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When Tor Browser accesses to a clearnet site, how it knows whether or not it has a .onion address?
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Using an HTML <meta> attribute

The identical behaviour of Onion-Location includes the option of defining it as a HTML <meta> http-equiv attribute. This may be used by websites that prefer (or need) to define an Onion-Location by modifying the served HTML content instead of adding a new HTTP header. 

The Onion-Location header would be equivalent to a <meta http-equiv="onion-location" content="http://<your-onion-service-address>.onion" /> added in the HTML head element of the webpage. 

Replace <your-onion-service-address.onion> with the onion service that you want to redirect.

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This looks like QTDDTOT: Tor Edition
How is one supposed to find onion sites except by looking on the clearnet? The only other option I can think of is lurking darknet forums until someone drops a relevant onion link and that seems inefficient
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>except by looking on the clearnet
Find a hidden service that aggregates known onion addresses I guess. There's no way to discover onion addresses other than someone posting about them somewhere. They're called hidden services for a reason.
>>1103 (OP) 
This shouldn't be in it's own thread. The answer is that the header provides an 'onion-location:' tag, as this anon indicated. >>1106 It's from the source, not the browswer, and btw you don't need Tor Browser to read this (or any other tag). Just read the header itself with any suitable program (cURL, for example). Next time, put something like this in QTDDTOT, OP.
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BO/Mods can move posts and threads into other threads relatively easily if necessary.
My opinion of *TDDTOTs has soured, as it had with generals. I find them to be stifling. There's no ephemerality, no chance for bad threads to be pushed off the board as good threads rise. I dislike how they encourage obsessives to backseat moderate. It puts more control for shaping the atmosphere into the hands of the moderators.
anyway, tor-chan has a cute face!

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