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How do you solve the women problem? Every company now cucks to them making female warriors minatory in boxsets unless you want to waste a bunch of torsos.

How do we push back against this faggotry?
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>>71 (OP) 
You can take care of it on a local level by not allowing women to participate, or you can take care of it on a larger level by making a new game from the ground up which is inherently off-putting for women.
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If you tried to ban women you would get done for a hate crime. It's a nice pipe dream though.
This, make all the male characters ugly.
The thing here is, I don't care about women nor do I allow them in my tabletop games.
The biggest problem with women in traditional games is complacency.
As long as people can exclude women from their table and use old, non-cucked editions of their game of choice, it doesn't matter to them if everything new is politicized garbage.
At least with video games, comics and anime the communities as a whole have been forced to acknowledge that there is a problem and split into factions, demonstrating to the market that not everyone's onboard with the PC crap.
But with tabletop everyone against what's going on just hide all the deeper, creating the illusion of no opposition.
With everyone is silent about the land whales in the room, companies can obliviously make their shitty boxsets targeting a statistically negligible consumer base and pat themselves on the back for being good allies without even knowing that they gave up sales, real money, to do so.

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