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Has anyone had a chance to play in-person since the coofrona outbreak began? I don't often go with mates anyway but our typical gamenight was heading to the pub and picking up where we left off while going through pretzels and pints, but two of the guys I usually go with are scared about this pandemic and some of the pubs I've been to have rules in place disallowing such gatherings.
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I played bang! with 6 people just 2 weeks ago, both nights were ruined by spilling of beer all over the cards
>>36 (OP) 
I get the appeal of going out and making a night of it, but why not just invite everyone to your house for booze, pretzels and dice games if the pubs and your friends can't facilitate play your usual way?
>>36 (OP) 
both my groups are gaming again. We always did it as someone's house anyway
I looked into it just recently via local comic shop. They told me that somebody was doing games on Sundays but he hasn't responded to my email yet. And it looks like my work shift is moving to Sundays anyway. Feels bad.

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