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Welcome to zzz/tg/

You have entered the basement, hope you have a fun time here. 
Sturgeon was gracious enough to give everyone a /tg/, and I hope I can provide one that lives up to the standards put to bear - with that said, I, the DM of this board, shall now lay out the rules. This thread will be the 'rule page' since I don't think such a function exists in jschan. 

 1. All threads must pertain to traditional games in some way, shape, or form. 
    a. Allowed threads include, but are not limited to, card games, tabletop games, lore threads for any particular /tg/-related game/universe, roleplaying threads, storytime threads, /tg/ news threads, etc
    b. Which threads are disallowed are any topics that have nowt to do with /tg/. Threads about videogames are not allowed, but inter-thread tangents about videogame off-shoots of a /tg/ topic is allowed (to a certain degree). 
    c. Regarding 'low effort' threads, you won't be banned for making a one-word OP if the intent for good discussion seems genuine, or if the embedded video is satisfactory for discussion. You aren't going to be forced into a 'general' containment thread if you dare post something related to an existing thread, but plain duplicate threads will be deleted. 

2. Excessive shitposting, spamming, or constantly being off-topic may result in a ban/deletion.
   a. Board wars/site wars posting will result in lenient warnings, then deletion. 

3. The basement is a place of comfort and freedom - Politics, NSFW content, and imperfect grammar is allowed as long as it is related to the topic at hand! Being obnoxious or repeatedly off-topic about it will earn you a ban. 

With that said, I'll be keeping a meta thread open temporarily before removing it and disallowing meta threads in the future. They are unnecessary and detract from real discussion.
Here's your obligatory meta thread. If you want to make some banners, go ahead and post them here. Remember that the dimensions should be 300x100. I will remove this thread in one weeks' time so that nobody gets distracted.
Roll a D10,000 and see if your lucky or not.

((##1d10000) Rolled 1 dice with 10000 sides = 1352)

How did boardgaming and tabletop gaming end up so pozzed? Is there any frontier left for nerd losers to escape?
Hey, /tg/. I recently cleaned the paint off some mid-80s miniatures I have and I'm trying to find out some info about RAFM's Gilla Worm minis. They appear to be some sort of Lizardfolk water-troops, but I can't find any stats or even a hint of what color they should be. I don't know if they were ever a part of D&D or just some RAFM sculptor's fancy, but I've always thought they were neat and want to do them some justice now that my painting skills are better. Does anyone know anything about these little buggers?
Where's the best place to post models and get decent feedback? I fear it's mostly Reddit and Facebook these days. Neither I'm interested in using but I enjoy painting and wish I had a community to spitball with.

Cuckchan is not an option. Their painting thread has a mod camping it who bans you for not kissing people's ass.
How do you solve the women problem? Every company now cucks to them making female warriors minatory in boxsets unless you want to waste a bunch of torsos.

How do we push back against this faggotry?
Thread for Warhammer 40k stuff
What's the direction GW is going with the lore? I fear they might be trying to faze out Slaanesh, and they'll start by bringing Fulgrim back (the real Fulgrim). Besides selling more models, does GW have any reason to advance the story or even end the story like they did with Fantasy's End Times? Surprisingly, they buffed non-primaris marines a bit. I am curious if there's any lore explanation or if it's simply a tabletop balancing decision. A precedent will be set either way.
Post one every time you visit. Lets get the board moving!
Art of old tabletop art of any kind plus maps.
Hey TG, I got a question for you
What are your thoughts on depressing, overwhelming, or grim-dark endings for not so terrible or outright terrible but redeemable characters? I'm talking an absolutely no winning, no good ending, go straight to jail ending.
Now that's a good game. Totally recommend you to give it a shot.
Has anyone had a chance to play in-person since the coofrona outbreak began? I don't often go with mates anyway but our typical gamenight was heading to the pub and picking up where we left off while going through pretzels and pints, but two of the guys I usually go with are scared about this pandemic and some of the pubs I've been to have rules in place disallowing such gatherings.
Shameless repost from /v/. Consider inviting other anons for both short game sessions or creating long sessions with big and autistic tables.
Unity's a piece of shit, so beware lag and slowdowns.

Play really fun board games over a shitty P2P connection with a relay server. All connection problems can and will be solved this time by using different hosts. WANGBLOWS ONLY, WINE DOESN'T WERK WE TRIED.
>How do you play?
Grab card, drag card, read rules, play game.

We're using a TINserver setup for netplay. Please remember to let TINServerClient verify all files and update if friends aren't visible. Disable the firewall and launch as administrator if problems persist.



TTS Backup Tool (OPTIONAL) (Download board games from Steam Workshop by Workshop ID) - (requires .NET Framework 4.7)
Steam Workshop (OPTIONAL) (ID can be found at[ID HERE]) - 
Game Host Starter Pack (OPTIONAL) (put into C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mods) - 

Installation instructions:
>0. Make sure you're not running Steam.
>1. Unpack archive, copy .ini on top and overwrite, launch TINserverClient.exe
>2. Use Steam Emulator's registration button. Enter a username, password and an e-mail. No confirmation mail and it only checks if it's in a proper format, so put in something like [email protected] If already registered (during previous game night or otherwise), simply login.
>3. Launch the game. That's it. Everyone else present on the server is automatically added to the Friends list, so invite them and play. 

>It takes forever to load and then does TimeoutClient error wat do
Configuration -> Graphics -> Turn on Mod Threading. Loading will get a lot faster, but some assets may end up missing - it's a fucking U N I T Y game. Alternatively, download TTS Backup Tool, download the game table using it and reconnect.
>onii-chan, what are we gonna play on the server? , alternatively browse steam workshop and invite other anons for games.
>Can legitfags play? 
Piratefags only, devs are gay so pirates can't play with legitfags.
>Can 32-bit fags play? - 32-bit version of the game for anyone running a potato with a battery setup. Launch the .exe while TINserver's version of steam client is running.

We're still semi-active despite threads being mostly dead as fuck. There's a lot of bord gems to play and learn. Come check this out when you're free.

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