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Here's your obligatory meta thread. If you want to make some banners, go ahead and post them here. Remember that the dimensions should be 300x100. I will remove this thread in one weeks' time so that nobody gets distracted.
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here we go
Good luck bros
Meta threads are neccesary for criticism and open interaction with the BO. Seeing them as unneccesary is severely retarded and will lead to misunderstandings down the line. Maybe you want to be a special snowflake BO but the reason meta threads have been around so long is that they work and serve a vital purpose.
Replies: >>17
There were never meta threads on 4chan and need I remind you that cuck/tg/ wasn’t always a shithole? I’d say the meta thread should exist but on /meta/ so it doesnt distract users like it did every time on /v/ and others.
Replies: >>18 >>22
And why should anyone use that godforsaken website as an example for anything? 
As for putting a meta on /meta/ you're going to have to ask the IB admin for the okay on that one since /mete/ is usually for the entire IB only. If you can get the okay for it, having a meta is better than not.
Because halfchan didn't have BOs you faggot
>>6 (OP) 
>/tg/ on zzzchan
for what purpose
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>I will remove this thread in one weeks' time so that nobody gets distracted.
>3 weeks ago
well nobody got distracted seen how nobody browses this
cuz he's desperate
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Because the BO here is convinced that /a/ meidos are affecting the way smug/tg/ is being run somehow, and that everyone should move off to other websites for reasons.
Replies: >>42 >>59
He's right in that meidos tend to be utter fucking spergs, but he should have waited until they caused a major PR disaster before opening up shop. This just looks meaningless and redundant at the moment.
Replies: >>43 >>45 >>59
I'm willing to give you the chance to prove you're not retarded.
What do you think they're going to do, exactly?
Replies: >>45 >>46 >>59
Heh...I guess I forgot. I'll be leaving this thread up until this board gets more traffic/visibility. 

8chan existed long before jewt went nuclear. And every existing moment is a PR disaster at the meido HQ. I don't care if this board doesn't even pick up right away (as it has so far), I just want the alternative to exist

It's less about what they do and more about what they've done.
Replies: >>49 >>59
It's more a question of when than what, really. A meido will have a problem with something that isn't covered in the rules, and then he'll outright refuse to listen when he's called out for it. It already happened with the vtuber thread on /a/, now there just needs to be a bigger reaction.
Replies: >>47
Lets ignore that this is more manufactured drama on /support/ for a moment.
This affects /tg/ how?
Replies: >>49
>It's less about what they do and more about what they've done.
<it's a "hoihoi was badly implemented software; therefore the maids are saboteurs" episode

I doubt you'll get a satisfying answer.  The whole point of /tg/ on smug is that it's effectively a colony that /a/ is allowing to grow within its borders.  It doesn't have hoihoi enabled and isn't beholden to the same rules as the other boards; the idea that the maids have had a negative influence on /tg/ is speculation at best.
Replies: >>52 >>59 >>61
>Hiroyuki and Jim just implemented some datamining software on 2ch, but that was all in the past! Now get back to posting on 4chan/8kun.
Replies: >>53 >>59
(31.2KB, 512x384)
Great, you were finally enough of a retard to get me to reply.
>this BO thinks he should conduct himself by spewing logical fallacies and accusations without any evidence whatsoever instead of actually communicating in good faith with the 2 other people attempting to post here
Kill yourself, nigger. Then you'll be as dead as your board is.
Replies: >>55 >>59
Also, you hypocritical fucking triple nigger, what kind of a rule is this:
>Board wars/site wars posting will result in lenient warnings, then deletion. 

When you post vague bullshit like what you just fucking said? Is this a joke? You're not even fucking trying to actually cultivate a new board, you just want your own echo chamber because... I don't know, you won't actually fucking say why.
Again, kill yourself.
Replies: >>55
(40.1KB, 736x733)
This is a meta thread, which is always an exception of whatever rules are in place. If you weren't a newfag, you'd know that. 

Pic related is all I need, dude. Also doesn't seem you understood my analogy. /pdfs/ on 8kun is a great place but you won't see me posting there since it's on 8kun, an imageboard whose owners I disagree with on a fundamental level. I am throwing the baby out with the bathwater here. I'm giving other people who dislike the administration of smug an opportunity to thrive without walking on eggshells here. Like I said, don't care if it's slow - a lot of webring boards are slow, and so is smug/tg/. I'd make an alternative /tv/ if I had the chance, and I'd do it for similar reasons.

>You're not even fucking trying to actually cultivate a new board, you just want your own echo chamber because
Are you using words you don't know the meaning of again? Also, what's your point with the 'new board' tripe? With that logic, I guess pasta on our /v/ wants his own echo chamber because he has his own /v/ instead of using the /v/ on 8chan.moe or the /vg/ on smug or the /geimu/ on PLW. 
Please graduate high school before posting again.
Replies: >>59
I'm going to be extremely clear here, because you seem to be illiterate.
People talked about the meidos in >>41, >>42, and >>43.  Then you replied in >>45 and said "It's less about what they do and more about what they've done."  You were clearly discussing the administration of smuglo.li.

There was a reply to you in >>49, which stated that the anon believed you were referring to "what they've done" meaning the problems that Hoihoi caused on old 8chan's database.  >>49 also replied to a different post as well, and that post was also discussing the administration of smuglo.li.

Then you replied in >>52 and talked about Hiroyuki and Jim, who had not been mentioned in the post you replied to, or any of the posts it replied to, or any of the posts they replied to.  Do you understand this?  Do you understand that smuglo.li and Jim/Hiroyuki are different people?  This is why >>53 replied and called you a dishonest faggot arguing in bad faith: because you are.  You were deflecting away from the topic at hand.  I'll as you again: why do you have such a stick up your ass about the administration of smuglo.li?

>pic related
Am I supposed to know who that is?  Substantiate your claims, you nigger.  You're acting like a drama-addicted /cow/poster.
>an out-of-context picture is all the proof I need
You pompous retard.

>This is a meta thread, which is always an exception of whatever rules are in place
I have literally never encountered a single board where that was the case.  You are a hypocrite and you're getting desperate.

>I'm giving other people who dislike the administration of smug an opportunity to thrive without walking on eggshells
The moderation on smug/tg/ hasn't changed.  Chrow is still in charge and rules from other boards, like Hoihoi, don't apply.  /tg/ already has an alternative to 8glow, and it's on smuglo.li.  What do you provide that smug/tg/ does not?

>echo chamber
None of those boards has rules that forbid you from talking about other boards.
Replies: >>60
(311.7KB, 1827x857)
oh shit, I meant to upload this, sorry
Replies: >>61
See >>49
<<it's a "hoihoi was badly implemented software; therefore the maids are saboteurs" episode
Replies: >>62
(75.9KB, 396x382)
<<it's a "moot banned discussion of a certain topic, therefore the whole imageboard is cucked" episode
Hmm, nah still sounds gay no matter how I use your logic.
Replies: >>63 >>65
>conveniently ignoring everything else
If you could use logic you wouldn't be retarded.
>>6 (OP) 
>1 month
>67 posts
>near half are meta
useless board when /tg/ already exists on smug and is active, why did the admin even allow this?
Replies: >>74
>cuck/tg/ getting absolutely fucking nuked by the jannies
Prepare for a new exodus
Replies: >>73 >>75
What happened this time? Did Games Workshop pull some more bullshit?
Replies: >>75
>New board with chance to be something other than the 8ch circle jerk /tg/
>8ch spergs proceed to shit up the board with drama putting people off
Great. So I can go to cuckchan sperg or 8ch sperg. What a choice I have
Replies: >>87
I want to know this too. I know they got new janitors who are iron fisted as fuck and shitting up the place.
>8ch circle jerk /tg/
Old 8chan /tg/ was literally one of the best boards on the site.  The only people who didn't like it were retards who made a habit of screeching in the meta threads.
Elven master race
Replies: >>99 >>101
How can you kill that which was never alive to begin with?
Replies: >>102
(6KB, 765x149)
(1.1MB, 416x720, 00:10)
>see 101 posts 
>oh someone posted again?
>see this
>wait I could've sworn there was a post #100 with the same message
>check logs
>pic related
Replies: >>105 >>106
(41.4KB, 341x277)
>Say hi to hoihoi for me.
Hoihoi doesn't run on non-/a/ boards, though...
Replies: >>107
(2.1MB, 238x360, 00:40)
Everybody laugh at the butthurt over his dead fucking board.
Replies: >>107
Why wouldn't you want to be on a board with people like this?

/a/ niggers ddosed 8ch for years and then realized running a bot multiple times is a dumb idea and overloads servers. This is how stupid weebs are.
Replies: >>108
(215.3KB, 841x995)
Just ignore them, they're raiding epic-style. I'm sure they're sharing the screencap in the official cafe discord, too.
Replies: >>109 >>110
are goblins niggers?
(8.7KB, 183x261)
>1 post is a raid
Face it, this board never had a chance.
Replies: >>113
Relatively, it is a raid, considering this board only has 111 posts. That's almost 1% of all posts. Entering raid territory.
(84.7KB, 1280x720)
eden is a fag lole

this post was made by the anti fag gang
Replies: >>119
>all of a sudden 1 PPH on /tg/
wew lad
Replies: >>125
>>6 (OP) 
Hey, Eden. Why do you use a different name for this board when it's obvious who you really are?
Replies: >>124
(74.8KB, 1280x720)
Spoiler File
(286.2KB, 561x540)
I-I was t-totally not hoping you'd notice, BAKA! I would never try to hide my identity! It's n-not like I've been found time and time again... hmph. The only reason you know is because my board rules, my just and rightful enforcement of them and my iron will are the bestest and set my boards apart from the rest.
...Those things and the the PPH stuck on 0 permanently, I suppose... B-BUT YOU'RE NOT MEANT TO NOTICE THAT, THE LOWER THE PPH THE BETTER THE QUALITY! BELIEVE ME ELSE YOU'RE A MEANIE FACE!! sigh sob please come to /geimu/ I'm so lonely
Replies: >>125
Rent Free
So Eden, you finally got much more desperate for smug /tg/ anons and decided to try to gayop smug /tg/. Lol
Replies: >>132
what happened this time?
Replies: >>133
Nevermind. It's just some old gayop attempt from August, September, or October 2020.
(19.6KB, 640x664)
Did something happen on smug/tg/ or did eden decide to samefag for 16 whole posts after 6 months?
Replies: >>158 >>159
As far as we know literally nothing happened. 
There have been attempts to wrench ANY information out of the board owner here but all he could make out is "smug/tg/ is owned by the meidos and they're influencing /tg/, if you don't see how then you're stupid".
Replies: >>159
¥100 has been added to your IRC account, keep up the good work

I don't resort to /vhs/BO tactics, thank you very much.

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