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Do you want to webring with Antares? Am aware of a few anons in /v/'s meta thread disapproving of the webring/julay drama. 

We mainly offer /misc/ which is an 'any topic' board without a predefined culture. The current topics on there are nature, literature, copyright law, current events, and web services. We're also have anons looking for more discussions on science and mathematics.

The board is generally the same anons that ran (and play on) the Xonotic servers in the AFPS threads starting 2016.

Endpoint: http://antares.oss/webring.json
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>>610 (OP) 
isn't antares ultra dead? like 1 post a week or some shit?
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It's low activity, yes , but more than that and it's not worse than other small boards. But you can discuss topics that either can't sustain or don't fit in any other board.
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we have a /b/ here too and it's got more activity than all of antares combined and in 1/20th of the time?
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/misc/ isn't meant to be /b/.
Provided that you aren't massive faggots, which you don't seem to be, I have no qualms with you being linked to us on the webring.  Now that this place has decent DDoS protection, I really have to wonder why Sturgeon hasn't added us to the larger webring yet.  I'll report this post to him and see if we can get an answer.
>>610 (OP) 
I've added antares to our webring.json, if it doesn't update automatically I'll force it.
That's what comes from using OpenNIC I'm afraid. More concerning that how it kills traffic quality > quantity is that it rules out https and only a retard would accept bare http in 2020.
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There's Tor service and a Xonotic server (AES) for secure connections, as what can be done without a certificate authority.
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Tor is ok but slow and impractical for lazy anons. I guess lazy anons wouldn't care about the security implications of bare http though.
The open source quake thing?
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Yeah, the free and open source quake thing.
don't see it in the webring though the webring there appears fully functional
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Fuck happened here?
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Their certificate is expired.

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