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What a nice board!
Do you even lift? >>>/fit/

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I'm back faggots.What are you playing? Are you enjoying it? Would you reccomend it?
I'm playing the Torna Dlc for Xenoblade Chronicles 2,it gives an enjoyable spin to the combat from the original so i'm enjoying it,if you want to know more about the Aegis war you should play it.
Currently playing Strage Journey. It's pretty damn good, atleast better than IV and IVA
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>>10547 (OP) 
.Hack Quarantine. I was finishing Xenoblade but I want to finally finish .hack first.
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(506.7KB, 819x487)
Sector? To me has the worst "battle" gameplay with the aligment system,otherwise would be my favorite SMT,enjoy the journey.

Coming from xenoblade 2 i couldn't stand how simplistic the combat was in 1,dropped it when i met Melia,me having autism about finishing every mmo tier quest didn't help either.
(1MB, 768x768)
Restarted Digital Devil Saga after stopping at the ship years ago. The Mantra system is nice, although I miss talking to demons. I also wish it had a proper world map. Highly recommended if you want a somewhat easier, more straightforward Nocturne. Speaking of Nocturne, I beat Matador by metagaming and getting lucky, but now Raidou is kicking my ass. Any suggestions? Should I do Amala Labyrinth 1 first?
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Why play Nocturne now when the remastered is coming out soon? Even if you play the pc version you should be curious for the changes,also SMT V soon,i wouldn't burn myself out.
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I haven't played DDS in over 6 years. Is it as good as I remember?
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It's pretty nice, yeah. Slightly too linear, though it does let you backtrack a lot to grind and pick up stuff you missed.

I'm playing the translated Chronicle Edition on my PS2. I couldn't find anything about a PC release.
(1.1MB, 833x1150)
I'm playing Wild Arms 2 for the second time, taking notes of every key event and i'll probably do the same for Wild Arms 3 when i'm done.
There is also Atelier Ryza, a pretty comfy game, but i feel like i should get better at combat.
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>taking notes of every key event
Replies: >>10771 >>12920
There's not much to atelier combat,you just craft autistic op items and blow everything up,even without min maxing the game is really easy,even on hard.
Replies: >>10771
I started taking notes of games i enjoy a couple of years ago, mainly because i want to keep a personal record of them.
>you just craft autistic op items and blow everything up
Yeah, i just saw how some items are overkill. Guess i'll spend more time to learn how to better exploit them in combat.
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It's fun,Ryza is one of my favorite female protags,once she's tasked with cleaning some ruins,what does she decide to do? carpet bomb the area.
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(442.8KB, 823x547)
Heh yeah, even when a girl asked her to make a strong makeup she ended up making a fucking war powder, literally turning the girl into a warrior. Ryza reminds me a lot of Pratty from Summon Night Swordcraft Story now that i think about it.
I really hope the second game will be as fun as the first one.
Replies: >>10788
>I really hope the second game will be as fun as the first one.
I'll miss Ryza,to be honest i never enjoyed past atelier protags,they always have a passive personality while Ryza has a pro-active personality.I've been wanting to get into swordcraft monogatari for a long time,should i start from the remake of the first one?
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>should i start from the remake of the first one?
The Swordcaft series doesn't have remakes, you can find every title for GBA only. The first two games are available in english, while the third is getting fan tanslated and it seems its still going: https://archive.is/Xj9HD
If you want to play the main series, you better know japanese because not even the remakes where translated. Only 3, 5 and 6 are available in english.
Replies: >>10808
The main series isn't that good anyway. Or at least the 1st one isn't, it's just a really basic SRPG. Dunno if they get better after that.

>5 and 6 are available in english
If you consider Working Designs to be translations.
Replies: >>10823
Oh the same ones that fucked the Lunar translation,game balance etc? Shit,i like to binge games from a series.
Replies: >>10862 >>10868
(237.8KB, 768x538)
Yes, they just changed name to sound even more retarded.
There are patches specifically made for the games they butchered, but unfortunately no fan translations.
Replies: >>10868
Different name ("Gaijinworks"), but the same fuckers, who have a longstanding following to cater to out here who expect rewritten scripts. Anyhow, Swordcraft Story is its own spin-off/subseries of Summon Night, and the other games in English (Summon Night: Twin Age and Summon Night X: Tear's Crown) are stand-alone, with none being SRPGs.

Wish there was more of a fan translation scene among former 8ch anons for games that need retranslations of the sort where the drones have kicked and screamed until any prior attempt is killed, or for games where other places just can't be trusted for a 1:1 retranslation that keeps the content and script intact if things get "icky". Unfortunate that vidya translation takes a lot more of an overall skillset than anime or manga.
Replies: >>10871 >>10972
>Unfortunate that vidya translation takes a lot more of an overall skillset than anime or manga.
That's mostly the issue. Swordcraft Story 3 took years to advance solely because of issues with the Assembly code.
Replies: >>10901
>That's mostly the issue. Swordcraft Story 3 took years to advance solely because of issues with the Assembly code.
Yes, I know. I've followed that one for a number of years now. That at least has the benefit of being a game that's been just plain unavailable in English thus far though. For games that have been brought into English before, most people seem to be willing to deal with shit because it's at least playable. The demand isn't as high, and I've seen fan retranslation efforts in the past occasionally get shat on for "wasting everyone's time" when they could work on something still unavailable in English instead. Probably because fucked English is still technically playable while a moonrune-only JRPG or whatever isn't.

And in Working Design's case, it's not even accidental botching at that, but purposeful rewrites, and their chodesucking fanboys will defend them for actually making various Japanese games enjoyable to them for once. Also whine about how there aren't enough games with the Working Design's touch, which becomes an issue when they start getting into the fan translation scene as well (as if that doesn't have enough issues these days).
>>10547 (OP) 
Played through Wild ARMs 2 and was not as impressed by it as 1 back when i played it, the bad translation is a contributing factor but the other is that it feels slow, "worse than PS1 era FF" slow, when the first one was maybe not actually fast but felt really damn fast, you moved fast  random encounter started near instantly and the camera works and music inside them added some energy to it so that even if you spent just as much time in those it felt like much less.
Quite enjoyed  the mechanics it had even if they went the lazy way for regular encounter balance and design outside some bosses

Decided to start Legend of Legaïa instead of going straight to WA3, and that was a great idea, it's pretty clear the devs took some cues from Wild Arms with a few design choices and the AP system I literally just picked it up because it has the Wild ARMs battle theme in the debug menu, it's also hard as fuck for what it is  and not grind friendly either (not that you need it that much when you can break the game in half with buffing elixirs),, it's actually pretty good to cure you from wanting to grind because in that game actually grinding is just not worth it and the game knows it so it gives you a ton of shit so you don't have to as long as you make an effort to figure out the mechanics.
It's kind of a shame the game pushes the hardware way too hard so that it runs in slowmo a lot of the time, nothing emulation can't fix though but still the game is slow even if it really doesn't feel like it
Replies: >>10972
>Wish there was more of a fan translation scene among former 8ch anons for games that need retranslations
There is the nipponese learning thread. You should learn Japanese rather than expect a retranslation of the hundreds of shitty translations out there.

>Decided to start Legend of Legaïa
That's a great game.

>it's also hard as fuck for what it is  and not grind friendly either
Fun fact, the game is actually easier in Japanese. That's another game where they fucked with the game balance in translation. They either lowered the EXP the enemies give you or raised the EXP you need per level up, I forget.
Replies: >>11005 >>11055
(95.9KB, 1280x720)
>You should learn Japanese rather than expect a retranslation of the hundreds of shitty translations out there.
Exactly what i'm doing. I've recently started with the grammar, the kana were pretty easy to learn. It only takes dedication.
>Legend of Legaia
Is the second game any good? I have it in my backlog since forever.
Replies: >>11006
>Is the second game any good?
Dunno, never played it. It doesn't look very good.
>They either lowered the EXP the enemies give you or raised the EXP you need per level up, I forget.
Lower XP and Gold gain, EXP isn't too much of an issue as long as you pay attention but gold that's where you're getting seriously fucked, it's to the point where I basically haven't bought healing stuff 3/4th into the game because I don't fucking have the money to.
Started playing Xenogears, what should I expect
>first choice is some girl's little brother offering to help me elope with her before her wedding day to my best friend
>comments on her being well-endowed
good start
Replies: >>11329 >>11334
You're in for some crazy shit. The first disc has enough story for a four disc game, and the second disc is literally a VN because they ran out of time and money to make the four disc game they were planning. The story seems like woke atheist fedora-tipping at first, but it's actually a science fiction retelling of Gnostic mythology with Freud/Jung thrown in for flavor. Play through it once, and maybe again a couple years later.
(143KB, 640x480)
I beat Superhot last night was kind of disappointed considering how everyone praises it. I liked the webgame they had years back but paying 9.99 for this just feels like a ripoff. I had some fun with it but don't think it was enough to justify the purchase.
Been playing MonHunGU off and on lately just getting ready for Rise, may play Atelier Ayesha or Deus Ex Human Revolution next since I never completed them years back.
I haven't really touched my backlog but the games I've been buying lately I've been doing good with completing them before starting a new one.
Replies: >>11401
I want to get into MH but when i told monhun that i have world they told me to play a real one,so i haven't played it yet.
Yeah I had the wrong thread open.
Don't listen to the fags in the MH thread, play world and if its your first monster hunter you won't even understand why they're complaining.
Replies: >>11583 >>11607
World does add some very nice features, but the older games are more satisfying to play despite their relative jank. The new items are great in concept, but very overpowered in practice, and the monsters just aren't smart or dynamic enough to compensate.
If you want to get into MH then Portable 3rd or 3U are good places to start. From there you could either check out the earlier games like Freedom Unite, or jump up to 4U/Generations U if you want something a little crazier.
I'll probably start World then,is online recommended? I don't want to give money to soyni anymore.
Replies: >>11727
You can play solo completely fine. Online is best with friends, with randoms your hunts can either go really smoothly, get shitty real fast with people who expect to be carried, and everywhere in between. Kulve Taroth, an optional grind-heavy hunt is best played online, though. These days Kulve Taroth gets hunted in dedicated lobbies with people who are trying to grind optimally.
(670.5KB, 474x544)
Been going through the Ys series, and I think I'm hooked. I've heard Celceta is pretty mediocre compared to the other entries, but so far, I've been been having fun.
Replies: >>12277
If a series with very good games get's a mediocre entry,it's still a good game.
unless they make some strange changes though, Hardtype will still be a better version is the problem, notably the weird fucky way magic scales
(555.2KB, 2000x1000)
Fuck i can't get myself to continue playing this,i don't give a fuck about any character and pairings are op,for reference,i'm at chapter 9,does it get better later on?
Replies: >>12393
if you just want to finish it then transfer your save to an emulator and fast forward through it
and no, it doesn't.
Replies: >>12394
What would be the point of finishing a game you don't enjoy? it's not a fucking job.
Replies: >>12395
I assumed you had autism and wanted to see it through as you're already 9 chapters in.
>>10547 (OP) 
I'm playing Dragon Quest XI for the first time. Really like it so far and it's great to see it's staying true to the franchise.
As someone who could... tolerate the Birthright and Conquest routes of Fates, is Awakening worse or better? Fuck Birthright, I've never seen such shitty gimmicks in an FE game.
Replies: >>12430
Tolerate Conquest? Literally has the best maps in the entire franchise,chapter 10 is one of my favorite maps.I don't really give a fuck about story in fire emblem because it's always trash but i can see why you didn't like it.I'm at chapter 10 in awakening but the story and maps are both trash,i'll try to finish before saying it's shit but i don't have much hope.
Replies: >>12442 >>12460
How can any of the new games have good maps if none of them are even a quarter of the size maps used to be? I’d take 10 maps from the older SNES games over 100 of the new small low effort maps any day
Some of Conquest's maps are pretty decent, while others are just horrendous. I bitched out of Lunatic mode on chapter 10 even though I got through Birthright no problem. It's just nightmarish.
I don't usually give too much of a shit about the story either, but unless you outright skip every cutscene in every route, there's no way something won't bother you. Every story fluctuates between being boring, sucking Corrin off, and being complete fucking nonsense. God help you if you have the dubbed version.
Replies: >>12519
The meme translation by NoA made the story worse and outright change character personalities,for example Camilla,the fan translation makes the story more tolerable but as you said the story is still the worst part about it.The only bad map i remember of conquest is the ninja rape cave and the two final maps that you have to repeat if you fail.
Replies: >>12526 >>12531
That one level that had all the pots in them that would heal people or poison them was... not very good. The map itself was fine, but that was a gimmick I didn't care for, which was what 90% of Revelations was like. And don't get me started on the FUCKING WIND VILLAGE. Most everything else was fun to play through, but the characters, setting, and plot are just unbearably obnoxious.
>for example Camilla
What did NoA change about her?
(143KB, 700x990)
Just finished a half game of Octopath Traveler as Cyrus, Therion, Primrose, and Tressa.

The game has a lot of problems. The bosses don't have enough gimmicks to go around, so a lot of them end up being just stronger generic enemies with growing shields and multiple turns. Getting teleported around the map destroys any sense of a continuous journey. The character stories always pretend they're traveling alone, which is unlikely to ever be the case after chapter 1.

The multi-protagonist format reminds me of SaGa Frontier, but I like this game's approach to it more. Blocking off story dungeons for chapters you haven't started was a good decision, even if it was done in a hamfisted way. Party banter was also a nice addition to make the team you build feel more unique. I do wish they'd let you recruit some of the supporting characters as long-term party members, but I can understand wanting to keep the focus on the PCs.

Tressa's story was definitely the worst of the four I played. She just never has a good reason to go into dungeons or fight bosses; they're all distractions from her quest to be the best merchant.

Cyrus's story, on the other hand, was an absolute joy to play. Every boss tied perfectly into the plot and the theme of knowledge. Cyrus's philosophy as a scholar is tested in each chapter, building up to the climactic debate with his knowledge-hoarding final boss. The boss itself was an interesting fight, forgoing shield growth in favor of a giant shield and no scholar-friendly weaknesses at the start. And after you beat the boss, instead of going straight to the ending cutscene, you wrap up Cyrus's investigation by scrutinizing the books in the boss's library. All in all, an enjoyable story and one I doubt could have been done as well in a game with a single protagonist.
Is the combat fun? That's all that matters to me.
Replies: >>12650
It's sometimes fun, but most of the time not.
Anyone feel like comparing that game to Treasure of the Rudras? That's the only one of those multiple-protagonist JRPGs that I actually played a little of. Never liked the Saga games.
Replies: >>12660 >>12665
There is no such thing as multiple protagonists in Octopath. All 8 characters have separate stories with 0 interaction with each other. The only common link between them is only relevant for post game and in case of some characters is really tenuous.
I've never played that one. What's it like?
Replies: >>12670
It's a FFVI-like (same engine as that or Bahamut Lagoon maybe?) Square RPG that wasn't brought over. You had three main protagonists who each had a separate chapter with their own party of PCs, but all the chapters place at the same time in the same world. You could run into the other characters once in a while, although the overlaps weren't anything really striking. The last chapter is, of course, them all coming together to be in the same party. I forget which DQ game or games used the same gimmick, but it wasn't exactly a new idea. Still, Square hadn't done anything really like it before, and it was interesting to see them try it.

What people talk about with the game is the spell system. It was unique in that you'd enter a word and the game processed it to give you your spell effect: element, MP cost, power, whatever. Some of it was interally-logical stuff. "Lef" is a phrase that makes healing spells, so you combine it with modifiers (metalef, lefteum) to make different (multi target, more power for more MP, defense against an element) spells. Some of the modifiers were more or less efficient or powerful even if they did similar things, so it wasn't a little bit more complicated than just waiting until you figured out what the next level of power was. There are also spells with fixed effects that are just words not built out of syllables, like "tsunami" or "phoenix" or  whatever, which maybe had unique effects or might've been more or less efficient than "built" spells. You find all these things either by getting hints in the game (like someone tells you to add "teo" to a spell to make it do something or tells you that "lef" is for healing) or you just get in combat and start putting letters in the entry box trying to find your own. In that way, it's a little like that old NES game "Magician," although I don't think any of the wrong combinations would melt your party. The guy who did the fan translation did herioc work getting this system adapted from Japanese characters to English in an even vaguely comprehensible and consistent way, especially since he had to hack a rom to do it and work with all the limitations of the SNES.

The game had about Bahamut Lagoon level graphics, except they didn't use the puppet-like animated-body-parts idea that Bahamut Lagoon did. But they did go out of their way to give the battle characters plenty of animation frames, so it's a little more dynamic than a FFVI would've been in combat. I thought that was a very nice touch since very smooth sprite animation has always been rare. I don't remember the game's plot really being anything special aside from being divvied up between the character chapters, and there ended up being kind of a lot of filler  as was pretty standard for Square at the time. Actually playing the game was like playing any other turn-based Square RPG of that era with modest grinding and all. I don't remember there being much in the way of gimmicky side-stories like with FFVI, and none of the optional character stuff (which I mention only because I keep comparing it to that game) but I do remember that there were one or two serious game-breaking bugs with story progression, which might explain why the game wasn't brought over if it was unpopular because of that.
Replies: >>12712 >>12763
>Getting teleported around the map destroys any sense of a continuous journey.
Always annoys me to at least some degree when an RPG does that, using a map selection or whatnot instead of a proper overworld. Though, there are a few, like the Shadow Hearts series, where it's more excusable (those ones take place on Earth, and combined with occasional remarks on how long travel actually takes, provide a sense of scale).

>I forget which DQ game or games used the same gimmick
Dragon Quest IV? Though, I'll admit I haven't played it myself yet, so I'm not sure how long each of the pre-merging chapters are compared to after everyone joins. I want to say there was a SFC JRPG that did similar; Burning Heroes, perhaps? Not sure how much faith to put in the fan translation though, it being Dynamic Designs'.

>The guy who did the fan translation did herioc work getting this system adapted from Japanese characters to English in an even vaguely comprehensible and consistent way, especially since he had to hack a rom to do it and work with all the limitations of the SNES.
Doesn't help matters that, far as I heard, prior attempts to fan translate it prior kept dying, be it due to the difficulties of getting the mantra system working in a different language, or (going off fantasyanime, at least) that moonspeakers kept insisting it wasn't a game worth the effort to bring into English in the first place.
Damn,the game sounds good,i should play it.Bahamut Lagoon should be recommended too,gameplay is fun enough but i would recommend it for the story.
Replies: >>12894
(453.3KB, 1920x1080)
Been playing this. combat is fun and im still working it out.
i dont care for the story. its like edgy sword art online. AI is a qt.

I plan on playing the sequel right after.
Replies: >>12890
>I plan on playing the sequel right after.
I've heard it's better to pretend the sequel doesn't exist.
I always sort of thought Bahamut Lagoon was a little underrated as an SRPG or whatever that genre is called. It wasn't exactly revolutionary or very difficult, but there weren't a lot of offerings in that category back in the SNES days--not on American shores at least, and this one doesn't really count since it never came over. The bizarre animation system gives the combat a really unique look, too. I'm not surprised that it really didn't get used again, because I imagine it was a lot of work doing that well. For people who like that distinct look that FFVI-style dragons had there are lot of them in that game. You can kind of see them doing the "big team of good guys" thing again, which is pretty natural for an SRPG, although everyone's a little more generic this time around. Not too much in the way of reused graphics for PCs, though, if I remember right, despite there being twenty or so of them.
Replies: >>12900 >>12918
How bad off was the fan translation? Asking since it was a DeJap work, and I know their work on Tales of Phantasia SFC has long been notorious.
Replies: >>13007
>>10547 (OP) 
I've been replaying Kingdom Hearts 2 because I never finished all the postgame content. I just fucked that nigger Lingering Will in the ass with my Sonic Rave. It was good shit. Now I just gotta deal with the Mushrooms and I'll get gold crown and be done with this game for good.
(814.4KB, 989x770)
Aren't we going to talk about the elephant in the room? The NTR.That was really ballsy of them.
It should come as no surprise that the answer is obviously autism.
I have no opinion of the translation, because I remember none of the actual story. If there was any silly garbage I certainly just ignored it.
(1.6MB, 1699x955)
At the practical exam now and, is the story gonna get compelling? I like the game itself, feels like what I've been missing since sixth gen, but the goddamn slice of life hogwarts in steampunk blandistan and no super fucker yet hatefucking the planet's life force to death is boring me to pieces. Please relay that something interesting will occur soon. That opening was damn uninteresting too, not excited to get back to fighting bland robos of no clear intention or motivation. I'm holding out hope though, always heard good things and there is that one slickly-designed mysterious fucker in the intro cinematic. Will feel bad if the slow burn ignites shortly, but sheesh, how long must an anon wait for his sinister laughing
Replies: >>13103 >>13130
It's a slow burn in TitS FC as well. And like TitS it's gonna get a lot better, although the slice of life stuff won't go away entirely. Make sure to pirate the rest.
(960KB, 960x540)
I enjoyed the game a lot,even got all the trophies on ps3 but i can understand why someone wouldn't like it.You REALLY need to enjoy world-building and SOL anime,so if those aren't for you,drop it.
(174.4KB, 1024x819)
>What are you playing?
Playing Ys: Oath In Felghana
>Are you enjoying it? 
This boss was pretty bad, but enjoying the game overall, Ys games are kinda magical, they have an special feel to them.
>Would you reccomend it?
Yeah sure
(229KB, 1024x768)
I want to play Dragon Quest but this series has so many fucking version I don't know which I should play.
Anyway, right now I'm playing the first Shadow Hearts, finished the China section.
I'm fucking loving it. I'm a sucker for the horror elements this game is full of, the enemy design and the music are amazing. Also the combat system is so simple yet so fun and unique.
I can't wait to play more of it.
Replies: >>14110
(814.4KB, 989x770)
(102KB, 720x360)
>>10547 (OP) 
Ryza's game was my first one and i enjoyed it a lot,so i decided to start playing the series from the Arland trilogy up to Ryza,i'll use these thread to put my impressions of each game in hopes that more people try the series,because there's nothing like it.I gor the Arland trilogy on my hacked switch,so i'll start with Rorona's game.A lot of people is mad at Ryza because supposedly this was an otome JRPG,i'm curious if past games in the franchise were really like that.
Replies: >>14049
>A lot of people is mad at Ryza because supposedly this was an otome JRPG
Ryza is an otome? The others certainly aren't.
Replies: >>14058
When Ryza came out there were lot's of females crying about how Atelier doesn't apeal to them anymore because of Ryza designs.
Replies: >>14059 >>14097
(841.9KB, 1020x1453)
(1MB, 2836x1361)
(268.7KB, 1680x1050)
(873.6KB, 2000x1425)
(1.4MB, 2000x2916)
It was never meant to appeal to them.
Replies: >>14060
I see lot's of flat chest but no lolis,what a shame.I have to admit the men design resemble a lot otome games,i guess there's where they are comming from,had a few screencaps about them complaining but whatever,i will enjoy the ride.
I've been thinking of picking up Fire Emblem Echoes. I've heard the story is good, but nothing about the gameplay. Is it worth playing or just as shit as Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates?
Replies: >>14139
>What are you playing
7th dragon ds 
>Are you enjoying it?
>Would you recommend it?
If you like hardcore grind and resource management yes. This game turned off so many people that every sequel after it was casualized.
(106.7KB, 1080x800)
(5.5MB, 1280x720, 03:21)
(6.7MB, 03:53)
It's a very enjoyable series in my experiences, and one that probably wouldn't fly these days. Combat in the sequels builds off the base the first PS2 entry started, but be aware that the ratio of "dark" to "quirk" gets higher in favor of the latter as they go on as well.
Exactly what i was lopking for,funny how they think everything must appeal only to them and no other type of people.
(71.8KB, 500x500)
>hating fags
I fucking wish they did.
I finished Echoes and it's a refreshing take on the FE formula, since you didn't play Gaiden. Combat arts and personal spells go a long way to making it feel different from the others, which is only compounded by how useful bows are. Unfortunately, the maps typically aren't very special, and 90% of them just involve killing everyone. Also, for some reason they decided to do absolutely nothing about the Dread Fighter being the best class in the game, so be sure to use your mercenaries.

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