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Welcome to zzz/tg/

You have entered the basement, hope you have a fun time here. 
Sturgeon was gracious enough to give everyone a /tg/, and I hope I can provide one that lives up to the standards put to bear - with that said, I, the DM of this board, shall now lay out the rules. This thread will be the 'rule page' since I don't think such a function exists in jschan. 

 1. All threads must pertain to traditional games in some way, shape, or form. 
    a. Allowed threads include, but are not limited to, card games, tabletop games, lore threads for any particular /tg/-related game/universe, roleplaying threads, storytime threads, /tg/ news threads, etc
    b. Which threads are disallowed are any topics that have nowt to do with /tg/. Threads about videogames are not allowed, but inter-thread tangents about videogame off-shoots of a /tg/ topic is allowed (to a certain degree). 
    c. Regarding 'low effort' threads, you won't be banned for making a one-word OP if the intent for good discussion seems genuine, or if the embedded video is satisfactory for discussion. You aren't going to be forced into a 'general' containment thread if you dare post something related to an existing thread, but plain duplicate threads will be deleted. 

2. Excessive shitposting, spamming, or constantly being off-topic may result in a ban/deletion.
   a. Board wars/site wars posting will result in lenient warnings, then deletion. 

3. The basement is a place of comfort and freedom - Politics, NSFW content, and imperfect grammar is allowed as long as it is related to the topic at hand! Being obnoxious or repeatedly off-topic about it will earn you a ban. 

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Thread for Warhammer 40k stuff
What's the direction GW is going with the lore? I fear they might be trying to faze out Slaanesh, and they'll start by bringing Fulgrim back (the real Fulgrim). Besides selling more models, does GW have any reason to advance the story or even end the story like they did with Fantasy's End Times? Surprisingly, they buffed non-primaris marines a bit. I am curious if there's any lore explanation or if it's simply a tabletop balancing decision. A precedent will be set either way.
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Replies: >>111 + 2 earlier
You got my hopes up man, I thought that was going to be part 6.
(112.9KB, 333x500)
BL authors should have pictures of their story relevant model conversions in the back of the book
Is there any pozzery in Warhammer 40k?
Replies: >>103
>Is it a good game?
No. The rules suck and constant power creep
>Are the models good?
No. They're over priced and often fragile. You're going to need to buy a lot of models to get into it and if you don't already have a playgroup it's not worth it
>How pozzed is GW
The new bloodbowl teams are full of women. They made multiracial kids books about children fighting genestealers.

You can figure it out from there. Don't support the game. Don't play with recasts, don't pirate the media (games are fine). If you want to get into tabletop get into a good game and help build those up.

8th edition went full nu star wars. Complete with pronoun guides in the start of novels. Expect female space marines before 2030, probably 2025. They have already set up the lore so they can handwave the old process and add females to marines.

When BLM happened GW posted how inclusive they were and any one who didn't like it should get out. Huge community divide right there and most the old guard has moved on to bolt action, kings of war or infinity depending on what's popular around them.
>>11 (OP) 
I've never understood the obsession people seem to have with "advancing the story"

40k (and Fantasy. And any other tabletop game) don't have a story. They have a setting filled with many individual stories. With 40k in particular, you've got 10,000 years and countless worlds between the Horus Heresy and the "present day" and countless worlds to tell stories. Not everything has to move forward. Not everything has to be a gigantic clusterfuck involving every faction in the game.

(67.2KB, 720x720)
Here's your obligatory meta thread. If you want to make some banners, go ahead and post them here. Remember that the dimensions should be 300x100. I will remove this thread in one weeks' time so that nobody gets distracted.
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Everybody laugh at the butthurt over his dead fucking board.
Replies: >>107
Why wouldn't you want to be on a board with people like this?

/a/ niggers ddosed 8ch for years and then realized running a bot multiple times is a dumb idea and overloads servers. This is how stupid weebs are.
Replies: >>108
(215.3KB, 841x995)
Just ignore them, they're raiding epic-style. I'm sure they're sharing the screencap in the official cafe discord, too.
Replies: >>109 >>110
are goblins niggers?
(8.7KB, 183x261)
>1 post is a raid
Face it, this board never had a chance.

(567.9KB, 2048x2048)
Where's the best place to post models and get decent feedback? I fear it's mostly Reddit and Facebook these days. Neither I'm interested in using but I enjoy painting and wish I had a community to spitball with.

Cuckchan is not an option. Their painting thread has a mod camping it who bans you for not kissing people's ass.

(47.8KB, 640x989)
How do you solve the women problem? Every company now cucks to them making female warriors minatory in boxsets unless you want to waste a bunch of torsos.

How do we push back against this faggotry?
Replies: >>76
(56.7KB, 476x349)
>>71 (OP) 
You can take care of it on a local level by not allowing women to participate, or you can take care of it on a larger level by making a new game from the ground up which is inherently off-putting for women.
Replies: >>79 >>86
If you tried to ban women you would get done for a hate crime. It's a nice pipe dream though.
This, make all the male characters ugly.
The thing here is, I don't care about women nor do I allow them in my tabletop games.

(141.4KB, 1115x691)
Post one every time you visit. Lets get the board moving!
Replies: >>81 >>85
(297.9KB, 1280x830)
(174.6KB, 1200x1200)
(121.8KB, 750x970)
(71.5KB, 527x703)
>>80 (OP) 
(19KB, 178x247)
(27.4KB, 292x276)
>>80 (OP) 
Have you guys ever heard of Den of Imagination? I've seen it shilled a lot on tabletop channels a lot. They paint the figures for you. They charge an outrageous price for shit you should really be doing yourself, but they're good for inspiration. Here's a video they uploaded today. Pretty damn good. 


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(449.6KB, 850x820)
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(178.5KB, 850x569)
Art of old tabletop art of any kind plus maps.
Replies: >>84
(822.2KB, 498x810)
>>83 (OP) 

(17.9KB, 575x350)
Hey TG, I got a question for you
What are your thoughts on depressing, overwhelming, or grim-dark endings for not so terrible or outright terrible but redeemable characters? I'm talking an absolutely no winning, no good ending, go straight to jail ending.
Replies: >>67 >>77
(506.7KB, 1027x664)
>>66 (OP) 
I used to be fine with it, provided it wasn't overtly spiteful ie the character ends up miserable because it was male and the story was very clearly written by a manhater 
But, lately I've gotten pretty burnt out on good characters getting shat on.
Though, I suppose it would be more apt to say I'm sick of seeing good characters that had their happily ever afters yanked out from under them in reboots made years later.
Replies: >>70
I fucking hate it when some hack writer decides to undo the development and accomplishments of another writer's characters to drum up artificial drama and interest in the newest installment of the series. It never pays off either and the character always feels twice as hollow afterward.
>>66 (OP) 
I like it when the stories seem grim on the surface but carry a measure of hope at a deeper level, one that warms your soul. You don't see many of those, though. I blame britbongs for being so nihilistic.
Replies: >>78
Bongs have stiff upper lips, they don't expect the rain to never stop, they just expect they might drowned before it stops. Which is the hope you're implying you want.

(103.7KB, 560x306)
Now that's a good game. Totally recommend you to give it a shot.

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(126.5KB, 450x267)
Hey, /tg/. I recently cleaned the paint off some mid-80s miniatures I have and I'm trying to find out some info about RAFM's Gilla Worm minis. They appear to be some sort of Lizardfolk water-troops, but I can't find any stats or even a hint of what color they should be. I don't know if they were ever a part of D&D or just some RAFM sculptor's fancy, but I've always thought they were neat and want to do them some justice now that my painting skills are better. Does anyone know anything about these little buggers?

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