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Instead of going full /a/-tier on your moderation in this meta board for meta threads, why not make a /pol/ board? Or are you still too scared to do it?
nobody requested it
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you're a fucking liar
Replies: >>3262
>no proof
post and opinion discarded
Replies: >>3263
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all I see is a reply to what could be anything, not a request, no proof no deal, kys
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>ignoring the subject of the email
Confirming that this place is a honeypot and sturg dares not make a /pol/ so his fed owners dont get uppity. Enjoy your cuckflare.
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Re: Board Application - 9/19/2020 - /pol/
From sturgeonfish
>all I see is a reply to what could be anything, not a request, no proof no deal, kys
Are you seeing something I'm not? Looks extremely clear cut to me.
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Wouldn't /pol/ be better for a honeypot?
Replies: >>3274
If one board is a honeypot then the whole imageboard would be. So either Sturg admits this website is a honeypot or he mans up, stops avoiding the question as you can see with here >>3272
or he kills himself and passes the website on to someone who can actually administrate and won't force everyone on cuckflare.

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