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Prolikewoah's HTTPS certificate has expired again.
Replies: >>1693
what now?
Replies: >>1676
No idea, just wait for a week or two for loleron to fix his shit, or something else could be done. But what else can be done?
Replies: >>1677 >>1678 >>1682
he's been kicked out of plw for like 6 month now. Do people here live under a rock?
Replies: >>1679
Loleron still has root access to the PLW servers you fucking nigger.
Replies: >>1682
Cafe also seems to be down. If I recall correctly, zzz was first in /hgg/'s list of backup plans. Sturgeon, would you welcome an /hgg/ board and would it be possible to migrate the threads if there's still a way to access PLW/hgg/? You could also contact cuckmoe, since I've heard Acid keeps backups of all the popular webring boards in case of sudden death.

Shit, how long was it out last time?

He's still basically non-present 99% of the time, and could have abandoned the site without anyone even noticing. This is the second time he's let the certificate expire, and the faggot is blackpilled as fuck from what I gather after what happened with /japan/.
Replies: >>1684 >>1690
A /hgg/ bunker already exists here >>>/hgg/
>Shit, how long was it out last time?
I forgot how long but probably about a week or two.
Replies: >>1686
Could he unlock the board for now, so long as PLW is fucked?
Replies: >>1692
/hgg/ already has a bunker here, and i have no problem with it going up any time, same as all bunkers
Replies: >>1691
Yes, I forgot about it. Any chance of it being unhidden and unlocked soon, or are you going to wait and see if PLW comes back quickly? The longer a board is inaccessible, the more it bleeds anons even if it returns. /hgg/ has suffered blow after blow this way.
Replies: >>1698
Wait for the /hgg/ BO to unlock it
>>1673 (OP) 
How long does a certificate even last for? It doesn't seem like it was that long ago it went out before.
Replies: >>1694
The certificate was valid from 10/9/2020 to 1/7/2021. I think I remember that PLW was down on 10/9/2020 and 10/10/2020, but I dunno.
Replies: >>1697
Thankfully, the down time was very short this time.
So it's on a three month purchase? Makes me wonder if that's a typical duration or not.
That's the BOs decision, he can open the board anytime.

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