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Random people from 4chan, kohl, and wherever people linked this site to are now shitting the board.
You may want to do something before it gets out of hand.
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>>3095 (OP) 
Stop whinging over nothing niggerfaggot, you are more than welcome to complain when the actual jew feds aka "esther aronowitz" working to shut down boards come back to spam cp again, jannies are literal fucking retarded imbeciles for not immediately removing all that shit.
Replies: >>3123 >>3134
>>3095 (OP) 
shut the fuck up panic addict, you've raised hell over ads that one time and nothing fucking happenned
get over it nerd lmao
Replies: >>3134
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>>3095 (OP) 
Is 4chan/kohlchan/bogeyman in the room with us now?
Replies: >>3134
Don't bother. Janny idea of containment is "lol zoo thread." The way it works is long-time users alone get b&, while foreigners to an IB get to do whatever they want. War on jannies, neck them all.
Replies: >>3123
>>3095 (OP) 
Been happening for a while now. Cuckchanner(s?) get mad and complain that jannies are tyrants and corrupt or something. When it comes to /v/, I don't see the issue when so many communities have been infiltrated by normalfaggots and destroyed from within. The issue was addressed at some point before all these fags flooded here and the mod in question got told to let up a little. Whether or not it was warranted, I can't say. All I know is that I've never had my posts deleted and I don't try to walk on eggshells when I post either. Don't be surprised if your posts mentions anything that implies you used or went to cuckchan and you get shit on though. Although maybe we don't need more than one person to tell someone to fuck off in those instances, which is what basically always happens. Only if the OP gets uppity after getting told to fuck off so that they can see that they're the odd one out and not the other way around. Then if they continue to shit up the thread, they should be ignored and reported.
How many mods do you think there are? You should be global reporting it when you see it if you care so much. That's what I do and someone usually gets around to it pretty soon either way. It probably makes no difference for the purposes of getting someone kicked off, but I'm pretty sure most, if not all, of that "cp" dump that keeps getting posted is photoshopped
>lol zoo thread
So we're talking about /b/ then? /b/ is no rules except globals, so no links, no spam, no irl kids. Some of the Patch posts are literal spam so they get deleted. The rest are technically spam at this point so I can see why board owner had the idea to move it into it's own thread rather than delete it. The thread is bumplocked too, so...
<i-its literally nothing
<s-stop noticing t-things!
>t. crossposting scum
Go back you fucking rapefugee
>>3095 (OP) 
Just delete the board already it will be fun.
Deal with the herdniggers already. They're a cancer that will kill /b/ and the rest of the webring if not dealt with.
Replies: >>3149 >>3252
nah nigga, let's just make another rehashed existing board with a BO who samefags hundreds of posts like in /hikki/ and /a/ and /vhs/ and /fit/
You cocksuckers need to work on permabanning the herdniggers bots on sight. They're spreading their cancer everywhere on the we ring, just as >>3141 predicted they would. Get to work, or get Vols who will do the job.
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>absolute current state of the board
>tvch spam threads are left up
Why are the vols such incompetent retards?
Replies: >>3518 >>3521 >>3535
>Why are the vols such incompetent retards
Because they refuse to delete what you and I personally don't like! How dare they!
Replies: >>3525
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Replies: >>3525
squid.jpg (u)
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You faggots have your own corner on the internet to jerk each other off and spam the same unfunny shit.

Why don't you faggots go there instead? You won't because you behave like locusts
Replies: >>3529
Did you just discover zzzchan yesterday, nigger? Your new is showing.
Replies: >>3538
Because the webring is compromised and lack of active moderation after a week was the downfall of many imageboards.
>Your new is showing
<t. only discovered it recently himself
Oh really?
Name a thread that was in the catalog during June 2020 then.
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