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but we all know the buns of steel wins out at the end of the day

Let's have a fire emblem thread and talk about fun shit with this series.

>What games are you playing or want to play?
>find any fun romhacks?
>Favorite girls
>Favorite lads/bros
>Are you having fun?
>Favorites and most hated games?
>Find any cool/interesting shit?
>New to the franchise?
>What games have you played?
>General thoughts/opinions?
And whatever else anons can think of.

There's news of a potential remake on the horizon. People are speculating its going to be Path of Radiance, and then Radiant Dawn. I can see that happening, but what are anons thinking and/or hoping for?
Replies: >>112781
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>>112741 (OP) 
I got pic related  for the 3ds that is still in my dresser and haven't touched it yet (nor did I touch my 3ds) but I don't even know what am I gonna expect for it yet. Got it from gamestop since it was one of the few 3ds games that are already gone.

I know there's another one but thats gonna be out of town far from where I'm at. And I am not about to spend $40 to $300 bucks for a fucking collectors edition of a 3ds game on online shopping sites.
Replies: >>112782
You could just try hacking your 3DS. Makes the mess of three games with shitloads of DLC that is far more manageable. Fates is underrated, but boy is it overpriced to all hell.
Replies: >>112787
>Fates is underrated
No it's just shit
Replies: >>112810
Did they ever do that Fates fan-translation? Will we ever get to headpat our resident yandere wyvern rider?
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Fire Emblem has always been the inferior Langrisser
Prove me wrong.
And no I don't mean that terrible fucking phone remake fuck off.
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Does Langrisser let you sacrifice your foes to DEATH CHICKEN? I didn't think so.
I tried playing the PS1 version of the first game but it is so slow. Is there a better port?
Replies: >>112847 >>112853
just play the Genesis version faggot
Replies: >>112848
That doesn't have Urushihara art.
There's a 2020 "remastered version" for PC and Switch. They're asking $50 for it and it looks like a mobile flash game.
Replies: >>112855 >>112857
Its shit
I said a better port.
Does the remake change the gameplay? Because it tried the demo for the remake and was not particularly enthused by the mechanics compared to fire emblem. It felt like the Mercenaries constrained map design because of how many of your units you have to move.
Replies: >>112861
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>does a shitty mobile remake change the core gameplay?
Replies: >>112867
Just to make sure, we're talking about the 1+2 remake that's on several platforms right? I thought it was just a graphical touchup, did they change the mechanics too?
Replies: >>112876
Vestaria Saga is my favorite Fire Emblem game.
Replies: >>113094
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They changed a ton of shit gameplay-wise and the new art is fucking terrible and generic.
Not gonna list every change but here's a couple
>HP is a set number and no longer changes the effectiveness of a unit depending on how high or low it is
>stats are now arbitrarily larger and less consistent
>spells gimped (attack up increases attack by 10% etc), way less interesting to play around with and way less satisfying to use properly
>cringeworthy fan fiction routes added to the story
I don't know why every nigger is so averse to playing the original genesis versions.
People are retards who see shiny new [product] version of [old popular thing] and want to play it
Also probably some niggers who are afraid of emulating because they're moralfag weirdoes
Oh wow that is retarded. A lot of my grievances with the gameplay seem to come specifically from the remake then. Looks like I'll have to play the originals to format proper opinion
>all this talk about other tactics games
I guess people were really itching for a place to talk about them I guess
It certainly looked interesting from a small playthrough I watched that showed some of it off, but the problem is that being made with  SRPG studio makes it look pretty cheap.
I think it was probably the best choice for him to make it in a timely manner but it would've been nice if he used a different game engine, a romhack would also have been interesting to see out of him but probably never gonna happen for legal reasons
Replies: >>113118
Well FE games mostly fall into three categories: pre-GBA games nobody talks about because they're EOP scum, the GBA games that have been played and discussed to death, and the Tellius duology which has AI that gets outpaced by continental drift and other shit that leads FEfags to frown upon it. Waifu Emblem isn't Fire Emblem so that leaves other series to get your TRPG fix from. I'm tempted to do Mednafen Fuckaround presents Shining Farce but I don't know how people will react, since unlike FE there's no permadeath and no way to skip battle cutscenes.
Replies: >>113119 >>113123
Nah, FE1-5 have been fan-translated for a while now, with FE4 and 5 getting talked about more as time goes on, in the last 2-3 years or so especially there have been an increasing number of people clamoring for an FE4 remake and a rise in memes about the games

I haven't played the Tellius games myself yet because my gayman PC is still in the shop for the time being and I can't emulate dolphin with a shitty notebook, and nobody's buying those games at those prices and few played the games at launch to begin with because it was a flop
>'m tempted to do Mednafen Fuckaround presents Shining Farce but I don't know how people will react, since unlike FE there's no permadeath and no way to skip battle cutscenes.
What is Mednafen Fuckaround? Is that a playthrough thread or something? I know Mednafen's an emulator
Replies: >>113120 >>115332
>What is Mednafen Fuckaround?
>he doesn't know
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>no image
Replies: >>113130
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Site ate my fucking image.
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A well-known ninty leaker (though still only slightly above rumor-tier, but he has gotten some obscure predictions right including release dates in the past) revealed that there is a new FE mainline gaming coming out, as well as a remake that covers 2 "old" games, and a spin-off game. 
Ironically that doesn't narrow it down for remake candidates much; I personally hope its not an Elibe remake but I have a vaguely sinking feeling that it might be. 



What do anons think/hope for? My guess about the new mainline game is that its a sequel to 3 Houses, but it could be an entirely new game as well.
I just hope for more cute girls to romance.
Replies: >>115332
They're charging six dollareydoos for FE1 and there's been significant shilling for the Archanea games as >>113119 points out, so I'm betting it's predictive programming for either an FE4 """remake""" which as we all know is newspeak for raping the original's corpse in public or just a sequel to Fates that namedrops elements from FE4. Doesn't matter because Vesteria Saga is the only valid Fire Emblem in the last 15-odd years.
Purge yourself, tranny.
Replies: >>115378 >>116687
Pretty sure they romance the dudes
Replies: >>115379
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I don't see your point. Also
In my defense I am both tires and drunk right now.
Replies: >>116687
[Hide] (33.2KB, 345x251) Reverse
>2 old games in one with the "Echoes" subtitle
Please god, no. Don't do Jugdral like this, IS.
Replies: >>115404
They've mentioned wanting to re-do FE6 in the past

IF the claim it was given an unusually long dev cycle is true, I could see FE7 being added to an FE6 remake as a bonus. Almost all the differences in mechanics between FE6 and FE7 are fixes to FE6 that should be backported to any remake (some new classes and unique items being the exceptions), but FE7 has so few issues (minor balance issues) it wouldn't really merit a remake on its own since it either would be the same BUT THREE D, or full of pointless changes and thus shit. FE6 would need its maps overhauled (Ostia Castle: A literal linear corridor, Sacae route existing), units rebalanced, items rebalanced, and several characters given an actual personality.
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Jewtendo direct coming up soon so people can see if the "leaks" were full of shit or not

I remember years ago wanting to play through all the FE games (this was before the 3ds games), and I remember reading that the Wii fire emblem game was the hardest. Is this true?
Replies: >>116625
Technically its one of the hardest, but  also not really, its more like its just balanced poorly in its difficulty curve and the way things are handled.
Radiant Dawn is weird, and its also a sequel to the gamecube game, Path of Radiance, which was one of the easiest in the franchise.
FE5 might be considered the hardest, partially because its mechanics are autistic and tedious, and the maps are pretty much "anti-player".
FE12 (the Japan only DS game) on the hardest setting, FE14 Conquest Lunatic, FE5 (Thracia 776), FE6 Hard Mode, and Radiant Dawn are the hardest FE game modes generally speaking, if you don't go into too much specifics on the others and whatnot, but it gets more complicated the more you add into the mix
Its another warriors faggots! Hope you're happy!
Replies: >>116637 >>116698
What a disappointment
Replies: >>116644
At least it knows its place instead of pretending to be an SRPG. Hopefully the porn will be good.
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>I don't know why every nigger is so averse to playing the original genesis versions.
Because only the SNES version of Langrisser 2 has the best route. Independent or bust.
This but it's Arden, now a nigger, who goes back in time to tell Arvis, right before putting it in Deirdre, "THAT'S YOUR HALF-SISTER AND THIS IS AN NTR PLOT, WE GOTTA GO BACK AND STOP MANFROY FROM MINDWIPING HER!"
>SNES version
Damn it's rare to encounter someone so retarded
Replies: >>116707
As long as I get to see Camillia jiggle in 3d.
I will probably be proven wrong, but I don't think even nutendo is that retarded yet. Yet.
>shittalking Der Langrisser
You sound like you have AIDS.
Replies: >>116710
>Third pic
Can someone edit it so that Hitler is in the first panel?
Yes, and the Saturn port of SotN was totally better than the PSX original because of that shitty extra level?
You must be retarded. One of Langrisser's greatest attributes is its literal top of the top-tier music, and it utterly loses that on the SNES port.
Not only that but it's hyper-casualized compared to the original, and the original's graphics are better.
Pretty much the entire game is gimped, to enjoy the SNES port more suggests severe retardation and possibly a console bias more so than anything else to me.
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I wonder if the new FE Warriors will have the option to get Dorothea and Edelgard to fuck.
[Hide] (184.9KB, 1373x971) Reverse
She is pretty.
Replies: >>126120
[Hide] (1012.4KB, 1892x2740) Reverse
I really still hope they'll end up announcing some mainline games this year
In the meantime, are anons having fun with any FE games? How's it been going?
Indeed she is, strong contender for best FE girl
I'm assuming nobody here cares about the Fire Emblem, 3 homos mosou spinoff that was announced, right?
Anyone been doing anything interesting FE-related otherwise?
Replies: >>135061
Just looking at romhacks and shit. Apparently some e-celeb released a FE7 romhack called Bloodlines, and it has anthro people? Non-furry bird people and humanoid bears and catgirls? One of the units is literally just a dog? It looks like the kind of weird shit I wish the mainline series would try out more. When was the last time IS even tried to make manaketes mechanically interesting? Radiant Dawn?
I think there's a lot of tactical space that's still going unexplored as the series goes on. Then again, I haven't played 3 Houses yet. It'd be nice if we could get a completely new plot that doesn't use so many of the same archetypes and story beats as usual, too. Oh, well.
Replies: >>135062
oh that faggot, you probably shouldn't bother, its still unfinished after so many years and the guy who makes it is a real nasty piece of work leftist
That dog is his irl dog, I remember one of the old versions of the hack he couldn't decide whether to keep his dog in the game or not because he was concerned about the idea of it dying in-game, what a fucking retard
Technically speaking, Fates did try to do shit very differently from the rest of the franchise, too bad it was dogshit
I also haven't played 3H yet, but it also seemed to take a different route as well from most of the past games
I wonder what the next game will be for that matter, but its probably going to be a 3H sequel judging from the sheer success of it
I don't feel like FE is a "weird" kind of franchise, its pretty conventional when it comes to fantasy all things considered, there are probably other franchises better for what you'd want like Disgaea or some shit
Replies: >>135066
Yeah, I don't like Disgaea. Disgaea is gay. I don't want things to step outside of the western fantasy style (unless they do more East vs West stuff like Fates, but good), but I've played enough of the series to where I would welcome a game that forgoes the usual 'a young lord with a magic sword raises an army to fight an empire that's actually controlled by an evil dragon/wizard and saves the day with his waifu' structure. 
>Technically speaking, Fates did try to do shit very differently from the rest of the franchise, too bad it was dogshit
Yeah, that's its biggest problem. I liked that the two nations had such different units, I liked that the storyline actually did branch out for once, and the skills and weapons were more interesting than ever. However, each of these points was shat on in the actual execution so it resulted in some of the worst games in the series. I'd like to see them revisit some of those ideas and do them properly. Preferably without charging people $100+ for a padded out game with a bunch of filler bullshit and shitty difficulty.
What do anons think of the supposed  fire emblem leaks?
looks like fake chinkshit given that the leak was in chinese characters, but there's a possibility of it being real at least, if only a slim one
Looks like some pre-alpha shit though
no results with reverse searching either it seems
>protag's name is "Diamant"/Diamond
>Single route
>summon lords from every FE game (dunno if this is just some bonus shit like the modern games tend to have)
>smaller hub (but it still has one)
>no weapon durability but weapon forging exists
>more punishing weapon triangle
>mascot character
it sounds pretty fucking worrying if you ask me, but there is always a chance they could not fuck it up.
Comparatively speaking, the last games have been a mixed bag.
Echoes was good. Awakening was mediocre. Fates was downright abysmal but at least there was one route with maps worth a damn. Echoes was an excellently made remake, and 3 Houses was... generally enjoyed, despite negative elements and criticisms.
Dunno how this one will end up.
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[Hide] (444.2KB, 1134x474) Reverse
>something broke.
Oh for fuck's sake.
Images didn't post. Let me try again

news vid by Mang covering the leaks
>summon lords from every FE game
Isn't that the web or mobile game?
Replies: >>143964
yes iirc, in Heroes you can do that
though in Awakening you can also do that too
They mislabeled it as fire emblem to get clicks, it's actually a leak for the newest Waifu Emblem. If it's real it's probably a mobage to replace Waifu Emblem Heroes and not a console Waifu Emblem.
Vestaria Saga II is coming out soon in english (don't pay for it obviously).
Have any anons played the first one yet?
Replies: >>151464
[Hide] (40.6KB, 500x407) Reverse
I fucked up at the route split and sent Cyltan's entire army off without any weapons or items. I haven't had the guts to restart the entire game yet.
Replies: >>151467 >>151502
I'm sorry anon.
I went through something not as bad with that, but it was similarly brutal 
My only units that could make it through the enemy base were Hilda and Aynellia so that was rough, but Hilda was thankfully a very buff girl by that point so she pulled it off. Her personal weapon is absolutely incredible and allowed me to do some ridiculous stunts.
>restart the entire game
Wait, you don't have saves before the route split?
How the fuck would you not?
Replies: >>151475
I thought I did but I overwrote it on accident at 2 AM. I hoped it would be fine, but it wasn't.
>Not wanting to send an army to bare knuckle box the enemy to death
But is the game any good?
Fire Emblem?
Baby, light my FIRE
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[Hide] (164.3KB, 850x1204) Reverse
Since Ike is so popular, I'm surprised they won't remake his games. Same goes for the Blazing Blade since Lyn and Hector are also very popular.

Also who do you believe to be the cutest Fire Emblem girl? For cuteness alone, my top pics are Nino, Maribelle, and Lissa. I also think that Elise and Lilina are also very cute.
Replies: >>161476
The pegasus girl on blazing blade.
Replies: >>161481
Which one? I'm guessing Florina since shes the most well-known of them
my favorite is Farina
[Hide] (693.8KB, 1242x987) Reverse
Should have played FE 6 instead of 7, i'm getting sleepy and Lyn is a shit unit.
Replies: >>161527 >>161528
FE6 is shit, have fun
Replies: >>161528
Has anyone made a barebones FE7 patch that is just basic stuff like
>Lyn hard mode unlocked by default
>fixes mistranslations
>press select to view range of all enemies (this can be implemented by a single AR code)
Replies: >>161530
[Hide] (40.2KB, 1397x268) Reverse
the first one is unnecessary since there's a million save files on the internet that accomplishes the same thing, a hard mode that is upgraded significantly would be a better choice
the mistranslations afaik I never heard about anyone fixing them, the only one I know of was the Aenir/Quintessence quote from Nergal.
The select shit is super simple to the point where I don't think anyone would bother to make a whole patch for it
I just found a patch that seems to address all of what you're talking about here:

Though it does add a casual mode.
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All hail Toothpaste-chan, the Lord of the Rings.
[Hide] (503KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
When the new game in the main series is as creatively bankrupt as the spinoffs, it's a sign that Fire Emblem is past its prime.
Fire Emblem has been dead since Radiant Dawn flopped. There is only Waifu Emblem now. And Vestaria Saga.
Ironically this isn't true in the slightest; Heroes just throws out insane bullshit most of the time. From what i know most of its plot gives zero shits about the summoning gimmick.
If the plot is what is inferred, then this is a lot more flat than the spinoffs.

Most of the dumb factor will probably be in story and animations, but i don't actually think its that off? FE stories were always kinda flimsy.
The protag hair is as silly as the gimmick really, both are way over the top on what fits FE; but i doubt it'll actually effect the overall product as much as you'd expect.
Replies: >>162351
I don't know what bullshit you're talking about, but the new game is all about slapping together a bunch of old characters who are already popular. Just like Heroes, just like Warriors, just like Tokyo Mirage Sessions. Creatively bankrupt. Even a rabbit doesn't eat the same droppings more than once.
At least the female design is slightly better than byleth
Mmmmm... toothpaste hair.
The biggest fan of Sonic 3 & Knuckles
[Hide] (1MB, 824x819) Reverse
>When the new game in the main series is as creatively bankrupt as the spinoffs, it's a sign that Fire Emblem is past its prime.
anon you clearly have no clue which pronouns you're talking about. Look at this masterpiece and regret those foolish thoughts best waifu, just listen to that angelic voice>>>/v/178853
Replies: >>180254
>It's fucking real
There's no salvation.
[Hide] (382.1KB, 1000x310) Reverse
Having now ten hours in the game i feel comfortable talking about it. I'm playing hard/classic and the map design is balanced around the rings which invoke lord of past games, my biggest fear was them being too OP and trivializing the game like battalions did in Three Houses.

Speaking of three houses no more of spending an hour between maps to min max, everything in your base can be taken care of in five minutes so is more like the castle in Fates, support convos are thank God short again and don't take 10 fucking minutes of characters rambling about their daddy issues, they are short and to the point. Speaking of characters is also refreshing too see that not each one has a tragic past or have some conflict to resolve between each other.

Music is amazing and it's basically Fates electric boogaloo in that regard.
Did they really remove the headpats to ring polishing?
Replies: >>185554
Does anyone know if there's a translation mod in the works for Engage? I really don't want to have to play with Japanese text with my shitty nihongo skills.
Replies: >>185458 >>185648
Its time to learn japanese.
Replies: >>185459 >>185611
It's time to play a real SRPG instead of censored VNs marketed to ironic weebs.
Replies: >>185460 >>185463
I just want big fat tits in my games again.
[Hide] (366.8KB, 958x544) Reverse
Did someone say real SRPG?
Next up is cock polishing
I've been learning for three years. I'm just skilled enough to know that the subs are horrible and it's terribly annoying.
>I really don't want to have to play with Japanese text with my shitty nihongo skills.
How do you think you are ever going to get better without practice?
Was there any content fully removed from the western Engage release, or is it just localization fuckery?
Replies: >>185656
Any notion of romance was removed. Look in the news thread for more clear information.
[Hide] (334.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
About to set off on a grand emulated adventure fully of pozz
Replies: >>185880
[Hide] (299KB, 540x389) Reverse
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