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Look at this fucking board >>>/bmn/

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Back in the 90s and early 2000s. Videogames were mostly bought and played by kids and teenagers. Nowadays it ranges from kids to grown up middle age men in a very even scale.
Adult men buy a large portion of videogames.
Which is why is strange that even with VR. Eroge videogames and fleshlight peripherals have barely made its way into the modern market aside from a niche.
I love games like Wii Sports Resort and Ring Fit Adventure that encourage the player to get /fit/. I would suggest that it has a lot of undeveloped potential. Imagine a videogame that uses a treadmill as a peripheral. If the videogame is good, you would get fucking ripped in no time.
Or a game that uses dumbbells.
Onaholes or sex peripherals apply to this too. Consoles are becoming less, and less desirable as time goes on. How many of you though, would buy a console sex robot with videogames that use your dick to play the game? What if the robot can play games with you while you fuck it? Just imagine the possibilities!
Peripherals as a whole are less creative nowadays. I miss the days of Guitar Hero, Time Crisis, DDR, Eyetoy and such. However, a new golden age could possibly resurge.
What do you anons think?
>>107384 (OP) 
Just make good games, fuck all gimmicks. If I'm horny I'll fap, if I want to lose weight I'll stop eating like a pig, if I want to play a good game I'm FUCKED
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>>107384 (OP) 
It's unlikely to have an eroge console or eroge games and peripherals in mainstream consoles in the near future. ESRP/CERO would rate most games on an eroge console as AO/ Cero Z  so retailers won't bother stocking them since it's illegal to sell those games to people under 18 and it won't bring that much sales. Eroge games on PC are becoming more and more popular though. You see so many patreon scams where developers milks the fuck out of their projects and retards still keep giving them money that ranges from 10k to 60k a month, so the possibility of any  innovation will be there most of the time. As for peripherals then pray some Japanese company that sell onahole products creates a product you can use in VR or other types of games.
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The future is now, old man. Why bother spending time doing each, when I can do all of them at once and gain extra free time?
Throw a nipponese learning vidya in and I can do all 4 and transcend traditional learning.
As I said, most of the market is adult males, so couldn't stores like GameStop have an adult section similar to old rental video stores?
>so retailers won't bother stocking them since it's illegal to sell those games to people under 18
Like that'd stop anyone. My big brother was cool enough to buy me Diablo for PS1 when I was told to fuck off by the clerk as a small child.
Op should kill himself
>>107384 (OP) 
OP is a faggot
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>>107384 (OP) 
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>>107384 (OP) 
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You're the dildo riders.
Imagine not wanting to fuck a robot while playing vidya.
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Oh God, I want to fuck those Legos
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To sort of revive this thread, I just acquired a Go!Cam for my PSP for peanuts because I want to see about trying Invizimals sometime, but I was curious if anyone actually used the photo and video software that came with the PSP and other consoles over the past few decades. I know that I messed around with my 3DS' camera for a while, but I mostly used the photo software to watch videos when I wasn't connected to the net. Anyone else do anything similar? Did anyone ever make any "cool" photos or projects with those?
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The problem with VR porn from what I've heard, shit's too expensive for me is that the enhanced visual feedback only exacerbates the lack of feedback in other areas, making you feel what multiple people have described as "empty". 
"Get ripped and get your dick sucked" as a concept would be nice a few times, but it can only go so far until the gimmick wears off and you're left with an expensive motorized onahole. To truly realize the motivational waifu fantasy, short of actually realizing it, you would need an unprecedented level of feedback.
Starting with the obvious, touch. Short of a full body haptic feedback suit, you could settle for torso, upper legs, upper arms, hands, head, and maybe cheeks. For simplicity sake let's go with a loli and say her weight is negligible, allowing us to forego some complex dynamic weight machine. You can now feel the loli on your back as you do your pushups, you can now feel the loli's headpats and hear her smug but encouraging remarks as you lay exhausted on the floor, you can now feel the loli's warm embrace and embarrassed kiss as you post-exercise dick her lotus style, but that's all. 
Your brain still thinks something is missing and that's because something IS missing. The smell, the pheromones, they're not there. How can you muster the will to live, the will to strive, and the will to fight if you can't even smell the loli? 
Unfortunately I think that's where we hit a technological roadblock. Recently there's been a "technology" created that allows you to taste food from a screen, and it does that by spraying the chemicals that taste like the food on a film and then rolling it over the screen like some sort of 1920's convoluted contraption. As far as I know there's yet to be a real way to make synthetic smells, and even if I'm wrong I unfortunately doubt whatever exists is portable and realistically available to consumers. 
Haptic feedback suits exist, but loli smell can't yet be synthesized. And even if it could AI is also another area that is lacking, and that in itself could cause problems and make immersion an impossibility. 
While any attempts would certainly be noble, I don't believe we have the technology to make AR exercise a reality.
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Maybe the best route until technology reaches that point would be to appeal to the clang side of things.
Not only that but keep things smaller than human-size machinery or suits.
That way you don't have to worry about replicating real life appeals and can keep things cheap enough. Of course, I'm not saying that it's preferable to what you described, but something the levels of pic related is decades away. Just making a VR game look good and run decently is hard enough due to the need to render two images at once.
What I'm suggesting is a start that it's possible in the modern day. A videogame machine in a robot with simple commands and A.I; A fleshlight inside as well with inputs activated by your cock. All bundled and marketed as a console for adults. Or maybe it could be an add-on so the base models could be sold to kids.
I don't know. I'm probably overestimating the amount of people that would like to fuck a robot.
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I would fuck a robot, but I don't see the point in mixing it with video games.
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mentally_retarded.png (u)
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It would be cool to use your dick instead of a controller to play a game.
It would also be neat to play videogames with an A.I. that I can touch irl and can sexually taunt me.
Idk probably a fetish of mine or autism.
Replies: >>110489 >>110520
cm3d.jpg (u)
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The Custom Maid 3D team produced an controller you can stick your cock in called the Chu-B Lip. It measures depth somehow. However, it's only available in Japanese sizes, so count your blessings if you're a dicklet. If I ever get a steamvr lighthouse system, I'll try out one of those tracker pucks on a fleshlight. I've been throwing around the idea of making my own digital sex toy, but silicone casting sounds like a PITA and I'd have to come up with a convincing lie for my parents.
Replies: >>110489
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I'd play vidya with the robot, but directly linking the two down to the design level is not something I would like. 
Maybe it's just because I'm autistic and consider a sexbot something that should be closer to a waifubot than just a fleshlight. 
The first thing that came to mind is some kind of wave time measurement, but that probably wouldn't work. In a space that tight, even if you made the hole as wide as it could be, waves would probably bounce around and get lost instead of hitting your dick and going back on a straight enough path to be detected. 
Plan B would be to somehow detect the expansion of the onahole to guesstimate where the dick is. 
The nigger rigged way would be to segment the onahole, put it in a case, and insert a micro switch between each segment and the case, so that the expansion of the silicon triggers the switch and sends a signal to the controller. 
The autistic way, which may or may not work, would be to use termal proprieties of rubber bands. Rubber bands heat up when expanded and cool when released. Put a rubber band, encased in some insulated material, with some way to read the temperature, and, with a calibrated threshold, you'll be able to tell the exact size of expansion. Maybe that's going to far though. 
The normal way which was somehow the last thing I thought of would be to just use multiple small pressure sensors instead of the micro switches in the nigger rigged way. That would work just as well and give you more precise readings. 
As for the controller you could just run the output through an analog to digital converter, into a micro controller for processing, and out through whatever. If it's wired you could just use USB for both power and IO, if it's wireless RF would work and still keep it extremely simple, but you'd need a battery. You'd still need to make a driver for it, but it could work and be relatively cheap and custom made.
>porn games
secretly the mainstream, for the last 30 years.
>porn game peripherals
waste of money, I wouldn't trust any machine with touching my dick.
Japanese_create_joystick_joystick.jpg (u)
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Soon, anon, soon.
asdaasf.jpg (u)
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You need to defeat the snake.
Don't let it consume and control/lead your life.
And when you view it as the waste of life/time it is that you're doing that kind of stuff, then you'll think that it was so silly.
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