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Recently this trailer was posted to blacked.moe. After it was posted cakekike came out admitting that he is going to be in this documentary as well. Right now the trailer is sitting at 1.2 million views after 4 days of being released. Based on the trailer it almost exclusively is featuring content from 8chan/8kun and seems much more focused on imageboards than Qnigger bullshit itself. In all likelihood the documentary will namedrop the webring or sites within the webring. It is very possible that it could gain enough traction to trigger an influx of cancer. Time to clench your assholes while you still can and brace for impact. Also there's some hilarious embarrassing clips of Ron in here give it a watch, what a fucking autist this hapa is.
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>>2384 (OP) 
I don't want to be a doomnigger about this but this may actually be an issue. Sturgeon, will you drop the webring for a time if there is indeed an influx of shitposters as a result of this propaganda?
It's okay anon they'll all get stuck at the bypass captcha. :^)
>bronker invented a psychedelic origin story
Just turn on the chess and we'll be fine.
Replies: >>2399 >>2553
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Are you going to hide in little safe space ? or are you going to face these NORMAL NIGGER CATTLE IN A BLAZE OF GLORY
Replies: >>2390 >>2402
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i just wanted to talk about video games
Replies: >>2391
Yes we all wanted to talk about vidya but these faggots keep taking the shit that we like, but this I will not let it happen again.
Well in bright side mark will no longer have any single thread credibility after the shitshow.
Replies: >>2395 >>2409
>cakekike came out admitting that he is going to be in this documentary as well
How can one man be so fucking retarded? You don't give interviews to the enemy. Either you play into their hands by giving them something that makes you look bad or can be taken out of context, or they just cut you out. There is absolutely NO reason to talk to journalists about imageboards, EVER.
Replies: >>2393 >>2394
He says they gave him some food and $100, apparently that made it worth it to him. I wish I was joking.
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I told your faggot ass that letting the ni/gg/ertranny threads stay will bring nothing but dramawhores and unwanted attention because that fucking kike and the ones that populate them are birds of a feather but did you listen?
Because you just knew better than anybody,not only that but you went out of your way to accomodate them and censor then ones that spoke against them taking a page from the cakekike book by labeling them as 'goons' and 'blackpills' and anything else was convienient at the time turning what could've been it's own thing into a cumrag for the kike and his circlejerk to use at their disposal.

>all we wanted was to talk about vidya
>mark will no longer have any single thread credibility
I'll let you in a little secret: he never had any to begin with,but he managed to get away with shit he did because retards,not unlike yourself, allowed him to get away with  it,kept using the shithole of a website he cofunded and made excuses every single time he "fucked up" like that. 
THAT'S THE JOKE and you are the punchline.
Replies: >>2397 >>2402
[Hide] (47KB, 482x401)
>a dead thread nobody uses is somehow the cause of this 
>you did things I'm pulling out of my ass
>you will pay for this
you ok there, anon?
Replies: >>2400
Temporarily enable per-post captcha on all boards as soon as this shit airs.

>ability to collect infinite tears from <60 IQ faggots
>you HAVE to play a game
Replies: >>2402
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>a dead thread
Not for long.
As soon as their shithole gets hit with every glownigger and shill because of all the hitpieces guess where which place that was advertised to them a a "safe space" for their kind they will come running to?Go ahead look in the current niggertranny thread on kikedmoe,i'll bet you goldbars to buttcoins that this place is mentioned at least once. that is to say if they don't get yanked straight off the internet.
I hope you are ready for fifteen #GG generals of nothing but furfaggotry,twitter screencapsand attentionwhores littering the catalog.
Replies: >>2401 >>2402
[Hide] (61.3KB, 675x398)
>>2400>go ahead look in the current niggertranny thread on kikedmoe,i'll bet you goldbars to buttcoins that this place is mentioned at least once.
exactly once and it's in the OP which has been copypasted ever since the place launched. where's my gold bars and buttcoin now?
Replies: >>2402
This calls for more security. I will be looking into hardening the site further but as it is I'm confident that this can't kill the site. It can however cause a lot of bullshit and I don't want to be caught with my pants down looking for proxy hosts.

I will consider that, however that will be a purely reactionary measue. I'm going to be requesting they don't mention the ring and will reach out to other webring admins to request they do the same. I will try forcing captcha for all posts first to see if that keeps the qboomers out. If that works it'd be hysterical

I mean I won't be selling out the rest of the site for a handful of paypig boomers like jim but a flood is a flood. I'd rather avoid this.

I know his is b8 but i just can't help myself.
What gamergay presense is there on zzz/v/? the last thread was started in december and hasn't been posted in for over 10 days at this time. I'll have to talk to pasta but I don't think he's ever had real interest in them and I doubt that will change. GG threads are .moe's thing and have been since fat. Anyways 2/10 not good b8.

It's not so much the qboomer subhumans I'm concerned about, it's their glownigger handlers they bring with them I'd rather avoid. 

This place is still gonna come up after the fact regardless.
Last edited by sturgeon
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Nigger be prepared to double down on post quality, be will be filled with frog posters and low effort threads soon, don't listen to the no fun allowed crowd, crack down at least until things calm down.

Reminder that Mark was always a filthy jew.
>>2384 (OP) 
I wonder if we will get good OC like the law and order episode.
You need to block 8jew from accessing webring.json on your end so we don't appear on their webring plugin's board list. Setting up logging for accesses to only that file should give you a list of IPs of every site on the ring. From there you can make educated guesses of which site corresponds to which IP and apply an ACL blacklist for 8kike, and also julay and tvch for being to other major fed-controlled sites on the ring. That should slow the bleeding.
Replies: >>2409 >>2410
Why, after all the shit he's pulled over the years, would this make any difference to the retards that have followed the cakekike until now?
This sounds like a good idea as long as its not used to log user IP's.
Replies: >>2411
[Hide] (43.6KB, 489x326)
>logging for accesses to only that file should give you a list of IPs of every site on the ring
I access people's webrings directly don't block me bro
Replies: >>2411
User clients (except for >>2410 who got too clever for his own good) won't be accessing the JSON directly but will be served a board list based on their site's local copy. JSchan does this internally instead of using clientside JS so there's no risk of random anons showing up in the log.
Replies: >>2412
[Hide] (40.6KB, 404x346)
Also this should go without saying but a script poking the URL every 10-15 minutes should be easy to distinguish from end user requests.
[Hide] (5.9KB, 642x371)
>Cake Defence Force shows up in /v/ thread
>thread locked
Replies: >>2417
[Hide] (535.6KB, 980x800)
I bet this is going to be used as an excuse to deplatform hosting providers. I hope for everyone's sakes that Vincent remembered to pack the cockbox servers with thermite this time.
Replies: >>2418
>defend mark
>thread was hammering him from the start and continued until locked
I mean, the one and done "not video games" and cow slashout guy could be but that's not much of a defense.
Replies: >>2420
I though shaped charges were the best way to frag HDDs on no notice
[Hide] (169.9KB, 847x960)
If dubs, Mark gets a stroke and dies
Replies: >>2427 >>2429
Posts like these always show up on a delay after anyone shits on cakeniggers or the cakekike. The thread lock could have just been bad timing but it doesnt look good.
In 8 hours the board will be back to 50 users and 3 pph proving those posts right.
Replies: >>2425
[Hide] (137.8KB, 282x302)
>The thread lock could have just been bad timing but it doesnt look good.
>it doesn't look good
What's the implication here exactly? I honestly don't get it. ELI5 possibly.
Replies: >>2425
Embrace the housefire pill
Replies: >>2424
post it
>more activity when something is happening is unthinkable
Whenever cakeniggers are told to leave or the cakekike is being ridiculed for yet another fuckup these posters show up a while later claiming its all non-natives, "totally organic", "d&c shills" etc. This time the thread got locked right after said posters showed up implying there could be a connection, but like I said could just be bad timing.
Replies: >>2426 >>2428
[Hide] (83.2KB, 870x1174)
>thread got locked right after said posters showed up implying there could be a connection
What kind of connection are we talking about here?
Replies: >>2430 >>2433
Replies: >>2429
The final post in the thread on /v/ is LITERALLY telling people to go here or to /b/ to discuss the issue, since it's metadrama and not related to video games beyond Mark being involved.
Replies: >>2433
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>>2419 >>2427
This is it. I didn't believe anons when they said there were 8moers on z³chan, but I was wrong.
These fuckers have been trying to get dubs on a slow board and failed. This only grants the kike further plot armor just so he doesn't get a stroke.
Replies: >>2444
[Hide] (8.3KB, 268x188)
Like the one between multi-colored puzzle pieces.
Replies: >>2431
[Hide] (139.8KB, 1920x1080)
Replies: >>2434
>>2384 (OP) 
I kinda want to see that documentary. Mostly because of the Ron interview, the bit in the trailer was hilarious already.
Replies: >>2446
The oy vey shut it down kind.
>potential wave of rapefugees hitting /v/ when blacked.moe gets flooded with normalfaggots
>not related to /v/
Its not strictly vidya but it is related to /v/ and the meta thread slid off the board some time ago.
Replies: >>2434
He's autistic, you dolt.

It's related to the website and webring as a whole, not just /v/.
Replies: >>2435
Which still make it related, no?
Replies: >>2436
Oh, right, of course.  Let me bring in /tg/ drama since there are /tg/ video games, then.  And /a/ drama since there are anime video games.  And /b/ drama since there are shitpost games.

If Mark were the board owner of, I don't know, /x/, but everything else was the same, do you think it would warrant posting on /v/?
Replies: >>2437
>everything is drama
What the fuck are you even talking about nigger? Does a /v/ thread belong on /v/ or not? Sounds like you would rather have your cakenigger friends come over without anyone even knowing why or when. I never even said the thread shouldnt be locked when its run its course, just that the timing was suspicious.
Replies: >>2438 >>2439
You're a fucking idiot. It's a topic about the board itself not video games, a metatopic if you will. So it belongs on /meta/.
>ur tha boogieman
fuck off idiot. why do you even want 3 concurrent thread on the same topic?
Replies: >>2441
Answer the question.
>everything is drama
A documentary about Q, image board culture, and 8chan is not directly related to video games: therefore it does not belong on a video game board.  The fact it's indirectly related to /v/ (since 8chan's userbase was mostly /v/ and its runoffs after gamergate was banned from cuckchan) is enough to warrant a mention on /v/ to alert people to the documentary, but the main discussion shouldn't take place there.
>you must be from cakechan!
Replies: >>2441
[Hide] (364.1KB, 640x480)
How about playing a game just to access the site? You only need to do it once but per-post captcha stays.
I don't prefer messing with the webring and implementing blacklists, this will defeat the purpose and can easily be abused.
Replies: >>2442
>original post was about the suspicious timing of the lock coinciding with the usual oy vey shut it down cakenegro defence force arrival
>completely ignore the fact that I never said the thread should never be locked
>keep saying something that could direcly impact /v/ shouldnt be on /v/
One has to wonder. To answer your question since it apparently is not obvious, yes. A topic that is related to /v/ should have some place on /v/. To give you an example that isnt your drama drama drama; /v/ has in the past had Warhammer topics only tangentially related to vidya, while /tg/ often has pure vidya threads, be it adoptions of /tg/ games to vidya format or stuff like Tabletop Simulator. Even if the cakekike wasnt the BO of /v/ and he did something that would potentially cause a rapefugee wave on /v/ it would warrant posting on /v/, yes. If there was still a meta thread in the catalog we wouldnt even be having this discussion.
>playing an entire game of chess
Surely you aren't thinking this through. Besides, my browser deletes site cookies after the session is done either way. I wouldn't like this.
Replies: >>2455
[Hide] (61.7KB, 952x720)
I curse you, Mark Mann.
Replies: >>2455
Maybe this is the wrong time, but I'm still wishing for a /pol/ on here
cytube stream when?
Anyone who calls markchan "8moe" is suspicious, like anyone who still calls cuckchan "4chan".
[Hide] (152.2KB, 1082x1094)
made something from this post >>>/v/42178 on /v/ I fugged up the hands D:
Replies: >>2449
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1314x1237)
>all these autists sperging out because they're expected to use other boards and not treat /v/ like they're on cake/v/ while claiming to be superior to cake/v/
I love how the /cow/ niggers can't even remain consistent in singular posts. They'll raid here losing their fucking minds over blacked.moe while acting exactly like the cake niggers. The only difference between cake niggers and cow niggers is their gvols are verified child porn spammers and cakekike is a verified retard. You're all one and the same.
Replies: >>2450 >>2451
Not trying to be a dick but are there any other /v/ boards on the ring?
Replies: >>2451
I didn't mean to quote in this post >>2449
But I don't understand your question. Yes?
Replies: >>2452
If it is the case that the only /v/ boards are on BLACKED.moe and here then the sperging about losing it is a little justified at least I think so
Replies: >>2453
There are video game boards on places like smug and PLW. I'm not sure how that's even remotely relevant to my post.
Replies: >>2454
Oh yeah my bad.
>>2442 (palindrome check)
Same here actually, you can just make an exception for zzz until the shitstorm settles and chess is no longer necessary.
I don't see how any good can come from letting journos have any kind of access to the site, all they need is one post saying nigger or faggot to write their hit piece and give us unwanted publicity.

Checked and cursed.
I noticed how thew entire shitshow died down across the entire webring around european night hours and still hasn't come back.
Replies: >>2459 >>2467
I say if there is an influx of activity make the site tor-only for a while to weather the storm.
Replies: >>2461 >>2464
I mean, we kind of ran out of shit to talk about. Shit's fucked, we don't know how bad, admins refuse to take any kind of punitive action against the jew. We're not gonna know anything else until sites start going down or the show airs on Sunday.
Replies: >>2467
TOR is fucking molasses, might as well have the entire website go dark for a while to "weather the storm".
Replies: >>2462
t. clearnigger
Replies: >>2463
Took you long enough to push a reply through onionigger.
What would be nice we could get some sort of cipher (like Twofish/blowfish) to use to "login" and access the site, just make it hidden away where you need to generate it yourself and allow for the site owner to lock the site out to new people for a bit without key. I'm not a fan of cookies and cream (in my ass from amazon and co.)
I believe there cant be an on site screen because eventually someone somewhere will post how to bypass it. If 8kun gets most of the influx thats good, but if tvch gets it then its a breach in the walls so to say. Jornos may not even be the biggest problem but "internet documenters" (internet historians, meme analysers) may try and make vids about the "underground 8chan" for the epic internet cool guy points
Replies: >>2466 >>2469 >>2472
Honestly I'm surprised some jewtuber hasn't made some retarded video about imageboard sub-sub-sub-culture already considering how much they cover shit like cuckchan.
>you've heard of 4chan, but you'll never guess what happens on 2048CHAN?!??!?!?!!!
You'd think with how much people monetize browsing retarded reddit pages and reading comments someone at some point would have stumbled onto niche imageboards and done an epic "react" video to it.
Users dropped by 30 and the pph is sub 10 again. Its all a handful of anons who do the whining on proxies.
Board is dead because 40 faggots can only talk about the same shit for so long.
Replies: >>2468
>a handful of anons who do the whining on proxies
>implying it's not /cow/tards and assorted goons of the same ilk trying to stir drama pretending to be from the site
I have half a mind you're one of those faggots yourself
[Hide] (236.8KB, 620x640)
Anon, there are "people" who still can't get past the sad panda. Making infrastructure normalfag-hostile can and does work, even if it isn't a silver bullet. I concur that "internet historians" (aka OSINT faggots) are a threat, but they aren't a lever for manipulating public opinion and justifying kike decrees the way journos are.
Both groups are going to be 90% too stupid to get past something like the sad panda (which is just a cookie check) without help.
You could bypass Sad Panda by accident, though. A good solution is manipulating a value in a cookie manually or something.
Getting onto a site by having to use invasive third party cookies is not exactly a great solution. I mean it works for that one specific purpose of preventing idiots from accessing your website, but it's also invasive and annoying as fuck for anyone with a hardened browser.
Replies: >>2476
A lot of people, even fucking 4channers, genuinely believe they will be arrested or in legal trouble if they even VIEW loli porn. Not talking 3D, this is strictly 2D, no CG shit. How fucking backwards is that? Anyways my point is that if the stance on loli stays strong, you won’t need to worry about niggers invading this place. It even deters /cow/tards!
Replies: >>2478
You'll kill over 90% of the CURRENT userbase if you start doing some sad panda shit. Don't overestimate the tech literacy of the people in any imageboard, including this one.
Replies: >>2474 >>2476 >>2534
>invasive third party cookies 
The sadpanda cookies are literally just key value pairs, Stallman.

Sad but true.  We also don't have a warehouse of porn like Sadpanda that would motivate people to bypass the check.
Replies: >>2534
[Hide] (89.1KB, 464x992)
>you should've told these retards to fuck off from the beginning
You and the kike are not that far apart as everyone seems to think
it is illegal in some countries
Replies: >>2548
I didn't literally mean what sadpanda does you stupid fucks. Even something as simple as blocking direct links from social media like twitter, discord and tvch/8chan  would block 99% of the filth from touching us while being totally transparent to anons.
Which ones? I live in one of the most cucked countries on earth, possibly on of the most cucked countries in the whole multiverse, and loli is legal here. In fact there were quite a few occurences of people reporting 2D loli to the police and getting laughed at.
Replies: >>2553
Wouldn't blocking 8moe IP address be enough? Bonus points if you block everyone who has 8moe HTTP referer (sic.)
The reason for blocking 8moe IP is to block them from fetching the webring.json

Also this.

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legal_status_of_fictional_pornography_depicting_minors
kek, WikiPedo and other normalfaggots think that Loli = CP or that Loli/Lolicon includes CP.
Replies: >>2580
Tomorrow is the day. I wish it would mention the webring just so Mark can get lynched and removed from the premises forever.
Replies: >>2561
If it passes and nothing happens, webring still shouldn't return to peering with Mark. It would just be a ticking time bomb situtaion, waiting until his next fuck up. How many times does he have to prove he's irredeemably, maliciously retarded?
>>2384 (OP) 
Codexx is streaming doc here 7pm pst today:

I'll be sharing a magnet as soon as I see a torrent go up.
Last edited by sturgeon
Well the episode aired and it was fucking nothing. Mark was in it for all of 15 seconds and they made no mention of 8moe, the webring or even of 8chan dying at all. As expected, the dramafags were screeching over a nothingburger.
Replies: >>2566 >>2567 >>2580
[Hide] (648.7KB, 692x535)
There's still 4 more to go, and the next is clearly focused on the shooting, 8ch.net going down and the aftermath. They could very well mention what happened to the community thus leading to the webring. While I wouldn't completely write it off entirely yet, I do think it's a nothinburger either way.
I expected the interview to be about the death of 8chan and him falling off with Jim/8kun, where cakechan had a place to be mentioned, but turns out it was about the old 2014 GG exodus. Still an absolute sperg for accepting, the documentary did brand GG as the typical "womyn-harrassing campaign" and Mark played into it.
Replies: >>2573 >>2578
[Hide] (1.1MB, 944x790)
Allegedly that "interview" was two HOURS long.

While I can certainly believe Mork can spend two hours huffing his own farts in front of a camera, we're not out of the woods yet, anything that wasn't aired would be forwarded directly to glowniggers/antifa/$BOOGEYMAN and we should still assume everything is fucked. Oh who am I kidding, admins are going to be lazy shits, pretend everything is fine, and then we'll all lose our homes again.
Replies: >>2574 >>2577 >>2579
>Oh who am I kidding, admins are going to be lazy shits, pretend everything is fine, and then we'll all lose our homes again.
Go ahead and suggest a solution then
Replies: >>2575
[Hide] (440KB, 1041x1259)
Here's my solution.
Make your own fucking site. Don't connect to the webring, don't let search engines crawl it, don't let social media sites link to it. Shill it now in threads like this, so when shit hits the fan people have somewhere to go. Glowniggers will pick it up because they're already monitoring here, but you'll be almost competely normalfag proof.
Also, bomb a federal building.
Replies: >>2576
[Hide] (328KB, 507x652)
>fracture an already fractured tiny community
>distance yourself from a collective of tiny communities and give up the only discoverability you have
>splinter more, wall yourself in, lock the door and throw the away the key
>that'll fix it
>also how do you do fellow anons
I sleep, bye
Two hours aren't so surprising really. As described further up, the faggots making the documentary drag it out so the chance that Mark will say something that can be used against him goes to 1. Then they just use the ten minutes where he says dumb shit and trash the rest. Expect him to feature in the later episodes every now and then to say something out of context.
Replies: >>2583
Actually it seems he was asked about a lot more and will likely appear in later episodes, brace for impact until it's over.
>we're all dead!
Very organic.  Thanks, FBI.
>Well the episode aired and it was fucking nothing. Mark was in it for all of 15 seconds and they made no mention of 8moe, the webring or even of 8chan dying at all. As expected, the dramafags were screeching over a nothingburger.
Same as always. A little bit of elitism and gatekeeping doesn't hurt and is beneficial for quality but if it goes as far as turning anons into scared little girls something went wrong.
therefore >>2553
>The reason for blocking 8moe IP is to block them from fetching the webring.json
Unecessary as fuck
Replies: >>2609
Someone should crop and post that beginning part of the first episode with the futa and shota and all that. I'd do it but I'm shit at that kind of thing or kdenlive fucking sucks, or both. I also don't have a vpn to torrent the episode and HBO might be watching them
[Hide] (41.7KB, 757x568)
Not to bring up another sperg into this I keep being reminded of the way Sargon went on an interview on national television after trashing them for years and then being surprised they brought up the "I wouldn't even rape you" tweet. Even after people have been warning him not to do it, he kept saying "What reason do they have to do that?". I swear he was so god damn retarded, it's en par with his "Why would they lie to me?" way of thinking, I can't believe I used to watch his stuff early on.
Replies: >>2584
Replies: >>2585
I knew it was going to go down this way. It was nothing. Anons need to lighten up and stop being such drama queens.
Replies: >>2612 >>2622
There's still a chance since there are more episodes coming out, but I guess the worst has passed since there was nothing in the opening episodes.
I wonder whether they are running out interesting things to post or just have low testosterone.
The best solution to getting rid of normalniggers is loli guro. Most normalniggers will just immediately close the site in disgust after seeing it.

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