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I'm creating this thread since the same once from >>>/v/ got deleted 2 months ago on the same day and I wanted to suggest an edit to /v/ rules.

Ban and delete GooberGate threads from zzz/v/. They are useless circlejerk threads and mark/v/ already has those threads anyways, so it wouldn't hurt. It might improve the quality of /v/.

>dead >>>/a/ spinoff created, it's full of /vhs/BO samefagging
>anon.cafe is probably dead
>this site is 7 months old from the 8th of feburary
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>complaining and bitching about gooberglub for 100 times over the past year did nothing, I'm sure the 101th will definitely change the mods idea
>it seems like everyone is enjoying themselves and nothing bad has happened in a while, I know I'll just make a meta thread nobody asked for in order to stir some drama
>oh fuck I got called a faggot for making a meta for no reason but drama last time, best do the same but on another board that'll make it better
Follow your own advice OP: eat shit and die. Anyone who posts in this thread after this post is a huge faggot and cock-syrup slurper.
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>nothing happens
>nothing continues to happen
>onslaught of autists offended at their pristine catalog being corrupted by a single thread begins their stampede
I have a problem with rule 4. It says new duplicate threads can only be made when the previous thread hits the reply limit, which seems to be made with active boards in mind, but what seems to happen every time is the previous thread hits the bumplock limit and sinks to the bottom before it gets anywhere near the reply limit, so the result is the topic dies for months and no one really posts about it anymore. This happened to the old webm thread, now it's happening the important gamenight planning thread.
Replies: >>2148 >>2149 >>2161
Are you, are you suggesting right now
Right now, are you suggesting that we should do something differently than how 4chan does things? I think you need to go back to redditbook >>1585
Replies: >>2150
Pasta doesn't really engage with the board much and it seems like mods fell into line with bump limit being a more appropriate flag based on what I've seen them say. So I say we rise up against pasta's shit rule and ignore it.
Unless the rules have changed since I was last on cuckchan, which was a long time ago to be fair, it's always been that you can make identical threads as long as they hit the bump limit.
Replies: >>2153
I'm pretty sure you had to wait until the previous thread is at a certain page.
Replies: >>2154
Doubt it. I distinctly remember threads on /vg/ being made at and even before the bump limit for years as retards sniped the OP to put stupid shit in it. Regardless it's obvious that pasta's reply limit rule isn't about adhering to any sort of tradition. It's just something that he thought made sense but didn't work out in practice. Which is fine, but should be adapted to with the pretty unanimous criticism.
Replies: >>2158
I remember people complaining when someone made a new thread before the current one was at some bottom page. I don't remember if it was an actual rule though or just good policy.
>which seems to be made with active boards in mind
are you implying it isn't active
Replies: >>2161 >>2201
No it isn't active, its sub 100 users on a good day and sub 50 on a bad and half of them are faggots. You will not, and cannot, hit the critical mass of users required to foster spontaneous and self sufficient conversation as the board is just a handful of people talking to each other because at some point they will run out of things to say.

I can go on halfchan right now and make a thread about an obscure game and it will get 100 posts before it dies. Here it would get one post as it sinks to the bottom of the catalog in about 2 months time give or take. The only threads that get attention are drama ones and those that mention 8cake, yet these same users who are so quick to complain or bitch are no where to be found posting in the rest of the board.
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Go post on CUCKchan then, faggotroid.
Replies: >>2210
Typical response, but not unexpected. This site will be dead within the year.  The truth hurts kiddo.
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>cuckchanner still replying
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lamoing at ur lyfe kiddo

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