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Thread for Warhammer 40k stuff
What's the direction GW is going with the lore? I fear they might be trying to faze out Slaanesh, and they'll start by bringing Fulgrim back (the real Fulgrim). Besides selling more models, does GW have any reason to advance the story or even end the story like they did with Fantasy's End Times? Surprisingly, they buffed non-primaris marines a bit. I am curious if there's any lore explanation or if it's simply a tabletop balancing decision. A precedent will be set either way.
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Personally, I think they should have come up with a proper ending first, and created a skeleton timeline leading up to it that gets filled in over time by historian characters with hindsight/biases. The way Fantasy died indicated that nobody really had a plan for the setting, but GW seems to understand they can't pull AoS for 40k, at least.
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I see what you're saying, but that might put people off of collecting a certain army if they're just destined to lose. I don't know. I guess Horus Heresy is kind of a contained environment where what you describe is going on.
So I'm a bit out of the loop - last thing I heard was that the Necrons are the current big bad postergirls under the Silent King, but did the Orkz actually get any love, beyond Ghazkull clowning around in the Octarian Wars?
>>11 (OP) 
I want a "40K was actually The Emperor's plan all along" ending for 30K. I want a Ragnarok ending for 40K.
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>I want a glorified 'Age of Simar' for 40k
Are you quite sure of that?
In the Horus Heresy books, it's 'canon' that the Emperor actually needed outside help to find out how the Heresy would end, and he only found out at around the same time Istvaan V occurred. I think that's proof enough he can't foresee that far.
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40K was something I'd always wanted to get into, yet never had the time for until recently. 
But, not long ago I think I heard some stuff about the makers calling out their own audience and prioritizing inclusivity and stuff.
Is it still worth getting into if your not already hooked, or should I just count this as a bullet dodged?
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Just dont buy any official products. If you must, get them second-hand or recasts. They’re cheaper (in this case, more fairly priced) and relatively easy to find. Lore-wise, dont read anything newer than 2015
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Pretty much this. Especially with how you can get them for cheaper. The minis have always been ridiculously expensive.
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Thanks for the advice.
>>11 (OP) 
Arstartes Marines figure it out.
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You got my hopes up man, I thought that was going to be part 6.
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BL authors should have pictures of their story relevant model conversions in the back of the book
Is there any pozzery in Warhammer 40k?
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>Is it a good game?
No. The rules suck and constant power creep
>Are the models good?
No. They're over priced and often fragile. You're going to need to buy a lot of models to get into it and if you don't already have a playgroup it's not worth it
>How pozzed is GW
The new bloodbowl teams are full of women. They made multiracial kids books about children fighting genestealers.

You can figure it out from there. Don't support the game. Don't play with recasts, don't pirate the media (games are fine). If you want to get into tabletop get into a good game and help build those up.

8th edition went full nu star wars. Complete with pronoun guides in the start of novels. Expect female space marines before 2030, probably 2025. They have already set up the lore so they can handwave the old process and add females to marines.

When BLM happened GW posted how inclusive they were and any one who didn't like it should get out. Huge community divide right there and most the old guard has moved on to bolt action, kings of war or infinity depending on what's popular around them.
>>11 (OP) 
I've never understood the obsession people seem to have with "advancing the story"

40k (and Fantasy. And any other tabletop game) don't have a story. They have a setting filled with many individual stories. With 40k in particular, you've got 10,000 years and countless worlds between the Horus Heresy and the "present day" and countless worlds to tell stories. Not everything has to move forward. Not everything has to be a gigantic clusterfuck involving every faction in the game.
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40k fans see their factions as super heroes, they always want the story to move forward so GW has another excuse to add a new space marine weapons option to their lists. 40k players are all as obsessive as chris-chan is over sonichu
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I think they could get away with keeping the 'story' as it was two editions ago. What was needed was making more models for DIFFERENT factions rather than focusing so damn heavily on Ultramarines and Nurgle. There is a desperate models need for Slaanesh, several IG cadres, Squats, and Orks.
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Space marines are like 80% of GW's entire sales. They cover every niche so the other factions are side factors at best. It's a self fulfilling prophecy because they make what sells, which then sells and locks people into those armies.
> or you can take care of it on a larger level by making a new game from the ground up which is inherently off-putting for women
Anon, that shit doesn't work. Women will demand to be let in simply because the 21st century woman is not mature or self-aware enough to realize that not everything is all about them. They feel entitled to everything, and mainstream Western culture is doing everything to reinforce that. And when they notice that the game doesn't actually appeal to them, they'll just demand that everything should be changed to cater to them - and then they will harass and blackmail people to make it happen.
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Suppose it is futile from that angle, the only real winning play is to change women, but that requires more power and influence than any mere tabletop game company could bring. Not even a vidya company could withstand it. Everyone's in the nation-states level, where it's up to people to decide what goes on in their own games (not saying developing your own game, I mean hosted ones) and try to keep a hold on your current fanbase, no matter how dwindling it might be. If you're feeling lucky you can try bringing in new blood but....well we all know how that often turns out.

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