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And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous thread: https://archive.vn/WTLFl
Previous previous thread: https://archive.fo/SQqGF
Other previous threads: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/guides/vitagen_prevthreads.txt

First-time buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6
Upcoming game releases: https://www.handheldplayers.com/upcoming-games/upcoming-ps-vita-games-2019/
Recent game releases: https://www.handheldplayers.com/released-games/released-ps-vita-games-2019/
Game list (filterable): http://retailgames.net/playstation-vita/complete-list/
8chan game recommendations: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/gamerec/games.png

Vita hacking: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahacking.md#vita-hacking
Vita homebrew/plug-ins: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahomebrew.md#vita-homebrew-and-taihen-plug-in-recommendations
Vita game mods: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitamods.md#vita-game-mods

Lastest news:
Homebrew ports (https://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/): Crazy Taxi, GTA 3, VC and SA, Innyume, Plumbers Dont Wear Ties, Commander Genius, Quakespasm, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Android and the better, best, better than the rest, Space Cadet Pinball.
Some upcoming titles: Beyond-Human, Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth, Kero Blaster and YIIK: A Postmodern RPG.

Currently I'm playing Yume Nikki on my vita. It's perfect for it since I can just come back to it whenever I want.
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I'm gonna miss the SKDC OP image.
Replies: >>109047
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>>109040 (OP) 
Here's the  slightly adjusted newer chart, and the previous one
and hopefully soon it shall be updated with more entries

Though Vita-tan a cute too, its an appropriate way to start out the new year
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I'm in talks with the chartfag preparing to have more entries added to it soon
anyone got any games to recommend that they don't see on it, and possibly something interesting or unique to say about it that might be interdasting to read in an entry?
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Simple little webm I just made for the 90K get from last thread
It wasn't 100K but it was still a decent get imo
Replies: >>110456 >>153006
>>109040 (OP) 
Every single time I see a vita thread I have to contain my primal urges and avoid shitposting wildly while laughing at your nogaems machine. But I am not perfect.
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Vita dungeon crawlers.
Are those vita exclusives? If so, saved.
Oh, fuck it, I still haven't finished Mary Skelter. And I started it before Coron-chan
Replies: >>111743
There was a pretty good chart for them someone posted forever ago on /geimu/
Might be worth taking it over and editing it ourselves if anons want to add more or something
Replies: >>111689 >>111690
Image didn't post, trying again
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Gonna try one more time, how fucking annoying
Replies: >>111696
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Replies: >>111703
Add some backgrounds. Just white looks boring.
Replies: >>111699
As in, just adding color to the background, or images?
Replies: >>111702
Whichever looks the best.
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What are the difference between the Vita version and the other ones, anyways? Are they big enough to deter one from playing the game on the platform?
Replies: >>111744
Mary Skelter 2 includes MS1, and it revamps the system of Mary Skelter 1 in its release to have new balance and system changes, which, at least according to 1 anon I remember from a while ago, they liked the changes to 2 from 1, but I dunno about the revamped version of 1.
I haven't played either yet though.
That's about the only difference I'm aware of.
Games like Mary Skelter and Demon Gaze are comfy crawlers where you can auto battle 99% of the content, this can be said about most Experience Inc games. The only crawlers where i felt the need to always pay attention to the enemy formations are the Dungeon Traveler games,Wizardry and Zanki Zero.
I heard Stranger in Sword City was pretty hardcore with its shit, have you tried that?
Replies: >>111751
Haven't played that one yet, want to play it after Blue Winged Chevalier as i heard they are connected.
If you set either of the NIS dungeon crawlers to hard it's pretty easy to be party wiped in a turn or two. Not that there's much consequence to it other than some economic inconveniences.
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Thanks for the list of games I should avoid.
Replies: >>111911
>Mary Skelter
Yeah, until that stupid nightmare comes. I figured it's easier to just fight it and knock it out than trying to outrun that shit normally.
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Anyone has the undub of P4 DAN? The one i found crashed on start.
Replies: >>112286
Just play the Japanese version.
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Spoiler File
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The magazzzine has been finished, along with the ad for a Vita and it already has at least 1 successful purchase based on it funnily enough; Vita-tan is growing stronger

I think it came out pretty nicely, all things considered. The cover is nice too.

Might be worth making more Vita-related content for the next one.
Replies: >>115353
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Forgot to ask: is everyone having fun?
Fug, forgot the link
Will start tales of hearts R, it's been a while since i used my vita and wanted to play something before triangle strategy comes out.
Replies: >>116115 >>116119
You DARE necrobump a thread on MY /v/?
Hope you know moon then. 8-4 really fucked over the English script.
Replies: >>116125
Fuck, really? Do you have any examples? I know jap but i read much faster in english so i usually play the eng version if the script is not butchered.
Replies: >>116141 >>116314
>I know jap but i read much faster in english so i usually play the eng version
Wat. You're never going to learn to read faster if you don't practice.
Replies: >>116196 >>116215
>You're never going to learn to read faster if you don't practice.
You won't learn to read faster even if you practice.
Didn't start Tales of Hearts R in the end because i'm playing other rpg in my 3ds, instead started Persona 4 DAN.
>Do you have any examples?
Kajitani, the fan translator that was working on the DS original (which was dropped out of respect for Bamco's decision to clear the remake being brought over, a choice I think he regrets), estimates the Vita English script having an accuracy to the original Japanese of only about 40% at best. Some archives of posts he made on his site leading up to the release (the last one has some analysis of early game scenes).

I honestly get the feeling that, because Bamco didn't give a damn about bringing Innocence R or Hearts R west until Sony forced their hand with a poll for Vita owners, they had no fucks to give about what 8-4 did with the game. 8-4 being a company that has gone on record about how their favorite projects are the ones the publishers hiring them give them near total freedom to do whatever they please with the script.
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happy vita
Replies: >>116883 >>117023
Damn, 8chan makes all the best OC...
Replies: >>116884
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Wait 8chan is back?
Replies: >>116888
8chan.moe. it's just a different flavor of autism like all the spinoff boards.  Browse it, or don't, or both at once.
Replies: >>116891
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Witness how the jew steals the white man's rightful trips.
Replies: >>116978
How does it feel to let a fat jew live in your head rent free
Replies: >>117280
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Thanks for posting all the vita OC from there here, so I don't have to touch that site.
Replies: >>117277
What about the Vita Propaganda webm from the last thread? I was planning on getting it earlier today but some spammer faggot decided to kill the thread nearly two hours ago.
If anyone has some of the other Vita-tan OC that was posted in that thread please post those here as well. I would also like all of the other images and videos that were in that thread, there were some in the latter category that I really wanted to save.
Replies: >>117286 >>117351
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I wouldn't know. How does it feel?
Replies: >>117289
That link goes to a 404, what are you trying to post here?
Replies: >>117309
>trying to grandstand in a mongolian tapestry chatroom
if your afraid of cooties you dont deserve your webm
Replies: >>117318
Well sorry, it took me a while to realize that it was actually leading to 8moe's Vita thread where it was also posted.
Bulli me for making such a major mistake.
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I feel like I might need to update this at some point with all the vita-tan artwork that's been coming out of late
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>Had to format my vita because some error starting adrenaline
>Lost my 90hs save of dungeon travelers 2
Fuck it, i'm just going to play 2-2 now.
Replies: >>118191 >>118193
Damn anon I'm sorry for you
that's why you back up your save data though,  you couldn't have done that?
Replies: >>118221
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1440x800) Reverse
I lost my 110hs P4 G+ save when installing SD2VITA.
Still burdens my soul.
Replies: >>118297
Adrenaline error was just an example, multiple games and homebrew would crash after starting and searching online multiple people said it gets worse until console gets bricked.
Also check'em.
Good fucking riddance
Replies: >>118298
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Suck my shit, nigger.
Replies: >>118301
what's the story of this pic? I never actually understood
I ... I can't do it man.
It's too soon.
<too soon
>he doesn't know
Replies: >>118313
I told you zzzchan was full of newfags
She's fucking dead. Anons are posting lewd pictures of a recently deceased girl like the disrespectful fucks they are.
Replies: >>118316
beat it moralfag before I add you to the list of NSF casualties
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[Hide] (687.4KB, 960x544) Reverse
Muramasa is a fun game.
Replies: >>121526 >>121537
[Hide] (104.4KB, 960x544) Reverse
>second one
reminds me of the screenshot I took from one of the degenerates
Replies: >>121537
Is this another fucked up localization, or the game is like that in original?
Replies: >>121543
I don't know for sure but I doubt it, that stage is set in a red light district and Jinkuro is an /ourguy/ demon swordsman asshole who willingly goes to hell to spare the whiny princess he accidentally possessed at the end of Momohime's route so it's not like it's a "you're a gamergater aren't you" kind of moment.
Replies: >>121569
[Hide] (616.9KB, 960x544) Reverse
I'm the anon that got it's save deleted, decided to start the game again and have been slowly making progress, i usually play between things i'm doing, instead of wasting my time in my phone i play the game because my vita is always on sleep mode. Pic is from today, really tight fight because i decided to not stock on healing items and haven't assigned any skills to the party yet.
Replies: >>121577
Maybe I'll take a look at it, after finishing gravity daze (provided putin doesn't nuke me before that).
Anon why it's censored
Replies: >>121580 >>121581
Not necessarily censored since he could be using the uncensor patch
I'm using the uncensor patch, i only play in jap untranslated things or games that really butchered the script.
Replies: >>121632
>or games that really butchered the script
That's every game.
Replies: >>121633 >>121669
even mario 64??
Oh you are that autist from the RPG threads.

I only saw two times that they changed the script missing the original intent, one was to insert a Pokemon joke and other a sexual innuendo. Let's not derail the thread with translation stuff.
Replies: >>121788 >>121890
While I'm not him I'd argue intent itself is only secondary when talking about moe games and character writing never translates well.
Then again just do you. I'll never understand why someone wouldn't play games in their original language but different strokes for different folk.
Replies: >>121887 >>121890
>I'll never understand why someone wouldn't play games in their original language 
That should just be common sense, especially on an imageboard where you normally expect higher quality posters than your average normalfag on twitter/reddit.
>I wonder why people don't play games in the original Japanese
remind me again what is the most predominant meme about learning Japanese?
Its not about different strokes for different folks, its simply just too much effort and time (and potential failure as well if you simply can't comprehend it or are progressing too slowly, or get a bad teacher/resource, or finding it too difficult)
Translation stuff is pretty relevant to the Vita, since the majority of its library is untranslated, JP-only.
Replies: >>121896
That anon implied that he does know Japanese and only plays games in Japanese if they are untranslated though. He will always eat shit unless given the option not to.
Replies: >>121900
*unless not given the option
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I will take a break from dungeon crawlers, will download P4 DAN again.
I was just reminded of a few PC-98 games I'd love to play and was wondering how good emulation for that was on the Vita. Some light googling leads me to believe NP2PSP through Adrenaline is the best way of doing it, but I do wonder if anyone here has experience trying that or any alternatives.
Replies: >>123602 >>123612
Why would you want to emulate a computer on a handheld?
Replies: >>123604 >>123614
what are you talking about?
if the control scheme works fine there shouldn't be any issues with doing so
Try either NP2PSP https://archive.org/details/NekoProjectIIV0.33ForPSP or the retroarch core.
I heard NP2PSP has better performance though.
Replies: >>123614
Because it's a really old computer with a lot of visual novels and dating sims in it, most of which don't even have mouse support to begin with.
More or less what I found, but thanks for the reply.
Replies: >>123628
>most of which don't even have mouse support to begin with
I'm not sure where you got that idea from. Are you thinking of the PC-88?
Replies: >>123630
No, just slightly retarded. Though all the PC-98 games I've tried, one exception aside, have competent mouse controls that would make playing them on a handheld like the Vita at least somewhat comfortable.
Replies: >>123640
I don't think small capacitive touch screens are accurate enough to emulate mouse controls. Maybe on the 3DS.
Replies: >>123644
As someone who had the fortune to occasionally use VNC on a fucking android phone... it's not that bad. Just use it as a touchpad on a notebook and not as a tablet. Plus the vita has a back touchpad too, that could work too. It's probably a bit awkward, but it doesn't obstruct the view.
[Hide] (829.1KB, 960x544) Reverse
Any good western games for the system? JP games are usually JRPGs and i feel like playing something shorter.
Replies: >>124183
[Hide] (486.7KB, 680x957) Reverse
Not all western, but neither JRPGs
>Killzone Mercenary
>Army Corps of Hell
>Wipeout 2048
>Hot Shots Golf: WI
>SteamWorld Dig
>Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz
>Touch My Katamari
>Ridge Racer
>Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
>MvC 3
>Modnation Racers
>Lego Batman 3
>Virtua Tennis 4
Replies: >>124216
you forgot
>Zen Pinball
>Muramasa Rebirth
>any number of pissp games w/ Adrenaline (Daxter, Arthur Maclean's Mercury, PQ, etc)
How is gba emulation on the thing? Wanted to play the gba fire emblem games.
Replies: >>127073 >>127090
All games I tried run pretty good.
I beat The Amazing Mirror on it.
Its quite good, high accuracy and frame rates; haven't checked the newest version but I believe they should have fixed the minor issue of audio crackling at the start screen of certain games and probably further optimized,
What's the average price for one of these nowadays? Specifically leafbux.
Replies: >>127378
[Hide] (551.6KB, 480x480, 00:07)
100-150usd bucks and only going up, though I tend to find used ones at ~70 bucks at my local second-hand store specialized in vidya.
[Hide] (586.3KB, 960x544) Reverse
"PS Vita was orphaned by Sony"
More or less what we already knew. What have you been guys playing lately? I must say that it's been a month since i used mine.
[Hide] (333.4KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
What a fucking surprise, more confirmations by Sony how they did the Vita dirty, fucking disgusting.
At least anons have adopted her, do your best to take care of her and play games on her
[Hide] (674.1KB, 640x640) Reverse
>What have you been guys playing lately?
Jazz Jackrabbit.
I wish someone would port 2 on it.
Replies: >>129979
Fortunately my offline games still work and will continue to work.
>playing lately
Gravity Daze(Rush). But I also haven't touched it in a month and I think I already forgot where I left off.
Unfortunately since Corona-chan, I only really use it for exclusives, because playing on a PC is way more convenient that staring at the tiny screen.
If the port in question is OpenJazz, you can probably just dump the data files yourself, but you'll need a Windows computer to extract those files.  I don't know of any abandonware site that has those files already extracted.
Replies: >>129982
I don't think the vita port supports 2. I may be wrong though.
[Hide] (585.3KB, 960x544) Reverse
I always wonder why the vita reached such cult status on image boards, i enjoy the console because i'm a harcore dungeon crawler fan and everyone told me that dungeon travelers 2 was really good but i am probably the 2%.
Replies: >>129987 >>129994
I just really like handhelds. It's a shame they'll never be small again.
[Hide] (148.3KB, 960x544) Reverse
I mean, it definitely makes sense when you consider who the audience for imageboards tends to be.
RPGs, visual novels and competent retro gaming, all on the go and pirate-friendly. What's not to love? Especially considering the Vita is pretty much the only platform where you can really get this experience hassle-free, at least until the Switch becomes easily hackable and/or Proton actually starts fucking working.
Replies: >>129996 >>129997
>Proton actually starts fucking working
Speaking of this, have any of you anons actually tried that steam deck or whatever it's called? Is it as clusterfuck as it can be expected from valve?
Replies: >>129998
[Hide] (180KB, 386x406) Reverse
>when you consider who the audience for imageboards tends to be
>all on the go
I don't go anywhere
Replies: >>129998
[Hide] (127.4KB, 960x544) Reverse
It's, predictably, a complete mess. May be good after a few years of concentrated autistic efforts of which I'm definitely too busy to partake in.
You do go lie down in bed and take trips to the shitter, now, don't you?
Replies: >>130005
[Hide] (82.6KB, 355x509) Reverse
check em
I'm checking Vita-tan's glorious pantsu, alright.
I wanna nakadashi vita-chan!
>You do go lie down in bed
My TV faces my bed.

>and take trips to the shitter
I use my 3DS for that since it is more convenient to leave on my desk due to the clamshell design protecting it.
[Hide] (586.8KB, 671x423) Reverse
i've been reading a lot on my vita lately, really comfy.
Replies: >>132164 >>132546
Install the screenshot plugin and don't photo the screen for fucks sake
Replies: >>132165
Pic is not mine.
Interesting, maybe ill watch anime on mine instead of my computer
[Hide] (37KB, 669x669) Reverse
New vita update, thoughts? Haven't updated mine i just spoonfed to 3.74.
Replies: >>135855 >>135893
lol who cares, I'm surprised Sony didn't just break PSN on the Vita at this point.
Apparently it removes PSN account management from in the Vita, which is a big problem for PSN shit, which affects piracy/archiving down the way and also hurts legitimate users (not that I condone supporting Soyny) and will result in less people and interest
Its also showing they want to phase the Vita out from the online store even harder; start backing up the shit you care about and get to downloading, or if you have extra cash, consider archiving games/((DLC))) that havent been yet
Replies: >>135897
I'm thinking of getting a 128gb card instead of the 64gb i'm using right now, even if there's not much i really want to play.
I should really hack this thing already. I want to play Dragon's Crown and Odin Sphere.
Replies: >>139999
Get to it. As I say, you've nowhere to go but up.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 640x360, 01:06)
>>139999 (checked)
Blessed and accurate digits
[Hide] (318.1KB, 1024x768) Reverse
Nice digits bro.
[Hide] (137.9KB, 494x735) Reverse
>>139999 (checked)
[Hide] (107.3KB, 399x744) Reverse
[Hide] (190.4KB, 992x1403) Reverse
[Hide] (1MB, 1420x1890) Reverse
[Hide] (143.1KB, 1316x930) Reverse
Claiming these gets for consistently best girl, /v/ita-tan.
Go adopt her if you haven't already you tremendous faggot and have fun.
how many gets can we get for vita-tan I wonder? Including this one, that will be 3 pretty big ones in the last 2 threads
[Hide] (9.8MB, 1280x1754, 04:04)
>>144444 (checked)
Fuck, I was just about to claim them, but since you gave them to vitatan, I'm not even mad.
Vita master race 4ever.
[Hide] (145.4KB, 265x340) Reverse
>>144444 (checked)
Whats up with the gets? Is like Vita 2 is going to get announced or something.
I accidentally knocked my vita off my shelf onto the floor recently and now it wont turn on anymore. Why did you have to bump this thread and remind me. Fuck you and fuck your digits.
Replies: >>144463
Open her up and fix her, its probably just something small and easy to fix
this is why you should use a hard case
Replies: >>144475
Vita-tan is a gud girl and if I weren't a damn dirty poorfag I would gladly adopt her and have lots of fun with her in the missionary position while holding hands, with the lights turned off.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 442x333) Reverse
>Open her up
What vita should I get if i want to hack it and not pay for games like some normalfag? whats the deal with the storage and how long does the battery last? Can I play PSP/PSX games too?
t. PSP owner
Replies: >>144480
[Hide] (332.9KB, 863x421) Reverse
All Vitas are hackable and pirate-able
The 1000 (fat-assed Vita) needs a Vita memory card to hack, the 2000 (slim Vita) can use internal memory to hack
For storage if you want to use non-proprietary SD cards, buy an SD2Vita adapter and hack it to use, otherwise you have to use the Vita memory cards which can be overpriced 
Fat Vita battery will last 4-7 hours depending on the game intensiveness
Slim battery last longer (usually around an hour to an hour and a half longer)
Fat Vita has a nicer OLED screen, slim is lighter and has a bit more durable triggers
Yes, you can play all psp and psx games with perfect emulation using Adrenaline (but it cant play the discs ofc).
Does Adrenaline have support for mapping the D-pad to the left stick yet?
Replies: >>144484
Get reVita, and then you can remap anything to anything. Works with adrenaline and native vita games too
Replies: >>144542 >>144606
Have any of you completely replaced your vita shell casing? dropped mine and now i have this fucking crack running from below the buttons to the bottom part of the console. ebay has replacement shells for $50 but they all seem to be 3rd party ( no vita logo on digitizer) and pricey if thats the case
Replies: >>144517
An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure
I havent had to do any repairs on mine, i use a hard clear plastic shell around my Vita with a screen protector and also a hard carrying case
50 bucks is absolute shit tier pricing, for 50-70 more you could literally get another Vita
Replies: >>144518
i was so fucking pissed off when i dropped it. i have tile flooring and anything that falls off at a certain is guaranteed to get damaged. yeah no kidding, i was hoping id find parts at $20 tops but thats not the case but this is ridiculous. i always hate protective cases and never bought one. oops, certainly regret that decision
>get the app that fixes the app
Thank you for the help, but for fuck's sake.
Replies: >>144551
I don't think adrenaline supports any remapping besides what the stock psp emulator in vita does. I mainly use it to switch x and circle in stupid western games, but it's much more powerful than that. For example, you can remap gyro to analog stick (somewhat useful in racing games).
Replies: >>144606
Adrenaline supports remapping, the fuck you're talking about?
The one thing you can't remap is the left stick. I'm guessing that anon wants to change that for reasons, but it's odd since most 2D PSP games let you use one or the other and the ones that don't might rely heavily on analog movement. You can remap the right stick to d-pad for camera controls without any button mapping utilities (which are still useful to have) if that's what he meant.
Replies: >>144647
[Hide] (142.1KB, 960x544) Reverse
Dunno, this is all what I have.
Replies: >>144649
I'd like to be able to play PS1 games without having to use the D-pad to move around.
Replies: >>144649 >>144660
I'm pretty sure you can check in-game and switch to analog mode but I'm too lazy to check.
Like the other anon implied, settings change when you're running PS1 games. You can change the type of controller you're using to digital, which will let you use the d-pad instead of the stick. But it'll also disable the right stick entirely (or not, I'm somewhat sure you can map R2/L2 to the stick in that mode if you ever felt the need).
Replies: >>144690
[Hide] (186.3KB, 960x544) Reverse
[Hide] (56.6KB, 960x544) Reverse
Hmm, it's indeed different in PS1, I don't play many PS1 games. And it looks like I have an option to remap both left and right stick.
Adrenaline options screen looks different (second pic), so I don't think this is an adrenaline feature but who knows. reVita has an advantage that it works in PSP and vita games too, not only in PS1.
Just got my PSvita, now what do I do? I want to play some of the exclusives without needing to buyfag anything
Replies: >>145328 >>145333
look up how to hack on jewtube, henkaku and enso, PKGJ+NoNPDRM and Adrenaline, 3.60 version hacking is better than the shit vita.hacks guide
I'd recommend Skullator/Homebrew Crew's videos rather than text guides since there's less chance of fuck up and I feel they are effective, retard-proof and clear
Replies: >>145334
>he's too stupid to follow written instructions
Who linked this site on leddit again?
Replies: >>145335
>blaming the user when there's literally a visual option you can follow along iwth
nobody cares retard, this is about hacking your device, and following an all-text guide without even a single picture to demonstrate, diagram or follow is retarded.
Replies: >>145405
>read a text guide in 3 minutes
>watching some idiot e-celeb fucking around for 30 minutes
Yeah, thanks no. Leave the influencer bullshit out.
Also, what picture you want to demonstrate? How to enter a fucking url into a fucking browser? How to copy a fucking file into a fucking folder? How to change something in a config file? Do you have room temperature IQ or what is your problem?
Replies: >>145431
my problem is retards like you who claim bullshit on the internet, thinking you're some kind of principled faggot for avoiding useful resources that you could easily circumvent your e-celeb issue with (i.e. invidious or a batch downloader), and supporting things you think are automatically more virtuous (text guides) when it was literally made by discuck fags who don't even have henkaku as the standard anymore and instead push H-encore on everyone, even though its still generally agreed that 3.60 henkaku is the golden FW.
Not only this, but this same group of faggots have basically monopolized the hacking text guide scene on imageboards and made an awful 3DS guide that gave me all sorts of shit problems that I had pretty much none with when following a video guide afterwards.
The goal of a hacking guide should be to retard-proof it, so yes, even if 'you'' think the steps are simple, I don't give a shit. I'd rather be able to see everything clearly than have some faggots' wording without visuals fuck up my device.
If you fuck up on a text guide, you have little reference of what you might've fucked up on since its a series of steps before the issue (like let's say you made a typo somewhere on naming a file or some shit, but you don't know which step you fucked up on), a visual guide completely ensures that, unless something unusual happens, you can follow along to the letter.
Replies: >>145433 >>145435
Oh, And yes, when shit like the order of lines in a config file matters, you'll want to be able to see how its supposed to look and go, instead of making a simple mistake and scratching your head for half an hour or longer trying to fix it.
I never once had an issue with that dude's shit, it was clear, simple, easy to follow, and my Vita was fully hacked and ready to do all the fundamentals that most people who hack their Vitas want. I always used invidious instances on his shit (and on YT in general because its dogshit) so I never had any issues, I just noticed that hey, this dude consistently made guides that were simple, easy to follow, and had pretty much no issues.
Replies: >>145435
>order of lines in a config file matters
<I can't follow simple instructions so I must be spoonfed.
Just checked the gitgud guide from the OP, in the example config half of the comments is what you have to do before/after what. If you can't figure out from this that order matters, you're really a special kind of retard.
>avoiding useful resources
Yeah, I'll totally watch a 30 minutes long video, instead of reading a text in 5 minutes that has the same amount of info.
I watch videos to hack my devices because they tend to be more clear. Simple as that.
There are some faggots that take 30 minutes to do the process but there are a few that do it just as quick as following a guide.
Also text guides aren't infallible.
You DO have a white PS vita, don't you anon? you wouldn't like to have a nigger handheld now would you?
Replies: >>145660
Is PStv worth it or what? can it be hacked just like the vita?
Replies: >>145554 >>145561
Yes and considering the lack or real aftermarket batteries it might be even more longlasting then the vita itself. Although make sure to use it with a DS4 controller as some games require the touchscreen functionality to be properly playable.
Maybe if you posses a CRT. Most of Vita's games render at 960x544 (with some exceptions like Gravity Rush), which means that they will look horribly blurry at native resolutions higher than that.
[Hide] (56.1KB, 300x535) Reverse
I would.
no rpgs or strategy games got translated in recent years? :(
romhacking.net says no
[Hide] (97KB, 909x764) Reverse
Romhacking.net has 0 vita translations listed so I don't know what you're after.
Replies: >>146524 >>146561
Romhacking.net is more deficient than i thought
Do those retards have a grudge against the system or something?
Replies: >>146530 >>146561
Anon you are better off learning the language instead of relying on random niggers to learn it for you or to past every single line into a machine translator like they always do
Omega Labyrinth and Omega Labyrinth Z were translated like 1-3 years ago respectively iirc
Replies: >>146775
RHDN is run by confirmed troons and may or may not have hosted CP on a hidden file share on behalf of the admin at some point so no shit they're not going to have anything for the anime handheld. See https://baddesthacks.net for details.

More generally anything after the PlayStation is much less likely to get uploaded to RHDN because their system is built around sharing tiny IPS files and modding/translating 3D games requires either massive fucking diffs/xdeltas or just distributing pre-patched ISOs. There's a similar problem (but for different reasons) with PC-98 translations.
>connection is not private
Last I recall, 3DS also had none listed when that system also has a decent amount of fan translations as well. Not sure it's a grudge given that fact (it could simply be that the systems are too recent to be worth taking a risk), though I do get the feeling the management isn't fond of the system as well. Still a shitty place regardless, and it's unfortunate that they remain the go-to for both the finished patches and for people involved in fan translation and romhacks to find people with the skills they need but don't have.

>More generally anything after the PlayStation is much less likely to get uploaded to RHDN because their system is built around sharing tiny IPS files and modding/translating 3D games requires either massive fucking diffs/xdeltas or just distributing pre-patched ISOs. There's a similar problem (but for different reasons) with PC-98 translations.
Except that all they do when a game's patch is too large to host on their own servers is make a page where the download option links off-site to the creator's own upload of it. Point being, even games with large patches should still be getting pages to boost awareness there at the very least, but depending on the system, aren't.
Replies: >>146570
In the 3DS's case it could be fear of Nintendo going after them merely for the implication that you would need to jailbreak the system to use the translations. But the Vita had none of those issues, so who knows.
Picked up my vita again and got pkgj working this time. Managed to get one small test game installed and now I’m hyped as fuck. I think I’ll go for Dungeon Travellers 2 and theat windows 3d pinball first, as well as divekick just because I require it back on my vita for the ultimate portable one system fight game
Where can i find games to download for my vita? i checked 1337x but theres nothing there!
Replies: >>146775
i use pkgj homebrew app on vita, its the best thing basically
not all the games are here I think, but most if not all major titles are

for english translation I guess you have to check reddit vitapiracy

yep, nice, im not a redditor and romhacking.net served me well for 17 years
>fearmongering about cp lol
im posting from tor
go figure
just because they didn't add some shitty 4chad clique doesn't mean site's bad
they are x2-x3 older than u irl
and its still the place to go to check translations and hacks for older consoles
I believe they didn't add vita to avoid legal stuff. That sucks obviously but its not 2005 anymore
>vita wont show up on my PC
fucking wangblows 10, any help? at first it showed up as PSvita but no folders were there, then i installed Qcma then nothing showed up , now i've uninstalled qcma and installed the regular cma now nothing shows up, am I retarded?
Replies: >>146827
I just use FTP via Filezilla.
Replies: >>146860 >>146868
You can even ftp with an android phone using andftp.
still nothing, nothing shows up at all for some reason yet i still get the prompt to install cma, i got it installed now yet still nothing even with trying the wi-fi method
[Hide] (57.7KB, 452x286) Reverse
Why are you spoonfeeding a cuckchanner?
Replies: >>146931 >>146934
[Hide] (13.6KB, 338x225) Reverse
Why are you cuckfeeding a spoonchanner?
>Mild Disappointment.png
Is that what that is? Looks like she wants to take a deep breath near my asshole.
tips for vitabros interested in arcade emulation:
pfbneo just sucks, problems im multiple games depending on version for no reason, but could be somehting to do with the romset or bios, couldnt find much info.
pfba works great for anything that isnt CPS3 or CAVE, for those it will have noticeable slowdown, but otherwise no problems, you can find the romset+bios on archive.org, its the same as the fightcade2 beta.
the new fba-lite beta actually runs CPS3 and CAVE at near full speed with no fuckups, but the menus are in chinese (wtf i love chinks now???), consider waiting for an english release if you are patient enough.
all these were tested with the CPU overclocked to 500mhz.
hope it helps!
[Hide] (68.6KB, 620x364) Reverse
>menus in chinese
Replies: >>147317
dont underestimate the power of trial and error for blind menu navigation, gweilo.
oh and it also runs PGM IGS at almost full speed, a taiwanese board with its own chinkcore games.
Is it possible to download an already English patched Catherine or do I have to do it manually? 

I wouldn’t even bother emulating arcade games on a vita. Adding unnecessary stress to the hardware for something that is better done on pc. Admire the progress however
pFBA runs EVERYTHING BUT CPS3 and PGM IGS at near full speeds without overclocking.
FBA-Lite runs PGM IGS and CPS3 at near full speed without overclocking and also CPS1, CPS2 and NEO-GEO, but NOT CAVE and Psikyo, for example.
still much experimentation left to be done.
hope the chinaman knows english.
[Hide] (744.6KB, 640x911) Reverse
[Hide] (53.2KB, 852x480) Reverse
Sonic Time Twisted and an android port of a PS2 game got ported to the vita.
I rebuilt the database on my vita and now it doesn't recognize the games on my SD2VITA. They're still there as the content manager suggest but I cant access them.
what do?
Replies: >>148995
Open VitaShell, from the top-level of the directory (with ux0: os0: and all those) hit triangle, Refresh LiveArea™.
Replies: >>149050
Thanks, bro.
I owe you one.
Replies: >>149065
Not for that you don't, it's nice when it's an easy solution.
Is there any way to play MH 3rd from online from my vita with people that use PSSP?
Replies: >>149389
Any good ports to get on my vita? already got the essentials like half life, GTA3/VC/SA, max payne,etc but is there any more good ports of games out there? i need to fill her up!
have you tried it out yet? do you mean regular psp or PPSSPP? i have no idea but im quite sure you cannot play PSP games online anymore without the use of the PPSSPP emulator as you need the whole sushicat thing
I've been hearing it might be possible for Adrenaline to use PPSSPP soon but that was a while ago
Replies: >>149399
Why would you do that? It would be slow as shit. All you should really need is the server redirection bit from PPSSPP, not the whole emulator.
>try goldeneye
<it runs like dogshit
NOOOO! VITABROS THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!! seriously why the fuck is this poorly coded n64 emulator not running an ancient game at full speed?
Replies: >>149531
Full speed is dogshit for N64 games.
Replies: >>149532
Well what am I supposed to do to play the only good games for the system?
Replies: >>149535 >>149537
[Hide] (69.5KB, 960x540) Reverse
Replies: >>149630
Wait until it gets fixed or use a different system
You could also try running it through the PSP version of daedalus and see if it works
Goldeneye is god tier for the n64 everything else is spunkgargleweewee
Replies: >>149632
It's just a prototype for the far superior Timesplitters.
Replies: >>149636
If I could play timesplitters on my vita I would, shame the games will never get a re-relase
[Hide] (831.1KB, 800x800) Reverse
[Hide] (901.9KB, 800x832) Reverse
[Hide] (256.1KB, 640x360) Reverse
Bugdom, Fallout 2 and RVGL now on vita.
Replies: >>150669 >>151635
>fallout 2
How the fuck.
Decide to try out rvgl
>get vpk and data files, install
>of course it crashes.
Find the github page hidden in the page, check the readme. You need to install these 19384 kernel modules, get these 1937462934 packages, run these 1839472 utils to extract 1635382 files, move this shit here that there, and after following these 12379329583 steps you might have a working copy.
Why can't they just upload a single zip file with every required file for fucks sake.
Replies: >>151640 >>151962
bloat, I guess. Why host a file that's already hosted without feeling redundant? other than convenience, as you said.
Replies: >>151653
[Hide] (130.4KB, 480x360, 00:04)
Let vita-chan die, i stored mine last week.
[Hide] (218.2KB, 960x544) Reverse
[Hide] (288.5KB, 960x544) Reverse
Let's see, everything needed in one file. You'll still need to manually add the kernel modules to your tai config, though, You don't need fd_fix if you have repatch.
Also, default controls are a bit weird, and if you change them the menu navigation switches from x/circle to x/triangle. Pic related is what helped somewhat.
Replies: >>151966
Give it to me, fag.
Replies: >>151740
I don't play on playing on it soon because Xenoblade 3 will take me the rest of the fucking year and don't want it gathering dust, but might use it to play PSP games next year.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1164x656, 00:16)
Kill yourself and post receipts afterwards (dead man's switch is acceptable) and maybe I'll consider it.
Replies: >>152025
RVGL isn't a port. It's a gross hack done to the Android port to make it work on Vita, it's similar to how Wine works. Why it requires those extra kernel modules I cannot give an answer, but you really do not want homebrew installing those behind your back as they can cause issues. It's also not nearly as bad as you're making it out to be.
[Hide] (807.5KB, 960x729) Reverse
why would I want to play a classic for free on the go when I can just re-buy it on steam?
Replies: >>152019
[Hide] (1.6MB, 600x450) Reverse
I was just thinking, when do you play with your vita/ portable consoles? On bed before sleeping, conmute? I must be in the minority but i usually play while cooking or when eating, i have no TV and don't want to eat at my computer desk because that's too degenerate.
some of the devs who worked and still work I believe on re volt worked on rvgl
Epic OC, did you get it from 4chan or reddit?
Replies: >>152033 >>152057
[Hide] (73.7KB, 800x450) Reverse
[Hide] (11.9KB, 293x408) Reverse
[Hide] (32.2KB, 818x1028) Reverse
Got it from your mom, she also got me a Vita so i gave her another pity fuck


Deliberately getting a get is top faggotry.
[Hide] (493KB, 960x544) Reverse
Replies: >>156129
ayo fam, anything handheld that I can play RE4 on? I want to play that shit again but my craptop is too bulky especially with the controller sticking out and the wires are everywhere and the whole "move separate objects" thing really grinds my gears
Replies: >>157527 >>157541
[Hide] (428.5KB, 500x266) Reverse
>ayo fam
You would have to stream it to your Vita using Moonlight or remote play, otherwise just get one of those chink PC handhelds like the Aya Neo, those can probably handle it
Did soyny kill ps store on the vita for good? It says wrong password, but I can login with the same password on the website. (Granted, I didn't try to login in 2 years, the website first said wrong password for my old password too, but after a reset it worked, but still not on vita). I've updated spoofed version to 3.74, but it didn't help.
Replies: >>158191
You need to do some gay "device password" shit on the PS website to log in. It's probably not worth it unless you're playing online (what game even?) or contributing to NoPayStation.
Replies: >>158195
I just wanted to check how insane the prices are, but this is more trouble that it's worth. I guess I can get rid of PSN profile switcher also.
She NEEDS pubes.
[Hide] (762.9KB, 960x544) Reverse
I'm gonna start to compile a list of games that are still exclusive to the system through the week to make a new chart, the current ones are a couple of years old at this point. I will only write about the games i played but it would be a great help if you guys could help me, haven't played games like UPPERS or NET HIGH but i know they are still exclusive to the system, hope the whole webring can help.

People used to care about the system because it had the best version of Persona 4 but since Steam release and soon is coming out to every single platform it stopped being the case.
[Hide] (229KB, 348x466) Reverse
Unless it has new content, the Vita version is ultimately better.
Replies: >>159479 >>159492
No, fuck off.
I agree with you but that it's ultimate subjective, i will always shill the Caligula Effect vita version because the combat is better while the Overdose version has more content, i wouldn't say that Caligula is a vita exclusive.
[Hide] (33.5KB, 112x112) Reverse
>new vita chart
Replies: >>159497
unfort p4 is a bad example bc of marie and the fact that I can't harem in golden
Replies: >>159495
Wait, you can harem in the previous version?
Replies: >>159999
I wouldn't focus on Vita exclusives (because that's going to be a small and sad list dominated even further by niche weebshit) so much as games that are worthwhile to play on the Vita over other platforms. For example Gravity Rush should be on it because the remaster is chained to the piss four and decent emulation is still years away. Similarly TxK should be preferred over Tempest 4000 despite being the same game because the latter is a product of jewish treachery from the holders of the Tempest trademark. I would also include notable PSP games like LocoRoco and Archer Maclean's Mercury that work well with Adrenaline.
[Hide] (75.6KB, 412x383) Reverse
[Hide] (2.1MB, 2480x3508) Reverse
[Hide] (107.3KB, 399x744) Reverse
[Hide] (2.6MB, 1920x1080, 00:11)
did you not read his post at all?
It would be an exclusives-only chart, which would be very few games at this point due to all the porting that has occurred and the fact that the Vita is no longer getting releases, making it free game to have its library be ported everywhere as we have seen,

It gets worse especially if he's an autist about the definition of "exclusive", which I have a feeling he is, since I distinctly remember a specific faggot complaining that the last chart should've been exclusives-only while it was being made, rather than if the game was simply fun on the Vita or not.
We included whatever games anons had fun with on the Vita and gave recommendations/reviews/thoughts for, and didn't give a shit about such autistic things as that that would undermine the chart.
His suggestion is a terrible and depressing idea with an awful premise, and would go nowhere because the amount of posters on all webring boards combined compared to 8ch.net days when the current Vita chart was made are literally piddling.

Plus the idea that anons' opinions could somehow be "outdated" when the device itself didn't change, nor the games themselves, is fucking stupid. This isn't just a games list like cuckchan's wikipedia-scraper chart, its a literal archive of anons' enjoyment of these games.

If you're referring to both imageboards "used to care" about this device, consider this:
There are almost no dedicated threads for any other consoles in the entire catalog of both boards besides a single PS2 thread with only about half the posts of this one on here. The others are one-off odd things that are not intended to be a normal, dedicated thread.
If anything, people care about the Vita more than any other console or device on these boards.
The reason this place is slow is the same reason all the boards are slow: our userbase is low, and shit is not in a good state for the Vita due to all of Sony's damage against it, as well as it not getting any more new games.
Sony continues to try and destroy the Vita even now, but still, this thread persists.

You likely don't know this, but the 3DS threads have been dead for literally 5 years even on 8ch,net which had 10-20x the userbase, while the Vita threads have survived on all boards despite all the damage that has been done to it.

I don't want your shitty "post-mortem" chart that will literally get outdated within years if your primary criteria is "exclusives-only".
The Vita is a unique gaming experience, you can't emulate playing on an actual Vita in your hands.
Hell, if anything Vita-tan has had the most OC made of her by anons out of any other console since the webring came into being.

Moreover, Persona 4 Golden is literally only 1 game, anons cared about this handheld for a lot more than just that, like Vanillaware games, EDF, all the ARPGs like Toukiden and Freedom Wars, VNs like Steins;Gate, lewd games like the Senrans and Dungeon Travelers, and well, the shit in the chart obviously.
Uppers isn't exclusive to the system, retard.
It got ported to PC and PS4 already.
Your chart idea is fucking shit.
>It would be an exclusives-only chart
A chart is a chart, anonkun.
Replies: >>159501
>possibly single-digit number of games on it
>a chart is a chart
no, its really not.
At that point its basically just an infographic that says nothing different than the current one, made by someone who only looks at the value of a system by its exclusives and literally just said people only cared about the Vita because it was a Persona 4 Golden machine.
I don't want a chart made by a retard like that.
Replies: >>159522
What about a homebrew chart for the vita?
The scene has come so far that now we have Dreamcast emulation and Sonic Mania on the system. Some fag has also been poring old pc games.
Replies: >>159534
that's probably fine
though the issue is that it wouldn't really be much more than a list of games would it?
You can basically get the same thing by looking at the homebrew database/repository or whatever couldn't you?
Unless you mean like an infographic or something
Replies: >>159551
Just because emulator XY starts or there is some half-assed port of game Y, it doesn't mean that you should play that/it will be enjoyable. The Vita is fairly low-spec compared to today's computers/phones, so anything not specially made for it will have problems, unless it's a really old game. Just because you can complete a demo level doesn't mean that there are no game breaking bugs later on, etc. You really need to download said emulator/game and try it out, since there's no quality control in the vitadb... which is not necessarily bad, I rather shift through many garbage than having some soylent publisher say what games should I play, but this also means some kind of recommendations like chart/list/infographic wouldn't hurt.
Replies: >>159558 >>160352
fair enough, if people actually have played the homebrews through at least a large chunk of the way and vetted them, that's not a bad idea I guess
It's more like, there's no "busted" scene on valentine's, and the social links don't suffer. Basically, no repercussions, as long as you manage your time properly.
Fuck off. 
>stream your vita
The nigger that made that post has never used this feature otherwise they would know how notoriously dogshit playstation console streaming is.
Replies: >>160166
There are numerous videos showing it working fine for all sorts of games even through emulators
At worst it depends on your situation, wifi and Vita
I've been avoiding mine lately because I got a couple of weird crashes that indicate it's probably dying. I have a spare or two but I need a standard SD adapter for those. Tangentally I am looking at the PC port of BGP, because the Vita version runs like shit. However oddly the PC version has modding but it's proving tough to actually find downloads for the bloody things, so that's annoying. I want my lewd rubbing games to have some tits.

Quite true. I noticed most/all Ren'py game ports are glitchy. The Diablo and Quake 2 ports are OK but marred by them being ill-suited to the system. Generally, homebrew should never be viewed as the reason to buy one. Adrenaline is a better reason but the main one should be native games.
Any convenient way to take screenshots while using Adrenaline? PS button is to quit games.
Replies: >>162747
You can press and hold PS after to get rid of the menu and then start should screenshot. It may take broken screeshots in some cases though, probably just for PS1 games.
[Hide] (63.6KB, 463x458) Reverse
Ogre Battle 64 emulates like shit on the vita, fuck.
Replies: >>163460 >>164382
Yeah the nintendo 64 emulator is mixed from what I hear, some games work well but others dont
Itll probably be a while before it can handle more games decently
Replies: >>164382
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1000x1000) Reverse
Doom 64EX now on vita.
[Hide] (27.9KB, 606x189) Reverse
[Hide] (2MB, 3696x4248) Reverse
Just realized this was never posted here. She's finally free, boys.
Replies: >>164408 >>164416
Doesn't that game in particular emulate like shit on any emulator?
Replies: >>164405
Yes, it's a shame you have to buy a fucking wii u to play it.
Hell yeah
While this is good, it makes me worry about the JP and storeside, I don't know if everything is preserved and the more actions like this taken, the more likely support is to be dropped for more online servers, allowing for updates/official patches to be DL'd, and who knows how many themes and whatnot are lost
[Hide] (274.5KB, 733x1000) Reverse
There's a version of the sf alpha that is only on psp & it was never ported to another system. WHY?!?
[Hide] (135.3KB, 1000x667) Reverse
>still no updated vita that works like a PSP go
Why live? if sony made a new handheld that was literally just the PSP go with 2 analog sticks and R2 L2 buttons then it would sell gangbusters, not like they have any games for the system anyways.
The prototype PS vita was just a PSP go with 2 sticks so I dont get why they never made it? seems like a killer idea.

Will sony ever make another handheld or will xbox make one before they get the chance?
Replies: >>166268 >>166270
please fuck off
nobody wanted this shit
>Will sony ever make another handheld or will xbox make one before they get the chance?
Neither. Sony took its chance, failed, and is now looking into PC releases. Microsoft has never been interested in making its own handheld when its game pass turns most phones into handhelds. Handhelds are going to be dominated by Nintendo, Valve, and all the chink companies for the foreseeable future.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 1787x919) Reverse
Are we in October 2022 already? Just checking to make sure. I'm having a hard time believing there's actually someone streaming Caligula, the original Vita game, on Twitch in this day and age. In English. How'd that happen? 
I've been watching this guy for a bit now. Let me tell you, he's painfully bad in combat. He's running through Landmark Tower at around Lv25, hasn't bought an Ultimate move yet, and hasn't even got the hang of melee counter / shot counter basics this late into the game. God damn. 
Even so, he's not as terrible as some of the other Caligula Vita players I saw on the internet back in the day. This guy's at least doing some decent combos from time to time, uses buffs frequently and seems to know a couple of bread-&-butters for Kotaro. 
Talk about a low bar to pass, though. As far as I can remember, all decent combat footage uploads of this game I've seen on the internet were non-English, and even then they were rare. Yamanaka sure wasn't kidding in that one interview. This game didn't find the right audience for the most part.
Replies: >>167418
[Hide] (2.8MB, 850x480, 00:13)
I'm going back to this game after spooky season finishes

This game got a partial translation, i forgot what it was called. Interesting that people are still translating vita games.In other news it seems like vita emulator can now play dungeon travelers series but i haven't tried it myself.
Replies: >>167899
That's Natsuiro High School, not a Vita game. PS3/PS4.
Replies: >>168951
[Hide] (322.3KB, 3000x2500) Reverse
[Hide] (436.3KB, 850x850) Reverse
A portable PS should play old PS games. Would love a mobile PS that can play PS2 games....
Replies: >>168969
[Hide] (9.5MB, 854x480, 02:21)
[Hide] (10.5MB, 1280x720, 01:12)
Having fun playing this, it's an improvement on 2 on every single way and that one was already an amazing game.
>being able to play ps double games on the go
that would be TOO good for a system, if you could play BLACK or something on the go then it would be hella lit but we all know that soyny will NEVER make another handheld even if its the only way forward in gaming
I want to bury my face in vita-tan's neet panties.
Replies: >>169091
Is it possible to make vita games using godot? I have a few games I want to play on the go or just on my vita but they don't exist, I want to make them a reality and share them with vita bros
I wanna live in them
[Hide] (884.7KB, 960x544) Reverse
Some DLC and themes of Dungeon Travelers 2-2 are gone from nopaystation, where can i get them from?
Wat? They remove shit?
Oh fuck, that's very worrying.
Which do you need?  I'm panic-downloading all of it from a private tracker
Replies: >>169136
Please share everything.
Replies: >>169163
[Hide] (780.3KB, 1919x780) Reverse
What did they remove? I searched some random tsv backup I had from last year, and most of the DLCs were missing there. All Character Pack, Double EXP Card and Great Luck Fortune is still available:
Replies: >>169150 >>169151
The MISSING doesn't mean it was deleted on Sony's side, I don't think they're allowed to revoke what people have paid for like that, for NoPayStation it means nobody has dumped it. A legal purchase is required to obtain the two pieces.
>.pkg URL, obtainable through sign-in on PC with a particular browser plug-in
>NoNpDRM key to use it, acquired on a jailbroken Vita that has installed and run said thing
Either or both components can be MISSING.
I'm talking about 2-2, not regular 2. All dlc for 2 and it's theme are still avaible on nopaystation.
Replies: >>169157
I searched for 2-2 DLCs, they're not in the database, neither in my Apr, May or November 2021 backups, nor now. So unless they added this game to the DB then removed it in the meantime, I'd say it was never in nopaystation to begin with,
Replies: >>169159
Replies: >>169169
[Hide] (29.8KB, 591x443) Reverse
This is everything gazellegames has, except the main game ofc.

Replies: >>169164
From the file names i think the only missing thing is the themes.
Replies: >>169166
I see themes for other Vita games there, but not DT sadly
I can't make it work because the DLC doesn't seem compatible with the nopaystation version, i would ned to install the base game with maidump too to also apply the dlc with that program. Right now it says this.
This DLC doesn't work without cracked game.
So there's a second way to write the name of this game in moonrunes, not using full width characters for numbers. Anyway, zrif/link missing from both the current and old state.
[Hide] (300.4KB, 1506x2047) Reverse
Recommend me a game thats not on the vita chart currently.
Doom 64.
I think God Eater isnt on the chart for some reason
Something's wrong, I thought they're all bearded old guys.
[Hide] (255.8KB, 1752x884) Reverse
On that note, that streamer I've been watching just finished the main game recently. Dunno whether he's gonna play any of the post-game, maybe he won't. 
He got a bit less bad at the game by the end. I still certainly wouldn't call him good, but I respect his commitment.
Replies: >>169528 >>169533
kill this one
I just started it, it seems a bit small in scope and I worry characters wont get much development. Is this the case? I guess a better question is what makes caligula good.
Replies: >>169551
[Hide] (11.6MB, 1280x720, 00:29)
The combat really carries the gameplay. The so-called "dungeons" are shallow, and the Causality Link feels like an unfinished concept. The game could have used a bit more time in the oven, that's for sure. But I'm not kidding when I say the game has one of the best combat systems ever designed. That's why I keep coming back to it even after half a decade. 
Problem is, when you first start the game, you're stuck with a fixed party for the first dungeon. You can diversify your party as you please later. But yes, RPG devs in general tend to have this bad habit of designing the first chapter as a hand-holding tutorial of some sort. It's a test of patience that accomplishes nothing other than turning new players off. A game should not take hours to "get better". If I ever become a game designer, I'll make it a priority to avoid this mistake. But I digress. 
Gameplay aside, the story and soundtrack are pretty good. The main characters get a decent amount of development through their "character episodes", which are a shameless copy of the social link system from Hashino's Persona games. But Caligula is a lot better written, of course.
Replies: >>171481
I remember hating the ost at the start and now i listen to it from time to time on my PC, i was mindbroken.
Other otome games besides amnesia on the vita?
Replies: >>171446
Yeah, theres a lot
Collar x Malice
London Detective Mysteria
2 Hakuoki games
Bad Apple Wars
2 Code Realize games
Period Cube
2 Psychedelica games
And probably some untranslated ones or something
Replies: >>171478
Nice, any you would recommend?
Would you buy a Vita 2 if one ever came out?
Replies: >>171496 >>171514
>npcs just casually walk through the battlefield

Shit game
Replies: >>171518
The Vita was a product of its time, I would never support Nu-Sony's bullshit now
It wouldn't have games and developers worth a damn with the way things are now and for the past 4 years, and with the way Sony US screwed it over so hard, fuck em, i wouldn't trust them even if they did do a 180
Replies: >>171498
well what if someone put something out like the vita? but not niggerlicious and with some good games?
Replies: >>171503 >>171534
Just emulate some 80s, early 90s console on vita, it's unlikely they will make any good games anymore. Even with obscure indieshit, actual good games are few and far between, and consoles were never good at pandering to them with their restrictive licensing options.
Not really, industry changed and phones have completely replaced the portable console niche.
[Hide] (1MB, 697x587) Reverse
Characters passing through the battlefield will not engage if their Erosion Rate is under 50% because they're oblivious to Mobius and can't see what's really going on. 
If they walk in at ER 50%+, however, they will become Digiheads and fight you. 
Aquria's game design is brilliant.
>like the Vita
then yes, I would probably buy it if its reasonable and isn't cancer
Why does the vita smell so good.
I love smelling it.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 3840x2160) Reverse
What are you playing on your vita?
[Hide] (65.2KB, 960x544) Reverse
Blood just got ported holy shit.
right now?
Nothing, but soon enough, we will see
[Hide] (6.9KB, 249x228) Reverse
I just spent 2 hours organizing my vita menu icons.
I think I may have autism.
Replies: >>178713
I don't have enough icons to organize them for 2 hours. And I haven't launched half of them, if not more.
Replies: >>178715
nothing because im still waiting for a tsuihō senkyo translation
Replies: >>179407
[Hide] (56.1KB, 1010x1035) Reverse
You see, I have a screen full of folders with games.
But I have to organize them in a way that looks good but it's hard when there's so many icons that are just  logos in a white bubble or are obnoxious to look at like the DQ Builders one. It's a matter of mix and match so it flows nicely.
I had to delete the rayman games because I couldn't bear watching their icons.
[Hide] (493.8KB, 800x800) Reverse
i may be stupid but i love the images this guy posts, pls moar
[Hide] (1MB, 960x544, 00:07)
Which homebrew do you use to do this?
Replies: >>179619
[Hide] (538.5KB, 960x544) Reverse
I think it's this: https://forum.devchroma.nl/index.php?topic=338.0
You'll need to convert both background and foreground image to the correct format/resolution manually.
Replies: >>179743
[Hide] (46KB, 451x504) Reverse
You should be able to generate such in GIMP if it's as it says. Scale it to the correct resolution then under Image->Mode select Indexed. Try switching the dithering mode too for better results than naïve default of "None". Finally export to fruitpeel.png and make sure interlacing is unchecked, you may want to turn off various metadata and also force pixel format to 8BPC RGB. Anyway this looks neat and I might try it later.

Oh and I did start on FFX recently and was playing FF7 for a bit but I'm currently stalled on completionist bits in Gold Saucer.
Replies: >>180220
I used pngquant, in my experience it generates better images, but gimp will probably do it too. Use Floyd-Steinberg dithering unless you want your image to look shit.
I just need some good images. Anyone?
Replies: >>180248
variant_set gallery with your favorite tags.
Replies: >>180300
This is like the only result that somewhat matches the criteria. But it has 4 images instead of 2 and this shit plugin doesn't have random functionality. Whelp.
Replies: >>180309
[Hide] (508B, 233x37) Reverse
Panda has a lot more of this then boorus.
Replies: >>180320
I'm not touching that walled garden shit.
Replies: >>180322 >>180407
[Hide] (1.1MB, 847x1200) Reverse
>he can't get in
Replies: >>180424
How do newfags like you find their way unto this site
Replies: >>180424 >>180427
Back to 8chan.gov with you niggers, it's plainly obvious where you came from
[Hide] (60.8KB, 239x275) Reverse
Deflection failed.
>not wanting to use that cancer site is newfag
Yeah, brilliant logic. Now do as >>180424 told you.

Anyway, I've been fucking around and reverse engineered that fruitpeel plugin, since the author didn't release the source. It's possible to reload the background image at every lockscreen opening, so I could have a random background, but the foreground image is loaded in a completely different way, so that won't work for now. I think I'd have to look at SceShell, but that's going to be more painful. I guess I'll have a few more sleepless nights.
Also, atm you can't have pixel perfect backgrounds. If you have an image 960 pixels width, it will slightly stretch the image. If you have a 961 pixel wide, it will shrink it a little bit. So I guess you'd need a 960.5 pixel wide image... I've also tried setting the interpolation to nearest, but this GPU or I don't know what is so fucking imprecise that it will randomly duplicate and skip columns at the same time. Fortunately it's barely noticeable.
Replies: >>180432 >>180452
>panda = cancer
Replies: >>180442
Any site where at least basic functionality is not usable without registration and other bullshit is cancer. Same goes for forums where you have to register and post at least 5 times and suck the admin dicks to see download links. Fuck them all.

Also, I think I can get rid of the 256 color limitation of the fruitpeel plugin, I just need to find a good BC1/DXT1 compressor. But that only supports POT textures, so the background will have to be 1024x512, so even more stretching.
Replies: >>180452 >>180476
>can't comprehend that its quite literally to get everything you couldn't get on e-hentai
>is fine with using Danbooru despite literally needing a gold account to see everything on a shittier and tamer site
I think you're just genuinely a low-IQ retard, go back
You too
Replies: >>180487
libsquish? That said DXT1 is lossy too. Also it can't hurt to try ask the author for the source code.
Replies: >>180487
[Hide] (588.7KB, 960x544) Reverse
[Hide] (600.4KB, 960x544) Reverse
There are shitloads of booru clones out there, it was just the first where I found something while I was looking through them. I don't care about gold accounts, with that logic every imageboard is shit just because cuckchan has gold accounts or what the fuck. On sadpanda you just see one static image without an account.

Some random search engine result recommended amd compressonator as a good encoder, now that's so high quality software that 99% of my converted image ended up completely black.
In the end I used icbc, that seems to work, but it has no command line tool so you have to hack the demo benchmark tool to convert your images instead. Sigh.
I've spent ridiculous amount of time until I figured out that this shit needs DXT1 blocks in Morton order.
See pic related, the only thing that happened between the two screenshots is that I unlocked, turned off, and turned on the vita. So I don't need to choose between images, yay!

>DXT1 is lossy too
Yeah, but we're speaking of a handheld with 512MB ram. And unfortunately the textures here are loaded constantly into the ram. This plugin makes it a bit worse by keeping both the original and the replaced textures in the RAM. (Not like the original fruitpeel plugin is better in this regard)
Also, I think it might be possible to use the indexed format for the foreground image too, if you set the lock screen image to the default one. Not sure what would its use be, it needs more RAM and generally looks worse, unless you have some pixel-art input.

>ask the author for the source code
The only info about this author is some weird forum, and I'm not going to bother registering there. 99% chance he would just respond with "fuck off" anyway.
>There are shitloads of booru clones out there, it was just the first where I found something while I was looking through them. I don't care about gold accounts, with that logic every imageboard is shit just because cuckchan has gold accounts or what the fuck. On sadpanda you just see one static image without an account.
You need a gold account to see the shit you'd need to use Sadpanda for, except Sadpanda is free. Anything kosher you can just use e-hentai, it accesses the same database but just doesn't provide the haram stuff.
And you don't need an account, that's just the non-newfag way of doing it.
>"paywalls are better than free account walls because I'm retarded"
What a brainless take. Sadpanda is the only major source of uncensored extreme content on the internet. The boorus dont even come close in terms of content, and the few ones that have anything are at permanent risk of being taken down by the booru project, and have no doujins, imagesets and CG sets, artbooks, entire artist scrapes, and most other aggregation sites like nhentai are just e-hentai scrapers.
>you can only see 1 static image
Because sadpanda isn't for retards, that's e-hentai, which is the usual experience for most people and you don't need anything for.
You realize that they are the same site don't you? Or were you that retarded too?
Replies: >>180528
>Yeah, but we're speaking of a handheld with 512MB ram.
I was kidding. Anyway if it's internally using a format like that it makes more sense to require the images in that format instead of bloating the plug-in with conversion and other such things. With how DXT1 is formatted it's not a triviality or quick to encode, unless you do it shittily.
>I've spent ridiculous amount of time until I figured out that this shit needs DXT1 blocks in Morton order.
That's the texel ordering? Yeah I had "fun" with that too with my own stuff, was it in a ᴎ shape? At least that's the kind of thing you can convert by just shifting bytes around.
Replies: >>180528
>paywalls are better than free account walls
I never said that, I don't have either, and they all should die in hell.
>they are the same
Yes, and I don't want to touch either.

>internally using a format like that
It's a weird thing, normally it uses a 120x60 (or something like that, I don't remember the exact resolution) 8bit indexed image as the background (the blue thing), and a 1024x512 DXT1 for the foreground (if you use a custom image. If you use the default foreground image, it's also a 8bpp png...)
The vita GPU should support a lot more formats, lines 190 and below:
originally it uses SCE_GXM_TEXTURE_BASE_FORMAT_UBC1 | SCE_GXM_TEXTURE_SWIZZLE4_1BGR and SCE_GXM_TEXTURE_BASE_FORMAT_P8, maybe others can be used (what didn't work is replacing swizzled textures with a non-swizzled one, but maybe I just fucked something up), but I'm not sure if there is any reason doing it.
Maybe I'm a bit too paranoid on memory usage, before this I've been playing around with an ESP32  + 320x170 16bpp external display, and I don't have enough free ram to store that single framebuffer in memory

Yeah, I don't really want to do encoding on vita, it would just bloat the plugin size, and would be likely painfully slow unless I would spend a lot of time on optimizing and caching the result. Even the original plugin needs the image in very specific format (8bpp png with a specified resolution), adding a DXT1 conversion to the end is not a big deal, and saves me from writing a png decoder and DXT1 encoder.
>ᴎ shape
Yeah, that one, usually called Morton order or Z-order (but here it goes Y down first, so it looks like a ᴎ and not Z).
For extra fun the texture here is not a square, and I haven't found any info on how to handle that, so I also had to mess around with that too.
>just shifting bytes around
Yeah, but I also don't really like this. I have to load the whole dds and copy the whole image to a second buffer in a different order. Yes, I know, this is probably insignificant compared to loading the file from the SD card, but still.
Replies: >>180529 >>180533
[Hide] (146.2KB, 473x398) Reverse
>he's too stupid to get past the panda
Glad to know it's still doing some good after all these years.
Replies: >>180570
Note I am not a texture expert these are just things I found from what I was messing around with.
>adding a DXT1 conversion to the end is not a big deal
Yeah but it's unnecessary when you could generate an appropriate image on PC with better encoding quality, and then there's less to get wrong with using it on the plug-in since it's only replacing a texture. Maybe a safety check that it's the right size but otherwise that could be filled with random data and the worst you'd get is rainbow vomit texture.
>The vita GPU should support a lot more formats
I believe it does. The textures I was dealing with was this format.
Realistically for what I was doing, the header I ignored and overwrote everything else which was set to UBC1 (DXT1 data exactly as that Khronos link describes, but with that particular ᴎ swizzling for the 4x4 blocks). Anyway if it is possible to use a higher quality format the issue is that DXT1 is still 256KiB for 1024x512. DXT3/5 is double. Other options probably are too heavy for such a wimpy amount of RAM.
Replies: >>180534
>generate an appropriate image on PC
That's the first plan. I should put together a little script that scales the image to the correct size using imagemagick then converts it to DXT1 with some compressor. That is, until wangblows users come and cry that they can't use command line.
Yeah, that's the same thing, just serialized to a file.
But it only makes sense if you want alpha transparency, but here you have opaque pictures. DXT3/5 would just blow up texture sizes without any difference in quality.
1024x512 DXT1 is 256KiB. DXT3/5 would be 512KiB.
1024x512 8bpp is 512KiB + 1KiB palette. You could use 16bit (rgb 565), but that would be 1MiB. It looks like it also supports 24/32bit formats, but come on.
It looks like it also supports PVRTC which should have comparable size to DXT1, but I have zero experience with it (it was only used in some mobile devices, never in desktop) and not too much info on the net (with many dead links).
Replies: >>180585
>Low-level library for decompression and manipulation of texture blocks
Looks like it can only decode, not encode.
Replies: >>180585
its always fascinating when one encounters an extremely sheltered newfag on an altchan
>That is, until wangblows users come and cry that they can't use command line.
Drag-drop batch file? I mean if they can't figure that much out they're probably too dense to deal with homebrew anyway.
>But it only makes sense if you want alpha transparency
For some reason I thought DXT3/5 also specified the palette at higher bit depth but they're identical. My mistake!
>Looks like it can only decode, not encode.
Figures, decoding is the trivial part. So again, libsquish? I don't recall if it does swizzling or not but it does encode. For a schlub like me it also has Go bindings but you presumably know enough about C/C++ if you're writing things for taiHEN.
I'm so going to regret this, but let's pretend that here's the stuff. I didn't want to post it right before going to bed, but my time management still sucks, so that's what you have. You can find a precompiled binary under releases. The converter can load anything that stb_image can load, it'll crop and resize your image, but if you want finer control, you should do it manually, it's a bit bare bones. Also, if you're on linux and have a CPU made in the last 10 years, compile the converter with -march=native instead of using the binary (that is optimized for potatoes), it's about 3 times faster on my zen3 CPU.
Also, new gitlab, jesus fucking christ, what is this shit? Soon windows 11 is going to be a lightweight crap compared to this, you can't find anything in the fucking UI, and they managed to break mememoon compatibility even with the webcomponents polyfill, so I had to create the release from chromium, after downloading its 15GB of javashit twice. I guess sooner or later I'll have to move my shit.
Now I only need to find proper images to use with this shit.
Replies: >>180901 >>180943
Sturgeon, what the fuck did you do with spoilers?!?
Well the initial test works, or rather it did once I read the instructions a bit less carelessly. The real difficulty will be thinking how to integrate it into my theme but I definitely want to! I'd have tried the plug-in building but VitaSDK installer is wetting itself on my system. I used GCC for the image converter.
Replies: >>180953
>vitasdk installer
Isn't that just a tarball you extract? (But as you can see from the readme. I'm using an ancient version, because some hacks I did in my other vita plugin no longer works in never sdks and I couldn't be arsed to fix it yet.)
Yeah, maybe I should have defaulted to that, I'm just used to using clang these days. It should work with any c++17 compiler though.
I'm still using the default one, because I haven't seen a single one that's not dogshit.||It doesn't help that the repository that comes with custom theme manager censors anything into oblivion that's even remotely lewd.||
Replies: >>180955 >>180977
>spoiler still doesn't work
I give up.
Replies: >>180967 >>180977
>I'm not retarded the site just doesn't work
Replies: >>180974
Nah it's just sturgeon changing the syntax every time I post. I think
>Isn't that just a tarball you extract?
I'm just following the instructions on the main homepage which is sort of like Rust's approach. It doesn't matter it was just something I wanted to try.
>I'm still using the default one, because I haven't seen a single one that's not dogshit.
Make one? It's a nice personal touch to do and you can keep it fairly simple.

Double-asterisk bordering?
Replies: >>180986
>Make one?
Nah, I can't into arts.
Replies: >>181088
The preview for your plug-in tells me you could do it. You don't have to go as far as designing icons and everything else, even just wallpaper and colour scheme is nice. Download literally any other theme and use it as a template.
Replies: >>181101
But man, I just downloaded two pictures from the net. For a theme you need multiple matching backgrounds, maybe colors, and icons... that is, unless I want to go with what 98% of themes do and throw random anime heads on bubbles, but that doesn't make any sense.
It doesn't help that I don't really like the vita launcher anyway, and all the homebrew launchers are normal apps, which means you must still launch it from the normal launcher and they still count toward vita's silly one running app limit, so they're more hassle that it's worth.
... My peak ricing season was windows xp with litestep and cursorxp and weird winamp themes and maybe else. But even there I just downloaded random themes from the net.
Okay, looks like I was outdated as fuck again, in the meantime CXML-Decompiler was released... and TL;DR you can replicate the original skinpeel plugin by editing texture ca707736 in power_manage_plugin.rco and using vshPatch to patch it. And actually you can pretty much change everything, much like with msstyles in winxp and later. So, um, maybe I'll try to do something, but my artistic skills are zero.
Of course my plugin can do randomization so it's not completely useless...
Replies: >>181287
>original skinpeel
Fuck, original fruitpeel. why can't I handle names?
Is it true Dissidia is still fucked if you try to play it through adrenaline? Shame, playing that + the vita library on the go was my main motivator for grabbing this thing
Replies: >>181364
[Hide] (374.6KB, 602x468) Reverse
>Dissidia...was my main motivator for grabbing this thing
Are you serious nigger?
Replies: >>181393
there's a reason why I put 
>+ the vita library on the go
having both on one system is nice
I think I royally fucked up my SD2vita install. 
Like I still have henkeku installed but I don't have vita shell or any other custom firmware installed. So at the moment I don't have vitashell or anything else that I could use to install games or anyother custom firmware
Replies: >>182474
If you're on 3.60:
Boot into safe mode (power off, hold left trigger while power on)
Go to henkaku.xyz, install
It should install molecular shell. If not, restart henkaku and press right trigger when it ask for it (you've got about one second). Either way, you may end up with a reset taihen config.
If you want some future proofing, use onemenu to move vitashell to ur0, so it stays there no matter what you do with your ux0.
Replies: >>182502
So I tried to follow your advice about booting in safe mode, but for whatever reason THIS time I got a message about rebuilding the database and when that finished everything that I had before. I'm not quite sure what was different this time but it just went back to the old memory card so that's great.  I did try this before but I guess the machine spirit just felt like it this so so whatever.
also I am for sure going to follow that advice about moving vitashell so I can't lose it again thanks anon
Replies: >>182506
Umm, what you use, yamt or storagemgr? With storagemgr if you boot into safemode the sdvita deactivates and you'll end up with the normal sony memory card as ux0: (or the internal one with slim vitas and no memcard).
If the problem is just that your stuff is on the sony memcard and not on the sd, you should be able to boot without an sd card (storagemgr will fall back to the sony mc), start vitashell, insert sd, mount it from the vitashell, and copy over everything you need. You should probably not exit vitashell while doing this and reboot when you're finished (from the vitashell menu), otherwise you might corrupt your data by randomly remounting drives on a running system.

>moving shit to ur0:
Actually one thing, doing this will usually break any auto update/homebrew installer logic. So only do it with essential tools, like vitashell. If you ever need to update them, you'll likely have to (temporarily) move them back to ux0. An alternate is to have it installed both on sd and the sony mc, a bit less hacky, but can get hairy if you have multiple cards.
Replies: >>182683
I wasn't aware you could put things in ur0: like that. Realistically I'd just use the built-in 1GB storage or a spare memory card for the essential homebrew if I need to do a rescue. IMCUnlock is also an option for first-gen to remap some of the internal storage for use like the second-gen. I did that but it's a potential risk and I think everyone's got a spare useless memory card on them?
Replies: >>182691
Well, using ur0: to store apps is not exactly an officially supported scheme, so I wouldn't use it for anything except some essential homebrew apps.
Dunno, I have a slim vita, I never used it. But the builtin storage is so small, especially when you can just stash a 256-512GB sd card into the vita, I fail to see the reason to do such risky hacks just to get 1-2 gigabytes of extra storage. (Other than some jailbreaks require you to have a memory card, but to run IMCUnlock, you need to jailbreak it first, and after you jailbreak it you should just get an sd2vita anyway).
Replies: >>182699
>Well, using ur0: to store apps is not exactly an officially supported scheme,
That's what I thought.
>I fail to see the reason to do such risky hacks
It's to give fats a small area to be used as ux0: if there is no memory card or SD, like the slims have 1GB of. Mind, I'd have to double-check some details of why, but it was to avoid the need for a memory card if I had to re-break it for any reason.
Replies: >>182706
>it can be used to re-break
Neat, then I think we found the only use of it, considering that the default config only gives a 100MB ux0:, right?
Maybe if you have physical gamecards, and no sony memcard, it could be used to store a few savegames... but seriously, just dump your physical cards to an sd.
Replies: >>182709
The important point is the 100MB you open via IMCUnlock. Once it's set up, it works just like the 1GB in a slim does, and just having Ensō working to disabling signature checks and such to run whatever is on there is enough. Your SD2Vita or PSVSD is functionally worthless without the appropriately set up homebrew and plug-ins, and to use the homebrew that lets you set those up, you need storage space that is recognized as such.
[Hide] (95.9KB, 960x544) Reverse
[Hide] (54.5KB, 960x544) Reverse
[Hide] (379.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
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Over the past year, I have conducted what could be considered the most “extensive” dive into the library of games available on the Playstation Vita. How this occurred is that, upon hearing the close of the Vita’s PSN store, I looked up all of the games that were released on the system digital-only (Along with some other games I had for other reasons), and downloaded all the ones that looked interesting. However, uncertain if I actually wanted to keep these games and back them up, I played the first 15 minutes of every single one of them. This list is the result of this activity. It should be noted that this list only comprises Vita and PSM games (And, not every single ones). If you do not see a game listed, assume I did not play it. Also, I will be breaking this list down into five categories: “Good” (Meaning the game is worth playing), “Recommended” (Meaning that the game is worth looking into or I had fun with it), “Average” (Meaning that the game is okay, or have trouble recommending it), “It tried” (Meaning that the game has barely enough effort put into it), and “Bad” (Meaning stay away).

Also, attached to this post are screenshots of some of the games listed.

>Adventures of Mana
A full 3D remake of Final Fantasy Adventure designed to be more accurate to the original game unlike it’s earlier GBA remake which tried to make the game more in line with the later Mana titles.
>Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed
An open-world beat em up where you strip vampires to defeat them.
>Assault Gunners
A mecha TPS, it just looks and plays cool.
>Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon
An accurate Castlevania clone by Inti Creates and produced by Igarashi of Symphony of the Night fame.
>Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils
A tough as nails Metroidvania where a bunny girl is trying to remove a curse placed upon her.
>Chaos Rings
A Square Enix RPG series by Media.Vision (Wild Arms) that's inspired by the PS1/PS2 era Final Fantasy titles.
A unique shmup with a great pixel art style where you cling to different pegs and shoot at evil bath toys.
A 1960’s inspired side-scrolling stealth game.
>Damascus Gear
A series of isometric dungeon-crawlers where you customize a mech and go hunting.
>Dead or Alive 5+
Base DoA5 (Not Ultimate or Last Round) with some exclusive features.
A side-scrolling run’n’gun stealth game where you clear buildings of enemies.
>Desert Ashes
An Advanced Wars clone with a post-apocalyptic fantasy creatures.
A reverse shmup where you see how far into a well you can go with different guns strapped to your feet.
>Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition
It's Duke Nukem 3D with all of the content from the previous expansions and online leaderboards and multiplayer.
>Freedom Wars
A Monster Hunter clone where you battle with rival cities and their giant robots for Earth's last resources.
>Gal Gunvolt
An NES Mega-Man clone that crosses over with Azure Strike Gunvolt, Mighty No. 9, and Gal*Gun.
>Garou: Mark of the Wolves
The original Neo Geo fighting game with online multiplayer and some of display options.
>Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
The final revision of GGXX^C+ with a story that continues after the events of GGXX(#R/S).
A side-scrolling shump where you’re a witch with magical guns
>Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd
A QTE rhythm game where you unlock more songs when you get a “perfect”, also allows you to make custom music videos with your own songs.
>Hitman Go: Definitive Edition
A turn-based stealth board game where you try to get from point A to B in the fewest moves possible.
>Hotline Miami
A top-down run and gun game where you clear buildings of Russian gangsters.
>Hyperdimension Neptunia – Re;Birth1
A remake of the PS3 original that's a spoof on the console wars between Microsoft, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony.
A Metroidvania with a beatiful art style and smooth gameplay
>Jet Set Radio
It's the Dreamcast classic on the Vita with online leaderboards.
>Lumines: Electronic Symphony
The puzzle rhythm game where you drop blocks and have the speed and visuals change with the music.
>Mecho Wars: Desert Ashes
A slight “remake” of Desert Ashes with more dynamic visuals.
>Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
It's Minecraft for the Vita.
>Need for Speed: Most Wanted
An open-world racing game where you drive the fastest cars against the meanest opponents, all while being chased by the cops.
>Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty
A remake of the PS1 original with new graphics and cutscenes.
>Pocket God VS Desert Ashes
A sequel to Desert Ashes with the same gameplay and a crossover into the world of Pocket God.
A Metroidvania where a bunny girl tries to find her master.
>Rayman Origins
The return of the classic franchise with fast platforming and action.
>Retro City Rampage DX+
A classic GTA clone in the style of an NES game with a bunch of crazy action, weapons, and references.
>Sine Mora
A dramatic shmup about a war between anthropomorphic animals.
>Spelunker Collection
A collection consisting of the original Spelunker, the NES remake, the arcade remake, and the arcade sequel.
>Super Robot Taisen
A remake of the original Game Boy game that began the series with updated graphics and some new robots.
The side-scrolling Minecraft knock-off.
>The Pinball Arcade
A pinball simulator where you play on dozens of real pinball tables.
>The Wolf Among Us
The adventure game where you're a werewolf private investigator looking into various issues with the magical community.
>Titan Souls
A dungeon-crawler where you kill various bosses armed only with a single arrow that you can recall.
>Toukiden 2
A Monster Hunter clone from Koei Tecmo that's based on Japanese mythology.
>Under Night In-Birth Exe;Late[st]
The previous update of the original anime fighter from French Bread.
>Vasara Collection
A compilation of both of the Vasara shmups that are about mechas in Waring States period Japan.
A top-down stealth game where a kid messes around with VR missions.
>WipEout 2048
A “prequel” to the Zero-G racing series, and also comes with the WipEout HD and Fury tracks as DLC.
>XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus
A strategy series where you take on an alien invasion with the expansion and some bonus content.

>1001 Spikes
A puzzle platformer with NES-style graphics where you try to navigate through all of the difficult stages without losing your 1001 lives.
>2064: Read Only Memories
<I heard that this game was pozzed, but there was nothing actually “wrong” with it during the first 15 minutes
An adventure game inspired by Kojima’s classic Snatcher with some nice pastel art.
>Adventure Bay Labyrinth
A Mystery Dungeon roguelike with a nice pixel-art style.
A side-scrolling hack and slash where you use time(?).
>Appli Archives G-Mode Burger Time
An emulated collection of the i-Mode remake of the Burger Time arcade game, Pucchin Puzzle, and Snowboard Man.
>Appli Archives Jaleco City Connection
An emulated collection of the i-Mode remake of the City Connection arcade game and it's i-Mode sequel, City Connection Rocket.
>Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender DX
A side-scrolling submarine shooter where defending milk drillers from robotic fish.
>Assassin’s Creed Chronicles
A side-scrolling stealth game where sneak around Ancient China, India, and October Revolution Russia
A first-person puzzle game that’s also a game show.
>Axiom Verge
A Metroid clone, that’s it.
An isometric dungeon-crawling RPG where you explore a floating world.
>Behind You
A simple stealth game where a little girl tries to sneak past guards.
>Borderlands 2
It's open-world FPS RPG on the Vita with the first two expansion packs.
A Metroidvania about a knight exploring a mysterious chasm.
>Chronus Arc
A Kemco published RPG where you do I don’t know what, but I do like the art and music.
>Curse of the Crescent Isle DX
A GBC inspired platformer that plays similar to Super Mario 2.
>Darkest Dungeon
An edgy side-scrolling RPG where you’re trying to get to the bottom of a manor’s crypt.
>Dead Nation
A top-down dungeon crawler where you’re trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.
>Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Venus
The volleyball and mini-game collection with all of your favorite DoA characters in bikinis.
>Demon Gaze
A first-person dungeon-crawling RPG with objectives and monster catching.
A side-scrolling platformer where you clean the dust off of the floors, walls, and ceilings.
A tunnel-type of game where you pass through colored panels to turn a fish and a bird into a dragon.
A side-scrolling 3D based platformer.
You're a floating petal causing other flowers to bloom and collect more petals.
>Fragment's Note
A visual novel where your daughter travels back in time to improve your dating life.
>Frozen Synapse Prime
A top-down turn-based stealth game where you try to survive through various levels and defeat enemies.
>Full Throttle Remastered
An adventure game where you play as a biker, is considered a “classic”.
>Fushigi no Gensoukyou TOD: RELOADED
A Myserty Dungeon RPG staring your favorite 2hu characters.
An exploration game where your a sub collecting artifacts from undersea tunnels.
>Grim Fandango Remastered
An adventure game where you sell clients different packages after they die, considered LucasArts swansong.
>Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
A sequel to the title with the same basic gameplay, and with some new twists on it.
>Infinita Strada
A TCG with cute girs.
>Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition
The “complete” version of Injustice with all of the DLC and extra content.
>Kick & Fennick
A platformer where a boy navigates through dangerous environments by blasting around levels with a laser gun.
A hide-and-seek horror game where you are stalked by the creatures of the woods.
>Lara Croft Go
A turn-based adventure game where you solve environmental puzzles.
A shmup where you upgrade your pane with different attributes to take out other planes and battleships.
>Malicous Rebirth
A cross between Mega-Man, Alien Soldier, and the Musou games, where you defeat different bosses in any order by first defeating their onslaught of minions attacking you.
A Mega-Man X clone where you play as a cute robot girl.
>Miko Gakkou Mongatari: Kaede Episode
An RPG where you're trying to make peace between humans and youkai.
>Mononoke Slashdown
A 2D hack and slash where you defeat skeleton samurai with different objectives every level.
>Monster Monpiece
A strategy card game where you have different monster girls that battle each other.
A DJMax clone with Chinese and Japanese music.
A quirky horror adventure game from the creator of the Clock Tower series.
>OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood
A side-scrolling skateboard game with the goal of reaching the end of the level with the most points possible.
A simple game where the hero's goal is to make all of the cherry blossom trees in the level bloom.
>Pachi Pachi On-A-Roll
A pachinko game where you undress both of the girls on display the more you hit certain slots.
>Papers, Please
A Socialist border crossing simulator.
>Phantasy Star Nova
A sci-fi ARPG where you're stranded on a planet and have to survive
>Rayman Legends
The fast-based Rayman gameplay with a touch-screen companion added to the mix.
>Reel Fishing: Master's Challenge
A fishing game where you remember days past and catch fish.
A side-scrolling shmup where you trying to save as many humans as you can in each level.
>Risk of Rain
A randomly generated platformer where you crash on a world and collect artifacts.
>Scram Kitty DX
A shmup where you grind along a rail shooting at everything that moves and finding lost kittens.
>Space Hulk
A grid-based turn-based strategy game where you kill anything that moves.
>Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark
A side-scrolling stealth game where you try to navigate the extremely deadly environment.
>Sword of Rapier
An ARPG with a very interactive set of abilities despite a very primitive look.
A side-scrolling platformer where you solve puzzles and defeat enemies with magnets.
>The Sun & Moon
A puzzle platformer where you're a blob who can traverse through the floor and walls.
>Tokyo Jungle Mobile
A grid-based action game where you're an animal trying to survive in a now deserted Tokyo.
A shmup where you shoot at the spiky objects coming up the shapes you're attached to.
>Unicorn Savior
<Can be played on Vita TV, but don't recommend it
A touch screen shooter where you switch between weapons to defeat the sentinels coming to attack.
>VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action
A visual novel where you mix drinks for customers at a bar in the cyberpunk future.

>@Simple V Series Vol. 1 - The Dokodemo Gal Mahjong
It’s a simple mahjong game against 3D (Not PD) women, and you can flirt with the girls, not much else to say about it.
>@Simple V Series Vol. 2: The Tousou Highway Full Boost - Nagoya-Tokyo Gekisou 4-Jikan
A remake of the PS2 original, where you hijack cars and run from the police for the purposes of saving your secretary within the four hour time limit. 
A monotone arcade platformer with one-hit deaths where you need to collect the keycard to unlock the door to each level.
A turn-based space-battle RPG, with literal moving JPGs, where you buy new ships to defeat the increasingly difficult enemies in every stage.
>99 Vidas
A Latino side-scrolling Beat Em Up that looks similar to the Scott Pilgrim game that everyone loved from about a decade ago.
>A Hole New World
A Castlevania clone with the gimmick that pits take you to an upside-down world.
>A Winter’s Daydream
A visual novel where a kid tries to fudge his grandmother.
>Alien Breed
A top-down shooter where you investigate a space station filled with xenomorphs.
>Alvastia Chronicles
A Kemco published RPG where you do I don’t know what.
>Ambition of the Slimes
A SRPG where slimes possess opponents to use them against other opponents.
>Appli Archives Jaleco Argus & Field Combat
An emulated collection of the i-Mode remakes of the arcade games Argus, Buta-san, Exerion, and Field Combat.
>Appli Archives Jaleco Momoko 1200%
An emulated collection of the two part run and gun cellphone game where a little girl shoots bullets at squidheads.
>Appli Archives NIS Duologue
An emulated copy the RPG cellphone game where the protagonist of the game is apparently having an identity crisis.
>Appli Archives NIS MiniGamePack 1
An emulated collection of Go Down The Hill, The Elingers Puzzle DX, and The Throwing Prinnies
>Appli Archives Team Rise Vol. 6
An emulated collection of HumanFly 1 & 2 and CIA Sniper DX, the latter being the only thing worth playing.
A primitive puzzle game where you’re trying to get all of the water to fill the meter as soon as is possible.
A Kemco published RPG series where you do I don’t know what, but battles have fully animated sprites.
>Awesome Pea
A “retro-hard” platform with insta-death and a double jumping Pea
>Awesome Pea 2
Another “retro-hard” platform with insta-death and a double jumping Pea
>Badland: Game of the Year Edition
You’re a floating puffball trying to survive to the end of the stage.
>Bagu Desu: Debagga Kentei
A mini-game where you're presented a series of scenarios in video games with the goal of “breaking” the game.
>Beast Slider
A puzzle game where you slide tiles that can then result in them playing the correct beat.
>Beats Trellis
A beatbox app with a wide variety of instruments and sounds that can be produced.
>Big Dipper
A Russian visual novel about love.
>Bucket Knight
A retro-inspire platformer where you play as a knight with a bucket helmet and a gun.
A simple smartophone game where you catapult a monkey around a forest to get gems and bananas.
A puzzle game where you control a time-altering orb.
>Citizens of Earth
An Earthbound inspired RPG where you’re the president of the world.
>Claire: Extended Cut
A side-scrolling horror game where you play as a woman and have a dog.
>Crazy Market
An arcade experience cashier simulator
>Curse ‘N Chaos
An arcade Beat Em up where you’re trying to kill all manner of fantasy spooks.
>Deep Space Rush
A side-scrolling randomly generated run and gun game.
>Demon’s Tier+
A top-down dungeon-crawling RPG where you collect monsters you defeat and add them to your party.
>Dex: Enhanced Edition
A side-scrolling ARPG based in a cyberpunk world.
>Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock
A side-scrolling puzzle platformer starring the Doctor from the BBC TV show.
>Dogimegi Inryoku-Chan: Love & Peace
A puzzle game where you try to clear the level of monsters by slinging them together.
>Don't Starve: Giant Edition
A Socialist survive simulator in the woods with crafting and giant demonic spiders.
>Dragon Fantasy
A series of JRPGs that's parodying your typical Dragon Quest RPG.
>Dragon Sinker
A Kemco published RPG where you do I don’t know what.
>Duck Souls+
An insta-death platformer where you play as a duck with a homing attack.
>Dungeon Punks
A Beat em Up RPG where you build a party and go on missions.
>Dying: Reborn
A first-person horror adventure game where you solve puzzles.
A nature preserve simulator where you raise and grown alien animals and plants and try to reach a balance.
A side-scrolling puzzle platformer where a block transitions between different states of matter.
>Emil's Task
A level-based RPG where you clear each floor.
>Escape Plan
A puzzle adventure game where try to escape some factory using the different gimmicks of the Vita.
Sort of a stealth game where you try to avoid guards along a series of wires.
A colonization sim where you send plant seeds out to colonize other planets.
>Exile’s End
A Super Metroid clone where you crash land on an alien planet.
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Average (Cont.)
>Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy
A dungeon-crawling RPG from ASW.
>Fernz Gate
A Kemco published RPG where you do I don’t know what.
>Final Horizon
A tower-defense strategy game where you're fleeing the solar system.
>Flame Over
An arcade fireman sim where you put out fires and save civies.
Another insta-death arcade platformer.
>Flyhunter Origins
A side-scrolling platformer where you're trying to collect various Earth insects.
>Foosball 2012
A foosball table simulator
A side-scrolling adventure game where you’re an orb floating through a dangerous world.
A side-scrolling platformer where you collect gems and try to save a female fox.
>FoxyLand 2
A side-scrolling platformer where you collect gems and try to save your kids.
>Frane: Dragon's Odyssey
A Kemco published RPG where you’re an angel trying to make peace with demons.
>Furuki Yoki Jidai no Boukentan
A turn-based SRPG.
A side-scrolling platformer where you’re a fox off to save your village from a terrible evil.
A shmup where you try to survive the obstacle course levels.
>Ganbare! Super Strikers
A turn-based soccer game.
A Ghosts N Goblins clone where you’re a boy who can through spears that can be used as platforms
>Green Island
A puzzle platformer where you shoot out bubbles to collect seeds.
A side-scrolling shmup.
>Habroxia 2
A side-scrolling shmup with a story and a rotating field.
An isometric sci-fi dungeon-crawler that you can play with friends.
A side-scrolling platfomer with randomly generates levels.
>HTR+: High Tech Racing
A slot-car racing sim where you can make your own courses.
>I Am The Hero
A side-scrolling beat em up
>Illusion of L'Phalcia
A Kemco published RPG where you do I don’t know what.
A beatbox program where you can make sample songs.
>Indoor Sports World
A collection of air hockey, darts, pool, and snooker.
>Internatonal Snooker
A basic billiards and snooker sports game.
>Jaggy Racer!
A arcade 2.5D vehicle gravity-defying obstacle course.
>Jet Car Stunts
An arcade-like game where you drive a rocket car through an obstacle course.
>Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Championship 2017
Konami's classic baseball arcade game with the updated rosters for the 2017 Nippon Professional Baseball roster.
>Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Championship 2018
Konami's classic baseball arcade game with the updated rosters for the 2018 Nippon Professional Baseball roster.
>Jinro Game
A visual novel where a girl wakes up with several other people and notice that bombs are strapped to their necks.
>Just Ignore Them
A horror adventure game where a man is being stalked by demons in masks.
>Justice Legion
A turn-based tactics game where different ships face off against each other.
>Kawaii Deathu Desu
A One Finger Death Punch clone where you fend off fans during you concert.
>Kick Beat
A rhythm-based beat em up where you hit enemies in time with the song.
A Mario clone where you cannot control the kids speed.
>Knight Solitaire
A solitaire game where you clear different boards with a Medieval theme.
A multi-level dungeon crawler where you defeat monsters and solve puzzles.
>Knytt Underground
A Metroidvania where you explore the underground world.
You're a fish solving environmental puzzles to stop the pollution in the water.
>Kung Fu Rabbit
A simple platformer where you're a rabbit trying to defeat different shadow monsters.
>Kung Fury: Street Rage
A One Finger Death Punch clone staring the characters from the Kung Fury short film.
>Kurogane Kaikijong
A mahjong game with the various characters from Kurogane Kaikitan: Sen'ya Ichiya.
>Kurogane Kaikitan: Ichigo Ichie
A visual novel side story to Kurogane Kaikitan: Sen'ya Ichiya that focuses on the character Amadera Ichigo.
>Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
A TT Lego game where you play as Batman and the various DC characters.
>Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
A TT Lego game where you play as Batman and the various DC characters.
>Lego The Hobbit
A TT Lego game where you reenact the events of the first to The Hobbit films.
>Lemmings Touch
A Lemmings games that uses the Vita's touchscreen.
>Life of Pixel
An arcade platformer where you collect all of the items in the level with graphics mimicking earlier systems.
The artsy-fartsy platformer where you're a lone boy in a dangerous world.
>Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut
A side-scrolling horror game where you're the only person still alive in a world of monsters.
>Looney Tune: Galactic Sports
A collection of simple sports starting characters from WB's Looney Tunes cartoons.
>Magical Beat
A Puyo Puyo clone where you drop blocks in time with the beat.
It's that obstacle course game where you have a steel ball navigate through a maze.
A puzzle game where you lead a giant eye ball in a suit to a red switch.
>Metropolis: Lux Obscura
A crime noir story with the gameplay of a match-3 tile game.
>Midnight Deluxe
A puzzle game where you fling a white box across a level to the shining platform.
>Miles & Kilo
A Mario clone about a boy and his dog.
An arcade game where you collect yellow energy but avoid black energy.
An adventure game where you're a monster disguised as a backpack who's trying to get to his little girl friend.
>MotoGP 13
A motorcycle motorsports simulator.
>MotorStorm: RC
A top down racing game where you drive RC toy vehicles around dirt tracks.
>Mushroom Heroes
A Lost Vikings clone starting Mushroom Men.
>Mutant Mudds
A series of side-scrolling run and gun games where you shoot at mud monsters.
>My Aunt Is A Witch
A visual novel where some kid's aunt is a witch.
>My Big Sister
A horror adventure game where a little girl's older sister is kidnapped and left for dead.
>NAX Music Player
Just a visualizer for your music
A puzzle platformer where you use color to solve puzzles.
>Ninja Senki DX
A side-scrolling platformer where you throw stars at other ninjas and ghosts.
>No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either!
A puzzle game where you try to breed stronger monsters by clearing tiles to defeat the heroes that will be coming within the time limit.
>Nuclear Throne
A randomly generated twin-stick shooter with wacky characters and weapons.
>Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
An isometric dungeon-crawler that tries to imitate the top-down Zelda games.
>Octodad: Dadliest Catch
You're an octopus trying to pass as a human.
>Oh, Deer! Alpha
An Outrun clone where you're a Station Wagon turning deer into roadkill.
>One Tap Hero
A puzzle game where you lead the protagonist around levels and tap the screen to have him jump.
>Ore ni Hatarakette Iwaretemo Tori
It's an RPG with a visual novel presentation.
A top down and side-scrolling shmup where you collect the maguffin to fill a meter and then shoot at the boss.
>Pantsu Hunter: Back to the 90s
A visual novel where you try to steal the panties of various women.
>Paradox Soul
A Metroidvania where you explore a research facility that suffered some accident.
A sliding block puzzle game where you deal with the light spectrum.
A side-scrolling husbandry game where you expand your farm while keeping out pests.
>Plants VS. Zombies
The tower defense game where you use special plants to protect your house from zombies.
>Pocket RPG
A dungeon-crawling RPG where you explore levels.
An endless runner with a story about betrayal and secrets.
>Project: Stealth
A stealth game where you collect various keys in order to reach the end of the level without dying.
>Project Discovery: Daidai Daisuki
A visual novel about a robot girl learning what it is like to be human.
>Project Root
A twin-stick shooter where you're a ship liberating the world.
A physics-based puzzle game where you're trying to get as much of a puddle as you can yo the end of the level.
>Q-Bert Rebooted
The original Q-Bert game along with a 3D remake of it.
>Race The Sun
An arcade-like game where you're a ship trying to collect pyramids while avoiding objects.
>Radio Hammer Station
A rhythm game where you deal out justice to protect the world from flashers.
>Real Boxing
A boxing simulator that gets in really close to the action.
>Red Bow
A creepy adventure game where a little girl cannot wake up from her dreams.
>Red Game Without A Great Name
A touchscreen game where you lead a bird through a dangerous red world.
>Reed 2
An insta-death puzzle platformer where you travel through tunnels and open doors.
>Reed Remastered
An insta-death puzzle platformer where you travel through tunnels and open doors.
>Revenant Saga
A Kemco published RPG where you do I don’t know what.
>Revenant's Dogma
A Kemco published RPG where you do I don’t know what but it has 3D battles.
>Revenge of the Bird King
A Zelda II styled RPG where you navigate with levels with a gun.
>Riddled Corpses EX
An isometric arcade twin-stick shooter where you're surviving the zombie apocalypse.
>Ridge Racer
A slimmed down version of RR7 with over 90 songs, almost 30 vehicles, and nine tracks.
A strategy game where you send out harvesters to collect resources and drones to attack your opponent.
>Rock Basher DX
A simple top-down dungeon crawler where you collect keys to access the elevator.
>Rogue Legacy
A 2D platformer where you're a succeeding generation of knights each trying to explorer a cursed castle.
>Romancing SaGa 2
A remaster of the classic SNES RPG that still retains the pixel-art characters and enemies.
>Romancing SaGa 3
A remaster of the classic SNES RPG that still retains the pixel-art characters and enemies.
>Run Sackboy! Run!
A 2.5D endless runner starring Sackboy from the LittleBigPlanet series.
>Rush Rover
A randomly generated twin-stick shooter with robots and challenges.
>Secret of Mana
A full 3D remake of the SNES original game.
A shmup where you collect particles that you then fling at enemies. 
A side-scrolling platformer.
>Shuttle Quest 2000
A shmup where you take on various missions that give you credits to upgrade your ship with.
>Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 Plus
A turn-based strategy where different civilizations explore and conquer lands.
>Skeleton Stunt Rider
A 2D flash game about a bicyclist trying to collect all the yellow orbs.
>Skullgirls: 2nd Encore
A toon-based fighting game where majority of the cast are demonic women.
A side-scrolling platformer where you're destroying killer orbs with a drill.
A simple reaction game where you're trying to click all of the squares within the time limit.
>Star Sweeper
An arcade game where you shoot all of the objects coming out of a black hole.
>Star Wars Pinball
An arcade pinball game based around various Star Wars characters and media.
>Stardew Valley
A husbandry simulator where you escape the city to move to a farm.
>Starlight Inception
A space-flight combat game.
>SteamWorld Dig 2
A Metroidvania where you dig in a mine to find your lost friend.
>SteamWorld Heist
A turn-based sidescrolling RPG where you attack various spasceships to loot them.
>Super Destronaut DX
A Space Invaders clone with objectives, synth, and neon.
>Super Meat Boy
The original insta-death Indie game where you navigate dangerous environments.
>Super Tank Poker
An Advanced Wars clone where attacks are dependent upon how well you can bluff in poker.
>Super Time Force Ultra
A side-scrolling game where you use various weapons and characters to reach the end of levels.
>Super Weekend Mode
A shmup where you collect hearts and shoot at the boss at the same time.
>Switch Galaxy Ultra
An arcade game where you switch between lanes when trying to reach the next warp gate.
>Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet
A visual novel about a sentient candy that comes to life in a sweets shop.
>Tachyon Project
A Geometry Wars clone that with a story about hackers.
A shmup about an octopus saving the world.
>The Lego Movie: Videogame
A TT Lego game where you reenact the events of The Lego Movie.
>The Long Reach
A side-scrolling horror game about a world where everyone goes mad.
>The Muppets Movie Adventures
A side-scrolling platformer starring various Muppet characters who are filming a variety of films.
>The Swapper
A puzzle platformer where you find a cloning gun and traverse various dangerous environments.
>The Unfinished Swan
A first-person adventure game where you through paint to navigate through the white-space environment.
>The Walking Dead
The adventure game where you're a criminal who manages to survive a car crash and wake up in the zombie apocalypse.
>Thomas Was Alone
A puzzle platformer about different blocks with different abilities.
>Time Recoil
A top-down shooter where you're a time traveler with some special abilities.
A Metroidvania about a girl trying to save her mother and rebuild her time machine while stuck in the past.
>Tottemo E Mahjong
A mahjong game with cute sounding girls.
>Touch Battle Senshi SP
A tank game where you’re a line tank trying to survive in each level and destroy all of the other tanks.
>Touhou Genso Maroku W: The Devil of Decline
An RPG with your favorite 2hu characters.
>Touhou Soujinengi V
An RPG with your favorite 2hu characters.
>Twin Breaker
A Breakout clone with a story.
A puzzle platformer that takes you through the history of various different text fonts.
>Uncanny Valley
A side-scrolling horror game where you’re a security guard.
>Uncharted: Fight For Fortune
A collectible card game based upon the Uncharted series.
>Wanted Corp.
A dungeon-crawler where you're a bounty hunter.
>Warlock's Tower
A puzzle game where you try to reach the door within the amount of steps given.
>We Are Doomed
A Geometry Wars clone that looks like construction paper cutouts.
>Wing Warriors
A side-scrolling shmup where you hold the Vita sideways and play as angels defying other angels.
>Without Escape
A horror adventure game where you're home alone.
>Wizard of Brandel
A Kemco published RPG where you do I don’t know what.
>Wizardry: Labyrinth of...
A trilogy of games for the Wizardry RPG series where you build a party and go dungeon-crawling.
>Xenon Valkyria+
A side-scrolling action game where you collect various items in levels and trade them for weapons.
>Zen Pinball 2
An arcade pinball game with crazy tables, which include some licensed tables from Marvel and Fox.
>Zeroptian Invasion
A Space Invaders clone with a twist.

It tried
>Ape Of Steel
A twin-stick shooter about a cyborg monkey defending himself from robotic insects.
>Bloodred Wyvern
A full 3D After Burner/Space Harrier clone where you play as a dragon. 
>Bloodred Wyvern 2
This time, it’s a Star Fox clone where you play as a dragon. 
>Blue Beacon
A Mario clone where you turn into a beetle.
>Eternal Interceptor
<The framerate in this game is shit
It's a shmup.
An RPG where you automatically attack and level-up.
>Milo's Quest
A puzzle game where a dog searches for his bones and keys while avoiding ghosts.
>Neck Strike
You’re a ball trying to avoid various different sports balls in different arenas.
>Nekomimi Musume ga Sekai no Hatemade Sanma o Tabeni Iku no DADADA
A endless runner where you're a catgirl trying to get fish.
>Night Riders: 3D Arcade Racing
A 3D Hang-On clone.
>Norman's Great illusion
A puzzle game about a struggling working father in Britian.
>PlayStation Home Arcade
Simple 2D games that are based off of Sony properties or clones of other games.
A first-person walking simulator where you explore an island.
>Rugby World Cup 2015
It's a game where you play rugby.
>Run Like Hell!
A 2D endless runner where an explorer tries to outrun the natives on an island.
>Sea Run
An endless runner in the style of a Game Boy game.
>Selfish Angel Said, “Save the World”
A dungeon-crawling RPG that operates entirely with the touchscreen.
>Sokoban Next
A puzzle game where a baby dragon is trying to cook eggs.
>Super Box Land Demake
A sliding box puzzle game.
>Super Destronaut: Land Wars
An FPS where you shoot enemies with various weapons inside an arena.
>Super Wiloo Demake
A cross between a Mario clone and a Sonic clone.
>The Crow
A side-scrolling game where you play as a crow.
>The Deer God
A side-scrolling game where you reincarnate as a deer or an otter and try to survive.
A shide-scrolling shump with a great music selection.
>Touhou Koubutou V
A 3D fighting game where your favorite 2hu characters fight.
>Touhou Sky Arena: Gensoukyou Kuusenhime – Matsuri-Climax
A 3D fighting game where your favorite 2hu characters fight in the air.
>Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones
A platformer where you only control a dog's ability to jump and turn around while he's searching for bones.

>2013: Infected War
A TPS where you’re navigating through a zombie apocalypse, where you kill a certain amount of the undead before the game allows you to progress to the next area.
>Back in 1995
A Silent Hill/Resident Evil clone that looks and plays like shit.
>Color Slayer
A rhythm action game where you slash the neon mannequins.
>Delta Strike: First Assault
A terrible canyon crawling shmup
>Divekick: Addition Edition
A joke fighter where can only jump and kick.
>Emerald Shores
A Mario clone
>Fleet Connection
A rerelease of 0War, except with anime images added.
>Handball 16
A cross between soccer and basketball, is terrible all-around.
>Heroes Trials
A dungeon-crawling Zelda clone.
>Killer Dolls United
A top-down beat em up where you defend yourself from mannequins.
>Little Red Lie
An RPG Maker game about how much the world sucks and everyone lies.
>Murasaki Mist - Akara's Journey
An isometric RPG where you defeat monsters.
>The Dreamlands: Aisling's Quest
An adventure game about a girl stuck in a dream.
>Woodland Walker
A first-person adventure game where you walk along a forst map and try to crash the game.
>Zen Cat Simulator
You're a cat that destroys everything.
You should try Killzone. Pretty good game.
>Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu on average
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Anyone got any Vita-related memes or content like clips, animations, gifs, etc.?
Replies: >>186388
Stop bumping the thread with low effort posts nigger.
Replies: >>186399
>low effort posts
its called a request, I don't give a shit about your bumping autism
I finished EDF2 the other night and finally started Soul Sacrifice, was very surprised it did something that I've been hoping more games would do which is giving you access to the final boss at the start. Been thinking if I should play EDF2017 since I have it on switch as well and runs better on that than the vita version, only difference is its JP only.
Replies: >>190003
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Vita quads
Replies: >>190004 >>190022
2017 feels like the weakest entry to me. It has less content than 4.1/2025
Replies: >>190035
[Hide] (9.8MB, 1280x1754, 04:04)
>>189999 (checked)
She continues to be best girl
>red instead of yellow
Yeah why dont you return to kikechan and never come back you fucking shiteating fed informant faggot.
Replies: >>190037
EDF3/2017 feels a bit weak compared to EDF2 which has more missions, more enemies, 2 classes and more weapons but that was possible because it was built on the framework of EDF1 while EDF3 is a major overhaul with new visual work which probably took them alot of budget.
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I don't know the exact yellow hue it's meant to use but here you go, in case someone wants to get some digits.
I'd rather indigo. Zchan has been dead for more than 2 years and yellow's an ugly color to paint your characters.
Replies: >>190038 >>190069
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It's not bright yellow, you ape.
It's mustard.
Replies: >>190047
[Hide] (90.4KB, 720x900) Reverse
Oh-shit. Brown vita coming through.
Replies: >>190068
[Hide] (248.1KB, 255x179) Reverse
But mustard is bright yellow.
Replies: >>190048
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>Brown vita
You're a fucking newfag
Adventures of Mana is a port of a mobile remake, and I'm pretty sure you can get softlocked in the vampire's manor. Just wanted to throw in my two cents, there.
Not that it matters, since you shouldn't give Squeenix your money, and hacking a Vita is piss-easy nowadays.
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Conduit and Doom 3 now on vita.
Though Doom 3 is more of a proof of concept at the moment.
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