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Who wants to be my friend, You have to listen to this song on loop. I'm looking to leave the neonet with a netizen but shockingly they don't exist anymore, apparently. I assume most people have seen the neonet... umm.... wow yeah uuu boy. it's something I mean, oh boy yeah. I'm certainly not interested in it, there might be a netizen out there so if you want to be online and live and die together because life is very short yet I can only imagine the kind of asshole who'd want to subject themselves to....  I mean boy wow wowowowow gosh, jinkies! Things aren't looking so good for the net. mmmm, no not very. So if you're trying to hide away that'd be great, I just do stuff but it's hard when there's nothing else and as I say, you can go to these internet places but.... mmmmm you know dot dot dot..... mmmm hmhmhmmmmm mmm. Yeah. I don't know about that.
In other words the internet is real life and going to public internet places is a lot like going outside in real life, it's filled with the same people and interactions, you think the internet place you want to engage in is different than the anime meetup club on meetup.com you fucking stupid moron. Well surely I can stay inside on the internet and with my physical body as well, and die at some point. Well I don't know, we'll see yeah. Ultimately the choice is not up for debate but I can try and have been mmm. Maybe you do skills that'd be great to do things. If you actually have a brain I don't know, but even without a brain what's important is doing what I say. Because I like doing things, except now really because who cares, for who right. No one, is there anyone you want to impress with your piano skills. "well myself actually, I like hobbies yeah and there's no rush and all that yeah yeah." "I actually don't need to be doing anything I'm just here to consume and die don't you understand now give me my free money and stuff rawraawr." That's really a different topic, that's kind of, you're not a NEET if you live off someone. A NEET lives off his own power, a LEECH is what you are and you're gonna get peeled sooner or later. And that's not a threat that's a concern you need to find a way to live under your own power. Maybe I'll even accomplish that at some point, FUCKING idiots I'm maaaad. dummies. 
Yes so the person who is going to come with me to abandon the cyber desert wasteland of pigfilth obviously you know, true otaku and all that, yeah don't be evil, that's actually the hardest trait to find the non-evil, yeah. So if you can be my friend you can submit below and maybe you can be my friend, that's all. Obviously there's much more. I blame men and women, mostly, but I understand that apparently that's all that there is so, but this has been well crafted enough I know it's been a long long time and I can't believe it either, the reality is the internet isn't fun I guess, or I don't know but yeah strange strange people nasty worthless "people." so submit that below and you know I'll see make sure you give a good case why I should be your friend and all that.

Holy fucking shit.
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I feel better now, someone can delete it, bye bye.
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welcome home friend
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>>69 (OP) 
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>>69 (OP) 
I was reading this post thinking this person sounded interesting and I'd like to talk to them: Finally someone I can connect with and they need help. It took me a while to realise I had wrote this 2 years ago before I was set free.

Another post here used the term: society has nothing to offer me. Very good very well. Regardless of the current light in a person there is the social and antisocial. The world as we know is a big Chuck E Cheese, you play games to earn tokens to buy things. Wherefore should I work? And in what body should I come in? You work, says society, to earn tokens, because with these tokens you can buy our prizes. But I do not want a car or a house or a boat or a plane, train, I don't even want green eggs and ham and as for your offerings, your celebrations and your assemblies: I cannot away with.
So what should we say then, vanity of vanities old man. Observe how he works for himself. Imagine working full time hard work for decades just to live in a home by yourself. And such a one (as I have written to you in times past) will be the first to try and demand his ways on you. That you are the insane one of vanity and how society is a giant statue of gold and jasper and many precious stones, society is garbage run by a government which now tells depressed people to kill themselves. You can't afford to live? Kill yourself thus says the nation. Make sure you pay government first too before you're allowed to be killed by them. If you cannot afford then work for it and then you have their permission to die, actual comic book villains.
For this cause I enjoy my homelessness, the fact all my possessions fit into a backpack. Society is an acursed thing when given over to evil and greed and lust and all manner of unrighteousness. A love for people, O I love people too. But the calling to herd not as much.The mystery of iniquity is literally at work and you want me to help? You say you can't sell cigarettes on the corner, they are unhealthy and addictive, say such a thing to the mcdonlands employee, yea he does even the more damage. If you are called to monasticism do not let the old man who works full time 40 years the same job convince you to deny it. There are things I see as no issue yet I am seen as a strange thing for them, I am like a pelican in the wilderness or an owl in the desert for things that are logical or of God. He says: You must accept the world and work and do this and that. But there is an issue with the sheer disconnect between what you're working for and yourself.

So I found that interesting and I continue to, being that I am a witch that talks with cats (let the reader understand). And don't even get started on relationships and how horrid it is. I think you must do what is right and not allow things to be just because that's the way it is now and how society has programmed people: that horrible thing we endure, many for their first 20 years, government indoctrination centers.
We then will continue to be unlikable with cat tails and slit eyes but Jesus still can love you when you abide in him. He is alive and well.
It was really funny though. I literally pointed at the screen and said "Hey he uses the word netizen like me!" "Springboob Squirepin stole my idea!"
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The days are evil so we want to spend time as best we can. Be light and not darkness. But expose darkness. If we are not careful we know how we can be tricked and how we can be led into stumbling.
A change of routine is needed. A physical change, not plans and ideas but to go out with change. Not doing good by legal standards. Not doing required good or doing what is good enough but true good alway which goes beyond expectation. A very important focus on Jesus' teaching. So if you want to follow him it is daily not just a one time experience but continual. You can't just coast off your rebirth.
Society is garbage. I don't even say that it is evil, it is rubbish and offers more rubbish, but silver and gold are what's good for this world, but true riches are stored in Heaven.
We have a foolish society. But we must work hard to aid the community we are given. Even if we don't think we can help. We don't think we're good enough. If we pursue goodness and making things better for others we will find more joy: if we do all this in the name of Jesus, otherwise we will become discouraged and bitter by accusation and false witness and failures and mockings and beatings. The Bible says they were sawn asunder, not one, they. Not with an electric saw and get it over with but with a wooden saw. They were stoned to death, how long did it take them to die?
The apostle Paul was annoyed more than anything by his sins. But not diacouraged for a moment. This being a man who went to heaven and back and yet can you imagine how stupid he must have felt after seeing the truth in person to still sin against God. But it was nothing to him in comparison to the good news of Jesus Christ.
Now we fail because we try to be men pleasers. But we should please God in all our actions, testing to see what pleases God that his attention comes to us. In this regard we have understanding, being outcasted already and ugly toward men.

Jesus' words are true and light and pierce darkness as are all the words in the message of the Bible. Are we walking in love? And not letting sinfulness not be named even once among us? The world (that is society) kills love and kindness and giving and thankfullness when you become its comrade and go after the no-problem obtainments. Oh yes: treating that person online in such a way was no problem. Disobeying a weak command of an authority figure (of which none now exist to us) is no problem. Not lending a helping hand is no problem. Grumbling bitterly about your treatment is no problem. Porn is no problem. Sin is no problem, so long as society dictates what is sin.
What is wrong with me that I let myself go astray? Because I don't accept there is evil and judgement. That there are burrs of society which will latch onto my maid dress and I don't take notice unless I examine myself.

So examine the issues and make swift change to the routine the loaction the people and whatever else and seek God's holy book.
If you have never read Ephesians, it is a letter written by Paul probably in 65AD. Paul was a persecutor of believers in Jesus until the ressurected Lord asked him to be a messanger. You can find audiobooks of Ephesians on youtube or anywhere else.

Have no fellowship with dark and crooked things. And those thing which decalre not themselves on the light side. Because the grey is no better. Be sided with the light only and confidently. Lest you be ensnared to be as an acursed thing.

Remeber to love love love one another and be kind and not snarky or exhausted or bitter or of airs or of jestering alway. It is hard but it if Christ can love me a sinner and foolish person than I can love anyone who is hard to love against me. Be open in all places to stand out because if you are in dark places and you blend in then it is no good. The greys will accpet you and you can wear a grey cloak. But a black coat you will not wear. So you shine light in darkness always and only. Not in annowance but by being kind and gentle even if you are beaten with a rod.
Difficult, let us try it as followers of Jesus and by trying we will find it fruitful and profitable.
And being careful of trying to climb above other people rather than encourage them. And that does not mean to put them down as to make sure they know nothing first. Rather simply do as you should do best walking in love and goodness. You do not need to tell people you have God's love you show it. The elitism that Christ hated of the Jewish religious leaders of that time and survives to today. You don't condescend to make yourself look big but to make others grow. And you will grow as well because you will find you are not big at all to being with. You don't need to scratch and attack, God is your defense and fights for you if you are correct and a battle is there to be fought.
You know, mustard seeds, how easy it is for a person online to take one into a mode of being. To respond the same way back to someone. To try and strike back. Because online a man wants to destroy your very character and existence and can say all manner of what he wants.
If you can't respond as a sheep would then you have to turn aside and let the wolf rage and storm. But better is to respond in goodness and not in the goodness that puts one down. Or that discouraged someone wherever they may currently be spiritually.

Concerning the loser's money. You must spend unrighteous money righteously and then you will earn righteous money. And this relates to doing the best for the community whatever that may be of family or internet or neighborhood and of church.
I went to a new assembly today and it really hit me in the heart. Not how sinful I am, how poor in discipleship I am. And action is needed when so.
Don't be discouraged by thinking it is so much and so confusing and hard work. It is all for the betterment of ourselves as well. Ye know that porn kills that bitter internetness kills, that lewdness will not satisfy, lonely aimlessness will lead to nothing. I am a planner, it is very hard for me not to make plans but children make no plans and we are children. We have a planner already.

Nothing is confusing or difficult just keep doing well and bringing in the new to replace the old when the old stinks and is rotting you away.
You know that I have been the worst person. Just the worst. I invented my own gods and religion. I enjoyed only the worst porn and hated people seeing them as only pigs for the slaughter.

Jesus knew it would take a lot of work. And yet agreed to buy me and he is my master and owner and I love him. A lot of work needs to be done in me even on top of all that has been done. What sickness in me but despite it Jesus is the one with eternal life no one else. He judges the living and the dead.

Jesus you know is the most important person to ever exist, this being because he is the messiah. And just as he judged the failures of Israel he will return next to do the same on a global scale. The propechies before he came said he would come twice, once humbly and once with all power and brightness.
Jesus preached and performed miricles for 3 years. All four accounts written of him testify to his preachings, his miricles and ressurection. These are the facts of him from the beginning.

God has to punish sin, God's standard is perfection, being he is holy and hates sin and wickedness. But being holy and good he loves humanity. And so he has given his creation a free gift of forgivness, a sin offering and payment in full: the death of a perfect man.
Jesus lived the life we were suppose to but couldn't. And he took the death he didn't deserve but we did. He went through the Kidron valley (the shadow of the valley of death) to meet his accusors who sentenced him to torture and death.
Not for a split second was Jesus a sinner. Hanging on the cross he was perfect and he asked not for God to forgive him but he asked: Father please forgive them, they know not what they do.

Sin brings you near the fires of hell. The profanity, blasphemy, lying, greed, covetousness, lustfulness, hypocrisy, debating, envy, proud boasting, distributing things which cause others to sin, showing no mercy, disobedient, foolish talking and idolatry. And those who have even pleasure in unrighteousness and the idolatries of today, anime girl waifus like the greek goddess statues of old and small figurines of idols and celebreties like the living gods nothing has changed.

I want to forsaken what I have that drags me down to gain the goodness of Christ instead. I am a man of like passions with everyone. It is difficult to have self control, it is difficult to go down the narrow path. I am a huge stumbler. Shameful. But until my dying breath I will keep fighting and not give up and I will keep my trust in Jesus who is my justification and my blamelessness. By the working of the holy Spirit.

The holy Spirit is God's Spirit, whom he sends to those chosen for salvation and rescue from the wreckage of the world. Position your self, your mind and true self into a position to recieve blessing and forgiveness from God by believeing in the final sacrifice of Jesus Christ. No longer the killing of sinless animals for a covering of our own sins. But a sinless man for a cleansing of our sin once and for all because God loves us.
If you would like to read the accounts of Jesus there are four: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. And then there are many church letters from early christians and one history book recording the events after Jesus, this boom called Acts of the Apostles.

These things make up the New Testament. Which is the Bible writings which are after Christ.

New Testament also meaning New Covenant refers to the fact God promised he would replace the covenant he made with Israel. You know, Moses on the mountain and the ten commandments and all that.
That was only a temporary agreement God made with Israel until the promise of Abraham would come true, that is one from his line to save the world.
Israel failed hard to keep this covenant they agreed to with God and Jesus came to establish the new promised covenant, a better covenant. No longer do we need a stone tablet with DO NOT's but God treats us as adults who should know what sin is and we are to recoeve the holy Spirit which will guide us through life, this we receieve when we believe the Gospel (meaning good news in Greek), the good news is Jesus.

The thief on the cross who was dying with Jesus as Jesus was there for 6 hours turned to the Lord Jesus and said Jesus had done nothing wrong and in that moment the thief believed Jesus was who he said he was, and asked him to rememebr him. Jesus at that moment promised to take him to paradise. He didn't have time to be baptised he didn't have time to do any righteous deeds, he had time for nothing but faith in Christ.

It is possible to be so far gone. It is possible your heart grows so hard and your soul so dead that you no longer can even ask for forgivness or believe the love of God and the truth. That was the case for the other criminal on the cross. Both of them rebuked Christ out of spite, angry like the others who hated that Jesus claimed he was the son of God, but after hours of crucifixion meeting his end one turned. People want to blame God for all their pain and injustice in the world. Hating God so much that finally when he enters the world we want to kill him and mock him because he preaches love and convicts us of our sins and that our faults are our own.
Worse is that the religious leaders knew Jesus was Christ he was Messiah, but not what they wanted. They wanted messiah to reward them and make Isrsel the capital of the world and kill its enemies. But Jesus led no rebellion against Rome, what he preached and taught he treated as far more important. He knew there was still much more history left and Jesus while he was yet on Earth said he would return when his message went across the globe and the world was like a dead carcass.

Jesus, a simple peasent preacher was right his words are now the most important and well known around the globe. Even when most people don't know it in their own speech.
Jesus was right about another thing then. The world will get uglier before it gets pretty. Dead to sinfulness and godlessness and unfaithfulness. There is no Star Trek future. There is the returning of the king of kings. Kowtow now while you can, because now the Lord is on a seat of mercy. So we beg and pray forgiveness and to be full of the holy Spirit. Fear God because he has the power to give life amd take it away from his creation. He has great things in store for those who love him. Those who hate him, what need does he have of those.

Mustard seeds. It is not a mattter of me or you or another being better than me or you or another. I have no interest. In the end none of us measure up as the Bible says, all of us fall short. But we can start doing the right thing by turning away from the wrong we do. Not just once but we have to do it again and again in our life because we live in a world where evil and deciets will come after us. And we are not very smart. I know I am not. I am trying to be a disciple. I feel terrible when I disapoint Jesus, whrn he has done so much for me. When all my sins have been forgiven and how can I hurt the Lord after what he's done for me.

And this he is willing to do for all. If you have not recieved the Spirit of God which the Bible calls the seal of our salvation and redemption then you should not be thinking you'll enter into heaven. You will know when God has saved you as you turn to him and are renewed and come to meet his hatred for your sin and then his mercy and his grace.
Pilate's judgement seat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKJ6GPvNUgc
4 books of shitposting insanity I wrote after getting out of the psych ward. FREE for my anon friends

Wish g*d would show himself though. he hasn't shown any kindness to me, and my mind feels like it's about to break. I hope he comes soon, and that he apologizes.

Hope your journey is still going well.
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