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It's Phantasy Star Online, motherfucker. Need I explain more?

>How do I get onto this shit?
1)Register an account at
2)Download client here: https://pixeldrain.com/u/Uky4aGCb
WARNING: Much like Lineage 2, PSO:BB has its own anticheat shit called GameGuard, causing it to be flagged as malware on Windows 10. This seems to be just a Windows 10 issue, as my Windows 7 laptop didn't flag anything when running the client. Keep in mind that Windows 10 flags shit like High/Low Orbiting Ion Cannon as well.
If you don't give a shit about anticheat then you should probably be fine, and if you really care about security then you should probably just run it in a Windows VM anyway.
3)Run install.reg (afaik this just sets the game font to Dotum)
4)Run online.exe

>Okay, so how do I actually play this shit?
Read the game manual and keyboard layout.
WASD - Move character
Arrow Keys - Menu Select/Action Pallete (The left, down, and right arrows correspond to the blue, green, and red buttons accordingly, and the up arrow centers the camera.)
Enter - Select/Advance text
Home - Open menu

If you want some more info on the game mechanics, then just read Ephinea's tutorial for the game since I'm too lazy to explain it here: https://ephinea.pioneer2.net/beginners-guide/the-lobby-and-controls/

The server should be up for the rest of the month or until the VPS expires.
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Dead on arrival. Find a bypass or fuck off with this gay shit.
Replies: >>122971
I have heard that GameGuard was already patched out of the client earlier, the problem is when I was searching to see what caused the false positive for malware on Windows 10 I kept getting various answers as to what caused it, such as the .dll file used to modify the client setting it off, or because it downloaded patches, or the gameguard issue, but it was all really unclear.
>It's Phantasy Star Online, motherfucker. Need I explain more?

What if I want you to anyway?
Replies: >>122972
Well... It's Phantasy Star, but online?
The client's downloading slow for me, but I'll definitely be on after making the next arcade thread.
I found a version of the Tethealla client with GameGuard patched, so download this https://files.catbox.moe/66muhv.zip and replace the original psobb.exe with it.
Replies: >>122989
Full Client + GameGuard Patch: https://a.cockfile.com/JsUqhe.zip
Replies: >>122989
The hash for psobb.exe is the same, though. And the server seems to have gone down right after I made a character.
Replies: >>122990
I just restarted the server, so hopefully that issue should be fixed. As for the client, I guess this might mean that it already had GameGuard patched and I was just misinformed, but if not then I'll try and compile https://github.com/Solybum/Blue-Burst-Patch-Project/ to ensure GameGuard is disabled, or I might just scrap the whole gamenight and set up dwc_network_server_emulator instead.
Replies: >>122991 >>123046
It almost worked, then gave me error 903 again. Is your connection stable?
Replies: >>122992 >>122993
I don't know, I'm using a vps for the server.
Try going to the patch download in the main menu to see if that works.
Replies: >>122996
It's alright, I got in again. I got some other stuff to do, but I'll start properly playing in an hour or so.
Replies: >>123000
I'm glad it's working, although I'm planning on going to sleep, so I won't be available for a couple of hours.
Replies: >>123014
Gaining a total of 5 experience from 10 Boomas and 3 Savage Wolves is bad enough, but did you have to make it so you get nothing at all unless you're on a mission?
Replies: >>123053
Does that work with MKWii?
((( Wiimmfi ))) banned all the evil racist p*rate h*ckers using spoofed NANDs in Dolphin via Wimmfi unbanner a while back and now requires a genuine NAND ripped from a Wii.
Replies: >>123053
[Hide] (27.4KB, 917x418)
I haven't changed any of the quest files, so they should be set to their default settings. I did the Claiming a Stake quest and got ~5 xp per Booma, so maybe it's just a (you) problem?
Hopefully it should.
Replies: >>123223
>>122956 (OP) 
Why did you post this so late after there was already a Bomberman gamenight posted despite him asking you for an update before making his thread?
>It's Phantasy Star Online, motherfucker. Need I explain more?
Yes, you do.
>game'night' for an MMO that requires tons of time to grind out and learn the mechanics
Let me guess, this gamenight wasnt planned out very well was it? I really pity people who get into MMOs rather than picking up new singleplayer games
Replies: >>123679 >>123699
I played this ages ago in eight and always been wanting to replay it ever since I tried it, but never got the chance to. I'll give it a try.
An odd choice for a gamenight game. Have fun anons!
Okay, so here's the deal. When not on a mission, I don't get jack shit. The purple EXP text still appears, but my experience value in the menu doesn't increment at all. Additionally, enemy spawns are mistimed (including spawning after the doors unlock) and enemies don't drop anything. When on a mission, enemy spawns seem to be correct, they drop stuff, and I do gain experience, but not for every kill. I tested in Forest 1 and 2, in Normal and One Person modes, with missions and without.
host killing floor
wh-what's going on?
Replies: >>123262 >>123281
[Hide] (120.7KB, 1004x565)
I don't know, I didn't install a captcha on the register page.
[Hide] (882.1KB, 797x595)
I made a loli, kinda, at least she's tiny
Replies: >>123292 >>123299
>niggers still don't know that the captcha automatically activates with pph spikes
Replies: >>123290
Did the room crash?
I know that it automatically activates with PPH bursts, but I was asking if there was some sort of thing happening elsewhere in the board.
Replies: >>123291
I'm pretty sure the room crashed, so try restarting the client
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and so it begins anew
[Hide] (839.5KB, 794x592)
There's people playing if someone wants to join
[Hide] (594.2KB, 640x480)
This game is comfy
[Hide] (273.4KB, 1280x960)
Scratch one dragon, and one cave mission. I'll be on again tomorrow night.
After thinking about it for a while, I have a hypothesis for the experience problem. There is a possibility that the server code stores experience alongside items in the drop tables for reasons that are retarded today but make sense if you're running the game straight from the disc with a 56k modem (so you only need to send one value and let the local game handle it with its own drop tables). If this is the case, then the problem is that the server's tables store either an item or experience in a cell, but never both. No enemies drop items outside of missions, indicating that no drop tables are referenced, so there's no experience gain outside of missions, either.
[Hide] (105.5KB, 286x233)
That's a big rifle
Does no one else want to play?
It's just me and yello hanging around the lobby right now.
Replies: >>123430
I'll play
What a comfy coop game.
Yeah that was a fun quest too, nice music, nice art style
Yeah. I absolutely loved it back when i played it last years ago and it's the same now that I'm replaying it. It's just really fun, despite the jank controls and the obtuse/slow progression.
By the way, I forgot to say. Mission 1-3 has a boss in it. It's really tough to do solo and requires a lot of dodging. Only tip I can give is that, if it goes underground, RUN.
We should post here if we are playing so more people can join, like, I didn't join before because I thought there was no one playing.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x960)
Adorable lolis are waiting for you to join them.
Replies: >>123514 >>123552
I am sorry that I had to leave on Caves 3. Its nearly 6 am and I realized that today is a monday already. I hope that we can retry it soon.
Replies: >>123515
No worries. The time limit was only ten minutes, but I cleared it with three minutes to spare.
Replies: >>123516
good job! I hope you had a nice reward out of it. By the way, how did you deal with those twinsided enemies that you were dealing 0dmg to? I assume they split regardless of damage after enough hits.
Replies: >>123531
They get bored and split, yeah. If there's more than one split set active they fight each other for some reason.
I was going to play, but it was 2 am here, let me know if you are going to play later
Replies: >>123553
I might hang around this evening.
You can have your own server?

But for game nights it might be better to just play on Ephinea I guess, just use a ship / block that no one else uses, there are plenty.
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x1024)
Anyone wanna play?
Replies: >>123579
I'll hop in a few moments.
Somehow the presentation and overall pleasant feel of the game manages to make the objectively janky gameplay much more enjoyable than it should be.
Replies: >>123593 >>123707
Yeah. It has that sort of inviting feel to it doesn't it? Kinda like if it was made with soul in mind despite the limitations of the hardware and the obtuse way of control they went with. They made the best with what they could for the time.

I still don't like how it controls, but it's certainly not impossible to master. It is like loose-tank controls. Knowing how to turn it and you become a killing machine. Feels a lot like how mecha arcade games play.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x680)
I grinded a bit in One Person mode, and noticed that most of the main story missions are unlocked (except Magnitude of Metal), and their icons don't change when cleared (you do get an error message if you try to repeat one, though).

And just now I tested again and the missions aren't all unlocked, they have the clear icons, and Magnitude of Metal is available again so I'm full of shit.
Replies: >>123656
I'm sorry. I can't join you to play missions/chapters tonight. If you could get up a bit earlier, I could certainly manage to play with you tomorrow.
[Hide] (208.3KB, 644x657)
Trying to convince myself to download and try this out but I'm worried upcoming real-life shit is going to get in the way. I've sort of been getting sick of /v/ recently, too.  PSO seems cool but I've never played it in my life.
Replies: >>123661 >>123700
From the little I've played. It's a sort of drop-in'n'out arcade game mixed with some added light RPG progression and stats. Leveling or grinding doesn't seem to be required at all to beat most of the normal missions, just having teammates, learning how to dodge the enemies and careful resource usage should carry you in solo as well. It doesn't feel to me like the kind of game that is all about grinding for stupid amounts of time before the fun starts either. Rather, the controlscheme (for PC) and the obtuse way of combat is probably the biggest barrier for it.

Just, make a ranged (not FOrce) character first. Or invest in a pistol if going for melee. Consider plugging in a controller, It is made for DreamCast in mind so a dualshock or equivalent should be more than enough. It does support analog controls for tighter aiming too.
Replies: >>123707
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x1600)
PSO has a challenge mode that you can play right after you make your character, that neither requires any grind nor benefits from it.

>ctrl+F "challenge"
>1 result
[Hide] (633.1KB, 1700x1200)
just dew it
[Hide] (319.4KB, 847x1200)
It probably helps that its gameplay isn't identical to today's action games that copy one another, so playing it can feel like a breath of fresh air, even if it also means having to deal with your gun missing point blank, your successful evade activating your shield and interrupting your combo, and needing to run in circles around the dragon for an opportunity to spam your ice tech for a few seconds.

pic related
[Hide] (100.5KB, 1216x1600)
>that locked off no-telepipe room at the end of cave 1 with waves of enemies and low visibility that neuters the accuracy of handguns
Does PSOBB not have a single player option with reduced enemy HP like the DC versions?
Replies: >>123716 >>123718
You could make single player rooms in all versions of BB that I've tried over the years. But what you're describing sounds like a government quest, which are multiplayer-only.
Select one-person mode when registering a room.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1280x1024)
I can't join the lobby, it gets stuck after selecting a ship.
Replies: >>123749 >>123751
Consider lowering the resolution a little bit and retrying?
Replies: >>123750
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1024x768)
Huh, that did it.
>lobby reports 1 person online
>try to join
>same thing as >>123731 happens despite no changes since yesterday
OP serbia is broke
Replies: >>123753
Can you try again now?
I wonder if having a single-player session has anything to do with it, all I did was lower the resolution followed by trying to connect with a second character upon which it werked.
Replies: >>123754
I was connected to the server while you were trying. I wasn't in any single-player session or anything. My guess is that having a person connected for some reason breaks it now despite making no sense at all.
Replies: >>123755
I disconnected, does it work now?
Replies: >>123756
Yes it works for me. Try connecting again?
Replies: >>123758
[Hide] (489.2KB, 965x1211)
>it got stuck again
Replies: >>123760
It connected!
[Hide] (89.6KB, 975x1200)
I disconnected. You can try playing for now. I guess OP has to reset the server or unfuck some shit on his end.
Replies: >>123781
Is Phantasy Star Zero on the DS any good?
Replies: >>123791
I just restarted the server, the game should be working now.
Replies: >>123788
I joined again. Hope someone else can connect to try and see if the bug is resolved.
[Hide] (339.8KB, 601x362)
Um. I tried making a one player lobby while I was waiting and uh. There's no NPCs in the principal.
Replies: >>123791 >>123795
It's PSU-lite with a superficial PSO coat of paint. Not a bad game, but it's a very different beast from PSO.

That's normal for BB, at least for private servers. These NPCs only show up in multiplayer mode to give out government quests. I wonder if that's how it was on Sega's servers as well.
Replies: >>123796
That's just the one-player mode, try making a party on normal mode.
Replies: >>123796
Works in normal mode. Completely flew over my head.
At what time do you lads usually play ?
Replies: >>123899
Did you lose connection?
Replies: >>123920
I'm having problems with my graphics drivers and my pc keep crashing, is there a way to play this game on linux ?
Replies: >>123939
I'm playing it on wine myself, barring some controller mapping fuckery and bugged textures it should work for the most part.
[Hide] (486.9KB, 633x366)
I'm gonna idle for a while bit on the server lobby. If anyone wants to play or chat.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x1024)
Spooky caves.
God damn do I wish I'd played this game during its heyday.
Might pop on to try this a bit later, dunno which class I wanna play though.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1280x1024)
I'm up.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1280x1024)
Installing dgvoodoo fixed the graphics errors.
dgVoodoo allows the game to run forced fullscreen/windowed modes at higher resolutions with AA, what a useful tool.
>admin gets DCed from his own server
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1920x1080)
I'm up if anyone wants to play.
Replies: >>124377
[Hide] (543.1KB, 632x470)
We're tackling Caves 2-3.
[Hide] (267.4KB, 634x483)
>try out pvp
>expect a few simple battle arenas with not much variety, the jank game mechanics seem more catered towards pve right
>shitload of gamemode options
>shitload of maps
>pick the first one, basic deathmatch with existing stats
>spawn inside a huge spaceship
>walk through corridors looking for yello, there's obstacles and shit all over the place
>wait who's that, oh fug
>map has a Debalz NPC enemy with loads of HP that rapes you and the other players at will
>targeting reticle isn't visible during pvp so ranged attacks are way harder
>if you die the game grants you additional levels for the duration of the match as a form of balance
>it's fun
And all of that in a primitive coop MMO originally released on the Dreamcast in the year 2000.
Replies: >>124399
>allows you to set Items and Levels for all players, no grinding required to PvP at all
>even if you choose to not set those and go with existing levels and abilities, people who die in PvP drop their weapon, which you can pick up and use/deny them a powerful combo
>said weapons aren't lost, they're fully restored to each character once deathmatch is done or they disconnect
>all spells, recovery items and skills cost more to use, HP restores are heavily nerfed even if you can carry 10 of them
>melee users can block ranged attacks easily
>magic is still OP as fuck, specially auto-target lighting spells cost way more than usual, meaning spellcasters still have to rely on weapons, and their spells can't instakill
>the fucking Debalz monster teleports behind you and deletes you without remorse
I wasn't expecting that.
>seemingly random experience gain, possibly related to drops
>no experience gain at all unless you're on a quest
>random disconnects, possibly due to VPS

As much as I would like to play with only anons, the server has too many issues, and the admin isn't available very often (plus he admits he's not exactly a server whiz), so I am reluctantly going back to my old robololi on Ephinea. I intend to make parties starting with zzz, with the password set to "sleepy", in case anyone here wants to join.
Replies: >>124480 >>124522
I ran Tethealla locally a few years ago, and it didn't have any issues with exp, so this is a strange bug to run into.
Is that you PSU anon?
Replies: >>124600
[Hide] (2MB, 1920x1080)
I need a healer for this boss.
Replies: >>124549 >>124574
[Hide] (119KB, 600x699)
Nobody wants to help?
[Hide] (462.8KB, 518x791)
Ah fuck then I'll just solo the giant centipede worm thing again and die.
I'll be on in a sec but I won't be at your level
Replies: >>124566
The boss throws 5 armored grenades/bombs on the platform every now and then, they run on a timer and have loads of HP in addition to doing massive damage when exploding all at once.
[Hide] (40.1KB, 400x680)
>no ships
Did the server break again?
aaa I'm sorry, I was busy all day
Are you still at the boss?
>no ships
rip serbia
Replies: >>124605
No. Although I intend to start PSU one of these days.
Replies: >>125045
Apparently ubuntu had some updates that it needed to do, so I've finished that and just restarted the server. I'll get on the server pretty soon.
Replies: >>124606 >>124608
>not using superior Gentoo
I'm in the server now.
Sorry to hostman and the new guy. I got dced and am doing some stuff right now. I'll try to either hop back in the server or check out Ephinea with loli in a few minutes.
Going on Ephinea now. Party name will start with zzz and the password will be sleepy.
Replies: >>124627 >>124667
aaa i'm joining too late and you guys are already doing 2.2!
[Hide] (62.3KB, 800x600)
>make account after going through 5 burner mail services
>make force newman, create basic party with drop style set to PSO2 in the EU server
>accept the first government quest
>half the boxes are empty and enemies barely drop anything
>sell guns I can't equip to buy more monofluids
>the further in you go the less drops there are
>want to buy an ice disk for 100 meseta but only have 95
>go back to the forest, kill some enemies, back to the shop
>ice disk LV1 is now LV2 for 200 meseta
>reach the final room, die 5 times because no more drops and no more money to buy monofluids, nothing has dropped guns and the guns at the shop are either unavailable or out of my ATA range
>get dc'd just as I'm about to hand in the quest
>can't rejoin the empty room I made because "quest in progress"
Replies: >>124671 >>124672
Best to stick to open exploration first, even if you insist on playing normal mode instead of single player. I typically reach level 5 by the time I'm at dragon, which should be plenty to take it out.
Can you rejoin? I'm in the EU server right now and I want to help you.
Sorry, went to um, try something else while waiting for you. Please post in here if you come back.
Replies: >>124689
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1920x1080)
I'm up, my party/room still shows up in the lobby but is inaccessible.
Multiple force users sure can be OP against bosses.
FOrces in general are stupid high damage. Elemental weaknesses for everything also gives them surprising adaptability.
Early game is stupid rough though, you need to get carried or know what you're doing to play one.
Replies: >>124732
I think it's more the opposite. Force's damage output seems great at first, but it peters out as you move to higher difficulties, to the point that FOmar is the best force just because he can handle a double saber.
Replies: >>124742
I might get on in a sec, did you guys jump ship to Ephinea?
Replies: >>124739
I still have both clients, but yeah.
Level30 Shifta/Deband is pretty strong even without a strong weapon. Also, doesn't raBarta have insane utility due to mass freeze?
Replies: >>124743
Rabarta is great, yeah. But other fleshies get access to unrestricted Freeze or Arrest weapons with enough effort (read: grind), so they get to catch up after a while. And HUcast has his boatload of freeze traps from the start. And, while Shifta 30 is great, it still does more good on other hunters or rangers. Another reason why FOmar is good is because he has the most ATP to make use of that Shifta.
When are you guys usually playing?
I have a lvl 100 something Ranger and many alts.
But I'm a yuropoor in gmt +1
Currently on RAPEMAN's server if anyone's interested.
Replies: >>124755
I'm in.
Replies: >>124920
If the thread assigns me a new ID, I'm 884756. The external disk I use to store my shit seems to have failed, so I'll be gone while getting it replaced and the data recovered.
Replies: >>124909
Managed to fix it; will be on after dinner.
You still getting on? I might play for a bit, but I'm kind of worn out after Cave 1.
Sorry. I was busy today, can't make it. Will try to be on tomorrow.
Replies: >>124920
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1920x1080)
I'm up if anyone wants to play.
Replies: >>125030
I'm coming. Ephinea - EU?
Replies: >>125031
No, Fodra.
Replies: >>125033
nevermind you're on Fodra.
I'm waiting in the lobby. Can't join your current quest.
Replies: >>125035
The first lobby is full, I'm in the second one.
I made another Party, see if you can join that.
The private server for it is called Clementine. Let me say that it's a lesser experience than PSO. The private server does not have single player mode and it looks like the story and missions are stuck in single player, if there are any. The main perks of PSU are the graphics and the ability to form parties with randoms in the non-combat zones. I would recommend PS Portable 2 Infinity (recently translated) instead since that has the same gameplay as PSU it looks like and you can play with others as well if you emulate it on PC. It's up to you whether you prefer a barebones PS2/XB experience or a PSP one with more content.
Replies: >>125097
[Hide] (208.8KB, 1000x1000)
Some nice people gave us high level items and genocided the forest.
I just experienced witnessing a level 172 FOmar with a gatling gun one-shot Dark Falz.
I don't know what I was expecting, but that was surreal. Had a lot of fun too.
I hope I'm not overleveled for the 3-X quests.
[Hide] (109.2KB, 960x545)
Portable 2 and Infinity should be approached with caution if you value your sanity, since its story is quite something, even by PSU and PSO2 standards.
[Hide] (322.3KB, 1334x1001)
currently reclining on sleepyserb in case anyone wants to play
Replies: >>125169
bout to tackle caves 3, get in here fags.
Somehow we made it back alive. Clock was at 3'11.
I can't believe the other lobby options are actually all different! There's even a windmill and butterflies. Really cute.
Ready to go on Eph/Fodra. As usual. parties start with zzz and have sleepy as the password.
Yello, are you around? I couldn't show up on sleepy when I was supposed to because IRL shit. Is there another window to help out?
Replies: >>125410 >>125415
It's fine, they din't post anything.
If you want i'll join on fodra again tonight.
Replies: >>125415
I might get on sleepy if you guys are interested
Replies: >>125425
Unfortunately, sleepy is still too janky. Ephinea has better stability, proper experience gain, no tagging for experience, individual drops, and QoL changes for solo play in normal mode. And I have a maxed out Varista on it.
Replies: >>125426
Come to think of it, I have some free time now. Starting it up.
I'm in the server
Uhhhh sorry gonna tap out, about to fall asleep
Hey um. I've been away for a few days. Sorry about that, been quite busy this last weekend.
How come none of you are alive anymore?
Replies: >>126238
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1080)
I'm alive.
I'm on Eph right now. If yello's around, I figured out what was wrong with the last quest and it's passable now.
Replies: >>126270 >>126379
Nice. Um. I've been in Sleepy helping out both gondolier and ballyho. Sorry if i'm a bit late to respond.
Hey. I'm in Ephinea/fodra. Mostly just idling in the lobby.
Replies: >>126406
I've been busy all day, and I can't go on for a while longer still. Sorry.
You have to get Data 4 last or the event that makes the warp to Data 5 won't occur.
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1280x960)
On Eph right now. Don't know how long I have, though.
Replies: >>126476
ill try coming in a bit, but my connection is very poor right now.
I'm on Eph again, in Fodra. Any parties I make will start with zzz and use sleepy as the password.
Replies: >>129323
[Hide] (2.3MB, 1280x960)
Forgot pic.
Replies: >>129340
Sorry for arriving so late. I'm glad you had fun playing Ep2 and finally beating Dark Falz. Hopefully, more games soon?
aaa sorry rapeman
i'm just unlucky today, I wanted to play with you.
Replies: >>129486
it's ok
[Hide] (2.5MB, 1280x960)
Online now. As always, my parties will start with zzz and use sleepy as the password.
Replies: >>131162
Sorry I couldn't attend, I was busy.
Replies: >>131165
No worries.
Replies: >>131167
When are you showing up again? I want play but I don't know if you are going to or not. I haven't logged lately due to personal issues.
Replies: >>131168
I can play some more in a few minutes, actually. I probably won't be able to play tomorrow, though.
For some reason the Ephinia private server keeps crashing on me while Destiny private server works just fine.
Will this ever happen again?
Replies: >>140707 >>140724
I hope it does. I'm sad that my internet connection just straight up started dying and I can't even play on Ephinea without getting disconnected every 5 minutes. This is a fantastic game and I want to play it again in the future.
I still play on Eph a little but I have a lot of shit on my plate right now.
>both OP links dead
Replies: >>149916
Yeah, the server was up until the end of the month, as the OP said it would be. Wanna play on Ephinea?
Make your loli and go to Fodra, Block 1, Lobby 15.
Replies: >>149955
any anons on?
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