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It's time for plw to die and zzzchan will be its successor. With the lack of moderation and the abundance of shit stirrers, a lot of users are pissed and looking for an alternative. Fish, you need to create a /animu/ board here and regulate it better than the plw one. Then we will start with the smaller boards and eventually plw will die on its own and lolretard finally kills himself. Perfect plan
Hail zzzchan
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>>907 (OP) 
>lolretard finally kills himself.
Didn't he already get doxed and quit, nuking /japan/ under threat of dox revelation on the way out? That's why /japan/ is here in the first place. Now fuck off with your gayops.
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Wew laddy. Should have noticed your ID in my first post.
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What if that's just the tor ID for this thread huh? Testing
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Well well well. Looks like you owe someone an apology faggot.
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>>907 (OP) 
I only support this idea because if plw goes down Eden will be out of job again and then and all he'd be left doing is complain about how italians sabotaged his board and stole his users
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>>907 (OP) 
Someone needs to apply for the board then. I can't start managing boards on my own on top of everything else.
>>907 (OP) 
There's already animu and smug loli to talk about anime, don't stirr shit with our neighbours.
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Rent free. Also, the /v/ setup to inherit 8chan's legacy is currently on 8moe, not zzzchan. I'd say you'd best focus on that rather than what little competition my board has to offer. I'll still beat the italian's ass in soku any day of the week.
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>inherit 8chan's legacy
Also known as being shit
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By that, I really meant which would inherit the most users, both new and from 8chan - and thus be considered the 'primary' boardholder.
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I consider you the primary who
How do I know you're not just samefagging again?
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>>907 (OP)  (OP) 
>It's time for plw to die and zzzchan will be its successor.
I don't have a problem with PLW. I'd still like to see an anime board on zzz given how many boards it has now it's the only thing that's still missing. Something in between would be good. Not being as horribly focused on seasonal anime as smug but not taking it as easy as /animu/ either.
I just don't know whether there is enough demand for something like that.
Make a post through the Tor hidden service
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The amount of people refusing to use tor is astonishing. Imagine how many retards like this we can purge out of our ecosystem if we nuke the clear net url.
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zzzchan would still be filled with retards if it were darknet only.
Look at Nanochan for example. Low quality cesspool (cuckchanners and paranoid overdefensive nanons). Dippity Dopper putting the Nanochan link on his site might have unintentionally brought more retards to Nanochan.
>Activity seems to be restored and the spamming retards gone. Therefore, Nanochan remains a high quality board for discussing technology (most posters and best content), as well as politics and offtopic stuff. 
Looks like this statement didn't age well.
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I mostly blame (((asukafag))) for making Nanochan horrible.
Nanochan went to shit because the original natsoc board owner left it and put a retard in charge.
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yeah i think i remember that endofunctor (current nanochan owner) shilled nanochan on 9chan and other imageboards
Going darknet only is a dumb idea when there already is a clearnet domain anyway. It's good to have both options. There may be some retards, but the really detrimental actors like shills and spammers will not be stopped by having to use tor. On the contrary tor only would make it harder to deal with these. If a BO had to temporarily ban tor, no one could post on that board anymore.
Everyone must decide for himself whether he wants to use tor, a regular vpn and I guess some people even use their real IP.
Oh yeah. I guess I'm retarded either way.
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>nanometametathreads out of NNC2
(102.4KB, 840x699)
>>907 (OP) 
I am now in favor of this, PLW's clock has struck the midnight, and it's living on borrowed time, /animu/ board now or riot.
(231.2KB, 480x360, 00:03)
>>907 (OP) 
>Thread demanding a move to here to kill PLW as soon as a janny got instated to remove spam on a daily basis instead of a weekly on.
>Posts urging users doomsaying the site and pushing for fags to come make a board and come here instead show up today.
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I wouldn't have made a post weren't it for the faggot whistleblowing how the site is literally abandoned.
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Lolreron can still be contacted and pestered to get shit done, that's how the new mod was instated. 

Stazi is nearly non present, but he seems to have kept some contact with Eden, enough for him to know whats going on.
Replies: >>1063
>Stazi is nearly non present, but he seems 
to have kept some contact with Eden, enough for him to know whats going on.
And what's going on isn't exactly the most optimistic situation.
>I was afraid to say it but stazi has left us to die, so I’ll come out - It’s nothing short of a miracle this site is still up and has only faced minimal shitposting/resistance since loleron left. Stazi said he is only keepin this place up as a favor for a friend, and has no attachment to it. If something went down or of the place was spammed to hell, he said he would not hesistate to pull the plug forever.
Replies: >>1064
Anon I am not against the idea of a bunker or a back up for /animu/ to be set up for anons to go to when shit goes further south, only that demanding a move now as things steps for things to be fixed are taken is a foolhardy move. It will only divide the user-base of an already small board. 

Having to remake the board and its threads will not reinvigorate /animu/, as the issues plaguing it extend beyond Staz being a faggot though it is rather niggerpilling.
(3.3MB, 640x368, 00:37)
Kill yourself faggot
Not your personal army.  Fuck off, fag.
Gaymu will die soon and sleepy /v/ will claim it's place as the best vidya board in the webring.Get fucked Eden for shit talking pasta nigger.
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Really though, we are the only place they can go to. They literally don't have any other option because every other alternative is either cancerous or dead. LAUGH IN DREAM HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. There is literally nothing they can do about it. Praise zzzchan.
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(210.4KB, 314x344)
zzzchan is probably the best altboard I've seen so far.
Good work fish overlord.
Replies: >>1103
shut up stupids, I swear you faggots are morons
You say that as if /geimu/ currently claims the best vidya board in the webring. And I humbly accept that claim. 

zzzchan's /v/ and 8moe /v/ are so alike that either is a 'viable' alternative in the off-chance PLW perishes. I've been saying this for a long time and have yet to see any real counter-arguments, what exactly is the difference between the two besides who owns them?
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(66.6KB, 1280x720)
Hi, still around here despite gaymu being the bestest of all?
>You say that as if /geimu/ currently claims the best vidya board in the webring. And I humbly accept that claim. 
Not even that anon but what that clearly meant is that the title is disputed as long as there are other vidya boards, I'm guessing you both forgot about /vg/, which by the way is surely a better board than yours.
>zzzchan's /v/ and 8moe /v/ are so alike
>if I keep repeating this maybe it'll become true one day
Desperate, your turn.
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good counter argument...NOT!
Replies: >>1131
good sage moron newfag... not!
Replies: >>1137
Don't know what I was thinking at the time. There, I fixed it.

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