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Just found out my gf dated one of my friends a couple years before we met. I mog him into oblivion, but I'm feeling cucked because he fucked a younger and hotter her and I already felt like I was putting more into this relationship than I should. I don't know if I'll be able to get the thought that he might have gotten better experience out of my head. The worst part is that I have nobody to talk to this about except venting on imageboards. Call me a normalfag, but both he and I are anons even though I'm pretty sure he only ever used cuckchan /pol/. He was always a redpill PUA faggot, so it makes me feel like she's more retarded than I realized.
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just go gay or volcel bro
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I was volcel for my entire youth. Regretted it more than anything else. Maybe I'll find a cute twink to suck all my troubles away.
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<man seething after being cucked to death (it was real in his mind)
>>97557 (OP) 
You ARE a normalfag though
Using social media doesn't change that. If anything, it reinforces that point.
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>You ARE a normalfag though
>Using social media doesn't change that
I suppose you are right. I always assumed normalfags were content, but they must feel that something is wrong too. It just seems that the more normal my life is, the more it's drawn into contrast with how constantly unpleasant my subjective experience is. Nothing fills the void, not work, not friends, not sex.
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>Nothing fills the void, not work, not friends, not sex.
Get some religion into you.
If you care about what people think in a general sense then you should look for a higher meaning. Genuinely, some midlife crisis 'find urslef XDD' spiritual journey might do you good - if you can find people who are genuinely faithful they might be able to infect you with their fervour. Or you might succumb to despair and kill yourself, but you might as well explore your options before then.
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I can feel the "god shaped hole" but I am unable to fill it with the materials I was given. I have known since elementary school that my life will end in suicide. I think I will follow Mishima's example: build myself up and make a performance out of my destruction.
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Project moar. Sex is easy to get no matter how ugly, dull, fat or old you are. Welcome to current year clown world and ((( dating apps ))). If you don't have a sex partner you're simply not trying.
After you have enough real sex experiences you realize masturbation is better most of the time and it's not worth all the drama just for a few moments of sticking your dick into some STD ridden whore
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Addendum. The only "higher purposes" I have ever felt inspired by were the typical transhumanist copes of AGI and VR. Life extension is gay.
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>Nothing fills the void
>not work
find meaningful work (it usually pays shit) and go monk mode
>not friends
upgrade your current friends and find some that are willing to live communally. sharing expenses and resources makes everyone collectively wealthier. even if the group living thing doesn't work out, you'll learn about yourself and at least you've snapped out of your isolation for a while
>not sex
agree, it's overrated. focus on building up a group of friends and the sex part tends to take care of itself either without the group or friend of a friend arrangement
There are two basic things driving that. 
Ego: some people like making a big show out of their faith in public settings to virtue signal and garner attention and approval
Mental illness: some people who hear voices and think they have regular conversations with God like, presumably, (You) like having a space where they can give full play to their illness whilst gaining public support and a sense of normalcy with like minded delusionals.
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>Life extension is gay.
If that's how you feel then just die now.
Normalfag thread. I wish you nothing but suffering.
Call her out on it and then dump her. You have standards, you will not love an used woman. Ask her how many times she had sex with him in details to piss her off. You're a man, not a bitch. For the guy, I don't know, it's up to you. Tell him you won't love an used woman.
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Every whore over AOC is a "used woman". She's moving away soon anyway, so I think I'll just guilt her and not do shit. It's more the fact that he's way below me in looks and success. Don't like feeling like I'm dating down, and getting the sloppy seconds of a guy who couldn't even OHP the bar. We used to workout togethr.
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>I think I will follow Mishima's example: build myself up and make a performance out of my destruction.
There's nothing wrong with that. It's not just something to do, but something to do that precludes needing to find other things to do. Mishima had a particular goal and idealized vision that could die in the name of though, do you actually have a cause, even if it's a fruitless one?
Sure are some illiterate fags 'round these parts
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Normalfag is a state of mind or personality, not a social status and it's superficial to label someone as just because he has a healthy social life or fucked a girl. Plenty of losers I've met exhibit the same traits and behavior of normalfags without ever trying to fit in.
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>do you actually have a cause, even if it's a fruitless one?
Becoming the Pygmalion of VR furry wives tbh.
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>Nothing fills the void, not work, not friends, not sex.
Enjoy your AIDS
Japs call post ejaculation mood "sage mode", period when a man is free of all wordly desires.
>>97557 (OP) 
<I'm a normalfag you know!
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