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hi... i guess this is considered computing? taking animation from my favorite animator toniko pantoja (credits to him pls let me know if it is not okay to post i ll remove)

his walk cycle is so balanced and i always made walk cycle that is kinda 'sliding' or 'limping' unconciously and somehow fixing it alot of time doesnt help

i suppose this is cause i dont know how to fix it too so i wonder how do you make it balanced and good? like what do you need to consider to make the good animation? things like center of weight or baseline , where are those and how do we mark them properly?

i look to make straight ahead animation that are always correct so i guess preparations before hand is everything?

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>>1386 (OP) 
This is actually very good work OP. Are you really an amateur? I'd say if you added a little bit of squash-n-stretch to the head volume, and a little secondary to the ears you'd be ready to send it to cleanup.
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no this is toniko pantoja's
not mine
>>1386 (OP) 
There are /loomis/ boards on webring, which are more appropriate for this topic. Most active one is on 8moe
Search for The Animators Survival Kit for animating. Make it your bible if you want to animate.

Consider making your paragraphs bigger or using only one newline when separating paragraphs.
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much appreciated...loomis and 8moe, ok. what newline paragraph? you mean less spacings?
i had the animator survival but i didnt go far with it. to begin with, i hate the content inside and it s too thick bring around.
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based on 12 principle of animation, does it help solve walks that are limp, floaty or sliding?
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Please reuse threads as much as possible.
Moving to >>1386 (OP) 
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im using it am i
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You tell me, Anon. Does it help?
Also, quite a good demonstration of all 12 principles by a professional.
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