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fuck. The chinese jews finally got to me... I really need a fan and this seems to be the quietest one. Ofcourse its some fucking chinese spyware app included that you need to use this fan. For fucks sake... I just want to watch movies in peace.
It's basic conditioning to wear down your resistance. Next step, ((( smart ))) chips in your body.
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>chinese spyware app included that you need to use this fan
>an app to use a fan
what the frick
It's like JewTube with its ((( ads ))). At first, ad every after every few videos, then every two videos, then before each video, the two before each video, then one ad every few minutes within video, etc.
Jews gonna Jew
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>need an app to use a fan
you really don't
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Soon it will be an app to sit on your couch, an app to access your fridge, an app to flush the toilet and an app to turn on your sink. 
Connectivity makes us all the more ineffective as consumers being reliant reliant on big brother and corporations to solve basic problems. We're building ineffectual people who essentially work to solve unbroken issues and create wealth through simple ideas that overcomplicate man's connection to the objects, destroying the extrovert, while enabling the introvert.
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>>97595 (OP) 
>buying a 'smart' anything
Even if forced to use some 'phone' why would you ever buy 'smart' anything beyond that faggy phone shit?
>>97595 (OP) 
If you have a few wires and a soldering iron, you could probably cut the wires from the smartshit inside the fan and solder them up directly to the power source.
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I've heard it was actually well built though, despite all the software faggotry. 
I can't wait until the day I'll risk going to jail because I illegally hacked the pillow I "bought". 
I've been trying to learn low level electronics and I'm not sure if that's a good idea or a horrible idea. Not sure if I'll ever know.
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So, they recycle the packaging for free, that's good, more companies should do that.
>nearing the brink of sleep
>bzzz user #1847499 please pay your monthly usage deposit
>grunt loudly after hours of tireless work rebuilding a burned food processed plant with your crew
>shuffle a bit knowing you aren't able to afford your pillow deposit let alone your bed and blanket deposit
>another warning alerts you 
>you nervously wake up remembering what happened to your neighbour last month when his biweekly couch deposit was incorrectly processed
>a third warning notifies you of a potential telemetric message sent to corporate headquarters, your bank and your employer 
>beg profusely to have another day 
>the pillow denies your request 
>shout you can't take it anymore 
>threaten to throw the pillow out of the window
>the pillow notifies you any misuse will void your warranty and face repercussions against the newly updated terms of service 
>clutch the remaining strands of hair on your dry scalp and gulp 
>plead with the pillow that you'll have double plus interest by next week 
>the pillow begins to lower its alarm system 
>sigh a bit, grasping the glass of water you forgot you missed payments on last week 
>barely able to swallow the water you're alerted by your tshirt of leaking water
>start contemplating suicide again
>your room's newly installed anti suicide lighting system changes colours and you fall back on your bed feeling your heart thumping against your chest, knowing full well that you're under watch for elevated heart rates by your pod's system 
>begrudgingly await your next 14 hour shift in 4 hours
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When you see the social media drones ree about people owning their own land, growing their own food, digging their own well; this is the future they are campaigning for. Independence is a virtue, strive for it.
>>97595 (OP) 
what the actual fuck, imagine not being able to have a motor
i have a 30 year old fan and its perfectly quiet
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>78 degrees 

Fuck I hate summer. I can take the heat during the day, but I can only sleep when it's cool.
Anyone who buys such retarded smart tech deserves the spyware that comes with it.
>>97595 (OP) 
>chinese jews

usually jewish jews
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