some sense.  Here are the remaining blog posts, where you can read some comments for yourself and see what people actually thought:
- https://design.blog.documentfoundation.org/2017/09/28/libreoffice-mascot/
- https://design.blog.documentfoundation.org/2017/11/13/mascot-iteration/
- https://design.blog.documentfoundation.org/2017/11/16/mascot-progress/
yeah that's mega gay, at least she's public domain and can be published on anything
>windows has a mascot
Replies: >>13415 >>13416
(188.2KB, 870x387)
(84.3KB, 512x494)
(217KB, 1303x864)
(49.7KB, 400x347)
(76.2KB, 387x417)
Breddy gud summary, but you left out how at least one other mascot was traced and how the penguin broke multiple rules.
What exactly happened with the rules is a bit of a mystery. TysonTan said something about the contest runners changing them multiple times to screw entries over, but what we do know is that they forbade penguins, traced stuff/stuff that was too close to other projects' mascots, and entries where the LibreOffice logo was part of the mascot. They fucked the Cockatiel over because he was drawn perched on the LibreOffice logo, yet the traced penguin had that logo emblazoned on his belly and the LibreOffice fags shooped it off for the last two rounds without telling anyone. The entire thing was probably just a scheme to give pajeetguin's creator a free laptop using company money, and nobody would have known if the guy hadn't been a complete idiot and if a well-known artfag hadn't participated.

And for a fun little detail everyone forgets, the final stage of voting took place on a booru with upvotes and downvotes. You know how boorus have that tool for highlighting untranslated text? Some absolute fucking madman used it to draw vector art of Libbie over the finalists.
In Japan it does.
Replies: >>13425 >>13567
(14.3MB, 960x720, 02:13)
(7.9MB, 1920x1080, 01:00)
>not knowing about Windows 7-chan
Replies: >>13727 >>13761
>>13354 (OP) 
>The Baz
Hahaha. That guy just keeps showing up.
>4th pic
>implying a badly drawn goofy cartoon penguin looks any more professional than a kemono oryx girl
The only mascot even remotely professional looking is the bird in the second pic. I quite liked it. Would've been second best choice after Libbie
(450.5KB, 444x460)
Those truly were some of the best shenanigans ever to be perpetrated on an imageboard.
(54.8KB, 512x288)
>everybody shitposting in /tech/
Good times.
Replies: >>13467
To me one of the most obvious signs that they were completely bullshitting was that a design extremely similar to Libbie was in the finalists (first thumbnail on second row of the finalists pic). It's the exact same kind of thing except with a much worse design.
>a math tutor/maff dating sim could be 2D
I'd vote for that one, you can always look up math problems and solutions
Replies: >>14178
(1.7MB, 640x368, 00:18)
thanks for the summary, quality post
i must say, the male design also looks aesthetically pleasing
but i like the female one better

also, turns out shes /clang/
(712.9KB, 192x320, 00:21)
It lives in our hearts
It already got pretty bad once every cuckchan faggot started congregating there when An Hiro started using Googlebot Captcha.

I'm just glad it died before it got any worse.
Oh, it has tons of furshit in the typical threads that attract it
Replies: >>13475
(627.1KB, 2480x3508)
Makes sense. Furniggers have basically no interest in Libbie or Kiki outside the kemono thread, they mostly want to lewd fucking Konqi (the least lewdable TysonTan design and also a boy) for whatever reason.
Replies: >>13508
(1.1MB, 1080x1032)
(156.9KB, 789x779)
>they mostly want to lewd fucking Konqi (the least lewdable TysonTan design and also a boy) for whatever reason.
>a boy
You have your reason already.
Replies: >>13632
I'm sure some bored anon out there would be happy to help with the math parts. Besides, let's be perfectly honest: you could make the math parts straight up fantasy math (6 smart 3 = potato) and people would play it for the dating sim. Hell, if you were clever or persistent enough you could just make the math tutor parts a math-themed puzzle game.
Replies: >>13539 >>14178
I am sure anon could either find some math-anon or just straight up e-mail some prof out of the blue for some good questions.
Replies: >>14178
(236.3KB, 834x970)
(242KB, 834x970)
(745.5KB, 787x1133)
(2.7MB, 1522x2243)
(2.9MB, 2077x2519)
>You know how boorus have that tool for highlighting untranslated text? Some absolute fucking madman used it to draw vector art of Libbie over the finalists.
I don't think I ever saw that, and it's absolutely wonderful.  Thank you for adding to my summary and for telling me about that.  In exchange, have some OC that I stole from the PLW/animu/ kemono thread and some big tiddie libbie drawings.
Replies: >>13571
(12.8KB, 241x232)
>have some OC that I stole 
The correct term is "liberation", anon.
>>13354 (OP) 
Yeah, she's not doing anything for me. The "hair" alone is already way too noisy by itself; it takes me about a second after scanning a picture of her to understand exactly what she is doing in it, her pose, and so on. I'm surprised that this is the "reduced" version of her design according to this thread. The hottest designs for furshit are among the most simple in my opinion.
Replies: >>13592
(213.6KB, 996x777)
(181.9KB, 901x914)
The game is usingsprites that are closer to her original design, so that's why it looks so busy.  The community mostly settled on a simpler design that emphasized the silhouette of her horns, ears, and green hair that you can see in >>13376 pics 1, 3, 4, and >>13368 pic 2.  I think that design is overall much better, though it'd be hard to represent it in such a low-resolution sprite game.  I don't think the hair is too bad in a vacuum, but combined with the other things on her silhouette like the horns and limbs, it is too much.  That's usually the problem with Tyson's original designs: too much detail and not enough focus on a handful of defining traits.
Replies: >>13594
(7MB, 960x720, 00:43)
vid related
>>13354 (OP) 
can't believe people are still shitting out these atari games when we have such developed systems now.
Replies: >>13702
(423.1KB, 983x1054)
(149.5KB, 1077x690)
Everything indieshits ruin is something we used to like. Anons used to look back fondly on pixel art before indieshits ruined it with pixelshit. When pixelshit happened, anons began posting more low-poly models and held it as a higher standard indieshits couldn't fuck up. They managed. After this, there was noticeably more talk about classic first person shooters and the amount of craft put into their levels and mechanics. Not even this was immune to indieshits: they shat up classic FPS design with the boomer shooter. If you thought it couldn't get any worse, it is: indieshits have now realized that people like Looking Glass Studios games and Deus Ex, and not only are they trying to imitate those badly, of course with the imsim trend, they're trying to lump walking simulators into the same genre to give that lame-ass genre a comeback.
There's nothing wrong with any of these. Except walking simulators, but even those can be okay if they aren't pretentious and have neat areas to walk around in. The problem is shit developers, and they will continue ruining everything until indieshit culture is burned to the ground and salted. Replace the indieshits with autismdevs and freetards, and replace (((intellectual property))) faggotry with something like memetic folk art and paying devs and artfags for stuff you like.
Saying this is well and good, but most people are followers who wait for another to go first, to set an example. Seeing someone else accomplish something is much more inspiring than having some autist rant at you, so shit like art or technological movements are usually begun by one turboautist lighting the way through a work of bravery or overpowering autism. For example, Richard Stallman kicked off the freetard movement by matching the output of an entire company over two years because he was pissed they screwed over the MIT AI Lab. Maybe I'll have to man up and be that person; otherwise, I doubt anything will come of me ranting in a zzzchan thread.
I was also going to include a PDF of Against Intellectual Monopoly, but apparently zzzchan doesn't allow those. The website is at http://dklevine.com/general/intellectual/againstfinal.htm and there's a full PDF at http://dklevine.com/papers/imbookfinalall.pdf if you're interested.
(241.7KB, 596x411)
These images bring me memories of early internet and makes me feel comfy.
First time seeing Troubled Windows in such good quality, thanks!
Didnt that destroy the OS-tan art?
Replies: >>13825
There was a lot of art of the windows 10 girl that was shitting on how bad the OS was.
Replies: >>13878
(615.3KB, 1920x1080)
(489.3KB, 727x793)
Somewhere I have a screenshot of anons realizing Windows 10-tan has no panties, but I couldn't find it.
(11.3KB, 384x240)
(70.3KB, 640x480)
We poastan Libbies now?
Fuck I should draw her moar aye.
Replies: >>13962 >>14038
(105KB, 340x255)
Replies: >>14027 >>14084
Hey what's for dinner tonight?
(482.3KB, 977x928)
Is there some reference I'm missing here?  Are you somehow affiliated with that website and you took that image from the forums or something?
Replies: >>14067 >>14072
(34.5KB, 226x218)
Lurk moar newfag
Replies: >>14075 >>14084
>there are anons who didn't grow up with a steady diet of youtube poops
Fucking disgraceful.
Replies: >>14084
To be fair to him jewtube lowers the quality so hard on old videos you could barely even read it
(604.6KB, 317x487)
>public domain
I'm going to turn her into a scat guro porn character, you niggers can't stop me AND it's gonna be official.
Replies: >>14103
I understand that it's a reference to CDi Zelda, but I thought the watermark had some significance.  Come on, dude, I'm not blind: >>13962
Replies: >>14088
>scat guro porn
Is that the best you can do, you butter-soft bitch
Replies: >>14106
Quebec Gamers was the first to dump the videos from the CDI games, so many videos from the YTP era had their watermark.
Replies: >>14102
Huh.  I don't think I recall ever seeing their watermark and consciously recognizing it.
(12.2KB, 192x245)
you are like little baby
Libbie transgender reveal
Replies: >>14107
(231KB, 1024x768)
She was an attack helicopter the whole time
Replies: >>14173
Those minimalist birds look a lot better than that furshit though. I don't blame them for not wanting furry autism to be the face of their program.
Go away tranny
You know what, while I like the oryx design myself, if I were head of a software organization I wouldn't want some furry mascot to be the face of it either.
Replies: >>14121
In LibreOffice's case, it seems they wanted an animal mascot of some sort, and the final choices they whittled it down to are all animals.
>prefering clip art to libbie
I would agree with you if you were only talking about the cockatoo, but the cockatoo wasn't even in the pool.

I'm assuming Libre fags had art school friends who drew up the garbage. The contest only existed to prop up the friends.
(892.4KB, 3360x2618)
(1.1MB, 1920x1080)
(512.8KB, 856x1378)
(176.1KB, 953x934)
(926.9KB, 2058x2495)
Apparently Kiki's in a game as well: >>13905
Those minimalist hummingbirds are a software logo cliche. There are a fuckton of projects with samey minimalist hummingbird logos and adding not one, but several to your mascot competition's finalists is peak tastelessness.
Don't joke about that kind of thing. Furries can pull that shit on you and it shouldn't be encouraged.
I'm a drawfag and know how to use Ren'Py. If you anons are up to it and can come up with a whole script we could try to make it happen.
>I'm a drawfag
portfolio or gtfo
Replies: >>14180
(653.5KB, 1058x1550)
Pic related is still WIP. Also made >>1239 and >>1593. I'll also draw a Libbie by the end of the day.
Replies: >>14197
(266.4KB, 1058x1550)
Replies: >>14196
(756.5KB, 500x500)
Very nice I like it. She needs more OC as it is.
Just do it, anon.
Replies: >>14203
(592.7KB, 1280x720, 00:02)
should we make a thread for this? sounds like a fun idea, a zzzchan original
Replies: >>14204
I think we should use this thread for now until it reaches bump limit or we have a concept. Come up with ideas first and in the meanwhile I'll be doing some artwork.
Replies: >>14222
>a math tutor/maff dating sim could be 2D
An edutainment dating sim is genuinely the most brilliant idea I've heard of in a long time.
Are people thinking this is going to be a regular old VN gated with math questions from time to time, or are folks thinking they want to go for a real dating sim? Ren'py isn't an awful choice for the latter as I know people use it for things like that. But it'd be useful to figure out exactly what the scope of the thing is going to be. What level math? Interactive grind-the-numbers dating, or custom VN-like scenes achieved by getting math right? Anyone have a game they'd like to steal mechanics from?
(150.7KB, 603x713)
(605.2KB, 660x1200)
>Anyone have a game they'd like to steal mechanics from?
I found a variety of """"sim"""" Flash games pretty fun when I was younger, and they played out essentially like puzzle/adventure games.  There was one top-down game in particular where you controlled a blue stickman (or a blue circle, the perspective made it look like) and walked around a city block raising stats and doing errands for people.  I forget exactly how it worked, but you could buy upgrades and talk to different people depending on your social level.  Each day, you'd have a limited amount of real time to wander around before you could sleep to the next day or it would just end automatically.

(I just checked, and the Flash game I was thinking of was Stick RPG.  You can find gameplay of it easily enough.)

I think something about that level of complexity would be a good target.  I know we all want our games to be hardcore and crushingly difficult, but for an honest-to-goodness finished project it's much better to keep things simple.

- 3 or 4 base stats
- some kind of currency system
- simple perspective: either flat top-down or flat 2D so there'd only be one perspective to worry about
- handful of simple environments to wander around (like, maybe 2 city blocks and half a dozen small interiors)
- some time limit that encourages you to do things, but isn't harsh
- a handful of side quests that involve meeting skill checks or combining items to pass barriers/solve puzzles
- a couple different endings depending on how you win Libbie's affections, or if you fail

The actual atomic gameplay would be moving your character around the environments and interacting with things through menus or prompts.  No jumping or actual player motor skill required.  I figure the setting would be a typical office where you want to impress your cute boss and win her heart.  Someone should tell me if I'm being too vague with these suggestions.
Replies: >>14214 >>14227
I was figuring that was about the complexity people would be wanting to target, although other anons ought to weigh in. I'm sure plenty of people played those flash dating sims that pretty much defined the dating sim genre for a westerner. If a person wanted a hardcore dating sim, really, they'd rip off eratohoTW. If Ren'py is going to be the engine, I'm all but certain that kind of thing is achievable.
For all the drama it generated, is there even a Libbie patch to replace the stock graphics and icons or something? It seems like a waste nothing was done with it.
Replies: >>14218 >>14222
>is there even a Libbie patch to replace the stock graphics and icons or something?
I recall seeing one available for Linux, but I'm not sure if there's a Windows-compatible version.
Replies: >>14219
(104.3KB, 839x504)
>and know how to use Ren'Py
How much? I only know a little, just adding text and options on dialogs, havent mess around with image positions, music or even how to handle dates/hours in the game.
>we have a concept
VN about OL libbie or libbies where anon needs to woo libbie?
>are folks thinking they want to go for a real dating sim? Ren'py isn't an awful choice for the latter
It depends how good is anon at coding, Ren'py is great at making kinetical VN, but if someone wants to add a calendar, RPGesque mechanics and events, the VN will get even more complicated. I would suggest a simple VN with some choices that will lead to Anon getting laid at the end of the VN.
Replies: >>14227
(532.3KB, 1058x1550)
>>14222 (checked)
>How much?
A bunch of stuff like transitions, animations, imagemaps, imagebuttons and other stuff. I'm still learning but I'll read the whole documentation this week. Also respecting music unless we have a composer we'll have to use jewtube ambient music or something like that.
>VN about OL libbie or libbies where anon needs to woo libbie?
But does she comes out of the screen and slaps you or sucks your cock depending on the text font you use or something else?

>skill checks
That is possible.
>combining items to pass barriers/solve puzzles
I remember a Ren'py Halloween VN where you could drag two items on screen into a bowl and depending on that a certain Jack-o'-lantern would appear. I'd have to get back to you on that one though.
>people are this interested in a libbie VN
wew lad
I used to know some composers from my brief stint as an /agdg/ yesdev, but I dunno how many would be interested. I'd suggest asking around on /agdg/, see if any of their musicfags are interested.
This might be a fun excuse to learn tracker music or fuck around in LMMS.
>we'll have to use jewtube ambient music or something like that.
There should be CC0 music and sound effects assets that could be used in the VN.
>depending on the text font you use
Yep, something like that. I think handling a Love variable for the love interest should be easy. It will go up and down depending how you treat her.
I think most languages already understand a general mathematical notation as well so that should work as a direct input.

>What level math?
Late high school to introductory university should do the trick although a lot of the comprehension stuff ala series or limits won't lent themselves that good to a true/false check. So that'd be basic arithmetic, equations with polynomials, functions and their analysis, integrating and lastly probability. That's more than enough topics.
(3.9MB, 2024x3522)
Spoiler File
(532.6KB, 1168x1494)
Spoiler File
(767.6KB, 2092x1297)
So say this is happening. Is Maff the only character? The only dateable one? Are the other Libbie designs in the game at all? If so, how are they handled?
On the offchance the drawfag doesn't know, Maff is pics related.
Replies: >>14343 >>14347
(14.1KB, 480x480)
how about two versions one which is just edutainment and has libbie and maybe other side characters all pretty fucking wholesome and willy nilly and one includes maff as the solesource of lewds and perhaps libbie too but only if you do something like 100% the game, getting perfect scores or whatnot and it's meant to be like a secret ending
Replies: >>14344 >>14347
Two versions? It's going to be a miracle if one gets off the ground.
Just make it a romance thing with assortet mascots and just gate the lewds behind extra hard questions.
Doing Laplace transforms is known to blast away any womans panties, after all
Replies: >>14346
doing two versions isn't as hard as it sounds, you're basically just doing one version and then locking shit out in the other. simple as that.
Replies: >>14347
I think it'd be funny to have a few different aspects of Libbie's personality be in the game, and to have them be interactable even if the player can't date them.  There's Tyson's original chibi Libbie design, the community-made "anime Libbie" design, Maff, and maybe the male version for hangin' out with your bro.

That just sounds like an alternate ending.

But there's no reason for that, and it would create unnecessary complexities.  The game will be, like, an hour long at most, so having more than one version would be a waste.
(70.8KB, 354x270)
Here's a thought.
Coordinating imageboard projects, especially for something like a game or visual novel, is difficult, and a lot of stuff anons make is iterative: we build off and edit existing stuff. From what I've seen, most projects anons actually finish are mostly the work of one guy or are made by friends who communicate offsite as well, which many anons would rather avoid (especially if (((discord))) is involved). It definitely helps that the one drawfag is also a Ren'Py fag, yeah, but say anons have different ideas on how to handle parts of the VN, or a mathfag wants to make a VN tutoring you on something specific, or there's drawfags interested whose styles clash too much. What then?
What may help, for anyone who's interested and not attached to a specific project, are base asset packs. Like, drawing Maff Libbie (or any Libbie you want, really) in a couple helpful poses any anon could reuse or edit in a Maff tutor visual novel, and posting them in a thread. Maybe license them under a Creative Commons license or put them into the public domain for freetard anons autistic enough to care. There's absolutely nothing wrong with VNs having their own dedicated artfags, if you can manage that then more power to you, but if there's one thing imageboards have taught me, it's that anons can do startlingly creative things with assets and templates made by other people. We're meme people and we're at our best when our OC is a dialogue, an ever-evolving web of responses and shitposts building off each other's work. I'm not even a good artfag yet but I'll still contribute if anyone finds my scribbles helpful.
>most projects anons actually finish are mostly the work of one guy or are made by friends who communicate offsite as well
Small correction: the other kind of project anons do really well at is stuff like the /bane/ animation project, that reanimated TLoU2 scene, and stuff where a bunch of anons edit a template or contribute to something where someone compiles it all into one work at the end. Is there a word for this? I don't know.
I was thinking this same kind of thing. A bored drawfag just churning out posed Libbies even without specific designated places for them to go would certainly help result in something eventually being created--but it's hard on the drawfag unless he really likes Libbie and doesn't mind in the case that nothing good results. It's not a great example because most of the projects ended as unfinished garbage crapped out by furries, but look at all the flash shit that got made when Playshapes opened his flash work. In this kind of project, too, I get the feeling that some anons might have ideas they'd like to try but that they wouldn't like to openly shove onto a group of people, and I know that not having art is a stumbling block for the creators of VN-like things like this.
Replies: >>14383
>anons have different ideas on how to handle parts of the VN
We could leave it up to a poll.
>mathfag wants to make a VN tutoring you on something specific
Same as above.
>there's drawfags interested whose styles clash too much.
All of them would need to replicate the art-style desired for the game. We can't have a game with two totally different art-styles. Right now a drawfag that could do the backgrounds would be very helpful though I can still make them in case no one steps up for it.
>drawing Maff Libbie (or any Libbie you want, really) in a couple helpful poses any anon could reuse or edit in a Maff tutor visual novel, and posting them in a thread.
>I'm not even a good artfag yet but I'll still contribute if anyone finds my scribbles helpful.
Post them, fag. Even if it's not good enough, concept art is always appreciated.

I don't mind. Plus Libbie is pretty hot.

Also what kind of art-style are we aiming for anyways? I posted a Libbie but I'm not sure if that's what you anons want or rather something more polygonal, minimalistic or with a more simple shading.
Replies: >>14384 >>14386
(2.2MB, 1963x2500)
>We can't have a game with two totally different art-styles
Sure we could.  Monstergirl Quest had a tonne of different artists.

>Also what kind of art-style are we aiming for anyways?
Standard anime stuff, but maybe some polygons for visual flair.  Something like pic related, maybe.
Replies: >>14386 >>14398
>What then?
Doom deathmatch, the winner decides.
They aren't of Libbie, but sure.
Fifth one happened because some IRCfags were shitting up /animu/ thanks to its vtuber thread existing, and one of their shitstirring commie faggots kept requesting unfunny shit in the drawthread. At one point he requested that one gacha girl bullying a loser basement dweller, so I made this for him and he fucked off.
>Sure we could.  Monstergirl Quest had a tonne of different artists.
Good point.
Replies: >>14398
(6.1KB, 500x400)
(234.8KB, 639x640)
(47.7KB, 1020x1020)
(1.6MB, 640x727, 02:09)
(90.2KB, 1490x1080)
Replies: >>14392 >>14400
Noice. I like that Garfield.
MGQ and those kinds of games get away with multiple artists because individual characters are mostly or always drawn by the same artist, and because each artist really informed the look and style of each character he drew. As long as, say, Can't Call It Excel Libbie isn't jumping back and forth between Drawfag A and Artfag B's style inside of a given scene, I think it won't be too jarring. Nobody will mind if the hypothetical two separate characters Office Lady Libbie and Graf Von Purplelibbie are different styles. It could even be charming. As for style, I as a nodev noart wouldn't mind leaving it up to the folks who want to do the drawing labor.
Replies: >>14400
>pic 4
So that was you.  10/10 shitpost.

I mostly agree.  Many famous VNs like Umineko have extremely janky art when they're first released.

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