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And most importantly, are you still having fun?

Previous thread: https://archive.vn/WTLFl
Previous previous thread: https://archive.fo/SQqGF
Other previous threads: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/guides/vitagen_prevthreads.txt

First-time buyer's FAQ: https://pastebin.com/Xhz0ijN6
Upcoming game releases: https://www.handheldplayers.com/upcoming-games/upcoming-ps-vita-games-2019/
Recent game releases: https://www.handheldplayers.com/released-games/released-ps-vita-games-2019/
Game list (filterable): http://retailgames.net/playstation-vita/complete-list/
8chan game recommendations: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/raw/master/gamerec/games.png

Vita hacking: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahacking.md#vita-hacking
Vita homebrew/plug-ins: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitahomebrew.md#vita-homebrew-and-taihen-plug-in-recommendations
Vita game mods: https://gitgud.io/8vitagen/hackpaste/blob/master/guides/vitamods.md#vita-game-mods

Lastest news:
Homebrew ports (https://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/): Crazy Taxi, GTA 3, VC and SA, Innyume, Plumbers Dont Wear Ties, Commander Genius, Quakespasm, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Android and the better, best, better than the rest, Space Cadet Pinball.
Some upcoming titles: Beyond-Human, Exogenesis: Perils of Rebirth, Kero Blaster and YIIK: A Postmodern RPG.

Currently I'm playing Yume Nikki on my vita. It's perfect for it since I can just come back to it whenever I want.
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I'm gonna miss the SKDC OP image.
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>>109040 (OP) 
Here's the  slightly adjusted newer chart, and the previous one
and hopefully soon it shall be updated with more entries

Though Vita-tan a cute too, its an appropriate way to start out the new year
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I'm in talks with the chartfag preparing to have more entries added to it soon
anyone got any games to recommend that they don't see on it, and possibly something interesting or unique to say about it that might be interdasting to read in an entry?
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Simple little webm I just made for the 90K get from last thread
It wasn't 100K but it was still a decent get imo
Replies: >>110456
>>109040 (OP) 
Every single time I see a vita thread I have to contain my primal urges and avoid shitposting wildly while laughing at your nogaems machine. But I am not perfect.
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Vita dungeon crawlers.
Are those vita exclusives? If so, saved.
Oh, fuck it, I still haven't finished Mary Skelter. And I started it before Coron-chan
Replies: >>111743
There was a pretty good chart for them someone posted forever ago on /geimu/
Might be worth taking it over and editing it ourselves if anons want to add more or something
Replies: >>111689 >>111690
Image didn't post, trying again
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Gonna try one more time, how fucking annoying
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Replies: >>111703
Add some backgrounds. Just white looks boring.
Replies: >>111699
As in, just adding color to the background, or images?
Replies: >>111702
Whichever looks the best.
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What are the difference between the Vita version and the other ones, anyways? Are they big enough to deter one from playing the game on the platform?
Replies: >>111744
Mary Skelter 2 includes MS1, and it revamps the system of Mary Skelter 1 in its release to have new balance and system changes, which, at least according to 1 anon I remember from a while ago, they liked the changes to 2 from 1, but I dunno about the revamped version of 1.
I haven't played either yet though.
That's about the only difference I'm aware of.
Games like Mary Skelter and Demon Gaze are comfy crawlers where you can auto battle 99% of the content, this can be said about most Experience Inc games. The only crawlers where i felt the need to always pay attention to the enemy formations are the Dungeon Traveler games,Wizardry and Zanki Zero.
I heard Stranger in Sword City was pretty hardcore with its shit, have you tried that?
Replies: >>111751
Haven't played that one yet, want to play it after Blue Winged Chevalier as i heard they are connected.
If you set either of the NIS dungeon crawlers to hard it's pretty easy to be party wiped in a turn or two. Not that there's much consequence to it other than some economic inconveniences.
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Thanks for the list of games I should avoid.
Replies: >>111911
>Mary Skelter
Yeah, until that stupid nightmare comes. I figured it's easier to just fight it and knock it out than trying to outrun that shit normally.
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Anyone has the undub of P4 DAN? The one i found crashed on start.
Replies: >>112286
Just play the Japanese version.
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Spoiler File
(478KB, 1081x1400)
The magazzzine has been finished, along with the ad for a Vita and it already has at least 1 successful purchase based on it funnily enough; Vita-tan is growing stronger

I think it came out pretty nicely, all things considered. The cover is nice too.

Might be worth making more Vita-related content for the next one.
Replies: >>115353
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Forgot to ask: is everyone having fun?
Fug, forgot the link
Will start tales of hearts R, it's been a while since i used my vita and wanted to play something before triangle strategy comes out.
Replies: >>116115 >>116119
You DARE necrobump a thread on MY /v/?
Hope you know moon then. 8-4 really fucked over the English script.
Replies: >>116125
Fuck, really? Do you have any examples? I know jap but i read much faster in english so i usually play the eng version if the script is not butchered.
Replies: >>116141 >>116314
>I know jap but i read much faster in english so i usually play the eng version
Wat. You're never going to learn to read faster if you don't practice.
Replies: >>116196 >>116215
>You're never going to learn to read faster if you don't practice.
You won't learn to read faster even if you practice.
Didn't start Tales of Hearts R in the end because i'm playing other rpg in my 3ds, instead started Persona 4 DAN.
>Do you have any examples?
Kajitani, the fan translator that was working on the DS original (which was dropped out of respect for Bamco's decision to clear the remake being brought over, a choice I think he regrets), estimates the Vita English script having an accuracy to the original Japanese of only about 40% at best. Some archives of posts he made on his site leading up to the release (the last one has some analysis of early game scenes).

I honestly get the feeling that, because Bamco didn't give a damn about bringing Innocence R or Hearts R west until Sony forced their hand with a poll for Vita owners, they had no fucks to give about what 8-4 did with the game. 8-4 being a company that has gone on record about how their favorite projects are the ones the publishers hiring them give them near total freedom to do whatever they please with the script.
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happy vita
Replies: >>116883 >>117023
Damn, 8chan makes all the best OC...
Replies: >>116884
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Wait 8chan is back?
Replies: >>116888
8chan.moe. it's just a different flavor of autism like all the spinoff boards.  Browse it, or don't, or both at once.
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Witness how the jew steals the white man's rightful trips.
Replies: >>116978
How does it feel to let a fat jew live in your head rent free
Replies: >>117280
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Thanks for posting all the vita OC from there here, so I don't have to touch that site.
Replies: >>117277
What about the Vita Propaganda webm from the last thread? I was planning on getting it earlier today but some spammer faggot decided to kill the thread nearly two hours ago.
If anyone has some of the other Vita-tan OC that was posted in that thread please post those here as well. I would also like all of the other images and videos that were in that thread, there were some in the latter category that I really wanted to save.
Replies: >>117286 >>117351
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I wouldn't know. How does it feel?
Replies: >>117289
That link goes to a 404, what are you trying to post here?
Replies: >>117309
>trying to grandstand in a mongolian tapestry chatroom
if your afraid of cooties you dont deserve your webm
Replies: >>117318
Well sorry, it took me a while to realize that it was actually leading to 8moe's Vita thread where it was also posted.
Bulli me for making such a major mistake.
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I feel like I might need to update this at some point with all the vita-tan artwork that's been coming out of late
[Hide] (576.9KB, 960x544)
>Had to format my vita because some error starting adrenaline
>Lost my 90hs save of dungeon travelers 2
Fuck it, i'm just going to play 2-2 now.
Replies: >>118191 >>118193
Damn anon I'm sorry for you
that's why you back up your save data though,  you couldn't have done that?
Replies: >>118221
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1440x800)
I lost my 110hs P4 G+ save when installing SD2VITA.
Still burdens my soul.
Replies: >>118297
Adrenaline error was just an example, multiple games and homebrew would crash after starting and searching online multiple people said it gets worse until console gets bricked.
Also check'em.
Good fucking riddance
Replies: >>118298
[Hide] (307KB, 800x600)
Suck my shit, nigger.
Replies: >>118301
what's the story of this pic? I never actually understood
I ... I can't do it man.
It's too soon.
<too soon
>he doesn't know
Replies: >>118313
I told you zzzchan was full of newfags
She's fucking dead. Anons are posting lewd pictures of a recently deceased girl like the disrespectful fucks they are.
Replies: >>118316
beat it moralfag before I add you to the list of NSF casualties
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[Hide] (518.3KB, 960x544)
[Hide] (687.4KB, 960x544)
Muramasa is a fun game.
Replies: >>121526 >>121537
[Hide] (104.4KB, 960x544)
>second one
reminds me of the screenshot I took from one of the degenerates
Replies: >>121537
Is this another fucked up localization, or the game is like that in original?
Replies: >>121543
I don't know for sure but I doubt it, that stage is set in a red light district and Jinkuro is an /ourguy/ demon swordsman asshole who willingly goes to hell to spare the whiny princess he accidentally possessed at the end of Momohime's route so it's not like it's a "you're a gamergater aren't you" kind of moment.
Replies: >>121569
[Hide] (616.9KB, 960x544)
I'm the anon that got it's save deleted, decided to start the game again and have been slowly making progress, i usually play between things i'm doing, instead of wasting my time in my phone i play the game because my vita is always on sleep mode. Pic is from today, really tight fight because i decided to not stock on healing items and haven't assigned any skills to the party yet.
Replies: >>121577
Maybe I'll take a look at it, after finishing gravity daze (provided putin doesn't nuke me before that).
Anon why it's censored
Replies: >>121580 >>121581
Not necessarily censored since he could be using the uncensor patch
I'm using the uncensor patch, i only play in jap untranslated things or games that really butchered the script.
Replies: >>121632
>or games that really butchered the script
That's every game.
Replies: >>121633 >>121669
even mario 64??
Oh you are that autist from the RPG threads.

I only saw two times that they changed the script missing the original intent, one was to insert a Pokemon joke and other a sexual innuendo. Let's not derail the thread with translation stuff.
Replies: >>121788 >>121890
While I'm not him I'd argue intent itself is only secondary when talking about moe games and character writing never translates well.
Then again just do you. I'll never understand why someone wouldn't play games in their original language but different strokes for different folk.
Replies: >>121887 >>121890
>I'll never understand why someone wouldn't play games in their original language 
That should just be common sense, especially on an imageboard where you normally expect higher quality posters than your average normalfag on twitter/reddit.
>I wonder why people don't play games in the original Japanese
remind me again what is the most predominant meme about learning Japanese?
Its not about different strokes for different folks, its simply just too much effort and time (and potential failure as well if you simply can't comprehend it or are progressing too slowly, or get a bad teacher/resource, or finding it too difficult)
Translation stuff is pretty relevant to the Vita, since the majority of its library is untranslated, JP-only.
Replies: >>121896
That anon implied that he does know Japanese and only plays games in Japanese if they are untranslated though. He will always eat shit unless given the option not to.
Replies: >>121900
*unless not given the option
[Hide] (692.5KB, 960x544)
I will take a break from dungeon crawlers, will download P4 DAN again.
I was just reminded of a few PC-98 games I'd love to play and was wondering how good emulation for that was on the Vita. Some light googling leads me to believe NP2PSP through Adrenaline is the best way of doing it, but I do wonder if anyone here has experience trying that or any alternatives.
Replies: >>123602 >>123612
Why would you want to emulate a computer on a handheld?
Replies: >>123604 >>123614
what are you talking about?
if the control scheme works fine there shouldn't be any issues with doing so
Try either NP2PSP https://archive.org/details/NekoProjectIIV0.33ForPSP or the retroarch core.
I heard NP2PSP has better performance though.
Replies: >>123614
Because it's a really old computer with a lot of visual novels and dating sims in it, most of which don't even have mouse support to begin with.
More or less what I found, but thanks for the reply.
Replies: >>123628
>most of which don't even have mouse support to begin with
I'm not sure where you got that idea from. Are you thinking of the PC-88?
Replies: >>123630
No, just slightly retarded. Though all the PC-98 games I've tried, one exception aside, have competent mouse controls that would make playing them on a handheld like the Vita at least somewhat comfortable.
Replies: >>123640
I don't think small capacitive touch screens are accurate enough to emulate mouse controls. Maybe on the 3DS.
Replies: >>123644
As someone who had the fortune to occasionally use VNC on a fucking android phone... it's not that bad. Just use it as a touchpad on a notebook and not as a tablet. Plus the vita has a back touchpad too, that could work too. It's probably a bit awkward, but it doesn't obstruct the view.
[Hide] (829.1KB, 960x544)
Any good western games for the system? JP games are usually JRPGs and i feel like playing something shorter.
Replies: >>124183
[Hide] (486.7KB, 680x957)
Not all western, but neither JRPGs
>Killzone Mercenary
>Army Corps of Hell
>Wipeout 2048
>Hot Shots Golf: WI
>SteamWorld Dig
>Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz
>Touch My Katamari
>Ridge Racer
>Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
>MvC 3
>Modnation Racers
>Lego Batman 3
>Virtua Tennis 4
Replies: >>124216
you forgot
>Zen Pinball
>Muramasa Rebirth
>any number of pissp games w/ Adrenaline (Daxter, Arthur Maclean's Mercury, PQ, etc)
How is gba emulation on the thing? Wanted to play the gba fire emblem games.
Replies: >>127073 >>127090
All games I tried run pretty good.
I beat The Amazing Mirror on it.
Its quite good, high accuracy and frame rates; haven't checked the newest version but I believe they should have fixed the minor issue of audio crackling at the start screen of certain games and probably further optimized,
What's the average price for one of these nowadays? Specifically leafbux.
Replies: >>127378
[Hide] (551.6KB, 480x480, 00:07)
100-150usd bucks and only going up, though I tend to find used ones at ~70 bucks at my local second-hand store specialized in vidya.
[Hide] (586.3KB, 960x544)
"PS Vita was orphaned by Sony"
More or less what we already knew. What have you been guys playing lately? I must say that it's been a month since i used mine.
[Hide] (333.4KB, 1600x1200)
What a fucking surprise, more confirmations by Sony how they did the Vita dirty, fucking disgusting.
At least anons have adopted her, do your best to take care of her and play games on her
[Hide] (674.1KB, 640x640)
>What have you been guys playing lately?
Jazz Jackrabbit.
I wish someone would port 2 on it.
Replies: >>129979
Fortunately my offline games still work and will continue to work.
>playing lately
Gravity Daze(Rush). But I also haven't touched it in a month and I think I already forgot where I left off.
Unfortunately since Corona-chan, I only really use it for exclusives, because playing on a PC is way more convenient that staring at the tiny screen.
If the port in question is OpenJazz, you can probably just dump the data files yourself, but you'll need a Windows computer to extract those files.  I don't know of any abandonware site that has those files already extracted.
Replies: >>129982
I don't think the vita port supports 2. I may be wrong though.
[Hide] (585.3KB, 960x544)
I always wonder why the vita reached such cult status on image boards, i enjoy the console because i'm a harcore dungeon crawler fan and everyone told me that dungeon travelers 2 was really good but i am probably the 2%.
Replies: >>129987 >>129994
I just really like handhelds. It's a shame they'll never be small again.
[Hide] (148.3KB, 960x544)
I mean, it definitely makes sense when you consider who the audience for imageboards tends to be.
RPGs, visual novels and competent retro gaming, all on the go and pirate-friendly. What's not to love? Especially considering the Vita is pretty much the only platform where you can really get this experience hassle-free, at least until the Switch becomes easily hackable and/or Proton actually starts fucking working.
Replies: >>129996 >>129997
>Proton actually starts fucking working
Speaking of this, have any of you anons actually tried that steam deck or whatever it's called? Is it as clusterfuck as it can be expected from valve?
Replies: >>129998
[Hide] (180KB, 386x406)
>when you consider who the audience for imageboards tends to be
>all on the go
I don't go anywhere
Replies: >>129998
[Hide] (127.4KB, 960x544)
It's, predictably, a complete mess. May be good after a few years of concentrated autistic efforts of which I'm definitely too busy to partake in.
You do go lie down in bed and take trips to the shitter, now, don't you?
Replies: >>130005
[Hide] (82.6KB, 355x509)
check em
I'm checking Vita-tan's glorious pantsu, alright.
I wanna nakadashi vita-chan!
>You do go lie down in bed
My TV faces my bed.

>and take trips to the shitter
I use my 3DS for that since it is more convenient to leave on my desk due to the clamshell design protecting it.
[Hide] (586.8KB, 671x423)
i've been reading a lot on my vita lately, really comfy.
Replies: >>132164 >>132546
Install the screenshot plugin and don't photo the screen for fucks sake
Replies: >>132165
Pic is not mine.
Interesting, maybe ill watch anime on mine instead of my computer
[Hide] (37KB, 669x669)
New vita update, thoughts? Haven't updated mine i just spoonfed to 3.74.
Replies: >>135855 >>135893
lol who cares, I'm surprised Sony didn't just break PSN on the Vita at this point.
Apparently it removes PSN account management from in the Vita, which is a big problem for PSN shit, which affects piracy/archiving down the way and also hurts legitimate users (not that I condone supporting Soyny) and will result in less people and interest
Its also showing they want to phase the Vita out from the online store even harder; start backing up the shit you care about and get to downloading, or if you have extra cash, consider archiving games/((DLC))) that havent been yet
Replies: >>135897
I'm thinking of getting a 128gb card instead of the 64gb i'm using right now, even if there's not much i really want to play.
I should really hack this thing already. I want to play Dragon's Crown and Odin Sphere.
Replies: >>139999
Get to it. As I say, you've nowhere to go but up.
[Hide] (3.8MB, 640x360, 01:06)
>>139999 (checked)
Blessed and accurate digits
[Hide] (318.1KB, 1024x768)
Nice digits bro.
[Hide] (137.9KB, 494x735)
>>139999 (checked)
[Hide] (107.3KB, 399x744)
[Hide] (190.4KB, 992x1403)
[Hide] (1MB, 1420x1890)
[Hide] (143.1KB, 1316x930)
Claiming these gets for consistently best girl, /v/ita-tan.
Go adopt her if you haven't already you tremendous faggot and have fun.
how many gets can we get for vita-tan I wonder? Including this one, that will be 3 pretty big ones in the last 2 threads
[Hide] (9.8MB, 1280x1754, 04:04)
>>144444 (checked)
Fuck, I was just about to claim them, but since you gave them to vitatan, I'm not even mad.
Vita master race 4ever.
[Hide] (145.4KB, 265x340)
>>144444 (checked)
Whats up with the gets? Is like Vita 2 is going to get announced or something.
I accidentally knocked my vita off my shelf onto the floor recently and now it wont turn on anymore. Why did you have to bump this thread and remind me. Fuck you and fuck your digits.
Replies: >>144463
Open her up and fix her, its probably just something small and easy to fix
this is why you should use a hard case
Replies: >>144475
Vita-tan is a gud girl and if I weren't a damn dirty poorfag I would gladly adopt her and have lots of fun with her in the missionary position while holding hands, with the lights turned off.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 442x333)
>Open her up
What vita should I get if i want to hack it and not pay for games like some normalfag? whats the deal with the storage and how long does the battery last? Can I play PSP/PSX games too?
t. PSP owner
Replies: >>144480
[Hide] (332.9KB, 863x421)
All Vitas are hackable and pirate-able
The 1000 (fat-assed Vita) needs a Vita memory card to hack, the 2000 (slim Vita) can use internal memory to hack
For storage if you want to use non-proprietary SD cards, buy an SD2Vita adapter and hack it to use, otherwise you have to use the Vita memory cards which can be overpriced 
Fat Vita battery will last 4-7 hours depending on the game intensiveness
Slim battery last longer (usually around an hour to an hour and a half longer)
Fat Vita has a nicer OLED screen, slim is lighter and has a bit more durable triggers
Yes, you can play all psp and psx games with perfect emulation using Adrenaline (but it cant play the discs ofc).
Does Adrenaline have support for mapping the D-pad to the left stick yet?
Replies: >>144484
Get reVita, and then you can remap anything to anything. Works with adrenaline and native vita games too
Replies: >>144542 >>144606
Have any of you completely replaced your vita shell casing? dropped mine and now i have this fucking crack running from below the buttons to the bottom part of the console. ebay has replacement shells for $50 but they all seem to be 3rd party ( no vita logo on digitizer) and pricey if thats the case
Replies: >>144517
An ounce of prevention is a pound of cure
I havent had to do any repairs on mine, i use a hard clear plastic shell around my Vita with a screen protector and also a hard carrying case
50 bucks is absolute shit tier pricing, for 50-70 more you could literally get another Vita
Replies: >>144518
i was so fucking pissed off when i dropped it. i have tile flooring and anything that falls off at a certain is guaranteed to get damaged. yeah no kidding, i was hoping id find parts at $20 tops but thats not the case but this is ridiculous. i always hate protective cases and never bought one. oops, certainly regret that decision
>get the app that fixes the app
Thank you for the help, but for fuck's sake.
Replies: >>144551
I don't think adrenaline supports any remapping besides what the stock psp emulator in vita does. I mainly use it to switch x and circle in stupid western games, but it's much more powerful than that. For example, you can remap gyro to analog stick (somewhat useful in racing games).
Replies: >>144606
Adrenaline supports remapping, the fuck you're talking about?
The one thing you can't remap is the left stick. I'm guessing that anon wants to change that for reasons, but it's odd since most 2D PSP games let you use one or the other and the ones that don't might rely heavily on analog movement. You can remap the right stick to d-pad for camera controls without any button mapping utilities (which are still useful to have) if that's what he meant.
Replies: >>144647
[Hide] (142.1KB, 960x544)
Dunno, this is all what I have.
Replies: >>144649
I'd like to be able to play PS1 games without having to use the D-pad to move around.
Replies: >>144649 >>144660
I'm pretty sure you can check in-game and switch to analog mode but I'm too lazy to check.
Like the other anon implied, settings change when you're running PS1 games. You can change the type of controller you're using to digital, which will let you use the d-pad instead of the stick. But it'll also disable the right stick entirely (or not, I'm somewhat sure you can map R2/L2 to the stick in that mode if you ever felt the need).
Replies: >>144690
[Hide] (186.3KB, 960x544)
[Hide] (56.6KB, 960x544)
Hmm, it's indeed different in PS1, I don't play many PS1 games. And it looks like I have an option to remap both left and right stick.
Adrenaline options screen looks different (second pic), so I don't think this is an adrenaline feature but who knows. reVita has an advantage that it works in PSP and vita games too, not only in PS1.
Just got my PSvita, now what do I do? I want to play some of the exclusives without needing to buyfag anything
Replies: >>145328 >>145333
look up how to hack on jewtube, henkaku and enso, PKGJ+NoNPDRM and Adrenaline, 3.60 version hacking is better than the shit vita.hacks guide
I'd recommend Skullator/Homebrew Crew's videos rather than text guides since there's less chance of fuck up and I feel they are effective, retard-proof and clear
Replies: >>145334
>he's too stupid to follow written instructions
Who linked this site on leddit again?
Replies: >>145335
>blaming the user when there's literally a visual option you can follow along iwth
nobody cares retard, this is about hacking your device, and following an all-text guide without even a single picture to demonstrate, diagram or follow is retarded.
Replies: >>145405
>read a text guide in 3 minutes
>watching some idiot e-celeb fucking around for 30 minutes
Yeah, thanks no. Leave the influencer bullshit out.
Also, what picture you want to demonstrate? How to enter a fucking url into a fucking browser? How to copy a fucking file into a fucking folder? How to change something in a config file? Do you have room temperature IQ or what is your problem?
Replies: >>145431
my problem is retards like you who claim bullshit on the internet, thinking you're some kind of principled faggot for avoiding useful resources that you could easily circumvent your e-celeb issue with (i.e. invidious or a batch downloader), and supporting things you think are automatically more virtuous (text guides) when it was literally made by discuck fags who don't even have henkaku as the standard anymore and instead push H-encore on everyone, even though its still generally agreed that 3.60 henkaku is the golden FW.
Not only this, but this same group of faggots have basically monopolized the hacking text guide scene on imageboards and made an awful 3DS guide that gave me all sorts of shit problems that I had pretty much none with when following a video guide afterwards.
The goal of a hacking guide should be to retard-proof it, so yes, even if 'you'' think the steps are simple, I don't give a shit. I'd rather be able to see everything clearly than have some faggots' wording without visuals fuck up my device.
If you fuck up on a text guide, you have little reference of what you might've fucked up on since its a series of steps before the issue (like let's say you made a typo somewhere on naming a file or some shit, but you don't know which step you fucked up on), a visual guide completely ensures that, unless something unusual happens, you can follow along to the letter.
Replies: >>145433 >>145435
Oh, And yes, when shit like the order of lines in a config file matters, you'll want to be able to see how its supposed to look and go, instead of making a simple mistake and scratching your head for half an hour or longer trying to fix it.
I never once had an issue with that dude's shit, it was clear, simple, easy to follow, and my Vita was fully hacked and ready to do all the fundamentals that most people who hack their Vitas want. I always used invidious instances on his shit (and on YT in general because its dogshit) so I never had any issues, I just noticed that hey, this dude consistently made guides that were simple, easy to follow, and had pretty much no issues.
Replies: >>145435
>order of lines in a config file matters
<I can't follow simple instructions so I must be spoonfed.
Just checked the gitgud guide from the OP, in the example config half of the comments is what you have to do before/after what. If you can't figure out from this that order matters, you're really a special kind of retard.
>avoiding useful resources
Yeah, I'll totally watch a 30 minutes long video, instead of reading a text in 5 minutes that has the same amount of info.
I watch videos to hack my devices because they tend to be more clear. Simple as that.
There are some faggots that take 30 minutes to do the process but there are a few that do it just as quick as following a guide.
Also text guides aren't infallible.
You DO have a white PS vita, don't you anon? you wouldn't like to have a nigger handheld now would you?
Replies: >>145660
Is PStv worth it or what? can it be hacked just like the vita?
Replies: >>145554 >>145561
Yes and considering the lack or real aftermarket batteries it might be even more longlasting then the vita itself. Although make sure to use it with a DS4 controller as some games require the touchscreen functionality to be properly playable.
Maybe if you posses a CRT. Most of Vita's games render at 960x544 (with some exceptions like Gravity Rush), which means that they will look horribly blurry at native resolutions higher than that.
[Hide] (56.1KB, 300x535)
I would.
no rpgs or strategy games got translated in recent years? :(
romhacking.net says no
[Hide] (97KB, 909x764)
Romhacking.net has 0 vita translations listed so I don't know what you're after.
Replies: >>146524 >>146561
Romhacking.net is more deficient than i thought
Do those retards have a grudge against the system or something?
Replies: >>146530 >>146561
Anon you are better off learning the language instead of relying on random niggers to learn it for you or to past every single line into a machine translator like they always do
Omega Labyrinth and Omega Labyrinth Z were translated like 1-3 years ago respectively iirc
RHDN is run by confirmed troons and may or may not have hosted CP on a hidden file share on behalf of the admin at some point so no shit they're not going to have anything for the anime handheld. See https://baddesthacks.net for details.

More generally anything after the PlayStation is much less likely to get uploaded to RHDN because their system is built around sharing tiny IPS files and modding/translating 3D games requires either massive fucking diffs/xdeltas or just distributing pre-patched ISOs. There's a similar problem (but for different reasons) with PC-98 translations.
Replies: >>146533 >>146561
>connection is not private
Last I recall, 3DS also had none listed when that system also has a decent amount of fan translations as well. Not sure it's a grudge given that fact (it could simply be that the systems are too recent to be worth taking a risk), though I do get the feeling the management isn't fond of the system as well. Still a shitty place regardless, and it's unfortunate that they remain the go-to for both the finished patches and for people involved in fan translation and romhacks to find people with the skills they need but don't have.

>More generally anything after the PlayStation is much less likely to get uploaded to RHDN because their system is built around sharing tiny IPS files and modding/translating 3D games requires either massive fucking diffs/xdeltas or just distributing pre-patched ISOs. There's a similar problem (but for different reasons) with PC-98 translations.
Except that all they do when a game's patch is too large to host on their own servers is make a page where the download option links off-site to the creator's own upload of it. Point being, even games with large patches should still be getting pages to boost awareness there at the very least, but depending on the system, aren't.
Replies: >>146570
In the 3DS's case it could be fear of Nintendo going after them merely for the implication that you would need to jailbreak the system to use the translations. But the Vita had none of those issues, so who knows.
Picked up my vita again and got pkgj working this time. Managed to get one small test game installed and now I’m hyped as fuck. I think I’ll go for Dungeon Travellers 2 and theat windows 3d pinball first, as well as divekick just because I require it back on my vita for the ultimate portable one system fight game
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