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In the past half-year or so it's obvious that a lot of anons have moved elsewhere from this site, or left the webring/markchan as a whole. The few posters that do remain are schizos, D&C shills, or niggers that do nothing but spam loli on /b/ all day. Is there anything we can do to attract new users while maintaining quality of discussion? Where would we find them? How do we get them to stay?
shit is fucked
it's over
Maybe it has something to do with the moderation being fucking garbage? They dont even care anymore. Why should i post here when my posts gets lost in a sea of shit? I dont mind the low pph. What i do mind is garbage threads,posts not being deleted (within the rules)
Cuckchanners arent even getting banned anymore. I feel like im pretty much the only one left posting anything of "quality".
All the mods had do to was the bare minimum. This imageboard is on life support. I get it. You want to be a faggot okey. Then i quit posting.
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