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Look at this fucking board >>>/bmn/

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bear ded edition

ITT announce your intent to host gamenights and events. /christmas/ game room was a reserved success this weekend so "netplay isnt a real gamenight" fag must STFU now and forevermore. The /christmas/ board itself will be up until new years so if you want to play some more next weekend or just keep the game pack as an example go download it.
Is there absolutely no way for anons to play a multiplayer game without a server? preferably without opening ports and other networking dark magic
Sure, but it will be peer to peer and be laggy as fuck like the kart game night last weekend.
Replies: >>105811 >>105830
Servers are an advantage, not a neccessity.
Networking isn't dark magic, you just need to read a book, nigger.
Replies: >>105811
Touché... Thanks for the answer.

But I wanna be spoonfed!
I made it through 2 full networking courses in university with goodish grades and the topic is still magic to me somehow
Replies: >>105830
What are you talking about? The reason it was lagging was that the hostfag was on a toaster with dialup.
SRB2Kart isn't even P2P and there was zero lag in the other game nights, nor is games using P2P necessarily laggier or easier to set up than conventional client-server games.
How did you make it through 2 networking courses without learning how basic port forwarding works? Amazing.
Replies: >>105832
I guess I was mistaken then.
Replies: >>105835
91160a3b2df3e2a4c7c5fa865f91edbc7aded90aca75d9bce1427930339cabaf.jpg (u)
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Guess we all make mistakes, wasn't sure if you were one of the usual shitposters or not.

On the topic of lag, how was CTR? Only played turn-based games in mednafen before because of the lag.
Replies: >>105843 >>105876
I got a bunch of people to play Monster Hunter and Peace Walker, though Peace Walker requires a fuckload of forwarded ports for all the different network functionality and I conveniently don't have them despite apparently being the only one who documented this shit.
I find the lag is annoying, and comes in frequent small spikes, but isn't unplayable. I've consistently gotten first place against bots (though only easy since that's the only unlocked mode), and don't bump into walls very often.
Replies: >>105856
fca69afbf85579b7e4c731f56d21f44113828b6bb23af8f5e621bc623f7b8422.jpg (u)
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>every game uses their own native adhoc ports instead of piping netplay over some standardized ports
What a mess. There is this if anyone wants to try it again:
All the stickied "tutorials" on the PPSSPP forums tell you to use DMZ which is a terrible idea, please don't do this if you value your os-tan's sanity.
Nice, might start considering more games for mednafen netplay then.
Peace walker gamenight when? the multiplayer is fun as FUCK and so is the coop
fa5370a2743090ffcdaa52107258297281fef6673058aa2db4afc58530d7dda5.png (u)
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>I got a bunch of people to play Monster Hunter and Peace Walker
Surprisingly smooth, and ironically felt a bit more playable than than turned-based Fire Emblem. Seemed like there was a bit of input lag, though.
Shit, howd you do it? Hamachi?
Replies: >>105920
No, just with PPSSPP and port forwarding. Monster Hunter is super easy, just requiring ports 20001-20004 to be forwarded, but no one bothered doing Peace Walker, so I had to monitor network activity to figure out what ports the emulator attempting to utilize. I'm pretty sure that each co-op player required three separate ports to connect, trading required another port, and the 6-player competitive mode also required a separate port. You'll also need to switch the adhoc server in the settings to, randomize your MAC address, and then I think it should be good to go. For the competitive mode, I edited out a texture of a quetzal that breaks the "stealth" gameplay, though I haven't figured out how to remove the sound indicator. It's a very easy process.
>>105615 (OP) 
I wish we cloud play spore with creatures made by each other
Replies: >>105933
I wish you'd shut the fuck up about spore
Replies: >>105934 >>105937
Some wounds never heal anon.
Replies: >>105948
Why so mad anon?
Replies: >>105948
it's been 13 years, soon enough it's going to be the same deal as Eva
instead of waifu wars arguments about how one skeleton is better than the other you'll get incessant bitching about lost potential even though EA was publishing it from the start
it will never, EVER stop
Replies: >>105969
But unlike shitty anime we can mod spore
Konachan.com_-_235022_building_city_industrial_moon_night_original_pochi_(poti1990)_scenic_short_hair_signed_sky_snow_stairs.jpg (u)
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If nobody is playing anything I'm going to bed
>>105615 (OP) 
is somebody going to host a JKA gamenight this year?
Replies: >>105982
Last thread the guy said he completely forgot. If you're willing to host there'll be at least one anon playing with you.
doubly so if you get the christmas small town map
Replies: >>105985
I have never hosted a game server in my life and have no idea how to set one up and even if I did have any knowhow on the subject I doubt that I have the hardware to do so.
As such I'm afraid that it must be somebody else
Replies: >>106000
fe0d6962dc46d73f77f52bff03cbdef3c1e3dd8e.png (u)
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Dude, it's an open sores video game. Pull out your JKA christmas install and look up a server tutorial. If funkyfag could host SRB2 Kart then you can host this. I believe in you.
Replies: >>106043
Speaking of the christmas jka pack, mind posting a link?
arzuros.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.5MB, 865x1000, 04:43)
peacewalker.webm (u)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 986x1333, 01:55)
I found the threads for Monster Hunter and Peace Walker from nearly two years ago. All the information should still be valid. I haven't checked if the download links work yet. There are additional things like HD texture packs. I may recreate the OPs later, but it's the least I can do since I'm no longer a hostfag.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd + Freedom Unite
UDP (lobby): 10000
TCP (in-game): 20001 to 20004 (one for each player)

Peace Walker
UDP: 4097-4100 and 4111 (4099 is bare minimum to see people in lobby, rest are for versus and mandatory for CO-OPS)
TCP: 537-539, 550-552, and 555-557 (CO-OPS up to 4-players), 897 (personnel trading)
famardy.png (u)
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famardy1.png (u)
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famardy2.png (u)
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famardy3.png (u)
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famardy4.png (u)
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Dominions game night maybe?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Replies: >>106478
f94084ae62be8f12b3d156d31e21a2c8086dfa3483c30e0b7b5d6cf1d6a6b5bf.gif (u)
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Well he is an alien lizard monster.
Could use that blitz server but how you you make the game go fast? We could do that team vs mode, that might work.
Replies: >>108930
teeworlds.png (u)
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bzflag.jpeg (u)
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hedgewars.png (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
(6.3MB, 640x368, 02:31)
>>105615 (OP) 
So I've been looking into some games and I found some options for a gamenight:

2d shooter game with grapplan hooks.
>quick to set up and would probably still be fun
<nothing new and would probably just get boring like the last time

First person shooter where you play as a tank.
>lots of multiplayer options and is a new game to try for a gamenight
<server is a pain in the ass to configure (not that it wouldn't be possible, it would just take a while) and the controls are kinda ass

Open source Worms clone with hedgehogs
>Anons have talked about wanting a Worms gamenight so it should hopefully be fun
<game looks kinda ugly

Additionally, I have a mystery™ option available for a gamenight that I will reveal once votes are over. (spoiler unrelated)

Vote here:
ermor.jpg (u)
[Hide] (252.3KB, 1191x703)
Fighting ermor is so much fun.
Replies: >>108930
e22ea50f9b8ebca8d82776021390c2d765ae202d99819f5df386a538eca5133f.png (u)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1186x678)
Really fun.
84991dbba5d741bad83ea54ed980ced12d17546b22990336e34be11534920ec0.PNG (u)
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>boring arena shooter that was dead the first time it was played here
>low quality WoT but even worse
>Worms copy&paste

Boy I wonder who made this post. Here's a better poal for people who aren't massive faggots who like the smell of their own farts.
I wanna play terrarria
Spoiler File (u)
(33.3KB, 318x240)
Yeah, I guess the whole voting shit was kind of gay.
However, what do anons think of having a Mega Man 8-bit Deathmatch gamenight?
Replies: >>108947
eject_grapple.webm (u)
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entering_[HNT]_chatroom.webm (u)
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facestab.webm (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1280x720, 00:07)
To put it shortly, I think Halo 2 Project Cartographer (fan made PC port) and Titanfall 2 Project Northstar (fan made private and custom servers) should allow us to play those games with pirated copies.  I got Halo 2 PC working and I'm going to test that with a friend this weekend, and I'm reinstalling Titanfall 2 (with Origin, God help me) to see what the experience is like with and without Northstar.  Last I heard the game had been overrun with hackers and the public servers were being DoS'd regularly, and Northstar appears to fix it as well as add custom game modes (gungame, free-for-all, importing titans from the PvE mode with tonnes of insane upgrades, etc.) that had been lost once the game went into its end of life maintenance mode.

I'll post progress here when I have a better idea how things work.  These games are fun, TF|2 especially.
>fan made PC port
Er, fan made PC mod that actually makes Halo 2 playable on Windows.
>custom tf2 servers
So does this mean we now have the ability to host fryonier defense 2.0 servers without the autistic amount of grinding for a single mech’s abilities? Really makes that whole “sense of pride and accomplishment” debacle from around the same time look even more retarded in comparison.
Replies: >>108831 >>108850
>Tfw you hit pilot Gen 10 before you got 75% of monarch’s frontier defense abilities.
I believe that should be possible, yes, although it doesn't seem to be included as part of the default game modes.  Then again, I'm sure people will mod all kinds of things.
Replies: >>108849
d549db26490567a3b1a37fd8eefca454880da39bda120675bb4648ff7c265ecf.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.3MB, 720x400, 00:21)
BZFlag looks pretty cool
Replies: >>109531
Why are respawn a bunch of needy retards averse to the solo player experience? Its a miracle 2 even has an actual campaign. 1 was just some retarded video drama playing in the top left corner of the screen during multiplayer matches labeled as “campaign” They even force you into teams in apex.

You can’t even start a private match solo in Titanfall 1 just to admire the work put into the maps and Titanfall 2 has this same problem to a slightly lesser extent when trying to start frontier defense solo.
>>custom tf2 servers
I wouldn't mind if we could get onto team fortress 2 at some point. Just get some anon to host a server and everyone joins in.
Whatever happened to TF2 vintage? I stopped playing for a bit and then it died in my absence.
Replies: >>108853 >>108901
I meant Titanfall 2.

 Team Fortress 2 is absolute unplayable cancer on PC. Its World at War multiplayer level bad. But with hats and baseball bats.
Replies: >>108933
How the fuck did you read "custom tf2 servers" and not read the next sentence where he talks about game modes and mechanics that AREN'T IN TEAM FORTRESS 2?
Replies: >>108933
Holy christ, I think BZFlag is the game Tanarus knocked off that I've been trying to remember the name of since I played it in the late 90s. Thank you kind stranger.
247d99c36c2ba8bb8e6757b4974f79dc2f948411f070a4730760e2d66ed175cd.png (u)
[Hide] (85.9KB, 532x312)
This game might be too autistic for a gamenight. I wonder how many people who actually know how to play it are around. Nothing wrong with jumping in as a newfag but it sucks getting stomped the first time and not knowing what the hell is going on
Turn speed is more of a scheduling issue. You can get through a bunch of turns pretty quick with one other person but it becomes harder the more players you involve.
>team vs mode
That could be fun but I don't think it necessarily makes the game go faster. It would be more noob friendly though if we went through the trouble of pairing them with more experienced players.
What the hell are those things that look like stars coming out of the ground at the back of the army of undead?
Replies: >>109022
>I wonder how many people who actually know how to play it are around. Nothing wrong with jumping in as a newfag but it sucks getting stomped the first time and not knowing what the hell is going on
The average skill level of the people that played dom here is lower than that of someone with 0 experience.
I know he was talking about titanfall, "tf2" just reminded me of team fortress and I haven't played it in a while.
_rtcw__downtime_2_by_femmertcw_d859r4j-fullview.jpg (u)
[Hide] (48.5KB, 1024x576)
>>105615 (OP) 
I've heard the multiplayer for RTCW is fun. Played sp but I don't remember playing mp. But I only want to play if there is a (serverside) mod to play with sexy nazi ladies!!
Why you have to be rude, anon?
Zombie master looks cool. (Mostly) PvE and PvP where ping between players isn't such an issue would be refreshing. I guess this is as close to L4D we'll get for awhile
All the shilling of Titanfall has made me want to try it. I think I'll try to get around to pirating it and seeing if Northstar lets you play online.
Replies: >>109107
No thanks.
All you need are Doom WADs. Objective fact. Bait is queers.
3e8ca885868ab0c723b36a2599ed97544edc70e70951b2b7a19f4c1066231ff5.png (u)
[Hide] (746.9KB, 733x792)
You talking about the priests casting unholy power, or the wings of the sublime clowns?
>I think I'll try to get around to pirating it and seeing if Northstar lets you play online.
You need to have an Origin token to connect to the master server list.  It'd only work with private servers where you can connect directly by IP.

It may be possible to spoof Origin tokens but I'm not sure if anyone has tried.
poll.PNG (u)
[Hide] (145.7KB, 585x428)
chex_pack.png (u)
[Hide] (693.9KB, 1920x1080)
The poll is in, with the mystery™ gamenight winning by a staggering 1 vote.
Without further ado, the mystery™ gamenight is... Chex Quest Deathmatch, a mod for Chex Quest 3 that allows for deathmatch play along with some custom maps, courtesy of the Chex Quest Fan Forums.

If anons want to do something else instead, then I can set up a BZFlag server instead (it was actually tied for first place a few days ago, and >>108844 said that it looked pretty cool.) Additionally, I found a script for an oekaki imageboard if any anons want that set up for a while.
>breakfast cereal DOOM clone deathmatch
Sounds wonderfully stupid.  I'm free Sunday.
Replies: >>109666
82859cab22e0886fd765401c0edc419528f42740addff305fe37acd3d6ebc91b.png (u)
[Hide] (24.6KB, 640x640)
>chex quest
Neat. I haven't played that one yet.
>Chex Quest Deathmatch
Only if you do objectively best gamemode CTF 
Is that the same version we once played on a public serb after doom hoster dropped out for the night?
Replies: >>109666
poal.PNG (u)
[Hide] (172.2KB, 636x524)
No, that was MegaMan 8-Bit Deathmatch.
I'm sorry, but the people have spoken, even in the other poll anons voted for an arena shooter. Although there is a standalone Zombie Master server for Linux, so maybe I could host a gamenight for it later after I can figure out how to get the game running through WINE.

I was originally planning on hosting the server last Saturday (hence the Sleepy Saturday naming) but I ended up being busy and waiting for the poll to come in that I didn't get anything started. Because of this, I'm wondering: Should I start hosting the server until the end of the week or should I wait until Friday?
Also I'm kind of disappointed that Anons weren't interested in the oekaki board, I just had this idea that Anons could post drawings to put in the Gaming MagaZZZine like how people used to mail in drawings to real magazines.
Replies: >>109669 >>109674
Sooner hosting is better.  Even if I won't be playing with anyone, having the server online so we can actually try connecting is good.
>I'm kind of disappointed that Anons weren't interested in the oekaki 
Why did you expect people to vote for a website in a video game poll?
Replies: >>110240
>No, that was MegaMan 8-Bit Deathmatch.
I was talking about the time we played Chex Quest CTF, might have been after triple game night christmas Doom.
>another boring doomclone
I'm going to enjoy skipping this gamenight with everyone else.
Replies: >>109706
775bc61580e802b9bed6d401d51a241916f053313077f75ea04a72a36c281a2b.png (u)
[Hide] (639KB, 566x642)
what a shame, that makes me very sad, I'm sure we will all miss you, anon who totally played every other game night and totally isn't here only to try to cause random drama, I hope you can catch the next though
Replies: >>109708
Yuno cult worship in minecraft gamenight when?
The server is finally up and running along with the dynamic DNS.
If you want to test it out, then download Zandronum
and then extract this into the folder:
Run ChexPack.bat or type zandronum -wad chex3.wad -file ChexPack.pk3
Open up the console (press ~) and type
cl_password isthiswhatyouwant
Thread should be coming soon.

I had heard on /b/ that anons were wanting an oekaki board and I was in the mood for hosting shit, but you're right, it was kind of dumb asking about it in a gamenight thread.
Replies: >>110243 >>110257
If the domain name doesn't work then try connect
Replies: >>110244
Also the different IDs are due to my dynamic ip, so please ignore that.
Where's the thread?
Replies: >>110267 >>110327
It doesn't deserve one, nobody is even playing it
I'm sorry, I fell asleep, here's the thread:
ffec98a42756f735c252e458053c08f30d58ca54379dcd0773a8a0875214240e.jpg (u)
[Hide] (100KB, 768x820)
anyone interested in OpenSpades next Friday?
793e26b563dd8c7479027a1cd73c77b3acac070e2443bc73d477cbab7a28c8da.gif (u)
[Hide] (785KB, 320x240)
Sure, but you mean not this coming friday right?
Killing Floor clearly won the poll. Not playing your shit.
Spades is boring.
>giving a single shit about polls
Hosting gamenights is first come, first served.
No amount of retarded kikedcracy will stop anyone from having fun playing or hosting whatever they want. If you want to host KF, do it nigger. Otherwise don't tell others they can't host gamu.

I say this despite preffering KF over AoS by far. If there's no KF host or OP, let them have it. Besides, JointOps is also happening.
Replies: >>111761
That poll was for making a game not hosting a gamenight and since KF won there will be a KF clone in the works made by /agdg/
>not caring about poll
Fuck off kike.
then you host it :^)
Replies: >>111838
d60ff2ead9ed1834ad64f78de51b2bd82b40d8f91914f78d079e35f170e37c4b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (224KB, 640x630)
here's one
Replies: >>111842
d7b66d2b06ebca7c0c221afe7b8fc4bd7daa30e330f0f15bfb68cc35658fe5c7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (85.5KB, 442x650)
Replies: >>111843
af8bdc840df40bf07b928b70526dc59bd943222f7791d355e89df44a580e417e.png (u)
[Hide] (375.3KB, 600x600)
shit sorry here's the right article
Replies: >>111845
Replies: >>111846
bdc88f4c83e0a6131eb08e26af80af028caaafcb51fda71ad7838989f2136c73.jpg (u)
[Hide] (178KB, 2048x1450)
6db77d7277a293a5730637a447a6572356c1ee003782a841220ebbc46e1613a1.png (u)
[Hide] (397.5KB, 390x390)
b96903d130dfa8e03e76ffa7e714da599a9341ccce191bbd3ad2ad7b953985e5.png (u)
[Hide] (138.4KB, 250x250)
Replies: >>111849
apparently there's no way to just host a server headless, you can only do it from the base game which is mega gay
Replies: >>111850
783cac5c4deb1a41593bbc88d9451ca0b97784d9bc44c1775dd9eb0a9f89b25e.png (u)
[Hide] (13.5KB, 300x250)
>no way to just host a server headless
I would assume it'd be fairly tricky to operate a computer while lacking a head
I really need to try and host kartd one of these days. I have a vpn and I believe the IPs are static
Better have Stalingrad for it
Replies: >>112048
also going to ask one last time, do we have enough eurofags to warrant two separate servers, one in burgerland and one in yurop?
i think i got it, assuming vanilla AoS maps are compatible with OS.
Replies: >>112051
zzzchan is a eurofag board, but we don't even have enough men to fill the ranks of a a server beyond 10 people so 2 servers would split the playerbase even more
Replies: >>112073
I think its pretty mixed but we don't have the population regardless.
Lain_deserves_APNG.png (u)
[Hide] (362.3KB, 500x357)
Would anons be opposed to a gamenight feat. DOSBox and IPX tunneling?
I kind of got to work after fiddling around with my firewall for some time but I don't know if anons here have access to port settings on their router/firewall as forwarding a specific port is necessary in order to get it to work, though any anon that manages to can also hostfag anything he has on hand right away.
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