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Please evict the biznnel pedoniggers that have been recently shitting up this site. After all there are global rules against their pedoshit. I'm not sure why they aren't being enforced.

Replies: >>1164 >>1175 >>1196
Also I've global reported them many hours ago, but nothing has been done so far.
Replies: >>1163
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I told king fisher directly.
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I just noticed that some action had been taken at least.
>>1160 (OP) 
Direct link some examples, plos.
Replies: >>1165
Hey admin, you should be wary of these people:
They're the same group of autistic pedo namefags who constantly shit up 9chan's /b/ with spam, pedobait threads and Discord-like drama about themselves. They hop like niggers from one imageboard to another because they destroy their current "home" until the staff manages to kick them out via mass bans or give up and shut down the site. 
If you see a thread about little girls or that mentions any of the faggots listed on >>>/b/6464 delete it before they decide to stay here.
Replies: >>1167
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/b/ is global rules only, and I'd rather not enforce the "ban whatever you'd like because mods can also do what they want on /b/" unwritten rule I'll keep an eye on it though.
t. not the admin by the way.
Ok. Just keep in mind this is the kind of autism they bring and that at least one of them was responsible for the CP spam on julay when tengu was BO:
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Another /b/ turns to shit. The signs were there for a while so I'm not that surprised. Anon.cafe seems to be handing boards to anyone who complains loud enough. Looks like another downturn for the webring.
Replies: >>2194
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Are you fucking kidding me?
Another exodus?
Who fuck let the jewschan niggers in?
They are breaking the global rules.
1. promoting pedoshit with their bait
2. posting pedo bait images
3. spamming pedo bait images
4. advertising 9chan with their bait
Take the bait and you're a janny. Don't take the bait and the domain will be lost like last time.
>>1160 (OP) 
/cow/ and /tv/iggers are currently being BTFO'd on /b/, go check it out
Why isn't there any rule against avatarfagging? Better yet, why is there an option for tripcodes in /b/? Everyone we need to know are already labelled already, and in case the melon guy wants to identify himself, all he would ever need is a piece of paper with sup zzz/b/ written on it.
Replies: >>1178
You global banned the onion address you retard
Replies: >>1180
Nah man it's cool, I'd rather have it not have trip and avatarfags period, I can be identified just by posting pics of the melons and anyone that can read can tell when it's me talking anyway because I'm usually answering questions and the like.
shid now go figure which one it was without admin privileges
Anyone got info why these dudes are doing this?
Replies: >>1185
Lurking in their gay hideout, I've seen they believe we're part of the alt-chan federation and we're related to some faggot Patch who >>1183 already disseminated.
They were already testing the waters with >>>/b/6457 and >>>/b/6450, and it seems the KLIM and toiletman Analcockman circlejerking was part of their act: 
>>>/b/737 >>>/b/1310
Replies: >>1186
Wow that's really boring
Replies: >>1187
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It is. Case in point, I shouldn't be upset about an invasion from the mentally impaired from 9gag and faraway. They'll just do their thing, so let them be.
Its better to rulecuck sometimes when necessary.
Allowing the (((biznnel pedoniggers))) to go rampant on /b/ might fuck up this site heavily (seized clearnet domain for example).

The hehpill doesn't always work
The report function needs to be modified so you don't have to scroll to the bottom of the page whenever reporting a post, and so you don't have to enter a thread to report the OP.
Replies: >>1194 >>1197
If you want changes like that made then go ask Tom about it on fatchan. I do agree that post actions should be included in to the dropdown menu where you can hide and filter posts, similar to lynxchan.
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>>1160 (OP) 
Delete this.
Replies: >>1198
You don't have to enter a thread to report it
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Pedoniggers are back on /b/, but they're not from (((chantopia))) or (((biznnel))).
Check global reports please. Thank you for your time ^_^
Bump to keep the biznel pedoniggers out.
Replies: >>2186
They'll never fuck off from /b/. They infest every /b/ they touch like a fucking cancer except cuckchan, but we all know why they avoid cuckchan entirely, the same reason ziggers avoid cuckchan.

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