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Please Sturgeon,
Please on behalf of all /b/ards on snoozechan
Permaban that motherfucker!
And for Pete's sake make sure he doesn't return
Same goes for the herdcoons

And keep the captcha back on permanently on /b/
Replies: >>3154 >>3176
make /b/ a text board
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>>3152 (OP) 
>Please on behalf of all /b/ards on snoozechan
not on my behalf
>Permaban that motherfucker!
<permaban someone who makes me maddy mad
grow some balls or kill yourself you stupid faggot
Replies: >>3160 >>3163
Hi toganigger
I bet you defend /leftypol/ aswell, despite them been actively working to destroy 8chan from within before it got shoah'd by kikeflare.
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>holy shit! this random board where anyone is allowed to post anything as long as it isn't CP has posts on it that I don't personally agree with! DELETE IT PLEASE MOD-SAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't like the spic any more than you do but I wouldn't want his posts deleted lest a slippery slope into an ironic /b/-rulecuckery spree begins.
Replies: >>3194
>>3152 (OP) 
Just delete /b/ from existence, it's the shittiest type of board that only brings retards, actual trannies and actual pedos.
Who even thought that it will ve a good idea?
e46c6e5b792fa69ee0651d512287cd927761107692dc42fd2dc22002ea610aa9.png (u)
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>having basic standards so it doesn't become kikechan's /b/?
>this is rulecuckery!
99% of the problems would be solved if faggots like him were booted of the spot.
The cuckchan lingo spouting faggot has neither lived to experience zchan or fatpeople.

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