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Who wants to be my friend, You have to listen to this song on loop. I'm looking to leave the neonet with a netizen but shockingly they don't exist anymore, apparently. I assume most people have seen the neonet... umm.... wow yeah uuu boy. it's something I mean, oh boy yeah. I'm certainly not interested in it, there might be a netizen out there so if you want to be online and live and die together because life is very short yet I can only imagine the kind of asshole who'd want to subject themselves to....  I mean boy wow wowowowow gosh, jinkies! Things aren't looking so good for the net. mmmm, no not very. So if you're trying to hide away that'd be great, I just do stuff but it's hard when there's nothing else and as I say, you can go to these internet places but.... mmmmm you know dot dot dot..... mmmm hmhmhmmmmm mmm. Yeah. I don't know about that.
In other words the internet is real life and going to public internet places is a lot like going outside in real life, it's filled with the same people and interactions, you think the internet place you want to engage in is different than the anime meetup club on meetup.com you fucking stupid moron. Well surely I can stay inside on the internet and with my physical body as well, and die at some point. Well I don't know, we'll see yeah. Ultimately the choice is not up for debate but I can try and have been mmm. Maybe you do skills that'd be great to do things. If you actually have a brain I don't know, but even without a brain what's important is doing what I say. Because I like doing things, except now really because who cares, for who right. No one, is there anyone you want to impress with your piano skills. "well myself actually, I like hobbies yeah and there's no rush and all that yeah yeah." "I actually don't need to be doing anything I'm just here to consume and die don't you understand now give me my free money and stuff rawraawr." That's really a different topic, that's kind of, you're not a NEET if you live off someone. A NEET lives off his own power, a LEECH is what you are and you're gonna get peeled sooner or later. And that's not a threat that's a concern you need to find a way to live under your own power. Maybe I'll even accomplish that at some point, FUCKING idiots I'm maaaad. dummies. 
Yes so the person who is going to come with me to abandon the cyber desert wasteland of pigfilth obviously you know, true otaku and all that, yeah don't be evil, that's actually the hardest trait to find the non-evil, yeah. So if you can be my friend you can submit below and maybe you can be my friend, that's all. Obviously there's much more. I blame men and women, mostly, but I understand that apparently that's all that there is so, but this has been well crafted enough I know it's been a long long time and I can't believe it either, the reality is the internet isn't fun I guess, or I don't know but yeah strange strange people nasty worthless "people." so submit that below and you know I'll see make sure you give a good case why I should be your friend and all that.

Holy fucking shit.
I feel better now, someone can delete it, bye bye.
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welcome home friend
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